Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai/Premeer(Chapter 16 Page 71)

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Hey Guys I'm starting a new ff on Premeer. This is my second FF my first one was rab ne bana di jodi.This idea has been stuck in my head for ages and I really liked it. I hope you guys like it as well! Big smile

Please let me know if you want to be on the PM list. :)


Story Line.


Prem and Heer go to college together and are best, best, best friends. Prem lived in London with his family and he was brought up here but recently his family left to go back to India. Prem stayed in London alone to complete his studies. Heer was also born in London and brought up here and her family also moved to India because of her older sister Siya's wedding and some other family reasons. Heer's mother died when she only 10 in a car accident and since them her father has brought her older sister Siya, Heer and her younger sister Meher up. When her family left to go to India Heer really wanted to stay in London to complete her studies and she really wanted to go to college in London so her dad sold their big house and bought a smaller house for Heer to stay in until she completed college. Prem and Heer live exactly opposite each other and met each other on the first day of college when both of them left the house late at exactly the same time and bumped into each other as they were crossing the road because they were too busy cursing themselves for waking up late. They started fighting all the way to school and when they got there the teacher gave both of them a detention for arriving half an hour late. Prem and Heer spent the whole time in detention together and since then they have been best buddies. They constantly fight with each other cutely and pull each other's legs. They absolutely hate it when people think they are in love. They always stick up for each other and spend most of their time at each other's houses. Whenever Prem needs help with his homework Heer helps him and whenever she needs help he helps her. They always do everything together and all their close friends think they love each other.

Prem is a very big flirt and he is always flirting with girls. All the girls in the college die over Prem and he loves it. It really annoys Heer when Prem spends all his time flirting with girls and she feels like killing him. Every single day she gets to school she has to tolerate him making out with another girl against her locker because her locker is right next to Prem's. Many of the boys in the college crush over Heer but she just ignores them and pretends not to notice as she isn't that type of girl. However she does love annoying Prem and spending her time with him. He is her best friend and is always the first and only one she tells her secrets too. But will they be able to stay Best Friends Forever? Keep reading to find out. :)



Chapter 1: Best Friends... (Page 1)

Chapter 2: Cute Fights... (Page 5)

Chapter 3: Dreams, Homework and Cheese Pizza... (Page 9)

Chapter 4: Perfect guys only exist in movies... (Page 13)

Chapter 5: Best Friends Are Angels Sent By God! Yeh Right... (Page 17)

Chapter 6: Flirting, Flirting and More Fights... (Page 21)

Chapter 7: Jelousy In The Air... (Page 25)

Chapter 8: Lessons, Confessions And Prem Obsessions... (Page 28)

Chapter 9: You Make Me Stare Just A Little Too Long... (Page 32)

Note (Page 39)

Chapter 10: You Make My Heart Skip A Beat...(Page 40)

Chapter 11: We Are Just Meant To Be... (Page 45)

Chapter 12: Sweet Apologies (Page 49)

Chapter 13: Love Is Friendship Set On Fire... (Page 54)

Chapter 14: You and I... (Page 59)

Chapter 15: I'll Be There For You... (Page 64)

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Chapter 1


Best Friends...


The clouds had disappeared and the sun was shining bright outside. The birds were singing and the wind blew like an entity that was just set free for a long time. The sky was its typical blue colour ready for a new day.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Heer jumped to the sound of her alarm clock ringing loudly in her ears at her usual time 7:15. She was having a happy dream of her and some guy whose face she couldn't see dancing in the rain. She was just about to see his face when her stupid alarm clock started ringing. She grumbled and swore loudly as she brushed a strand of dark brown hair from her eyes and stretched her legs out underneath the warm covers of her bed. Many thoughts dashed about in her mind, including her boring schedule for the day. Heer stirred a little as the sunlight shone on her face. She half-opened one eye, still barely awake, then closed it again and rolled over, turning away from the sunlight. The room felt unusually warm tonight, forcing her to go back to sleep. She had slept late last night because of Prem who had kept her up on the phone all night. She swore at him under her breath looking at the photograph of him and her on her bedside table and then with her eyes still shut she stretched her arms out blindly reaching for the clock and turning it off. Waking up in the morning was the worst part her day and she hated doing it. She pulled the covers over her face and held the pillow against her ears cuddling up.

"Why is my bed always so comfortable in the morning?" She mumbled to herself sleepily. She lay there a few minutes longer before falling asleep again.

Half an hour later she heard her phone ringing. She groaned softly and sat up. Resting her head in her hands for a moment, she rubbed her eyes and yawned. After her eyes adjusted to the light and her vision cleared, Heer then looked over at the alarm clock on her desk and with a sudden outburst freaked out.

