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priyakraman Senior Member

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Posted: 14 March 2010 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Priya varen thursday to check what is psyco upto and also to check if megs tried to use her little brain ;)

Sorry folks.. I got tied up at work and came home very late....
THURSDAY UPDATE will be posted by end of day today....

Thursday Update
Balu's house.. Kirtana enters the house and her MIL welcomes her... Balu teases her saying that without the DIL in the house no one is there to light the lamp...
Balu calls Karuna and Karuna starts his lecture by asking for money... Balu continues to tease her.......
Kirtana is all silent and slowly gives a look and takes the money from her bag and gives it to Karuna..
Balu teases her some more by saying how did they get the money.. Kirtana's parents.... Balu wants to find out how kirtana got the money whether by taking loan or something... Kirtana says that sezhi gave it and Balu does some more fun talk about sezhi as he depends on his FIL etc.. Kirtana shouts at Balu saying you asked for the money and I got it... Kirtana says now stop talking about my folks and she walks away....
Karuna shouts back at Balu saying why his dad is talking like this... Balu facela Fly adalai...
Karuna goes behind Kirtana and tries to talk to her by saying not to mistake Karuna as he was in big trouble and that's the reason for asking the money etc... Kirtana just gives a look and walks away...
Lachu & Dhadi house...
Viswam tells the big story( fortunately we were not shown the whole story.... ) and viswam says that he just now left megs at her house and then came back... Lachu goes on her polambal... saying that atleast now everything is solved... lets get the marriage done for you both... Viswam with his usual style... says lets wait.......dhadi as usual kai viruchuttar... laskhmi goes inside and probing some more to viswam..... viswam says the deal he had with megs.... saying only if megs complete let psyco go from his mind and then only the marriage will happen......
lachu tries to ask more.. but viswam says he is tired and goes to bed..... lachu comes out and cries to dhadi....saying why no nalla kariyam happens in our house etc... and sends dhadi to talk to viswam and get him to eat.. and goes to kitchen...
Karuna's house again...
Karuna comes with malli poo for kirtana... Kirtana walks away... kirtana tries to blast out at Karuna... Luckily she escaped from crying clan I think.... Kirtana questions rightly to Karuna saying shankar took money and ran away.. just because balu said you made me go to my mom's house to get money.. what is the guarantee that Karuna will not do this again after K&K have kids? Karuna says to Kirtana that she is trying blow the small problem to big problem....
Kirtana shouts some more and Karuna says unakaellam poovum pazahum endru throws it and sits...
Diwa... Dead
That baby is crying.. crying.. crying... I hate this guy Diwa... Roja pls come with a new name.....
sada does is gita upadesam... looks like sada got updated by diwa pushing out sakthi etc... Not repeating it guys...sada says that when sakthi is trying to come down why diwa shouted at her...
diwa is firm saying that's why sakthi said that she will write all our names and suicide...
diwa says to sada that stop interfering in my life and I will decide it... sada says ya right.. telling ur parents not to involve in ur life....Diwa is firm saying that he can't live with Sakthi....
sada tries to give example after example but diwa kathu dumb aachu... so no more hearing from you and diwa walks away.......
tilaga's house...
kalai asks tilaga if she has kept the money for hundial... sakthis is rolling chappthi...
sezhi says lots of venduthal pakki... athai is all frustrated.....pothum ... samyku pannarathukooda konjam parthu than pannavendum...
kalai says that he wants to conduct megs wedding...megs.. brainless idiot... sorry folks... I am not ready to take it any more!! Angrysays she doesn't want her wedding to happen now.. (innum konjam kezhavi anaparam kalayanam pannika pora)... now megs says that before her marriage she wants somethings to be done.... sezhi asks some more venduthal.. megs says .. no one is thinking about ANBU SIR!!!!!!!!! Shock on everyone's face.... athai has suspicious look and freeze on the shocking faces..........
I think I am ready to quit this serial folks.......... sorry to say this!!!!!!!!!!

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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2010 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Friday 19/3/10 Episode No 705

The frog croaks - "Anbu sir is a nice person. We need to attend to him" The whole clan is shocked and all are against the rotten idea. Sezhi asks openly "what ?? are u mad??' Frog says that they can not forget all the good things done by maniac " none of you know him" Sezhi is quick to point out "that is right, had we known we could have stopped all this right in the beginning. All are not happy but athai supports Megs ( apdi pOdu, kizhakke uthikkum Suriyan merke uthithaal Embarrassed) Athai says that Anbu has helped a lot and it is only right that they get the maniac treated. Kalai says "why link your marriage with treating him??" Megs says that she may not
be able to help maniac if she marries right away ( you know that, right??) Now Kalai wants to know if Viswa will agree for this . Frog says that she will make Viswa agree. Tilaga is disgusted at the croaking "ennavO sey"

Hospital - moron is blabbering "Viji, ennai onnum pannathe, vittudu" Loosu listens to all this and summons the nurse who says that moron is affected / ill treated by some one called Viji. Loosu asks the nurse to watch over moron and rushes home.

