my 2nd Fan Fiction---junoon(updated ch 28)

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heres my second fan fic, i hpe u all like it as u did for my frst one......i know am nt that gud in writing u know....just tried to do a better one this time.....


Krishna thakur-------

a frustrated man, worked for an underworld don, mathur bhai. the whole Mumbai city trembled by his name and Krishna happened to be the right hand man of the renowned smuggler. he had no concerns for others feelings or lives,he did nt bash his eyelid before killing anyone if ordered by mathur bhai... the don was extreamely proud of him and used his loyalty for his own advantage... evn the police were afraid of Krishna and did nt ponder in his matters. he was nt afraid of death....and neither of torture. he spoke less,he concentrated more and he evn thought less..... his mind had been blocked since his childhood,wen he had seen his parents die before his eyes and his sister burned alive..... frm then on he had transformed himself into a lethal automaton,a machine whu only knew to kill,to destroy......


pratigya saxena------

simple,beautiful,introvert,shy girl of 20 in her early college years... her father was a C.I.D. inspector.. whu was known for his good will and his honesty.. inspector ranjit saxena.... she was the only darling child of her parents and had been brot up with extreame care and love. nvr had she seen the worse parts of life as her parents had always shielded her frm it with their love and she was as innocent as a simple flower.... her mother was a housewife,whu had been looking after the small family since 25 years and they were really a happy family..always together,sharing evry single joy and sorrow with each other....

bt.............. pratigya and her mother were nt aware of one thng,one secret of inspector ranjit saxena...the secret wich would destroy their lives, and wud shook the very existence of their world.....



