Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF: ZKH-2 Ch 36 pg83 April 19

jnawaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2010 at 10:38pm | IP Logged
Zindagi...Kya Hoga?

NOTE: Since the first thread has nearly reached 150 is the new one Big smile

*~* Thread #1 *~*
Character Synopsis
Chapters 1 - 23

*~* Thread #2 *~*

Chapter 24 - Pg 1
Chapter 25 - Pg 7
Chapter 26 - Pg 15
Chapter 27 - Pg 21
Chapter 28 - Pg 27
Chapter 29 - Pg 35
Chapter 30 - Pg 42
Chapter 31- Pg 49
Chapter 32 - Pg 56
Chapter 33 - Pg 63
Chapter 34 - Pg 70
Chapter 35 - Pg 77
Chapter 36 - Pg 83


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sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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cograts for the 2nd thread

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masin Goldie

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Posted: 08 March 2010 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
woot api!!!!!! congratulations on the second threadd!!!!!! i am soo very proud of you! ClapBig smile
now before i get all mothery on you....
meri update kidhar hai?!!?!?!?
ur SB Hug

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srikrithi Goldie

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hey jaz....
congrats on second thread. this ff deserves more than 2 threads. waiting for next update.

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Shruti11 IF-Sizzlerz

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congrats for ur new thread and pls update soon

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jnawaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2010 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
the first update on the second thread Big 5 will get you the new update Wink

Chapter 24

Seeing Heer in his room has shocked Prem, to say the least.


Prem – Heer? Tum? Lekin kaise…

Heer(blushing) Woh…

(Meher and Maya walk chatting in before she can add anything else)

Meher – Haan rooms kitne… (looks up to see Prem and Heer together) Oops…

Maya – Hi Bhaia! Kaise hai aap?

Prem(surprised to see them) Umm…tik hoon. Lekin, tum log…yahaan…

Meher(grinning) Haye Jiju, aapko humara surprise kaisa laga? Nice naa?

Prem – Nice… (looking at Heer) Very nice… (looking back at the girls) Magar…kaise…

Maya(puts a hand on his shoulder) Woh kya hai naa ke Heer Bhabi (winks) aapko bohot miss kaar rahi thi.

(Prem looks at Heer who looks to the floor)

Meher – Haan. Toh Maya ne aapke travel agent ko phone kiya aur…woh kehte hai naa…the rest is history. (smiles) Aur haan, aapke poochne se pehle main batadoon…hum dono yahaan aaye hai Heer ke saath kyun ke aap hi ne kaha tha uske saath rehne ke liyeh. (winks are Prem) Ashu ka exams hai, woh toh nahin aa saki, issi liyeh woh Massi aur Biji ke saath hai.

(Prem nods his head and then everyone falls silent)

Heer – Woh…aapka meeting kaisa raha?

Prem – Aacha tha. Abhi change karke, clients ke saath lunch pe jaana hai. (takes off his tie)

Meher(pouts) Kya Jiju…not fair. Humare liyeh time hi nahin aapke paas.

Prem – Aagar yeh lunch important nahin hota…main nahin jaata. (looks at Heer)

Heer – Aap chinta maat kijiyeh. Aap jaaiyeh.


Prem goes into the bathroom after taking his clothes so that he can change. He cant get the smile off of his face. He is surprised but happy to see Heer here. As much as he'd like to spent time with her, he can't ignore the business deal that is at stake.


(while Prem is in the bathroom)

Maya – Heer, tune toh aapne wale ko surprise deh diya…humara kya hoga?

(Heer is putting away Prem's tie)

Meher – Haan…usko nahin paata naa ke hum yahaan aaye hai. Hume bhi usse surprise dena hai. (looks upset)

(Maya suddenly smiles)

Maya – Heer…meri jaan…

Heer – Kya hai? Kya chahiyeh?

Maya(puts hands on her hips) Tujhe kaise paata ke mujhe kuch chahiyeh?

Heer – Hello, tu mujhse baath kaar rahi hai. Teri rag rag se wakif hoon.

Maya – Ok baba sorry. (hugs Heer from behind) Kya tu Bhaia ko thodi dehr ke liyeh busy rak sakti hai? Hum unhe surprise deke aate hai.

Heer(moves out of the hug) Haye! "Unhe"…wah! (sighs) Itna kuch toh pehle se hi kar chuka hoon, yeh bhi sahi. Jaa…lekin…sirf 5 minute.

Meher – Thank you Heer. (hugs her)

(Maya and Meher leave after Heer calls the front desk and asks for keys to Preet and Nihaal's room. Since she is the Bhabi and Mrs. Prem Jhuneja, they give it right away)


Preet's Room

Preet is in the shower getting ready to go for the lunch meeting they have with the clients. After getting out and drying himself off, he wraps the towel around his waist and proceeds to come out of the bathroom while singing a song completely off key. He heads straight for the closet and takes out his clothes – black slacks, blue shirt and printed tie. Seeing the shade of blue, his mind wanders off to Meher.


