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Smile 08.03.2010

Start with TA at bank, working. Received call from the connam wife and pretend her hubby is serious. Say her Hubby is not coming to hosp with telling TA and make story he wont take medicine. Say doctor has taken all the test but the results is not out yet. Asked about the document. TA say he already asked manager but manager say it cant be given. TA asked her to pay over due so can think something.i The lady asked TA to give the document for 5 minutes. once she hung up phone  the conman say if kept giving pressure to TA then they will get the house document soon

Scene 2

A group of ladies rushing into jail to meet their relative. The warden asked them to line up. Deepa also there, looking for her dad. Few jail birds come to meet the relative. Varatha also looking for his family members. Deepa saw him and called him. She been pushed by others. So was varatha'everyone kept pushing one another..Suddenly one guy give slap to varatha and asked him to move away. Deepa get life time shock to see it.Varatha get upset and sad. Deepa starts to cry. Deepa calls appa and try to talk (cant they shout like others..? ) Both daughter and dad try to talk. Varatha told  Deepa that her action has dragged him to jail. Money has speaken here'..that vel has done everything..'. But he didn't worry about  job but her education. Deepa keep cry listening to her dad words'Varatha say deepa education will might postponed for 1 year.. warden came and asked everyone back to their celll. Left Vaartha and deepa' Warden scolded them and asked to leave the place.

Scene 3

TA arrives home and Lav inform that mom want discuss important issue with TA. Say Mangu aunty came. TA asked Lav to give company as he don't face this issue alone. Lav say she want meet her friend. TA promise that  he will send her later. Mom inform that the bride family wants to meet TA this weekend. TA explain he got lot of work and don't want marry now. Lav try to support her brother by asking 1 month time..say by that time everything settle. Mom say the bride  from rich family and they wont wait. TA say he will get another girl. Mom say they cant get rich girl like this. Mom explain the benefits if marry  the rich girl ....Say sudha also jealous'  Ta must do something for get better life. Lav asked million dollar question 'why this rich family want guy from middle class family? Mom say manga already tell bride family  about bad habits'bride fanily want s good grooms for their daughter. TA say will meet bride next week. Mom get angry and scolded them and leave from there.. Lav and Ta try to talk but mom leaves from there and asked them to made decision. Lav say she will meet Thulasi to discuss this matter.

Scene 4

TA at office. The conman wife called again, and appeal by saying her hubby serious and doctor want  to do  surgery soon . Say her hubby say he wont do anything with info TA. That makes fake opari and asked Ta to save her thali . TA shocked and thinking

TUESDAY 9.03.2010

Continuation of yesterday's last scene. Murugesan's  dharmapatni staging her over exaggerated drama of her husband's bypass surgery over the phone to TA while hubby darling is happily hogging food.[ puli varadhu kadhayaga poradhu. Ippadi sappita heart attack mattum illa ella attackum varum].Mrs Murugesan does her wic wic act on the phone asking for mangalya pichhai , prodding TA to part with the pledged document for a short time.[Is the buyer a fool not to see that the document is pledged to the bank?].Our hero uruging while listening. He tries once again to convince the manager [ should be given a resounding kick]. Once again manager shouts & advices & warns him. Tells him to safeguard his life & job first rather than embarking on such  stupid & illegal missions. Crestfallen TA comes out .  Another bank officer  handover certain files to be stored in the locker. As expected stupid TA utilizes the opportunity to remove Murugesan's documents from the file & hides it  inside his shirt.[ Hmmm going to give company to Varada & Vel. In kambi counting].

Thulasi drying clothes....alone in the house....Lav comes to see her. Thulasi shows her displeasure explicitly on her face....refuses to have any conversation with her. Persistent Lav is not perturbed...continues with her mission of convincing Thulasi into marriage with her brother. Her repeated reference to Thulasi as anni irritates Thulasi immensely. So Thuls  sternly informs Lav that her main focus in life is her studies & engg. degree...dissuades Lav from broaching the marriage topic. Lav now changes her tactics , assures getting bank loan for Thulasi for her studies thru her bro. Thulasi is least convinced....knows Lav's ulterior motive behind this help & hence refuses to accept the help. Exasperated Lav. Tries to convince Thulasi that she is hurrying up for the marriage only because her mom is trying to finalize an alliance for her bro. Thulasi is unmoved...says she is quite happy in her house  & asks Lav. to leave before her dad & chitti return so as to avoid further complications.

Court compound.

Mr./Mrs Tilaka , Vel's henchmen all waiting for vel's arrival.MM & Padma also come followed by Deepa & her friend Kalyani. Vel's assistant Kodhadam teases Deepa & asks her to follow the lawyer's suggestions. Finally Vel arrives in the police jeep. Gets down with a broad smile & cheerful look as if coming for a function. Walks upright towards the court room followed by his entourage.  Deepa takes her position at the witness stand,  Vel gives an arrogant & sarcastic look at her. Lawyer starts his queries...asks Deepa how long she knows Thulasi....Deepa answers ....since 9th std. Lawyer further elaborates....Deepa is not happy with her  friend marrying Vel....wanted to stop the wedding at any cost....even threatened Thulasi's parents with police complaint...finally when nothing worked she staged the drama to nab Vel & thus stopped the wedding. Lawyer asks Deepa whether all these are true or not? [ Wait till tomorrow to know deepa's reply].


