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Unconditional Love - One Shot![AR]

lilangel_soumya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 March 2010 at 8:34am | IP Logged
This story just came into my head when i was writing one of my ffs. so i thought of penning it down. i hope you all like it as i had a wonderful time writing it. Thanks to Hima di for encouraging me to post this one shot.

* Unconditional Love *

Armaan felt helpless as he paced outside the operation theatre. He couldn't believe that he did not reach on time to save her, his life, his reason for existence, his Riddhima. The pacing didn't help my nerves, in fact it made me even nervous. He ran his fingers through his hair.

Just then Armaan saw Riddhima's family, Muskaan, Rahul, Atul and Nikita come towards me.
"Armaan, is Riddhima okay?" Padma aunty asked me as tears streamed down her face.
Hugging her he said, "She will be fine aunty." She has to be. Just then the doctor came out from the operation theatre.
"Doctor Keerti, Riddhima kaisi hai?" Armaan was the first one to ask.
"Unka condition critical hai. She hit her head pretty hard and if she doesn't regain consciousness soon then she may go into coma." Doctor Keerti said as she walked away.
Armaan felt as if the whole world had come to a standstill. No! This can't be happening. I can't lose her. No!
"Armaan!" He felt someone shake him but he couldn't get himself to respond. The only thing he could think of was that he was going to lose his precious angel. Suddenly he felt someone give a tight slap on his face which made him come back to the present.
"Armaan, please tell me yeh sab kaisa hua? How did Riddhima end up like this?" Anjali pleaded.
That was Armaan's limit. He couldn't control his emotions any more. Tears gushed down his face. His eyes turned red. Rahul's heart broke seeing him cry. He knew what was going on in Armaan's mind. He knew what his best friend was going through.
He put a hand on Anjali's shoulder and shook his head. He then guided Armaan to a secluded place.
"It was all my fault Rahul. It is just because of me that she is lying there. If I had reached on time'" Armaan's sobs overtook him.
"Armaan listen to me. Everything is going to be okay." Rahul told him.
"How can you say that Rahul? I don't even know if I'll be able to see her beautiful eyes look at me. I haven't even told her I love her." As he spoke these words he realized the biggest mistake of his life. "Oh my god! She doesn't even know that I've loved her since so long." Horror washed through him.
"Armaan!" Rahul shouted as he caught Armaan's shoulders. "Will you please tell me what had happened?" Rahul asked. Armaan sank into the chair as he recounted the most painful moments of his life.
"I had asked her to meet me at Caf Coffee Day.I wanted to take her to a special place I had found. I was going to tell her that I loved her today. Today was supposed to be such a happy day Rahul. I knew Riddhima liked me. I was going to profess my love for her." Armaan started.
"I was waiting for her. Just then'"
"Armaan! What a surprise! Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?" Maya said as she hugged him.
"Maya." He knew instantly that he had to get rid of her immediately if he wanted his time with Riddhima to be special.
"Mujhe pata hai. Tum mere liye hi yahan aaye ho na." Maya went on not waiting for his reply.
"Nahi Maya, tumne galat samjha hai. Main yahan..." she place her finger on his lips.
"Tumhe kuch bolne ki zaroorat nahi hai Armaan. I knew you couldn't stay without me. I know that you love me." Armaan was no longer listening to Maya's chatter as he watched Riddhima's face scrunch up in pain.

