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Gaurav's Intv - OLD .. taken by Fans for Fans!!!

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Hey guys ..
Like I had mentioned in the AbHer/YaRav thread about one of GK's OLD interviews .. here it is. This interview is taken by his fans (me included!) for his fans! Its from his Kumkum days .. and one of GK's best interviews (acc. to me) simply coz he was himself .. no pretence .. no starry attitude! Its the simple, humble & down to earth GK Embarrassed  3 years later .. today when I read his Showtime interview .. I realise some things haven't changed .. he still is the same guy. That makes me really happy Big smile 
This interview has pretty much everything fans always want to know about their fav. star .. likes/dislikes .. life before stardom .. everything. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Its a long one .. so hope you have the patience to read it Embarrassed 
Hey friends..

This is surely a big bigggg surprise for you.. (or maybe not, if you know how mad we are!)' bt i think not everyone stil know tht we r mad...thts why

As we know gaurav hs soo many fans now....hs popularity wid the character sharman is quite so sad we havent gt any proper info abt hm...coz of so less we thut why nt uinterview hm ourself coz im sure its better thn dun by any news channel or magazine coz there most of d part wuld hv been here its a fultoo interview wid no editing scisors......thts wht we say an xclusive mast interview

This is Gaurav Khanna.. interviewed by Anku, Rach (his online wife!) and Eks!....and mind it its our 1st n we luk fwd 2 many many more after ths.....

Thanks to Gaurav.. who very patiently has answered all our questions.. bt he dosent know ths ws just a starter...lots more 2 cum...and Thanks to Tina, who forwaded all our queries to him.. After reading this..I must say.. this is the BEST we could have got of Gaurav.. to know him better!

Presenting..Gaurav Khanna..the man whu stole our heart... in a heart-to-heart, candid chat!!

am sure all u sharman dewanis out there...n all gaurav fans ths one is for u all....Enjoy!!


hii gaurav....

how r u?? we all just luv ur performance in kumkum...n must say we r crazy abt u....just luv d setting u do...actually it hs cum in our life also...nt like sharman bt fr sumthng sweet....its really gud 2 have u in kumkum

and now as we all love u bt sad part is we dun noe anythng abt u....we mailed star ppl lots of tyms 2 interview u bt no response...2 sick of thm...

so heres sum questions ur fans...rachuu...eks n me wuld like 2 know...all thnks 2 tina di as ths mail will reach u n ull answer the questns....and must tell u all the questns r frm d heart....thut by all 3 of us...

and its our pleasure tht we gt 2 snd u ths mail...

Gaurav Khanna replies:

Hi rachuu, eks n anks !!

it;s really nice to hear from u that u like my work in kumkum.its really heartning.m also happy that sharman has become famous as a character and through u ppl i wud thank all the other plp who like my wrk.i might not b knowing there names but i know they will read this and feel yes guys i havent given many interveiws yet but i think i hav been written about sometimes though...agreeing that it never contained any thing from my yes this is a good oppurtunity to share my background and other stuff with u lovely plp.

ok i am answering as per ur questions,in the same maintained in the here u go guys......only for u lovely plp out there....

ur date of birth


place of birth


.abt ur family...

-i come from a very closely knit joint family.well i hav a big family both on my dad's and my mother's side.lots of brother and sisters....a lovely group i must say....have a elder sis who is married......i love my mom and my dad...its only bcoz of them that i am here...

how were u as a kid?

-as a kid i was very cranky and stubborn(atleast that what my mom tells me),then i grew up and had interests in all outdoor sports and was also a good captain,sports captain,very outspoken ,extrovert and yes used to paint really well....did oil on canvas...still do it sometimes....won many many awards in it..and ya one thing more i never liked losing any thing...was kind of stupid sometimes also...but i think i was a likeable kid....and also mimiked everybody........

ur childhood memories

-childhood memory's are many,i remembered all my awardsand prizes i won as a kid i felt really great standing in front of everybody and receiving the was always the best feeling i boosted me to do even better...take new challenges etc...

ur achievements in childhood

-well achievements were many.atleast they mattered me the most.won over 80 award in drawing and painting comp..was good in sports..i was captain for many sports at my school and college level like cricket,hockey,table tennis,swimming.......won many elocution and debate competions....was the house captain in 2000 etc....i must say i have thoroughly enjoyed my childhood.....all my certificetes are kept with my mom in kanpur....and cups and sheilds are kept in a special cupboard.......

ur nickname....