WEDNESDAY 10.03.2010

Vel's lawyer elaborates on the case...points out that Deepa's intention to stop Vel/ Thulasi wedding led her to adopt the drastic step of nabbing vel on corruption charges. Despite vel's refusal Deepa cleverly trapped him in her net by asking him to accept money being her wedding gift. Vel never asked her any bribe. Deepa accepts everything saying she did all these things for the sake of her friend who is hardly 20years old [ to be married to a 50+man], a school topper who was very keen on higher education.  Further says , she accept  everything on her own & not under  some duress .Public prosecutor now request the judge the permission to examine Thulasi. Judge grants permission   & reads out his verdict ...since there is no proper proof against vel's crime & since Deepa herself has accepted her mistake ,   immediate bail  be granted to vel. Further judge warns Deepa that misleading & wasting the time & energy of anti corruption squad is a punishable offence & considering Deepa's age he disposes the case with a warning note , not  to engage in such acts in future.  The court adjourns till Monday when Thulasi will be produced in the court. Vel rejects the immediate bail offer  citing a clean chit image before coming out & informs his  willingness  to wait till Monday.

Slow motion walkout from the court room by Deepa , Vel & others. Outside ,in the veranda , MM rushes towards Vel , takes his hand & starts othufying on his eyes as if he is a God [ sick scene].Vel confronts Deepa , makes a sarcastic comment that now at least she would  have realised his power...after all she is just 18 years old while he has 20 years of experience behind him. The anti corruption officers for their part blame deepa for having let them down  & leave on a bitter note. Now Deepa approaches the Lawyer & asks when her Father will be released as she had acted as per their advice. Lawyer asks her to wait till Monday. Back in the auto , Deepa vents all her anger on the auto seat & cries bitterly while helpless Kalyani watches on. Money & power are the major trump cards for the people like Vel & Deepa vows to achieve that power one day & avenge Vel.

At the hospital Murgesan , Mrs & his BIL in a round bed conference sketching out their plan to dupe TA .Murg asks BIL to make all preparation as per their  plan & wait for his call. TA comes with the in a hurry ... asks for the prospective buyer  so that he can show the document & leave immediately. Murg. Calls someone...says the party is busy...asks TA to leave the document & collect it in the evening. TA  refuses ,offers to go & meet the party personally. Meantime BIL comes in ,murg casually takes the document from TA's hand & passes it on to BIL who tries to leave the room with it. TA stops him & offers  to accompany him. By this time the shrewd BIL stealthily changes  the papers with  a man waiting outside, may be as per their arrangement. Interchange  of documents successfulla arangeriadhu.

 Now  TA & Vel are going to come face to face in Mamiyar veedudoi

Thursday Update

Sorry was sick. so posting late.

Epi starts from TA saying sorry sir I cannot give the papers and the switch happens. TA and the guy leave with the wrong papers. murg asks his wife to get the bill made soon and they can settle down away now. they both laugh how they fooled TA. TA reaches office and boss asks him where he went? TA lies he went home for lunch. boss is surprised that a person who always goes home late is going now. boss explains that TA may be angry that he told him not to give paper for murg, but that was all for his good. he says ur people have started paing dues and your record is good, in 5 yrs u can become manager, the top officials should be happy with u, if u do something like this and ur name gets spoilt then there is no away out. manager explains he is doing all this so that TA has no prob. he likes TA and thats why saying all this. TA goes and keeps the wrong paper inside. he thinks that what he has done is good for party and bank and coz manager did not know this technique he cannot build this branch. he wonders why he advised him so much?

Muthu is reading paper and patti comes from kovil, she goes in thools room and asks why did u not tell me about lav coming here? thools says its not imp. dont talk about my marriage. patti asks why r u leaving this good opportunity? thools says I want to live only with on goal -to study. patti says u get married to him and study, he has no demands, u cannot find a guy like this. remember if vel comes out it will be a big danger for all of us. no one knows what he will do? thools says we all believe in god, u go to all kovil, god will take care. patti says god will not come in person, he will send someone like this. why r u not understanding that? a person comes with letter and asks for thoos. he has got summouns from the court. muthu calls thools and she signs the court summouns. muthu reads it in front of everyone and tell thools has to appear in court. patti asks why she is called? muthu says coz she has to say she is getting married with her own will. thools and patti go in, pad looks at them suspiciously.

patti tells thools look what ur father is saying that u wnated to marry that old man? they did not allow u to study and now look they want to free a caed lion. when u go to court say that u dont want to marry vel, let him be in prison, and ur life can be planned then. thools is thinking.  if he does not come out u will be thrown from this house, get married to that  guy before vel comes out and u will be his wife and vel cannot harm u. thools says same thing that she cannot fool her dad and she will somehow study.

padma tells muthu to take thools to court. and get thools married to educate their son. muthu asks why u scared? padma says I am worried about ur mom, she always creates havoc for small things but this time on hearing the court summoun she was quiet. I suspect she is upto something. muthu is all confused. they decide to keep a watch on the patti till thools goes to court.