pratigya saxena-----pooja gor

Krishna thakur------arhaan behl

mathur bhai----------ram kapoor

inspector ranjit saxena-------aman verma

naina saxena-----monica singh

angad-----kunal karan kapoor

ravi-----faisal raza khan




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chapter 1

the man yelled in pain as the bullet went ryt through his chest. he did nt breathe anymore. his lifeless body lay in the dark room with its entrance blocked by the shadow of his murderer. the man stood there for sometime as if to make sure that his victim was dead. then he moved away. he seemed to pay no attention to the piercing sound of alarm wich struck the building... he walked towards a car which was waiting for him.. as soon as he went inside,it speeded away. by then lots of people had gathered out in the corridors and in the lawn of the hotel....
the police arrived after few minutes including the C.I.D. special squad as it was the murder of nt any ordinary man bt a renowned political leader.. his murder needed to be investigated precisely as it was a matter of the state's honour...
inspector ranjit saxena stepped out of his car. he was a serious looking man,with thick eyebrows and sharp eyes. he had a terrible observing power and was depended on by the whole police force because of his shrill sense of intelligence...
he examined the dead body carefully and made the frst comment----the murderer is left handed and with a weak thumb....probably....
evryone was totally taken aback at his observation. he got up and said----sare news channels ko agva kar do,ye is mahine ka dusra hain......lagta hain aur bhi baki logo ka ek hit list to hoga hi.....aur body ko post mortem ke liye bhej do....
the force obeyed him. he got back to his car and said to his driver----ghar chalo....
pratigya jumped up frm her bed wen she heard the doorbell rang.. she ran to open door shouting on her way to her mother---mummy lagta hain papa aa gaye hain..aap abhi unhe kuch mat batana,hamari kasam hain aapko..
her mother was busy in the kitchen bt she managed to give her a reply----thk hain beta..
she opened the door and gave a warm welcome to her father with a wide smile--hi papa!! he smiled back at her---hello beta,to aaj itni jaldi ghar aa gayi ho? aaj kahin ghumne nhi gayi apne dosto ke saath?
pratigya did nt reply,instead she took his briefcase--chaliye papa aap hath muh dho lijiye...mummy aapka khana garam karke lati hi hogi..
ranjit saxena dropped himself on the sofa and rested his head..he was terribly weary and tired. pratigya came back with a glass of water. she offered it to her father and asked--- kya baat hain papa? aaj aap kuch zyaada hi pareshan lag rahe ho?
her father smiled at her---nhi beta aisi koi baat nhi hain....aab kya batau tumhe..aaj raghuveer dariya ka bhi kisine khun kar diya...
naina ji approached him with a plate in her hands----kya? firse? kaun kar raha hain ye sab?
ranjit saxena replied----agr hume ek bar pata chal jaye na ki kaun kar raha hain ye sab,fir hum bhi usko maut ki ghat par utar denge... aab kya bataye aapo naina ji..... mujhe lagta hain in logo ki ek hit list hain..sirf kuch kuch political netao ko mar raha hain jinhone mathur bhai ka virodh kiya tha... mujhe to lagta hain  in sab mein uska haath to kahin na kahin hain...
naina ji trembled at the name,evn pratigya's face went pale. thw whole city was well aware of the name "mathur bhai",the renowned don...whu was known for his cruelty and his passion in killing people... some also believes that he was involved in terrorist activities...
naina ji said to her husband----aap bina kisi sabudh ke aisa mat boliye...pata nhi agar kisiko bhanak bhi pad gayi is baat kya ho jayega...
ranjit ji said to her in a reassuring tone---aap kyu chinta kar rahi ho? kuch nhi hoga,aap befikar rahiye.... he smiled at his family warmly.
ranjit saxena was a totally different person wen at home. he was reading a magazine in the drawing room wen pratigya entered. she had a document in her hand. she looked back to take a glance at her mother,whu smiled at her and signalled her to go ahead.
pratigya went and sat beside her father. he put down the magazine immediately and said---kay hua pratigya beta? kuch kehna tha?
pratigya slowly held out the document and made a pleading expression. 
ranjit ji----kya hain ye?
he read it,with his expression changing slowly. it became serious and pratigya took this chnace. she started coaxing him---papa sirf 2 hafte ki hi to baat hain aur ye tour hamare project ke liye bht necessary koi aisa waisa tour nhi hain, ek educational tour hain aur aap to jante ho na...geography padne ke liye ye sab karna bht zaroori hota hain papa plz mana mat karna......plz papa.......hamare sare dost ja rahe hain is tour par aur agar aap hume jaane na do to hamara result bhi kharab ho sakta hain.....
ranjit ji tried to protest----par shimla? itni dur? tumhe akele kaise jane du beta?
pratigya cut him in between----hum akele thodi na honge..hamare college ke sare teachers honge aur frnds bhi honge...plz papa plz papa.........
naina ji came up to them,wiping her hands----jane dijiye na...aab bacchi kaha rahi ye....badi ho gayi hain...jane dijiye ise....aur exms ke liye ye zaaroori bhi to hain na?
ranjit ji looked at his daughter,she was dying out of excitement. he did nt wish to hurt her. he smiled----thk hain jao......
pratigya was overjoyed. at frst she hugged him tightly and then she turned to her mother to hug her.. after she had shared her joy with her parents she ran into her room to share her joy with her frnds....on the mobile....

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omg i felt lyk i was watching it instead of reading..gr8 job
and wow....u included raam kapoor and aman
perfect match for ur charcters but whos faisal raza khan?

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Originally posted by Aabrayy

omg i felt lyk i was watching it instead of reading..gr8 job
and wow....u included raam kapoor and aman
perfect match for ur charcters but whos faisal raza khan?

 u will get him in the celebrity index......Smile okay? and thnks a lot......for ur coment..i will try to get upto u people's expectations....