-no nicknames as such.....

whn did u start modelling n whch ws d 1st thng u modelled for?

-i started modelling when i came to mumbai for my mba degree.i used to do modelling(ramp shows)for extra pocket money....on weekends.then one day some one in my gym noticed me and mistook me to b a his surprise i turned out to be a mba student so he pushed me to try in this arena lil more seriously...bas then i got a portfolio done and got my first ad for principal focussed fund.i remember we were 5 guys and 4 of us were new and one old.the main guy was inderneil (ek radha ek shyam).we all were shown to be archers targeting an aim...i remember i waited long to see my self on that tv set but to my bad luck all 4 new guys were not shown in the final ad it was inderneil solo ad later...i am friends with all the guys in it and to share something i must say that ,that ad was lucky for all of us.all of us are doing some work or the other on television now..the guys were mohit mallik(aoni fm millee,also doin jab love hua),kanishk saluja(bali brambhatt new album guy),and aneesh(gladrags finalist 2004)...well moving on i got my first solo ad --tata indicom gem...(father and son ad in which my last words were----mummmmmyyy)...then i did many otherads ....

my first tv stint was for a teleseries on star one called 'one night stand' i played a cameo of a young college goin guy who takes tutions.and my charcter name was sunny sir...guess wat my co star was a new girl which later bcame mira in kyunki saas bhi.....then i did siddhant(played tanmay bakshi),then bahahi(played bhuvan sareen) and now kumkum(sharman)one of my favourite character......

ur hobbies

-my hobbies are painting,playing cricket and sleeping....

ur interests

-my interest are world news,space,national geographic and discovery channel stuff.

fav. Colour

-fav color are pastel shades,actually depends on my mood also....

fav. Food

-fav food would be mughlai and punjabi cusine....i looovee tikkaas,kababs,dal makhani,punjabi cholas,biryani...omg i am feeling hungry noww!!

fav. do u like playing n wht type of sports...

-fav sport is cricket,,i play it really decent,also like pro bodybuilding i think it one of the toughtest sport....

wht do u prefer 2 wear at home?

-at home u wud catch me wearing casuals like shorts,3/4th,tees,vests etc...basically an easy going outfit...

fav. Car

-fav car is hummer,and all hevy looking vehicles...i love harley davidson motorcycles also since my childhood....

fav. Passtym

-fav passtime wud be sleeping or watching movies(comedies and action,,smtimes romatic also)..

fav. holiday spot

-i wud love to go to australia and newzealand sometime...

fav. music..or song

-i like all current hits both in english or hindi,actually m not a music freak..but i like kishore kumar and his jaunure...

fav. actors

*in movies

*in tv-fav

actors would be jim carrey,arnold scharwzenegger(i was mad bout terminator 2),amitabh bachchan,currently hrithik.maduri dixit,charlease theron,angelena jolie,scarlette johanson .....on tv i like hussain and juhi,irfan khan (when he used to do tv),pankaj kapur,and the list goes on n on.....

fav. film/s

-fav films are the mask...terminator2...superman series....godfather.andaaz apna apna,padosan(old),and many others...

wht do u think abt serials...n kumkum

-serials are good fun ,they are like spicy chutney chat,massala pani poories,and two words for kumkum serial they are 'kumkum rocks'...because of plp like u .thnku.!

how is it wroking wid husein n juhi

-wrking with huss and juhi is awesome yaar,atleast for me being a newcomer they are an institution for me.hav learnt so much frm them.just so much...huss is like my big brother of screen yaar.he and tina are like family to me in mumbai...even vivan and all the other bunch is awesome.i must say juhi pulls my legs the most but i like it.she is fun to b around.basically i like happy plp and m lucky to be surrounded by the best in that category...i feel bored when m at home and nt shooting with them....they r fun man

ur dream role

-mydream role is any role i do for this is a dream come true for me in itself......i never thought i would be in this line,when i was wrking as a marketing manager in an it firm after my mba.....but i must say there are some roles i wud love to joey in friends ,,,jim carrey in the mask,,,arnold in terminator2 etccc....

