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FF: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai/Premeer(Chapter 16 Page 71) (Page 9)

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update plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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plzzzzzzzz update soon
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loved it omg it was so good Big smile and plzz update soon

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update soon cant wait
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Here's the next part! Hope you like it as well! :) Thank you so much for leaving comments and pressing the like button! It really encourages me to write more! Hug


End of chapter 2. Smile

"Are you guys going out?"

At exactly the same time both Heer and Prem stopped laughing and screamed, "EWWW!"

Sanjana started laughing now, "See I knew that would stop you from laughing!" 

"Haha very funny!" Prem Grunted. "I would never go out with Heer!"

"Exactly Prem and Me?" Heer burst out laughing, "We would make the worst couple ever!"

"No I think you guys actually look really cute together!" added Kunaal.

Prem made puking noises, "You're not funny Kunaal!"

Heer started laughing loudly, "I can't even think of Prem in that way, he's such a loser, dating a new girl everyday I mean what a jerk!"

Prem turned to look at Heer and then pulled her cheeks saying, "Really and what are you?"

"Ow, Prem I was joking!" Heer shrieked pushing his hands away.


Chapter 3


Dreams, Homework and Cheese Pizza...


After break Heer and Prem stumbled off to their next lesson. The day was going awfully slow and the two of them were exhausted from fighting and messing around so much.

It was the last lesson of the day before they could finally go home and relax but unfortunately it was their least favourite subject; History. I mean who really cared about world war, Hitler and stupid crap like that? It's not like it was ever going to help them in their life!

Prem and Heer sat in their seats right at the back of the class and prayed silently for the lesson to go by fast just like 20 other students. Heer was leaning over on her desk with her head on her arms and quietly stared at everyone else, laughing at the stupid things some people were doing to pass time. Half of the class was drooping off to sleep while the rest were on their IPods and mobile phones listening to music; the teacher Mrs Parkin didn't even seem to have a clue. 20 minutes of the lesson had past and there were still another 30 to go, "Great," Heer mumbled cursing the time for going by so slow. Rubbing her eyes she sat up straight to try and keep herself awake. She looked over at Prem who was quietly snoring to himself his head and arms spread out across his desk. Heer grinned before poking him with her pencil, "Wake Up!"

Prem jumped abruptly sitting up in pain and then turned to look at her angrily, "What the hell was that for!?"

She started laughing quietly and then tickled his stomach lightly saying, "That's what you get for staying awake all night buddy!"

Prem sighed at her groaning, "will you ever let me live in peace...please shut up and just let me sleep!?"

Heer twitched her lips staring at him and shaking her head, "No...I'm going to keep talking now to annoy you Haha!" She laughed poking him again and again.

"Heeer please stop it!" Prem grabbed hold of her hand pushing it away, "Let me go to sleep, this is the most boring lesson in the history of boring lessons!" He placed his head on the desk again slowly drooping off to sleep.

"No, no, no, no, no, no!" Whispered Heer shaking his arm and grinning to herself.

"Ugh I swear next time I'm not sitting next to you!" Prem replied grumpily moving his chair further away from hers.

"Wooo thank god!" Cheered Heer moving her chair closer to him. She turned to look on the other side of her and found a guy staring at her dreamily. "Umm hey!" greeted Heer chewing gum. The guy smiled back at her waving dreamily. He was wearing really big glasses, had braces in his teeth and his shirt was tucked neatly into his trousers. In short words; he was a nerd.

"Do I know you?" asked Heer. The guy was silent for a few seconds and then slowly replied, "I've been sitting here for the whole year."

"Really?!" Asked a confused Heer, "Never seen you before!" She claimed rather perplexed.

"I see you everyday!" He replied moving closer to her and grinning sheepishly.

"Ohhh!" Said Heer grinning and chewing her gum more quickly now.

Sandeep laughed, "I got new glasses, do you like them?!" Heer rolled her eyes smiling, "Yeaaa there really nice!" She quickly turned back to Prem who was still sleeping comfortably on the desk.

"Prem!" she called shaking his arm, "Prem! Prem! Prem OMG look HOT girl!" She laughed excitedly which she had a feeling she probably said a bit too loud. Everyone in the room turned to look at her with a weird expression.

Prem quickly sat up with a massive grin spread across his face, "Where!?"

Heer sighed, "You jerk!"

Prem turned to looked at the clock and groaned, "why is the time going by so slowly...ugh we still have 20 minutes left, it feels like its been a century!"

Heer leaned over on her desk and pulled her IPod out of her pocket plugging her headphones into her ears. A guy called Lucas was sitting in the corner of the class picking his nose and Heer couldn't help feeling extremely sick. She made puking noises and turned to look away. Prem was sound asleep again. "You're so boring!" She hissed slapping his arm. 

