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10/3 - Sid-Riddz: Mujhe ladki se milwaaoge na?

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 10:21am | IP Logged

Sid is still coming to grips with the situation of having his mother in front of him who has perhaps only seen Ekta Kapoor serials all her life and is a rather irritating woman who happened to give births to adorable kids like Siddhanth and Suvarna by sheer stroke of luck or else her husband's genes.

Riddhima looks at Auntyji with the most lamb like expression , anticipating that Sid will introduce her to her mom-in-law any given moment now  but Sid punches her in the gut - She is my friend's wife and she will live with me in this house for sometime. And as Sid's and Sue's distracting affection towards their nautanki-ki-dukaan mother , Riddhima can see no more , she can hear no more.... her eyes filled with tears do not leave Sid's face ...."my friend's wife" ....the slap that Sid has delivered on her heart does not leave her and she goes away leaving Sid to bask in his mom's affection. Riddhima - her expressions frozen and tears brimming in her eyes sees Sid and Sue warm up to their Mom and a small smile creeps over her face .... maybe it was a fleeting thought of comfort seeing him happy and sweet again, minus the bitterness that he harbours....

Later, as Sue removes Riddhima's things from Sid's room , Sid shows up - the sugary sweetness that he displayed in front of his super cuckoo Mom gone and a very grim expression on his face. Sue questions him immediately - What is wrong with you, superboy? Why did you lie to Mom? Riddhima is your wife. Sid just holds up his hand and says - Don't ask me any questions. I know what I am doing . .... and as if actually knowing where he is heading, he tells her he knows exactly where he is heading....Sue doesn't ask anymore questions hearing that tone from Sid......

Kekta Mom appears again and since she has been paid by the CVs only to abuse Riddhhima , that is what she does. KM's opinion of Riddhima as a married woman living in another man's house irks Sid and he gets irritated and angry as well but he keeps  quiet . He is paving way for something because he has something stuck in his head  - and we soon know what.

Sue brings Riddhima to the terrace where Sid is having a tense thoughtful walk. A million questions on Riddhima's face and visible hurt written all over her face comes and stands in front of him. Sid tells Sue to leave - he needs to speak to Riddhima alone. Sue goes out and we have a hurt Riddhima standing face-to-face with her determined husband Sid. The first thing that shoots off Riddhima's ready-to-cry face is - Why did you lie to your Mom, Siddhanth? There is so much of sting in her question that it takes Sid fleetingly by surprise....

Why should it matter to her? Why at all? She doesn't love me and this marriage is going to end sooner or later. Isn't that what we have decided once her Dad is fine?

Sid goes on a defensive and tells Riddhima that what were you expecting me to tell Mom? That you love someone else and not me? That this marriage has no future? That we will be going to speak to your Dad regarding ending this marriage once his health is better? How am i ever going to explain this crumbling marriage to my Mom and introduce her to a daughter-in-law who will no longer be my wife in sometime?

Riddhima feels punched again and lashes back at Sid raising her voice - Is that so? Then, why even wait for this one month? Let's go and tell your Mom and my Dad everything rightaway?

Sid argues back - Riddhima , it is just a facade - we have to put it up. And you have to just pretend , like we have been doing all this time.... save my Mom from unnecessary heartbreak over a marriage that is not there and save your Dad as well...

We are going to part ways , Riddhima....then, why invite unnecessary angst for anyone?

Riddhima just stands there - STUNG , STUNG , STUNG. He is letting me go.... he is not telling anything to his Mom because he thinks am going to leave him! He has no faith in me and this marriage because he believes that I will never love him? That he will never matter to me?

And as a stung and crumbling Riddhima hears Sid weave another lie to his Mom in a pseudo-comic manner that how Riddhima is not the kind of a woman that Sid would be with.... she goes away lest her tears and her stung heart fail her and Sid sees how badly he has ripped open her heart.....

The ending was poignant as Sid - devoid of any dreams , any emotion , any hope nods to his cuckoo Mom that he will go and see the girl that she has selected for him. Riddhima doesn't want me anyway and this marriage is breathing it's last.... the shocked tears that sting Riddhima's eyes , the falling of the flower pot in that stunned moment.... Riddhima listening to her Kekta mom-in-law's grand wedding plans ... and those tears refuse to leave Riddhima's eyes ..... and she doesn't know why.....