any pranks u play on d sets or sure u must it wuld b gud if u share few gud 1nes

-o m g pranks.we do a lot of them.u plp shud sometime come and see us onsets when we are not shooting....u can hear me laughing my wits out from any corner......with me u can find huss and vivaan for sure.....being the youngest i get away with ne thing.......touchwood for that....we are mimiking each other redoing scenes with diff characterisations,cracking jokes,making plans to make bakras etc....well i was a victim of one such prank...wat happened was that in early day of my shoot i started getting calls fm this girl who knew everything bout me sahe called me late at nights,,,early mrns ,sent romatis messages and surprisingly was one smooth talker...she said she wanted to meet me anyhow.she said she liked me one day after a month of trauma of being stalked i agreed to meet her and see her off..but to my surprise it turned out to be no one else but ur sweet lil tina di......and huss jumped out of the another car with a camcorder(to my luck he cudnt use it and nothing was recorded),fm other side came out vivaan and other guys......i must say ur tina di is verrryyy badmash...hahahaha,,no yaar she a sweatheart...she then treated all of us with pani poories which she made this was a good one....

wht do u do aftr shooting?

-after shooting we pac up and if we have time we go out fr dinners or movies...atleast me huss and tina go out often...vivaan also chips in sometime.he is another brat i must say..i sometimes laugh at huss and tina that it seems that they have adopted me.....haha!!!

any actor /actress u wuld luv 2 work wid?

-i wud love to wrk with amitabh bachchan man....and in ladiesssss......angelena jolie,,,scarllet johanson.....hmmmmmmm..!!!

any particlular director u wanna wrk wid

-director i wud love to work with is stephen he is one cool director so ahead of his times yaar,i wish someday i wrk with india i like ram gopal verma.

whts the secret tht u r so handsome...or anythng spl u do tht makes u so handsome

-hahaha thanku .i take that as a compliment...hmm!!probably my genetics hahaha, i just like to keep fit ,exercise,play,and basically be happy....that very imp!!! always be is the best weapon u have so use it......try it and see how all the things fall into place...

most memeorble moment frm ur show kumkum

-most memorable moment in kumkum for me wud be aaammmmmm..................ya if u guys remember there was a scene in the first episode where i pic up juhi and run away from hussain.actually i remember picking my mom up and running and she getting paranoid back home..then one scene where huss slaps me was also an appreciated scene,i liked it too.....

ur craziest fan

-my craziest fan mmmmm... wud be .....yes i think its the one who is called my online wife i think....rachchu, i dont know her full name though, but tina told me bout her..

i must say this is one funny feeling man online wife...hahaha i just cant stop laughing....but thanks to her and all of u as well to like my work.actually all thia motivates me to do better...thanks!!

wht do u plan for ur future

-mmmm... future aaaa.......actually everything i planned has taken a u turn in life...m not complaining though but as of now i am concentrating on my current job.but yes future will turn out to be good i hope and pray to god.....i have full faith in him....

ur 1st date

-my first date was long long school probably in third or fourth standard,there was a girl i liked a lot but cud not muster courage to say it to her....and yes she was much taller than me then........and i was always very shy in this context back home so i kept it to myself......i took her to our school canteen for some samosas and a cold drinks actually..i remember i told her that it was my b'day so she had to come along.she was so cute man i still remember face....we took the same bus to school..............but she left our city when we were in seventh standard...hmmm....bachpan ka pyar or childhood infactuation actuallly hahaha....ya i think that was it...i dont know where she is now.....

Wat do u think abt n real life

-marriage is a wonderful state to b in,i must say,for i have seen my mom and dad bac home...its good to b a part of a family...but one shud not rush into it.....i dont have much experience so i cant say much.......well online marriage is fun...but i dont understand how do u plp get time to organise all that ,hats off...

Ur fav. honeymoon spot(well ths 1 ur online wife wants 2 know...)

-hahaha fav honeymoon spot aaaaa........i think newzealand.(actually huss told me bout this that newzeland is awesome for honeymooners) i forwrded it to u plp....

ur ideal woman...and wht qualities wuld u like her 2 hav

-my ideal women shuld b smart not only in looks but in thinking as well,brains r very imp is also required but i say its just a packing but the real stuff is thinking and iq..she shud be a happy and chilled out...shud like adventure and shud understand my sense of humour(being a saggitarian) and enjoy it..she shud make me laugh...welll this very imp.....!!n she shud be able to cook some nice non veg stuff .....very very imp!! I have asked ur Tina di if she doesn't have a duplicate copy.

wht do u think abt our tina di?

