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richasharma0991 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2010 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
thank u for all ur comments and i will pay attention on my words.

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richasharma0991 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 March 2010 at 8:10am | IP Logged
2nd part

At    principal   office

Sir: ek   college ki topper hai, toh dusra college captain. Lekin discipline mein   dono   zero.tumhare juniors    tumse    kya   sikhenge.

Ammmy: sir   aap   kya    hamesha discipline fa daNKA   BAJATE   RAHTE HO.

Nikki   kiks him.

Niki :sorry sir.

Sir:make sure   it   wont   repeat   again. ok   I m still very proud of u and hare Is armaans    troffy   for best player.

Both :thanku   SIR.

SIR: by   the way   mujhe   tumse   kuch baat karni thi   about ABHIMANYU   MODI.

AMMY: sir woh kaun   hai.

Suddenly phone rings and principal   ask them to leave from there.

At malhotras residence.

Ammy and nikki: mom we won.

Juhi( with a simple tone): congratulations.

Nikki:what   happen mom   r u ok.

Juhi:ya I m fine , how was the match .

Ammy :awesome    like always, mom   bahu t   bhukh   lagi   hai .

Juhi:freash    ho   jao    mein   dinner   lagati   hoon.

On dinning table

Juhi( hesitatingly) :armaan, tumhare daD KA PHONE THA .

Armaan( stoped eating):toh………..   kya kaha        mr malik ne.

Juhi:ur   parents   r   getting   divorce.

Lisening    to   this    there was complete   silence .

Ammy( little akwad) :            I m done………. , ex cuse me.

After ammy leaved.

Juhi:mujhe    nahi    batana    chahiye    tha.

Nikki : mom   I handle it.


Nikki    saying   anything    just   took out her phone and    started   texting   a message.   Message on    Arrmaan's phone .

From nikki
"Sometime when the heart   gives   out a pensive   cry,
A flueting ,caring   look from loving   friend
Could   take   all the sadness away."

is I m ur that friend.

Armaan    immediately   huged   nikki.

Nikki: bol , what ever     frustratation, just vomit it out.

Ammy: pichle    5   saalon   se   my   parent    r   separated from each other. They    don't even talk to each other. Because of which I   don't talk to them. Monthly    pocket     money    bhejh   dete   hai.                         
( a long pause)   do they really care for   me.

NIKKI:u know ammy , I don't know about other   but for me and   my family u r very special. Ur    one of the   most important person   of my life.and I know I m too.

Ammy: no, u r the most important one.

Nikki:(with smile) I know.   Unless u get ur miss perfect.

Both laughed

Nikki: but that dosen't mean han   ki mein bet bhul gayi.

Ammy(wiping his tears): what bet.

Nikki: bet, ki agar tum match ke   liye late ho gaye   toh tum class attend karoge.

Ammy: kya.

Nikki: ha.

Ammy : that's not fair.

The scene    was    watched by juhi and   she smiled   and   the buddies keep on fighting.

Next morning in college

Atul, nikki and anjali struggling to bring   armaan in the class.

All: ammy class mein chal.

Ammy( shoutingly) : nahi……….. meri image ka kya hoga .

suddenly ammy run back and strike with   a beautifull   girl(ridhima). Ammy   carefully   holded her and safed her from falling.

While she was in his   arms, ammy was totally losted in her. And   in background was asmani   rang ho…………….
Ammy: gorgeous

Rids : excuse me

Ammy: yes mam

Rids: mujhe chodoge

Ammy: dil   toh nahi kar raha

Rids: what

Ammy make her stand. Ridhima   leave   from there and saying hi to nikki anjali and atul ,seats on her place.

Ammy: u know her

Anjali: ammy ,she is my sis ridhima

Ammy: what ur sis

Suddenly   teacher( Ms rupa)   entered the class.and the whole class got settled. Ammy with nikki, anjali with atul and rids alone.

Ammy: nikki

Nikki: shhhhh. Mam class mein hai baad mein baat karange .

Suddenly principal entered the class.

Everyone: good morning sir .

Sir :good morning. I hav an   anoucement   to make, a new student is joining the college.

Everyone   got shocked.

Sir: I know, what   u all r thinking. In the mid of year. Actually due to personal reason who abhi tak join   nahi kar paye. I hope u all will   cooperate with him. So class welcome ur new batchmate ABHIMANYU MODI.


ABHI: hi to all I m abhimanyu.

Nikki a bit got impressed by his looks and said woh which paid ammys attention on him.

