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Posted: 09 March 2010 at 5:18am | IP Logged
Just wanted to write in few views of mine about Harry&Ginny as a couple because I have seen many comments made against the pair.(No offense to them ofcourse..Just stating my views.Smile)

Ginny might be a girl who lived in her fantasies like some Knight in a shining armour would come and save her and then take her away..Every girl has her dreams and Ginny was just another girl..
So she had a crush on Harry always and when she first saw him,she was normal to him wishing him 'Good luck' and all because she didn't know it was Harry POTTER..So,I assume that her crush had got nothing to do with his 'Looks' but just his heroic activities.(I don't consider her Love towards Harry as 'Lust' because liking someone for their achievements is not a bad thing.It's much better than liking someone just for their looks.)
And then when she gets into school and after all that 'Tom Riddle' thing,she must have thought she would die but Harry comes and saves her and then her feelings might have turned into love..Someone,whom she has barely spoken to,puts his life in danger to save her so she must have felt the gratitude(Love)for him..

After that,Harry barely notices her because he has so many things on his head and her character becomes kind of negligible so we didn't get to see much of her so I don't think it would be right to say that she was all the time crushing Harry.(I mean we really don't know whether her world revolved only around him..So it's better to leave it at that!)

Then we come to OOTP where she helps Harry and Harry feels 'Happier' after he talks to her and later on in HBP,she makes him laugh and he finds himself very Happy in her company upto such an extent that when she leaves him to look for Dean(On the train),he feels annoyed.
(And one more thing I appreciate about Ginny is that,when Harry became single once again,she didn't take advantage of that status but stuck with Dean.)

Harry is someone who has never got the 'Laughter' in his life because of the death of his Parents and we know how much he hates Weepy girls,so Ginny is the perfect match for him because she is brave,not weepy and humorous.(All of us know what a disaster it was with Cho Chang.LOL)

Coming to the other girls with Harry:-

Hermione:-Well,I personally didn't want Harry to end up with Hermione because she was the 'Bossy' type..She always cared about rules and she didn't even bother about friendship when it came to rules.(Sometimes)..That somehow annoys me..
When Harry got hold of the Marauder's map..She asked him to give it off to McGonagall..Didn't she like Harry enjoying at Hogsmeade?
And coming to HBP..The book!
Agreed,a book with something written in it can cause lot of problems but she did see that the Book helped them a lot too..Harry got saved from the Cruciatus curse and Ron got saved from death but still she didn't approve of the book..Why?Just because it made Harry better than her in Potions or was it because 'The Prince' was better than her in Potions?LOL
That's being little selfish,IMO..And Harry sweeto even offered to share the book with her but she didn't want to and left him with that!
She did see that Draco got injured with the Sectumsempra curse but couldn't she see Harry getting saved from the Cruciatus curse?

Well,I love Hermione but few things annoy me..And later on she proves to be one of the bestest friends in DH and before to..But,I find it a little tough to overlook these things..None the less,she is a cutie pie but I like her better with Ron because he needs a neat and trim person in his life,LOL!LOL

Coming to Cho..Well,need I say anything?LOL

Maybe one of the reasons,I am not annoyed with Ginny is that her character was always under the wraps and when it came out of that,she was perfect that it was difficult to find a flaw in her..She and Harry just clicked..Harry wanted someone who made him laugh,happy..He might not have said it aloud but,the Cho times show us that it's just what he needed..Hermione wasn't that humorous but was the helpful and strict elder sister types to Harry and even Harry saw her as such..

So,I just feel that they are the perfect couple and they remind all of us of James-Lily..
What are your thoughts?

P.S:-Sorry for the long post!OuchLOL

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muffins2waffles IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
Hey :) I read your post sometime back just did not have time ro reply, sorry.
I am not a huge fan of the HG couple but that's just me and I can see what you are saying.
Thanks for sharing! :D

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MeeraXD Goldie

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U got a point there dear..

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u r right dear......agree wid u

luv HG

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Ahh..... finally someone who agrees with me! :D I agree with everything you said.... couldn't have said it better! ;)

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Hey, nice post!Clap
I admit, Ginny's not the most exciting character in the series and she's not my favorite either, but I have nothing against her and I agree that she's best suited with Harry out of the female characters we know. You are absolutely right. She did understand Harry in ways Hermione never did. In the war, she lost Fred and found out how it feels to lose a family member. I'm not saying Hermione should have lost a family member, as that's terrible, but Ginny losing a loved one enabled her to place herself in Harry's shoes more than Hermione. Hermione understood Ron more than she did Harry, so yeah, she's best with Ron.
Nice post again!

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MagixX IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2010 at 3:18am | IP Logged
Thank you all for your precious comments..Smile
Nice to see Harry-Ginny fans..
I just lub them to eternity..Embarrassed

