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Pri-Sanyo Reunion Script (Parts 23, 24, 25)

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Hello friends,Big smile

Hi everybody''' Smile

Me Piyu, I am back with few parts of the story "Pri-Sanyo Reunion Script" which I left incomplete almost 2 years ago. Ouch 

This is really a surprise for me as I never thought I would be continuing this incomplete story anytime in the near future, but I managed to write few parts in the last month.

Friends I am really sorry for keeping you all wait for so long. In spite of so many requests and pms, I could not adhere to my promise to post it soon. I know many of you gave up with this...  sorry for that.Cry

I almost lost the plot and the track of the story so I have to reconstruct it all over. Please pardon me if next parts and the story  ahead drops below your expectations. Also pardon any mistakes made by me. I tried my best to keep up with flow of the story on the previous parts.

Thank you once again, thanks a lot for bearing with me and waiting for the story.

I will post few pics and the summary later but you can access previous parts through this link:

Following parts are dedicated to all my friends who kept on questing me to complete the story.

Love you and a big hug.Hug

NOTE: Hence forth I will update all the parts in this thread.

..... parts 26 and 27 are arriving soon.

Thank you


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Part 23


In Seetapur camp.... Goddess Santoshi's Social Function..

"Nagaon Naresh, Maharaj Abhay Singh ko Maharaj Jaichand ka sadar pranam,

Santoshi Mata ke utsaav mein aapne hume pramukh atithi ke taur pe aamantrit karke hamara jo maan badhaya hai, uske liye hum aabhari hai aur utsaav mein shamil hone ke liye ati utsuk bhi hai.

Parantu jo shanka humne pehle jatai thi wohi hum phirse jatate hai. Kannauj se aapni niti dushmani nikalne ke liye Delhi kisi bhi hadd tak ja sakti hai. Santoshi mata ke utsaav ko hi shariyant bhumi banaya ja raha hai. Sidhe shabdon mein kaha jaye toh, hume Delhi ke guptcharon se aur unke logon se utsaav mein khatra hai, jo waha pohch chuke hai. Yeh khabar nisandeh pakki hai.

Phir bhi hum waha aayenge, aapka maan rakhte hue aur Nagaon aur Kannauj ke badhate sambandhon ke liye. Hume aapki mitrata par pura vishwaas hai.

Maharaj Jaichand


The letter was read by the Senapati in an urgent meeting summoned by King Abhay Singh in a small court set up in one of the chambers of his tent in the camp.

Mahamantri, Jeevan and two senapatis were present. The environment was tensed and frigid. They all hashed out the planning made and the security arranged there. Mahamantri then narrated his findings, conjectures and doubts. He updated Abhay with the happenings in the camp and also about travelers being murdered, Madan being trapped and also about the lockets. He was informed by Hasmukhlal's men that Hasmukhlal has identified those Delhi spies and they are roaming around.

Maha Mantri confidently said that Lakshman, who suddenly disappeared, is being confirmed as Delhi spy by Madan and they are working together. He also said that there are few more people with Lakshman.

Jeevan was restless through all the disclosure. Maha Mantri also recounted about Hasmukhlal's disappearance and emoted the fear that Sarpanch has been kept from reaching them by Delhi spies. He said he was sure that Hasmukhlal is having some important news about them.

Maha Mantri also told about the information he received from the Maha Mantri working in the court of Nagaon that the Delhi is working on a mission in the south and their detectives are in the south near by Seetapur.

Though reluctant, Abhay was obligated to doubt Delhi. His ultimate aim was to ensure a turst worthy amity between Nagaon and Delhi as well as between Nagaon and Kannauj. Abhay was fully aware of the enmity between Delhi and Kannauj. Since Nagaon was benifitting from good relations between Kannauj and Delhi both, Abhay did want to upset any of them, but he was trapped in their antagonism and politics.

If Nagaon trip up Delhi red handed, they will have a good reason to side Jaichand. Otherwise, Abhay was unwilling to unnecessarily go against Delhi King - Prithviraj Chauhan.

All they could do is tighten the security, collect solid proofs against Delhi by following Lakshman and his friends and interrogate Madan and find Sarpanch as soon as possible.

Nagaon has to make sure culprits are caught red-handed while the people in the camp are safe and enjoying. They have to hide the inside information from the attendees and guests to maintain the jubilant atmosphere and the good name of the function.

Abhay accordingly gave instructions to Jeevan, Mahamantri and Senapatis and then set out to look for the place to the south of Seetapur where riots took place two days before.


In Sangam Nagar'..

"Umeed karta hu woh dono kisi musibat mein naa ho." Pundir said hopefully while hunting for Prithvi and Sanyogita. As suggested by the farmers, to have a panoramic view of the area, he and Payal were climbing the hill amidst the vast agrarian area having large mustard and sugarcane fields surrounded at its feet on the either side.

Payal was slowly floundering behind him. They were peeping down and obeserving the landscape and the mustard fields through every edge of the hill, in a hope that they might spot Prithvi and Sanyogita somewhere.

"Musibat mein kyun honge? Yaha kheton mein unke koi dushman nahi hai Pundir." Said Payal, stopping near a tree to breathe properly while bending at her waist. Pundir stopped and turned back at her with smirk "Musibat ya khatra, sirf bahar ke dushmanon se nahi hota hai Payal."   "Toh aur kaunse dushman?" She tracked towards him and asked astoundingly.

"Mere gurudev kehte hai, insaan ka bhagwaan aur uska dushman, dono, uske andar hi hai." He pointed at his heart and added "Yehi pe sab shuru aur yahi pe sab khatam." Proudly enunciating his Guru's words he turned and started taking small steps.

"Achha....." Payal tried to gulp down his heavy philosophical articulates and further asked bewilderingly "Toh .. Toh unke andar ke dushmanon se unpe kya musibat aayegi?"

Pundir couldn't understand how to explain her. He again gallingly stopped and facing her said "Payal samjha karo, bhang ka nasha khatarnaak ho sakta hai, unse kuch bhi karva sakta hai, aur.."

"kuch bhi karva sakta hai !!" raising her brows she repeated his words loudly in a questioning tone and further slowed down making innocent face. "Jaise ki?"

Pundir folded his hand and watching her added sarcastically "Jaise ki, woh desh ki suraksha par charcha kar sakte hai, Delhi aur Kannauj ke dushmani ke bare mein vichar vimast karenge.."

Faking serious expressions she asked "Aur agar baat haat se nikal gayi toh?"

"Toh woh yudh ka aailaan karenge, aur phir yudh bhi karenge..."

Holding the amusement in her cheeks Payal mischievously asked "Achha.. toh tumhe kya lagta hai kaun jitega?"

"Chup ho jao Payal" Said Pundir trying not to smile but ultimaltely grinned when Payal let out a melodious laughter.

Moving near her Pundir added "Ab jab - tumhe itne jaldi sab kuch samaj mein aa hi gaya hai - toh ab hum unhe dhundne ke bare mein soche."

