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Monday, March 15th, Episode 198 
Pictures by atina
Credits to Viluthu.com

Gaya and TK come to AZ's home and formally invite AZ and Visalam for Gowri's marriage.. Visalam looks for someone lese.. She finds Krishna standing a the door and smiling at her.. She gets irritated and pushes the plate away.. All are stunned.. TK questions her. Visalam says who are you to invite us for our daughters' marriage.. Parvathy or Krishnan should come in person and invite us..
 How dare they send you.. when they are so egoistic why can't we too be like that.. I have taken care of Krishna and Gowri from their childhood days like my children.. Look at  the treatment we get in return.. AZ tries to stop Visalam.. but Visalam does not bother.. She says Ask them to come and invite us formally.
Only then we will come and attend the marriage.. otherwise none of us form this family will come.. Gowri is the youngest child of this house.. She is a chellam for all of us.. I love her a lot.. they never informed me about seeking a proposal for her.. they refused the financial aid we extended.. Now they don't invite us formally too.. Why should we come for such a marriage.. I don't know if the guy is fair or dark.. they have chosen a teachers' son .. But I did not object thinking Krishna would not have chosen a wrong guy.. but I cannot stand this insult..
AZ says enough of your hurting words.. Gaya and TK walks out.. AZ follows them and apologizes to Krishna..
Krishna moves to the door and says amma please come for the marriage and bless them.. you should touch the thali and give it to the groom and then it should be tied around Gowri's neck.. I don't have nay intentions to insult you.. I cannot disobey my fathers' words.. That is the reason I am standing at the doorstep.. Please come to the marriage and bless Gowri.. Visalam gets emotional.. Krishna and Co leave the arena..

Gowri at the bald upstairs ( mottai madi) pacing up and down with the cell phone.. (this girl always wears a pavadai which is atleast 1 feet longer than her height.. Wonder if this is the method they are using to sweep their home LOL)
She finally managed to listen to the phone ringing.. After some time, Babu picks it up and talks cheerfully.. Gowri scolds him left and right for switching off the phone.. Babu says MBA exams .. did not want to get disturbed .. So I switched off.. I am sorry.. I did not even talk to my dad.. Gowri says I don't care if you have not spoken to your dad or grandma.. Why did you switch off the phone ..
Babu says soon I will finish my exams and pass out with flying colours and come and marry you.. Gowri says you will pass but soon I will fail.. Babu is clueless.. he probes Gowri.. Gowri cries and says my family has  fixed an alliance.. marriage is due in 3 days and my bro there has started distributing invitations too.. Babu is shocked.. Gowri says I don't have the guts to tell about our love to my bro or mom.. I am in neck deep water.. If you don't come and save me immediately I will die.. Babu says be patient.. I will definitely come and save you.. don't take any wrong decision ..
Devi comes up and plucks the phone and asks hello who is this..  babu immediately cuts the call and switches it off.. Devi redials and realizes that the phone is switched of.. She scolds Gowri for loving such a coward.. Gowri says it is natural for anybody to get scared to take some stranger.. ( loosa nee.. phonela pesave bayapadaravan.. How will he convince all family members and marry you.. Ouch)
Devi says I cannot accept you ditch our family and elope with that guy. You have to forget that guy and marry the guy anna has fixed.. Gowri says who are you to stop me.. Devi says I am a part of this family and cannot keep quite if the family prestige is going down the drains.. This marriage is a golden opportunity for the two families to unite.. Please don't spoil it..
Gowri says now I understand why you are stopping me.. You are selfish.. you want to  unite with your parents . hence you are forcing me to forget my Babu and marry someone else and suffer for my life.. Devi says I am not selfish.. If both the families units all of us will be happy..  Gowri says come what may.. nobody can stop me from uniting with Babu.. he will come and take me away.. in this jenmam only Babu is my hubby.. You can go ahead and tell mom or bro.. I don't care.. (Few mintes back you were scared to inform your mom.. ippo phonela pesina odane dhairiyam vandhutha.. Shocked)
Half an hour past midnight, all at Krishna's home are fast asleep.. Krishna in upper berth and Gaya in lower berth.. others in the hall .. 
Gowri wakes up and slowly walks into Krishna's room.. A car stops in front of Krishna's home .. Gowri picks up a bag under the cot and walks out silently.. (Question1: Why are guys keeping the door open and sleeping..ShockedShocked Q2: oruthar vandhu poradhu kooda thiriyama ipadiya kattu thookam thoonguvel Shocked )
Outside, Babu and his friends get out of the car.. Babu thanks his friends for helping him in the mission to unite with Gowri.. Friends says let Gowri come out.. we shall straight drive to Bangalore and get you guys married..
Gowri opens the main door.. Devi catches her.. Gowri says leave me I want to go and live with my Babu.. Devi says I will not leave you at any cost.. they both argue and Parvathy wakes up hearing the commotion and questions the two the reason for fighting in the midnight..
Krishnan and Gaya too wake up.. Parvathy asks Gowri why a bag in your hand.. Devi say Gowri is in love with  a guy named Babu and she is eloping now to marry him.. Parvathy is shell shocked.. she runs and slaps Gowri for doing such a mean thing when her bro is struggling to put all marriage plans in place.. Gowri says leave me.. I will marry my love of the life Babu.. HE is waiting outside for me.. I will not marry the guy you guys have fixed.. Parvathy doles out some more slaps..
Krishna stops her and says let me see who is that guy and runs out and beats the two friends asking for Babu.. Babu says why beat my Friends I am the gr8 Babu who love Gowri and will marry her..
Krishna beats him black and blue..  Gowri frees herself from her mom and runs to Krishna and holds his legs and says anna please don't beat him..
 Krishna pushes her way and says get back.. he continues beating Babu some more.. Babu bleeds and falls down unconscious.. Krishnan says don't dare to come to my home again.. Gowri comes running  and cries sitting near Babu.. Krishna drags her.. She yells Babu.. Babu .. Screen freezes on Babu ..