-well ur tina di is one of the best persons i have met offlate..all thanks to huss bhaisahab i must say...she is the right balance of beauty with brains....and she is humourous also...and we share the same food liking.she has a good iq level....and the bottom line is she is a sweety pie.......ok now i think i need to charge her for her PR. hahaha.remember huss and tina hav adopted me so i hav to praise her tina di ki jai...zor se ke bolo.....tina di ki .....JAI !!! hahaha...

wht ur house like...i mean do u prefer lite shades n stuff like tht

-well i must say that i hav a really good house in kanpur which has been done very tastefully by my mom and dad...but in mumbai i have something u can say a bachelor pad.....only i can find things in it,i bet no body else can...i hope u plp understand.....haha no i hav a decent apartment hear which i cud decorate lil better.ya i always preffer lighter shades...

wht ws ur rxn whn u gt d offer for kumkum

-my reaction when i got kumkum was ...WOW....actually i was doing this show called bhabhi on i was happy to get a bigger role...the best part was that sharman was really a good character to play.....close to me in some aspects i was thrilled.....

how did u feel wn u read d msgs i hd snt 2 husein tina n juhi abt ur marriage(dun tell me u wntd 2 kill no dont worry.i will not kill u. ya but please use a better snap of mine next time...i looked one lallu in that sherwani yaar..tina forwarded me that snap...i will ask tina to forward u some snaps of mine when she s that next time i look lil better....hahaha...i will try sending some sherwani

the best compliment u ever got...n by whum ws it gvn

-aaaa........compliment mmmmm...........i dont get many of them so it hard to remember...aaaa........has to b by plp who say that they like me as sharman...and think i fit the that i think is really welcomed....

any1 whu u wuld luv 2 meet

-i wud luv to meet u plp sometime........for sure.....

ur 1st shot

-my first shot in kumkum was when i enter the kitchen where veena,alka and razzo ji are making food and i look for pethas which kumkum had hidden for dhruv,and kumkum comes saying sharman tu bhaag yahan se...ya that was my first scene in kumkum..well i remember this scene bcoz i was surrounded by food and ladies(all beautiful one also)..what elseone cud ask

how did it feel 2 face d camera fr d 1st tym

-oh when i faced the camera i was not at all nervous..till someone came upto me and said that i was facing the wrong camera....then i was most nervous being on the struck me that i knew nothing.....but since then i try to learn someting or the other everyday on the sets.

howz it 2 b a celeb

-m i a celeb already.....strange i never knew that......hahaha...... well it feels really nice to be noticed for ur work....i say anybody who does his or her work properly is a u guys so enjoy ur celeb status.....!!!

why does ur online wif cant thnk anythng...i mean her brain stops wrking whn she thnks abt u

-ya this one is simple...firstly she just cant find a reason to justify why she married sharman and secondly that to online......hahaha!!!

do u get tym 2 watch tv...n wht do u like 2 watch...ur favs

-oh i get time to watch tv at night...i like watching it i have mentioned above....

do u like surfing the net?wht sites do u generally like...

-well i do surf the net but not that often now....wwhen i was wrkin or studing then yes,,,,regularly but not laptop is just used to watch movies now...!!

how much u relate 2 ur character...n did u ever do anythng like sharman

-o i relate to my character quite a i was the younger lot at my place back home..lil pampered by my mom..prankster..or setting master u can say..was always making plp laugh with my stupid my parents...but there are somethings i dont relate to as not studing and looking for mayas everywhere...actually i was a good student thats why i did complete my mba in marketing and in that maya case aaaaa......i didnt run so much after girls....but i think i cud have or rather shud hav...that way sharman is better than gaurav i must say.......

now the most important questn....wht do u think abt:



*most spl rachuu...ur online wife cum ur paagal fan

do u feel we all 3 r paagal....specially me....plzz do comment-

hmmm..!!! i must say that u girls are really something man u plp are awesome bcoz how do u all think so much and then discuss so much .i m already tired of typing the answers,i think i hav not used my laptop this long since i was in mba.uff some energy u girls have...well hats off to all of u who make us believe that we are putting up a decent show.its because of u plp that we are motivated to do better.for we know that there are plp behind us who are watching are everymove so pat ur backs on my behalf...for ur dedication and will to make us better in what we do..i must say that if this is paagalpan then u guys shud keep up with it or rather do it even more........for there is no substitute for keep ur honest opinions coming in.....we all are waiting for it......bye take care......

