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FF: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai/Premeer(Chapter 16 Page 71) (Page 5)

khajju IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2010 at 1:26am | IP Logged
awesme..........superbb!!!........premeer scenes wer sooooooo good........i luvd their fight......premeer chemistry is awesme.......i luvd prems character...........and prem and teacher wer soo funny .......hahaha i was laughing all time readin it........thanks 4 pm........why nt my name in pm me too

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harshiti8 Senior Member

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ausm....i lv it....plzz add me in ur pm list

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waitingggggggg for next asap.

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...Nikhita... IF-Rockerz

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when r u going to update???

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Ilovepie. Goldie

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Here is the next part guys hope you enjoy this one just as much as you enjoyed the other one! I'm glad so many of you liked the last part and thanks for all the comments and for pressing the like button! Hug


End of chapter 1. Smile


"I am so sorry Miss." Prem whimpered quietly. Heer burst out laughing and then quickly pretended to be working again. Mrs Stewart walked back to her desk and sat down grabbing hold of her book. Prem turned to look at Heer angrily; she smiled back at him.

"Was that fun?" Heer teased quietly.

"I hate you." Prem gritted back.

"I love you too Prem." She laughed at him and then got back to work before the teacher could do anything else.


Chapter 2


Cute Fights...


For the rest of the lesson Prem and Heer sat their quietly listening to the teacher, "Okay guys lessons over pack away!"

Prem immediately started throwing his books in his bag, "Thanks God this lesson is over!" He sighed.

Mrs Stewart raised her eyebrows standing up, "Sorry Prem did I hear you say something!?" Prem grinned staring back at his teacher. Heer quickly spoke up.

"No you didn't!"

"Both of you, remember to come to my classroom at lunch time today, If you don't get here then you'll get an hour detention so BE WARNED!" She shouted.

"Yes miss we will be here on time!" Heer assured nodding her haead and quickly packing away.

Heer and Prem left the classroom and as soon as they were outside they started fighting like little kids again. "Why didn't you tell me she was looking?" Prem inquired turning to face her.

"I did but you wouldn't shut up!" She hissed pushing him out of the way walking towards her locker.  

"Shurrrrrup all because of you I have a detention!"

"Yeh and all because of YOU I have a detention!"

"Whateeeeever!" Prem quipped in putting an end to their conversation.

Heer pushed him, "Why am I even talking to you!?"

"Oi!" Prem said pushing her back.

"Oww Prem that really hurt!" Heer cried rubbing her shoulder.

"Awwww did it?" Prem rolled his eyes and walked ahead.  Heer ran after him trying to catch up.

 "You're so mean!" She screeched pinching him. Prem just kept walking ahead ignoring her. Just then Sanjana, Priya, Rahul and Kunaal came up to them. The group of them were really close friends. Sanjana and Priya dragged Heer to the side.

"Heer did you get to school late again?!" Asked Priya worriedly.

"Yeh, I came to school late because of Prem!"

Prem turned to face Heer, "No you didn't!

"Yes I did!" She replied sticking her tongue out at him. Priya pushed them apart, "Oh My God! Can you guys please stop fighting like little kids?" Prem and Heer stuck their tongues out at each other and then faced away turning their backs to each other.

Sanjana started laughing, "We all know you can't stay mad at each other for more that two minutes!"

"We have chemistry guys come on were late!" Uttered Kunaal interrupting their conversation.

Prem started walking ahead, "Come on let's go!"  Just then he noticed a girl leaning against her locker with a very short dress on. "Wooooooooo, Heer look she's HOT!"

Heer rolled her eyes, "Prem I don't want to know who you find hot and who you don't!"

"Be right back guy's!" said Prem running up to the girl.

Heer stood their watching him, "Preeeeem your going to get late for chemistry! She moaned.

"Whatever Heer two minutes!"

Heer sighed and then quickly walked into the chemistry lab and sat down in her usual seat. 

"Okay guys open your books and write in today's date!" Mrs Mahon commanded starting off the lesson.

Heer shook her head, "Prem is such a jerk!" She thought to herself. Just then Prem slipped into the seat beside her and waved a piece of paper in front of her face, "I got her number!" He boasted happily.

"WOOOW," said Heer sarcastically, "Your soo cool! NOT you're a jerk!" She whispered loudly nudging him in the stomach with her elbow.

Prem looked at her twitching his eye, "You're just jealous!"

Mrs Mahon turned to face Prem, "Prem can you please tell me what carbonated acid plus sulphuric acid equals? You seem to be having a very lovely conversation back there so I guess you know the answer?"

Prem shrugged his shoulders, "Umm I don't even know the question how the hell am I meant to know the answer?"

"Well then pay attention and listen to what I'm telling you....If I catch you speaking to Heer again I'm going to move you!"

"But miss!"

"No BUTS! NOW WORK!" Heer immediately started working and when she looked up at Prem she saw him blowing kisses to a girl on the other side of the classroom. She stomped his foot under the table.

"Ow, squealed Prem, Why do you always do that!?" He whispered angrily. He glared at her as she smiled back at him. Prem turned to the back of his book and wrote, "That really hurt! You wait till we get outside!" 

Heer smiled and then quickly wrote back, "Too bad can you please stop flirting with that stupid girl and start working!?" Prem rolled his eyes at her and then wrote back "You're such a freak I don't even know why I'm your friend!"

Mrs Mahon noticed them behaving strangely, "Are you guys working!?"

Heer jumped quickly replying "Yes...Yes Miss!"

After Chemistry it was lunch and Heer and Prem started walking towards Mrs Stewart's classroom. Sanjana walked up to them, "When your detention is over meet us outside!"