"Ha.. ha... kyun nahi..  varna bhang ka nasha unse yudh karva sakta hai, hai naa?." She giggled "Par malum padta hai, undono ko milane mein kismet humare saath hai.. kyun?" Payal mummered with smile and unconsciously waved her curly tresses back.

"Ha.. Par unhe dhundna toh hoga hi naa" Pundir said watching her and noticed the dried leaves and twigs hanging on her loosely tied hair. Marching few steps towards her, Pundir dusted them delicately without any indisposition. For a moment Payal quivered with the goosebumps she received but did not mind it later and immediately came back to the topic.

"Pundir, unn kisano ne kaha naa, dudh mein jarasi bhang milayi thi, itna nasha nahi chadha hoga aur dupehar tak nasha utar bhi jayega."

"Toh kya Dupeher tak yehi rahe? Aur hamare tassalli ke liye unhone juth bhi bole hoga. Jab tak unhe mein thik thak naa dekh lu mujhe chain nahi milega."

And he started striding again among the dense trees saying "Ab Chalo". Thick roots erupted on the surface and the surrounding was filled with the melodious tweeting of the birds and leaves were dancing in the tune of the cool breeze while blue sky peeped among the clouds.

"Waise mausam kitna pyaara hai, hai naa? Achha lag raha hai... Aur socho .. aaise mausam mein toh koi apne dushman ko bhi gale laga le.." Payal chuckled and went on smattering while casually taking round around her and then around a tree holding its trunk. "Lagata hai yeh mausam ka jadu hai." She sweetly evinced.

Pundir looked around to appreciate and enjoy the clime and the surround just like her and he realized that he had never appreciated the nature before. Seroiusly the world is beautiful - he cogitated as his eyes captured the sedate greenary and pleasantness spread around.

Sensing happiness Pundir smiled and continued smiling, watching and admiring Payal's idyllic form. She was springing around cascually, leaning on each tree on the way and buzzing like a bee. Her round and bubbly face was shinning brightly in spite of the dust settled on it. Her stunning features were twinkling like stars as her slim figure reeled through the uneven path towards near him. As she drew nearer it was even more difficult for Pundir to lift his eyes from her and with her approaching steps as the intensity of her prettiness grew brighter, Pundir shuddered and realized that he was staring her, and he couldn't make out how much time elapsed. Fearing that she might playfully and unintentionally bump into him, he shook and moved himself aside from her way feeling unearthly. Looking away he said with choked throat "Chalo Payal hume der naa ho jaye." He quickly spun and strode with long steps.

"Tum kitna tez chalte ho, hume bhagna padta hai." She promptly ran and picked up his speed.


In Santoshi Mata's Utsaav.. in the grand carnival......

Devotees in the camp were lucky, since the atmosphere was cool and the camp was sheltered by the clouds hiding the hot sun rays. The environment was satiated with Children's playful cry, giggles of girls, chatting of women, laughter of the senior citizens, noises of women dickering at the shops, entertainer's sound, seller's cry... 

"Khilone... Bachoon ke ache ache kilone lo.. purab ke khass"  

"Basuri.. gokul ki basuri.." 

"Gujarat.. ke khass lehenge.." 

"Aao zhule mein kisi ko baithna hai.. aao bhai.." 

"Khel.. khel dekho.. Kala dekho.. anand uthao.. yaha aao" 

Chamki was swiftly moving through the crowd, concealing herself from Hasmukhlal and Amrit behind every figure that she came across and hoping that they might lose the track. She moved besides the group of athlets who were performing and entertaining the mob that had gathered around.

"Bade kaam ka bandar.... khel dikhaye bandar... sikka pheko aur kehl dekho..." Someone near by was showing vivid plays of monkey. Frustrated Sanjam and sassy Amrit passed by him when the monkey grabbed Amrit's leg instantly and was not willing to leave him. That sight made everyone around laugh and Chamki and Sanjam got a chance to escape from him.

"Balike kya aapko aapka bhavishya janana hai.." A guy standing outside Necromencer's tent asked Chamki when she paused in front of their tent. She was not in the mood and what if fate has something abrupt in store for her. 'Ignorance is bliss' is truly said by someone she thought.

"Baba sahi bhavishya batate hai." That guy again insisted.

"Nahi.. Nahi janana." She replied.


In Sangamnagar.. somewhere near the mustard fields..

Like the river who becomes excited on the verge of meeting the sea, like the birds that go mad with happiness when set free from the cage, like flowers that blossoms when kissed by the rays; Sanyogita was excited, happy, set free and blossomed like a flower. She had lost track of all the sorrows, pains and difficulties of life. She had forgotten her identity, and only knew that she is happy, happier than she had been before, happy like how earth becomes when water showers suddenly in the hot burning day.

Same like Sanyogita, Prithvi too was floating, feeling absolutely lightsome. Since the alcoholic milk started making its effect on Prithvi and Sanyogita, they became completely lost and were in the doldurms continuously laughing. They were feeling lighter than the air and were tempted to go and enjoy themselves in the arms of the green earth. Effect of milk was more on Sayogita than on Prithvi. Sometimes amidst the flow of unconsciousness, Prithvi could realize, they are not in their right state of mind, but he didn't know what to do to abolish the rabidness. In spite of many warnings from the farmers, Prithvi crossed farmer's locality and took Sanyogita into the fields when she insisted a lot.

"Woh dekh rahe ho Surya woh jagah." She paused to laugh, Prithvi too stopped with her.

"Jaha dhar.... dharti aur aasman mil.... mil rahe hai." While laughing she pointed at the far space beyond fields, having ranges of blue hills and the round sky seemed to have dropped down on the earth. "Hume waha jana hai, hume waha le chalo."

Prithvi only knew that he wanted to fulfill all her wishes and give her all the happiness he could, so he took her into the fields and was aiming to go beyond. Like Sanyogita, he too felt like the fate has given him a chance to float, laugh, enjoy, dance, sing, fly, run; run towards the eternity with Sanyogita, leaving behind all the worldly weighs and matters; where the earth has a union with the sky.

Naturally pausing in his way aside the mustard field, Prithvi with fanatic looks turned towards the overzealous but charming lady whose hand he had clutched tightly. His other hand was naturally holding the sword hilt hanging on his waist. Innocently giggling, Sanyogita too faced him "Chalo naa Surya, hume waha jana hai." She pointed her hand in the forward direction. And as he heard her melodious voice, he experienced a sudden swirl. Her visage faded and Prithvi saw her blurred face with double projections.

He concernedly held the real image of her face with his unsteady hands and surprisingly added with pie-eyed looks "Mujhe... Tum... do do  nazar... aa rahi ho !!" She chortled eyeing him sloppily as his cold palms caused a prickle in her. Prithvi shook his head to clear his vision. With another chuckle, Sanyogita imitated him by shaking her head while laughing and asked "Ab??"

"Abhi bhi do do... Nandini.." He retorted and grinned as her voice made echo in his ears. She took a step close to him and playfully fluffed his silky brown hair with laughter. "Ab??"

"Abhi bhi.. ." He flunged his hands off from her face and moved back as she continued marching towards him and weaving her delicate fingers in his hair.

"Nandini aaisa mat karo.."


