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11/3 -Sid-Riddz: Tumhi meri sacchai ho.......

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 March 2010 at 11:01am | IP Logged

Mr. Not-so-Darcy is driving his beautiful wifey to Sanjivani with pin drop silence between them. Riddhima, pensive, thoughtful and rather sunken is looking out of the window while Sid keeps looking at her as though she will catch him stealing choco cookies. And they both are riding their own carousels of thoughts and feelings......Sid wants to speak to her but he cannot bring himself to do so and Riddhima wants to hear something from Sid that would make her feel better or at least nice about herself and her current status with Sid. 

Riddhima's mind knows no peace- the flashes of Sid telling KM that Riddhima is not the kind of woman he would marry and it keeps playing in her head as she seems to be looking out at the speeding road.Why should it be disturbing her?

Sid keeps recalling how he told Riddhima that it won't be tough for her to play up an act of not being his wife - after all there is nothing between them. Right?

They both keep thinking about the cutting words that they told to each-other yesterday and then, they shoot off to their individual planes....

Sid keeps looking at Riddhima.... There are so many things that i want to  tell you but i am in the middle of nowhere - because our relationship is in the middle of nowhere. I am going to see a girl today , can you believe that? I am married . What a crime! The way i behave with you , the lies that i am telling to my Mom... it is wrong , i know but i am too tired of all this Riddhima. I am just so-not-sorted. ......I guess we have the strangest relationship. We are not friends , we are not lovers , we are not even husband -wife....and yet we boomerang into each-other.....And soon you shall bow out of my life. And then... then... I will think why I did what I did.....Actually, i have no idea why i did all this for you Riddhima. Maybe... someday... in some walk of life I will know why i gave up a whole slice of my life for you.....

Riddhima looks at him tenderly when he is not looking.... Sid, you stood by me through thick and thin, through the good and the bad , when i didn't care and when i did care , you brought me back to life when i wanted to run into the door that led to the darkness of death and finality....you were there and i know that you will always be there. It is your goodness , your compassion that wrapped me in warmth and won my heart - I am not saying this because I am indebted to you for life - No. I am saying all this because you are special....Today , am grateful to my Dad that he brought you into my life when I was at my weakest... at my lowest. You blew life and blood into my frozen veins and i can never decide who has healed my life more - you or Dad. Dad looked after me when i was little and you took me under your wing ....I don't know what will happen tomorrow, Sid... or where we are headed.... but always remember one thing... Riddhima is and will always be there for you - I will never leave you alone....
Later , after dodging the embarrassing questions of the gang about their honeymoon , Sid-Riddz meet alone at the lockers. Sid , after a little hesitation goes upto Riddhima who is still in her Meena Kumari mode. She looks up at him bit darting her eyes here and there and Sid does the same - his gaze not even once settling on Riddhima.....

I have been trying to tell you this, Riddhima... I mean... since morning ( darn! why can't i just come out with it )... i will be leaving early today ... i am supposed to go and see a girl today... with KM.... oops, Mom. ... at Hotel with a Not-so-classy-name.....

Sid's words hit Riddhima and she just nods , words not finding way to her mouth. Sid says a hurried bye and turns to leave....

Something tugs at Riddzie's heart strings and not knowing why , she instinctively stops Sid....but there has to be a reason to stop Sid . She can't tell him that her heart is going cuckoo over him and she just doesn't want to let go of him....and she says what we say on impulse - foolish words but shot with the blood of sentiments in their veins....


Sid stops in his tracks but doesn't turn.

Sid, wear your white shirt today -it.. it suits you very much. Her eyes are unsteady and her lips are quivering. I want to tell him something else... what the freaks am i saying?

Sid is ruffled by his wife's suggestion but doesn't turn and walks ahead...

Riddhima stops him again - and you can see that she is on an emotional cliffhanger where she basically wants to pounce on Sid and whack the living daylights out of him and ask him why she is feeling what she is feeling...

Sid stops again but still doesn't look back at Riddhima... almost as if he doesn't want to turn and relive the moment and feeling of walking away from her.

Riddhima , her words scattered asks him meekly that if he likes the girl, will he bring her to Riddhima so that she can see her?

That punches Sid but he doesn't react... he just shuts his eyes for a second or two as though to breathe in the dark humour and irony of it all - shakes his head as though laughing at his fate and goes away.... leaving Riddhima standing all alone in the locker room to deal with her emotions.....