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You brought up some good points especially with regards to the H/Hr ship and Harry needing to loosen up. That being said, I don't think you've answered why HG are well-suited, it's more of Harry isn't compatible with Hermione or Cho -- which I agree with - but doesn't prove that he is compatible with Ginny because really, neither Harry nor any other character don't need to be paired off with someone at the end. There are distinct aspects of Ginny's personality that are shown pre-OOTP that are in direct contradiction with her characteristics afterwards. To me, it seemed far too much that JKR had given Ginny a transformation just so she would be "deserving" of Harry -- I really don't think Ginny needed to change herself to befit Harry like JKR said in one of her interviews.
I don't ship Harry-Hermione or Harmony, as they are called, primarily for the some of the reasons why I don't ship RHr. Hermione is an enigmatic character who can be a bit of a recluse, overprotective over family and friends, manipulative, fighting for what she believes in and smart. She knows her own mind and is passionate enough to go after what she wants with something of a single-minded determination. Harry would be incompatible with her primarily because he has no ambitions of his own. She is passionate about everything she does and is full of innovative original ideas (S.P.E.W, etc), he is about as passionate as a loaf of bread and is almost entirely incapable of independent thought.
I think you're being harsh on Hermione in regards to the HBP incidence. Her concern isn't simply because Harry is 'doing better' (as if he could do it based solely on his "potions' skills"/without the help of a neat set of instructions) at Potions;she's never resetned him because he was better than her at DADA. Her resentment seems to be because of his academic dishonesty. It may be difficult for someone who isn't familiar with the American academic system to realize why Hermione thought Harry was being dishonest but bear with me as I try to explain this. Where I attend university (America), plagiarism is a fairly serious crime that is your one-way ticket out of university and a permanent black-list on your name. You're supposed to cite every single resource you used - in homework, assignments etc. It's simply unacceptable to copy something (thoughts, ideas, actualy wording, etc) whether from books, internet, academic journals, scholarly articles etc. Anything that isn't your OWN, original thought NEEDS to be cited -- no exceptions. To get to the question: what is so wrong about Harry's use of the book? People argue that Harry is just "following instructions" and he does them well and that he does the leg work so he should get credit for it. What is wrong about that? 
It's quite simple actually. It isn't his work. He is stealing someone else's work without having thought through anything - how they arrived at their conclusions, their thought processes or made any inferences from what he read. This is evident when after hiding the book, he becomes a mediocre student. He doesn't get the excellent results because all he's been doing is following someone else's ideas without an individual thought of his own and hoping it turns out okay. Essentially, he's not used his brain even once to figure out *WHY* the Prince's instructions worked better - he hasn't used his brain at all, period. Fair use of the potions textbook would be if Harry worked through the Prince's hypothesis and conclusions, if he conducted experiments or even showed a healthy curiosity to find out why the Prince's modifications worked rather than using HBP's work and passing it off as his own. It isn't any different than someone using a former student's notes that happen to be on the copy of the book he or she got from the university -- and yes, that is considered plagiarism; you get booted out of university if you do that. Now, if one used the former student's notes as part of your analysis - to back it up, for instance, while giving due credit to the person whose notes they were, that would be fair use. Harry is not only lying when he passes the work as his own but he is committing a theft of intellectual property because he doesn't mention the sources. As far as I'm concerned, Harry is a liar and a cheat for his dishonest practices in academics.
Moving on to Hermione's involvement in this -- she had every right to be pissed off because while she worked her ass off - used her *brain* to come to her original conlusions, Harry blindly followed a set of instructions and took credit for work that wasn't his own. I know I'd be pissed. Hermione's concern for the book aren't unfounded either as you portrayed them to be. She points out that Levicorpus which Harry-Ron consider to be a joke is used by DEs to torture muggles. Not so hilarious now, is it? I don't recall Harry ever agreeing to share the Prince's work - if you could pull the passage where he agrees to do it, that'd be great :) Plus, there are many curses in the book that are labelled "for enemy" and incidentally, these are the curses that Harry cannot "wait to try" out - and he does to the "general applause" of his classmates. The book you claim helped save Ron from death and Harry from Crucio is also the same book that has spells which cause pain to others - Sectumsempra, Levicorpus. Ironically, the Ron situation wouldn't require the Prince's work if Harry had actually, I dunno, bothered to learn from Snape. He learned about the bezoar on his first day of Potions class. The most disappointing thing about this is, Harry never realizes the errors of his ways.
While this isn't directed at you, your post left me wondering for the nth time why people dislike Cho. I think I have a fairly good idea why JKR dislikes her so much but I've never understood why most of fandom seems to despise the girl other than the obvious shipper reasoning which I find irrational. You mentioned that Cho was "weepy". A rebuttal to that would be: If crying is a justified reason for disliking a character, then I think Hermione, Ginny, Hagrid and Neville should also be disliked on that account. Over the course of 7 books, Hermione has cried at least 10 times if not more, Ginny 8-9 times, Hagrid at least 5 times, Neville about 4 times etc. None of them are degraded to the level of being called a human hosepipe. Why single out Cho, who has only cried about 4 times - once at DD's speech in GoF, thrice in OOTP? I also think it's insensitive to label her a human hosepipe -- she lost someone she cared about deeply and not everyone recovers from a loss at the same pace. On a personal note, I wouldn't scoff or mock a person who is obviously distraught over the death of someone they cared about a lot. That's just cruel. Think of it another way: would you criticize or mock Harry for his reaction after Sirius' death or Cedric's death? Then, why mock Cho just because her coping mechanism is a bit different than other peoples?
I also find people in general shoulder a lot of the blame for Cho-Harry relationship failure on Cho which is rather unfair. Throughout the duration of their date, Harry seemed sulky, reluctant to talk and he mentioned that he would be seeing Hermione, a girl who he spends most of his day with, in the middle of the date. Can you blame her for being jealous? Admittedly, she didn't help matters by talking about Cedric but looking at it from her perspective, Harry was the person who saw Cedric die and if she had received some sort of closure from Harry on that matter then perhaps she could follow on her attraction to Harry without feeling guilty. I would agree with anyone who said her relationship with Harry was premature but I don't think a bad decision warrants the kind of hatred she gets from fandom. One thing I would say about Harry is that he fails to realize that the date is just as uncomfortable for her as it is for him. His lack of tact, emotional engagement and reluctance to share the details with someone who obviously needs it played just as big a role in the failure of their relationship as Cho's pre-existing feelings for Cedric which were not resolved.
Sorry for steering it a bit off topic but I feel I've exhaused the topic of H/G on IF.

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