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chapter 2

ranjit saxena was having a meeting with his senior officers. this second murder had proved to be a positive point as they had come abt few clues which were vry important and were pointing towards one and only mathur bhai. both raghuveer dariya and arjun srivastava had protested against him in the public and had dared to raise the crowd against him,and his suspicious activities therefore they had been silenced. bt neither ranjit saxena nor the other officers cud do anythng against them as they did nt have any solid proof bt they knew if another murder took place they cud hve that proof. as they cudnt risk anybody's life,that thng was out of question. the probable people whus lives were also in danger were srivkumar pandey and shankar srivastava(arjun srivastava's brother).  they had been given more police protection by the central force and ranjit saxena was a bit relieved. he knew previously that these people might have a hitlist therefore he had requested his higher officials to give these two persons extra police protection.
it was almost noon wen the meeting ended and ranjit saxena came out of his office,wen suddenly his mobile phone rang. he took the call----hello???
the voice was husky and a seemed extreamely mechanical----to tum hamare plan ko palatna chahte ho? itni himmat? dekhte hain,kaun jit ta hain,tum ya main...
ranjit saxena cried out---kaun hain? kaun bol raha hain?
the man on the other side hung up.
he quickly got inside his car and told the driver----arjun srivastava ke ghar chalo..
the driver nodded and started the car. he reached there in fifteen minutes to find a huge gathering in the frnt lawn. he pushed through the crowd to see the police had already arrived. his eyes fixed on the body lying on the ground,bathed in blood,it was of shankar srivastava. the way he lay there,lifeless,it seemed that he had fallen off the terrace bt ranjit saxena knew,deep down in his heart that the story was somethng else.
the police force and the C.I.D. were extreamely worried. they didnt know wat to do.. this was a clear disgrace to their intelligence. they wanted to rectify their mistakes. ranjit saxena had already reported his officials that most probably mathur bhai hd called him up before the murder bt as their sources say,mathur bhai was most probably in china. he was nt in india..then  whu cud hve called him? the last suspected victim was shivkumar pandey. terror -striken as he was,he decided to leave india at once. the C.I.D. officials as well as other ministers told him nt to do so. the CBI assured him that he was safer in india than in any other country. as he was nt feeling rather convinced,the CBI officials hit upon a plan. they sent him to Bangladesh,with proper protection,as mathur bhai did nt have quite in influence in that country. the CBI as well as the C.I.D. officials were overjoyed at their plan and decided to keep it a top secret to themselves abt the whereabts of shivkumar pandey.
ranjit saxena returned home quite late,tired bt happy as they had been able to fool mathur bhai and save shivkumar pandey. he found his daughter packing her thngs for her educational tour of 15 days in shimla. she was to leave the next day and ranjit felt a little sad. his project was over now and he wanted to spend some quality time with his family. he knew that he wud miss his daughter a lot....
he said to her---pratigya beta,kya hum tumhe kal chodne ke liye station aye?
pratigya's face became red and she protested at once---nhi papa agar aap hume chodne ke liye aa gaye to sabko pata chal jayega ki aap hume lekar kitni protective ho aur mere sare saheliya meri mazaq udayenge...papa plz....
ranjit ji smiled---okay okay baba main nhi aunga aab khus?
she came running to her father and hugged him tightly. although she had grown quite old bt her childish innocence still remained in her attitude. she whispered----main aapko bht miss karungi papa.....
ranjit ji tried to wash away the feeling of sadness he felt----aur main bhi meri pyaari si pratigya ko bht zyaada miss karungi.....
the father and daughter had nt noticed that naina ji had crept up behind them. they were startled by her voice---accha,bap beti ke pyaar mein mujhko bhul gaye na?
ranjit ji replied in a teasing tone---are aapko bhala koi bhul sakta hain kya? naina ji---chodiye...sara pyaar to beti ke upar hi barsa rahe hain aap... pratigya laughed out loudly...she loved her family and she was going to miss them a lot.....