"Mujhe ajeeb lag raha hai.." Suddenly his double projection vision faded away and he felt better.

Sanyogita continued tossing his hair like a stubborn kid, raising hands and jumping in front of him when he defied.

"Tum kabhi koi baat kyun nahi samajti?" He moved aside with frown.

"Kyun ki hum jungli billi hai." She stopped and joyfully shouted raising her hands in the air with closed eyes.

"Ha.. yatra mein tumne mujhe bahot sataya hai." He said.

"Aur tumne bhi hume bahot rulaya.. Hum yatra mein sab kuch sikhane aaye thhe, ek aam ladki ki banke.. aur tumne hume chata maara, hume jhagadalu, baddimakh aur nakchadi kaha." She opened her eyes and soon resumed her act of shattering his silky brown hair revengefully. Foiling her attempts he again moved out of her way "ha.. Kyunki tumne mera saara kaam bigada aur.." Prithvi failed to recall what did she exactly do? This time he did not protest, stood firm at one place and allowed her to play with his topsy-turvy hair. He folded his hands as his brain retrieved few images of Koteshwar yatra, when they first met.... He had dashed against her and Sanyogita fell on the ground ..... and it was then when their eyes first met and they had sensed a slight attraction in each other in the very first meeting itself.

He was mesmerized by looking at a beautiful young lady who was watching him in befuddlement lying on the ground. Prithvi grinned and shook his head when his brain suddenly aimed to go to the depth of each feeling he had experienced and many question attached to it. What was that Yatra about? Why did he go? Why did he meet her? When did all that happen? He knew all the answers but they were immixed and he could not separate them out. And the force of all jumbled thoughts ultimaltely made him move from his still point. He sensed something is seriously wrong with him, but hearing Sanyogita laugh, he foolishly grinned and ultimately turned it into laughter. He pushed her away losing his own balance and fall down.

"Hume maja aa raha hai Surya" She breathed happily as she toppled with his push and laughed with him seeing him lightly struggle to get up.

Giving up, Prithvi sat on the ground, trying to evanesced his laugh; his hands stretched backwards lazily, head tilted upwards, his visage bearing a confused frown. He closed his eyes as the soft breeze was lulling him to sleep. His sharp features were glistened by the soft mild rays dotted through white cotton-like clouds.

Watching him admiringly with eyes flashing ludicrously, Sanyogita kneeled aside him. She wholeheartedly studied his handsome face and taking control of her waving tresses she whispered in his ears "Pata hai Surya... Tum hume bahot ache lagate ho.. tumhare saath hum hamesha khush rehte hai."

Prihvi opened his eyes and soberly turned to his right where she was kneeling. He tried to heed what she wanted to say when some pre-occupations were still gathered in his mind.

"Shhhhhh.. par kisiko batana mat." She seriously added.

After a brief eye-lock session, Prithvi saw her eyes were randomly moving on his face and then they stopped on his hair bringing naughty smile on her lips.  As her hands rose, he quickly warned her "Ab agar tumne mere balon ko chua..."

"Toh?" She asked mischievously and lifted one brow.

"Toh achha nahi hoga."


Prithvi, even though he wanted to stop her, couldn't stop her when she played with his hair again. "Tum kabhi kisiki baat nahi sunti ho, bahot ziddi ho tum."

"Hume Sunita ki saari baatein sun li."  Sanyogita continued with her babble.

Suddenly Prithvi thought of the place where they were before. But where exactly? What happened there?Mounting serious expressions on his face but tittering foolishly, Prithvi raised his index finger and added in sharp tone "Nandini.. maine kaha tha naa uss dudh mein kuch milaya hai. ab bikul mat pina... "

"Hume toh sara pi liya, hume toh kuch nahi laga.." Smiling unwisely she bent forward and lightly rubbed her nose against his.

Prithvi frowned as he failed to register anything but felt the abrupt sensation in his stomach. He sat straight and holding her arm moved her away murmuring "par.. ab.. ab..  hum kya karenge,... mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi aa raha hai.. mujhe kuch ho raha hai.. hum kaha hai?? Hume jana... "

"Hume toh waha jana hai Surya.. Jaha Dharti aur Aasmaan milte hai.." Suddenly her desire dawned on her and giving out laughter she got on her feet slithering her palms into his. "chaloooooo...  chalo jaldi..Surya.."  Sanyogita started pulling Prithvi by helding his hands.

"Nahi.. " He resisted her attempt and with repulsion she fell down on the opposite side. Again their roar of laughter was followed with Prithvi's sniffy statement "...maine kaha tha naa uss dudh mein kuch milaya hai.."


In the camp.....

Impaitent to meet Jeevan, Arjun somehow reached near King Abhay's tent and lurked behind a tree hiding from the snappy soldiers roaming around. Same like him, Ishu and Karan, hiding themselves from soldiers, entered the compound hastily and fearfully looked around to find Jeevan. But their inquisitory sight caught Arjun and they reached him quickly with a comfort feeling.

"Tum dono ?? Aur koi jagah nahi mili tumhe - jasusi dikhane ke liye?" Arjun snapped worriedly in a low voice but with more irritation as soon as they came towards him. Ishu and Karan were sweating and did not hear his question being in a panic state.

"Jaldi chaliye bhaiyya, hamare saath jaldi chaliye. Waha pe ek aadmi ghayal pada hai." Ishu pleaded making a crying face and pulling Arjun's hand.

"Kya? Kaha?" Ajrun asked, abysmally.

"Humne ek sainik ko batane ki koshish ki par woh hamari baat hi nahi maan raha hai. Bevakuf hai..." Said Karan in thwarting tone. "Weh Jeevan bhi yaha nahi hai." And he held Arjun's other hand tightly to pull him.

"Kaun kaha ghayal pada hai?" Arjun asked gathering patience as they successfully pulled him few inches ahead.

"Woh waha koi aadmi hai.. jaldi chaliye."

"Chalo". Snapped Arjun and coursed with them towards the boundary of the camp into the woods.


In Sangamnagar... on the hill..

Moving in the tree packed hilly region, Payal and Pundir came by one edge. Payal was far behind Pundir who went into the thick woods. Many times Payal wished to stop and relax in the pleasant environment, but the concern for Sanyogita and Prithvi did not allow her to chill out. While walking hastily, her attention was caught by beautiful white color flowers on the bushes down the slope towards the edge. She wished to pluck them but did not do so thinking of Prithvi and Sanyogita's search, which was more important that moment.

Ignoring the temptation she increased her speed. And then suddenly before turning her head in the forward direction, her sight caught two minuscule figures down in the midst of dense yellow mustard field. She stopped abruptly and hastily went to the edge. Moving away the sprigs she tried to concentrate on those figures that were slowly becoming clear and visible.

Payal blinked her eyes while watching them. As they vanished out of the sight she ran forward and climbed down the hill a little to have a better look and she found her incertitude turning into the reality and she assured herself that they were none other but Prithvi and Sanyogita. Smile, which then persisted for a long time, spread on her jaded face. She experienced a relief and kept on observing them turning her smile into a blush.