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richasharma0991 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 March 2010 at 8:15am | IP Logged
hope u all like it.

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Chandani_C IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2010 at 8:21am | IP Logged
beautiful part sweety Day Dreaming armaan and Ridz scene was cute, finally Abhi is there, cant wait for the next part, keep it up dear *hugz*

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ratika89 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2010 at 8:41am | IP Logged
it's good richa...Thumbs Up

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wow123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2010 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Its nice Richa.Ammy Nikki share a special bond.
Like Ammy n Ridz first meet.Finally Abhi make his fist appearance.
Wait for next.Thanks for pm.

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richasharma0991 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2010 at 1:41am | IP Logged
3rd part.

Ammy: what wow,he is just a simple one.

Nikki: that's what I m saying . simple   and smart.

Sir: so , I leave.

Ms rupa: so abhimanyu sit.

Abhi sits next to rids which again made ammy mad on him.

Ms rupa: so class meine apko ek case syudy ke liye diya tha.apne padha

Class: no mam.

Mam: good. Then be ready for punishment. If anyone gave the answer then might u all be speared .

Ammy: toh , koi tension nahi . nikki hai na( said giving 5 to atul an da smile to rids).

Mam: nikki , pura case explain karo .

Nikki : yes mam, well in this case the client is suffering from diebeties and had met with an accident in which his left leg got injured. Now as being sugar patient , it is difficult to treat him.

Mam: now , whats the solution.

Nikki: mam , its ovious that his leg need to be amputated( cut) as healing is difficult in his case.

Nikki was about to continue suddenly someone from back said: firstly we will provide antibiotic therapy to the patient and will check wheather it fasts the healing or not.

Nikki turned aside and found that it was abhi. Everyone else also looked at him. Which made abhi a bit confused

Mam: ok , finally someone other than abhimanyu what do u think.

Abhi( stand): well, after therapy result it would be clear that wheather healing is possible or not.

Nikki got a bit jealous and immediately answered: mam , but its a long process    will consume a lot   of might be risky
BR]Mam: got a point.

Abhi: mam, but we try , might it will save his leg.

Mam: good point.
ikki: saving leg is more, or saving life.[BR
]Abhi : do u even know how it feels to be amputated.

Nikki:atleast he would be alive.

Abhi: a life more worst than life.
The fight continued

Mam: will u both shut up.sit down and lets proceed to next.

Abhi and niki shared a stuned look with each other as wanted to kill each other .boyh sat in an angry way. Which was seen by all.
Nikki: samajhta kya khud ko, stupid.
Abhi: such a weird girl, no manners.
Rids and ammy try to make them cool.
After the class