"7:45!" She howled, "Oh shit!" She screamed, jumping out of her bed, "Crap! I'm late again!"

She ran into her bathroom pulling of her pyjamas and flicking on the dim light. She pulled her long dark brown hair, which was cut in very subtle layers, out of its messy ponytail running into her shower. "I am so dead!" She thought turning the water on and hissing as ice cold water pelted her skin.

She dried off and ran back into her room, not bothering to dry her hair; she emptied out her closet finding something to wear and then quickly pulled on an orange knee length dress. Her head was aching and she swore under her breath cursing herself loudly. Running downstairs into the kitchen she grabbed hold of her bag stuffing all her books in and threw a piece of bread in her mouth at the same time. She quickly put her black gladiator sandals on and then sprinted out the door running all the way to her college.

She ran through the hall way and ran all the way to her first lesson which was maths. The door was closed and she moaned to herself thinking, "I am Sooooo dead!"

She took a deep breath and then swallowed before taking a step forward. Counting to three she placed her hand on the class room door firmly and slowly pushed it open. Every single pair of eyes in the room turned to look at her. She swallowed and then turning towards the teacher, "I'm...I'm sooo sorry I'm late Mrs Stewart!" She whispered her voice croaking.

Mrs Stewart glared at Heer, slowly walking towards her with a massive grin spread across her face. The grin slowly disappeared as she got closer. Heer softly stared, taking a small step back; her eyes grew wide as the teacher looked down into her face. "HEEEEEER THIS IS THE THIRD TIME THIS WEEK YOU'VE BEEN LATE TO MY LESSON!" She roared at the top of her voice causing every soul in the class to sit up straight in their seat.

Heer jumped back and then quickly whimpered "I...I...I know Miss I'm extremely sorry I swear!" She turned to look at her best friend who was sitting right at the back of the classroom in his seat. His long, dark brown hair, which lay just over his radiant brown eyes, was windswept to one side. He was swinging on his seat with his pencil in his mouth and grinned as she turned to look at him. Heer glared at him and then gave him the, "you wait till I get there" Look. 

Mrs Stewart moved Heers face towards herself, "HEER! I'M TALKING TO YOU!"

Heer gulped loudly afraid of what was going to happen next, "yes miss sorry!" She whispered smiling back at her teacher.

"HEER THIS IS THE THIRD TIME YOU HAVE INTERRUPTED MY LESSON!! Is there anything wrong at home? Any problems?"

Heer stared, "No Miss." She squealed her voice slowly fading away.

"Any teenage problems?" Asked the teacher with a slight smirk on her face.

"No miss!" She replied rolling her eyes.

"Any Boyfriend problems?"

Nooooo Miss! She mumbled once again trying to keep her temper in control.

"Hmmmm has this got anything to do with your dear friend....Prem?" She said turning to face Prem who was staring back at her with a beautiful smile that complemented his face really well. "The two of you always seem to be stewing up TROUBLE together!"

Heer glared at Prem and then quietly replied, "No Mrs Stewart."

"Then WHY are you arriving late to SCHOOL and especially to MY LESSON!?" She screamed alarming every single student in the class who seemed to be enjoying themselves quite a lot.

Heer scrunched her eyes gritting her teeth at Prem who was smiling back at her and sitting in his seat like this was a cinema hall then quickly said, " I woke up late miss I'm sorry."


A husky masculine voice sitting at the back of the class spoke up, "No Miss if we fail it just shows how rubbish of a teacher you are!"

Everyone burst out laughing turning to look at Prem and showing him the thumbs up. "PREM I DON'T REMEMBER ASKING YOU TO COMMENT!" Mrs Stewart barked walking towards him, "GET OUT OF MY CLASSROOM NOW!"

Prem rolled his eyes quickly packing away, "Thank you soo much miss I was afraid I might fall asleep if I stayed in her for another minute."

Heer looked at Prem and then quickly defended, "No miss! He didn't mean that! He's just joking!" Prem picked up his books and started leaving.

"SIT DOWN NOW PREM!" Mrs Stewart screamed.

Prem pulled up his sleeves, "Well can you please make your mind up! First you tell me to leave then you tell me to sit down...GOD who do you think I am!?"

Mrs Stewart was fuming with anger, "MRS HEER MAAN 15 MINUTES OFF YOUR BREAK TIME FOR ARRIVING LATE TO MY LESSON AGAIN AND IF YOU COME LATE AGAIN YOU WILL BE DEALT WITH SERIOUSLY! NOW GO AND SIT DOWN! AND YOU PREM BE WARNED!" She growled pointing her finger at the two of them. Heer quickly walked over and sat down in her seat next to Prem.