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pratigya hurried inside the compartment evn before her frnds and took the window seat.. she was crazy for window seats. they were to go to kalka frst then change their train and then go to shimla becoz there wasnt any direct train to shimla.  her frnds came inside after few minutes,after suffering much troubles. they were 25 grls and 4 teachers, among them pratigya was only concerned abt her bst frnds, mouni(mouni roy), riddhima(jennifer winget), pari(rashmi desai) and aarushi(avantika hundal). mouni struggled to get a seat beside her. pratigya had already taken out a packet of chips frm her bag and had started munching. she smiled at mouni---karlo karlo jitni chahe koshish bag tum khud nhi utha paogi....kab se bol rahi hu tumhe,zara sa weight put on karo,par tum ho ki sunti hi nhi....
mouni threw an angry look at her. she giiggled. riddhima helped her to get her bag on the berth. she said to pratigya---pratigya zyaada speech mat do...khud to din pe din itni moti ho rahi aab koi ladka tumhe pasand nhi karega..
pari and aarushi came to take their seats too, giggling together.
riddhima---tum dono itni der kya kar rahi thi?
pari--hum reservations check kar rahe the....aur ye lene gaye the. she showed them the 4 bottles of mineral water..
aarushi---gfhar se jo pani laye the hum wo to station par hi khatam ho gayi hain....isiliye....
pratigya snatched away one of the bottles and started drinking. pari---are..pura mat khatam karo...agla station aane se pehle kuch nhi milega..
pratigya twisted her face in a mocking smile. as she was the darling of her parents she couldnt help herself frm behaving in the same manner outside and many people,especially grls,disliked her for this high-handedness.
the train started to move...
it had been few hrs since pratigya was asleep. she was cmpleting her previous night's sleep as she had been packing for the whole nyt and also gossiping with her parents. once the train had started to move,her frnds stareted chatting with each other, eating potato chips and complaining abt each other's boyfrnds or crying over brek-ups. pratigya felt bored as those seemed to be alien-talk to her. therefore she had fallen asleep.
her sleep was disturbed by pari. she opened her eyes to find the train had arrived in a station. pari said to her---tum yehi rahogi kya? hum kuch khane ke liye la rahe hain...tum chalogi?
pratigya felt too tired. she nodded her head. pari smiled---thk hain tum yehi rehna huh? hum abhi aa rahe hain. they left.
pratigya winked,she felt like washing her face and hands a bit. she waled towards the basin beside the toilet.she splashed some water on her face and neck and her tiredness was washed away with it. she was drying her neck and face wen the train started to move. she lost her balance and supported herself by holding onto the door. suddenly someone pushed her really hard frm the back and she fell. bt to her surprise she did nt fall on the ground. instead she felt a hand tightly gripping at her waist. then she heard a voice,sharp,husky and almost mechanical---ka karte ho? ladki ko dhakka kyu mara? ye agr platform par gir jati to?
then she heard another voice behind her,probably of the person whu had pushed her---sry bhaiya..ka hain ki humko bhi kisine dhakka mara tha isiliye.....
pratigya got up slowly and her eyes fell on the man standing in frnt of her. he had still nt noticed her properly and cntinued scolding the other man---dhakka mara tha? jhut bolne ke liye aur koi nhi mila ka? sab samjhte hain hum....ladki dekhi to bas chedna shuru...hain na?
pratigya thot that she shud at least thank this man. she lowered her eyes and managed to say---thank you!!!
for the frst time the man laid his eyes on her and she also took a gud look at him. he was lean,tall and had sharp,handsome features. his perfectly bushy eyebrows gave his eyes a more manly appeal. his eyes were big and beautiful,somewhat dreamy..e had perfectly curved lips. pratigya gazed at him,appreciating his perfect angular face..
his eyes were fixed on her too as if she did nt allow them to flicker.. the man became conscious of the fact that the girl standing before him was extreamely beautiful and he cud nt take way his eyes frm her.
pratigya slowly started to feel embarrased as the man cntinued to gaze at her. she said to him,almost in a whisper---hume jana hain...plz hamara raasta chodiye. he cudnt hear her properly. she repeated agen,this time louder---hume jane dijiye plz...
krishna woke up frm the trance pratigya's beautiful eyes had created. he moved away without a wrd and let her go. pratigya glanced at him for the last time and then slowly started to move away towards her berth....
after she had gone out of his sight,the other guy came up to him and said--ka hua krishna bhaiya? humko tyo bht jhar rahe the...aab ka hua? kho gaye na us ladki ki nasheeli aankhon mein?
krishna beat him hard on his shoulders and looked to the direction where pratigya had gone----pata nhi yaar......aisa laga ki uski aankhon mein jaadu hain........mar gayi humko..........

