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ADDA ANNEX 03/10: Kharak Singh ne kharkai khirkiya

KK84 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 3:13pm | IP Logged

Hello Friends...let me take a minute and introduce ourselves first...we are an offshoot of the celebrated Ria ka Adda - the thread that rocked the KMH forum in I-F. I say its an offshoot since we are a distributary of Ria ka Adda - not all our buddies from there watch the same shows. Hence we created "Adda Annex", kept the name Adda to retain the "flavor" of RKA...after some of our friends enjoyed being in the Bayttaab Dil kee and Pyar ka Bandhan forums, some more wanted to watch this new show.

For those who are new to us, we are an open forum, where anyone and everyone can participate and say anything they want. We love friends and we love talking !! So please join us and feel free to embark on the fun ride.

Since this is a new thread, we need buddies to volunteer and take turns to open the thread. Its impossible for any one of us to do it everyday. So please feel free to express your desire to open the "Adda Annex" thread for any day you want !!

Adda Annex opening Schedule:

Thursday 11th March ' Natz

Friday 12th March ' Sarab

Please PM me OR just leave a comment if you wish to open Annex on week commencing Monday 15th March. All slots from Monday to Friday 19th March are FREE!!

It would be a pleasure to read everyone's perception and opinions! PLEASE JOIN IN THE FUN!!


We are here to have fun, so no negativity please. No bashing of any sorts (other than bashing the creatives LOL)

Please hit the like button and participate.


Note: We have an uncanny correlation with shows shutting shop!! (KMH ended, so did Bayttab and PKB will soon too !!) get attached at your own sweet risk !!LOLLOL)


Kharak Singh UFF TN

I don't blame TN for being such a kharak kharooos! Parent's ofcourse have the biggest influence on a child's upbringing and who is behind TN's upbringing...In Samira's words...'budhaa bin laadeen!!'LOLLOLLOL

Dadi is not the type who expresses love or would give a cuddle to her son to show how much she loves him. She is sakht so naturally TN has followed her footsteps but I like to think that TN's dad must have been a really sweet and loving man tabhi thorey joh gunn TN mein hai, woh ussi se aayeh hongey.

The hangover

Being in a drunk state apparently gives you great confidence! You have guts to do and say anything you want which you would not otherwise do! But once you are sober phir hawaa nikalti hai!

Ab Abeer araam se soh toh gaye but aaya ek naya din and with that, the consequences.

Abeer cant remember what he said. Does he even realise how he confessed his depth of love to Leher?OuchOuch

Next encounter with Leher am sure will be an apology for his behaviour.

Abeer unfortunately cant remember kya kya he said to TN...ab to shaamat aachuki! Qayamaat aachuki!!Confused Which brings us conveniently to the best scene of the episode!!

TN was simply brilliant!! The guy truly has an aura which if you were in the same room as him, you would be afraid to even breathe!ClapClapClap

Abeer is grounded

Could a person be more sarcastic! I loved how there was no thappads, no shouting until your ears start ringing...but yet a tone which would completely rip the person standing infront of TN to shreds!

No ripping and shredding would have happened if daadi (Maha K...) was not there with her sharp blade jaisi zabaan!AngryAngryAngry

And where dadi is, poor Sudha can not breathe in peace. Daadi does not leave any opportunity to degrade Sudha and the harsh reality is that such monster (sorry...mother) in law do exist.AngryAngry

So much is expected from a woman marrying into a family. She is the stranger there and she is expected to fit in like she was born in that house but she is never treated like one's own daughter. She will always be a daughter in law. Its sad but true.

If daadi had a daughter then her gravest mistake would have been overlooked but mistakes are created because Sudha is a daughter in law.

Back to TN's 'pathar ki lakeer' ' Reverse pyschology

Abeer's life is over! No mauj, no masti! Just imagine...he dared to consume alcohol and these were the consequences. The day he proclaims his love for Leher, I think TN will not only disown him but bury him alive!

No pocket money either?!! Bechaara...I hope apprenticeship ke toh paise miley usko!

I loved how TN uses a form of reverse psychology and takes the blame but punishes Abeer! The way TN took the blame, it would leave no room for Abeer to argue about because even if he dared to oppose to TN, TN would turn round and say 'yes its my fault and so I am correcting my mistake, its not your fault at can never be wrong.' Now how do you argue that!

I have a some tips for mr Abeer on:

How to patawofy Kharak Singh

1.       Go to the mandir with daadi in the morning....waisey bhi 8am ka curfew hai!

2.       Do some bed time reading to Kharak Singh ' Law books only

3.       Help Chutki with her homework

4.       DONT help the neighbours

5.       DONT ever drink again!

6.       DONT laugh infront of TN

7.       Go give jaadoo ki jappi to TN every night! If that fails, just dabaawofy his peyr!

P.S. Please keep the adda rolling!