Tuesday March 16th Episode 199

 Updates by Shreenithi and Aish
Credits to Viluthu.com
Pictures by Atina
Watching that paadavathi CSk vs KKR match...hence the upate was delayed LOL

Krish beating babu with varinjukattufied lungi...Gowri comes in between and tries to stop her brother...Krish shouts at her to go in...babu faints an gowri cries..krish drags her in...
Gowri Shouts babu...as all our IF friends predicted its a dreamYes...(what is this Dir sir...the viwers should not be able to predict what will happen next..andha maadhiri scene kudunga..better luck next time...)
paro,krish everybody gets up and samadanapaduthufy her...devi brings water and gowri drinks it...devi gives a erichal look at gowri..Gowri drinks water with a thiruttu muzhi....
Gowri waiting for babu someone in the temple..Therre comes AZ uncle...Uncle asks whats the matter..Gowri says that she wants to tell a truth...uncle confused ..says he is tensed...Gowri starts her oppari and tells AZ that he should save her from this problem..uncle now very scared...Gowri says that she dont want this maraige and uncle should save her from this marraige...Uncle scolds her for that...tells abt krish's nilamai..Gowri says that she knows abt that but she dont want the marraige to happen...(adengappa..super ma..very good)...
Uncle asks the reason and gowri says that she is in love with a guy....uncle shocked...Gowri reel ottufies her love story..AZ asks why she didnt inform this before itself...Gowri says she is scared...she says that with babu in her heart she cant even think abt marying someone else...she will die (yinnamaa nee black mail pannureyaa?  onnaku on anna/ amma vai vida 30 naal pazhagina payanukkaga nee uyiria tharennu sollara... paarpom Confused)...
AZ says that he will talk to krish abt this and tells gowri not to take any wrong decision before that...Gowri continues her oppari....AngryAngry
Manpreet Gony... the next Dhoni on IF?? Confused
Due to an unavoidalbe situation, I'll be taking over the udpates for today.  Athu enna situation nnu kekkureengala? LOLLOL Nothing serious... While watching CSK matchu, namma Sumi Akka excitement leh kaiya thaturathukku pathilaaga back button ai amikitaanga.. athanalaae gochee gochu... Ellam Goni maapu seytha velai CryCry... maapu maapu vetichiaanya aapu LOL..
I, Aish, shall continue soon Embarrassed
Krisha walks along the road with a bag full of wedding invitation... Suddenly namma AZ Uncle arrives.  Krishna happily greets him and informs about having given the pathirigai to his boss, and still having about 70 more invitation to distribute (Krishnavai paarka pavama irukku CryCry... wonder how he'll be able to bare the news that is about to be passed onto him Cry)
AZ uncle feels a little sad, and then takes him into the shade.  There Krishna asks about Visalam amma's kovam, and reminds that Visalam amma must come to wedding to hand over the thaali.  AZ uncle asks him to put aside Visalam's kovam and says "Krishna nee ivlo varumayilum thunichala kalayanathai nadatha padaatha paadu padure.  Aana ennaku intha kalyaanam pratchanaila poyi mudiyum nnu thonuthappa..."  Krish is shocked, and wonders what the matter is.  AZ appa feels that this sambantham may not be suitable to Gowri.  Krish is a confused and says he has consulted many people before going with it and asks if something is wrong with the maapillai.  AZ appa brushes off any fault with the maapillai's family but suddenly says "Gowrikku ishtamillai".  Krish is shocked but feels it wouldn't be the case since his sister is a chinna ponnu and will marry anyone they show her (CryCryCry... awww but that is not the case Krishna... your sister isn't as innocent as you think Ouch)
AZ Appa gets a little sad and says no matter what you must ask the girl and the boy if they are ok with the marriage (I feel it is his past life matter Cry).  He adds life isn't a joke... that if his brother had asked him during that time, then Sarashu's life would not have been spoiled, and his ponnu Devi would not have to spent time alone, and most importantly, his brother would not have to had to lie that Devi was his ponnu, and eventually lose his life.  He shares the pain he is undergoing thinking about Sarasu... and asks Krishna if he wants his sister to go through the same. 
 Krishna is really confused and panics "appa..enna sollureenga Shocked.. plz ennai bayapaduthaatheenga.. enna nnu sollunga".  AZ finally breaks the news that Gowri is in love with a boy names Babhu....
The invitation falls on the ground... Krish is beyong shock.. and soon starts crying "namma Gowri kathalikiraara... ennala nambhamudiyala appa".  AZ appa tells him how she fell in love with Babu even when AM appa was alive... and how she hid it due to the death of their father and how much vethanai she is going through...Therefore, he suggests they abide by Gwori's wishes with just three days to marriage... but Krishna starts worrying about how he'll face the people, after destributing the cards, and even arranging the money and marriage arrangments... and moreover how will the maapillai side take it.. he asks "avanga kaarithuppamaatanga..".  AZ tries to explain to him that it is best to consider Gowri's life... AM appa just to save AZ uncle's maanam, brought up Devi undercover, and even gave his life away.. now in the case of Gowri, how would it be.. he fears the maapillai side, if they come to know about it after the wedding, will not be able to digest it.  Therefore it is in their hands to save Gowri's life.  He however warns that if they get Gowri married to anyone other than Babu, she'll die nnu. 

An already broken Krisha says he'll never let his sister die, but wonders how he'll samaalichfuy the maapillai side and his mom.  AZ takes responsibility of taalking to maapillai side (including the avamaana)... and asks Krishna to pakkuvama eduthu solling to Parvathy amma... Krishnan in tears collects the now waste invitations.. (Cryit was so sad to see Krish like that CryCry). 
At home, he tells Gayu who is relaly shocked. 
She walks into the living room and calls Gwori.  She wonders if  "that" is the reason why she dodged the wedding reasoning Anna's nilamai.  Gowri wonders what the matter is.  Gayu continues to scold saying why she nadiching and asks (Gowri ippaiyaavathu unmaiyda odai maa... ).
Devi and Parvathy amma are returnign after distributing the wedding invivtation to Devi's friends.  Paro mommy says after Gwori's wedding, Krish will get Devi married and then she can go join her husband.. Devi says not to talk like that and that she'll live till 100 years.  They laugh and reach home.
Gayu is blasting away if her love is the reason, while Gowri remains quiet. 
While talking about this Paro mommy arrives and is schocked...

sorry folks, I rushed near the end.. a lot of dialogue today.. and our beloved AZ uncle and Krish acted really well ClapClap.. they displayed the emotions well..


