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Siddhima-AR FF: Fate, O.S.C.Fate [Completed] (Page 38)

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All the Parts together:
Although, if you really want the feel i recommend reading it part by part because of my awesome commentsLOL

Five years later'..


He stood in the bangle stall at the bazaar staring at the bangles, not really seeing, lost in his thoughts. 'Armaan, what are you doing here?' he asked himself.  It had been six years since he'd set foot in Mumbai. What was he doing back here? There was nothing left for him, nothing but his slowly fading memories of his life here. Of his friends, coworkers, and' her. He could never forget Rhiddima, his love, his jaan. He knew that even if he lost all physical memory of her, his love would somehow still be retained. Maybe that's why he was here, to see her. To make sure she's ok. Five years ago she'd come looking for him, despite his best efforts she'd found him. He'd hid just in time, and he'd watched from afar where later a young man carried her away in his arms. He'd felt a pang in his heart then, wishing that could be him again. Wishing it could be him holding her his arms, but he'd known it wasn't possible. So he'd left, he'd run away again. In the present Armaan laughed sardonically, how many times had he run away? One, two, three? He'd lost count; it seemed his circumstances had turned him into a coward. Now here he stood, in the middle of a bazaar in Mumbai, too much of a coward to go and meet one of his old friends, too much of a coward to go see her.

He came out of his thoughts when in his head a faint song started playing:

asmani rang hooo.........pyaaar ki boond hoo......roshni hoo dhup hooo chahaton ki gunj ho aanchal mein hain phanak chandni haathon mein woh chand hain gairon se bhi hain waastan apno mein pehchaan hain



He whipped his head around, why was this happening? Was she here? No, 'no you idiot, she's not here, it's just you, thinking about her and going crazy again. She's not here''

He looked at the bangles wistfully again; they would look so lovely on her wrists. Through the rows of bangles he could see a woman, her hair whipping around as she shook her head, throwing it back to laugh. The laugh sounded so familiar'. "Rhiddima?" he whispered, 'no- no you idiot! It's not her!' he turned away, ready to head off.

"Madam, do you want this inscribed with your name?"

Rhiddima looked at the man quizzically, why would she want to label a pot with her name?

"why?" she asked, confused. "well madam, it's not uncommon for things like this to be stolen." Rhiddima laughed at the thought of a thief coming to their house to steal her steel utensils, "ok then!" she said, "let's do that!" she wondered what Sid would have to say about her name on their utensils, Mr. Houston had probably never heard of anything like that before, heck she hadn't, how would he?

"what's your name madam?" the store clerk asked.

"Rhiddima." She said, "Mrs. Rhiddima Modi! And please write that whole name!"

Part 2:

Armaan's heart stopped beating when he heard that name. Rhiddima. What were the chances that of all the girls in Mumbai the one in the next stall was named Rhiddima? 'O fate,' he mused, 'oh so cruel.' He'd thought for a minute that she had been his Rhiddima, but then the light voice with which she'd said Mrs. Rhiddima Modi had convinced him he was wrong.

Something a protective, possessive instinct in him refused to admit that yes- she could have moved on. She could be married, she could be a mother, she could be happy- without him. He refused to admit that Rhiddima, his Rhiddima would ever enjoy calling herself someone else's wife. 'It's not her Armaan,' he told himself, ready to leave again, but something kept him rooted in his spot. He had to see, he had to make sure; he had to see the woman behind the veil of bangles. He had just stepped out of the stall when he saw the excited face of a young man running towards him. It was the same man from five years ago, the same guy that had carried away Armaan's Rhiddima in his arms. And here he was again, yelling, "Rhidi!"



Rhiddima turned in the direction the voice was coming from, she saw Siddhant racing towards her with a thrilled expression, holding something in his hand. He slid to a stop next to her, and held it up. "Look what I found! Man I love these bazaars!"

Rhiddima looked at the small child's dress he held,

"Siddhant, I hate to break it to you, but we have a girl," she said grinning at the small boy's outfit he held.

"Rhiddi, I know that. This is for Yuvi and Naina's baby,"

"But we don't even know if it is a boy! It's not even born yet!" Rhiddima replied.

"It'll be a boy; trust me. You and Naina can turn Ashita into a girly girl, but my nephew's going to be a rock star!" he said determinedly.

"Siddhant, you-" Rhiddima was interrupted by the arrival of her newly engraved pressure cooker, she held in her hands grinning as Sid paid.

As they left the stall, Rhiddima paused and said pointing to her name on the cooker, "Sid, look."

Siddhant glanced at it, and then leaned in for a closer look, "Rhiddi…why is your name engraved on our pressure cooker?"

Rhiddima smiled knowingly, "well, Mr. Houston, it is not uncommon for utensils to be stolen from houses here in India. In fact-"

"Nooo, please not another one of those India lectures! Chalo, we have to get home, it's already 6!" Siddhant interrupted. Taking the bags from her he grabbed her hand with his free one and headed towards where he had parked the car.


Neither of them noticed that when they passed a bangle store, there had been a broken man standing there. Tears threatening to spill from his eyes, Armaan headed to the taxi stand nearby. His heart unwilling to accept what he had just witnessed. It was her, SHE was Mrs. Rhiddima Modi, she was Rhiddi, she… she wasn't Basket anymore. Armaan didn't know what to do, so he headed to the one place that had always sheltered him. Getting in a taxi he directed the driver to the basketball court.



Getting out of the taxi Armaan pulled out one of his most prized possessions. His basketball, the same basketball that had earned Rhiddima Gupta the name Basket, the same one she had used when she first beat him at his own game. Yes, he remembered it all, every single bit of it. Her bright yellow and orange outfit the first time they'd met, the ketchup trick he'd pulled on her, their fights, when she'd first said I love you. When everyone had found out, and he'd gone on a hunger strike, when they had their roka, and then the fights after. He remembered the secret meetings, sweet kisses, passionate hugs, their unforgettable moments. He'd lost his memory then, sure, but he had it back now. He remembered their last moment together, when he'd slid the ring onto her finger, they had been so happy….

And now it's all changed. Now she was someone else's. Someone else had the right to touch her, feel her. Someone else held her in his arms and kissed away her tears. She belonged to someone else now. She was… she was Mrs. Siddhant Modi. It was all over for Armaan now… there was no real reason to stay. Nothing but his conflicted feelings, his boiling blood at the thought of someone else having the right to her over him. It was unjustified, he had left her, she deserved a better life, but all that didn't matter. At this moment Armaan Malik was a hurt man. He knew he was wrong to think like this, he couldn't expect her to wait for him forever; in fact this is what he had wanted. He had wanted her to be happy, and if that was with someone else, then so be it. But he wasn't feeling very rational, or very gracious.

'She had seemed happy,' he thought bitterly, laughing, teasing, and holding hands together. All those things that they used to do. And she… she had a daughter, named Ashita. They, Siddhant and Rhiddima, had a life together. A life that was supposed to have been his. 'Armaan what are thinking man?!?' he asked himself. 'This is what you wanted, now leave and leave them be!' he willed himself to get up and leave. But he didn't get far.


"Yuvi, yaar, you have got to relax!" Sid passed the basketball a frazzled Yuvraj.

"Easy for you to say," Yuvi replied, "you don't have a moody pregnant wife." He tossed the ball back to Sid, with more force than necessary.

"I don't now- no." Sid continued calmly, "but remember, say two years ago, when I was running around at three in the morning looking for chocolate ice-cream?"

"That's a scene from Salaam Namaste"

"Yea, we watched it before going to sleep, she wakes up at 2:30 going on about chocolate ice cream. Her face was too adorable'. It took me two hours; I had to get the ice cream man up!" Sid and Yuvi climbed onto the court, not paying attention to the surroundings, bouncing around the ball, shooting hoops.

"I guess it's not that bad," Yuvi finally admitted, "I stocked up the fridge and freezer, Naina just has these random moments where she wants to visit people. Last week we drove to see Raj."

Sid chuckled, "how'd that go?"

Yuvi frowned, "same as always, he completely ignores the fact we're married and tries to win over my pregnant wife!"

"Raj will never change, you know it," Sid said laughing out loud. Yuvi smiled in reply and acceptance. They continued tossing the ball around, exchanging stories about pregnant wives and complaining about patients; an hour later they decided to head back to their wives and Ashita, they walked off laughing, each unaware of  Armaan standing in the shadows observing them.

Armaan was unsure of what to do. His brain told him to scram. He'd just heard Siddhant; they were a family that had their own joys, problems, friends, and happiness. He wasn't a part of that. He wasn't needed- or wanted.  But his heart told him to go see, if not walk up to her directly, at least from a distance, see her. One more time. He just wanted to see her happy. He wanted to see her beautiful smile. Again his brain interrupted his heart, it wasn't reasonable, and it seemed WRONG. His heart wanted him to just make sure, not make sure but to reassure himself. It was like the devil and the angel; the only problem was, he couldn't tell which was which.  But the true reason he knew, was not to see if she was happy, it was to see how she was happy. How without him? How was Rhiddima, his sweet but ferocious Rhiddima, happy without him? His Rhiddima, the same one that would have ran to the ends of the earth for him? How?

'But she isn't your Rhiddima anymore' he reminded himself, 'she's Siddhant's Rhiddima, she's Ashita's mom.'  He heard the guys getting further away, make up your mind now Armaan, what are you going to do?

"Honeys! We're home!" Sid shouted as he entered into their, as Rhiddima called it "quaint" house. Yuvi laughed and smacked him, "yaar you're too much!"

Hearing no reply they continued to the living room where the women sat on the couches, holding cups of tea. They looked up as the guys entered the room, acting unperturbed. They were off course bothered; both men were sweating and looking quite nice. But they both knew that if they let their appreciation on they would be teased mercilessly.

Yuvi glanced at the clock which read 8 o'clock, "Naina we should leave, it's late"

"No!" she immediately replied, "I don't wanna!" Yuvi groaned at her childishness, Sid interrupted, anticipating where this was headed. "yaar I think we should take a shower."

"KYA?!?!" Rhiddima spoke up. "Yea- wait, No-not, God Rhiddi!" Sid groaned,

"Sid I- how could you?" Rhiddima continued beginning to sob dramatically. "No no no! come on Rhiddi, GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sid tried, but Rhiddima's cries became louder, and she was joined by Naina's insistent howls as she said "I thought you were just friends! O God Yuvi how could you do this to me?!?!"

"Arghhhhh" grabbing a dumbfounded Yuvi's collar Sid pulled him towards the bedrooms, "just forget we were here!" he shouted back.

As soon as the guys were out of sight the girls cracked up, "o God didi!" Naina said catching her breath, "poor Sid! And Yuvi did you see his face?!?!"

"I knowwwwwww" squealed Rhiddima, "Sid is not going to sleep tonight!"

"ohhh'." Naina said winking suggestively.

"Naina!" Rhiddima said laughing and slapping her carefully, calming down she replied, "so I hear you've been keeping Yuvi up huh?"

"yea' Naina said guiltily, "he's' dealing with it. I know I can be a handful. He's been unbelievably sweet. Sometimes I feel bad'"

"don't." Rhiddima interrupted, grinning she added, "what are husbands for anyway?"


An hour later the guys had returned from their separate showers and realized the girls had fooled them. After the girls had finally gotten them to smile, it was time for Yuvi and Naina to leave.


Armaan slumped down next to Sid and Rhiddima's house. They hadn't seen him in the shadows once again. He'd finally talked himself into walking up to the house when the door had opened and Yuvi and a pregnant woman, presumably Naina, had stepped out. He jumped into the bushes near the open window as not to be seen, it was from there that he witnessed everything that had happened afterwards. It was still there that he was slumped now. The bushes were scratching at his face and arms, but he didn't notice, the scene kept replaying in his head.

Closing the door after waving good bye to their friends, Sid turned to Rhiddima. "so you thought we were gay?" he said walking towards her, she wrinkled her nose cutely, pondering. "mmm'.. maybe'" she replied receding.

"wrong answer." He said catching her in his arms, bringing her closer he continued, "guess I'm just gonna have to show you'" he bent down for a kiss.

Laughing she pushed him away and stepped back, "no, that's ok Mr. Houston, I think I already know."

"well," he said, stepping towards her again, "I think we should just make sure." He lunged towards her, a move she neatly avoided, giggling.

"Mrs. Modi!"  Sid said demandingly, lunging towards her again.

"yes Mr. Modi," Rhiddima replied from her place across the room.

"Rhiddi!" he said again, chasing her around the room, as she laughed and ran away from him. He finally managed to corner her against the wall, placing his hands on either side he leaned in'

"Sid, no. please. Not here" Rhiddima tried.

"Why? Is your Papa going to come?" Sid asked, saying papa with his usual tang.

"no, but your daughter just might."

"she's asleep."

"she could wake up."

"she won't"

"she could"

"she won't" he said confidently, "but just to make sure," he said grinning. Stepping back he picked her up swiftly into his arms and began walking towards their bedroom.

"Sidddd" she whined softly into his neck, "you're too much."

Rhiddima was right, Sid didn't sleep that night.

:P  [I just had to say that]

She'd moved on. It was true. He'd seen it with his own eyes. And he had heard it with his own ears. She had moved on. The tears flowed freely as he wept for all he lost, Rhiddima, his life, his career, his everything, but most of all Basket. He cried and cried and eventually, he fell asleep, sitting in the bushes in front of Sid and Rhiddima's house.


The next morning he woke to the sun's rays hitting his face. He observed his surroundings wondering where he was, why was he in the bushes of someone's house? Then it all flooded back to him, this was just anybody's house. It was Rhiddima's house. He couldn't believe what he'd been doing. He was spying on her, his- no, not his Rhiddima. He was spying on a married couple; he didn't even know what category of creeper that came under. Checking to make sure there was no one around, he jumped out of the bushes and left heading to the small motel he knew was nearby.


Sid walked into the living room, looking for his chain. After checking under the couch he stayed kneeled next to it, biting his lip wondering where else it could have fallen in last night's frenzy, Rhiddi had noticed it first, he'd reassured he'd find it in the morning. Now it was morning and he hadn't found it yet. He looked up checking the clock, it was 8 o'clock, and he would have to leave soon for the hospital. As he returned to searching a sight outside the window caught his eye. He watched astonishedly as a man rose from the bushes, brushed himself off and checked for anyone noticing him. Sid ducked as the man turned towards the house, but it wasn't before Sid caught a glance at the man's face.




The name echoed in Sid's head as he collapsed onto the floor.

Armaan was back.

Armaan was here.

Armaan was in my bushes.


It was him, Sid was sure of it, it was him. No mistake.


Till about four and a half years ago that name had haunted him. It had haunted most of everything he did.

When he had looked at Rhiddima five years ago, she was Armaan's Rhiddima. She would never be his.

When he'd walked down the halls of Sanjeevani, it was with the thought that Armaan had walked down those very halls. That was the same place where Armaan and Rhiddima had fallen in love.

When he ate at the canteen, he had related it to Armaan and Rhiddima.

When he ate the food Rhiddima set before him he wondered if she had cooked for him like that.

Four and a half years ago he would never have imagined having the kind of relationship he had with Rhiddima now.


The same Armaan that five years ago, had driven Rhiddima almost insane looking for him.

Sid had wanted Armaan to come back then, to take Rhiddima away, put her out of her misery. Even as he led Rhiddima around the sacred fire, as he tied the mangalsutra, and filled her maang, he had an inkling of hope. He had wanted Armaan to show up even at that moment and take Rhiddima away.

He had known it would hurt him, but he was willing to make that sacrifice. Just because he wanted her happiness, because he knew it would be right.

But now.

Now things had changed.

Rhiddima had been willing to build a bridge, and they had built it. Little by little until it was finished and they were here, they were happy.

Why was Armaan back now?

How do I tell Rhiddi? Sid wondered, looking up as if he was asking God.


"Sid?" Rhiddima's voice interrupted Sid's thoughts, "Sid where are you? Did you find it yet?" she walked into the room. Seeing Sid sitting at staring at the ceiling she said coolly, "oh, I see it's on the ceiling."

"what?" Sid asked coming out of his trance,

"Did you find your chain?"

"what chain?" Sid asked slightly lost, "oh- right"

"Sid!" Rhiddima said, and then noticed his pained expression, "Sid, what's wrong?"

"what?" Sid asked again, distractedly, "no, nothing." He got up unsteadily; he had to think about what he was going to do. Rhiddima reached out to steady him as he stumbled, clasping her hand he squeezed, reassuring himself more than her. Reassuring himself that she was here, for now at least.

"I'm…gonna go. I'll be late."

"what?" she asked confused.

"I-" he didn't know how to explain why he seemed out of it.

What would he say? I just saw the love of your life, yea that one you were ready to die for emerging from our bushes. I'm just going to go figure out what he's doing. O and yea, I'm not even sure if you will stay with me after you find out?

So he didn't finish what he was saying and he left a confused Rhiddima in the living room and headed to the kitchen. But no matter how he much he tried he couldn't take a bite of anything. It didn't help that he was avoiding Rhiddima's curious looks or Ashita's queries of "whats  whong daddy?"