She saw Prithvi in white kurta and Sanyogita in greenish attire running in the fields, chasing each other with laugh. She couldn't see their expressions clearly, neither could she hear them properly, but she could make out that they were enjoying themselves. Payal grinned watching them in a happy and stress free condition. She had never seen Sanyogita in that impish state before. That was the sight of two pure lovers, which anyone who admires Love and its beauty, would like to watch. She felt very happy for them.

"Yeh dono toh bilkul thik hai, lagata hai bhang ke nasha achhe kaam bhi karvata hai." That bubbly girl giggled. "Shukar hai bhagwan ka." She excitedly turned and was about to call Pundir but suddenly a thought occurred to her -- that was a good chance for Prithvi and Sanyogita to be left alone with each other for some time. And if she told Pundir then he might go to them and they all will be compelled to go back, thus loosing a beautiful opportunity to feel the eternal happiness for some time at least. She thus decided not to tell Pundir about them so early.

---------------------------------------------End of Part 23 ------------------------------------------

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In the camp...

At the magical show counter, at the gaming counter, near the food-stalls, through the entertainers, through the dancing and singing women, Chamki tried her best to get away from Hasmukhlal and made sure that he does not notice her. But he was determinedly following her. Amrit who was feeling great and smart followed Hasmukhlal and this time he decided to teach him a lesson; as it is he had nothing better to do there and was going through boredom before he undertook that unneeded Rescue-Chamki mission.

Bending down and passing through the queue of dancers, Chamki escaped towards the shopping stalls again. 

How, Sanjam couldn't answer, but Amrit again reached before him at the bangle shop where Chamki stepped in. In no time restless Sanjam too went in.

"Chamki, tum thik ho naa?" Amrit asked as soon as he entered behind her.

"Ha mein thik hu, mujhe kya hua hai?" Chamki said without looking at him and moved near the desk.

"Tum phikar mat karo Chamki." Amrit smiled stupidly at her. "Hum sab jaan chuke hai. Uss Hasmukhlal ko achha sabak sikhaenge, hum jante hai woh tumhe pareshaan kar raha hai."  Amrit assured idiotically standing besides Chamki and gawking at her.

"Nahi mein thik hu."  She tried to ignore his crack brained looks and went on the other desk.

Sanjam went in and hide behind a drapery near the desk. He was waiting and thinking of some way to shove Amrit away and talk to Chamki.

"Kaunse rang ki chudiya chahiye?"  Shopkeeper asked her while packing few sets.

"Inhe toh saare rang ki chudiya dikhao, inpe saare rang ache lagte hai." Amrit said in a cloying tone. 

Chamki felt like giving him a tight slap. But gathering patience, she again ignored him.

"Mujhe hare rang ki chudiya dikhao."  She randomly pointed at the bottle green colored bangles.

Amrit picked up red set of bangles and smilingly said "Hume yeh lal rang ki chudiya bahot pasand aayi Chamki." 

"Toh aap hi kyun nahi pehne lete?" Chamki riposted.

"He.. he..he.." Sanjam who was hiding behind a drapery laughed uncontrollably and his laughter was audible. Amrit and Chamki started searching him looking here and there while louring.

"Aap phir se yaha?" Amrit spotted him. He moved the drapery and Sanjam in Hasmukhlal's getup was exposed.

Chamki kept the bangles down angrily with awful looks on her face.

"Koi baat nahi Chamki" Amrit said in a pride tone looking from Chamki to Hasmukhlal. "Mein isse achha sabak sikhaunga."

"Tum kya mujhe sabak sikhayoge... " Said Sanjam rolling his sleeves back out of frustration and that made Amrit positioned himself in front of him ready to fight.

Tensed Chamki looked around and discovered that people around were looking at them. She tried to concentrate on the bangles. But in no time behind her, Sanjam and Amrit held each other by collar.

"Chamki se dur raho..." warned Amrit.

"Pehle tum chale jao yaha se." Sanjam snarled. They started shaking each other and moving in circles.

 "Bas bahot hua." Chamki cried. Sanjam and Amrit relinquished each other as Chamki angrily paced towards them. "Amrit aap ki meherbani hogi agar aap meri madat naa kare aur Hasmukhlal..." Raising her finger she continued "Mere baba se ab aap nahi bachenge." Warning him she went out.

Sanjam pushed Amrit back with force and he fell on few girls in the shop. Loud screaming of girls was heard.

Chamki came out when, suddenly, in front of everyone, she was stopped by her wrist held tightly by a strong but warm clasp having a familiar touch."Chamki." Sanjam softly called her name in a normal tone with many emotions reflected through his eyes. Chamki as if being hypnotized stared at him trying to find a reason for the state of mind she was in. Time was passing on very slowly as something in his tone and touch reminded her of Sanjam.

"Sanjam??" She said in a serious tone after a long pause. There was a thirst in her wondering eyes to see him, to talk to him but all she could see was weird Hasmuklal with mustache and beard. She tried to see Sanjam behind Hasmukhlal's getup whose curled fingers around her wrist said something different. 

People passing by were watching them with giggles. But Sanjam and Chamki did not wish to care about them. Taking his sleeves back, Amirt again proceeded towards them and shook them from their trance.

"Aapki itni himmat?" He pushed Sanjam and looking at Chamki said "Tumhare baba ko hum bula late hai, ab yeh nahi bachega." Amrit tried to unwrapped Sanjam's fingers coiled around Chamki's wrist. Keeping his eyes on Chamki, Sanjam again pushed Amrit forcefully with his free hand. Amrit fell backward on the same group of girls who too came out. Again there was chaos and girls started giving disgust looks to Amrit.

Chamki realized that Hasmukhalal was still holding her wrist. She tried to free it and said "Hamara haath chodiye warna achha nahi hoga." Ignoring racket around, Sanjam added in a sober tone "Meri ek baat sun lo, phir mein tumhe tang nahi karunga.... mein Sanj" His words were mixed with the noise of the girls shouting at Amrit who tried to get up with the support of the desk thus falling and breaking the bangles kept on it.

Chamki tried to retract her hand rudely "Tumhari itni himmat ke mera haath sabke samne yun pakda." 

Others were observing them.

"Haath chodo HASHMUKHLAL" Chamki turned red with embarrassment and anger. She then successfully freed her wrist.

"Mein Hashmukhlal nahi hu. Mein.. Sanjam hu..."

Without hearing his last amendments, Chamki ran away from there feeling abashed when people began to gather.

"Kaun ched raha hai ladki ko?" Shopkeeper came out lazily.

Amrit went near Sanjam and Sanjam quickly held him out of wrath and told others with serious expressions "Yeh ched raha tha." 

Shopkeeper reacted ready to fight "Kya?" 

"Ha... aur aapki chudiya bhi isne todi."  Sanjam snapped.

"Nahi mein nahi.. yeh.."  Amrit tried to unloose himself from Sanjam's grip. 

"Ha yeh ladka sabko ched raha hai.." one among the group of girls yelled.

People gathered. Sanjam saw a stout woman who was ready to hit Amrit along with others. While Amrit was arguing Sanjam hooked the point of the stout woman's veil in Amrit's cloth-belt and escaped. When Amrit started running behind him, the women was pulled by her veil towards him. With one more attempt of Amrit to run away from there, veil came off and fell on the woman's shoulder and everyone gasped.