Congratulations Uravugal Team on Reaching 200 Episodes!!!
17th March wednesday Episode 200
Updates by Shreenithi (G's M LOL)
Today's Special
"nee saagariya..naan saagattuma"
A debate b/w mother and daughter
Asusual at the end yaarumae saagalaiLOLLOL
Hi friends, this is Aish.. my first time getting a picture update done... I didn't realize I took too many pics.. so the bigger pictures will be up tom Embarrassed danks
in the meantime, my mommy thodappakattai adikadi vaanganuminnu solluraanga.. Confused... ippo thaan puriyuthu.. ethukkunnu OuchOuch
Parvathy amma at the doorstep..gayu not aware of paro amma's presence..she is busy asking explanation from gowri...she  says"u went to AZ appa and asked him stop the marraige"...parvathy amma shocked hearing this...devi too shocked...gayu says when we have distributed invitation to all our relatives and friends,how can we stop the marraige now?Gowri speechless...gayu says if gowri informed them abt this before itself ,they would have solved that problem silently...Gowri says that she dont have the guts to talk to her family members abt her love life..gayu tells gowri to forget everything before paro amma knows abt this and tells her to get ready fora new life...paro amma stands like a badrakali at the doorstep...Gowri says that its not possible for her to marry another guy other than babu..If u people compell me in this i'll die..gayu gives a tight slap to gowri..paro amma fuming.angry..Gowri saysthat nobody needs to die ,love pannina paavathukku she herself will runaway from the house......"GOWRI"...Paro amma shouts..Gayu,Gowri,krish stunned...(With a super BGM)..gives semma adi to her lovely daughter...goes inside the kitchen and brings a broomstick and vilasufy gowri with that(broomstick eduthurukka vendam...OuchOuchaiyo,parvathy amma nijamavae adichangala..andha ponnukku nalla adi vizhundhudhu..poor girl)...devi and gayu tries to stop paro..nadakura kaariyama adhuDead....paro kannum karuthumaga continues her vilakamaru beating ....krish comes and saves gowri from his mother...says that we will think abt this matter ....paro threatens gowri to marry the guy they have selected for her..or else vaetti bali potruvaangalam....krish says that is not possible....paro says"yaarukku munnadi indha kalyanatha nadathi kaattanumnu nenecheno anga poi sollirukka..ivala...."(Now...parvathy amma,what is ur problem?ur daughter's love affair or gowri getting help from AZ uncle?)...
Pavathy amma asks her daughter"yei solludi,inha kalyanathukku sammadama illaiya"....Gowri supera says "No"...parvathy amma kovama enters the kitchen saying that she will kill herself instead of seeing all this...She takes the kerosene can and pours on herself...krish breaks the door and enters...shocked seeing pavathy amma taking kerosene bath...Paro says nobody should come near ..Krish says no mom,wait...
Paro says "indha maadhiri ponna pethadhukku naan saaganum"..takes the match box...lights it and takes it near her saree pallu..(aathadi...indha show la ellamae konjam overathaan irukkuOuchOuch)...krish and co comes and save her....Gowri comes in and says that she will accept whatever paro amma says...she will forget everything and obey her family members...all become emotional...