P.P.S. Looking foward to reading all your takes!

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natz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
Abeer's mother protects him from the world; his father threatens him with it

Today's episode was a class apart! It reinforced my belief that YPNHK is the best soap I've come across in a long, long time. TN's reaction was so close to reality, today he wasn't just a character on screen, he was human, flesh and blood standing before me and he scared me!! Embarrassed an amazing performance by the actor who plays TN Vajpayee- Kharak Singh from now on LOL LOL LOL

Abeer definitely needs a firm hand but TN has thrown him at the deep end of the pool expecting that fear of drowning will teach him how to swim…wah!! Kaisa baap hai re?? Angry

Dadi binLaden IMO had no business being part of a conversation between a child and his parents. Nobody wants to be humiliated publicly and dadi expertly rubs salt on wounds…when is she going on a teerth-yatra?? Angry Angry Angry

The scene between Leher & Dulhan was boring- Yami portrayed Leher's desperation with brilliance but the scene was cliched and yawn-worthy!! Thumbs Down

The etceteras:

The Shuklas and Majumdaars have just disappeared!! Why??...the Majumdaars went back to Calcutta but the Shuklas are MIA for no good reason!! Confused Confused Confused

The 'deewar' fiasco needs attention; now that BB Mathur knows his brother is at fault why doesn't he go up to TN and apologise? Hoping the latter will react in a civil manner…jaldi karo Daddy Cool, deewar se barsa 'tip tip' paani, paani se aag lagsakti hai!! LOL LOL LOL

Dadi's going to find the perfect match for Abeer and Veena is waiting for the perfect opportunity to initiate her 'rishta' discussion, iss perfection kay chakkar mein kahiin Deepa se shaadi hogayi toh? Ooooops!! Embarrassed Confused Confused

Coming up- gang war ya gunda gardi in the college? Some of us think the new track is a way of making sure the audience stays loyal all through the IPL, I'm not sure if it's going to work. But I do know that Leher will get caught in the middle, hope she doesn't turn into a mahaanta ki deewani to report those yobbos !! It's going to create serious problems for her

Episode rating: 8/10- I'm tempted to give a 9; the actor who plays TN Vajpayee was superb, aptly supported by the rest of the cast.

great opening Kat Thumbs Up

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
Kat..I loved the name for TN..Kharak SinghROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL..Gosh your title just cracked me usual Wonderfully writtenClapClap..
Heres my Take...
Dadi-Bin-Laden please go on a Tirthyatra:What a wonderful ideaDay DreamingLOL..I hope whatever she said in her frustation to Sudha,she actually follows it and goes to Tirthyatra once Abeer starts going to college regularlyBig smile..Poor Sudha was blamed for Abeer's drunk actAngryCry..Why always the women of the house has to go through all the blames if something happens to the kid ??Angry..
Abeer goes in Ghajini mode:ROFLROFLROFLROFLOk I was expecting this to happen today..Abeer forgetting everything that he said to TN or Leher in his drunk stateROFLROFLROFL..Now this what u call "back to square one"ROFLROFLROFL;He looks so confused when his sister wakes him up and tells him that she never saw this avataar of his brother before and he was like "kya hua"ConfusedLOLLOLLOLLOL;Felt bad for Sudha when she was pouring her heart out to Abeer and making him realize that because of his fault,she had to bear the anger of everyoneCry;Abeer was feeling embarassed and bad too and u can see it from his facial expressionsEmbarrassed;He has no idea whats in store for him todayLOL;But the fact that now he is repenting for his deeds makes me wonder whether he will now stick to his words regarding his feelings for LeherErmm..
TN's Hitler Rule Starts:ROFLROFLROFLI loved the way TN starts his blabbering with those sarcastic remarks about offering the beer bottle to his sonLOLLOLLOL;Abeer looked as if he is standing in front of the lion king who will eat him up any momentLOL;But as a father he did the right thing by making Abeer realize that his drunk act in the house was beyond disgustingThumbs Down;Of course if we see from Abeer's POV,we can justify his act and frustation but from a father's POV ,TN was rightThumbs Up;I loved the way TN says with full authority "Oye mister..look into my eyes"..It sounded like a perfect father who is teaching his son how to behave in front of his eldersClap;In a way its good that TN gives this  scolding to Abeer and asks him to do his own stuffs from now onThumbs Up;This will make Abeer more responsible and a matured guy;He will also become more self-sufficient nowEmbarrassed;And of course TN telling Abeer to attend college regularly now will b a blessing in disguise for AbHer love story to proceed furtherWinkTongue;Somewhere Abeer needed this scolding to understand his duties and responsibilities towards his familyClap;So finally we r all set to see Abeer in collegeCool;Actor playing TN's role was brillaint in this scene;His emotions were just perfectClap;Gaurav of course was good as usualEmbarrassed
Reason for Leher's mother going out of town and the New Entry tomorrow:Ermm..All of a sudden Leher's mother going for temple darshans around India means somethingWinkTongue;Either the actress is not available ,so she is send out of town in the showLOL or mayb somewhere her absense will add some spice to this college story where soon this new entry of a villain will happenWink...As per the precap this Villain looked more like those tapori typesLOL.but he is definitely going to b a goon falling in love with LeherOuch..Goon beause the sort of dress he was wearing as per the precap makes him look like a taporiWinkLOL...and the fact that Leher is standing all scared in front of the entire fiasco itself is an indication that she is standing there with a purpose and the purpose is that creatives will make the goon fall for Leher's innocenceWinkOuch...Now whether Mathurs will like this guy or not remains to b seenConfused..Mayb this tapori will act all goody goody in front of Mathur's eyes and will win their hearts and might prove Abeer wrongAngry..but Leher will know who is right and who is wrong and thats when the mother might come into the pictureEmbarrassed..Also mayb this goon will try to harass Leher in the college and she will b unable to tell anyone about it sinse her father is just coming out of poor health and mother is not mayb she goes and tells this to Abeer and here we see Abeer taking a panga with this goon to protect yeah mother's absense could hv many such reasonsWinkLOLTongue
My Rating:7/10..Nothing much happened today except TN taking a class of his bigda hua not a very high rating.,but tomorrow's episode seems interestingEmbarrassed