Abhi and niki striked with each other on the door. And nikki's book just fall down . both gave each other a deadly look. Suddenly abhi picked the book and while giving it to nikki said: jab handle karni nahi aati toh carry mat karo.
Saying abhi was just about to pass but was stoped by nikki
Nikki:hello excuse me , shakal toh achi hai nahi,baat karni bhi nahi aati kya.
Abhi: tumhare bare mein mera yahi khayal hai.
Nikki:(making her face) hooooooo….., how day u say like that.
Abhi: muhh se
Nikki: jo hamesha bas marta hai,………. Brush karke aaya karo
Abhi got very angry
Abhi: god, u r impossible. Its worthless talking to u.
Abhi then just left and behind hem rids
Nikki:toh tumse baat hi kaun karna chahta hai………. U …..u… stupid , idiot , bevakufh, baatmiss aur…. Aur..
Ammy :aur who gaya ab hum chale, pehle toh baada aacha laga tha
Nikki:(angerly): aacha , my foot, I m not gana leave him.
At cafeteria
Rids and abhi were sitting there
Abhi: who pagal hai kya.
Rids: nahi, par class ki topper zarur hai.
Abhi: topper hai toh kyat oh jo chahegi who kahegi. Stupid.
Rids: who achhi hai,bas thora bachpana hai
Abhi(loudly):thoda.      Bilkul bachi hai aur pagal bhi aur yeh anjali unke saath kyun hai
Rids: bhai, who saab dost hai
Abhi gave her a sturn look.
Rids:ok sorry. No bhai. Just chill now
After a silence
Abhi: aaj itne time baad college mein ane juniors ke saath bhedhna. It was weird( there was apain in his eyes). But it all was my fault.
Rids:   it was not. It was just an unfourtunate incidence. Come on it is just for 5 months.
Abhi: ya
Just then the buddies gang arrived. Anjali thinking of introducing abhi to everyone said lets sit with rids listening this ammy was really excited. But seing abhi ,nikki   refused. Eceryone other than niki join them
Abhi: kya hua woh pagal kahan hai
Ammy(got angry): listen woh nikki hai , my BB. SO WACTH IT OUT
Abhi: toh usko samjha dena
Ammy got angry.just then ridhima said : plz now u don't start.
Abhi:(making face): bye everyone.
Abhi was just leaving na dagain he striked with nikki who was carrying coffe in her hand. And coffe was on abhi's face and shirt. And nikki        started laughing and after that found that it was abhi.
Abhi:ouch…… (he looked at the person) u .
Nikki: ya me.
Abhi: oh shut up.why did u did this
nikki : meine janmuch ke nahi kiya. Galti ho gayi
abhi : oh really, I know it was intentionally.
Their voices raised and everyone in caf was looking at them and alltha other(4-ammy, rids, atul , anjali) said: oh no .
Nikki: intentionally………. (nikki throwed the remaining coffe on abhi and said) now that's intentionally.
Abhi (shoutingly):Aaaah…………… I m not gana leave u
Nikki: pehle pakad ke to dikhao.
Abhi started chasing each other. Just then the 4 tried to control them.
Abhi: leave mein, aaj ise zabak sikhake hi   rahonga.
Nikki( conrtolled by armaan) : agar ma ka dhudh piya hai toh haath toh laga ke dhikha .
Abhi(in more anger): u r dead today.
Suddenly his phone ranged and it was   DR SIR on it and he immediately went to attend his call.
Niki: dekha daar gaya.
Everyone laughed.
After sometime in basketball ground
Armaan arrived ther and saw abhi practicing there. Which set the floor for their fight as it was ammy ttime for practice.
Ammy (coolly) : dude, its my time.
Abhi: what
Ammy(angrly) : listen very carefully, its my time, mein daily isi time par karta hoon alright.pehle hi tum nikki se panga le chuke ho ,mujhse mut lena. Warna
Abhi: (in his usual sadu tone):warna, kya karo ge
Just at the moment , when ammy tooked a step towards abhi principal ARRIVED .
Sir: hey u both, well ammy , abhi is a good basketball player. U should take him in the team and I want daily practice. Ok.
Both (looking at each other angrly) :yes sir.
Sir: abhi will u just come with me for a talk.
Abhi and sir wnt away and ammy started practicing.
Sir: dr modi.
Abhi:sir plz , no dr.
Sir: I m sorry.dr sir ka phone aaya tha aur unhone kaha hai ki aap ciricular activity   mein bhi part lenge.
Abhi( making face): as he say.

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richasharma0991 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2010 at 5:12am | IP Logged

NIKKI:(remembering about her fight)today was yhe worst day of my life I met that idiot. God use maaza chakhane mein meri help karo. Good night.
Ammy at his bed