Finally he gave up and decided to leave early, giving his daughter a light kiss and Rhiddima a lingering one he headed out.

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Siddhant drove slowly, thinking. What was he going to do? Wait, did he have to do anything? Why was Armaan back? Was he back for good? Would Rhiddima leave him now? Would she be able to stay wholeheartedly? Did he want her to stay?

The questions ran through his head, around and around in circles. His head was spinning and he was hungry and tired. He'd become spoiled, he was used to having Rhiddima there to cook for him, to feed him. He'd pretty much be screwed if she wasn't there. And now that the possibility of her leaving'.


The rude honking of the cars lining up behind him rudely interrupted his thoughts. Pulling over to the side of the road he thought 'Wait stop dude! What are you doing? Stop panicking! Just. Stop. Ok let's think this out. Come on Sid, let's be' rational. What are you talking about, you can't be rational. Shut up! Yes you can!'

Sid groaned it was at times like this that he wished he could stay mature for longer periods of time. Sure when the occasion called for it he could be responsible, but the second he was alone, he couldn't focus, his mind wandered, no matter how important the subject was. Just like it was now, 'FOCUS DAMMIT!' he thought. 'Focus! Wife. Armaan. Problem. Focus!'

He sighed leaning back onto the headrest; he glanced at the clock, 8:30, 30 minutes till he had to show up for his shift. He couldn't do it, he couldn't focus. He' was overreacting. He was insecure. He' was looking straight at Armaan Malik!


Armaan stared at the road watching the vehicles passing by on the road. Each car seemed to have a story, a hurried executive, a housewife out for groceries, parents taking children to school, school buses full of children, autos with aunties, uncles on scooties and bikes, even a bhel gaddi. He wondered if Siddhant was one of those people in the cars, maybe he took his daughter to school. Or maybe Rhiddima did that, maybe Rhiddima had started driving. Now that he thought of it more, their daughter wasn't old enough to go to school. At least he didn't think so. She could only be a little more than four right? He'd only been gone six years' she couldn't have possibly forgotten him that quickly right?

STOP just stop you idiot! Just stop thinking about it!

He hadn't gotten to the hotel; that was where he was headed, but was ambling along and had ended up here. At the small roadside tea stall, sipping tea and wondering how someone's world can do a 180 in one day. Or hours. He was thinking himself in circles, he was going nowhere, so far he'd thought of Rhiddima, Siddhant, and Ashita more times than he could count. He should probably leave, before someone he knows sees him and has to have the awkward job of telling him that his reason for living had pretty much forgotten him. He figured by now he was going literally crazy, at the very lease he was delirious' or delusional. Yup he was delusional, because Siddhant Modi was walking towards him that very moment.




'What are you doing?!?!?!

STOP! Stop this instant. Turn around and pretend you didn't see him. Turn around right now. Siddhant Modi, what the hell do you think you are doing? Sid you are dead, you are committing suicide. What are you going to do? What are you going to say? Turn around and pretend not to notice him.




Get up and run. This moment.

Stupid legs, why aren't they working?

Armaan he's gonna kill you. Why the hell did you come back? He's gonna kill you. You're gonna die.

Well it's better than dying alone'

You are alone.

Great then! You can die alone.



There's still time. Stop feet stop!

By the way, what are you going to say to him?

"Hi my name is Siddhant Modi, I married Rhiddima Gupta. Yea, that Rhiddima Gupta, the one you supposedly loved more than your very own life. Yup, I married her. What? Oh yes! I did know about you, I'm just the idiot that thought you were gone for good. My married life? O it was fine! Until I saw you creeping out of our bushes this morning. Yup' don'tcha love life?



Up and atem'! Right now, come on, let's move. You're not talking to him. Once a coward always a coward. Let's go, come on! GET UP! UP YOU IDIOT UP!!! What would you say, huh? Hi, I'm Armaan, I love Rhiddima. Now you love Rhiddima. We should be friends. The I Love Rhiddima Club. Yay! We could be so happy together huh Sid?


Siddhant's steps faltered the closer he got to Armaan. He couldn't go through with it. He wasn't sure what he had set out to do, but whatever it was, he couldn't. There was a lot Siddhant Modi would do for Rhiddima, but this wasn't one of them. He couldn't bring himself to do it. He wasn't that big of a man that he could walk up to Armaan Malik and ask him why he was here. He had his limits, he was too afraid Siddhant stopped at the tea stall and bought himself a glass, swigging it down he headed back to his car. He had patients waiting.


Armaan let out a sigh of relief, he felt like a large weight had been lifted of his chest. He didn't know why Siddhant had changed his route, or even if he was heading towards Armaan in the first place. He knew Siddhant knew about him, he had to, he had come to Panchgani, but was he ok with Armaan? Was he ok with Rhiddima's past? Armaan had to find out, but first he needed some rest.




It was break time for Siddhant and Yuvi who sat side by side on the steps of the basketball court in silence. Yuvi had sensed Siddhant's, not foul, but disturbed mood when he'd walked into the locker room instead of his private office, right next to Yuvi's. When questioned he'd made up a lame excuse about checking for rats in the new intern's things.

"Do you want to tell me what's wrong?" Yuvi inquired after a while, bored but worried out of his mind. He hadn't seen Sid like this since Sid and Rhiddima had returned from their honeymoon.

Siddhant didn't reply,

"Sid?" Yuvi asked again, "what's the matter?"

"Armaan." Sid said silently.

Yuvi was confused for a minute, until realization dawned, and then confused again.

"I thought that you guys were through all that, bhabi's over him right?"

"She was over him because he wasn't there, but what happens when he is?"

"Sid, he's gone remember? He went loony or something."

"No Yuvi."

"What do you mean no? He's gone; Bhabi is here, with you. End of problem!"

"He's back."


"I saw him, this morning, he was in our bushes. Yuvi I think he was there all night, he was watching us'"

"He was in your bushes?"

"And I saw him again, at a tea stall, but I didn't have the guts to go up to him. I turned around and came here."

"Does Bhabhi know?"

"Not that I know of. I only saw him this morning. And I would like to believe she would tell me something like this."

Yuvi thought quickly, but didn't really know what to do. Too much was happening at once, well not really, but this was a big problem. The only thing he could think of was distance. Armaan must be kept away from the Modi's until he sees the truth of Rhiddima Bhabi's life and leaves. Then Naina would help him do the rest, whatever the rest was.

"Siddhant," Yuvi said, in as calm a voice he could muster.

Siddhant turned to him with an emotionless stare that chilled Yuvi to the bone. He saw that despite the calm voice which had told him about Armaan's arrival, Siddhant was in distress, major distress.

"Siddhant I want you to go in and take care of the rest of your patients, then go home and act normal ok? Don't tell bhabi about this, I'll figure something out."

"But she needs to know-"

"She will just not now, ok?"

Yuvi felt a strange eeriness as Siddhant nodded like an obedient child and left, his face bare of any expression.

He watched as Siddhant moved at an even pace disappearing into the building before he pulled out his phone,

"Nainajaan! There's a problem!"



It had started drizzling by the time Sid left the hospital; the sun had begun to set. Sid drove home nervous tension causing him to be impatient honking his horn more times than necessary and lashing out at the simplest things. The traffic was murder and by the time he reached home it would be past eight o clock. Ashita was long tucked in and Rhiddima would be waiting up for him. He was tired and sick of it all already, and it had barely begun; whatever it was. That was another problem, he didn't really know what the problem was, he was just bothered. As he drove into his driveway however every thought disappeared from his mind. All he could think was Rhiddima. Rhiddima. Rhiddima.


Rhiddima had been lounging on the couch reading a magazine when the rain had started. A childish excitement came over her then, she didn't know why, maybe it was living and being in love with Siddhant, because yes, she did love him; he was a kid half the time and it was spreading to her. She felt more free as each day went by, her excitement for life growing, her willingness, her need to do random, fun things increasing. And so she ran outside, the rain falling gently at first then rapidly as she jumped around grinning with glee at the crying heavens. She spun in circles, the falling rain somehow reminding her of her husband. He had slowly knocked on the doors to her heart, and then like the thundering rain, burst his way into her life; and she accepted it all wholeheartedly.

She sensed Siddhant's arrival as soon as he turned into the driveway, even though the roaring sound of the raindrops had muted all other noises. He stepped out of his car with an awed look on his face; Rhiddima laughed excitedly running to him and pulling him into a hug.


Unnai kandaene muthal murai

naan ennai tholaithaene mutrilumai thaan

Unnai kandaene muthal murai

naan ennai tholaithaene mutrilumai thaan

Kaathal boothame ennai neeyum thottai

Ayyo ayayyo acham varuthe

Thappi chellave vazhikal illai inge

ayyo ayayyo che ennavo panninai neeye

Unnai kandaene muthal murai

naan ennai tholaithaene mutrilumai thaan


He was soon as sopping wet as she was as she pulled him to the middle of the lawn running as if not to miss a minute of the rain. Letting his hand go she spun around again, her arms swinging around. He had let everything else go; right now it was just them, just him, and Rhiddima. His Rhiddima. They were Mr. and Mrs. Modi, and they were going to dance, sing, and forget the world.


Erikkira mazhai ithu

Kulirkira Veyil ithu

Kothikkira neer ithu

Anaikira thee ithu

Inikkira vazhi ithu

Ithamulla poo ithu

Ithayathil malarvathu oh penne


Nijamulla poi ithu

Niramulla inippithu

Mounathin mozhi ithu

Maranathin vaayvithu

Antharathin kadalithu

Katti vantha kanavithu

Ainsol kolvathu aen penne


Their hands linked in the air above their heads as they brought them down, their faces came together; she smiled as his lips bushed against hers. Holding his hands tightly she leaned back as far as she could, feeling the rain wash over her, before he jerked her back into his arms.


Aenginaen naan thaenginaen

Aenadaa pothum imsaigal

Vaanamum intha boomiyum

Unthan thotrame

Un paer sonnaale ulle thithikkume


They ran around, chasing each other, the villa-like bungalow had an expansive lawn full of plant life. Suddenly Sid couldn't see Rhiddima; he stood in the middle of the lawn his hands on his hips. Rhiddima slowly crept up behind an unsuspecting Sid, jumping onto his back and he almost fell over, catching himself in time he reached back and swung her around into his arms with a smirk, dipping her lower and lower to the beat of the song, then pulling her back up.


Kaathal kaditham athu konjam paesum

Kannoadu irukum pala kaditham

Penne naanum un kannai padithaen

Puriyaamal thavithaen poi sollutho mei sollutho


He turned to face away, his arms outstretched.


Oh kaathal enai thaakiduthe


She wrapped her arms around him from behind.


Sarithaan enaiyum athu saaythiduthe


He turned to face her, she gently kissed his check.


Iravil kanavum enai saapiduthe


He kissed temple, her ear, as he reached further she slipped out of his grasp shaking her head no, a teasing look on her face.

Pothuvaay vayathil ithil thappikka yaarum illaiye

Unnai kandaene muthal murai

naan ennai tholaithaene mutrilumai thaan


She stretched out her arms, taking in the rain, he walked towards her, and soon his arms were wrapped around her waist again, holding her to him, her arms wrapped around his neck, swaying together. Slipping out of his hold, she ran again, coming to a stop, she stood near the greenhouse, full of her flowers; he ran after her and came close, his arms trapping her as she tried to run again, pressing her into the blurred glass, he laid a kiss on the top of her head.



Aeno iravil oru paadal kaettaal

Udane en ulle nee varuvaay

koyil kulle kan moodi nintraay

un uruvam thaane ennalume nenjil thontrume

Naan unnaal thaan swaasikkiraen

Naan unpaer thinam vaasikkiraen

Uyirai vidavum unai naesikkiraen

Kadavul nilaiyai nam kannile kaattidum kaathal


Unnai kandaene muthal murai

naan ennai tholaithaene mutrilumai thaan

Kaathal boothame ennai neeyum thottai

Ayyo ayayyo acham varuthe

Thappi chellave vazhikal illai inge

ayyo ayayyo che ennavo panninai neeye


She pushed him off and tried to run away but he caught up and pulled her back, teasing and tickling her as she squirmed in his grip, laughing at his antics. Wrapping his arms around her waist he spun her around, both giggling, relishing the moment.


Erikkira mazhai ithu

Kulirkira Veyil ithu

Kothikkira neer ithu

Anaikira thee ithu

Inikkira vazhi ithu

Ithamulla poo ithu

Ithayathil malarvathu oh penne


Nijamulla poi ithu

Niramulla inippithu

Mounathin mozhi ithu

Maranathin vaayvithu

Antharathin kadalithu

Katti vantha kanavithu

Ainsol kolvathu aen penne


Aenginaen naan thaenginaen

Aenadaa pothum imsaigal

Vaanamum intha boomiyum

Unthan thotrame

Un paer sonnaale ulle thithikkume


He pulled away and lifted her into his arms, spinning around .They stayed like that, reveling in the rain, the happiness, the comfort, the moment.


manasukkul aetho sol sol

ethirinil othu nil nil

uyirukkul aetho jal jal

ithu sari thaana nee sol


The tears that should have been running down his face were washed away by the rain; he turned around to walk away again. He had his assurance now; he knew that his basket wasn't his anymore. Armaan had come to check on her, only to do that. He had promised himself that he would do just that and leave. And he had his proof, dancing in the rain. They used to do that, flashes of their past had run past his eyes as he watched her tease her husband. All that he had done was a waste, she wasn't his. As he walked lost in his thoughts, he almost missed the young man walking towards him, in fact he would have, if the young man hadn't stepped squarely in his path and stayed there.


"I thought you would be here."

Armaan peered at the man, he didn't seem much younger than himself, "what?"

"I'm Yuvraj, Siddhant's friend. And as his friend, I have come to make sure that you don't destroy his life."

"Look I-"

"Don't bother defending yourself. I understand it all, I...I... one minute!" Yuvi turned around and pressed the Bluetooth closer to his ear, "Naina! What do I say after that?" he whispered.

"Duffer!" Naina's voice came over the Bluetooth, "tell him about the party!"

"O right!"

Yuvi turned back to Armaan, who stood there with a confused look. Composing his face into the somber expression from earlier Yuvi continued, "I will show you what you're about to ruin. There is a party for Siddhant and Rhiddima's anniversary the day after tomorrow. They don't know about it and DON'T spoil it, if you do, I'. I know where you wander at night.

I'll get you."

Yuvi nodded curtly and walked away, "YUVI!" Naina's voice boomed through the Bluetooth, "the place and time!"

Yuvi turned and walked back to Armaan just as curtly as he had left, Armaan was still standing there, trying to digest what the stranger, whom he now placed as Yuvi from the basket ball court, had said.

"It's at The Club Cha Cha at 8, be there." Yuvi said seriously, and turning again, he disappeared off into the night. At home, Naina set down the phone satisfied with her planning and her husband's obedience.

Armaan stood there for another minute, trying to make sure he wasn't dreaming, or hallucinating.

Day after tomorrow. Party. Anniversary. Siddhant and Rhiddima. The Club Cha Cha at eight? What was all of that? Show him what? Was he expected to show up? At a party? For "the Modis?" he didn't know what to do. His heart was being broken over and over and the worst part of it was that he was going back for more. So should he go?

A couple hours later he stood at the window of his motel room. Staring at the now clear night sky. He felt so alone, there was no one here. He had driven everyone away. Atul, Anjie, Muskaan, Rahul, Nikki, everyone was gone. He didn't know where they were, how they were. He hadn't kept contact with anyone after he left. No one, contact cut off from everyone that had-no that did matter to him. He didn't have anyone to talk to, he didn't know what to do, and there was no one to help him. No one.


(Apani Tanhaayiyon Mein Koi Saaya Bhi Nahi) - 2

Koi Apana Bhi Nahi, Koi Paraaya Bhi Nahi..

(Kise Aawaaz Doon)- 4


Saari Jhuti Baatein Hain, Din Apane Na Raatein Hai

Hoo Saari Jhuti Baatein Hain, Din Apane Na Raatein Hai..

Pal Pal Ek Kahaani Hai, Jo Jivan Bhar Dohraani Hai

(Kise Aawaaz Doon) - 4


(Chehare Kya Tasweere Hain

Na Khwaab Hai Na Taabirein Hai) - 2

Aas Hai Jo Ke Jivan Hai, Ulajha Ulajha Bandhan Hai

(Kise Aawaaz Doon) - 4

(Apani Tanhaayiyon Mein Koi Saaya Bhi Nahi) - 2

Koi Apana Bhi Nahi, Koi Paraaya Bhi Nahi

(Kise Aawaaz Doon) - 8



Siddhant sat on the bed, drying his wet hair with the towel, lost in thought.

"What are you thinking about?" he looked up at Rhiddima's inquiry, her concerned face filling his heart with guilt.  Her caring look threw all of Yuvi's advice out the window; he could never hide something like this from her. He loved this woman and no matter what he would make sure she got what she wanted. Even if it left him shattered.

