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Friday 19/3/10

Vadai gets a taste of his august clan. Tells his siblings that they
all need to visit AV and apologize for all their misdemeanors.
(Amutha is missing - yen ppa Vadai, unnai thavira vera yaarum
un veet le papaer padikka maattangalaa???)
The clan is unrelenting.
Art says that the AV clan took away the hotel from them "let them
apologize first..then we will think about our actions" (ellar life aiyum run panraale antha Omni, avalai nirutha sollu apram nanga seyyarOm - Roja apes Maniratnam) Vadai tries to reason out. " Sundu pappa, you sent Beach to the prison !!! how do you all forget our mistakes??" Beauty is the spokeswoman "if u feel so much about this, you go and apologize, we are convinced that we are not at fault" - all leave. Vadai is left all alone.

Vadai goes to meet Amutha - she is in Annai Theresa Hostel (college  admission kidaichachaa??) shows her the newspaper ( neeyuma
newspaper pakka maatte??? athu sari, unga amma case court le, not a single child attends the proceedings???ennavO pOngappa)
Amutha is shocked to see Thavasi's tiruvilaiyaadal. Asks anna "what are doing for your buvva (food) ?" Vadai says that he works as a security guard (awwwwwwwwww what a come down ACD??? thevaiyaa ungalukku?) Amutha is upset to hear that and says that
Vadai needs to go and see Omni  " anni will understand, she wont say a word" Vadai says "exactly, she will talk as if nothing happened and that will make me more guilty" Amutha says that there should be no ego clashes between a couple "please go and talk to her" Vadai agrees.

Namba Aavudai is gallivanting - (Rojaaaa, what a word to use??? shhhh did Roja say with his chinna veedu??? ) Well, this is roaming around for the pleasure of finding Omni's house. Finally he sees Omni..who is excited to see daddy darling ...but the moraipaadu issue gets played in her memory. Mahadevan ( athu thaan Chithappu peyaraa?) invites Aavudai inside and AV promptly does a vote of thanks for giving asylum to Omni. Chithappu says that Omni is as good as his daughter.

AV says that the hotel is still in his name - "I shall give it to you back.
Both the sides have ditched you like this??? And this Vadai??? hmmm romba maarittaan. I am going to stay with you" Omni says
 that after the moraipaadu, it is not advisable. AV starts coughing.. Omni can not give "green water"(hot water??? yellow colored??) and so chithappu goes to the next house and gets some water (pakkatthu veettu thanniyai unga veet le kudicha thappu illiya??? Pray, will some one throw more light on this moraipaadu??? Roja has no clue - what are the dos and donts?? what are the loopholes??? habba) Now it is lecture time for Omni as AV says "come what may, I stay with you" Omni says that all her bros and
SIL s are nice people "it is just that circumstances played havoc. You should stay with them and slowly inject sense in to them. Only then we can be a big happy family again" Chithappu tries to impart the news of Omni's pregnancy but Omni diverts the subject. Tells daddy that she has started a canteen and the going is great. AV says "if not Omni, who can succeed in life? I came here with a lot of cobwebs in my brain but you have cleared every thing. I shall abide by your orders" - asks chithappu to take care of Omni and leaves. After AV leaves chithappu chides Omni for not letting the cat out of the bag
( awww 10 months aaganum chithappu) Omni says that if AV gets to know that he would never leave her. Chithappu says that she can't hide this for ever and Omni says that before her tummy shows out things might change....