"Hai hai yehi hai woh besharam.. Hamara dupatta kicha... pito isse." 


In Sangam Nagar..... on the hill

"Payal... kaha ho tum?"
Payal heard Pundir's voice from above. Quickly planning something she climbed the hill and reached the top surface coming face-to-face with Pundir.
"Waha niche kaha chali gayi thi tum, weh dono dikhe waha?" He asked hopefully examining the path from where he saw her coming.
"Aaa... nahi ... woh dono kahi nazar nahi aa rahe... tum chalo toh yaha se, yaha koi nahi hai." She started pushing him with a fear that he might spot them.
"Yeh kya kar rahi ho tum?" He asked confusedly and stumbled back with her push.
"Chalo naa, kahi aur dhundate hai unhe." She moved ahead and was successful in pulling him away from the edge.

"Payal?? Kya hua tumhe? Aur tum waha niche kya karne gayi thi?"

"Hum.. hum Woh.. woh phul dekh rahe ho?" In panic-stricken manner she pointed in the direction opposite of the place from where Prithvi and Sanyogita were visible. "Hume woh safed rang ke phool bade sundar lage, hum woh todne gaye thhe."

"Phool toh waha hai, phir tum iss taraf kyun gayi?" He asked suspiciously.

"Hume laga yaha se rasta hai... Woh sab chodo, tum hume woh phool tod ke doge Pundir?"

"Yeh samay phool todne ka nahi hai. Tum chalo pehle."

"Do naa." She pleaded in a sweet tone.

Pundir eyed her surprisingly "Hume Prithvi aur Sanyogita ko dhundna hai, bhul gayi?"

"Phikar mat karo weh yudh nahi karenge" She said mockingly with grin but watching his frown she further added in a pleading tone. ".. humare liye tum itna bhi nahi karoge?"

Pundir did not argue further. He kept quite by folding his hand. His scarlet face was reflecting colors of skepticism and irritation.

"Thik hai mat do par hum toh woh phool tod ke hi rahenge... chahe waha niche jaate jaate hamara paair hi kyun naa phisle aur hume chot hi kyun naa aaye..... hum saare musibaton ka samna karenge Pundir." Payal challenged herself, swung around and started climbing down.

"...... aakhir humare andar bhi toh woh rajputonwala khun bheta ha...." She gesticulated raising her right hand "Ab hum mar jayenge par woh phool tod ke hi rahenge..... Hamare shaan ka sawal hai."

She stopped and loudly announced blowing her nose proudly in the air, making yet another attempt to break his pigheadedness. "Hum dikha denge ke rajput ladkiyon mein kitni himmat hai."

"Jarurat ke waqt apna dimakh kahi chod aati hai yeh." Pundir irately murmured to himself.

Not ready to let her take any risk, Pundir accepted defeat by making face and snarled "Ab tum apni yeh nautanki band karo, phool mein laake deta hu."

She chortled silently and stopped quickly. Then she spunned slowly and with grave looks, stuttered "Ab tum itna keh hi rahe ho toh - " She shuggered her shoulders "hum tumhe yeh bahadduri ka kaam karne ka avasar pradan karte hai, tum bhi kya yaad rakho ge."

"Ha sach mein.." He sighed and made his way down towards the edge " .. itihaas mein mera naam amar hone wala hai."

She smiled enthusiactically when he was nearing those beautiful white flower bunches.

"Aur ab iske baad tum chup chap Prithvi aur Sanyogita ko dhundogi, samjhi?" Tilting his head up, he ensured loudly before plucking the flowers.

"Pehle itihaas mein apna naam amar toh karo" Payal cried.


In the forest adjcent to the Goddess Santoshi's camp''.

"Bachaooooo.... Koi hai." Hasmukhlal succeeded in removing cloth stripe from his mouth and he shouted on the spur of the moment.
"Chudao mujhe yaha se.... koi hai..... sipahi.."
His yelling spread in the enviornment and fell on the ears of the soldiers who were fortunately searching for him in the same area. They came running following the noise and were shocked to see Hamukhlal lying under a tree in a pitiable condition.
"Hasmukhlalji..... Hasmukhlalji... aap yaha? Iss halat mein?"
"Kholo pehle rassi..." Hashmukhlal irately shouted.
One soldier went behind the tree and tried to release the knot. Impatience growing in Hasmukhlal and nature's call made him pull the rope in a wild manner. "Kya kar rahe ho, jaldi karo..... ek rassi nahi khol sakte?" He screamed.

When that soldier panicked, other soldier went to help him. Knots were tight, but finally they took the sword and cut the rope. Hasmukhlal somehow got up. "Mujhe sab dhund rahe hai aur mein yaha?? Nahi chodunga mein unhe."

Hasmukhlal somehow got up with the support of the soldiers and started running with stumbling steps and others followed him.
"Kisne kiya yeh sarpanchji? Delhi ke jasuson ne kya?"
Hasmukhlal suddenly tumbled as he heard the question and falled down. Instead of getting up on his own, in a reposed state he turned slightly at back and stared at that soldier with lurid looks, while that soldier scarily told him  "Woh Maha Mantriji ko Madan naam ke ek bande se pata chala, ke Delhi ke jasus hi hai jo yaha aatang phaila rahe hai." Ignoring the fanatic looks of Hasmukhlal, Soldier moved forward and helped him to get up.
Hasmukhlal continued staring him with traumatizing expressions as soldier made him stand. "Madan aur Maha Mantri??" He mummered.
Soldier: "Ji Madan humare kaid mein hai."
"Kya !! " Hasmukhlal exclaimed shockingly and got lost in thoughts.

"Mujhe Madan ke pass le chalo." He softly whispered.

"Maf kijiye Hasmukhlalji, par Maha Mantri ka aadesh hai ke aapko pehle unke pass laya jaye." Said soldier with frightened looks as Hasmukhlal was staring him with crumpled brows.

The frightened soldier made his mind to hear the berating of the sarpanch, but Sarpanch simply stood planning something while his eyes were still fixed on him.

After a brief pause, Hasmukhlal slowly said "Pehle mein snan ghar jana chahta hu. Tum log jao, hum khud Maha Mantri se milne jayenge."


In Sangam nagar., in the Mustard fields..

Half consciously and unflaggingly, with inebriated expressions on their visages, Prithvi and Sanyogita wandered more than half of the mustard area with bunk and squabble. They reached that part where group of farmers were working, cooking and ploughing. No sooner they were invited by farmers for the brunch which was followed by their funny introductions.

"Yeh Nandini .. aur mein Surya.." Prithvi confided trying to keep his eyes steady.

"Nahi .. Hum Nandini aur yeh Surya.." Sanyogita cut him across, giggling.

Feeling irate suddenly, Prithvi turned at Sanyogita and said "Nandini tum kabhi kisi ki baat nahi sunti ho..."

With foolish grin she counted on her fingers "Hume Sunita ki baat sun li aur.... Aur Payal ki bhi"

"Aur meri??" Prithvi asked with frown pointing his hand towards him.