She walked over and reaching over, grabbed the towel, continuing to dry his hair. His vision was semi blocked by the towel and his hair in his eyes, as she moved to stand before him, all he could see was her stomach, exposed through the sheer fabric of her black nightgown. They'd both taken showers and changed. She pulled him closer, rubbing the towel harder as his face pressed into her midriff.


"Sid what's wrong?" she asked again.

"I wannnn tou yo sunuhha." He said, his words muffled.

"What?" Rhiddima asked, not stopping her rubbing.

 "Siddhant stop acting like a kid." She said, frustrated, his bad mood in the morning and now this?  How much in a day? Really her whole day would have been ruined if not for Ashita and the fact that she didn't have any hormonal expectant mothers in her hands. And now here he was again, giving her attitude like a little kid, he was her frikin husband and-"ahh!" she yelped as he reached out and catching her arms, swung her into his lap.

"Listen." He said in a serious voice. Her surprised eyes met his annoyed ones and held on. The world disappeared for the second time that night, leaving only them. Again he noticed how her tendrils of hair fell softly upon her face, and he noticed his The moment held onto Siddhant and Rhiddima for a couple minutes, until Siddhant's mind unfroze and began to work again, reminding him of the decision he'd made before she had entered the room. Lifting her gently off of his lap, he set her on the bed and slid down to kneel beside her.

"Rhiddima, I need to tell you something."

"What is it?" she asked, apprehension filled her mind, Siddhant was never this serious. "Sid, kya hua?"


He reached out and clasped her hand, reassuring her, or was it himself? "I need to tell you something, and it's very important."

"Okay, then tell me!"

"Rhiddima, before you say anything, or think anything, just listen. Don't jump to conclusions-"

"I don't-"

"Yes you do, and we both know it so PLEASE. Listen."

Rhiddima pursed her lips, listening seriously.

"Rhiddima, I want you to be happy. I NEED you to be happy. And while I like, no love, to believe I am your happiness, that Ashi and I are all that you need, I can't really believe that can I? You see what I want to believe and what I can believe are too different things and there are times when I really don't know what to believe, because ' wait I'm getting sidetracked. "

"Sid can you please just tell me what's wrong" she interrupted him.

"Yes." He took a deep breath.

"Rhiddima, if I' tell you, something. If I ask you something will you answer to it honestly?"

"Of course I would! Why-"


"Armaan's back Rhiddima and I don't know what to do but tell you and wait for you to tell me what to do." He let it all out in one breath.

She stared at him, openmouthed and stunned. Armaan was back. The Armaan. Armaan.

"Ah- a- are you s-sure?"

He nodded, hesitantly.

"A-and, what do you want, to know?"

"I'I don't know. I don't know what I want to know." He said, looking down to their entangled hands. "I don't know' you tell me. What do you want to do? What do you want me to do?"

She looked at him confused, what was she supposed to say? What was he saying? Was he suggesting they' that she would want to? She gasped pulling her hands away; he fell back startled by her sudden movement.  She looked at him accusingly, "what are you saying Siddhant?"

He shook his head, "I- I'm not saying anything I-"

She shook her head slowly, tears spilling slowly as she thought of how her life had taken such a turbulent turn so suddenly.

Siddhant got up from the floor. His sad eyes concentrated on her face as it changed from shock to happiness to confusion to sadness. He slowly headed away, leaving her to think by herself. He paused at the doorway, throwing one last longing glance at her that went by unnoticed.

It was a melancholy night for both of them; for him as he lay in his daughter's bed, holding her close to his heart, and for her as she curled into a ball on the very bed where she had spent numerous nights with Siddhant.




The next morning few words were exchanged between the couple as they bustled around in the morning. Both their heads were swarming with assumptions, questions, confusion, and hurt. Both wanted to speak out, demand the other to give it them straight, but fear of the answer kept them quiet. Siddhant left and soon Rhiddima was left alone with only Ashi for company. A little while later however Ashi grew tired of playing and settled in for a nap, leaving Rhiddima with nothing to occupy her time but think; she wasn't working this week and therefore was at home. She supposed she could go for a walk, but she really wasn't in the mood for anything. She sighed, she had thought many times what she would do if this situation arose, but she'd never had an answer.

The phone rang then; it was Naina, ready to set the plans in motion. "Hi didi, how are things?"

The simple but inquisitive question brought on the waterworks, "Sid thinks I'm going to leave him," Rhiddima sobbed into the phone. "He thinks I want a divorce. I know it; I saw it in his eyes."

Naina panicked for a moment, that idiot Sid, what had he done now? "Didi, what happened?"

Rhiddima wept into the phone, telling Naina what Sid had said to her last night, Armaan was back and he didn't know what he wanted anymore. "Sid," she blubbered, "Sid didn't know what he wants anymore. He thinks I want to leave Naina, that's all the faith he has in me! Why does he think that? How can he think that? How could he'?"

She quieted down slowly, still whimpering and whispering as Naina reassured her.

"Didi, this is Sid we're talking about! He loves you! Didi, what did he say exactly?"

"I, I don't remember'"

"What did you say?"

"I don't remember."

"Didi, remember your nickname for Sid?"

"Yes. Of course, Mr. Houston-"

"-because he's so American."


"That's what's at play here didi, he's been raised in America, and you know it has one of the highest divorce rates in the world."


"And it's practically normal there to get divorced."

"That's not true!"

"Well it might as well be! Just listen, all I'm saying is Sid just wants you to be happy. You need to talk to him and I am willing to bet you guys haven't spoken since last night."

Rhiddima didn't reply, her silence was her answer.

"If you won't overreact I'll tell you something."

"Ok, what?"

"Didi, Sid had already told Yuvi everything. Yuvi came to me. We kind of had a plan, but then Sid told you, even though we told him not to."

Letting the fact that he has told Yuvi before her go by, Rhiddima interrupted "a plan?"

"Yes," Naina replied, "a plan. Yuvi met Armaan didi."

"What? When?"

"Sid doesn't know, last night, Yuvi figured he would be there."

"Where?" Rhiddima interrupted again.

"At your house." Naina replied hesitantly.

"What? He was here?"

"Yes. He was watching you."

Rhiddima's mind raced to last night, o god, she'd been out there flaunting her new life in front of Armaan'

"He- he was watching?"

"Yes, and Yuvi talked to him, and." Naina paused, contemplating her next move, should she tell didi about the party or what?

Rhiddima spoke again, suddenly determined to make things work, "Naina, tell me the plan, I need to show Siddhant that he's the one I want."

Naina smiled, life always had a way of working itself out, "ok di, listen up."

The plan wasn't complicated, all Rhiddima had to do was get Siddhant to the Club Cha Cha tomorrow night, everything was handled but the "super couple" Naina and Yuvi.



He entered the house hesitantly that night, not knowing what to expect. He knew what he didn't expect though, and it was this. Rhiddima sitting on the couch, casually reading a magazine. But she wasn't really reading, because no one can read by candlelight these days. And that's all there was. Every light in the house was off, candles lit up the living room, the hall, the even the bedrooms. He looked around baffled, reaching over he flicked the light switch, nope the electricity was not out. Rhiddima glanced up from the magazine, and smiled. He smiled back nervously, more a reflex or habit than a genuine smile. As she went back to her magazine, he wandered towards the hall, walking into Ashi's room.

Rhiddima looked up again, watching the door expectantly, on time Siddhant walked right out, confused again, "Where's my daughter?"

"Our daughter" Rhiddima said pointedly. "and she is with papa and mama."

"ok," he nodded perplexed, wondering what was happening. He wondered if he'd just dreamed last night, maybe he hadn't told her. Maybe they hadn't slept in different rooms' but he'd woken up in Ashi's room! He shook his head trying to make sense of things. He didn't really know what he had expected, but after he had told her, and he was sure he had, why didn't she say anything? No outburst, no accusations.

The indifference continued as they had dinner, she chatted away as he replied in monosyllables, observing her silently. After cleaning up he walked towards their room, thinking about the situation when he felt a tug on his collar and two arms wrapped around him. He looked down at them, very familiar hands.

na na na na, na na na , na na na, na na na
na na na na, na na na , na na na, na na na

His eyes widened as he realized they were Rhiddima's. He stepped out of her hold turning to face her. He gasped as she winked then poked him. He noticed that she was wearing a slinky yellow and white sari with spegetti strap blouse as she began pushing him backwards as she sang:

ho' maine toh maanga tha, saheli jaisa saiyaan ---(2)
(what i had asked for, was a lover in the guise of a friend)

He was backed up against the wall trapped, her arms on either side of his torso,  but that didn't stop him from trying to escape. He captured her arms, turning her around as he walked off.


mua palle pada, paheli jaisa saiyaan'
(damn, and this what I got, a lover in the guise of a puzzle!)

paheli jaisa saiyaan ---(2)
(my lover like a puzzle)


He stopped; this wasn't how you got to the bedroom! He was getting lost in his own da** house. He shook his head, continuing in his initial direction, shaking off Rhiddima again, she stood there pouting and stamping her feet.


bhoola bhoola sa rehta hai,
(he remains lost in his thoughts)
jhoola jhoola sa rehta hai
(and sways around aimlessly)


She went after him again, dancing.

nayi dilli mein, bareilly jaisa saiyaan'

(in new delhi, a lover like he's from bareli)
bareilly jaisa saiyaan' ---(2)
(lover like he's from bareli)
ho' maine toh maanga tha
(what I had asked for)

na na na na, na na na na, na na na na
na na na na, na na na na, na na na na


He fretted, he really just wanted to talk, or not talk but not, not this! He marched around the living room getting cut off often by Rhiddima swaying and dancing in front of him. She fell into his arms, he stood her upright and moved on, she pulled at him, he tugged away, he attempted to stay away, trying to concentrate somewhere else.

sara din afwaahon sa, udta phirta hai gali gali'
gali gali mora saiyaan'
(in the by lanes, my lover)

"Rhiddima-" he tried talking to her, to no use as she continued singing and swaying seductively in front of him.


ho' aake ghar angithi sa, baatien karta hai jali jali
(when back home, he spits fire in his talk)
jala jala mora saiyaan,
(the charred sweetheart!)

She pinched his cheeks sweetly, he walked off again. She spun dramatically down the hall towards him. Her bright sari making her a pretty picture.

bawre ne hi' bawri kiya
(this mad guy himself, drove me mad for him)

She fell backwards against him, and was immediately up righted by his hands, but she caught his hand, climbing up so she could hold his arms, turning him side to side.


hai maine kya' panga le liya
(God knows, what a problem i have taken up in him)
chuna bhooton ki, haweli jaisa saiyaan,
(just like touching a haunted mansion)

She stepped back, doing a little dance step to the music, that didn't go unnoticed by Siddhant as he unwittingly smiled.

haweli jaisa saiyaan,

(my lover, the haunted one)
bareilly jaisa saiyaan
haan' maine toh manga tha, saheli jaisa saiyaan
(what i had asked for, was a lover like a friend)
saheli jaisa saiyaan


He walked around the whole house, trying to avoid her, so he could keep a clear head. But she followed him everywhere, singing and dancing, throwing things between them away. His feeble attempts at staying away were brushed off by her pokes, pulls, and falls. He himself tripped and fell in the process.

haan'uthte hi akhbaar pe, toot padta hai subah subah,
well, he sticks to the newspaper each morning,
bhooka sa mera saiyaan
the hungry sweetheart)

He plopped onto the couch, hoping TV would distract him. She sat on the couch's arms singing:

oh' biwi se zyada toh yeh, tv se hi juda juda,
and, more than his wife, it's the television he sticks to
chipku sa mora saiyaan
the stuck up idiot


She fell onto the couch, leaning into him.

bawre ne hi' bawri kiya,
(and this is the mad guy, i went mad for)
kaise na bhala' jale ye jiya

He stood up, causing her to tumble onto the floor, she sat up, head in her hands.

pade jhelna, jo daily aisa saiyaan,
(if daily I have to bear with such a lousy lover!)

She stood up doing her little dance step again.


jo daily aisa saiyaan,
(have to bear him daily!)
bhoola bhoola sa rehta hai'
jhoola jhoola sa rehta hai,
nayi dilli mein' bareli jaisa saiyaan
In New Delhi, Bareli like partner
bareilly jaisa saiyaan


She caught him before he went into their bedroom, blocking his way, a hand on her hip revealed by the sari draping away. She quirked her eyebrows challenging him as she finished the song.

paheli jaisa saiyaan
(my lover, the great puzzle!)
ho' maine toh maanga tha, saheli jaisa saiyaan
(what i had asked for, was a lover in the guise of a friend)


Siddhant breathed in and out, calming himself down. He looked down at her challenging look. What was going on in her head? Why was she acting so unaffected? He took her hand and tugged her into the bedroom, sitting her down in the exact spot as he had yesterday, he knelt before her again.

"Rhiddima, do you remember anything about last night?"

She pretended to think, "Siddhant do you remember anything about yesterday." She asked.

Siddhant pursed his lips, "I'm serious Rhiddi, do you remember what I told you?"

Rhiddima sighed dramatically, "Mr. Houston, do you really think ki, tume mujse itne jaldi chutkara milega?"

Siddhant rubbed his chin, frustrated by her nonchalance. She sighed again, and grabbing his hands, put them in her lap.

"Sid, do you remember what I said to you when we got married?" she asked. He looked up at her, shaking his head slowly. "I said that Armaan was my past, and you, are my present, my future. And I had said it so many times in the first two weeks of our marriage alone that I know you've grown tired of hearing it." He scoffed there, remembering how everyday they would fight, and she would go on a long ramble about pasts, presents, futures, and he would end up tuning her out.

"I remember" he said. She tugged at his hands, making him sit on the bed next to her. Burrowing into his arms, she rested her head on his shoulder, "nothing's changed Siddhant. I made my choice and my choice was you." He let his arms wrap around her, holding her close.

"Do you remember our honeymoon?" she continued? "Our very first one?"

He thought back, cringing at the thought of their first trip together as husband and wife. He had idiotically screamed at her again, and she had set out to prove herself. He laid a kiss on her head, pulling her closer. She smiled in his arms, "I would do it again." she said, they both knew what she was referring to, "if you ever, ever suspect my love for you again, I will do it again. And I won't stop at a hundred, Siddhant Modi. I'm not kidding, I will do it again" He smiled, giving her another kiss. "Please don't," he said. She shook her head, "I won't unless you make me."

He pulled away, looking at her feet, "so what does this mean?"

She took his hand in hers again, "this means," she replied, "that Armaan Malik could walk up to our front door and ask me to walk out but I wouldn't. He could do anything, offer me all the love in the world, but I wouldn't go. Because then I wouldn't have yours, and I need yours the most. I don't know why Armaan is here Siddhant, but I don't care! I need you to be happy Sid." She paused in her speech, "Siddhant, you want me to be happy right?"

He nodded, still concentrated her feet, still not completely convinced.

She cupped his face in her hand and continued.  "I'm happy when I'm with you, when I see our daughter, when I wake up in the morning and you're beside me looking like an innocent kid. And' I'm happy when I realize you still worry over things in the past that hurt me and still try to find ways to fix them."

She sighed, seeing he still wasn't completely satisfied, and she didn't blame him, how could she? She herself had worried that one day Tamana might show up again, and that she wouldn't be able to keep Siddhant with her. How do you tell someone that you needed them so much it hurt? That the mere thought of losing them made you want to end everything?

 "Siddhant I will always remember him. I'm not going to lie to you, you should never bury your memories, purane yaadein bulne se kuch nahi hota," she went on meaningfully, "Accept them, and don't be afraid to make new ones. You don't need to get rid of old memories to make new ones."

She lifted his face up so their eyes could meet, smiling at him gently, sadly, hopefully.

He slowly returned her smile, acceptingly. They sat up doing more talking that night. He leaned against the headboard, and she sat nestled between his legs, collapsed onto his chest, their hands entangled and their conversation a string of 'remember when's. Sure he still had a little bit of inhibition left in him, any sane man would, but he brushed it off, I didn't really matter, there would always be memories, but there were new ones to be made.



Armaan had wandered around all day. His thoughts consumed by thoughts of Rhiddima, he thought about Siddhant, Ashita, and Yuvraj too, but mostly, Rhiddima. Fate was so cruel, they had had everything to live for, everything. Love, support, they had had their whole lives in front of them, so they could live it together.

Na hai yeh paanaa naa khonaa hi hai,
(This may not be achieved, but i don't want to lose it either)
Tera na hona jaane... kyun honaa hi hai??
(Why should I not become yours, I don't know why it has to be)

Tum se hi din hota hai,
(Because of you the day starts)
Surmaiyee shaam aati hai,
(The darkness prevails with you)
Tum se hi,
(because of you)
Tum se hi...

Har ghadi saans aati hai,
( I take each breath)
Zindagi kehlaati hai,
(I live this life)
Tum se hi,
(because of you)
Tum se hi....