Paro and co sits in a sogamana  state in their house..gayu says that they have to do marraige works,only 3 days left for the marraige..so we have to prepare for that...Paro polambufies abt her daughter's kevalamana behaviour(naan sollala..andha ammadhaan solluchu..love panradhu kevalamana seyal nuConfused)....Devi says that she is aware of this before itself..paro and gayu shocked...says that she didnt tell anyone becoz if she says that may lead to big problems and moreover paro amma will not be able to digest all this....devi paro kallil vizhundhu asks sorry for hiding the truth from her...paro says its ok...paro talks perumai pechu abt  devi to gowri...gayu tells her to forget everything and start our marraige works....gayu gives some medicine to devi and tells her to apply it on gowri's wounds and devi and gowri goes in....
Devi applies medicine on gowri's wounds...An auto comes and stops infront of their house...Maapillai veetula irundhu varanga...gayu warns gowri not to talk anything infront of them...Gayu opens the gate and let them in....parvathy amma welcomes them..They asks parvathy amma whether she is fine..her face is so dull..Paro says that she is suffering from headache..Maappu makkal says "appadi theriyalayae..rombha nerama azhudha maadhiri irukku...Unga ponnu 2,3 days pugundha veettukku poga poralaennu azhudheengala?"....gayu says nothing like that...Paro amma goes in to make tea...
maappu makkal says that they have to come to give th muhurtha pattu to gowri and they tell gayu to call her...They call gowri and gowri comes out..face fulla kaayangal...Maappu makkal confused...asks What happened?gayu and devi mazhupping...Mappu makkal says take care of her..she is the kalyana ponnu na...how does this happened nu ketkaraanga...
namma gayu tursns into script writer and says that yesterday night she fell down when she went to bald upstairs(paeru vachu perumai goes to our nithyaLOL) to take the clothes...paro comes with tea ...
phone rings...A girl introduces herself as uma,gowri's friend on the other rside..babu stands with her...Paro asks enna vishayama?..Uma says the she want to wish gowri on her marraige...paro asks where she is calling from...uma gives the details....Paro handsover the phone to gowri...Gowri looks at the maappu makkal and they give permission..(aiyoda..rombathaan.Angry.)gowri comes and picks the phone..uma gives the phone to babu....Babu nalam visariching gowri..Gowri starts crying ...says"mobile phone broken..iam going to die..."(edukku phone odanju pochenna..very good..pls proceedLOL)...mappu makkal doubt aa parkaranga..babu indha pakkam says that he will also die if something happens to gowri... he says he will come there and save gowri from that marraige..gowri keeps on crying...(enna idhu...pesaradhu yaarukumae ketkalaya?orey oru ammamattum sandegama parkudhu..ConfusedConfused..parvathy amma...ponna pathi theriyumla..pakathulayae nikka vendiyahu dhaanaeAngry)...
Gayu spreads the saree infront of that lady who gives sandega look toward gowri and talks abt the saree design...gayushows th saree to gowri and asks her whether she  likes it or not..gowri says "yes"..gayu talks abt something..
that lady stops her and says"wait a minute...gowri phonela pesumbodhu yedho azhudha maadhiri irundhuche.."....ellarum baa nnu muzhikaraanga...now gowri herself comes to rescue...says"adipattaidam rombha paining..adhanaladhaan i cried"....But that lady not satisfied with the answer...she says "indha kaalathu ponnungala namba mudiyadhu...let us make  it clear.."..turns towrds gowri and asks"gowri,unakku indha kaadhal keedhal nu edhuvum illaiyae..?"....paro and gayu looks at gowri..gowri looks at that lady.....
Thursday - 18th March Update- Episode 201
Updates by Meli
Pictures by atina 
Credits to viluthu.com