Riddhima knows no peace - she stands like the waiting Lady of Shalott ( a must read poem- it is tragically beautiful) on the terrace of the hospital watching Sid walk upto the car and leave to see the girl ( Yuvi and Naina are so gonna whack him , man!) .... and the lump in her heart - that strange shot of pain begins to rise to her throat and she starts going cuckoo - she starts to feel - she starts to react - she starts to cry. Behaving everything that Sid so wanted to see when she was a ragdol with him. You wish Sid was here right now to see her.... see her as he always wished to see her - ALIVE.

She cannot bear the thought and sight of Sid walking away from her - her entire life with Sid runs like beautiful snapshots in front of her eyes - Sid knocking at the doors of death so that she could live , putting her life , her happiness in front of his own , pulling her into his fold by marrying her without giving a thought about his own future , the filling of sindoor when he bound her to his life forever , his tenderness towards her under all the harshness, Riddhima's own shift of feelings towards Sid as she began to see him in the light of a husband she has begun to love instead of the saviour she felt indebted to.... .....Riddhima snaps out of it. No! I cannot let him go.... I... what is this tugging feeling in my heart. I am scared of losing Siddhanth? I want to hold on to him forever? Why is he all over my head and heart .... he is everywhere and i cannot handle it...And you wish that Sid takes a U-turn and comes back to his cuckoo wife who is finally realizing that she is cuckoo over him and there is no way she wants this marriage to end.....

A smile comes over your face when you see Sid wearing a white shirt later..... Why did he wear white? Because Riddhima is under his skin but his hammered belief that he is invisible to Riddhima does not let the doors open that he has shut and locked. Sometimes, what we spend our lives hunting for is within an arm's distance.....Riddhima is within an arm's distance, Sid....Take her hand.

In the precap , you see a broken and shattered Riddzie who can fight no longer and has surrendered to her feelings for Sid. She runs to into Sid's arms and clings to him for dear life , tears streaming down her cheeks and tells him that he is the only truth she knows, the only truth that matters enough to move her to tears.... and Sid slowly lifts his hand to hug her back but his face a myriad of emotions - shock , confusion , discomfiture. After all, he brushes his teeth every morning telling himself that Riddhima will never love him . For Riddhima , it is a giant leap of faith and feeling and for Sid , it is nothing less than lightening striking him with a thunderclap.

Riddhima has surrendered , Sid. What are you going to do now?

Open the door, Sid. Riddhima is knocking .... knocking with all her heart.

P.S - Today's episode reminded me of two instances from the film 'HUM-TUM' . In the first instance, Karan tells journalists that often relationships don't work out because we don't open our mouths , we never tell our partner how we feel. That is criminal. If you love someone or whatever is in your heart , just tell the person. Riya could never understand my love because I , myself failed to realize it. Hopefully , now that i meet her , i will tell her.

And in the flashback when a happy , glowing Riya waits in excitement for Karan to come and tell her that he loves her , propose her , he looks at her ashamed because of what happened between them last night and tells her he is sorry. He loves her but he feels apologetic - we should marry. A shattered Riya tells Karan that we should not get married for the wrong reasons. Karan is not able to tell her how much he loves her and Riya goes away with a broken heart.

I hope you guys understand why I mentioned these two instances from that beautiful film. And interestingly, HUM-TUM was about second chances.

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PSharada IF-Sizzlerz

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I definitely want to write in detail about today's episode and discuss with you but kambakht office bhi jaana hai. So me reserving my spot and will update by evening. Needless to say I am totally sold out on today's episode and of course your write up on it.

#####################edited by Sarada

Hey Poco, Got some time to steal at my office so I want to update my feelings on today's episode.SmileSmileSmile First of all since the start of DMG I have really really liked Sid because you rarely come across people who are that selfless in real world. StarStarStarNo doubt he was a spoilt rich brat in the beginning but then always he had Golden heart hidden under him and he was the one who always wanted everyone to be happy.StarStar He was the one who forgave Yuvi first when he knew that Naina was in love with him and he is a person who married Riddhima when she was at her weakest. The way the marriage happened and the way Riddhima didn't say anything, I am still angry on that front Angry as Sid deserved so much better. But still here we have Riddhima and Sid now married but both unable to do anything much in their current scenario. OuchOuchOuch Sid decided that Riddz is never gonna love him and doesn't have a space for him in her life after the zeher fiasco and as such has shut the doors of love on his heart. He feels for her but dares not to speak.OuchOuchOuch Riddhima earlier though wanted this marriage to work for her parents sake but now seems to have truly fallen hard for Sid but now fate has gotten her at cross roads where her heart doesn't want to lose Sid but she doesn't know what to do.OuchOuch