Siddhanth rejected Riddhima and the strange pain doesn't leave her heart. Why it is there , she doesn't know. Sid is closing the doors on Riddhima and she doesn't want them to close.....

The precap is heartbreaking. A pensive unsettled Sid tells Riddhima that he is going to see a girl ... the girl that his Mom has selected - he did something on his own will and belief and it supposedly did not work out - it is better to give his life in his Mom's hands , wherever it goes now , he will go with the flow and wave Riddhima a goodbye with a heavy heart.... he has decided that him and Riddhima are not meant to be.....and he thinks he is ready for it...

And as Sid takes a bow from Riddhima's life , she calls out to him through tearful eyes, tears that Sid cannot see and your heart comes to your mouth as she asks him with a shaky voice - Sid, agar tumhe ladki pasand aayegi... to tum mujhe usse milwaaoge na?

And those words from Riddhima stop Sid in his tracks and a strange angst rises in his eyes.....and looking beyond Sid who has stopped his heart from beating anymore , your feelings go to Riddhima who is seeing Sid exit with tearful eyes and a troubled heart - she wants to stop him but she doesn't know it yet.

SAD. As somebody had rightfully said, it has to be something drastic that will rip either Sid open or Riddhima open so that one of them can plunge into the other like a boomerang and never let go. The time is now if it has to happen....

Life is strange. When Sid wanted to take all the steps towards Riddhima into the future , she told him there was no time . And now, when Riddhima wants to walk into the future with Sid, he has told her there is no heart. Yesterday , she broke his heart and today , he broke her heart. They keep exchanging shoes ... don't they?

Sid is not a coward and he is not cuckoo. He knows that Riddhima is suffocating in this marriage and she will never love him and that is why he is opening all the doors that read EXIT from his life. Had Riddhima been the wife that he had pictured, KM would have been chasing her son and daughter-in-law around tables for having the guts to get married without her permission. But for Sid, Riddhima is a distant dream and he refuses to be vulnerable. He has given up on everything , including life and that shows in the way he wears the garb of a cow and see the girl his mother has selected.

Riddhima is not a cuckoo either. She feels for Sid and was beaten wounded by Sid today on an emotional level - it hurt her when he said she is not his wife , it stung her when Sid refused to believe in her commitment to their marriage , it wounded her when Sid told his mother that Riddhima is not the kind of woman he would marry and it killed her when the topic of Sid's marriage came up. Sid is letting go but Riddhima wants to cling on.....

Speak up, now, Riddhima. If you tell him once what he is to you , all the ice walls will melt and he will not let you go. But then.... do you feel enough?

Riddhima has sent Sid in the stone tower that he has shut himself in and it's only Riddhima who can bring him out to see the sunshine. The key to the doors that Sid has closed lie with Riddhima.....

Love and luck always,Hug

God bless everyone.

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Nymeria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Poco! Your words have rendered me speechless as always!

I have nothing to say....you've made me devoid of all words! lol

what have you done to me Poco?!ConfusedLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

now I'm off to watching the episode on YT!

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Miss.Netherland IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Extra ordinary
Just one tiny lil favour if you can

When Rid faces Armaan could you say some few words?

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heerhoney IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 10:48am | IP Logged
hi nitz first and foremost i would like to give u a warm hugHug i was so confused abt sids behaviour after seeing todays episode it was so illogical but i think ur wonderful awesome analysis has made everything crystal clear

truly sid at the moment has shut all doors and is not allowing any sunshine to enter his life quite an irony as once upon a time he was our MR SUNSHINE the fault as we know is not his and may i go to the extent of saying its not ridzis fault also its the situations that have created a web in which these two once upon a time adorable sweet cute full of life individuals have been caught  now coming to sid he is now behaving contradictory to his nature he has built a castle around him and all his emotions have been engulfed deep inside his heart  he needs a catalyst to bring them forth and its only riddhima who can act as the catalyst

but here lies the million dollar question will ridzi express her feelings for sid do they really exist in the first place ( i guess so what with the way she felt for sid today abeit unknowingly ) with armaan coming back to the picture which will prove to be more stonger first love , the first flush of beautiful romantic feelings and memories or the unconditional care and concern that two people feel for each other,when one hurts the other that person too feels the pain ,an unknown bond is there but the connection of hearts is yet to take place

so  lets se as the story unfolds who will ridzi choose the guy who was her life and soul or the guy who was there with her when she needed  someone to stand by her side and walk with her only time will tell

ps the precap just took the cake today jw and kw were fab to say the least what expressions  their eyes spoke volumes me being partial towards kw would like like to add before closing karan i am deeply and madly in love with u  u are too too adorable

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mysterieux IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 10:50am | IP Logged

beautifully written pocu......after having read your post I am now looking at the episode from a difffernt angle......