"Hum kyun sune tumhari baat,.. Tum toh bigde raiji ho.. aur tum Payal ke khaas dost nahi ho. Hume pata hai, tum uske saath milke hume chida rahe thhe..  aur" Suddenly turning towards the perplexed farmers who were watching them with shocking looks, Sanyogita said in a cockeyed tone "Isske chaaron chamche hamesha iske agal bagal ghumte rehte hai..." She made gesticulations with her hands."Yatra mein yeh apne saare kaam unse hi karavata tha."

"Aur yeh ek jungle billi hai, jo hamesha mere raste mein aati thi." Prithvi tattled.

"Shhhhh.,...." Keeping her finger on her mouth Sanyogita took few unsteady steps in farmer's direction and whispered "Hum koi aam ladki nahi hai, hum uss Rajkumari Sanyogita se jyada khubsoorat hai."

Being fascinated by her beauty and outgoing attitude, farmers were awesomely listening to her, smiling widly. One of them even approached a little towards her with popping eyes, which made Prithvi feel uncomfortable even in his soaked state and holding Sanyogita's wrist, Prithvi gently pulled her back to his side saying "Nandini,maine kaha tha naa uss dudh mein kuch milaya gaya hai.... ab meri baat mano.... chalo yaha se."

"Nahi.. humne Sunita ki aur Payal ki baat maanli.. aur tum Payal se dosti badhane ka natak kar rahe thhe hume pata hai." She dusted her hand from his grip and a brabbling followed between them as Prithvi tried to explain her what Payal was up to. Though she argued, she could not make out a word he was telling.

Astounded ladies, draped in white untidy gowns who were cooking near by, interrupted their fuss and asked them to come with them for the brunch. When asked where they were heeding, Prithvi and Sanyogita stared at others... drifting in and out of consciousness.

"Kya Gopal ke yaha se aa rahe ho" A woman asked tittering shyly who was aware of the celebration at his place.

Suddenly feeling alarmed, Prithivi scanned the area and pondered on his condition. They were standing beneath the shade open on all sides. In one corner chullahs were burning and food was cooked.

As if been trapped in something, his brain refused to answer back and Prithvi stammered "Jaha dharti aasmaan mil rahe hai."

"Ha... ha.." Sanyogita who was misguidedly staring the ground shouted "Hume waha jana hai..."

"Kuch kha lo pehle, phir Gopal ke yaha wapas laut jana.. varna kheton mein kho jaoge"

Getting aware of the reasons behind Prithvi and Sanyogita's deranged behavior, farmers were adorningly watching and helping them, also enjoying with them and ignoring their irrelevant chatter.. like yatra, jungle, shivling, billi, khana etc..  which made no sense to them at all. 

"Tumne hamare sabji mein saara namak dal diya tha." Said Sanyogita who hadn't started eating but was watching him who was merrily pounding a big red onion with his fist. They were seated facing each other outside the shade on a smooth stone near the boundary of the field.

"Ha...." Prithvi commented and laughed redirecting his attention to the food serverd in the leaf in front of him.

"Aur humne tumhari liye roti banayi, woh bhi thukara di tumne." Sanyogita smattered watching him enjoying the roti.

"Achha??" Prithvi was completely engrossed in eating and ignored her complaints. Sanyogita frowned

"Tum bahot bure ho.. naa shukriya naa mafi.. Hume nahi khana" and she was about to get up when Prithvi suddenly said "Achha... achha.. shukriya aur mafi dono.. ab toh kha lo."

He plucked a piece of roti and dipping it in the lentil cury raised it to her mouth. Gazing in his eyes, Sanyogita ate what he was feeding before mistakenly biting his finger.

"Sanyogita !!" Prithvi exclaimed confusedly a moment later, as it took time for his pulses to carry the pain to his brain. When it happened, her real name automatically voiced on his lips and more than that he came to know that it is her real name.

She gwaffed when she saw him shuddered and retract his hand with lour.

He appallingly watched her when she corrected him "Sanyogita nahi Nandini.. jo jyada khubsurat hai." She laughed.

Soon the ability to understand anything was lost again and he joined her in gag. "Maine kaha tha naa uss dudh mein kuch milaya hai."

----------------------------------------------------End of Part 24------------------------------------------------------------

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Part 25


In the Camp..

"Ujjain ke Maharaj ki Jai"

"Rajkumari Indravati ki jai..."

"Ujjain ke Maharaj ki Jai"

King of Ujjain and along with his convoy and Princess Indravati sitting in her dainty palanquin entered the camp. The entry of his procession was enthralling and his parade had its own style. Onlookers were fascinated and excited. Standing on the either sides of the red carpet, people waved and greeted the King who was riding on his well decorated horse. People jumped at their places to have a look at the Princess who was peeping out and elegantly waving hand to the mob outside. The King and the Princess were royally welcomed by Maha Mantri and he escorted them to their Royal tents with respect and honor.

He apologized from behalf of his king who could not make it to welcome them due to some urgent work.

King and the Princess were asked to tour the fair, but they preferred to rest for few hours and then go around. Announcing all the arrangements made and bowing to his guests with respect, Maha Mantri left the tent.


In the grant fair.. set up in Goddess Santoshi's festive camp..

"Chamki....." It was definitely Sanjam's voice, thinking that, Chamki who was in the queue for the ride, turned back and started searching Sanjam. 

When Sanjam reached her, her turn came and she sat on the wooden chair in the merry-go-round ride which was manually driven.

Amrit who was the biggest hurdle for Sanjam, appeared from nowhere.

Sanjam saw, Amrit's hairs were entangled, clothes were wrinkled and torn and his face was red and there was choler on the tip of his nose. Sanjam simpered knowing that Amrit was hit by the crowd at the bangle shop.

"Aap aakhir chahte kya ho?" Amrit whose ego was hurt, asked angrily.

"Kya matlab, ek toh tum uska picha kar ke usse tang kar rahe ho."  Sanjam snapped. "Aur ab mujhase..."

"Chalo baitho yaha jaldi." The man interrupted their quarrel. Sanjam quickly climbed up and sat on the ride and Amrit imitated him and sat beside him. Chamki felt nettle having both of them on the seat just in front of her. 

"Mujhese tumse kuch kehna hai. Bas ek baar mujhase milo." 

Their seats moved in a circle.

"Nahi' " Holding the beam Chamki snarled "aur ab agar aap dono mein se kisine bhi mera picha kiya, toh mein shikayat karke, kaid karvaungi tum dono ko."  

"Par hum toh tumhare dost hai, aur inse tumhari raksha bhi karenge." Amrit declared doltishly. Chamki felt disgusted and Sanjam felt like pounding him or smashing his head on something. 

Sanjam opened his mouth to say something to Chamki when she interrupted "Bahot bahot shukriya aapka bhi Hasmukhlal, par aap bhi hume akela chod do."

Sanjam and Amrit started pushing each other as well as hitting with elbows.

Chamki felt scared. She was tensed on knowing that Hasmukhlal is interested in her and following her. But she made sure her face does not reflect that. At one point her eyes were filled with tears of anger and worry and she turned her face away.