Gowris future sister in law sees Gowri and without no hesitates ask Gowri if she is on love or something like that. Paro is shocked and quickly point out it was them who came to ask her hand and not vice versa, so they should know about their family background. Future MIL apologies on her daughters behalf while Gayu tries to distract their attention on the muhurtham saree.
Mother and daughter leaves, while Paro gets furious with Gowri for talking with her friend. She also warn her not to call her friend again or think about her love, everything is no more, if she try to do something against her wish, she will see her dead body. ( Hmmm...I think its high time people do consider emotional blackmail as abuseAngryAngry This ladys has a  desire to have controll over others by using thatDead Not that I pity for Gowri, she is asked for it when she didnt have the guts to talk right away with her familyAngry)
AZ and Krish talks about the wedding. AZ want Krish to do the right thing by getting Gowir married to her boyfriend. He knows the pain of loving someone and not be able to marry that person. He doesn't want Gowri to go through the same pain as its very painful to love someone and marry someone else, after all he was a guy and could bear the pain but being a girl, its hard for Gowri.
Krish is thoughtful, he want to do the right thing but them worries about his mother and her emotional blackmail about committing suicide. AZ replies he has to act like Gowris father by seeing on AM's behalf and show her the right path way. He also offer to talk with Paro as he may listen to him. ( Poor Krish...he cant choose between mother and sisterCry)
They go to Krish's house. Paro wonder why Krish brought AZ there, AZ explains he came there to talk about Gowri's life.
He begs her to let Gowri marry her boyfriend, paro refuse to change her mind. Gowri has to marry the groom they have seen for her. AZ talks about the pain from his past, how much he suffered all those yeas by keeping his pain to himself.
Its impossible to love and marry someone else when Paro point out, didn't he manage that? He married Vishalachi, lived happily and got two kids a swell. AZ is taken aback by her hurt words.
She says wont change her mind and if they go against her wish, they will only see her dead body. AZ is hurt and leaves. ( Will the history repeative itself...?Wink Well those who saw the new title song montage may know the answerWinkLOLLOL)
AZ goes to AM's grave and cries his heart out, how hurt he was by Paros words. She was always like a mother to him and never said anything against him but today, she broke his hearts. Its all cause of him who didn't had the courage to stand up for his love in front AM and now suffer along with his daughter Devi. He doesn't want Gowri's life to end up like his and sees empty alcohol bottles around the graves. ( poor man..he always has to bear the pains inside and no one so share it with...CryCry He made a mistake and it haunts him until this day...)
AZ walks angrily into Senthil who counts the money at the mill. He ask about the bottles and his management at the mill. Cant be keep the work place as temple?
He has no love or care for his family members but can at least be sincere to his work? Senthil is puts up a natak, how he always work hard for the family and their welfare etc. pretend like he is innocent, AZ is angry and says he should be soberly and take his responsibilities seriously when Senthil criminal adviser collides into AZ very drunkAngry
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Friday, March 19th, Episode 202
Update by atina
Credits to viluthu.com