Prem rubbed his arm, "wake me up when the lessons over!" He mumbled quietly.

The teacher was still at the front of the class going on about how World War two started. Heer rested her head on her arm and looked around for something to do to get time to pass. She grinned taking her pen out and then started drawing on Prems arm.

Another 20 minutes into the lesson, Heer was desperate to go to the toilet but knew very well knew the teacher wasn't going to let her go. She stared at the clock blankly and prayed for time to go by quickly.

The next 10 minutes felt like the slowest ten minutes of her whole life, "What had she done so wrong that god was giving her such a cruel punishment?" She thought to herself carefully. As soon as the clock stroke 2:45 Heer jumped up ready to leave the lesson.

"Where are you going young lady?" asked a concerned teacher.

"Umm the lessons over!" replied Heer picking her bag up ready to leave.
"SIT DOWN NOW!" Mrs Parkin bellowed across the classroom. Everyone jumped including Prem and quickly woke up sitting straight in their seats. Prem quickly sat up properly and rubbed his eyes to make himself seem awake. He looked up at Heer to see what was happening.

"But miss the lesson is over!" pleaded Heer.


Heer pulled her bag over her shoulder, "But Miss I need the toilet please!"

Mrs Parkin stood up banging her fist on the table, "HEER. SIT. DOWN. NOW!"

"Alright no need to get so worked up you fat cow...," she mumbled saying the last part more quietly so only a few people could hear. Prem heard her and started laughing, quickly hiding his face behind his book.

Mrs Parkin arched her eyebrows, "DID YOU SAY SOMETHING HEER!?

Heer grinned back at her teacher, "Yes Miss I was saying at your age you shouldn't be screaming too much never know what could happen!"


Heer sat down angrily on her chair and started swearing under her breath while Mrs Parkin continued with the lesson for another minute.

As soon as they were out of the classroom Heer let all her anger out and started swearing loudly at the teacher. Prem couldn't help laughing. Heer pushed him, "Shut up, this isn't funny!"

Prem quickly stopped laughing putting a serious expression on his face, "Calm down Heer...why are you so angry?"

"Because I am!" Replied Heer grumpily crossing her arms over her chest.

"Take a deep breath!" Prem instructed trying to keep the seriousness on his face.

"I'm going to the toilet wait near the lockers for me!" Heer quickly walked over to the girls toilets. Prem grinned and walked back to his locker to get his books.

Heer rolled her eyes walking up to her locker; Prem was busy flirting with another girl and obviously trying to get her number. Heer sighed quickly packing her bag,"Prem lets go!" She said linking her arm with his and slowly dragging him away.

"Two minutes Heer!"

"Noo I haven't got two minutes!" She pushed him in front of her, "Walk!"

Prem turned around walking backwards so he was facing her, "I was just about to get a kiss! Explained Prem hitting his fist on his palm, "And she my friend was one hot girl!" 

Heer shook her head, "Prem number one who cares you'll find someone else, Number two she was ugly, her nose was too big; you wouldn't have been able to kiss her properly! And number three I'm sick of your flirting!"

Prem laughed stopping on the road blocking her way, "Oh really?" "What about you?" "Are you a good kisser?" He said bringing his face closer to hers.

"Ewww Preeem you're seriously not funny! She said pushing his face away, "Can you please walk!"

"Excuse me? You started it!" replied Prem turning around and walking ahead.

"Anyways my lips are too good for you!" She joked.

Prem grinned sheepishly pulling up his jacket sleeves and pausing on the road again, "Really? Well we're never going to find out unless you let me try!

Heer laughed, "Never in a million years my dear friend...Never in a million years!" She pushed him lightly and walked ahead speeding up.
 "Hey!" Said Prem catching up with her. They laughed and walked all the way home fighting over little things.

"Aren't you coming to my house?!" Asked Prem watching Heer walk over to her house. 

"I need to get changed first!" Replied Heer walking into her house and shutting the door behind her. Prem stood there staring and then walked over to his own house.

Heer threw her bag on the couch and immediately walked into the kitchen, picking up an apple. She took a small bite before running upstairs to her room and jumping on the bed. Her head was aching and she felt extremely sleepy. Quickly getting up after a few minutes she pulled off her clothes and walked into the shower grinning as nice cold water pelted her skin.

Wrapping a towel around her self she climbed out of the shower and changed into a black knee lengthen summer dress. She quickly dried her hair, cleaned her room and then walked onto her bedroom balcony to see what Prem was doing. Her bedroom was directly opposite to his so she could see every little thing he did and he could see everything she did as well unless they closed they curtains. Prem was lying on his bed in jeans, he was shirtless and reading a magazine. She rolled her eyes before running over to his house.

