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mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 21 March 2010 at 7:13am | IP Logged
pls write in smal letter richa .... ur going great !

Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2010 at 8:26am | IP Logged
It all seems nice...Thumbs Up
Can't wait till April!!!
Aisha202 Goldie

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Posted: 29 March 2010 at 8:53am | IP Logged
Hey Richa!!!! Big smile Interesting promos!!! Can't wait to read more!! Star
AbhiNikiLuver IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 March 2010 at 9:51am | IP Logged
cant wait!
richasharma0991 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2010 at 4:40am | IP Logged
thanks for all ur comments. next part will be uploaded soon.
richasharma0991 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2010 at 5:04am | IP Logged
Part 5th
In classroom
Nikki and abhi both entered the class together. Both looked at each others . abhi just made face and passed away. Nikki with her naughtyness started following him.
Nikki: good morning mr saddu,kya hua bade gusse mein lag rahe ho . subhey coffee nahi pe kya.
Abhi gave her an angry look.
Nikki: aaahh, lagta hai chai bhi nahi pi .
Abhi: dekho , mujhe pareshan maat karo warna aacha nahi hoga( pointing finger towards her )
Nikki: finger kisko dikha rahe .
Abhi: tumse toh baat karna hi bekar hai.
Nikki: toh, mein kaunsi tumse baat karne ke liye mari ja rahi hoon.
Abhi: u know what , tum ek stupid karki ho.
Nikki: I know .
Abhi: huh!
Nikki:s- smart
t- talented
u- unique
p_ person
i_ in
d_ demand.
Abhi: god , ur such a'..
Nikki: intelligent , I know
Abhi:will u just shutup,
Nikki: no'' I wil not.
That moment all other 4 reached there armaan and atul from one side and rids and anjali from other side . all 4 said: will you both stop it .within that moment ARMAAN RIDHIMA had an eyelock .
Ridhima: aap dono kyun ladh rahe ho.
Arman: nikki, stop it yaar.
Anjali: come on guys why you always fight with each other. Hum sab ek hi group ke member hai na.
Atul: anjali bilkul sahi keh rahi hai , tum dono kyun ladhte ho
Both looked at atul with akilling look.
Atul: nahi, tum chaho toh fibht kar sakte ho.
Teacher came and everyone settle down .within the class armaan was looking at ridhima and said nikki: I want to sit with her .
Nikki: ( turning her face to armaan ) mein koi mil gaya ki JAADU hua jo dhup ki maadad se yeh kar lungi.
Armaan turned and said pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Nikki: huh! Dosti karni nahi chahiye
Armaan pass her a smile
Nikki: be ready for ,natak
Nikki standup and started shouting: samajhta kya hai tu apne aap ko haan .
Armaan: what do you think of urself.
Nikki: bas, I cant sit with you.
Mam: nikki, armaan kya hua.
Armaan : bas mam , bahut ho gaya.
Mam: par hua kya .
Nikki: ( in filmy tone)kya hua , mam aaj woh hua jo kabhi nahi hua .
Abhi to rids: yeh haar kisi se ladhti hai kya.
Mam: par  hua kya hai.
Armaan: mam kya hua , yeh jankar kya hoga .
Mam:(frustratedly)paar hua kya
Nikki: mam bas yeh jaan lijiye ki ab mein ike saath nai beth sakti is liye aap mujhekisi aur ke saath bidha dijiye chahe toh mujhe saduu ke saath bidha doh.
Abhi looked strangly on her. And said mam mujhe eske saath nahi bethna.
Teacher become so frusated with every thing that she said shoutingly
Mam:shutup! Armaan tum abhimanyu ki jagha pe bedho aur tum armaan ki. Oki
Abhi: par mam
Mam: do it as I say
Boys exchange their seats
Armaan was happy sitting with ridhima while AN were not .
After the class