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pratigya reached her seat,and found her frnds babbling away as usual. seeing her pari called out---hey pratigya kahan thi tum?
pratigya---hum hath muh dhone gaye the.
shje thot of that man whu saved her,she didnt evn know his name,he was quite attractive. she smiled to herself
mouni---pratigya? itna blush kyu kar rahi ho tum? aur apne aap se kya batein kar rahi ho jo man hi man muskura rahi ho?
pratigya smiled more widely---kuch nhi yar.....
she looked out of the window...suddenly she felt that it wud be more enjoying if she stood by the door and watched the landscapes...
she ran to the door and holding on to the door handles,she peeped out. she enjoyed the beautiful breeze and was loving it wen suddenly she heard frm behind----yahan aise khade mat hoiye...
she looked back. it was the same guy and he stood uncomfortably close to her,so much so that she cud smell his breath mixed with the taste of cigarette.
she leaned back to get a little away frm him. he saw her slight movement and leaned closer to her. now,she was a bit afraid..
krishna---kyu? darwaze se jhakte hue dar nhi lagta?par nazdiki se dar lagta hain?
pratigya closed her eyes,he was too close....she felt her heart beating remarkably fast... this was a new feeling...she started breathing heavily,perhaps she expected he let go of her. he moved away. he said----apne seat par jaiye aur chup chap baith jaiye...yahan aise khada hone thk nhi hain..
pratigya felt sweat on her forehead... wat was he going to do?---she thot.
she was abt to go towards her seat wen krishna called her frm behind----naam kya hain apka. she looked back,confused abt telling him or nt.....then she thot----naam mein kya rakha hain?
she smiled a heart stealing smile and uttered her name softly----pratigya... then she left...
krishna rested his head on the door and closed his eyes----pratigya....he uttered her name with a strange passion.....-----kitni sundar naam hain....
it was a small station where the train stopped after few more hours. it had been almost evening by then. aarushi suddenly discovered that all the water they had bought had finished. she exclaimed---god!!!saare pani khatam ho gaye hain...aab kya karenge puri journey?
pari---aur kya,saara mam ke paas pani hain kya puch na koi...
mouni---kisise puchne se to accha hain hum aur pani kharid le...waise mam ne kaha tha ki journey ka pani apne apne ghar se le aana....
pratigya was drooling away wen pari shook her hard.
pratigya---kya hua? thoda rest karne do na?
pari--ye madam rest karengi aur hum inke liye khana pani le ayenge...oye pratigya uth jaldi...pani khatm ho gayi hain....station par jake pani kharid ke le aa.....
pratigya---tumlog kyu nhi jate?
mouni---kyu? harbar hum hi kyu jaye? ye madam yaha baithke soegi aur hum iske liye duadte rahenge...thk hain...hum jate hain lekin hum jo pani layenge wo tumhe nhi milega...bolo manzoor hain?
pratigya got up---okay okay baba chalti hu....
she rubbed her eyes and took out her purse frm her bag. then she got down and walked towards the statioon's corner where all shops are situated. to her dismay she found the snacks shop closed. she looked here and there,there wasnt anbymore snacks shop to be seen. she thot--agar main khali hath wapas chali gayi to wo log mujhe kaccha chaba jayenge...
she looked around her and noticed a hand pump a few distance away. she had brot a single empty bottle with her and thot---agar main isme pani bharke le jau,to at least kuch to kam hoga!!!
she started to walk towards the hand pump wen suddenly she heard the shrill whistle of the train. she looked back,horrified to see that the train had started to move. it took her some seconds to realise wat was actually happening. then she ran,shouting---ee ruko................plz ruk jao......RUK JAOOOO!!!!!!!!
the train gained more speed. pratigya ran faster,her heart beating so fast that she cud almost hear it..... she started to cry----mouni,pari..............plz.................roko train ko.......................
they didnt hear her......she satrted to lose her speed...
suddenly she tripped over her dupatta and fell down on the platform,hitting her nose badly. blood started to smear out of her little nose and it mixed with her tears.... the train left without her. she stared at it, until it disappeared out of her sight.....