Na hai yeh paanaa naa khonaa hi hai,
(This may not be achieved, but I don't want to lose it either)
Tera na hona jaane... kyun honaa hi hai...
(I am not to become yours, I don't know why this has to be...)

His whole life, his whole existence had revolved around her. Whatever he did, the first thing he had thought tended to be 'what would Rhiddima say?' Rhiddima Rhiddima Rhiddima. And she had been like that too, everything she said, everything she did, Armaan Armaan Armaan. But it had all changed. He felt like such a bore, repeating the same things to himself again and again. It seemed like he had said 'I can't believe' to himself more times since he had met Rhiddima than he had in his whole existence before. 'I can't believe I'm  in love' 'I can't believe she loves me' 'I can't believe she thinks I could do that' 'I can't believe she left me' 'I can't believe' that she could live without me, that she could be happy without me.

 Aankhon mein aankhein teri,
(In my eyes, I only see your eyes)
Baahon mein baahein teri,
(In My arms I see only you)
Mera na mujh mein kuchh raha... hua kya??
(nothing in me is for me... what has happened to me?)

Baaton mein baatein teri,
(I talk only about you)
Raatein saugaatein teri,
(my nights and dreams/thoughts are for you only)
Kyun tera sab yeh ho gayaa... hua kya??
(Why is all this yours... what happened?)

He had looked up to the heavens again, begging them to tell him why it had to be them. Why they had to be separated. They had sworn to love each other forever, for all lives ahead. Had it all been a lie? Were they never meant to be together at all? But if that's how it was, why was she all he ever thought about. Why did he see her everywhere?

Main kahin bhi jaata huun,
(Whereever i go to)
Tum se hi mil jaata huun,
(I meet you)
Tum se hi,
Tum se hi...
(Because of you...)

Shorr mein khaamoshi hai,
(The chatter resembles silence)
Thodi si behoshi hai,
(there is a little intoxication)
Tum se hi,
(because of you)
Tum se hi...

His life was a bunch of broken promises, lies he had told his heart. Promises no one would ever be able to complete, promises no one would ever fulfill. And they all pointed to her, no matter what he did, he knew he would never forget her. He would never not know what it felt like to hold her, to touch her, to see her smile. He had bonded himself to her.

Aadha sa vaada kabhi,
(Incomplete is the promise at times)
Aadhe se zyaada kabhi,
(sometimes it is more than half complete)
Jee chaahe karluun iss tarah vafaa ka...
(I feel like loving in such a way...)

Chhode na chhuute kabhi,
(even if we want to leave we won't be able to)
Tode na tuute kabhi,
(Even if we try to break, it never will)
Jo dhaagaa tum se judd gayaa vafaa ka...
(The bond of our love is as such)

Main tera sarmaaya huun,
(I have prospered because of you)
Jo bhi main bann paaya huun,
(Whatever I have become now)
Tum se hi,
(is because of you)
Tum se hi...
(all because of you)

Somewhere along the way, their paths had separated, and now it seemed he had forced them back together, if only for a while. But not it wasn't just the two of them, Siddhant's was woven into hers, it ran right along with hers. Her new companion, and there was new path just starting out. Their daughter. Once upon a time their destination had been the same, not anymore.

 Raaste mil jaate hain,
(The roads cross and meet)
Manzilein mil jaati hain,
(Detinations are reached)
Tum se hi,
(because of you)
Tum se hi...

Na hai yeh paanaa naa khonaa hi hai,
(This may not be achieved, but i don't want to lose it either)
Tera na hona jaane... kyun honaa hi hai??
(Why should I not become yours, I don't know why it has to be)

Perhaps they were only meant to meet for a few moments, not forever. Maybe that was the way it was supposed to be. He wasn't admitting defeat really; it was more of a truce, with himself. Their paths would separate before she became aware they had even collided. But before he left again, he decided, he would see her for a last time. Tomorrow. Tomorrow was their anniversary and they would have a party. He could easily blend into the background, watching from a distance as she lived her new life. Her life without him. He had to do this; he would force himself to if he needed to. He would see her tomorrow, and then he would never come back again. He would never, ever, see her again. He would make sure he stayed far away, and never came into their path.



Siddhant reached over expecting to find a warm body next to his. He squinted his eyes open, head slightly rising, "Rhiddima?" she wasn't there! He groaned sitting up, he was wondering if last night was a dream now. This kinda sucked. He didn't know what was real and what a dream was. Maybe all of it was a dream, maybe- 'shut up Siddhant' he said to himself. 'You know you can't handle that much thinking first thing in the morning.'

He sat back, remembering he didn't have to go in today for some reason he couldn't seem to remember; he had the nagging feeling that it was an important reason. He heard the shower running; Rhiddima was in the shower, how nice. He lay down again and turned over, hugging a pillow, ready to fall asleep again. Alas it was not to be, the doorbell rang. He covered his head with the pillow, hoping that whoever it was would go away. But they didn't.

"Siddhant!" Rhiddima yelled out, "Get the door!"

Groaning he got out of bed, stumbling down the hall to the door, cursing as he rubbed his eyes. Yawning again he opened the door, and got mauled over by a giant bear hug!

"HEY LITTLE BROTHER!!!" Abhimanyu Modi squeezed his little brother harder, practically lifting him off the ground, laughing.

"Bhaiya" Siddhant strained to breathe, "Hey! Wanna put me down?" Abhimanyu finally set him down, still grinning. As soon as Siddhant began catching his breath, he was caught again; this time by his petite sister in law, Nikkita. "Hiiiiiii Sid!  How are you? Where's Rhidzy? Where's Ashi?"

"Hey!" Siddhant finally realized what was going on; he picked Nikkita up and swung her around, laughing as she squealed. Setting her down he said, "I am fine, Rhiddi's in the shower, and Ashi's with her grandparents; what are you guys doing here?"

Abhimanyu and Nikkita looked at each other; Abhi spoke first, "well you know. We just, wanted, you know, to see you guys."

Nikki nodded, shrugging she added, "Yea. We missed you. So you know, we just dropped by."

"Right...." Siddhant said giving them a quizzical look, "you just dropped in' from Delhi. Which is, of course, just down the street."

Abhi and Nikki looked at each other again, "Yup. Yea that's it," they said, together giving him toothy beams. Nikkita walked into the house, heading towards their guestroom, completely at home; "the luggage is in the car!" she called back. Siddhant looked back at his brother, "all right then," he said, "you get the luggage bhai, I'm gonna freshen up." He said with an extra sweet smile, heading towards his bedroom.

"I thought you said Rhidzy was showering!" Abhimanyu called after him.

Siddhant turned, walking backwards, "what's your point?" he said with a grin, before turning around and ambling towards the room.

Abhi chuckled as he headed towards their car, 'that's my boy' he thought.


Rhiddima was stepping out of the bathroom when Siddhant walked in, he was of course disappointed.

"Who was it?" she asked drying her hair.

"Bhaiya and Bhabhi, they just dropped in."


"No it was the red nosed reindeer, yes really!"

She ignored his sarcasm, too excited to be bothered. Throwing the towel down she brushed past him as she practically sprinted to the guest bedroom where she knew Nikki would already be setting shop. Sid stood there; frowning, no shower and no good morning kiss. Today sucked.

Abhi walked in with suitcases just in time to see Rhiddima rushing out the door and Sid with a lost puppy look, he laughed again at his brother's misfortune. Sid glared at him, turning on his heel to walk away in a huff! Abhimanyu just laughed louder. Closing the door behind him he headed to the guestroom, freezing in his tracks as loud squeals erupted from the room, shaking his head he continued trekking onwards, Nikki had packed like they would stay for a month.


"I can't believe you just dropped in!" Rhiddima exclaimed.

"Hey, tum musibat mein, aur hum na aao?" Nikkita replied back coolly.

"Well I actually may have sorted it all out'"

"No. Please don't tell me I drove all that way for nothing" Abhi's horrified voice came from the doorway.

"Abhi!" Nikki chastised him, "we're visiting Sid and Rhidzy that is not for nothing."

"I know but-"


Abhi frowned 'it's better than having a problem' he thought. Sighing he dropped off the luggage, collapsing on the bed next to the woman.

"Ok," Nikki said, getting down to business, "what's the plan?"

Rhiddima smiled, "It's quite simple actually'"



"So Sid."

"Arghh!" Sid almost fell down, startled but his brother's voice as much as he was. He had just stepped out of the bathroom, and Abhi was lounging on the bed casually hugging a pillow.

"Bhai! What the-"

"Sid, get dressed."

Sid looked down at the towel he was wearing, suddenly feeling exposed. As he pulled on his signature UB shirt, Abhi continued talking.

"So what are you going to do tonight?"

"I don't know, why?"

"You're not doing anything special?" Abhi asked seemingly astonished.

"For what?" Sid asked confused.

"For what? You honestly don't remember?"

"No' Does this have something to do with why I don't have to go in today?"

"Quite possibly. Infact probably. Actually that is the reason."

Sid sat on the bed, scratching his head; so there was something important today. That nagging feeling wasn't for nothing' what was it?

Abhi crawled up next to him, "you really don't know." He said, it was a statement not a question. He sniggered, "Rhiddima's gonna kill you!"

Siddhant gasped, jumping up and knocking Abhi back in the process, "O SHIT!" he shouted. He slowly sunk back down onto the bed. "Armaan ki chakkar mein bhulgaya. It's our anniversary."

Neatly sidestepping the mention of Armaan, Abhi climbed back onto the bed, saying, "it's ok. I'll help. I have a plan."

"Really?" Siddhant asked hopefully, the look of a five year offered a free pass to the ice cream store came over his face.

"Of course, Abhimanyu Modi is always prepared."


In the corridor, Rhiddima and Nikkita quickly gave each other a high five, turning to surreptitiously watch their husbands again. Abhi sat grinning amusedly as Siddhant fretted and worried, now pacing up and down, planning how he could put together a wonderful night in about eight hours. Abhi couldn't, after all tell him that it would be useless, because it was a surprise party, for Siddhant at least.

Things soon settled down and the two couples went about the day, Rhiddima and Nikki headed out soon enough to shop and Abhi and Sid were left to themselves. Abhi pretended to help Siddhant arrange things for that night by making calls; meanwhile Siddhant continued fretting, questioning how he could have forgotten something like this.


At around seven thirty everything was set. Siddhant had asked Rhiddima out to dinner, she had of course happily obliged. Abhi and Nikki tagged along too.  They set out, Rhiddima dressed to kill in a sheer black and white sari and matching silver and onyx jewelry and Siddhant dressed semi casually, a black jacket thrown over white shirt and black slacks. Nikki was dressed in a dark purple and off white sari, Abhi wore black slacks as well as a black vest over an off white shirt, and magically produced a tie that matched his wife's sari. They were silent on the ride there, Abhi, Nikki, and Rhiddima anxious because once they got there, there was no plan. Or if there was, they didn't know it. Siddhant anxious and hoping that everything would go according to his plans, because things generally tended not to- now that he thought about it, it should really just teach him not to plan.




As they emerged from the car around 8:30, Siddhant realized right away the night wasn't going right, they were the wrong place! This wasn't the Mystique! This was Club Cha Cha! "Bhai!" he turned angrily to his brother, who had driven while he anxiously sat in the backseat, "why are we here?"

Abhi smiled sagely, "shh, just follow me."

Groaning inwardly Siddhant followed his brother, sister-in-law, and wife in. lo and behold the second shock of the day:

"SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Yuvi, Naina, JP, Jiggy, Su, and even Raj, along with a bunch of other friends stood inside, beaming and laughing at Siddhant's astounded face and Rhiddima's excited one.

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Siddhant looked at each face, astonished, almost falling flat on his bum, caught in the nick of time by his Nikkita bhabhi, who dug her heels into the ground keeping him upright before he straightened up himself.

"Siddhant, are you ok?" Shashank Gupta stepped out from the crowd, Siddhant turned to his father in law, still slightly lost, "dad?" Shashank laughed at his expression, pulling into a hug, as he was released Siddhant was pulled into another hug, this time by his mother-in-law. He pulled back looking amazedly at his friends and family, they all looked back grinning ear to ear, "I – I-" he stammered, Rhiddima giggled and his eyes immediately  flew to her, "you knew?" he asked,  slightly hurt. She nodded apologetically, sweetly holding her ears; he melted right away, rolling his eyes at his weakness he gave her a hug. The DJ began to play "Fire" from Kites[]

As the couple mingled with the guests, greeting them and thanking them. Finally it was just close friends and family, seizing the opportunity Sid grabbed Yuvi in a headlock, punishment for keeping him in the dark, "Saale! You had me running around going crazy trying to plan things for tonight!"

"Ow ow Sid!" Yuvi shouted, as Sid eased up, Yuvi grabbed him back. Their friends and family watched amusedly as the men wrestled playfully, finally they were broken up by Abhi.

"Sid," Yuvi said, an arm circling around his shoulders, "there's another surprise."

"Really?" This was Rhiddima, emerging next to her husband.

"Yup!" Naina said from her seat, "for both of you!"

"Supwise!!!" Ashi's voice had the effect of Red Bull on her parents who perked up even more if possible. Ashi showed up in the arms of the second surprise.

"DI!" Rhiddima cried, the same time Sid bellowed, "AJ!" Anjali and Atul Joshi walked towards them; their niece perched on Atul's shoulders.

As the sisters hugged, Sid got down his angel who passed around earning hugs from her parents and all four sets of uncles and aunties. Shashank and Padma surfaced, insisting the young ones enjoy themselves. The couples stepped onto the dance floor.

Tum Mile: Tum Mile


Siddhant and Rhiddima danced slowly despite the swift beat of the song. Holding her close, he bent down to her ear, whispering softly, "Happy Anniversary Mrs. Modi." She smiled into his neck, furtively kissing his cheek.

"Can I interrupt?" Abhi appeared next to them with a grin, rolling his eyes again Siddhant let his wife go, stepping away graciously to dance with his bhabi. He was soon interrupted by Abhi again, he wanted his wife back. Instead of making his way back to Rhiddima again however he stepped next to Padma, offering her a hand. She accepted smiling, as the DJ switched tracks, the odd couple danced happily.

Jab Mila Tu: I Hate Luv Storys


The night continued, the DJ playing many soft songs like Pheli Nazar Mein, Kaise Muje, So Right, Koi Aap Sa, and Sadje. The group danced on, switching partners often. Sid danced with everyone, hid daughter, wife, bhabis, sister, Rhiddima too wad wandering around, dancing with Sid's friends, Abhi, Yuvi, Atul, and her papa. They were clearly enjoying themselves.

Surili Akhiyon Wale from Veer []

When the DJ played the favorite of the night, everyone went back to their real partners; other couples joined them on the floor. As if they had planned it, all the men, even Shashank, got down on one knee, singing along. Slowly rising, each led their partners in a slow waltz. The group of couples formed circles around the star couple, Siddhant and Rhiddima, who danced lost in each other's eyes. She sang along to the female part, not so slyly conveying her feelings. As the song finished, most of the men dipped their partners low to the ground, Siddhant however lifted Rhiddima up. The crowd applauded as he lowered her down, realizing they were being watched the couple stepped apart.

Sid raised his arms, trying to calm everyone down. He was finally handed a mike, "everyone! Hi, hello. Ok. First of all, Thank you! This was an amazing surprise, and I trust me I was surprised-"

"We know!" Sid's audience interrupted, clapping again.

"Haha yea. BUT, there's some specific people I want to thank for making this amazing night happen. A lot of credit for tonight goes to my friends Naina and Yuvraj, Thank you guys," he said meaningfully nodding towards the couple. The thank you was for more than the party, he knew they had done something else, he just didn't know what it was. He continued, "my brother and bhabi, I now know why they just showed up, um... my in laws," he grinned at Padma, "thanks for having Rhiddima mom!" the crowd tittered, as he continued, "and lastly, Rhiddima." They smiled at each other as he continued, "you make each day better than before; I… I love you." He whispered the last bit, but everyone still heard it, as they'd gone quiet. The silence was sliced through by Nikki, who shouted out, "That won't do!" Sid's eyes flitted to her, "huh?" he asked confused. Nikki exchanged a glance with a grinning Naina. "Sing Sid," Naina said, on cue Yuvi appeared next to Sid holding a guitar.

"What?" Sid asked bewildered.

"Gao," Nikki replied insistently, "Sing." The crowd of onlookers murmured in agreement. Glaring at his bhabis, he grabbed the guitar. Letting out a breath he closed his eyes, thinking. When he opened them, they met Rhiddima's right away, and bore into hers piercingly as he begun strumming.


With Me: sum 41


I don't want this moment to ever end
Where everything's nothing without you
I'll wait here forever just to, to see you smile
'Cause it's true, I am nothing without you

Through it all, I made my mistakes
I stumble and fall, but I mean these words

I want you to know
With everything I won't let this go, these words are my heart and soul
I'll hold on to this moment you know, 'cause I'll bleed my heart out to show
That I won't let go

Yuvi backed him up, banging on drums set up near the DJ, who also enhanced the song in his own way, playing base on his keyboard.