Armaan tried to talked to ridhima but was unable. He founded her pen and kept it with him. Where as abhi was in hurry but nikita's naughtyness was waiting for him. She got stand in front of him.
Abhi: get side
Nikki not listening to him and at last abhi made herside and rush out from the class. Suddenly some papers fall from his file nikki picked it. She read it and according to that abhimanyu has given his final year exams. Nikki got a bit confused and said: that mean saddu ne apne final year ke exams 2 saal pehle hi de diye the. Phir usne jhooth kyun bola. Armaan came to her and after getting the mtter sid might he got fail.
Nikki: who itna intelligent hai, fail kaise ho sakta .
Armaan: leave it na, chal ghar chalen.
Nikki: mein use yeh de kar aati huan
Nikki found abhi in front of principal office and called him
Nikki: saddu
Abhi turned and after finding nikki again turned his face
Nikki: ek toh help karo upar se attitude bhi saho.nikki handovered the documents to abhi and said :class mein reh gayi thi.
Abhi(with a little scared ask her): tumne padha .
Nikki(taking a pause): aah. Nahi.
Nikki after saying this leave from there. And abhi enters principal office.
Next day
In basket ball ground
Armaan comes for his practice and abhi playing there . armaan .
Ammy; mujhe practice karni hai.
Abhi: toh karlo.
Ammy: mujhe akele practice karni hai.
Abhi: sham ko tumhe practice karni hai, subheh bhi tumhe practice karni hai toh mein kab karu. Mein principal sir se permission lekar hi practice kar raha huan . isliye tum baad mein practice kar lene.
Ammy got angry and says: u will pay for it dude.
In classroom
Abhi enters and see everone gathered around the board
Abhi looked there , after he notice that everyone is looking at him . he read the thing written on board. It was written.
" hamari class mein ek failure hai aur uska naam hai abhimanyu modi, yaakin nahi aata toh uske documents dekh lo"
Everyone was stearing abhi only, and were talking weather he was fail or not.abhi just left the class. He was feeling very humiliating at that moment. Suddenly he remember that it was only nikki who saw his document. And in an angry mood he started looking for her. Abhi found nikki in the corridor and in angry way stand near her.
 Nikki said : good morning mr sadu.
Abhi hold her arm tightly and took her with him .
Nikki: kya kar rahe ho, good morning hi toh bola tha . leave me , I said.
Abhi stoped for a while and angrily looked in her eyes. Nikki got affected by his look and found that something is wrong.
AN REACHED THE CLASS AND ABHI BROUGHT NIKKI CLOSE TO door and ash her to read in a very loud manner.nikki saw it and looked at abhi .
Nikki: meine ye sabh nahi kiya , I didn't did this
Abhi: shut up nikki, I always thought ki tum childish ho , par yeh sabh karne ke baad ( abhi just leaved from this place).
 Nikki tried to stop him.abhi found ridhima and anjali at the entrance and after understanding the whole issue she said ruko abhi.
Rids: I don't know yeh kisne kiya hai lekin, jisne bhi kiya hai bahut galat kiya hai. Abhi kabhi fail nahi hua hai , who toh( she just stoped her self for a while and continued) abhio ne apne final year ke exams kisi reason ki wajhe se nahi diye the.
After saying this they were about to leave from there , niki tried to stop them but they don't .at tat moment armaan entered.
Ammy: kya hua.
Nikki(pointing towards the board ): pata nahi yeh sabh kisne kiya hai aur saduu ko lagta hai ki yeh meine kiya hai.
Ammy: nikki, yeh meine kiya hai
Nikki: kya !
Ammy: subhey , usne mujhe bastket ball nahi khelne di , toh
Nikki: toh, tum yeh karoge. Ammy agar ridhima ko pata chal gaya toh who tumse pyar karna yoh door , tumse baat hi nahi karegi.
Ammy: meine toh socha hi nahi .