AZ from AM's samadi storms into their rice mill and  screams at Senthil as he is annoyed seeing so many liquor bottles and ciggarettes around his brothers grave. Senthil on the other hand requests AZ not to shout in front of the workers. But still AZ scolds him for driking and dirtying his brothers grave. At this point Rajendran reaches there asking" enna inge oreh satham ha?" He is fully drunk. Senthiul is worried seeing him and Az is shocked to see him. He asks," maapilleh why is he here?...yaaroo....ivana periya business man...yei....first of all get out of here"
Rajendran shouts at AZ," Mr Azhakesan....why are you making so much noise...ha? this mill is running because of the nellu I send here ...mind it...if at all I stop sending my nellu here..then you will have to close down this mill....you better remember this ok?"
AZ is so annoyed and worried too, He asks," maapilleh what is he telling? no no...he is a fraud mapilleh...he is a arisi kadatharavan.....do not let him inside the mill...did you know once Annan actually chased him out of the mill? how come you allowhim here and work with him? first of all chase him away and throw all his nellu mootai"
Rajendran without anyrespect addresses Az yov and tells," yov perisu.....why don't you sit in one corner of your house as you are getting old...ennaathu....you will send all my neelu mootai...? what do you thinkkk we have our union and also court...mind it..." Palaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar...even before he ends his last word AZ slaps him tight oin his face asking," dei yarai paarthu enna pechu pesareh...mapilleh you better send him and reach home fast" he leaves from there.
The arguement continues at home. AZ explains what happened in the mill and Senthil defends himself while Visalam supports Senthil. Senthil explains," maamaa...that fellow pays me per mootai Rs25 while others will pay me only 16 or 17...so after all I am a businessman...I will only see the profit and whether he is a nallavan or jkettavan"
AZ wanrs him," for you it will look good now...but he will bring kadathal nellu and the government officers will come and seal the mill ...is that what you want?" Once Visalam periya pisaathu maathiri tells," ennanga...enough...niruthunga....maapilleh enna anda alavukku vivaram illaathavaraah?" Chitra tells," Anneh...if elders are telling like this...there should be some reason for all this...so please leave all this" and Ranjani also tells the same.
AZ now asks about the consition of AM's samaadi....and Senthil puts the blame of the workers of the mill. AZ again and again asks," unga mana satchiyai  thottuu sollunga....didn't you do this?" enough is enough mappilaeh....after if you have that manasatchi ..you would not be doing eena na mo like this?"
Hearing this Ranjani is confused and asks what did he do? Menatime Ranjani Baby Annamali is crawing on the edge of the bed and there is a minature ural  ( stone mortar and pestle) AZ replies to Ranjani," onnum illa maa...tell your husband if he can not run the mill ozhungaa...just close it down...AND SIT"  
Ranjani again asks what did her husband actually do...seeing this situation Chitra comes to the rescue of AZ and tells," anni....vidinga...why ask so many questions...mama is upset about AM maama's samdhi...that is why he talks like this"
Ranjani is not convinced," what did you do? you better tell me the truth....the other when you crossed namma baby...told me that you will never tell any lies to me...so tell me" Senthil replies," look here there is a limit to insult me...I am going to the mill anymore...after Mugunthan maapilai told me to look after the mill and I am doing that...and now...this is too much"   
At this point they hear a lour cry from the baby. They run to the room and find the baby on the floor and the stone mortar is next to the baby..and the baby is no pechu pmmochoo....
In the hospital Ranjani is crying and Chitra consoles her. Ranjani tells," Naanga yaarukku enna paavam paani nom Chitra...? I and mu husband manasarinju yaarukkum entha kedithalum pannalleh....why all this is haoppening to us?"
Dr comes out and tells that the baby  is injured in his head badly and he can tell any thing only after 24 hours. Hearing this Chitra recalls AZ telling her all the truth about her brother Senthil. Ranjani keeps weeping while Senthil recalls his poi sathiyam ( baby thaandum scene) and starts shedding tears. ( crocodiel tears???!!)
In Krish's house...no one is eating and Gayu tries to ask everyone to eat but Keish tells that he does not feel like even drinking water. Gayu softly talks," only soultion to the present situation is conducting this wedding as we planned....you better eat...vaanga...Devi go and bring Gowri to eat"  
Devi goes inside and tells Gowri,"Look here Gowri you are still hiking about that Babooo? if you are stubborn like this then the whole family will have to commit suicide ...you better forget that babu"
Outside Gayu talks to Parvathy," athai I understand about your anger towards our Gowri..but athai after she is just a kid athai....she does not understand the real meaning of love and life...I will make her undersatnd all...for now please come and have food."
Devi brings Gowri and they all sit together and start eating.
It is 9 30 night and everyone but Gowri is sleeping. The time runs it is 11 30...Gowri is not able to sleep.She gets up and sits and recalls what her mom told and babu's conversation etc. She slowly gets upo and picks up a note book and a pen and goes to the bath room.
She pulls a bucket and sits oinit ans starts writing,"  anbulla amma ...annanukku...ungal Gowri is writing...if I do not listen to you all aMMa tells that she will kill herself...and Babu tells that if I do not marry him he will die....I am sorry....You all no need to die...let me leave my uyir myself"