The drive to hospital in the beginning of the episode was really beautiful. StarStarThe recollections of both Sid and Riddz was so heart tugging. Sid a person for whom love and laughter meant everything is now lost somewhere as his life has stopped.CryCryCry The way he thinks that he is going to meet a girl after being married shows how much he is disappointed in himself and his life. OuchOuchOuch He knows he is doing a wrong(notice he actually uses the word CRIME) by hurting Riddhima and lying to his mom but he doesn't know what else he can doOuchOuch. He knows Riddhima has to leave him some day or other and he is preparing himself for her exit but little does he know Riddz has fallen for him hard. For me it was so hurting to see Sid sad and dejected because first of all he is the least deserved person to be in that state and second I personally knew someone who was in the same situation few years back.CryCryCry Then the locker room scene in which he is clearly uncomfortable to tell Riddhima that he is leaving to see the girl his mom wanted to meet and then for a second I felt Riddz is gonna cry and run to hug him. Bechari she was on verge of tears but still she asks him whether he will allow the girl to meet her.OuchShockedShocked At that point I was like Damn the fates cannot be so cruel.ShockedShockedShocked Here you have a guy who is all heart broken because he feels his wife may never love him and here the wife is crumbling inside because she cannot lose her husband and is telling in her own way what he means to her. CryCry

After Sid leaves I really liked the way Riddz went through all the past memories of Sid and atleast this time I am happy that she was not a coward and did accept the fact that she has some feelings for Sid and for some reason no matter what she does she doesn't seem to forget his faceClapClapClap. Love is the most powerful healer of all time but to get love you need to speak up. You can't bottle up your emotions and suffer and make others suffer. It is the truth that sets you free and I hope tomorrow Riddhima does confess her feelings to Sid. Star

What I really liked in today's episode was the feelings and thoughts of Sid and Riddhima and the way both are reaching out for each other but can't say out loud. It was touching and beautifully shot scene.ClapClapClap I really liked that fact that irrespective of all that has happened between Riddz and Sid,  Sid wore the white shirt which Riddhima suggested. Shows that he loves her but didn't accept his feelings for her. Love rarely bestows second chances on people and when it does you should grab it with both the hands.Big smileBig smileBig smile I hope Riddhima does the same.

Do reply to this post and we can discuss more.

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-alimabi- IF-Sizzlerz

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loved it poco yur are amazing

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gina-101 Groupbie

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Poco Your a Star!
The Way Sid Was Talking about His Dilema Tugs at Your Heart Strings Disapprove 
I Miss The Sugery Coated Sweet Sid! Unhappy

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luvarti IF-Sizzlerz

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by psarada


I definitely want to write in detail about today's episode and discuss with you but kambakht office bhi jaana hai. So me reserving my spot and will update by evening. Needless to say I am totally sold out on today's episode and of course your write up on it.

Thank you so much for replying, Sarady!Hug.....I will wait for your response and the discussion.

Love and luck always,

God bless you.

-Su- Goldie

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Posted: 11 March 2010 at 11:45am | IP Logged
U write really gud Pocahontas! Smile

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Lennie IF-Stunnerz

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Interesting like you say Hum Tum was about second chances which i dont think many ppl viewed it as that and also Riya falling in love the second time
Like Karan, him and Riya always somehow bumped into each other, and some toofan would have happen, something would go accidently wrong lol
Pocu you are amazing, i cant add further then what you already have, but i can say Sid needs to open his heart and let Ridz, here she is opening her heart, making a leap towards you - dont let her go, hold her hand - soothe her and accept her
Like you say Ridz cant bear to see him walking away, losing him - losing someone else she has come to love and cherish - someone who had made her live again, and she gets fillled with a strange pain and a void, she needs him now and forever - this is her Sid, Sid who whatever happens has been there for her - someone who has time and time again has never failed to be there for her, without really asking for nothing - just a small gesture of Ridz (before the poison issue)
Someone who had no physical connection (no dosti, no relationship), was there for her when no one was really was, accepted her her pain as his, hurt when she hurt, wanted to heal her, protect her, stand by her, beside each other
Sid is a selfless man when he has to stand up for anyone and he did this to Ridz and only for Ridz, i hope one day Sid knows why he did all this, and why it was worth it, open your heart and feel and see who is there, you will get your answerEmbarrassed

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