Heer walked straight in, she sighed to herself seeing that the door was already open. Music was blasting from upstairs and she had to shout extra loud to get him to hear her, "Preem...I'm here!" She screamed.

After about a minute Prem came running downstairs shutting the door behind her, "Heeey!" He said showing her the thumbs up.

"Prem when are you going to ever learn to shut the door when you walk into the house!?" Asked Heer with a concerned face.

Prem cutely pouted, "Never my dear Neeeveeer!"
Heer crossed her arms over her chest, "Prem you're not funny."
Prem pretended to wipe a tear from his face, "I'm not!" "I always thought I was hilarious!" "But thank you for telling me the truth!" He said fake crying and moving towards her for a hug.
She pushed him away, "Okay aaannnyways what did you need help with again?"

"Chemistry...but I can't be bothered to do that...lets watch a movie!"

"NOOO, screamed Heer, get your books out NOW!" Prem made a sad face trying to make her feel sorry for him. "Not working Prem!" She sat down on the sofa and shooed him away to get his books.

"Urghh you're so annoying!" Moaned Prem going upstairs to get them.  .

He stumbled downstairs with his books and sat down beside her. "Umm what do you think you are doing?" Asked Heer arching one of her eyebrows.

 Prem opened his book, "I'm doing what you told me to do!"
 Heer pushed him, "No go and put a shirt on first!"

"Who cares?" Whined Prem.

"Ummm I care!" She giggled.

"It's my house! You're lucky I'm wearing my jeans otherwise I wouldn't even be wearing these! Snarled Prem with a smirk on his face.

Heer stood up, "Fine then I'm going, and you can do whatever you usually do!"

"Ahhh," Prem groaned running upstairs to get a t-shirt on. By the time he got back Heer was already cuddled up on the sofa ready to work. She smiled at him as he sat beside her getting comfortable.

Finally, after hours of getting distracted and messing around the two of them eventually finished their homework. Prem was being extremely silly and he would keep running off to eat something.

"Prem! Come here now!" Screamed Heer standing up. "I'm hungry replied Prem innocently.

"I don't care!"

Prem came and sat down beside her completely fed up of all this working. How on earth did people work so much and study for so many hours a day? He had no idea. All he knew that all this crap wasn't going to help him in his life anywhere. "Okay now let's work...what does H stand for?" Heer asked.

"Umm...I don't know...Heer?" He asked grinning to himself.

"Nooo Prem stop being stands for Hydrogen."

Prem looked at her confusingly, "I don't get this!"

Heer stroked her chin, "Hmmm let me guess why!?" "Maybe because you sit their going to sleep in CLASS instead of actually LISTENING!" Heer was completely annoyed with him at the moment. She would often ask her self the question, "Why the hell is he my best friend?" But would never be able to find the answer.

Prem stood up and grabbed hold of the phone before sitting down again, "I'm hungry let's order something?"

Heer shook her head sighing to herself, "Prem...You're always hungry!"

"Mmm lets order Pizza!!" Suggested Prem sniffing the air.

A smile spread across Heers face, it had been ages since she had eaten outside and she was really craving pizza at the moment! "Go ahead!" She said tapping his shoulder. Prem rang up Pizza Hut and quickly ordered a large cheese pizza.

"So then?" He said placing the phone back where it belonged, "Let's watch something while we wait very patiently," he laughed. Both Heer and Prem looked at each other for a few seconds and then immediately started rading the room for the remote. Heer jumped on top of one sofa quickly searching while Prem jumped on the other. Fighting over the remote was something Prem and Heer did every single time they would sit to watch TV together. They simply couldn't stand what the other one liked to watch.

"Found it!" Screamed Prem grabbing hold of the remote and grinning loudly as he did a quick dance around the room.

Heer sighed and sat down on the sofa sadly, "How comes you always find it!?" She moaned.

"Because I'm superman!" He said laughing. Prem quickly sat down on the sofa beside Heer and flicked through the channels before stopping at an action movie. Heer moved closer to him linking her arm with him. 

"Moooveee up!" Prem wailed.

"Noo I'm cold!"

"And??" He asked.

"I need to cuddle up to you to keep myself warm!"

Prem stared at her rolling his eyes, "Did I ask you to wear a dress?"

"OMG Prem shut up!" Sighed Heer. Prem started laughing and then went back to watching his movie.

"Preeem this is soo boring please put something else on!" Whined Heer after watching the movie for a while. She leaned over him trying to grab the remote.

"No. I found the remote so I get to decide what we watch!"

Heer stood up, "What a stupid movie!" All there doing is fighting!" She tried grabbing the remote again but he was far too strong for her, "Preeem please!"