Edited by MP_Radha - 05 April 2010 at 1:22am

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Meena.IF IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 January 2008
Posts: 4486

Posted: 15 March 2010 at 3:24am | IP Logged
Thanks Nithya,
For ur suda suda updates... Soodana updates for soodana episode dhan.,..
Hope this is all some dream.. Coz I dont feel that Babu, who is not ready to answer in phone will do this...Also, he has his exams.. Wat abt that? wat abt that flying colors.. oh, the flying colors wat he said means these two ppl flying in color dresses? Will Krish just like that beat up some guy, when his sister is pleading not to? I dont think he was a person to act like this.. Good or Bad whatever, he may not do it..

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Meena.IF IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 3:30am | IP Logged
Innu onnum thonudhu enaku.. Babu Babu nu Gowri kathura madhiri scene mudinjurukku.. So it may be Gowri's dream.. ila?

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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 5:55am | IP Logged
Nithya , thanks ma - awww kutti kutti thummattikai
butter ellam maattuthu - senior TKB eel mathiri nazhuvi
thappichukkaraar..... 007, story dept kku lanjam kuduthingalaa???Wink 
Aaal aalukku thattai thattarathu, sabam kudukkarathu...hmmmm if
Visa aunty does not want the invitation...refuse panna vera vazhi illiyaa???
Meenu chellam,  dream aa??? ayyo ayyo, Tamizh serials enga IF
 chellangalai ellam ipdi kedukkaratheeeeeee

Edited by rojapoooo - 15 March 2010 at 5:56am

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honeydaisy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 6:23am | IP Logged
thanks for updates...thanks dir sir .for not spread saabam today...(that is what Visa amma will do whenever she got angry... she is like Raja Rishi...will give kadumaiyaana saabam Wink)    is this really? Krish beaten Babu and gang? i think may be gowri's dream....(coz krish always let people to beat him and he wont beat anyone) gowri should tell to her family first...atleast Gayu. elope is not right thing to do.

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raaspach IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Thanks for the upate Nithya.Super comments LOL
Gayu will always be with krish and she will do only what krish is doing...Then why she entered Visalam's house?Bad pathini..Forgotten the pazhamozhi"kallanalum......"
And Gowri..stop ur veerappu pechu to devi and pls talk abt ur deiveega kaadhal to ur brother and anni...
Odiporadhukku vara dhairiyam family members kitta pesaradhukku yen varamaattengudhu????

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eclat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Thanks Nithya for the updates.

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suryalalu Groupbie

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 9:18am | IP Logged
Tnks nithyaji..
Super updates nd super comments....LOL

      i think it may be Gowri's dream......

Gowri dont try to elope..please tell all the matter to ur family......

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