Thoughts read unspoken, forever in doubt
Pieces of memories fall to the ground
I know what I didn't have so, I won't let this go
'Cause it's true, I am nothing without you

All the streets where I walked alone, with nowhere to go
have come to an end

I want you to know
With everything I won't let this go, these words are my heart and soul
I'll hold on to this moment you know, 'cause I'll bleed my heart out to show
And I won't let go

In front of your eyes, it falls from the skies
When you don't know what you're looking to find
In front of your eyes, it falls from the skies
When you just never know what you will find (what you will find)

I don't want this moment to ever end
Where everything's nothing without you

I want you to know
With everything I won't let this go, these words are my heart and soul
I'll hold on to this moment you know, 'cause I'll bleed my heart out to show
that I won't let go (I want you to know)
With everything I won't let this go, these words are my soul
I'll hold on to this moment you know, 'cause I'll bleed my heart out to show
that I won't let go


As Siddhant finished, the crowd fell silent for a couple seconds, then simultaneously erupted in applause. But he didn't notice any of that; he had eyes only for his wife. Whose eyes were slowly tearing up, he walked towards her concerned, someone grabbed the guitar from him as he took her in his arms, wiping away the tears and laying a kiss on her forehead. She rested her head on his chest, content. He smiled, eyes wandering over the top of her head, meeting up with a set of piercing blue eyes, clouding as they filled with tears.

He gasped sharply as he recognized the face, but before he could make a move, it disappeared. Rhiddima pulled back, the only one to hear the gasp, peering at his ashen face she asked, "What's wrong?"

He looked down, shaking his head, smiling reassuredly he replied, "Nothing, I…justrealizedhowmuchIloveyou!" he grinned, pulling a surprised Rhiddima into a crushing hug. He searched for the blue eyes again, but they had disappeared.


Soon after Shashank and Padma left, taking Ashi with them. As soon as they exited the DJ spoke up, as if he was waiting for that, "This is DJ Sky and I need all the beautiful people on the dance floor because we are going to turn up the heat!" He started the first song, the racy Nakhre from Barsaat


The couples moved to the floor again, this time dancing more rapidly and closely against each other. They had a blast as the words to the song swirled around them intoxicatingly. The track was followed by many others such as Talli, Twist, Zoobi Doobi, Khwab Deke, Gazab, I hate Love Stories, Kini Soni Lagdi, Uff Teri Ada, Naughty Naughty, and some English ones such as Just Dance, Kiss Me Through the Phone, Hot Mess, Supermassive Black Hole, I Gotta Feelin, Starrstruck, and 1,2,3.

The DJ eventually slowed it down with tracks like Jaan Meri Jarahi Sanam, Adat Ho Chuki, and Gale Lag Jaa. The couples decided to take a break from dancing, opting to finally eat. They got their food, and settled down, in camps of girls vs. boys.

As the girls caught up, drowning in glasses of pink lemonade, the guys perched at the counter, taking turns at teasing Sid, about what, men really and seriously think about one thing ;P

"So Abhi," Atul began, "you're staying with Sid and Rhidzy?"

"Yea..." Abhi replied, and then grimaced theatrically, "arre! You're right! I should've …my poor little brother," he said pinching Sid's cheeks, "he spent all day working so hard." Sid batted away his brother's hands, wondering what they were getting at, then went back to his food. Yuvi spoke seriously, "actually after all this I think Sid should spend the night with us, bechara, he's probably tired. Right Sid?" Sid looked up, three pairs of amused eyes stared at him, he returned their gaze confused; he finally summed up what they were getting at, groaning he replied, "kuch tho sharam karo guys!"

"You don't, why should we?" Atul retorted.

"What does that mean?"

Atul, Abhi, and Yuvi exchanged glances, "you really don't know?"

Sid rolled his eyes, "I'm not going through this again just tell me."

"Nothing." They replied, grinning at him, no one willing to tell him that while he and Rhiddima had been dancing they'd been attracting a lot of attention, leading to their friends forming a circle around them. The guy continued teasing him, until Abhi produced the last surprise of the night; the key to the honeymoon suite of Hotel Palm, conveniently situated over club Cha Cha. Siddhant stared at the key mortified, suddenly flashing back to the first series of meetings with Rhiddima, "NAHI!" he shouted, jumping up with a hand on his cheek. Atul, Abhi, and Yuvi looked up at him bewildered; Sid sat back down after picking up the stool he had knocked down. "First of all," he said, "your forethought absolutely scares me. Secondly, you can keep the key."

"Why?" Yuvi asked, "We thought you would be happy."

Sid shook his head, "look it's my fifth wedding anniversary, and I am in no hurry to celebrate my death anniversary."

They guys laughed, "I'm serious." Sid said, "I don't know how she would react and I'm in no hurry to find out, let me live in peace." He turned to Abhi, "why don't you stay there?"

"Like that wouldn't be obvious?"

"What?" Sid was about to continue when DJ sky interrupted, "Excuse me boys and girls, the lady of the night and her friends have something special for you all!"



Attkan mattkan dahi chatakan
Jor pigeonwa phur bhi ja
Aa re aa re ka re ka ga
Chun chun moti kha re kha
Boondhan boondhan barse barse
Dhua dhua huyi ja re ja
Attkan mattkan dahi chataka
Kha re ka ga kha re kha


Thunder erupted in the distance as the song began, the lights simultaneously dimming so that all that was left was three spotlights which focused on Rhiddima, flanked by Anjali and Nikkita on either side. Their hair flew this way and that as they started dancing to the sensuous and seductive music.

The guys watched, taken aback to say the least, their mouths hanging open. As his wife seemed to lead the others in a scintillating* dance Sid's mind wandered, 'someone pinch me,' he thought, 'I must be dreaming.'

As if reading his mind, Sid received two blows from either side courtesy Atul and Abhi, "Respect." They said disapprovingly. "Hypocrites," Sid muttered frowning.


Ishq barse boondhan boondhan
Chade hain champayi champayi rang
Rangi payal ranga aanchal, rangi main poori tere rang
Doli mann ta na na na
Dhinak dhin tan ta na na na
Ke ab toh aaja yaara aaja aaja laagey nahin mann


Ishq barse boondhan boondhan
Chade hain champayi champayi rang
Rangi payal ranga aanchal, rangi main poori tere rang
Doli mann ta na na na
Dhinak dhin tan ta na na na
Ke ab to aaja yaara aaja aaja laagey laagey nahin mann


The men got up from their seats slowly, still taking in the scene, Yuvi spoke up, "where's Naina?" he asked. Their eyes flew over Rhiddima, Nikkita, and Anjali, busy having a fun time, finally landing on Naina who sat near them with a fan in hand, that's why their hair was blowing all over the place despite being indoors!


Hawayein gaati hai sargam, ghataye bole jo mann tan
Boondh bhi paanch najeray dheere dheere chamak chamak cham cham
Dole mann ta na na na
Dhinak dhin ta na na na
Ke ab to aaja yaara aaja aaja laagey laage na yehn mann

Attkan mattkan dahi chatakan
Jor pigeonwa phur bhi ja
Aa re aa re ka re ka ga
Chun chun moti kha re kha
Boondhan boondhan barse barse
Dhua dhua huyi ja re ja
Attkan mattkan dahi chataka
Kha re ka ga kha re kha


The men conversed what to do, questions popping out. "What's wrong?" "What'd they eat?" "What'd they drink?"

They slipped near the girl's deserted drinks, "O Sh*t" Sid said, tasting a drink. "What?"


Abhi grabbed it from him, eyes widening at the taste, Atul and Yuvi followed; "it was supposed to be lemonade…" Yuvi whispered despairingly.

"O Boy."

"O Dear."

"O Man."

They fell silent observing the women again, three minds wandered simultaneously. Sid was imagining just him and Rhiddima alone in a room. Just them. Not a crowd of their friends and colleagues. Abhi's imagination went somewhere along the same line, Atul however was dreaming of Anjali being showered with flowers, twirling delicately in a green field as he stood watching.


Saans chalti resham resham
Aans badti madham madham
Nashe mein ghoom rahi hoon jhoom rahi hoon, main bijli ke sang
Dole mann ta na na na
Dhinak dhin ta na na na
Ke ab to aaja yaara aaja aaja laage na yeh mann

Ishq barse boondhan boondhan
Chade hain champayi champayi rang
Rangi payal ranga aanchal, rangi main poori tere rang
Doli mann ta na na na
Dhinak dhin ta na na na
Ke ab to aaja yaara aaja aaja laage na yeh mann


"Thank god Naina drank water!" Yuvi was the first to break their silence as he sunk into a chair. The remaining three men snapped out of their dreamlands, rushing to control their spouses, managing instead to get swept up into the dance.

Attkan mattkan dahi chata
Jor pigeonwa phur bhi ja
Aa re aa re ka re ka ga
Chun chun moti kha re kha
Boondhan boondhan barse barse
Dhua dhua huyi ja re ja
Attkan mattkan dahi chata
Kha re ka ga kha re kha

Ishq barse boondhan boondhan
Chade hain champayi champayi rang
Rangi payal ranga aanchal, rangi main poori tere rang
Doli mann ta na na na
Dhinak dhin ta na na na
Ke ab to aaja yaara aaja aaja laagey nahin mann
Ishq barse boondhan boondhan
Chade hain champayi champayi rang
Rangi payal ranga aanchal, rangi main poori tere rang
Doli mann ta na na na
Dhinak dhin ta na na na
Ke ab to aaja yaara aaja aaja laage na yeh mann


The women were moving in a circle, sleek and shimmering saris creating a spectacle as they spun around. Their hips moved to the beat, arms waving. Rhiddima was sashaying around Siddhant as he tried to get her to calm down, reluctantly however he joined in, taking her into his arms to placate her. Abhi and Atul soon met similar fates. Moving together until the end of the song.

Attkan mattkan dahi chatakan
Jor pigeonwa phur bhi ja
Aa re aa re ka re ka ga
Chun chun moti kha re kha
Boondhan boondhan barse barse
Dhua dhua huyi ja re ja
Attkan mattkan dahi chataka
Kha re ka ga kha re kha

The men finally managed to control the giddy women, getting them seated on a couch in a secluded corner of the club, away from curious onlookers.  Yuvi and Naina had headed off to get to bottom of the drinks goof up.

Anjali, Rhiddima, and Nikkita sat in a row, luscious lips grinning and eyes innocently wide as they looked up at the husbands towering over them. Atul, Siddhant, and Abhimanyu looked down at them, contemplating what to do. Behind them the party winded down, DJ Sky beginning to pack up. They finally decided to take the girls to the suite upstairs.


"See?" Abhi said in the elevator, struggling to keep Nikkita's fists at bay, "wasn't the suite a good idea?"

"O shut up," Sid said irritably as Rhiddima slapped him again, stopping to pinch his nose.

Atul chuckled softly, he was having the easiest time of the three; while Nikki pummeled Abhi with shouts of "Modi main tume mardoongi" and Rhiddima went slap-happy mumbling about batameezes, Anjali rested with arms around his neck, repeating Atul's name with her usual flair. They finally managed to get the innocent belles into the room and tucked into the plush bed meant for Siddhant and Rhiddima. That feat over Abhi, Atul, and Sid collapsed onto the couches and armchairs littering the suite, looking at each other warily; the night had definitely not ended the way any of them planned.

Abhi eyed the bed again, sighing, "waise guys, does Nikki look like someone who left two kids at home?"

Sid and Atul turned to observe the three, "No." Atul replied, "None of them look like mothers…"

Sid smiled, suddenly jubilant, "I love my life." He said out loud, Abhi and Atul guffawed tiredly in reply, already falling asleep.

Sid was just dozing off when he Sid realized that his cherished Blackberry was missing; gauging that it was still at the club he exited the room, making sure not to disturb the sleeping Atul and Abhi.




Siddhant finally spoke, "Armaan." He said simply, almost like he had known this would happen. Armaan's voice didn't waver as he replied, "Siddhant."



*scintillating: SRK word lol


 TRACKS USED [I'm that passionate about music]


Pheli Nazar Mein- Race

Kaise Muje- Ghajni

So Right- Roadside Romeo

 Koi Aap Sa- Koi Aap Sa

 Sadje- Khatta Meetha

Talli- Ugli aur Pagli

Twist- Love Aaj Kal

Zoobi Doobi- 3 Idiots

Kwab Deke- Race

 GAzab- Aa Dekhen Zara

 I hate Love Stories- I Hate Luv Storys

 Kini Soni Lagdi- Llomantic

Uff Teri Ada- Karthik Calling Karthik

Naughty Naughty- Cash

Just Dance- Lady Gaga

 Kiss Me Through the Phone- Soulja Boy

 Hot Mess- Cobra Starship

Supermassive Black Hole- Muse

I Gotta Feelin- Black Eyed Peas

Starrstruck- 3OH!3

 1,2,3- Britney Spears

Jaan Meri Jarahi Sanam- Lucky

Adat Ho Chuki- Koi Aap Sa

Gale Lag Jaa- De Dhana Dhan



Naina and Yuvi watched as the last of the guests moved on out; it hadn't taken much time after the three other couples left for the rest of the party goers to disperse. Now all that remained was Yuvi, Naina, and the cleanup crew. Naina sat at the counter, where Yuvi soon joined her.

"Good going with the drinks," Yuvi complimented his wife.

"Thank you darling," she replied with a sweet smile, "your innocent act was marvelous I must say."

"Thank you!" he replied winking.

Yes, it was them; they had laced the drinks. Nothing bad, just something hard enough to get Rhiddima's tongue wagging. What they hadn't expected was that they would choose to drink so late, or that all three of them would get hit. Or that Armaan wouldn't show up. But it was fun anyway, so what the heck!

Naina frowned, "did you see him?" she asked.

"No. But Sid and Rhiddima are ok, so it doesn't really matter." Yuvi jumped of the barstool, and then helped Naina down, "Now let's get you home."

She grasped his outstretched hand smiling, happy with how things had turned out. She paused in her walking, frowning.

"What happened? Tell me you're not going into labor!" Yuvi said panicking. "I don't even have the bag. Oh my-"

"No duffer, I kicked something…" she searched the floor with her eyes. "What was it?" Yuvi asked.

 "I don't know that's what I'm looking for!"

Yuvi groaned, rolling his eyes he got down on all fours, searching for whatever she had kicked.

"Found it!" he emerged from behind some chairs, holding up Siddhant's prized blackberry. "Wait here," he said walking up to Naina again, "I'll go give it to them."

Naina pouted, "He can last the night without it! I wanna go home," she whined. Shaking his head, Yuvraj obliged with him moody wife, planning to call someone to tell them he had the phone.



Armaan tossed the last of his now meager amount of possessions into his bag. Next to it, his phone hummed again, and again he ignored it. He would be back soon enough why was she getting her distressed jeans in a twist?

He sat on the edge of the bed, head in his hands; "I should've never come back," he said to himself, who else was there? He fell back onto the bed courtesy Hotel Palm, tears filled his eyes again. He felt like a one of those bahus in the saas bahu soaps, 'stop crying you idiot' he tried telling himself. It was futile, the tears kept falling.

He had gone to the party, just like he had told himself he would. He had even moved into this hotel, so he would be sure to go. He had entered through the back, blending in and unseen, observing quietly. He had watched the grand entrance of the Modi's, the stab he'd felt when he saw them was inexplicable. Nikki, his Nikki, his best friend Nikki. She was a Modi, and she was acting like, like, like there was never an Armaan. There had only been a Siddhant and Rhiddima, not an Armaan and Rhiddima. His Nikki, acting like Siddhant, not Armaan, was her best friend.

But he had let that go; after all, he was her…her devar. She'd married Abhimanyu. He was happy for her. Really. And when Dr. Shashank and Padma auntie had shown up, he didn't react; she was their daughter. And as far as he knew, Dr. Shashank never liked him right? He really seemed to like Siddhant.

The biggest shock came when Atul and Anjie showed up. There was nothing, nothing to show that they wished he was there and not Siddhant. That it was his anniversary with Rhiddima, not Siddhant's. No, they just walked up all smiles with Siddhant's daughter on Atul's shoulders. His Atul, his friend, his brother, his champ. Atul. And what had Siddhant called him? AJ? 'Lame. Probably Siddhant's idea.' Armaan thought childishly.

He had thought it couldn't get any worse than realizing Rhiddima had moved on, turns out it could. Way worse, the only way to describe him right now was, betrayed. Memories were hitting him like missiles, Atul, Anjie, Nikki, even his random moments with Abhimanyu, and of course there was Rhiddima. If Rahul and Muskaan had been there, he would've done something, he would seriously have done something.

He screamed into a pillow, as old memories were replaced with the painfully raw ones from a couple hours ago. The thing is, he couldn't really blame them either. A part of him wanted to be petty and call them bad friends, but then reason took over. And he knew that life moves on; they couldn't all put their lives on hold because he had decided to disappear. They had just moved past him, started their lives again. And somehow in the process Siddhant had managed to take his place.