Here TA mom is cleaning the room, the neighbor lady asks r u cleaning for new daughter in law? she says no TA has no time to go to banglore and see the girl. neighbor says dont worry this saturday they are coming to chennai, u can see the gal on sunday and if everyone likes then u can go to banglore and finalize things. TA mom is very happy and agrees and says we will see them this weekend. TA comes in and teases his mom, everyone laughs. she tells him about poonu parkal setting, TA looks at lav and both are worried and epi ends on their worried face.

FRIDAY MARCH 12TH 2010-03-14

Presume Thamizhan is busy .  Stepping in for him.  Not that we miss much , just  trying to keep up the continuity. Sorry if  I have changed the order of scenes, trying to write all I could retrieve from memory.

Scene opens with TA's mother yapping about TA's luck....Lady Luck  valiya vandhu kadhavu thatting. Fools  if they miss such a golden  opportunity. TA is perplexed. Mom enlightens...girl's party has taken the trouble to come to Chennai to meet them thus reducing their burden. TA is skeptical...feels anni is right...must there be some catch some where otherwise why should  those affluent people show  great eagerness & haste in their alliance, cites urgent office work as an  excuse...Mom doesn't want to hear any excuse. Trying to ease her tension TA jokingly comments ,  may be the girl is  more modern wearing jeans & tee,  not suitable for their family , would prefer a sweet , beautiful girl like mom [ ice vaikking].Mom , rock of Gibraltar , unmoved , instruct Manju to inform the girl's party to make arrangements for boy/girl meet on Sunday. Assures Manju , she knows how to convince her children [ irukkave irukku the most powerful weapon borrowed from Jaya of Idhayam].TA & Lav mugathil no fly dancing.

Umpteenth time patti & thulasi discussing the same matter pertaining to marriage & studies & both maintaining their stand. Patti then leaves for the temple , meets Deepa explains her predicament & apologises for her  statement in the court. Patti , then asks her about the good Ouch Samaritan who was willing to help them for their studies. Deepa immediately calls the person.

The supposed to be good Samaritan[I would rather call him a pimp] discussing the same matter with his boss. Receives  Deepa's call, after a bit of fuss  ,fixes the interview for the next day. Now a disturbed girl comes in to meet the boss. She is denied permission. The girl cries & curses them for having ruined  her life duping  her with a job offer  & cheating  . She demands for some CDs.[ Looks like these people are in to some shady business , exploiting  gullible poor girls. Heartless pigs Angry].She is driven out by boss's assistant with harsh words [ sorry I can't exactly recollect the conversation]

Next day patti  updates Thulasi about her conversation with Deepa. Both of them ready themselves to go to meet Deepa. They wait for MM/ Padma to leave the house,  then step out of the house. Thulasi trips for a moment  [ apasagunam???], patti gives her water & then both leave for the Deepa  there ...pray to God &  Deepa / Thulasi leave for interview  with a happy face.

Deepa / Thulasi reach the spot , Thulsi gaze at building structure with moist eyes , heart filled with ambitions, poor girl. Both enter the building, directed to the boss's room, boss's chela welcome them, Deepa enters first while Thulasi notices 2 men waiting outside looking at them .Camera freezes on  Thulasi's suspicious [ or is it frightened] face.

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Thanks Srima & HD
I hate the TA track.  It is really stupid.  First he is a bank officer, how can he daringly do something so illegal. even a compasionate person will not do something so stupid.
And the other is Anni track.  Oh plz......... no one in the right mind will do something like this.  Thols is better off marrying Vel then.  Coz both are forced marriage.  At least by marrying Vels, she does something good for her useless family.

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Thanks Honey and Srima
Agree with Caryn, about the Anni track, it's so irritating. I would have liked Thulasi to have met TA again and for her to have slowly fallen in love with him. Most of all, I want her to get away from that evil house and get her studies on track.

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OMG how a bank pfficer would be that stupid....for me its better Thulasi marry Vel than useless, brainless TA... TA soon going to take Vel place in jail. i think TA will happily be in jail....

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thanks for the kalakkal super duper updates daa daisy and srima maa.....

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Deepa's verdict will be known today. She would be a fool if she dances to Vel's lawyer's tunes. What is the guarantee that Vel will keep up his words & help in releasing Varada?Adi patta puli, will try to avenge ferociously.

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Thanks Daisy & Srima for the lovely update, kastta kaalam for Deepa, poor girl... Periya aapu waiting for TA, ivan ellam orru bank officer. He should do charity work. Angry

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Thanks for the updates daisy..

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