Preet – Haye…Goa…kitna romantic jaga hai. (sighs) Kash Meher bhi yahaan hoti, kitna aacha hota. Hey Bagwan…I'd be so happy.

Meher – Bagwan ne tumhari sunli.

(Preet whips around to see Meher sitting on his bed, winking at him)

Preet – Meher!? Tum…kaab….kaise…?

Meher(laughs) Oh my God. Zindagi mein pehli baar dekh rahi hoon ke kehne ke liyeh tumare paas kuch nahin hai.

Preet(frowns) Chup. Tum kaab aaye? Kaise…

Meher(looks him up and down) Umm…Preet…thoda kapde pehenlo, phir baath karte hai. (gets up)

(Preet looks down and sees he is only wearing a towel. He looks back at Meher once more before rushing into the bathroom while holding onto the towel and his clothes for dear life. Meher can't help but laugh. He soon returns)

Preet(buckling his belt) Toh? Tum yahaan kaise?

Meher – Simple…I was missing you. (smiles)

(Preet goes and hugs her tightly)

Preet – Oh ho (arrogantly) Ek din mein hi…wow.

Meher(pushes him away) Sirf main nahin…Maya aur Heer bhi. And hello…tum bhi! (points to him)

Preet – Hmm… (hugs her again)

(a short while later Meher steps out of the hug)

Meher – Ok aab bye.

Preet – Kya!?

Meher – Sorry magar mujhe jaana hoga. Heer kaise bhi karke Jiju ko rok liya hai. Isse pehle ke woh yahaan aajaye, I have to go. See you later.

(winks at Preet as she walks out before he can say anything)


Nihaal's Room (same time)

Maya enters Nihaal's room quietly to see him sitting on the bed, his back to the door, staring at the telephone on his night stand.


Nihaal – Uff! Main phone karoon kya? I want to talk to her…lekin…aagar woh busy hai toh? Uff! Yeh Goa trip abhi hona tha! (picks up the phone) Main call karta hoon. (he is just holding it)

Maya(leaning in the door way) Dial toh kijiyeh.

(Nihaal turns around and is shocked to see Maya. So shocked that his mouth is left gaping open. With out saying anything, he just gets up and hugs her.)

Nihaal – Maya?

Maya(laughs) Kya hua? Aapne mujhe pehle khabi nahin dekha kya?

Nihaal(smiles) Dekha toh hai. Lekin pehli baar tumhe dekh kar itni kushi ho rahi hai. (hugs her again and then she explains how they all landed up in Goa)

Maya – Ok, aab mujhe jaana hoga.

Nihaal – Kyun?

Maya – Kyun matlab? Main yahaan kaise ruk jaaun? Prem Bhaia aagaya toh? (winks)

(at the mention of Prem's name, Nihaal cant get Maya out fast enough)

Nihaal – Haan haan…jaao jaao… (pushes her out) Bye.

(Maya cant help but laugh)


Prem & Heer's Room (same time)

(Prem is ready for the lunch meeting that he has to go to)

Prem – Aacha Heer, toh main chalta hoon. (before he walks out he adds) Hum saath mein dinner karne chalenge. Tik hai?

Heer – Haan, tik hai. Main Maya aur Meher se kehdungi, aap Nihaal Bhaia aur Preet se keh dijiyeh.

(Prem comes closer to Heer)

Prem(soft voice) Nahin Heer…hum jayenge dinner pe…sirf tum aur main, koi aur nahin.

(Heer shocked and blushing)

Heer – Ji… (Prem turns to leave) Suniyeh! (turns back) Woh…ek minute please. (goes to closet and pulls out a tie) Aap yeh tie kyun nahin pehen lete? Zyada aacha lagega.

(she was trying to stall and waste time)

Prem – Tik hai. (he is surprised at what Heer is saying but he knows how to use it to his advantage) Main tie change karlunga, lekin ek shart hai. (walks up to Heer) Tum mujhe yeh tie pehnado.

Heer(shocked) Ji! Main!?

Prem – Haan, tum. Koi problem?

(Heer knows she has no choice)

Heer – Nahin…koi problem nahin.

(Heer moves closer with the tie in her hand. Once she is standing directly in front of Prem she warps the tie around his neck, and as she begins to put it on she cant help but stare into his eyes.)

Prem – Aacha, woh dono kahaan hai? Maya aur Meher?

Heer – Ji … (comes back to reality) …aapne kamre mein honge. Kyun?

Prem – Kuch nahin?

(Heer is not able to look into Prem's intense eyes any more so she focuses on the tie instead. Prem, knowing that Meher and Maya are off in their rooms, takes this opportunity to get closer to Heer. Prem leans in to kiss Heer, just as he puckers his lips…Meher and Maya come in)

Maya(walking in the door first) Heer, humse kahaa sift paanch minute. Kya hua?

(they are unable to see Prem and Heer in the bed room as they walk through the living room)

Meher – Haan, humse kahaa ke sirf paanch minute milega surprise ke liyeh aab khud… (walks into bedroom) …Oops! Sorry….