pratigya did nt get up before few minutes..she was still in a state of shock. she wiped the blood and tears off her face and looked around her. that station was the lonliest station she had evr seen in her life. not a single person was there inspite of the fact that it was only 6.30. she knew that she had to calm down and think some way out,somethng to get out of this trouble. she had evn left her mobile phone with her luggage. wat she had was just a purse and an empty bottle. she evn did nt know the name of the station.. she looked at the board. it said KAMALPUR. pratigya had nvr heard the name. a stange fear engrossed her totally as she felt that she was the only person in the station. as soon as she realised it,she ran towards the waiting room. she stood in frnt of it for some seconds,wondering whether to enter or nt. then she slowly pushed the door...a nasty smell made her almost vomit. the room had been closed for so long.....and of course noone was there. pratigya felt as if she had reached outside this world,she had reached some haunted place otherwise hw was it possible that there was nt a single person in the station and if it was such a lonely and unused place then why did the train stop here? she wondered...perhaps it was waiting for the ryt signal..and foolish she thot that this was an important station. she entered the room,as because she knew that she wud be safely hidden inside till the morning. once the sun rises she wud leave this station and ask help frm anybody. afterall she had money....
the smell was intolerable and she felt that she wud lose her senses. it was dark and she hit a table sort of thng,her feet ached.. she groaned in pain.... PAPA!!!---she cried----kahan ho aap.....
pratigya sat down in the corner of the room,hiding herself well..she felt tired bt was too frightened to go to sleep....
she didnt know how long she had been waiting there wen she heard some noise outside....some voices of men. terror shook her interiors as she realised that the men were drunk... she almost stopped breathng and wondered if she cud stop her heartbeat for few seconds.... the voices came nearer....and nearer.... and stopped outside her room. she put her hand across her mouth to stop herself frm gasping..
a man kicked the door open and cried out---woohoo!!! are yar dekho...hamare liye ek pura room khali hain chalo aajao andar.... raat ko sone ka jagah to mil gaya....
two more men stranded behind him. pratigya wud hve been as quite as dead bt her fear gave her out. she gasped out a loud breath wen one man approached the corner where she was and stood up. the drunkard was at frst surprised and tried to make out whether he was imagining thngs or not. then he laughed out loudly. the other two turned at him. he said----eee dekho,aab isiki kami thi...boss kya solid cheez hain yar....lagta hain aaj raat ko maza aa jayega...
pratigya cried out in pain as he grabbed her hand and her glass bangles broke into pieces, she bit his hand immidiately...
AAHHHH----he cried out in pain and let her go. she ran out of the room as fast as she cud. the men followed her----jane mat dena usko...pakdo use..sasuri ladki....
pratigya cntinued to ran for her life. she searched for a single hiding place bt found almost nothing until her eyes fell on a small closed shop wich had a little space to hide behind. she entered that space and sat quietly. the men were surprised to see her disappear suddenly. one cried out---kaha gayi...yehi kahin hongi,dhundo use,hath se jana nhi chahiye...
she closed her eyes in relief as they moved away frm her hiding place. she gave out her breath at last....
just a few minutes......pratigya jumped up in horror as someone touched her shoulder. she shouted out immediately,without looking back----jane do mujhe...plz jane do......
PRATIGYA????--the voice was husky and mechanical,with least emotion in it... she turned and saw the familiar handsome eyes,looking down at her.... she couldnt cntrol herself anymore.. she threw her arms around krishna and hugged him so tightly that he cud scarcely breathe.. after all she went through,she had nvr expected him to be there....she didnt know why her heart jumped with joy at seeing him....she didnt know why she felt that she cud forget evrythng in his warm embrace.. she did nt want to let go and clinged onto her last shelter... tears flooded her cheeks and lips and krishna's neck and she kept on sobbing. krishna caressed her in his arms and tried to console her. he whispered softly---pratigya chup ho jao......kuch nhi hoga......hum hain na..........
EE yahan hain,aur hum ise kahan kahan dhund rahe hain--- pratigya became stiff and cold in his arms as krishna looked back. the men had returned. the one whom pratigya had bitten was surprised to see the new face----abe!! ee hero kaun hain be?
krishna got upand said---ee tera baap hain be...
he looked back at pratigya whu was clutching at his shirt and hiding herself behind him. then he turned to the men agen---kyu pareshna kar raha hain ladki ko...dekhta nhi kitni darr gayi hain bechari???
the man---tu kaun hain ladki ka aashiq hain ka? khair jo bhi ho...humko to is ladki se matlab hain,uski aashiq se nhi....
krishna----krishna.....krishna thakur....naam hain hamara...
evn in the dim light of the station pratigya cud see the effect,his name had on their faces wich suddenly became pale....
krishna thakur---she whispered to herself..she knew she had heard it somewhere bt was too tired to remember where....
the men suddenly folded their hands and said--maaf kar do bhaiya..galati ho gayi humse....aap ladki ka kuch bhi karo hum chalte hain...
they turned back and at frst walked then suddenly gained speed and ran....