He had been standing near the back of the bar, sipping on a drink as he observed the festivities. Watching the couples dance, each in a world of their own, a world that no longer had a place for him. He'd gotten up to move when Surili had started playing, it froze him in his place. He had stood rooted to his spot as everyone else danced, stood rooted through Siddhant's speech, and stood rooted to the same spot as Siddhant began serenading Rhiddima. She had cried when he finished, even from that distance Armaan could see her tears. Had she ever cried when he sung? Had she ever been so moved? Asking himself this, his eyes started to tear, and then they had met Siddhant's.

It was then that it hit him, hiding behind a pillar at the party in honor of Siddhant and Rhiddima Modi's fifth anniversary, that he couldn't blame Siddhant. He couldn't blame anyone. 'Siddhant was probably a nice guy; undeserving of the string of insults you've been flinging in his direction all night. All these people they love Siddhant. Siddhant isn't the impostor, You Are.'

He'd made his exit then; choosing instead to hit the gym, where his angst and anguish, his hurt, could be put to good use. After that, he decided, he would leave; as soon as possible, leave. He didn't want to meet anyone. No, he was ready to go. Run off. He could do that. Nothing new, 'leave like you always do Armaan.' He taunted himself. "Leave." Lightning struck outside, as if agreeing with him.


Armaan leaned against the back of the elevator, unable to stop himself from remembering. Each memory hit him like the bullet that had ended it all. The first day of his internship, the basketball court, their fights, their friends…the moments that had made his life. As the lift paused to let on another passenger Armaan turned to face the rear, leaning his forehead against the cool metal.

He didn't notice the young man who had just walked on. No, not until the elevator jarred halfway between floors, fatefully trapping them together with no means of escape. Leaving with only the emergency lights to illuminate their faces.

"Sh*t!" the man cursed, fiddling with the array of buttons on the side, Armaan turned curiously, just in time to see him angrily bang his hand against the buttons. Cursing again as he turned to face his fellow passenger.

The two men finally came face to face, each too shocked to move. Siddhant finally spoke, "Armaan." He said it simply. Calmly. Almost like he had known this would happen, but how could he? Armaan's voice didn't waver as he replied, "Siddhant."

They stared at each other; adversaries in a battle long over, won in the end by fate alone. The same cruel fate which had thrown then in this elevator together, for a time known only to that fate itself, and for a reason, known only to fate itself.



Rhiddima's eyes fluttered open as she felt a gentle breeze brushing against her skin. She took in the room with awe; it wasn't a room at all, more like an open house. Perhaps it was someone's guesthouse? Big bay windows surrounded three sides of the big hall, sheer white curtains ruffled in the wind. There was an ornate curving staircase leading down. She stepped towards it as the song began playing'


shukran allah wallah alham dulillah - (4)

thank you allah, allah be praised


As she reached the bottom, she saw someone hidden between the curtains, they moved towards her slowly. Realizing who it was, she smiled brightly.

Armaan came closer, crooning:

nazron se nazrein mili to

when my eyes met your eyes,

jannat si mehki fizaayein

the atmosphere fragranted like heaven

lab ne jo lab chhoo liya to

when we touched our lips with each other,

aasmaan se barsi duaaien

prayers showered from sky


aisi apni mohabbat

such is our love,

aisi rooh-e-ibaadat

such is the essence of our devotion,

hum pe meherbaan do jahaan

that both the worlds are kind on us


He pulled her close, twirling her around, somehow managing to do a version of the salsa to the slow beat of the song.


shukran allah wallah alham dulillah - (4)

teri baahaon mein yeh jism khil gaya

my body brightened in your arms

teri saanson mein chain mil gaya

i found peace in your breath

kaise rahein ab hum juda

how can i now remain away from you?

tere paas hum itne hue

i came so close to you

tere khawaab apne hue

that your dreams became mine

aise huye ab hum fida

such is the way i fell in love with you

He led her through a series of twists and turns, the very feel of him made her feel liberated. Free. Loved.

aise uski inaayat

such was the kindness of god,

mit gayi har shikaayat

that all my complaints got over

hum pe meherbaan do jahaan

and both the worlds are kind on us


They smiled at each other as the words, wind, and curtains clouded around them; lost in their own world of happiness. He spun her out, only to reel her back in and send her flying out again. She spun around happily, in a circle. Then realized he wasn't there.

shukran allah wallah alham dulillah - (4)

She closed her eyes, falling back; she knew he would be there. And then, as expected, she was caught, she opened her eyes slowly, with a smile, and was met with shock. It wasn't Armaan, but Siddhant. Who helped her stand up and led her through a slow series of steps. A gentle waltz; making her feel safe again. Loved again. She looked into his eyes; she could see his soul from here. His love for her.


tere saaye mein mili har khushi

i found happiness in your shade

teri marzi meri zindagi

your will is my life

le chal tu chaahe jahaan

take me wherever you wish to

haan haan
meri aankhon mein nazar teri hai

there is your sight in my eyes

meri sham-o-seher teri hai

my mornings and evenings are your's

tu jo nahin to main kahan

i am nowhere if you are not there

khil gayi meri kismat

my luck brightened

paa ke teri yeh chaahat

after attaining your love

hum pe meherbaan do jahaan

both the worlds are kind on us

shukran allah wallah alham dulillah - (4)


Suddenly she was pulled from his loving gaze, pulled into a rapid salsa with Armaan. "Sid!" she screamed, each time she turned she searched for his face. She could see it changing, such sad eyes. Why was he leaving? No! "Siddhant! No!" but he didn't respond, he receded even further into the darkness, a faint but sad smile on his face.


She raced after Siddhant, ignoring Armaan's pleas. "Siddhant! No! Don't Go!"



"Siddhant! Sid! Come back!"

"Rhiddima, wake up!" "Rhidzy! Rhidzy!"


"Rhidzy, shhh, it's ok!"


Rhiddima's eyes flew open, it was just a dream. No, not a dream, a nightmare. She breathed deeply, sitting up slowly. Anjali di and Nikki flanked her on either side; her eyes searched the number of eyes looking down at her. None of them were the ones she was looking for. "Sid?" she arched her neck, trying to see past Abhi and Atul, "where's Sid?" she asked worriedly.

The others looked around, finally realizing she was missing.

"It's ok Rhiddima," Abhi assured her, "he's probably in the bathroom."

She wasn't sated, she needed to see him. "Where is Sid? Sid!" she yelled out, hoping he would answer. Abhi and Atul ran to check the rest of the suite, returning with worried looks. "He's not here," they announced.

Rhiddima scrambled around in the bed, the many layers of sheets twisting around her body as she tried to get out, "Sid Sid Sid." She repeated frantically, "Where are you?"

Anjali and Nikki followed her out, "shhh, it's ok, we'll find him." Anjali took her into her arms, "he's not a kid." Nikki assured her, "he'll be back soon."




Siddhant and Armaan stood still; in fact time seemed to stand still. After daring to utter each other's names, they were speechless. Their eyes, which moments before had steadily met, not darted nervously around the small space. The lift seemed to grow smaller, into a crevice almost, as they realized that they were stuck. Together. Now they only had two options, sit awkwardly in silence for however long it took for them to be evicted, or try to hold what was bound to be one of the world's most awkward conversations ever.


Of course they attempted the first option first. They retreated into opposite corners, sinking to sit on the floor. Still hesitant to pointedly look at each other, they pretended to observe frivolous things. As Siddhant pretended to intently study an inscription on the switchboard, Armaan focused on his phone, rendered useless in the lift. They both snuck glances at each other, taking in details. After twenty minutes of pin drop silence, the air filled with uneasy tension, Siddhant spoke up again, "What were you doing in my bushes?"

Armaan's head jerked up, surprised that Siddhant had spoken, let alone admitted to have seen him in the bushes! "I-I..."

Siddhant winced, "sorry! I, wow, sorry! Did not mean that the way it sounded-"

"Yes you did, and you're right to ask-"

"No really, I- I should've. I- sorry."

Armaan observed the man, Siddhant's flustered face and innocently wide eyes were filled with regret.

"I'm sorry." Armaan said, "For everything."

Siddhant looked at him confused, "why? I mean, you didn't do anything."

Armaan scoffed, "yes I did. You obviously know about the bushes, I- that was wrong. I'm sorry."

Siddhant smiled at him, a small nervous smile, but a smile none the less. "It's ok." He replied softly, "I forgive you."

 The lift fell silent again as they each studied the floor for a few minutes, unsure how to continue.

Once again, Sid spoke up, "I saw you again." They looked up at each other, eyes flitting around to avoid any possible direct contact. "You were at the chai stall, and I got out of my car to talk to you. But I chickened out at the last minute."

"I saw you too," Armaan admitted, "I was getting ready to run, but you diverted'I was planning on personally giving you a membership card." He muttered the last part to himself, but Siddhant still caught it.

"Card? To what?" he wondered out loud.

Armaan's eyes widened, 'shit he'd heard.' "It's' stupid really. You were walking towards me and I wanted to run. But my feet wouldn't move and I was panicking, thinking about what I would say to you and I ' I thought, well, I love Rhiddima." Armaan had started fiddling with his when he'd begun speaking, staring intently at it. Now he looked up to meet Siddhant's eyes; they didn't waver, didn't accuse, so he continued, "a-and you love Rhiddima. We both love Rhiddima. I thought, we should start a club, we could be the sole two members'" Armaan looked down again.

"' of the I Love Rhiddima Club." Siddhant finished for him.

Armaan looked up again, his eyes meeting Siddhant's a smile broke out on their faces. The ridiculous notion of such a club, that they could both think of that, formed a bond. An understanding. The realization that they couldn't change the past, but the future. Yes the present and the present they could.

"Did you change your mind?" Siddhant asked?

Armaan's face scrunched up thoughtfully, "about what?"

"About giving me a membership; it's a pretty exclusive club right? And you decide who gets in'"

Armaan laughed a little, scornfully; he was regrettably starting to like this guy, he had a sense of humor. "I think you of all people get automatic membership," he said, "but'" He reached into his bag, rummaging around until he emerged with a notebook and pen. Tearing out a sheet, he creased it, neatly tearing out a strip. On the paper he drew two large hearts, and inside them wrote: Member: The I Love Rhiddima Club. He tore the strip neatly in two, giving one to Siddhant and keeping one for himself.


Siddhant took out his wallet, securely slipping the "card" behind a family picture he always carried with him. He smiled looking down at the snapshot; it was a fairly recent one. It was taken on the front steps of their home; he was sitting on the top step and had his arms around Rhiddima, who sat between his legs holding Ashi.


Armaan watched Siddhant curiously, what was he smiling at? It seemed to be a picture.


Siddhant looked up at saw Armaan's curious glance. He looked at the picture, hesitant to hand it over. Rethinking however, he held it out, waiting for Armaan to take it.


Armaan looked at him, surprised, then hesitantly took it, sucking in a breath as he saw the picture; a beautiful picture, of a beautiful family. For a minute he couldn't help but think that should be him. She didn't look much different; a little more mature maybe. Different hair, clothes, but the same gorgeous smile, the same twinkling eyes. But the glow around her was different; this was Rhiddima Modi, not his Basket. She was different, yet the same. Somehow he sensed she was more carefree, she didn't have to hide her love for this man, not like I had always been with them. He handed the wallet back, sullen.


"Was she always so fiery?" Siddhant's voice snapped Armaan out of his interlude, "was she what?"

Siddhant furtively checked their surrounds, leaning in, "So' hotheaded'.bossy."


Armaan couldn't help it, the way Siddhant had said it, like he expected Rhiddima to jump out any moment and beat him up, he just had to laugh. He shook his head, "if you mean self righteous, then yes."


Siddhant laughed too, more at the irony of the situation than at Armaan's comment, but he did agree, he nodded in agreement. "She can be self righteous-"

"But if she's wrong," Armaan said.
"She'll admit it."" Siddhant added.

"Reluctantly." Armaan finished with a smile.


The two men stared at each other in astonishment; here they were, already finishing each other's sentences. Wow.


They continued staring, unsure what to make of this new development. Finally, Armaan spoke up, "the first time we met, she beat me at my own game, basketball." He paused, twiddling his thumbs and wondering if he should continue. "I didn't want to admit it, but she did; then I saw her at the hospital and got her back. And she got me back, and I got her back, and-"

"It kept going till you fell in love?" Siddhant guessed.

"Until I fell in love." Armaan corrected, "it took ' a while for her to agree.

"She's stubborn."

"Yea'" both men fell silent again as they thought of the object of their affections.

"We played basketball too," Siddhant started his own story, "but that's not how we met. We' really started off on the wrong foot. It was at the airport, and she'" he trailed off, grimacing at the unsavory memory.

"She?" Armaan probed.

Siddhant cleared his throat, "she accused me of molesting her. Then got me arrested. Then later she accused me of kidnapping her. And got me arrested."


Armaan bit his lip struggling with his urge, giving in, he burst out laughing. He hadn't laughed in what seemed forever, but Siddhant's tale, and his own memory of a night spent in jail courtesy the one and only Rhiddima Gupta was too much. That or he was going crazy, but it was most likely the second one.

Siddhant frowned at him disdainfully; wait till he heard how they got married'


Next Part 17:


Abhi and Atul rushed towards the rendezvous point, aka the receptionist desk. In their rush they couldn't stop in time and crashed into each other.

"Dr. Atul!" For a minute Abhi reverted to Sadu Modi mode, then recovered, "sorry Atul," he said.

"Find anything?" Atul asked. Abhi shook his head, no. "The stupid power had to go out now too! Dam* it!" he kicked the floor.

Atul massaged his forehead, "where could he go? And why would he leave without telling us?"

Abhi leaned against a pillar, eyes closed, "Stupid. Idiot. Moron." He muttered.

Atul sighed, come on, we have to go tell the women."

Abhi groaned, "Stupid power cut! I don't want to walk up 14 flights of stairs!"

Atul froze, eyes suddenly alight, "THE ELEVATOR! ABHI! What if Sid is stuck in there?"

Abhi's eyes met Atul's equally excited, they turned to the harried receptionist, "WHERE'S THE ELEVATOR?!?!?" Abhi screamed.

The y young receptionist was scared by the two over excited men towering over her, eyes wide, she pointed towards the elevators.

Abhi calmed down, "no, we mean it's not working right? Because of the power cut?"

She shook her head, "n-no it's not."

Atul smiled kindly, "well is there a way to know where it stopped? Or if anyone is inside?"

She bit her lip, she liked this man better than the other, he seemed nice…

"Miss?" Abhi asked.

"No Sir, there isn't. We can tell you what floor it's on or between, but not if there's anyone inside."

"Well we need you to get a mechanic here," Abhi said, "because my little brother is stuck in there."

"We think." Atul interjected.

"Where else could he be?" Abhi asked.

Atul nodded agreeing, "Right. Sid's stuck in the elevator!"


"Sid's stuck in the elevator?" A feeble voice questioned from behind, Abhi and Atul winced, she really didn't need to hear that. They turned slowly, in time to see her bottom lip quivering, cueing another bout of sobs. She leaned heavily onto her sister, who along with Nikki led her to a nearby couch. She buried her face into Anjali's shoulder; she didn't know why she was crying so much. But she just could stop. She needed to see Sid now, to make sure he was alright, that he was still here for her. But Sid was gone; he was stuck in an elevator. What if something happened… her mind flew through the possible outcomes. What if he ran out of air? What if the cable was weak and broke? "Sid…" She gasped, "Please come back…"


Anjali and Nikki soothed her, giving each other worried glances, why was she so worked up? What kind of dream had she seen?

Abhi and Atul convinced the receptionist to get the mechanic and then came to sit down with their wives; comforting a miserable Rhiddima.




"So she gets you arrested twice, slaps you silly, accuses you of rape, and you marry her?"

"Well when you put it like that…"

"You're insane!"

"Hey! She got you arrested too."

"That was a misunderstanding."

"As was this…sort of."



They sat next to each other now, side by side. In the last hour they had given up sitting still; choosing instead to move about the elevator, exchanging stories about the one and only Rhiddima Modi nee Gupta.


A strange comfort had formed between the men; they seemed connected by their love for her. At the very least they should've been not talking, but no, here they were telling each other the weirdest oddest things. The things they hadn't told anyone else, because no one else knew Rhiddima like they did. Their feelings, motivation, insecurities, all laid out along with tales of Rhiddima's anger, Rhiddima's love, Armaan's love, Siddhant's love… the elevator seemed to have taken them to a different world.


Here, secluded from the rest of society, it seemed almost acceptable that a woman's past and her present could peacefully sit side by side discussing why they love her. Even the silences as they each mulled over their thoughts were comfortable; they had no reason to be awkward here, away from the rest of the world. And for the time being, Armaan Malik and Siddhant Modi would very much love to forget the rest of the world.


As time dragged on, they grew drowsy, each tired from the day's events. Slowly, as he fell asleep, Siddhant's head slipped onto Armaan's shoulder, and remained there unmoving. Soon after Armaan's own head rested on top of it, as he too fell asleep.