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Chellamey Updates,
Wednesday, 24th Mar 2010...............
Introduction of Two more new characters.
After the beer bath for Abhishek, his wife orders him to go and sleep. Abhi with a sogam face goes up and thinks vigorously. As soon as he goes up,his wife(Lets name as Ratchasi) calls her PA into the hall. She orders him to drink a few pegs of alcohol. After sometime, She questions him whether it is sufficient or not. PA says ok. She goes into her bedroom and PA leaves the house.
Next day morning, Abhi takes a newspaper and reads it. Ratchasi comes there and kindles him. She asks whether their daughter photo has come in the paper that she has eloped with someone. Abhi says her to think positive so that everything will be positive. Ratchasi yells at Abhi that she toooo had pasam on her daughter. Meanwhile, their daughter comes to home. Ratchasi questions her where she has gone all night. Daughter replies that she is with a friend and she already informed Abhi. Ratchasi asks whether it is boyfriend or girlfriend. Daughter replies it is boyfriend. Ratchasi gets furious and tells ''You had slept with that guy at the night.'' Daughter gets kovam and tells ''It is not necessary that we do wrong things at night only. We can do it in the day time also. I am not a woman like what you are thinking.'' Ratchasi asks who is that guy. Daughter replies ''Ava iva ani maryada illama pesadu. Naa kalyanam pannikaporavar. He is not like your husband(Abhi) who tala autifies for everything and be in your control. Abhi questions his daughter why she is speaking like this. Daughter replies that it is his punishment to hear all this words since he is adimayi for his wife. Again Ratchasi tells  '' You have to marriage the guy whom I chose to you. You shouldn't go beyond my orders'' Daughter doesn't care all this. She says that she will marry the guy whom she likes and goes from there. Ratchasi comes and starts scolding Abhi. Abhi replies ''First learn how to behave like a mother to a daughter.'' Ratchasi thiru thiru muzhichifies.
Abhi comes out to go to college. His son sits in the drivers place. He says ''I want to talk to you dad. Lets talk going to college''. Abhi sits in the car and they start for college. On the way, Abhi question whats the matter. His son tells that he needs money to drink (another alcohol party). Abhi refuses. His son(His character name is Suresh)(Lastly, I have seen in Annamalai serial) tells that he will die at the railway station if he doesnt give the money. He also tells that because of the problems in the house, he is drinking. Abhi advises him to stop drinking. But suresh doesnt listem. Abhi gives the money and Suresh leaves from the car.
Check out this pics of Kamal and Radhika at IBO dance studio inauguration chennai.

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Tuesday 23rd March updates

In the hotel - muthazhagu bhavan, there is some argument going on and AV lights the kuthu vilaku on compulsion. They all ask him to sit in the cash counter. AV denies and some more argument. Hotel being developed by Vadai and CM and now they just simply took it and Beach tells they left the hotel for them these many days. AV tells that CM when asked denied to get back the hotel.  AV leaves when Beach asks him to ave food. He rejects the offer and leaves and asks not to disturb him. Beach sits in the couter. Muthazhagu moves aside thinking and tells her clan that she is worried about Beach may change his mind after hearing AV and she feels y she made AV to have food in their house after return from jail. Valliammai and others convince her and they all leave. Valliammai's clan come and ask her to re-open Pondicherry hotel soon. Solai assures to discuss with anna. Valliammai is all happy about Valliaammai Bhavan.

The college Corres(Abishek) reaches home and tells someone that he will look into teh accoutns the next day. He comes home and sees his wife drinking. He moves inside. The lady, his wife calls him as hey Nillu. She is doing space walk as she is fully drunk. She asks him to stop and questions him on why is he late. Doesn't he remember that they have teenage daughter at home and she hasn't yet come. He informs that she went to friend's home and he knew that. The wife asks how come he be so irresponsible and whether she can stay from home. Wat others will think of her brought up and talks something. Wife also asks him whether he will be in such a position for not her father who made him study. She continuously shouts at him and  asks him to answer. he tells that to listen to her one must be dumb or deaf. he is not both. He is vexed of hearing all these.. salichu pochu. She asks if he is bored of her and pours the drink on his face.

Screen freezes..
I think i forgot one scene. I am trying to recollect. But not able to. Please someone let me know what i have missed. Apart from the hotel reopening ceremony and college corres beer bathing ceremony. Thanks.

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Thursday 25th March updates

Episode starts with title song..

Yen Ammu Chellom Yen Appu Chellom Chellam Chellam Chellamey...
Kannukule Kanavugal undu
Kanavukkule Kavidhaigal undu
kavidhai endrum neeye neeye chellamey..

Vadai and AV crossing each at other but at thier backs.. Vadai doesn't notice AV but AV notices him and calls him "Mapillai". AV asks how he is and Vadai tells that he can't be fine after suspecting AV and his guilty conscious is killing him daily. AV tells that its not his mistake, since police arrested him on Thalai's murder case, vadai had to beleive that he was the murderer. Vadai pours out some dialogue to show that he has changed and requests AV to pardon him. AV tells that he has forgiven long back but expect for one matter. Vadai catches the point and tells that he is also feeling bad for sending out CM and being so harsh on her. When AV asks, when he realized his mistakes why can't he go and live happily with CM, Vadai tells that since she is preggy it may affect her health as she may get emotional and he needs punishment. He Otufies flashback of his meeting with Chittapu when he went to meet CM. AV asks if CM is preggy. Vadai wonders how he is not informed, AV gets CM's mind that coz of murapadu. Vadai tells when time comes they both will together happily. Pinnadi rendu peru vandhanga, walking of jogging or watever u cal.. Avangal paathu nanga ellam sirichitu irundhom..