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QUIRKY333 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 3:25pm | IP Logged
Kat and Jo...AWESOME !!!!! Clap

zabardast and APT title yaar !! started laughing and remembering abeer's face the moment i read the tile !! LOL

This soap is amazing yaar !! no romance lekin phir bhi it was sooo good !! Big smileClap

Aaj ka show is DEDICATED to Time Out !!!! hahahahahahaha....seeing abeer's halath i couldn't help but remember my tiny nephew who gets a time out every day and is made to sit on his room's doormat with "Time Out" written on it LOL

seriously yaar, i can't even imagine the extent of reaction that will follow when the affair will come to the forefront !!! baap re !!ConfusedOuch

the one sensible line abeer said today was when he expressed his disbelief on HOW could he spend the holi like this !! i am sure he'd be sharam se paani paani infront of leher of that he doesn't even clearly remember what he said !! ooops Embarrassed

as about the punishment...well, in whatever form it came, but abeer needed it...he does need to have a hang of responsibilities too...waisey bhi good homework nai? responsible nahi banega to pyar kaisey karega? Wink

udhar poor leher...dulhaniya ko bhi abhi jaana tha Disapprove...and she just left her with MORE responsibility Cry.....which means leher will be stren with abeer even more now...nice Wink with a new banda in the pipeline THAT should be interesting !!

awwww i loved abeer's sister !! chutki is ADORABLE Hug..god knows how buddha-bin-laden (courtesy Simran LOL) produced two adorable kids !! may be he has that as his recessive gene Tongue

as for daadi D'oh...she is incorrigible !! chapar chapar chapar chapar Wacko

overall, nice episode....i am liking TN....a very strict character and has immense personality...a very much needed episode for the progression of the story !! i like like !!Thumbs Up

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natz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 3:31pm | IP Logged
wah re...aaj everyone's in full form!! Big smile

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natz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
P.S. whoever's writing the dialogues is doing a GREAT job!! The Urdu used is brilliant; nothing OTT, no shairi {contrary to the general perception, people don't use it in their day to day lingo when speaking Urdu} the idioms are used only when required...hats off!! Really, superb!! Clap

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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
Nice Idea guys!!

but I loved TN n Abeer scene today!!
was so so realistic and what a way to handle an errant child!! He deserved it for his drunk act and the way he opened his mouth in front of his dad!! The way TN handled him was owrth watching and the actor is superb!!

This show which I started watching for Gk has turned to be an interesting one....the whole cast is excellent!! n Dadi is par excellence....her bitter words bother u as well!!

As for her having no right to speak between parents n child I disagree. She gives him her love so has a right to give him a piece of his mind too.

GK as the kid getting blasted was a treat to watch...I cud hardly stop my laughter at his expressions. He was so so believable!! always mom gets blamed for everything which goes wrong with kids....n Dadi....uff.....well all in all a fun watch!!

I will give 7/10

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natz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 3:54pm | IP Logged
Excellent take Kat!! I hope the next encounter with Leher is not an apology; she's just started to give in against Abeer's 'sachai'…aplogise karke satyanash hojaye ga!! Embarrassed Wink waise, he can't fall in love abhi…paise bhi nahi hai…is it TN's way of making BB Mathur pay for the wall? Wink LOL Leher can pay for coffee etc., (if and) when she goes out with Abeer LOL LOL tips to patawofy Kharak Singh are brill!! But I'll refrain from recommending number 7 Embarrassed

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