Gaurav Khanna......

okie thanks a ton finally dun fr ths tym...

it ws a pleasure making ths fr u...i hope u also enjoyed answering them...hope 2 chat wid u soon

lots of love n luck,


okie friends i hope u enjoyed it......

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hinz Viewbie

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Posted: 05 March 2010 at 5:49am | IP Logged

thanks so much for this Eksie Hug
u're a sweetheart and so is GK,loved every bit of this intv,feel so much closer to him now :)


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tvrasika IF-Rockerz

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Hi Eks,
Many many thanks... yup... looks like the man hasn't changed! Which is great... must be hard to retain a sense of self in this industry!

Online wife? Didn't understand that bit. Enlighten when you have timeBig smile

I find only one thing unbelievable- GK dated a girl in class 3 or 4? Shocked Gosh... isn't that a bit too young to take a girl out, even for samosa?

And then, after that, he has not dated anyone? Wow... it must be hard to please himLOL He should play the role of Darcy sometime... GK sounds so much like DarcyBig smile Has he read P & P?

I hope sometime later, when YPNHK celebrates 100 or 200 episodes, you can do another interview with him.

Thanks again...

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Eksie IF-Stunnerz

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Glad you guys enjoyed reading the interview Big smile 
@ Hina - Yup .. true. Reading this interview does make you feel closer to him .. like we know him better. Thats why I love this interview .. It has that warmth Embarrassed 
@ Gayu - About the "online wife" thing .. lol .. we had Rachu in the Kumkum section who was/is GK's biggest fan. All in fun .. we got her married to GK in the Kumkum section LOL and GK even knew about it. Thats why he is so comfortable talking about it! LOL LOL 
Hahaha .. him dating in class 3 or 4 LOL Imagine a young 7-8 year old boy going to the canteen with a girl to eat samosa! How cute is that!! LOL LOL And yup .. he should play a Darcy-like character soon! Would suit him to the hilt! Big smile 

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sam. IF-Rockerz

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Eks thanks for posting this,have never read this before.Loved reading it ,he has such a awesome sense of humourLOLLoved how he was so sporting about the online wife thing and also how he said he looked like a lallu in the sherwani pic.Also liked how close he is to hussain and tina and talks about them with such affection.
    And u r right he doesnot seem to have changed much from when he started out till now ,except that he has become even more good lookingWinkLOL

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rahmona_pakswe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 March 2010 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
The interview is old but gold!
I finally found out his date of birth and now I'm a bit sad. Because I realised I'm older then him. *dramatic style* Nahiiiii!!!! LOL
Thanks for the interview Eks!

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tvrasika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 March 2010 at 5:26pm | IP Logged
Me too... much older... never mind... can still appreciate his looks and talent. Koi manaayi tho nahin hai na (Abeer style)! LOL

I have a question regarding GK's character Sharman in Kumkum. Who did he marry? There are some scenes with some woman on youtube but I could find no scenes of marriage or anything.

Samira, you are right. GK is better-looking now than before....Embarrassed

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madhu. Senior Member

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Posted: 05 March 2010 at 5:57pm | IP Logged
Aww my dear Eks Hug Thanks honey for the post! It's great to read this!
Absolutly loved reading about Gaurav.Embarrassed Gosh yeah this guy hasn't changed a bit! When he talked about what his girlfriend should be like, he just said exactly the same things to what he said in the very recent interview. Embarrassed And the fav colour changes with time and mood, in holi epi he said ''fav colour is RED because it's the colour of love'', looks like someone is in love!Wink
Oh I remember him during Kumkum days. He played his character so beautifuly, I missed him a looooot after he left. Actually I stopped watching for a while. Those days he was the one who brought brightness to the show. I still watch those funny scenes. LOL ROFL 
Talking about those fab Sharman ka scenes... I love this scene.....ROFLROFLROFL

But I wasn't a member of IF then! So I have one question, how did you get a chance to chat with him? It's must have been awsome to actualy chat with our own GK.
Gaurav is very close to Hussain and Tina and am so happy that he is! You know Hussain and Tina are my fav real life coupleSmile. Gosh I haven't seen anyone so sweet and perfect like them two! I always think a if couple is perfect they should be like Hussain and Tina. I love Tina, she is such a sweetheart. I think Gaurav should find someone just like Tina, beacuse he deserves someone who is very understanding and who loves him lot. Embarrassed
Please Eks share some more interviews or chat if u have! Love reading about him.Embarrassed

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