Sanjam though restless to meet Chamki, caught her gloominess. He knew he was moving on a wrong way towards her, but he couldn't help it. He has to do something to let her know who he really is. It wouldn't have been so difficult if Payal would have not messed up with his story. He knew he was troubling Chamki, but he had no other option left; otherwise he would miss that golden opportunity he got after years. He felt sorry for her and decided to apologize for his weird and out-of-control behavior. 

Chamki's veil was swiftly moving in the air along with her hair buds and watching it Sanjam recalled those yatra days, when everything started. Those were raw teenage days when he had fallen for her but he realized it when he went away from her, thus missing her. After that his duties and work kept Sanjam engaged. Many times when Queen Kamalavati used to discuss on marriage topics and her daughter-in-laws, Chamki used to flash before his eyes and his blushing was hidden from no one in the palace. Prithvi and Pratha whole-heartedly used to pull Sanjam's leg while loitering in the royal terrace during the summer evenings. Prithvi was aware of his mind state; he even insisted that Queen can ask for Chamki, if Sanjam is ready. But Sanjam declined for two reasons; firstly he wanted happiness in Prithvi's life before his, because he knew Prithvi was all alone and sad without Sanyogita; and secondly he wanted to make sure about Chamki's feelings for him. And then there in the camp, he was left with no doubt that Chamki still thinks of him and loves him as well.

When their ride came to halt, before getting down Sanjam stuck Amrits's kurta in the nail of the chair, because of which he couldn't get down and attended the next round on the ride unwillingly. Meanwhile Chamki and Hasmukhlal went far away from him.


In Sangamnagar... in the mustard field..

Away from the chaos, away from the crowd, far in the peace they were happy and in the heaven. Again leaving behinds the working farmers, Prithvi and Sanyogita got lost in the mustard fields. Being stubborn to reach nowhere, they did not acknowledge farmer's help and set out on their own.

"Tum bahot tej bhag rahe ho Surya,... rukooo"

Prithvi, followed by Sanyogita, ran into the green meadows, up and down the slope, and then swagged into the mustard fields when their breath choked up and it was impossible to move further.

"Mujhe nahi pata rukte kaise hai." With dry throat and mouth, Prithvi yelled and abruptly paused when his sword dangled across his legs, thus causing Sanyogita to crash on him and finally she crumpled in the crops scattering yellow mustard petals upon her. Prithvi laughed and said "Maine kaha tha naa uss dudh mein kuch milaya hai" at the same time he bend down to suspire properly.

A whiff of wind went over them, flapping their clothes and hair and they felt like earth is shaking and they are floating above it. At one point of time apathy filled in them, and they wished to collapse and go to sleep. The climate was cool and clouds had hidden the sun.

Horizontally holding his sword at his side Prithvi knelt in front of her with a glowing smile and plucked the flower bud and moved it on her cheeks in elvish manner.

"Hum toh udna chahte hai Surya, woh waha dur se, dekho jaha dharti aasman mil rahe hai." Said Sanyogita lost in her world who did not notice the itching caused by the bud with which Prithvi was caressing her face. Prithvi looked up at the sky in the direction where she was pointing and being unable to understand her words he commented with traumatized looks "Maine kaha tha naa uss dudh mein kuch milaya hai."

Sanyogita laughed, plucking and showering flowers and seeds on Prithvi, who numbly blinked his eyes with plain face not knowing how to react. The picture was blurred in front of his eyes, only her beautiful face was clearly visible, and her voice came to him as if she is far away. He held her hand to make sure she is near him and stared seriously at her. Sensing a familiar touch, Sanyogita stopped her waving hands and watched him with the same serious expressions.

He could then make out the same elegant Sanyogita, his lady-love, his life, sitting in front of him, watching him toppingly.

"Sanyogita" He called her despairingly and was about to hug her but something stopped him, something he was not able to recall, something that he found strange in the name and he sat on his knees misguidedly watching her as his sight again became crystal clear. He consciously looked around and felt that they were lost somewhere.

"Yeh hum kaha hai?" Prithvi asked slipping his palm into hers."Jaha dharti aur aasman mil rahe hai." On her knees she glided herself in front of him, very close to him and their fingers were threaded against each other.

"Surya..... " She said softly as her brain began moving back in the past. She pressed his palm as many painful and sad images flashed in front of her eyes. "Humne tumhe samajne mein kahi galti ki hai." She did not know what she was talking or doing. But somewhere from her heart she was sorry for herself and him. "Chahe kitni bhi koshish karo hum tumhare bina nahi reh sakte." Raising his hand, she delicately kissed his palm she was holding.

It was difficult for Prithvi to digest her susurration. He absolutely had no idea what to say and warmly smiled.  Watching his familiar and beloved smile, Sanyogita was unable to stop herself and moved fingers on his cheek and lips with speculative expressions in her eyes. How could she forget him, when somewhere in the corner of her mind and brain she knew, he is her life and she has nothing to do with the world apart from him? She thought of not to care of the world and the past. But even the thought of not-caring was far away from her rambling state of mind. Encountering abrupt horripilations Prithvi held her hand that was touching his face and said "Nandini??"

"Ha hum Nandini." Sanyogita smiled "tumhari Nandini, tumhari jungle billi... woh Nandini jo tumhe Rajkumari Sanyogita se bhi jyada khobsurat lagti hai." She excitedly added as the words glutted on her mind in an irrepressible manner.

A bush vacillated between them. Sanyogita retracted herself from his hold when a twig itiched on Prithvi's face. She laughed as he nictated his eyes with frown.

 "Ha..... Surya.... pata hai.... ". Suddenly shouting cheerfully, Sanyogita rosed to her feet "Humne aaisa lag raha hai hum ussi yatra mein hai Surya, aaisa hi mausam hua karta tha tab, itni pyaari bahar... aur tum aur hum.. aur khushiya hi khushiya.. sapney hi sapney.. koi dukh nahi aur zindagi jine ke hazaaron bahane... hazaaron maqsad." 

Being fuddled, she staggered around in short circles in the crops, delicately touching the mustard flowers with her soft hands. Her laughter dispersed everywhere and echoed in Prithvi's head and made him blush foolishly.

Prithvi squinted and closed his eyes as he got up pressing hard on each word she said, finding their deeper meanings "yatra, bahar, mausam, khushi, sapney, maqsad". His brain got jumbled in so many significances. He opened his eyes and saw Sanyogita plucking the mustards seeds on the way, by both hands and scattering them joyfully making noise. He wanted to ask her to stop and wait for him, but he did not find words to say that and wondered how to say or shout.

Automatically his legs careened towards her. He held her playfully swaying hands and hoicked her unintentionally towards him.

"Kya hua?" She asked with sleepy headed expressions, pausing from her insane behavior

"Mujhe aaisa kyun lag raha hai, hum kahi kho gaye hai?" He asked gravely, his eyes not ready to stay motionless on her face.

"Surya hum jungle mein kho gaye thhe yaad hai?" She posited with foolish enthusiasm.