Maya noticed that Armaan was staring at someone behind her. When she saw Riddhima she smiled that b****y little smile of her. "Riddhima. How good of you to show up! I'm so glad you could join us in this happy occasion."
Riddhima softly congratulated both of them and walked away before Armaan could even utter a word. "Riddhima!" he ran behind her. He caught her wrist and pulled her to him. She crashed to his hard chest.
"What do you want Armaan? Your girlfriend is waiting for you." She said trying to keep the tears at bay.
"She is not my girlfriend Riddhima." Armaan told her as he put a lock of her hair behind her ear.
"I heard her words Armaan. Why do you even bother to be with me when what you clearly want is to be with a girl like her? You don't need to pretend that you like me." Riddhima said and got away from his grip which had loosened as he heard her words.
Armaan saw Riddhima run across the road but he could not utter a word. Just then he saw a car coming towards her at full speed. Riddhima had slowed down and was now walking as she wiped her tears.
 "Riddhima!" he shouted, but it was too late. The guy driving the car was clearly drunk and Riddhima was now all covered in blood.
 Rahul held his best friend as Armaan started sobbing again. He could not control himself. He felt as if he was living those moments again.
"I can't live without her Rahul. What if she leaves me? I don't know what to do." Armaan said in between his sobs.
After a full ten minutes Armaan stopped crying though his eyes were still glistening with tears waiting to be shed as soon as another word about Riddhima's condition was heard. They both slowly walked back to the others just when Dr. Keerti came out.
"Patient ko hosh aa chukka hai. She is out of danger. You can go and see her but please don't crowd."
Riddhima's parents, Atul, Anjali, Muskaan and Nikita rushed inside to see her. Rahul was about to follow them when he noticed that Armaan was still rooted at the spot.
"Aren't you coming in Armaan?" Rahul asked as he placed a hand on Armaan's shoulder.
"You go and meet her." Was all Armaan said before he walked out of the hospital, out of Riddhima's life.
Five  years later'
"Dr. Armaan, please report to the ICU immediately." The nurse announced through the speakers.
Armaan Malik, was now 27, he was a senior doctor of Sanjeevani. He was still a bachelor and concentrated on nothing but his work. Armaan hurried to the ICU where he had a nurse waiting for him.
"Sister, give me the details of the patient now." Armaan said as he reached the ICU.
"Sir the patient met with an accident. She has hurt her head badly and has lost lot of blood." The sister informed him.
"What is the name of the patient?" he inquired as he entered the ICU.
"Riddhima Gupta." He froze as he heard the name and saw the person lying on the bed.
His heart stopped beating for a second as he took in the lifeless body of his patient.
No, no! This can't be happening again! Armaan's thoughts screamed at him. But the only difference was that he did not feel helpless this time. He knew that god had given him a second chance to get his Riddhima back to life.
"Okay doctors, we need to hurry. Sister O +ve blood immediately." And soon, Armaan was ordering everyone around. Part of his mind was still out of control seeing Riddhima lying like that but the doctor in him took over.
Few hours later Armaan came out of the ICU exhausted. He knew that he could do nothing but pray as he had done everything possible to save her. The first face he saw as soon as he came out was Rahul's. Armaan watched as different emotions washed through Rahul - shock, surprise, anger and gratitude?
"Armaan, what are you doing here?" Rahul asked angrily.
"I work here Rahul." Armaan sighed.
"What? You are here in the same city and you didn't even bother to contact anyone of us? What were you thinking that day Armaan? Do you know how she was when she woke up? She was lifeless. She wouldn't talk unnecessarily, wouldn't eat properly, she even had nightmares." Rahul told him angrily as the colour faded from Armaan's face. He realized what she had been doing to herself. He was not in a better condition.
"Rahul, I have work to do now. I'll talk to you later." Armaan said and started walking towards his cabin.
"That's what you've always done Dr. Malik. Walked away from your problems." Rahul said and entered Riddhima's room.
What have I done? I thought I was doing everything for her good and she' I f****d up everything. Now there is only one thing I can do. I need to go and apologize even if she doesn't accept me back.
Armaan made up his mind and decided that as soon as she opened her eyes he would speak to her. He still loved her from the core of his heart. He could not love anyone else in these five years. The only way he had been living was through the memories of Riddhima which he had. But now all he could do was hope that Riddhima would accept him back.
What if she is married? This thought suddenly popped up in Armaan's mind. I'll be happy for her. That's the least I can do for my angel.
It was one o'clock at night. Armaan entered the ICU. Riddhima still had not opened her eyes. Sitting on the chair beside the bed, he held her delicate hand.
"Riddhima." He sighed. He tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and held one of her palms in between both of his.
"Riddhima, I know that what I did that day was wrong. I shouldn't have gone away from your life. But after you lost your trust on me earlier that night after seeing me with' with someone else I could not bear to face you. I could not bear to look at your face and see the pain in you eyes. I could not live seeing you everyday, knowing that I was the cause of your accident."
"I know what I did was wrong Riddhima, but there was never a day when I did not think of you. I lived knowing that there was once a time when you liked me. Knowing that made me live through these five years. But each and every day was like living in hell Riddhima."
"Even today, when you lie here, I feel as helpless as I felt that day. Though I have done everything I could do I do not know when you will regain consciousness, when I will be able to look into your beautiful hazel eyes and tell you that I'm sorry for running away from you. That, I will never be able to forgive myself for the rest of my life. And also that' I love you."
Armaan broke down after his long confession. Years of unshed tears streamed down his face. Even as sobbed he whispered, "I love you Riddhima, I love you my angel. Please come back to me." He dropped hid head on the bed beside her.
He felt fingers run through his hair. At first he thought he was imagining things, but then when still after a few minutes he could still feel delicate finger run through his hair he looked up to see soft hazel eyes look into his grayish blue eyes.
"Riddhima'" he whispered in disbelief.
"Armaan, you came back to me." She whispered through her tears.
"Yes Riddhima. Yes my angel. I'm not going anywhere. Please forgive me for going away without seeing you." Armaan whispered praying in his heart that by some miracle she would forgive him.
"Of course I forgive you Armaan." She whispered. "I'm sorry for not believing you that day. Rahul told me later what the truth was. And Armaan'" she trailed off.
"Yes Riddhima."
"I love you too." Armaan beamed with happiness and said, "I love you Riddhima, my angel. I love you so much." Saying so he kissed her fully on the lips.
That kiss was a seal which bound them together for the rest of their lives. Even through all the heartbreak that both of them had gone through, that kiss was the one that made up for their lost times together. That kiss was a promise of together forever.


This is my first one shot and I don't know if I have lived up to your expectations. Please leave me you comment and tell me what you think about it. You may find it a bit strange that riddhima forgave Armaan so easily but I couldn't imagine Riddhima staying angry with Armaan any longer.

Waiting for you comments,


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Haiiiiiiii SoumyaBig smile

B - E - A - U- T- I - F - U - L OS yaarBig smile

Now a days 'm loving this leap tracksLOLweird na' .. I know I know but 'm looking that type of storiesTongue

Greatwork Soumya!

I too thought about Riddhima's quick acceptance of Armaan .. but as u mentioned .. one cannot live away from loved ones more na'Big smile

Waiting for ur next writings sweetheart.

Takecare .. LoVe UBig smile

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Reserved !
How cute Soumya :) Your 1st one shot? You should write more :) Thanks for the PM, pleasure reading :)


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it was awsum.............write more and plz do pm me if u do..........great work dear....

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blessing-beauty IF-Addictz

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awesome one shot

it was very emotional

OMG AR suffered so much

Beautifully written

loved it

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 March 2010 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Hey Soumya,
It was an amazing one shot, I loved it.
Their love was truly unconditional :)
Keep it up the great work, thanks for the PM :)

Luv u<333

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-midnightsun- IF-Dazzler

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awesum one shot somi... loved it babes!!!

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Hey Soumya, that was awesome !!! Loved it! ClapClapClap

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