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krishna lead pratigya into the same waiting room and made her sit down on the bench. she clutched onto him still,nt letting him go.....krishna slowly loosened her grip on his shirt and got up to close the door. the room became dark once agen and pratigya gave out a cry of despair... she reached out and touched his hand...she didnt want to let him leave her alone in the dark. krishna lit his lighter and raised it to look at her face,her nose still had bloodstains on it and her eyes were so welled up that it became clear that she had been crying for really long... pratigya had her knees put up against her chest,embracing herself and krishna caught sight of the blood oozing out of her wrists.. the girl was shaking cntinuously before his eyes... he felt so helpless and angry at himself for nt being able to do somethng to wash away her fear and sorrow. he was nt used to this kind of a situation.... krishna thakur was known for his cruelty,his merciless killing of people, his cold blooded murders... he didnt know hw to console a person,hw to make a terrified girl feel comfortable and safe...  he sat quietly,watching her tremble....until it became intolerable for him...he pushed away her hands and pulled her small,trembling body towards himself and held her against his chest. she felt powerless to reject him and rested her head on his shoulders....
he didnt know how long he had been holding her like that was the only thng he cud do.... to make her feel safe,to wash away her fears.... he glanced at his was 11.30 at night.. pratigya slept peacefully in his arms.. he was afraid to move in case she woke up.. bt his legs were paining like hell.. for almost three hrs he had been sitting in the same position..
he moved slightly and carefully and slowly stretched his legs...pratigya didnt move,she was fast asleeep.. he craddled her in his arms and watched her sleeping face.
krishna had nvr felt so deeply attracted to anythng before....her closed eyes,the thin line of eyebrows,her little nose,the small,thin curve of her lips...all seemed to create some kind of magic on him... it wasnt that he had nvr seen a more beautiful grl before bt her face had somethng extraordinary in itself that he was amazed.....and uverwhelmed.... he touched her cheeks with his fingers... her skin was so soft,so malleable...
Pratigya----he whispered again,to himself....
he wud hve cntinued gazing at her the whole night,wen suddenly a shrill whistle of a night express tore the silence of the night and shattered it totally...
the rattling sound of the train woke pratigya up instantly.. krishna moved away immediately as she opened her eyes.. suddenly she became conscious of herself and his proximity and sat up,carefully pulling herself away frm hm....
then she looked out and said---ye kaunsa train hain...kya yahan par koi train rukta hi nhi?
krishna managed to reply after few seconds----nhi...aisi baat nhi hain,darasal hum bhi yahan par atak gaye hain...zyaada kuch nhi jante...waise.....  he stopped and looked at her----tum to train me thi na?to fir yahan kaise?
pratigya---hum pani lene ke liye bahar aye the aur train hume chodke chala gaya....
krishna felt like laughing at her innocent accent bt he cntrolled himself and said---hum to yahan apni marzi se utre hain...par aab tum kya karogi? tumhara saman bhi to train mein hi chut gaya hain....kahan ja rahi thi tum?
pratigya felt tears rolling down her cheeks agen. she whimpered---delhi....wahase shimla janewale the......aab hum kya karenge?
krishna---chinta mat karo.subah hone par station master aa jayenge...aur unse baat karke hum sab thk kar denge......

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