"Ha yaad hai, tum khargosh pakadne chali gayi... Aur...."

"Aur tum darr gaye." She cried and laughed instantly and retracted her hands. As she started prowling she lost her balance and Prithvi hold her wrists in mean time, striding ahead and made her face him again.

"Aaj mujhe aaisa lag raha, mujhe meri wohi jungle billi wapas mil gayi."

"kaunsi?" She asked dumbly, her brain heeding nowhere.

"Wohi jo intni masoom hai." Leaving one wrist, Prithvi raised his right hand and slipped it around her nape, moving close to her "jisne duniya toh dekhi nahi, par sab kuch janane ki zidd le baithi hai. Jisse sab kuch sikhana hai" Sanyogita hypnotically gazed into his eyes as he was moving closer. He smiled recalling the memories which were suppressed back into his subconscious mind, while his thumb hung around on the smooth texture of her cheek "Jo apni galati mankar, usse sudharti thi.. jo hamesha mere raste mein rukavat banti thi... Aur mere safalta ka karan bhi.." He paused to relish the charm in her roving and beautiful eyes. "Mein jisase itna chidta tha, phir bhi pata nahi kab usase pyaar karne laga.. pata nahi uss Jungli billi mein aaisa kya jadu tha.. ke mein..." He touched her lips and Sanyogita who was lost in oblivion turned her face aside instantly and smiled unaware of the throbbing caused in her.

As engaged in this phenomenon, Prithvi suddenly thought of misunderstanding erupted in them and experienced a twiddle in his head. His hands flung up near his ears as he shook himself abruptly. He closed his eyes when a mutism passed through him and snapped them open only to find Sanyogita away from the fields in the meadows, laughing in a desultory manner and running among the lambs that were grazing around idly.


In the camp..... near the boundary....

Arjun, Ishu and Karan reached a spot on the outskirts of the camp where one man was lying helplessly and badly wounded. Arjun dashed towards him and kneeled down. Wonderingly he examined that person

"Tum thik toh ho?" He tabbed on his shoulders and then noticed a sharp dagger stabbed in his stomach.

"Dekha kitna khun beh raha hai!!" Exclaimed Ishu scarily his eyes full of fearful tears.

Arjun realized that guy was half unconscious. He moved near his head and took it in his lap. "Utho, utho" Arjun muttered. "Kisne mara tumhe? Kaun hai?"

"Yeh thik toh ho jayega naa?" Asked Karan with grimace looks as he held Ishu's hand for support.

"Tum logone kisiko dekha yaha?" turning towards Ishu and Karan Arjun hastily asked when he heard little noise of footsteps around.

"Nahi, hum toh Hashmukhlal ji ko dekhne gaye thhe, tab iska chillanna suna." Said Karan sitting near Arjun.

"Ab kya karenge?" asked Ishu.

Arjun sensed somebody is around. He thought of taking hold of whoever was there. But before that he decided to sent Ishu and Karan away from the situation.

"Ek kaam karo Ishu, Karan" Arjun said lifting the wounded man's head and placing it on the ground. "Vaidya ko yaha bhejo aur jab tak mein naa kahu yaha mat aana, mein tumhe baad mein milke tumhe aur bhi kuch bataunga, thik hai?"

"Thik hai" Accepting his orders Ishu and Karan dispersed in hurry.

Arjun moved and removed the dagger from the wounded man's stomach before getting up. With the stained dagger in his hand he proceeded in the direction of noise which he heard before. Carefully hiding behind each tree Arjun was searching for some clue, when suddenly he heard cry of the wounded man. Arjun went back towards him and again kneeled near him.

He saw that man was twinging in pain and was whispering "Pani... pani."

"ha.. ha pani .." Saying this Arjun got up and swung to do something when he saw Jeevan and Mahamantri standing behind a tree along with five to six soldiers and wearing leery looks.


In Sangam Nagar... 

The green path through the bushy hill was easy to follow and it turned and twisted artfully. Payal's aim at that time was to make Pundir's attempt of finding Prithvi and Sanyogita unsuccessful. In spite of his infuriated and foiled warnings, Payal purposefully delayed their journey by pausing at each turn and collecting variety of flowers and leaves of different shapes and sizes. She mingled around on the hill and indirectly made him do so.

Further on their walk, the surroundings turned impenetrable with tall tamarind and oak trees. Sun gleamed out of ragged clouds and branches, giving pleasant feeling. Payal was feeling lightsome and merry. It seemed she never enjoyed how she was enjoying everything with Pundir that time in the name of Prithvi and Sanyogita's search.

For her there were so many things to share with him, so many topics flooded her mind to discuss and she was spitting out every damn thing of her mind. Her likes and dislikes, hobbies, childhood stories and memories, facts about kingdoms, her plans, life, philosophy, aashram stories etc.

Pundir, tough he pretended he is not listening to her blathering, was keenly paying attention to whatever she said and Payal was aware of that fact. It was easy for them to understand each other even without any discussions and sensible talk among them. Sometimes Pundir smiled on her innocence, sometimes admired her mentally and sometimes he sardonically commented on her stupidity.

Payal even compelled Pundir to answer her ridiculous questions and to tell her all about him. And to his surprise he was comfortable in telling her everything.

But tough the temptation of getting lost in Payal was strong, Pundir made sure that he is doing what he has to do and they are headed properly in Prithvi and Sanyogita's search only.


In the Camp Kitchen..... 

Just like Sanyogita and Payal, Princess Indravati was also a student of Maya Maa and lived in her aasharam along with other princesses to learn different arts. She knew that Maya Maa attends the Goddess Santoshi's function every year and decided to meet her.

Being tired of resting in the tent, Indravati set out of her tent immediately after refreshments and went to meet Maya Maa in the kitchen.

Maya Maa and Indravati were glad to meet each other. Indravati as per the rituals touched Maya Maa's feet and took her blessings. After meeting and talking few words with Indravati, Maya Maa took her notice and got busy in her work at back of the kitchen.

Through grapevine Indravati heard some story of Sanyogita and Lakshamn in the kitchen. She became suspicious as some ladies referred Sanyogita as the one who was with Maya Maa. Indravati dig into the matter by asking questions to the women gossiping about it in the kitchen.

On knowing that Indravati was lilting the gossip, worried Maya Maa joined them and cleverly diverted everybody's attention and indirectly asked Indravati to get out of kitchen as the crowd and chaos was more than necessary in the kitchen and also the work was getting disturbed. Maya Maa also circuitously told her that Sanyogita who was with her was some common girl bearing the same name.

Though angered, Indravati was obliged to obey Maya Maa. Indravati then reluctantly set out to tour the fair with her maids and couple of soldiers. As she moved around blowing her nose in the air, soldiers made sure that the common man was kept away from her.

Even in the fair while lounging around Indravati tried to find any clue about Sanyogita and Lakshman as she did not want to believe in Maya Maa's reasons. Indravati thought if there is some hot topic related to Sanyogita in the function, then she should not lose that golden opportunity of taking her revenge on Princess Sanyogita.

-------------------------------------------------------- End of Part 25 -------------------------------------------------------

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part 26

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