I always understood that Sid was a boy-man....a boy with all the mastifor life and a man when it comes to shouldering responsibility.....and I was a tweeny bit dissapointed when he refused to accept her in front of his mom....but like you said
Riddhima has sent Sid in the stone tower that he has shut himself in and it's only Riddhima who can bring him out to see the sunshine. The key to the doors that Sid has closed lie with Riddhima.....
the last line was so poignant..."agar ladki pasand aa gayi to muhe milaoge na..."

the pain she feels at being rejected ...the need to know where  she did not measure up to being the woman...that a wonderful person like sid could like.....she has failed once due to a cruel twist of fate .....

Sid is so lost too...not wanting to go...but having to go...he knows he does not want to get married ..but like you said he has left it alll to fate.....
For Sid-Ridz: agar yeh dono ek doosre ke ladna band kardenge....tho kaise chalega...guys get up and fight for one another......you dont know how deep this is .....you fight against it will only bring you more pain...come on you guys!!!!

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Lennie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Wow Pocu
Such angst going on here
Both dont want to let go, yet have to do so Broken Heart
Sid keeps pushing onto the fact that Ridz loves Armaan, and wil do so, but when will someone question Sid, does he love Ridz, does he love his wife
I know these days he keeps saying Ridz loves Armaan and he says it purposly in such a way that it kinda makes him feeling jealous
Sid is a complex guy in terms of he has a big heart - that his filled with alot of pain and love, and that shows in how much he loves his mum and sister Embarrassed
With Ridz he's closed off but thats understandable - he sees no future at all, coz he knows in her body and soul Armaan is still there and will be, any man would think that at this point and they also made the decison of ending this marriage
All i know is Sid playing at something, something that he thinks might one day just make eveything better or well again and RIdz will be gone and he can get on with his life and she with hers - but it aint that easy is itOuch
I can see why Sid is doing this (wrote this in the SR thread), in Sid's mind he is thinking, him and Ridz dont have any future and one day soon will be separated - so what is the point of telling his mum he is married, it will only make it harder for them to seperate in the future
Looking at other girls is one way of keeping his mum happy, and maybe also letting RIdz know that he will be moving on ConfusedOuch  - but can he really let himself go and see any other girl then Ridz
Whats more he will think maybe finding another girl will be better, no hassle and no situation like his and Ridz relation and no more hurt Unhappy
Maybe this whole thing is going to make SR feel even deeper, like you say it stungs both of them and it rips through their heart, heart is such a powerful thing here, and its ripping - if both can touch eahc other hearts now and have taken over each other's heart then isnt SR each other's hearts now - esp seeing as it hurts so much - Stungs them so much
Alot of Kyun's in their relation they need answers for and i hope one day they will realize what it is that binds them, not just a marriage bond but something deeperEmbarrassed
Can Sid really move on and can he really forget Ridz, they work in the same hospital, he connects with her in such a deep level, can he really step away from her, look away from her - not catch her when she falls, not be hurt when she is hurting,  not ache for, not hurt for her, not hurt with her - will he be able to do those things when he is away from her or looking at her from afarBroken Heart
This love is so deep (it is isnt it, it has to be what else can i and we describe it to be????) that its so hard for one to understand and feel and somehow we see this guys, and its so beautifully sad Broken Heart

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Arushi. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 10:53am | IP Logged

Poca Hug

Long time, I know I havent been coming on the forum. Even though today we support something entirely different, I had to, just had to come and see this post, only to see how beautifully an episode can be captured in words. Nicely written. Lets hope for the best :)
Love you loads,
arushi :)

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nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Flawless! Love it love it love it!
Have yet to watch the episode, the question is-do I really need to do after reading this post?! :)
Keep writing
good luck, god bless  x

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