Ammy: (remembering about rids and asmani in back ground today I met her.lov u god . good night.
At rids and abhi   home
Abhi: (sadly)pata nahi yeh punishment kab khatam hogi.( suddenly reminds nikki) oh god kya pagal hai who. Bechara   jo use jehlega. Good night.
Rids: god give power to   abhi bhai . and aaj who ammy how flirty he was.
Next day in college
Both abhi and rids were wearing same colour red. They were already in the cclasss when budies gang arrived. Nikki saw abhi and turned her face and sit, while ammy was stearing rids and sit.
In the class both abhi and nikki were dying to give answer better than each other.suddenly ammy said nikki: from today red is my fav colour
Nikki: why.
Ammy pointed his finger to rids but as abhi was in front nikki thought that it was abhi.
Nikki( shoutingly): what
Everyone in class was looking at her only
Mam: nikki.. what happen
Nikki: n… no…. no mam nothing.
Mam then sit.
Nikki: ammy yu pagal toh nahi hao gaya( slowly)
Ammy : ha….. uske liye
Ammy: should   I ask for a date.
Nikki(shoutingly): what……….
Mam: nikki…… if one more time u will be out of the class
Nikki(sadly) : yes mam.
Ammy( with no change in reaction): nikki copy pen de
He write a message for rids and gave it to nikki   to hand over to har and nikki thinks that it wsa for abhi. And by this she was just about to cry
Nikki( raising her hand) : mam , can I leave the class.
Mam: r u not well,
Nikki: no mam, par kis aur ki tabyat zaarur kharab ho gayi hai.
Nikki in a very sadly   leaved the class and everone was surprised by this behavior of her
Nikki outside in caf
Nikki:(to herself)how could this happen……… ammy toh normal hai who toh ladhkiyon ko like karta phir…………… kahin who girls se bore toh nahi hao gaya.( keeping her hand on her haed) oh…. God. Yeh   kya ho gaya.(changing her tone)yeh sab supreme court ki wajha se hua hai wrna mera ammy toh normal tha.
After a deep thinking
Nikki: pyar toh kisi se   bhi ho saakta hai   na . jaise , mujhe hai apne teddy se. ( angrily) par who abhi manyu . nikki its ok apne friend ke liye   yeh bhi.
Nikki   saw abhi and immediately she ran to him with awhite rose in her hand.
Abhi(turning): tum……….. ab kya girana hai
Nikki( very sweetly gave him the rose): I m sorry .
Abhi(stranglily) : tum dikh toh ho na.
Nikki: ya , who tumse khuch kehna tha.
Abhi : kya
Nikki( hasitatinly in one go): ammy tumhe   like   karta hai aur tumhare saath date pe jana chahta hai. Plz na mat kehna .
Abhi( shockingly) : what………. Tum pagal ho. Aur tumne kya mujhe …. Mujhe………….. who( lowering his hand) samjha hai.
Nikki:   nahi…. Dekho , ammy waisa nahi hai , who toh bas tumhe like karta hai.
Abhi: toh( raising his eye)
Nikki: dekho usne tumhare liye letter   bhi bheja hai.
With opening the letter she came to knew that it was for rids
Nikki( with a big smile): that means ammy is normal.
Abhi: normal…….. what normal.
Nikki realizing the situation she immediately change her tone
Nikki: tum kisi se pyar   se baat nahi kar sakte hamesha saade hue rehte ho, aah………… kal se soch rahi thi ki tumhe kya name do, got it MS SADU.
Nikki: kya,   kya.. kya laga rakha hai
Abhi: are bade ajibh ho yaar tum, kabhi pyar se baat karte ho toh kabhi.
Nikki: zaada confuse maat ho. Mazaak tha, april fool.
Abhi: jan mein april fool.
Niki(making face): haa………. Kyunki fool ko kabhi bhi fool   banaya ja sakta hai , bluddyfool
Abhi : kya
And again both were in big fight.
Nikki in ground with ammy   told ammy the whole incident.
Ammy: nikki ,( shoutingly) tu pagal hai.
Nikki: sorry, but I will make u   for this
Ammy( angrily) : aacha kaise
Nikki: rids ko tere liye pata kar.
Both th friends join the hand and decided   to follow rids today.
In parking
Ammy and nikki found   rids waiting for some one at that moment abhi arrived there in his car . rids sit in the car and went with abhi.
BB( AMMY AND NIKKI) started following them. The car stoped and both went inside a house. BB recognized that it was    anjali's house.
Ammy: yeh abhi inke ghar mein kya    kar   raha hai .
Nikki : pata karna padega .
Ammy : kaise.
Nikki( in a filmy tone): jab ghee sidhi ungali se na nikle toh   ungali tedhi    karni padhti hai.
Both :hmmmmm.
In the house
Abhi: I get it.
Abhi opens the door and   finds nikki there.
Abhi: tum
Nikki: haan mein.
Abhi (rudely): tum yahan kya kar rahi ho.
Nikki: relax sadu, anjali se milne aayi thi.
Abhi(annoyingly): sadu……… huh. Anje    ghar pe nahi hai , aur late aayegi. So u can leave.
Nikki: coffe, ek cup coffe
Abhi: coffe…..
Nikki: haan mujhe coffe pini hai
Abhi: coffe , khatam ho gayi.
Niki: toh tea, I'll hav tea
Abhi: tum kitni besharam ho .
Nikki:who toh mein hoon, chalo kisi ko tea banana ke liye bolo kyunki mujhe tumpe trust nahi hai. Are , mere latttest dhushman ho tum
Abhi( at last shouted): koi, is ladki ko chai    dedo, plz.
Rids come out
Rids: what happen bhai.
Nikki: bhai matlab, brother( in a funny tone),bondhu.      I m done
Abhi: done, with what.
Nikki: with mr sadu, bye , tc ,   SD .
             NIKKI: buddy , who uska bhai hai.
        Ammy: kya
        Nikki: haan


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