AV, though grown-up not matured enough, gets some sweets and reaches home and distributes the sweet. When the children ask the reason, he tells that they are gonna get a new baby to win them in games. MA and others wonder. Beach is not there. AV opens that CM is preggy. Everyone shows their attitude in their face. No one is happy excpet for the kids. He advices the kids to be united and leave the elders fight in their generation itself. Beach's daughter says that the boy is only for her. AV tells that he will be younger but she says it is fine. Apadiye Amudha madhiriye vara ma.. AV tells them that elders may threaten them saying of they talk to CM's baby, God will punish, saami kanna kuthum, but don't buy those and be united. The girl accepts and cute little boy inncoently has sweets. AV offers them to buy icecream and they leave. Solai asks Anni, about his dad blabbering and leaves somewhere with Mani, facilitating them some privace to plan crule things. MA, VA and MA's mom are worried about the new varisu and sothu. Mom tells that only till the child is unborn they will have no probs. She tells that they can dissolve the foetus before it is born. MA shouts at her mom as y she is talking so cruelly and how can she talk like this. MA tells that she was worried about sothu but dint think to htis extent. VA is also shocked. Mom tells that it is the only way that no one will ever call CM as Amma. Mom leaves. MA and VA signals each other as they don't understand.
In the college, PA and the ex-canteener are talking. Ex-Canteener(EC) gives some money to PA and this is watched by Rajkanth. Rajkanth, i think is peon, asks what is he hiding, any prob and y is he tensed. PA sends him off and comes back to EC. EC tells that will he get commission form CM. PA tells that he will get but EC tells that she will not give. EC tells that they need to get back the contract. It is not possible as Corres developed good thought on CM. EC plans to kill corres and make Madam the MD. so, they can get back the contract. EC leaves.

CM is cooking when AV reaches there with dolls for the unborn baby. CM wonders y he bought these and he tells that he has heard one good news after such a long time and y did CM hide her preggy matter from him. He assures her that after she cleared him on his duties in that house, he will not stay here. He also tells that he told this matter to there household, but no reaction in anyone's face. CM asks him to ignore this. CM asks how he knew this and gives a suspicious look at Maama. Maama nods that he din't. CM asks AV and AV tells that Vadai told him. CM wonders how vadai knew that and Maama tells that he only told all this. CM asks did he go to meet Vadai. Maama tells that vadai came. CM asks how come she dint see him. Again flashback of the same meeting Vadai and his Chittapu/Maama for CM. Maama explains all things that happened and how vadai is not suffering. AV also adds some value to Maama's point. CM tells that they both are affected in same way, their sibblings whom they loved a lot betrayed them. Then CM asks him whereabout. Maama tells that Vadi dint tell him and AV tells that he forgot to ask. But assures to find him soon.
Valai pottu vadai thedum padalam.


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Friday - 26/3/10

Art and Wood - new tempo has been bought. A priest is performing the pooja and the couple are bakthi pazhams. The priest has done the pooja and wants money but Wood makes him go around the tempo showing the burning camphor - finally wants the priest to go under the van to take care of the spare parts but the priest would much rather forget  his salary - says "poda poda punnakku" and leaves. Mr.Vikram (director) probably thought that he is doing an episode of Megala - does a javvvuuuuuu + rambam 3 minutes. Art wants to go and meet a saamiyar called Suddhanandha - a dig at the recent Nithyanandha story. Wood talkkkkksssss talllkkkssssss
finally dissuades Art from meeting the saamiyaar. Not just that,
he doles out a free advise to all the husbands of the world "all
husbands should learn from me and save their wives from the saamiyaars of the world " - apdi pOdu.

Security Services Office - the boss is shouting at some security guard. Vadai arrives. Boss seats him and is sympathetic " dhinam night duty..kashtamaa irukka?" Vadai says that he has got used to it. Boss praises Vadai's patience and Vadai quips " wish I had this quality earlier.. I wouldn't be suffering like this." 3 security guards refuse to go for night duty - to Ak's house "maha raavadi picdicha
veedu sir, engalai vittudunga..." Finally Vadai agrees to go for the night to AK's house.