"No," Prem quickly hid the remote behind his back so she couldn't get it. He laughed at her foolish attempt off tickling him and then quickly pushed her away gripping her arms down on the sofa.

Heer pushed him away and then sat down defeated, "You always watch boring and unreal stuff!" She cuddled up on the sofa looking away from him.

Prem laughed, "So what do you want to watch, some stupid love story where boy meets girl, they fall in love but can't get married because the dad doesn't approve and then 3 hours later finally the dad approves and then they get married...WOOOHOOO the end!" "Or one guy and two girls, and he falls in love with both of them...and then he dies...and then suddenly out of nowhere he comes back to life!" "Do you call that real?" Prem burst out laughing loudly.

"Prem shut up!" said Heer hitting him.

"Come on Heer there's no such thing as all this love, it's all stupid and fake and only happens in movies; I don't understand why you believe in all of this stuff."

"Whatever...believe what you like because I don't care!" Groaned Heer.

Prem watched his film happily while Heer sat there beside him bored to death. She had a really bad head ache and she could feel herself growing tired. Slowly...she drooped off to sleep her head falling on Prems shoulder.

Prem felt something hitting his shoulder, turning to see he realized Heer had fallen asleep, her arm tightly linked with his, her head softly lying on his muscular shoulder. Prem carefully moved her and made her lie down properly in a more comfortable position, placing her legs on the sofa and her head to his lap.

"Thanks!" Said Prem paying the guy at the doorstep and walking back inside with the pizza. He placed it carefully on the table and turned to look at Heer who was still sleeping comfortably on the sofa. Prem had swapped his lap with a pillow before leaving her.

Another 20 minutes into time, Heer opened her eyes. She blinked a few times trying to get used to the bright light before sitting up and stretching her arms. "Good morning!" Greeted Prem walking into the living room. 

"How did I fall asleep!?" Asked Heer a little surprised. Prem laughed at her question before answering sarcastically, "Hmmm I'm not sure, let me guess, maybe you were TIRED and fell asleep like a normal person!" 

"Prem!" Said Heer standing up looking out of the window. The sun had disappeared and the moon was shining in the dark night, "How long did I fall sleep for!?

"About an hour and a half!" Prem replied, "Why?!"

"Damn!" Said Heer sitting down again.

Prem laughed at her, "Go wash your hands and let's eat!" He said rubbing his hands together and getting ready to dig into the pizza.

"Didn't you eat?" Asked a startled Heer turning to face him. Prem grinned at her, "Nope!"

Heer rolled her eyes, "Why?"

"Because I was waiting for you to wake up!" Replied Prem getting a bit impatient. His stomach was rumbling and he was dying to dig in.

"You actually sat here waiting for me!" Said Heer feeling rather touched.

"Nooo I was just waiting for the pizza to get cold...What do you think?" He huffed rather annoyed.

"Awww Prem your sooo sweet!" She said pulling his cheeks.

"I know...I's okay you don't have to tell me...that I', sexy, handsome, Sweet, cool annnd cute!" I already know but can we please eat now!" He said laughing.

Heer blinked a few times before rolling her eyes, "You'll never change Prem!"

"Why would I want to change, I'm perfect!" He leaned over and grabbed a pizza quickly digging in.

"Yeh, yeh keep dreaming!" Heer replied grabbing hold of a pizza and laughing to herself.

The two of them quickly finished off the pizza hungrily gulping it all down. "Last slice is mineee!" Said Prem grabbing hold of it ready to fight.

"Whatever!" Replied Heer laughing, "I'm full anyway!" She picked up the plates and walked over to the kitchen to wash them as Prem happily munched away the last slice cherishing every bite. Prems house always felt like her house to her, after her house it was the second place where she spent the most time in fact sometimes she even spent more time at his house than her own.

"Prem...I'm going home!" Said Heer after cleaning the dishes and putting them away. "Why?" Asked Prem quickly washing his hands.

"Because I have loads of things to do plus I need to call my Dad, I haven't called in a whole week; he sure is going to be angry!"

"Shit!" Cursed Prem, "Thanks for reminding me, baujis going to kill me!" Said Prem running over to the phone.

"Well good luck!" Laughed Heer shutting the front door behind her and walking over to her own house.


That's it for today guys! :) Hope you liked it sorry for taking so long my laptop crashed and then all this stupid stuff was happening! :) Anyways, please press the like button and comment! :) love u guys xx

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Hay awesome update!!
Thanks for the pm!
Update soon!
Cant wait to see wht will happen next!
Update soon plzzzz!

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awesome update..........loved the history class scenes..........prem is always hungry Tongue .........awww he was waiting for heer to wake sweet.....nyways pls dont take sooo long to update...........really missed ur updates........pls do cont asap.........

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nice part
thnx for pm

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