Nikki at home
Abhi and ridhima at terrace

Ridhima: mein aaj aapko bhai hi kahungi.
                  Bhia , its ok. Forget   it.
Abhi: kya forget,   sochta huan toh lagta hai ki , it was   my fault only ,   tabhi   mein aaj yahan huan. Aapne juniors   ke saath huan, log mujhe failure   kehte hai . aaj mujhe lagta haiki   apne 5 saal   MBBS    mein top karne ke bavajudh   bhi . I stand   no where.woh   ek galti   mujhse mera saabh kuch cheen legi , socha nahi tha.
Rids: bhia    it was just a mistake
Abhi: ya a mistake . due to which I am here   , away from my sanjeevni, and   muskaan and rahul.
Rids: lekin mein apke saath huan na.
Both   share a caring   look with each other.
Next morning in class

Abhi    entered   the   class and sit on his seat.   Just then he found something written on   board
" I m soooooooooooo    sorry   mr saddu    ,
Really meine kuch nahi   kiya '
I m sorry, please forgive me"

After   reading it abhi   saw nikki   coming   with white flowers in her hand   towards him he got up and leave the class.just then    ridhima come and   said     who   nahi maanega .and at that moment ammy   entered and said.
Ammy: manega . kyunki nikkki use mana rahi hai. Go for it nikki.
Nikki go behind abhi    and    reached cafeteria
Nikki: I said na sorry .
Abhi paid no attention to her and started walking.
Nikki( from   back): tumhe mujhe maaf   karna hi hoga.
Abhi: galti karne se pehle sochna tha aur waise bhi tumhe kya farak padhta.
Nikki: farak padhta hai , icant see anyone in pain because of me.
Abhi liked what nikki said but still was angry from her.
Nikki: stop yaar ,itni baar sorry bol rahi.
Abhi: toh maat bolo.
Nikki:thick hai.
Abhi: thanku.
Nikki: kyunki, jab tak tum mujhe maaf nahi kar dete mein   sirf sorry hi bolungi.
Abhi shooked his head . I went for the class. Nikki followed him.
In class
Abhi sit with ridhima. Nikki   come to her.
Nikki: sorry( pointed toward ribhima to sit somewhere else as she wants to sit here) soor   , sorry sorry.
Ridhima: what.
Ammy: usne kahan   kahin aur bedho as use   wahan bedhna hai.
Ridhima   got up sit with ammy. Nikki with abhi.
Nikki   to abhi:sorry.
Mam entered the class everyone wished good morning    but nikki said sorry on which everyone laughed.
Mam:nikki, yeh kuansa tarika hai wish karna.
Abhi:(slowly ) tum pagal ho   kya
Mam: sit down.   So class let us revise the lecture . nikki   recaptualise the last lecture.
Everyone: shit.
Nikki got up : sorry.
Mam: what u don't remember the last lecture.
Nikki( saying     no): sorry, sorry sorry.
Abhi: kya kar rahi hoon
Mam: yeh kya sorry laga   rakha hai.
Nikki( very sweetly ) : sorry,sorry. (then she pointed towars abhi and tried to explain with her action that it is because of him) sorry,sorry, sorry.
Abhi: ok I forgive   you   lekin please, sorry mat   bolna.
Nikki: ok . sorry
Abhi gave her a angry look.
Nikki: nahi. No sorry. I i'.. mean thankyou.
Mam: class shuru karein.
Everyone   laughed on nikki's   sweetness and abhi too.
Abhi: tum,pagal   .(haste hue)
Nikki: I know, are waah    tum toh smile bhi   karte ho.
This was the 1st time abhi and nikki smiled with each other.

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richasharma0991 IF-Rockerz

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hope u all like it.
do comment.
richasharma0991 IF-Rockerz

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Part 6th
Next morning in class.

Abhiman yu find that nikki was not in the class and he asked ridhima.
Abhi: aaj , class ki chater box kahan hai.
Rids: kuan .
Abhi: ms chikita
Rids : nikki. Don't know.
Ridhima was looking for her pen .
Abhi:kya doondh   rahi ho.
Rids: mera pen. Papa ne diya tha.
Suddenly a message came for abhi that rupa mam is calling him. He went there.
Ammy come to   rids.
Ammy: looking for something .
Ridsturned: ya   my pen .
Ammy:is this, urs pen .
Rids: ya.
Ammy: u left it   in class yesterday.
Rids : thanks.
Ammy: no need to thank . but can hav a coffe with me.
Rids 0looked   strangely and about to say no but.
Ammy: don't worry mein nahi banaunga .
Both   laughed .
Ammy: ok   then sham ko after college   at 6 bye.
Ammy left and rids was unable to anything.
Abhi with as rupa
Mam: yeh principal sir ne kaha   hai ki tum college activity mein participate karoge aur ab nikki ke paas   rehearsal hall mein jao aur use bhi yeh message pass karo.
Abhi will this shock went to nikki.
Nikki:kya hua sadu. Chehra itna latka kyun hai.
Abhi(with very courage said) ruoa mam ne kaha hai ki……………   play mein tumhara dance partner huan.
Nikki was completely silenced and every person   there and after giving a shocking look   shae fainted.
Abhi: nikki
Nikki   got up.
Nikki:   oh god kitna bura sapna tha me   and saddu   are dancing partners.
Than she looked at abhi and realized that it was not a dream.
Nikki: yeh nahi   ho sakta.
Abhi: I wish yeh nahi hota par yeh ho raha hai.
Mam just entrered the site.
Nikki:   mam plz.
Mam(interrupting her): kuch   bhi ho jaye   tum dono ko saath mein dance karna hi hoga. Now both show me dance.
Abhi and nikki with their   unhappy faces    danced. Nikki went good but abhi was just a papu in dance.after finishing with their dance.
Mam: tum dono   aaj se evening mein ek dusre ke saath practice karoge.ok.
Both as ordered spend time with each other but did not share any word.abhi left nikki to home.and at night both decided to to talk with each other. And at other side AR MEt for coffe.
Ammy: I hope u like the coffe .
Rids :I liked it.
Ammy(yhinking)kaise baat karun.
Both finished with coffe and rids left the place and ammy was not able to say anything.
Armaan tolled nikki whole thing and nikki decided to help him.   

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