Sivasu is seen with Garden. Garden brings him to meet Pearl and her appendages. Sivasu wants to know as to why Omni Bhavan became Muthu Bhavan. Pearl and her mother wonder about Garden's association with Sivasu and Garden says that he has a valid reason. Sivasu narrates " naa thaan canteen nadathi kittu irunthen antha college le........ ippO Chellama nadatharaanga.....avanga thaan
Chellama Bhavan owner nnu sonnanga??!!" Now Pearl's esteem is at stake - she explains that the hotel belongs to her hubby " avalum ava purushanum velai vetti illame sutharaanga nnu avangalai antha hotel ai paarthukka sonnOm, she became greedy and wanted the hotel for herself....naanga sutharichu kittOm" Sivasu says  "solla vendiya edathile solli avangalukku oru mudivu kattaren" .
After he leaves, Pearl says that Sivasu should be used properly "appO namba seyya vendiya velai yai avare seythuduvaar.... canteen Govindhaa" Avudai comes and hears the word Canteen - wants explanation and Pearl reel suthufies "namba Garden yethO canteen le sappittaraam..nallave illiyaam....athaan..we were talking"
Avudai says " Canteen nna athu Omni canteen thaan...ada ada enna ruchi.... ( yovv, nee nege sappitte??? Moraipaadu does not include canteen food??) very soon Omni will make the canteen as another Chellama Bhavan" The daughter and mother duo experience some sudden acid reflux - stomach burning - the acrid smell was felt
by Roja !!!!

AK's PA comes to the canteen. Omni is all smiles and asks her people to serve him idlis. Vaasu is also there - eating ( hmm free nna eppO paarthaalum sappitu kitte iruppengalaa??) PA finds fault with Idlis and Pongal. Vaasu says that the tiffins are perfect - just that PA's taste buds have gone south. PA talks in the mobile and asks Vaasu to leave "MD koopidaraar, odane pO" ( nijammava?? ulu ulu katti kka??) After Vaasu leaves tells Omni that he can make or break
her as he is very influential " MD wife naan sonna ellam seyvaanga ...enakku 10% commission..appO thaan u can continue with the canteen" Omni is categorical " I knew that this was coming. I do not have to bribe you. The quality of my food will take care of my can report whatever u want...scoot..." PA
gives a dirty look and leaves.....freeze as usual on Omni ( intha amma kku ipdi oru attention seeking syndrome??!!!!)


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Chellamey Updates,

31st Mar 2010, Wednesday....................
At Chellamma canteen,
A college penn sits in the canteen and starts crying. (Tuesday, Two lovers pasam kotting in canteen). CM goes to her and asks why? But she replies CM to leave alone. After sometime, she faints on the bench. CM notices this and goes to her. CM finds a poison bottle in that penns hands. CM confirms that she had consumed poison. CM is shocked. Luckily no one is there in the canteen except that college girl and the servants. CM orders the servants to leave the canteen and go to their home. One of the servants notices the sleeping girl and asks whats the matter. CM samalichufies and sends them out. CM closed the canteen door and calls Vasu. She tells him to bring a doctor urgently to the canteen secretly. Vasu agrees. Meanwhile, CM does the first aid to the girl. She makes the girl to drink salt and soap water so that the poison comes out. The girl makes several vomtings. CM gives lots and lots of salt water.
While this process is going on, Vasu brings the doctor. Doctor asks what happened. CM explains that the girl consumed poison. Doctor hesitates to do the treatments since it is a police case. CM convinces Doctor that the girls future and college's future will spoil if the matter goes to police. Atlast Doctor agrees and asks CM to bring the girl to hospital. CM denies and pardons doctor to treat the girl in the canteen itself. Doctor writes the prescription and Vasu brings the medicines. Vasu asks CM to tell this matter to Abhi. CM tells that Abhi PA is a bad man and so she will not tell this matter to Abhi. She tells Vasu also not to tell to anybody. Doctor tells that there is no danger for the girl. He also adds that first aid by CM had saved her life. CM and Vasu are happy. Doctor leaves from there. He also promises CM that he will not tell the matter to anybody.
In Abhi's Cabin,
Abhi is angry on his PA. He calls him and questions why he has told bad about him and Chellamma to his wife. PA answers that he hasnt told anything bad about Abhi or CM. But, Abhi gives a strict warning to PA not to play this kind of tricks. He warns PA that he will be dismissed if anything go wrong in the future. He tells his PA to tell CM to come into his cabin. PA goes to the canteen and knocks the door. CM and Vasu sees PA from inside. Vasu tells CM to talk with the PA and send him back soon.
CM is coming to open the dooor.........................................

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Chellamey updates,
30th March 2010,Tuesday  - Mini updates
Kavi calls Bell to the temple. She forces him to tie thaali. Bell first refuses but later ties her the thaali (not the gold one, manjal piece) Kavi is happy.
Sivasu poisoned Queens mind. Queen is drunk fully. Abhi arrives home. Queen speaks bad of him and also Chellamma. Abhi starts telling that CM is very good woman. But, Queen doesnt listen all this. Abhi leaves from there.
In chellamma canteen, Students are all eating. Two lovers act tooo much in the canteen. Male wants tiffin to be served by female with her hand. Female serves. All this love scenes are seen by our CM.

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