They awoke soon after in that very position as the elevator jarred to life. As the veil of sleep lifted, they got up from the floor, holding onto each other for support. They looked at each other regretfully; after those double doors opened, things would change. No matter how much they wished they didn't have to, they had to walk out. They face the world that was always so full of questions and accusations.


"Good bye Siddhant."  Armaan stuck out his hand, a comforting smile on his face. Siddhant clasped it firmly, "It's Sid for friends Armaan."

"So we're friends now?"

"I'd like to think so."

"Then good bye Sid."

"It doesn't have to be goodbye," Siddhant said.

Armaan gave him a knowing look, yes it did; at least for now. Before he could voice his thoughts however, the lift came to a stop. Armaan let go of Siddhant's hand noticing his anxious eyes flying to the door.

Siddhant gave Armaan a last heartrending look as the doors slid open; it was goodbye, for now.




A collective sigh of relief resonated throughout the lobby as the doors slid open and Sid stepped out. Almost immediately Rhiddima was shooting out of her seat nearby, not stopping until she had plowed through Abhi and Atul and burrowed herself into Siddhant's arms. In the comfort and love she had grown to distinguish as her Siddhant.


Siddhant's slightly relieved smile turned into a concerned frown as she clutched at him, her sobs pausing only to choke out his name. He hugged her comfortingly, slightly confused yet touched that she had missed him so much. "It's ok Rhiddi," he whispered into her hair, "I'm here. I'm ok," he laid a kiss on the top of her head reassuringly, she sniffed, slightly nodding.

"Don't leave me." She whispered, sounding slightly pitiful. He looked down at her shocked, she wrapped her arms around him more tightly face buried in his chest, refusing to let go, "please don't leave me."

He shushed her, "never, Rhiddi, what's wrong? What happened?" he probed; he got no answer as she simply nestled further into him, tears still falling as she stood reveling in  his aura. Siddhant looked up at the others, who stood watching. His questioning eyes were met with shrugs; they didn't know what happened either.

Abhi, now recovered from the shove courtesy his sister in law, began pelting his brother with questions, the others joined in too. Siddhant stood confounded as to whether he should answer their inquiries or take care of Rhiddima.

"What were you doing in the elevator?"

"We walked up and down fourteen flights of stairs!"

"Why were you up so late?"

"Couldn't you have told someone?"

"We were all so worried!"

"Sid you have to stop acting like a kid-"


"GUYS!" Sid finally interrupted, "SHUT UP!"

Abhi, Atul, Nikki, and Anjali fell silent, Rhiddima giggled slightly into Siddhant's torso. Siddhant rolled his eyes, "you two were already asleep," he said to Abhi and Atul, "and you" he said to Nikki and Anjali, "were passed out from getting dr-"

Nikki's glare stopped him from continuing, but his point was made.


Sid let out a breath forcefully, "anyway," he said, "there's someone you guys should meet."

Siddhant hadn't moved from his spot yet, he was still in front of the open elevator. He turned towards it now, gently since Rhiddima was still wrapped around him.

"Ah…" Sid began to say, but trailed off when he realized the elevator was empty. Sid looked at the small space stunned, had he imagined the whole thing?


"Who'd you want us to meet Sid?" Abhi posed the question on all their minds.

Siddhant turned again slightly to gape at them, "he- he,"

"Sid? Are you ok?" Nikki asked.

"Armaan!" Siddhant exclaimed, "He was here!" The group stilled, but Siddhant continued, "he- he was there! I swear!" I- we were talking!"

Rhiddima lifted her head, looking up concerned. Sid looked at everyone's unconvinced faces, then at the empty lift, "he was…I…"

They all looked at him concerned and unbelieving.

"He-he…" Siddhant stuttered to a stop, frowning, why would he leave like that?

"Never mind," he finally said, "let's just go home."


A moment of silence passed before Nikki disagreed, it was late and raining cats and dogs outside. They should spend the night here. Giving in, Siddhant, Rhiddima, and the others began to trudge up the fourteen flights of stairs; no one wanted to risk the elevator again. Of course, less than halfway up the girls insisted they be carried like the princesses they were.



Hours later, after everyone had fallen asleep again Siddhant sat in the bathroom alone. Perched on the edge of the bathtub he ran his fingers over the small piece of paper in his hand.

It was real, it had happened. And as suddenly as he had appeared, Armaan Malik had disappeared, leaving behind only this.

Sid knew he could show it to the others, as proof. But no. Somehow, this felt too private, for Rhiddima even. This was something just for the two of them, the two sole members of the I Love Rhiddima Club.

He slipped the card back into his wallet, eyes wandering over to the window, which revealed the violent weather outside. 'I hope Armaan's alright.' He thought worriedly, he shouldn't have let him leave in this weather. Wandering closer to the window, he laid a hand on the glass. His eyes searched the bleak vicinity outside as he said the three words he'd forgotten to say to his new friend, "Thank you, Armaan."

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Fate....O So Cruel Fate: The Epilogue Part 1




Two Years Later


She sat in front of him, she had heard of patients falling for their doctors, and doctors falling for their patients before. But she had never imagined it happening to her. She looked at the man laid out before her; his body held no sign of his past exploits, his face and skin were as pale as a ghost's, and yet she knew that when he opened his eyes, they would have a twinkle of mischief in them,  symbolic of the man he had been. She was a resident doctor now, no longer the intern that had first been infatuated with the young man brought to the clinic five years ago. Now it was a mature understanding of him, a special love.

She'd spent hours on the stool in his room listening as he amused her with his antics and stories, cried silently as her told her about his life, what he had loved and lost, and sat there holding his hand on the worst days when he himself couldn't remember his life.  Her heart had gone out to the man who had been defeated by love.  While the rest of her batch had gone onto bigger hospitals, getting higher paying jobs, she had stayed. Only for him, for this amazing, crazy, loving man.




"Shona?" her eyes slowly fluttered open, a loving smile already emerging on her face. Only one person used that nickname. "How are you Armaan?"

"I'm feeling great! Infact, I kind of feel like going outside, do you think we could?" he looked at her with the excited look of a little boy asking for a toy.

"We'll see, after last time, I don't think chief would warrant that'" she replied, her eyebrow cocked.

"Aww come on Shona! Please???" he pouted.

"I'll go see Armaan." She smiled, shaking her head; she already knew she would be in the chief's office groveling in a while.

"Dr. Sonali? Is now a good time?" the young intern peered in through the door, squinting in an attempt to not see quote 'anything she really didn't want to see.'

"Of course," Sonali replied, getting up, "I'll see you later Armaan."

"Bye Shona!" he said a bright smile on his face, "I love you!"

She returned his smile and walked out easily masking the pain his friendly words gave her, how would she tell a dying man that she loved him so deeply?


"Boyfriend!" the twenty year old intern walked in, the bright smile on her face matching that on his, "how are you today?"

"Now that you're here, never better."

"Ok now we have to do some checkups, it's the fifth tomorrow, and you know what that means."

He sighed, "Minnie is it necessary that you we do it every month?"

"Armaan bhaiya, you know as well as I do that it is, you didn't let me stop, and I won't let you. Dhekna, you'll be alright."

She sat around for a while after his check up was done; it was a small clinic and therefore didn't have many regular patients she had to check up on, she could spare time for her "boyfriend." As he slowly drifted off to sleep again, she got up and left, wiping the tears that inadvertently came every time she saw him, it was more common these days as the tests kept coming back negative, he wasn't getting any better- and he knew it. It broke her heart to see her Dr. Armaan like this, she wanted so badly for him to be the same intern that had taken her under his wing at Sanjeevani. She wanted the man that had been like a brother to her to be his old self again. But it looked like he had never had hope; he hadn't had hope for the last few years. He'd saved her life more than once before and she would do anything to save his, but it just didn't seem to be working, he was defeated.


Shona sat in her office going over Armaan's test results, she looked up as Minnie knocked on the door, her face anxious and worried; Shona slowly shook her head, no. Minnie entered hesitantly, not really wanting to hear the rest.




Ishq Leta Hai Kaise Imtehan

Ishq Leta Hai Kaise Imtehan

Ishq Mein Jiyoon

Ishq Mein Maroon

Ishq Hi Mera Bhagwan

Hai Rabba

Tu Hi Meri Jaan

Tu Hi Jahan

Tu Hi Meri Manzil

Tere Ishq Mein

Mein Qurban'


Minnie's feet faltered as she headed towards Armaan's room, she could hear strains of a song. His song, he could forget many things but not this. That song was a piece of him, the beat of his heart. How could she tell him this?  But she didn't have to, he was awake and alert today, "how long" he simply asked.

"A month, maybe two" she broke down running to him she flung her arms around him, years ago he had cried for her, now here she was, begging him not to go. He was calmly accepting the news, stroking her hair gently as her violent sobs filled the room. After she finally began calming down he lifted her chin up so her eyes would meet his. "Minnie, I want you to promise me some things." She nodded, still unable to speak. "I need you to let me go peacefully, and after I'm-" she cried out again, realizing what he was about to say. "Armaan, you can't go! No, I won't let you!"

"Minnie, listen to me. Please." He continued, as calm as the gentle sea, "after I'm gone I want you to be happy, I want you to find that special guy and hold on tight, don't let him go. And when you find him, make sure it's someone you can talk to, make sure you don't hide anything from him, do you get that? Don't make the same mistake I made'" she nodded, sniffling. "The second thing is tell Rhiddima and Siddhant Modi good bye for me. Tell them I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused, and all the hurt. I didn't mean to do that. Tell them, that each mistake can teach us something, if we're willing. And lastly, tell that Siddhant that in our next life he won't get her that easily, he'll have to fight me to the death because next time Armaan Malik isn't going down this easy."As he finished his very short list, he added a small request, "can you also call Mr. Aluwalia, my lawyer, I need to sort some things out." She lay in his arms for quite a while before she got up and left, he was already dozing off. She set off to do the tasks he had assigned her, if her boyfriend was going down; he was going down as happy as she could make it.


Sonali stood in the doorway, watching him sleep. Somehow this man, who was living and dying for someone else, had become the love of her life. He had become the reason she couldn't wait to get to work, the reason she hated going home. She had never told him, never told him what he was to her. Never told him that when he slept, she watched him wishing he was hers. That he would come home to her. She had never told him that she loved him, and she never would. Because she couldn't let Armaan Malik go with the knowledge that he had let another person down. She knew it haunted him, that he felt like a failure, a coward. That behind that bright smile, those twinkling eyes, he was broken. And although from the outside he looked worn down, inside he was even more so. And because of that Sonali would never tell her first love how she felt. She would never tell him that he meant the world to her.


Sonali to Armaan; Armaan to Rhiddima: Leja Leja- Tere Sang

Piya O Piya
Piya Piya
Piya ho Piya
Piya a Piya
Leja Leja Tere sang o piya
Leja Leja leja tere sang o piyaa a a a
Leja Leja Tere sang o piya
Leja Leja tere sang o piya

Tere bina mane na mera jiya
Ab kuch jane na
Leja Na
Tere bina mane na mera jiya
Ab kuch jane na

o Ho

Tu mera junnon hai
Tu mera Sukun hai
Yeh janta hai Khuda

Leja Leja Tere sang o piya
Leja Leja tere sang o piya

Jeene Na De Ek Lamha bhi
Yadoon ki tanhaiyaan
Peeche peeche Chalti rahein
Khawabon ki parchiyan

Kiya hai Bharosa
Dena nahi dhokha
Umeed na todnaa

Tu mera junnon hai
Tu mera Sukun hai
Yeh janta hai Khudaa

Leja Leja Tere sang o piya
Leja Menu leja tere sang

[Punjabi Lines]

Bole Bole Kuch bhi bole
Duniya ki parwah nahi
Duja Tujko ehsaas mein
Rab mera duja nahi

Mujh mein rawa hai
Tu mera jahan hai
Daman na ab chodna

Tu mera junnon hai
Tu mera Sukun hai
Yeh janta hai Khudaa

Leja Leja Tere sang o piya
Leja Menu leja tere sang o piya
Leja Leja Tere sang o piya
Tere Sang




Sid helped Rhiddima out of the car, her inflated abdomen preventing her from moving freely. She stood in front of the clinic, observing each detail. So this is where Armaan Malik had chosen to spend his final days. As Sid helped her climb the stairs leading to the main door, apprehension filled her mind. When she'd first gotten the call she had thought coming here was a good idea, it would give all of them a final closure. She remembered Minnie's voice on the phone, "and he says 'tell that Siddhant that in our next life he won't get her that easily, he'll have to fight me to the death', but didi, I think it would be better if he told you that himself." "I think so too Minnie," she had replied, and Sid, the sweetheart he was, hadn't objected for a second. They'd gotten in the car as soon as possible and came to the address given by Minnie.

The doors to the clinic opened and an equally apprehensive Minnie stood at the entrance, her gaze zigzagging between Rhiddima and Siddhant. She took the man in; he stood tall and confident next Rhiddima, supporting her as she waddled up the stairs. Minnie had obviously not been aware of the fact that Rhiddima was pregnant, she now feared it would be like rubbing Armaan's defeat in his face all over again. She smiled tightly, in reply to Rhiddima's whole hearted one; seeing her visibly hurt however, Minnie succumbed to the urge and gave Rhiddima a hug, awkward as it was with her protruding stomach. Turning to Siddhant, she extended a hand out, "I've heard a lot about you." Siddhant returned her shake with a firm one of his own, but chose not to say anything but a simple, "Hello."


As they were ushered into Armaan's room, Rhiddima and Siddhant silently gasped, neither of them had expected this kind of atrophy, and they were stunned into silence. Armaan was asleep and sleeping next to him, hunched over from a chair was a young woman, a doctor. Her hand was encased in his and they both slumbered. Not wanting to wake them up, Rhiddima and Siddhant walked back out, and Minnie led them to the small cafeteria. Over cups of steaming chai, she told them about everything that had happened in the past few years.

Armaan had found her again and sponsored her through medical school; she was unaware of his condition till she began as an intern here two years ago. Three years ago, both Billy and Ahanya had died in a car accident, not far from here. Armaan had inherited all of their wealth, and she'd just been told that she would inherit half of his assets after he passed, the other half being donated to various foundations.

"He has this dying thing all sorted out," Minnie said sadly, "he knows what he wants, how he wants it, he's been writing it all down, just in case he forgets the next day." Siddhant and Rhiddima looked down at their coffee mugs then each other, what do you say to that? "He's been having more and more good days," Minnie continued, "but Dr. Sonali is still saying there isn't any word and chief says the same. You remember chief right Rhiddima didi?"

Rhiddima looked up questioningly, "chief?"


Minnie was interrupted by the chief himself, "Rhiddima. How are you?"

Rhiddima turned at the familiar voice, scoffing in surprise, "Rahul?" Getting up she gave him a hug, and introduced Siddhant, who was sized the second time in two hours, this time by the chief, Rahul Gerewal. Deciding that if Armaan can't hate him, he couldn't either, Rahul pulled up a chair. After filling them in on the rest of the case he asked, "So what are your plans? How long are you staying?"

Rhiddima and Siddhant exchanged glances before she replied, "we didn't really plan that' Just got in the car and came."

Rahul nodded, "why don't you come stay with us? She's bored sitting around alone anyway'"

Rhiddima's eyes jerked to his face, astonished. Us? She? Rahul winked with a small smile, "He helped her convince me," he said.

For a moment Rhiddima's eyes danced with excitement, and then realizing why she was meeting Rahul, she lowered her gaze sadly. Suddenly she felt guilty; she looked up to see Siddhant closing his eyes reassuringly. She swallowed, giving him a small smile; what would she do without him?


After a while the group got up again, proceeding to Armaan's room. One by one they filed in. He looked up taken aback at the unexpected guests. Recovering quickly however he asked in typical Armaan fashion, "Wha! Poora Sanjeevani Panchgani main kya karahehain?"

Everyone smiled at his jab, Rhiddima hesitantly walked towards his bed. "It's ok Basket, I'm dying, not dead. Tum mere paas asakti hoon." She let out a sob at his words, her eyes automatically brimming with tears and Sid automatically moving to try and help. Pushing him away she wiped her tears, an annoyed look replacing the sad one. Crossing her arms, she plopped down on the now empty stool next to him, continuing to stare. He smiled at the familiar look that had made his days, he looked past her to Sid, "why are you guys here?"

"We wanted to be with you Armaan." For the first time since he'd arrived, Sid spoke more than two words. "I wanted to be there for my friend." He smiled reassuringly, walking to the other side of the bed. Armaan scoffed disdainfully, looking to Rahul he said, "Would you look at that? This chap here stole my girl, and he's just arrived with a friendship day card!" he grinned up at Siddhant who reciprocated with a smirk of his own. The two men had somehow come to share an easy bond, maybe it was because they were the sole two members of the 'I Love Rhiddima Club.'