 Heer grinned, "If we manage to get out of there alive!" Prem and Heer quickly started walking to Mrs Stewart's classroom remembering what she had told them. 

"Why the hell do I have detention?!" Moaned Prem.

"Because you were being rude to her!" replied Heer starting to walk faster.

Prem caught up with her, "It's not my fault she was being such a cow!"

Heer rolled her eyes, "Prem if you really want to pass college and go to your parents with a happy face then I would advise you to start paying attention in class!"

"What's the point I can just copy you!" Prem joked. "Your always there for me!"

"Prem stop being stupid and and walk faster, Mrs Stewart is going to murder us if we get there even a second late!" Heer started walking ahead, when she realized Prem wasn't beside her. She turned around and saw him flirting with another girl. "Oh. My. God." She thought to herself. "When will he ever get a brain!?" She moaned running back to grab hold of him. "Prem are you stupid!?" "Do you want to get in more trouble than we're already in!?" She held his arm tight and pulled him towards the classroom.

"She was just about to give me her number!" Prem complained.

"Prem seriously shut up!" Prem and Heer quickly ran to Mrs Stewart's detention as fast as possible.

"COME INSIDE!" Shouted Mrs Stewart hitting her fist on the table.

Prem and Heer quickly walked inside greeting her, "Hello Mrs Stewart!"

WHAT!!? Shrieked Mrs Stewart like she had just heard the most bizarre thing ever.

"Oh I'm sorry we mean good afternoon Mrs Stewart!" Apologized Heer.

"But it's not the afternoon yet!" Said Prem turning to face Heer.

 "Shut up Prem!" Heer replied through gritted teeth.


Prem smirked at the teacher, "Naaaah its okay Miss we don't need your advice." He walked over and sat down next to Heer who was staring at him madly.

Mrs Stewart pressed her lips together her eyes bulging out, "PREM! GET UP AND SIT SOMEWHERE ELSE! "

"But Miss you said you were advising us and when you give someone advise it means they don't have to do it if they don't want to!" Replied Prem cheekily. Heer felt like choking him to death; she started coughing loudly.

"SHUTUP PREM AND MOVE TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CLASSROOM! AND SIT DOWN QUIETLY!" Mrs Stewart barked loudly. Prem laughed and then moved to the other side of the classroom and sat down."I don't want another sound out of you two just sit there quietly until fifteen minutes are over and that will teach you to arrive on time and to behave in my lessons!" Mrs Stewart went and sat down on her desk and started working and Prem and Heer sat there quietly staring out of the window on each side. Prem quickly took out a paper from his bag and wrote a note to Heer saying:

"What are you doing after school?"

He rolled it up and when Mrs Stewart was looking away he quickly threw it at her. Heer opened up the note and wrote back.

"Hmm don't think I'm doing anything apart from cleaning up the's a total mess and what the hell are you doing? We're going to get in trouble!"

Heer and Prem carried on throwing each other notes.

Prem: Are you coming over to my house today?!

Heer: No!

Prem: Why?

Heer: Because you're an idiot!

Prem: ha ha please I need help with the chemistry homework!


Heer: and I should help you because?

Prem: because you're a nice friend?

Heer: Shut up, but I swear if you mess around like last time then I'm never helping you again!

Prem: haha. Haven't fifteen minutes been over yet??

Prem rolled up the note and threw it at Heer but it went flying across the classroom and hit Mrs Stewart in the face. Heer turned to look at Prem in shock; Prem quickly looked away acting all innocent like it wasn't him. Heer swallowed and looked at the teacher biting her lip nervously.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Screamed Mrs Stewart at the top of her voice.

"Uhhh no wasn't us!" Heer answered stupidly.

Mrs Stewart laughed an evil laugh, "THEN WHO WAS IT? A MONSTER?"

"OMG there's a monster in your classroom!"  Prem whispered sarcastically pretending to be scared. "Lets hide!"

"THAT'S IT IM SICK OF YOU TWO GET OUT NOW! GET OUT OF MY CLASS! I CANT STAND YOU!" Prem and Heer quickly got up and walked out of the classroom trying hard to stop their laughter. As soon as they were out of the classroom they looked at each other and burst out laughing pushing each other. They heard Mrs Stewart coming out of the classroom and quickly ran away holding their stomachs.

They walked to the playground as quickly as possible and joined the foursome.

"Why do you guys look like you've done something bad? Asked Priya with a concerned look on her face. Heer and Prem couldn't stop laughing; they held their stomachs and laughed and laughed and laughed.

"Are you guys going out?"

At exactly the same time both Heer and Prem stopped laughing and screamed, "EWWWWWWWWWWW!"

Sanjana started laughing now, "See I knew that would stop you from laughing!" 

"Haha very funny!" Prem grunted. "I would never go out with Heer!"

"Exactly Prem and Me?" Heer burst out laughing, "We would make the worst couple ever!"

"No I think you guys actually look really cute together!" added Kunaal.

Prem made puking noises, "You're not funny Kunaal!"

Heer started laughing loudly, "I can't even think of Prem in that way, he's such a loser, dating a new girl everyday I mean what a jerk!"

Prem turned to look at Heer and then pulled her cheeks saying, "Really and what are you?"

"Ow, Prem I was joking!" Heer shrieked pushing his hands away.



Hope you liked it. Please leave comments and Press the like button! I will try to update ASAP!! Big smile

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nice update. loved their masti's. plzz update next part soon.

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nice update. loved their masti's. plzz update next part soon.

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harshiti8 Senior Member

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prem nd heer r shoooo cute...i lv it when they pull each others leg.....update asap

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