Mrs Steward walked back up to the white board turning to face everyone. She was fuming with anger, "COPY THESE NOTES IN TO YOUR BOOK NOW!" She commanded. Heer quickly took her book and pen out and started copying the notes in her book obediently.

As soon as the teacher was facing the board Heer turned to look at Prem, "You Freak! What the hell is wrong with you? Why didn't you ring on my bell?" She whispered as quietly as possible.

"I did but you didn't answer!" Prem opened his book to the next clean page and started copying the notes from the board.

"Ummmm why didn't you call me!?" She huffed pinching him.

Prem grinned rubbing his shoulder where she had pinched him, "I did, I swear I did! I called you once but you didn't answer and then after that, uhhh Vanessa called me so I couldn't call you back!"

Heer turned to look at Prem twitching her eye, "Who the hell is this Vanessa now!? Huh? I thought you were going out with Lisa?"

Prem rolled his eyes as if he had just heard the most insane thing ever, "Heer you're so slow I broke up with her yesterday! She wasn't a good enough kisser and didn't know how to keep her spit in control; I mean how disgusting is that?"

"Ewww Prem you're so sick!" She screeched making puking sounds. Prem nodded in agreement. "Why am I even talking to you?" Heer argued turning to face away from him, "I hate you just get lost to your stupid girlfriends! All because of you I got to school late today!"

Prem opened his mouth in shock, "excuse me?" he retorted back at her.

"Don't you excuse me! I told you to let me go to sleep last night but you just kept going, "Five More Minutes," blah blah blah until it was 4:00 in the morning!" She snapped hitting her fist on the table loudly. 

"Well, how comes I managed to get to school on time!? Huh? Huh? Huh?" He retorted poking her continuously.

Heer pushed his hand away, "because you're a freak! Just Get lost I'm not talking to you and I'm never ever talking to you on the phone at night ever again!"

"Heer seriously?!" He moaned sitting up straight.

"Shut up." She grumbled. Prem and Heer got so busy in their conversation that they forgot how loud they were talking, everyone were staring at them. 

"Heer why are you taking this so seriously!? I said I'm sorry! At least I tried!" He begged.

She nudged his arm away, "go talk to your Vanessa why do you care about me?"

Prem pulled her arm "OMG Heer please!"

"Prem stop it!" Said Heer pushing him away.

"I won't stop until you speak to me!" He started poking her arm grinning. Heer looked up and saw the teacher staring at them. She quickly nudged Prem away with her elbow and started pretending to be concentrating like a good girl. Prem sat their continuing to poke Heer, he pulled her arm, "Heeer guess what?"

She stomped his foot under the table, "Prem shut. Up. Please!" She muttered through gritted teeth.

Prem shrieked, "Ow what the hell was that for?"  He bent down rubbing his foot.

"Mrs Stewart!" Heer groaned quitely trying to get the message across to him.

"What about her?!" asked grumpily. He sat up straight in his seat and turned to look at Mrs Stewart. "Ohhh umm Hi!" He said waving back at the teacher with a smile. She smiled back at him for a second and then glared at him horribly standing up. "No?" The smile on Prems face disappeared when he realized that she was actually being serious. He quickly turned around sinking his head into the table and started working.

Prem could hear someone walking towards him but he pretended to not notice and continued to work. Heer nudged Prem under the table guiding him to look up with her eyes. Prem slowly looked up and saw someone standing at his desk, "Um Hey!" Said Prem smiling at his teacher secretly praying that everything would be ok. Mrs Stewart bent down so she was face to face with him. The smile on Prems Face disappeared as he pleadingly looked at the teacher whispering, "Sorry."


"I am so sorry Miss." Prem whimpered quietly. Heer burst out laughing seeing the scared expression on Prems face and then quickly pretended to be working again. Mrs Stewart walked back to her desk and sat down grabbing hold of her book. Prem turned to look at Heer angrily; she smiled back at him.

"Was that fun?" Heer teased quietly.

"I hate you." Prem gritted back.

"I love you too Prem." She laughed at him and then got back to work before the teacher could do anything else.


How was that guys? Please tell me if you liked it and whether or not you think I should continue? Big smile

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nice one
but its similar to kuch kuch hota hai movie right
but i hate to enter any ranimukharjee btwn them
add me in ur pm list

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awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee too good very nice part waitinggggggggg for next asap.

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Originally posted by prempadmasujal

nice one
but its similar to kuch kuch hota hai movie right
but i hate to enter any ranimukharjee btwn them
add me in ur pm list

dont worry lol its gonna be kinda different to kuch kuch hota hai the movie! :)
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Nice concept !
Loved it !
And ya i also don't want anybody to come between Premeer !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !

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