A few days later Siddhant and Rhiddima were still there, catching up on each other's lives with Armaan. One morning he woke up and he didn't know anyone, his illness had taken over and he looked at everyone as if they were strangers. He recoiled from everyone, seeming not to trust anyone. Everyone was outside his room in the hall, wondering what to do; finally Sonali marched in, having had enough, "Armaan Malik, you listen here; we have been babying you and coddling you so better damn well remember something. Cause we sure as hell are not going to give up until you are you again!" she screamed. Then collapsed onto the stool crying, surprisingly Armaan didn't resist as she held his hand. One by one everyone entered the room. Suddenly Armaan was Armaan again, and he smiled reassuringly at everyone in the room. Sonali still holding his hand on one side, on the other was Rhiddima, holding his other hand, Sid standing protectively behind her, Rahul and Minnie standing at his feet.


The heart monitor began beeping erratically as he took his final gasps of air; Rhiddima still clutching his hand leaned back onto Sid for support, crying, tears ran down Sid's face too as he held onto his wife. Sonali was inconsolable grasping his hand for life; Minnie and Rahul stood speechless at the foot of the bed, silently weeping. Armaan didn't have any last words, he was always a man of action, he simply smiled. It was a valiant, tender smile that stayed on his face even as his last breath slowly gave way and they were all left to shed tears in his memory.


R.I.P: this dude

Introducing: hello sweetness!!!

And this prettiness:




Winds stirred the curtains as a sleeping body awoke. Lazily stretching his limbs the young man flipped around in bed, revealing his toned abs and chiseled face. His eyes blinked open slowly as he yawned, falling on the nearby clock; the dark gray orbs widened as he read the time. He leapt out of bed, thinking, 'aaj tho main gaya!' In less than ten minutes he had showered and was bounding down the stairs; diving into the bright yellow sports car courtesy his parents, he rushed to work.

"Where is Dr. Armaan?" Chocolate brown eyes raked inquisitively over the five interns lined up in front of her. Looking down the interns exchanged glances with each other; once again the generally undisputed leader of their gang was late!

"Where is Dr. Armaan?" the question was repeated, this time more forcefully. The man in question suddenly appeared, skidding to a stop next to the other interns, who stood facing the senior doctor.

"Oh!" She exclaimed, "Thank you Dr. Armaan! You have graced us with your presence! We all waiting for you, because that is, of course, the only thing we have to do here at Sanjeevani."

"Di- I mean Maam, I'm-"

"No Excuses Dr. Armaan" Dr. Ashita interrupted. As punishment you will have night duty and rectal exams, am I clear?"

He looked down sullenly, "Yes maam."

"Good." She turned to the other interns, assigning them their duties and heading off to complete her own. Giving Armaan a pat on the back, Mayank whispered, "Sorry dude," before walking off hand in hand with his girlfriend and partner for the day Nupur, Maan and Geet threw him sympathetic looks before walking off together. Only Shilpa snickered quietly at his misfortune, in return he threw her a murderous look. In reply she shrugged, walking off; he glared after her, muttering "'chudail," through his clenched teeth.

"He didn't!" A familiar voice came from behind him, it continued gasping, and "He did! You know," the voice said sagely, "the last person I called chudail was you mother, and you obviously know how that ended up!"

Armaan turned to face his father, standing behind him, "yea." He replied. "But you and mom are different."  He turned to look after Shilpa, "I HATE her! Thinks she's some big shot doctor, walking in with I'm too good for you attitude and'" he continued mumbling about her as he headed to general ward.

Siddhant Modi leaned onto the nurses' station counter, watching his son fondly, mischief stirring in his mind. A devious yet wily grin emerged on his face, his son wasn't letting down on family traditions, everyone knew Modi men had once wanted to kill their wives!


As he headed to the general ward, Armaan changed direction, turning he stormed towards the private offices, bursting through the one with a door that read 'Rhiddima Modi.' Gray eyes that matched his gazed up at him, her eyebrow rising inquisitively at her son. He stepped in front of her desk, she watched on curiously as he pointedly took off his lab coat, stethoscope, ID card, and pager, setting them on the table in front of her, signifying that technically, he wasn't a doctor anymore. Arms folded he slumped into a chair in front of her.

 "Mom why didn't you wake me up?" he whined.

Rhiddima burst out laughing at his antics, he was twenty two, but like his father, half the time acted five. The arrival of Armaan Modi barely three days after the demise of Armaan Malik had his father so emotionally and physically exhausted, that in a state of semi deliria Siddhant had ended up naming his only son after the only male name that had been running through his head at the moment- Armaan. And somewhere in Siddhant's fatigued mind it made sense, because he still believed that Armaan the baby wouldn't exist without Armaan the man, in a way it was poetic justice'kind of. It made sense when he thought of it, and it had seemed to make sense when he explained it to Rhiddima.

"Mom it's not funny, ok?" He said with an adorable frown on his face. Rhiddima sobered up, her laughter dying down, "you were sleeping." She said.

"Well obviously that's why I need you to wake me up!"He snapped angrily, "phirse uss Shilpa ki saamne-"

"Armaan." Rhiddima interrupted his rant before he started, "I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be on duty right now, so go be a doctor. And Armaan, you're twenty two, I think you can handle getting up by yourself, you're a big boy."

"But MOM!"

"No buts! Go."

She watched endearingly as he pouted, angrily stuffed on his lab coat and grabbing everything else, stalked out of her cabin, still grumbling. On the way, Armaan passed his dad, who guffawed at the expression on his son's face. Siddhant walked into Rhiddima's cabin, carefully shutting the door and turning to face her, "he got to chudailllll" he squealed like a teenage girl, doing a little jig.

"Siddhant you're acting twelve." She said.

 "You're just worried you're going to loooooose." He said, grinning, "Remember now, vacation in Mauritius for two weeks, no less, can be more, but no less."

"Sid-" She said warily as he approached her.

 "You agreed." He interrupted; he gave her a quick peck and pranced out. "Batameez!" she whispered at his receding back. He stuck him head back in, "I heard that Mrs. Chudail Batameez Modi."






Armaan walked up and down the hospital corridors, checking for his parents, where had they gone? He finally found him sister, drinking coffee with her fianc, Yuvraj Dev, and their cousin Niti, "Di! Where are mom and dad?"

Ashi set her mug down, looking him up and down, he looked plain frantic! "Well'mom headed home a couple minutes ago looking mad, therefore reasonably, dad should be heading home with her or after her apologizing profusely for something or another. Basically you should try the house."

"Thanks." he said as he rolled his eyes, stalking out, she couldn't have just said the house first thing.

Ashi and Niti burst out giggling at his receding back, Yuvi shook his head, it had taken him long enough.


Armaan stood respectfully in front of his parents, looking nervously at both of them, "Mom," he began, "Dad. I have something to tell you. Well ask you."

Siddhant leaned back in his seat, his curious but calm exterior covering up his real feelings. Inside he was jumping up and down shouting "MAURITIUS HERE I COME!"

Beside him Rhiddima sighed silently, already calculating when they could take their vacation without conflicting with any major cases. And Armaan would be staying alone for two weeks; she should get a house sitter'

Armaan cleared his throat again, making certain he had full attention from his parents. "I'umm' we' Shilpa. I-"

Siddhant rolled his eyes impatiently, "just say it, son." Rhiddima nodded in agreement.

"ShilpaandIloveeachotherandwewouldliketogetmarried! Oh, and couldyoutalktohermomandmeandad?" He finished anxiously

Rhiddima and Siddhant exchanged glances, unable to hold it in any longer Siddhant jumped up and gave Armaan a bear hug, yelling, "MAURITIUS HERE I COME BABY!!!!!!! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!" he pulled back, still holding onto an amazingly confused Armaan, "and just in time too! This is when the water is perfectly clear and the coconuts are ideal!"


Rhiddima explained, "Your father and I made a bet. He said that you would fall in love with Shilpa, and I said he couldn't be sure. So we bet on it, and his consolation prize is a trip to Mauritius. Congratulations by the way."

"You knew?"

"It was obvious beta." She replied, Siddhant was still busy dancing excitedly, but managed to calm down enough to join the conversation.

"You see, your mother got me arrested um... two? Yes two times, or was it three?" He said, "Not to mention beat me up any chance she got. We hated each other. And if you ask your Uncle and Aunt, both sets, they'll tell you they hated each other too!" he laughed suddenly, turning to Rhiddima he asked, "you remember our fifth anniversary? When you all got drunk? Bhabhi spent the whole elevator ride telling bhai she would kill him haha!"

Armaan stared at his parents, feeling aghast. Everything just going too fast for him to grasp.  They knew? Arrested? Fights? And wait did dad just say mom got drunk? "What?"

Rhiddima glared at her husband, "Nothing. So anyway, you want us to talk to the Malhotras? No problem beta!" She gave her son a hug, "I'm proud of you."


Siddhant gave Armaan another hug, "Way to keep Modi tradition son!"

Armaan stared after them open mouthed as they headed to the kitchen, his father's arm already snaking around his mother's shoulders. They were one unpredictable couple. And then he realized what had just happened. HE WAS GETTING MARRIED!


Siddhant and Rhiddima grimaced together as a shout erupted from the living room, followed by a loud thud. Yup, it had just hit him what he had asked for. They smiled at each other fondly, her head rested on his shoulder as they watched the sun set from their kitchen window. They would go check to make sure he hadn't hurt himself, but not now' in a while. For now it was current Mr. and Mrs. Modi time.


"Mrs. Malhotra! How are you?" Rhiddima headed determinedly towards the woman who was slightly older than her.

"Mrs. Modi! I am fine, thank you so much for inviting my husband and me." The woman replied with a smile.

Rhiddima gave her a sweet smile, it couldn't hurt to talk up the mother, 'baap tho bilkul gabbar ki tarah khada hai' she thought before replying, "It was our pleasure. Siddhant is around here somewhere I do believe."

"No, no it's alright; he must be busy with all these preparations going on."

"O please, this has all been ready since last night; I don't know where he keeps on disappearing to'"

Her eyes scanned the room again, passing over, and then returning to fall on the side door directly across from her. The Malhotra's thankfully had their backs to that door; otherwise they would have surely seen Siddhant and Armaan Modi crouched beside it, peeking around the corner to observe her conversation.

"Mrs. Modi-" Mrs. Malhotra continued.

"Please call me Rhiddima," Rhiddima replied distractedly,

"Yes, Rhiddima, you can call me Anita, you have two children right? Armaan and'"

"Ashita, yes, two. But sometimes I feel like I have three," smiling amiably she returned her attention back to the Malhotra's again, Anita smiled back at her tightly; she had a gabbar of a husband, poor thing. Behind them, Armaan and Siddhant still crouched, now seemingly bickering.

"I'll be right back," Rhiddima said to the Malhotra's, Anitah smiled, Mr. Malhotra's grave face didn't change.


"What are you doing?"

Siddhant and Armaan froze, their eyes widened as they realized they had been caught; looking down like meek children they straightened up. Siddhant dared to look up first, he had no choice, Armaan was already trying to hide behind him. "Rhi-Rhi-Rhiddima, we'"

She cocked her eyebrow questioningly, "we?"

Armaan rolled his eyes at his stuttering father, pushing him out of the way, Armaan asked the question running in both their minds, "what did the Malhotras say?!"

"Nothing. We barely talked."


Rhiddima shook her head, and then slipped out the door, shutting it gently. "Look I refuse to just march up and ask for their daughter's hand!"

"Why?" Armaan whined.

Rhiddima's eyes turned to slits, "humph! You know what! Just do it yourself!"  With a stomp of her feet she turned and walked off.

"Great." Siddhant said, "thank you," glaring at his son before he set off after her, "Rhiddima!"



Siddhant cleared his throat before reaching for the microphone; he grinned at the score of eyes focused on him. "HELLO!" he shouted out.

"HEYYYYYY," a sea of voices, both young and old screamed in reply.

"Are we having fun?!?"

"YESSSSSSSSSSS," the crowd smiled at him gleefully.

"Good," he grinned back, "as you all know, this is a really exciting week for us." The crowd roared in reply. "It's Armaan's birthday!" the room erupted in applause.

 "And, the interns have all taken their exams'" the room was filled with sighs of relief. "So, Let's Celebrate!"

The room was filled with cries of excitement; the Modi's were known for throwing fun, exciting parties, it was practically a rule that everyone had to have fun. The dance floor was constantly covered with groups of friends, both and young and old, the tables littering the hall were filled with friends and family who sat enjoying each other's company. Siddhant, Atul, Yuvraj and Abhimanyu had each shown up early, along with Rhiddima, Anjali, Naina, and Nikkita. They were soon joined by Ashi, Geet, Niti, and Nupur, all escorted by Niti and Nupur's older brother Aarvind who, taking after his dad, Abhi, was the universal older brother. Now it was time for the younger guys to make their entrance, Armaan had left earlier without one. Sid and Abhi appeared next to their respective wives, "where are the boys?" Sid asked, "they should've been here ages ago!"

"They wanted to be fashionably late I guess Uncle," Nupur thought out loud. Siddhant grinned at his favorite niece, "Well they must be the hottest things on the market!"

Rhiddima, already enveloped in the crook of his arm, laughed softly. Ashi rolled her eyes, "Bro probably lost his keys again," she said.

"Or they got lost and refused to ask for directions," Geet said adding her input.

"God, this is just embarrassing, it's a party for Armaan and the interns, where are half of them?" Abhi groaned.

As if in answer to his question, the double doors to the hall swung open, to revealing a dashing Armaan, dressed to kill in a light yellow shirt covered with a black sports jacket. It sounded like it would make him look like a bumblebee, but this was Armaan Modi, he could do anything. That and he really liked the color yellow'

Behind him emerged Maan, seeing him looking just as dashing in his signature black and black mix, his mother Anjali awed. Behind Maan came Mayank and Yuvi, as usual wrestling with each other. Noticing the open door they stood up, Mayank straightening his red button up shirt and Yuvi fixing his almost identical dark blue one. Mayank's mother Naina doted on her son and nephew, and always ended up shopping for both of them.

The guys sauntered over, Armaan's eyes scanning the room for Shilpa, Mayank winking slyly at Nupur, and Maan smiling sweetly at a grinning Geet. Yuvi, who refused to let his guard down till he was officially married, went over to Siddhant and Rhiddima first, seeing this Ashi giggled. The group conversed for a while but soon separated, everyone had their own agendas.



The partygoers stopped moving as suddenly the lights cut off, visible in the room was only a spotlight, shining on a seemingly petrified Shilpa who shot constant glances to her parent's faces. Her father did not look happy. That did not deter the man of the hour however, Armaan strode confidently towards her, signaling the DJ and he held out his hand to her.

She looked at it hesitantly, taking another glance around before moving to clasp it. He smiled reassuringly at her, giving it a gentle squeeze as he pulled her towards him. His parents weren't going to do it, no problem, 'he would do it Armaan style,' he thought as he winked with devilish charm.

Tum Jo  Mile: [Thank you VIDYA for the awesome VM Tongue


The hall erupted with applause as the song ended, and Armaan and Shilpa stood alone in the center of the dance floor, eyes refusing to part. Siddhant and Rhiddima's eyes flew from the couple to Shilpa's parents, then back to them again. Holding each other closer they rushed towards the young couple. And just in time too, Mr. Malhotra had just taken a deep breath, there was barely a second left before the screaming started when Siddhant yelled, "I CAN EXPLAIN!"


By God, I know you wish you knew the rest of that story. But that it just that, another story, not this one. In this one, you are now free to assume everyone lived happily ever after and Siddhant and Rhiddima aka Siddhima grew old together. Because Fate can be Cruel, but it's not inhumane, only humans are. We always have the ability to choose our paths, it's just sometimes we don't see it. Fate just gives us our options, it's up to us to choose them. Now, ending on a happy not, take this really pretty song they ruined in DMG and imagine our beautiful couple to it.

Bheegi Si, Bhaagi Si:


For clarification, [Sheena 15 was too much, poor Nikki would be nonexistent]


Siddhima: Ashi Armaan

AN: Arvind Nupur Niti

YuNa: Geet Mayank

AA: Maan


Please read the note before this post before bashing.

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..KaJenDelena.. Senior Member

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so i like read half of your *** must say its not that badly written but NEXT TIME YOU *** SAY ITS AN AR FF MAKE SURE IT *** ACTUALLY HAS AR! seriously i feel like giving you a tight slap, dont give a shit about it having sadma or wateva but really pissed that you would do something liked that, its like hey come read this, it has AR but it only shows SR's scenes and completely butchers AR's LOVE and then on top of that ARMAAN IS KILLED OFF!Angry it's like rubbing it in AR fans faces,In the future if your gonna write this kind of FF make sure it only says sidma FF not AR cause you can actually offend/ Mislead someone (like me). good bye and good ridence.Censored
Viewbie's Note: Inappropriate language and bashing.

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mala1108 Senior Member

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nice FF love SR

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superb ff...i loved the tamil  poem so much  KissesKissesKisses

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thank you Approve

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