(Prem and Heer pull apart as Meher and Maya come to a stop in the door way)

Maya(covers her eyes) Humne kuch nahin dekha.

Prem – Ahem… (clears his throat) …kaunsa surprise?

Maya – Kuch nahin Bhaia. Aapka meeting hai naa?

Prem(looks at his watch) Haan… (looks at Heer) Bye.

(Prem leaves as Maya and Meher come and stand next to Heer)

Meher – Aagar romance karna tha, toh hume bata dete. Hum bhi thoda romance karlete.

Maya – Haan keh dete. Akhir yeh tere liyeh aapni honeymoon jaisa hai.

Heer(blushes) Tum log mujhe tang maat karo….varna…

Maya – Varna kya? Kya kar loge?

Heer(gives an evil smile) No more boyfriend help!

Meher – What?! Yeh toh blackmain hai!

Heer – Haan, hai toh hai. Jaisa tum log humesha mere saath karte ho. It's a taste of your own medicine! (she walks out of the bedroom)


The girls decide to order some lunch before doing anything else. Heer calls room service and orders some sandwiches, juice and fresh fruits. After they eat, the girls decide that they will go to the beach – since they are in Goa. All three are gathered in Heer's room getting ready.


(Maya pulls out a dress from her suitcase)

Maya – Heer, you have to wear this! (lays it out on the bed)

(Heer looks at it and shakes her head)

Heer – Nahin, aab main aaise kapde nahin pehen sakti.

Meher – Kyun nahin? (she sits on the edge of the bed) Yeh toh tera hi hai. Tujhe yaad hai, pichle saal ki Goa trip. Hum saab mein se tera wardrobe saabse aacha tha.

Maya – I know! Main toh chup chupke tere kapde lene aati thi.

Heer – Lekin… (picks up the dress) Maine toh isse storage mein rakha tha, tujhse kaise mile?

Meher – Ashu kya sirf teri behen hai? Humari kuch nahin?

Maya – Humne usse poocha aur ussne bataya.

Heer – Uff! Ghaar vapas jaane doh hume. Main usse nahin chodungi!

Maya – Chod naa Heer. Pehenle naa. Bhaia ko bohot pasand aayega.

Heer – Nahin…woh…

Meher – Aare tere saath hum bhi aaise dress pehen lenge. Woh kya tha film ka naam… (thinking)…haan…Hum Saath Saath Hai.

Maya – Please… (she makes puppy eyes) Heer……Bhabi… (winks at Meher who giggles)

Heer(sighs) Tik hai baba, you win.

(the girls start to get ready and leave for the beach once they are done)


They guys are all done with their meetings so they return to the hotel. As they are passing the reception desk the receptionist calls out to him.


Receptionist – Excuse me, Mr. Jhuneja.

Prem – Ji…

Receptionist – Mrs. Jhuneja ne aapke liyeh ek message choda hai.

Prem – Mrs. Jhuneja? (confused)

Preet(laughing) Heer Bhabi…

Prem – Oh, haan… (takes the note the lady is holding out)


Note – "Aagar aapko aacha lage toh main, Maya aur Meher beach paar hai. Aap Nihaal Bhaia aur Preet ko lekar aajana. – Heer"


Prem(folds the note up) So guys, beach paar jana hai?

(both guys get excited)

Preet – Haan haan, chalte hai naa.

Nihaal – Magar pehle change karle, phir chalte hai.


The guys each go into their rooms and change – Prem wears kaki pants and a white printed shirt, Preet is in board shorts and a t-shirt, while Nihaal is dressed in jeans and a red polo shirt. As soon as they hit the beach they spot Meher and Maya right away. Nihaal and Preet are about ready to hit the floor when they see the girls. Maya is dressed in some navy blue shorts and white halter top, while Meher is dressed in a pink sleeveless sun dress. They are playing in the water so their bodies are glistening under the sunlight. Nihaal and Preet need to get themselves in check as Prem is standing right there. Seeing the guys, Maya and Meher come to join them.


Maya(turns around) Humara outfit kaisa laga Bhaia?

Prem – Aacha hai… (looks at Preet and Nihaal) Aare, tum dono ko kya hua?

Preet – K…kuch nahin PB…kuch nahin…

(Maya and Meher both look at each other, happy that their missions were accomplished – they got the correct response out of the guys)

Prem(looking around) Heer kahaan hai?

Meher – Jiju, aapne abhi tak Heer ko nahin dekha? Thabhi toh…jaab aap Heer ko dekhenge naa, aapki bolti baand hojayega… (winks)

Maya(puts one hand on Prem's arm and points to the distance with the other) Vahaan hai humari Heer Bhabi.


As Prem follows Maya's finger, his eyes come to rest on a figure at a distance. Soon, he is speechless, his knees are week and his body suddenly burns with desire.


Precap: what has Prem speechless…you'll see…some more masti and Goa romance…



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I loved this part! how cute! haha maya and meher are hilarious! they really know how to work these guys including prem! I bet they would be better at handling the business than the boys! prem and heer need to say I love you already! awesome update! :)

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great update jazz!

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