Police station - one constable is oozing with love for maniac. Tells the other constable that the inspector was very rough with maniac "na pOi avarukku saapida yethanum vaangi varen" The Inspector comes seething - goes to maniac and doles out darma adi " ennai muttala aakittiye??? oru innocent fellow ai un pechai kettu ill treat pannitten. Ennai un alla kai ya aakitte??? Viswa family ai vera disturb pannitten" semai darma adis. The constable comes with tea - Inspector warns maniac " court le 10 days time vaangi unnai undu illainnu panni naa thaan enakku nimmathi. Aduthavan love panra
ponnai madakka enna ellam criminal activities ??? " Throws the hot tea on maniac's face and warns the constable " enakku theriyaame yethanum kuduthe.... gabardaar"

UBS is packing her things - planning to go somewhere - tells Tilaga that she plans to meet COD and discuss to set right things. ( EnnamO thittam irukku - BG by Roja) Tilaga would like to go with UBS but the idea gets vetoed . UBS leaves. Tilaga tells Megs that she can not understand why she is so keen about setting right maniac. Frog says that it was Kalai who was the reason for maniac's parents death. Megs says that maniac knows this truth " but he did not take any revenge, ( yen unga appa vai chithravathai panniyirukkan
aana unga appa kku amnesia ..athaan maniac sayam velukkalai)
You know why?? because of his love for me. That is why I am so particular" Tilaga wants to hide this from every one - esp Kalai - but Kalai is just outside listening to all the story - he is confused, looks like he might be out of the amnesia. Now Tilaga says that Megs is right about treating Maniac...


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2010 at 9:59pm | IP Logged
Monday 22/3/10 Episode No 706

Loosu runs inside the house " maama ..maamaaa" Danda comes out
followed by his whole entourage - Tams, Pechi - Looks at Loosu and
wrongly construes that she needs a 'day off" from her nursing duties. Asks Loosu to relax " na pOi moron ai parthukkaren" Loosu pants and requests "please listen to me , will ya?" The clan is all ears and Loosu spills - " moron was blabbering...Viji ennai vittudu.." Danda is quick to interpret - "hmm , avalai innum marakkaliya ivan?" Now Loosu is at her tethers end - " ayyo not that, moron has seen Viji and she is the reason for all the confusion "  Danda and Tams are ready with AK 47 but Pechi calms them down "muthalle ava enga irukka nnu I will find out, apram all of you can see one hand" . Loosanandha dons the preacher's garb "no avasaram please, let mama find out the whereabouts and let us make sure of Viji's
involvement. Apram we can think of our action" - the clan quietens down - for the moment.

Athai is oozing with love for Viswam - comes to Viswa's house and starts her "tirugu thaala " velai - "neenga thaan Sezhi akka kkaga urugaringa, ava ennavO antha Anbu romba nallavan, avan mentally sick, avanukku treatment.. apdi ipdinnu pesikitti thiriyaraa" It is obvious that athai wants Viswa to ditch Megs the frog ( ayyo, athai we are all with you in this . Oor le irukkaravanai ellam thirutharennu Viswa life ai joke aakiduvaa unga arumai niece !!!) Dhadi says that it is surprising to see some one who demeans her own niece. Viswa is categorical "unga gunam enakku theriyum. I know Megs too.... pOthikkittu pOidunga" Athai voices her concern over the impending danger but she is thrown out of the house - unceremoniously. She goes out and vows " nee than daa enakku muthal enemy, unnai summa vida maatten".

The frog comes to the police station - asks to see maniac. The inspector is as dejected as us "ungalai mathiri ponnungalai purinjikkave mudiyalai , pO pO pOi paaru" Maniac is brought by a constable - maniac is all beaten and blue.  the frog starts its croaking "ayyo , epdi adichi irukkanga??? Don't worry, I shall make sure to get you out soon. Maniac is in repenting mode " do not show mercy on me. I have been  such a cruel guy. I have done so much damage" . Frog croaks - "enakku unga mele kovame illai, you were so madly in love with me ...athaan" Maniac cries " ask them to send me to abacus school for life, any other cruel punishment is also ok but please do not forgive me, I am a real bad guy" Frog croaks further " I can understand your mana nilamai.  You did all this only because of your blind love for me. The only mistake is wanted to marry me though you knew my love for Viswa. You never bothered about my feelings. " Maniac says that he believed that if he removed Viswa, the frog will croak in his well. Frog says " unga mele enakku konjam kooda veruppu illai" Like Roja , maniac is also stunned
 ( habbaaaaaaaa, thangalai da samy, Loosukku akka, UBS kku
akka - Tilagaaaaaa upbringing nna enna nnu theriyumaa????)


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2010 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
Tuesday 23/3/10 Episode No 707

Well as the frog croaks that it has no"veruppu" for maniac , Maniac is stunned. Again tells her that he does not deserve such clemency - frog croaks further " you are like a child, You need love and affection ..not punishment. When u tortured me you suffered equally..please do not worry, I will get you out of here" Maniac does a kumbidu ( aha ha veliye pOitta, can think of some more devious plans and can even kill Viswa jolly jolly - Maniac's mind voice by Roja) Frog is totally bowled over by that kumbidu - uh huh...

Sezhi is talking to a friend - yes in the nadu theru - his next meeting deserves that conference hall !!!! - Pounu along with Kavitha is coming out from temple and sees Sezhi - shouts "maaple... maaple " a la M.R.Radha and follows Sezhi - manages to stop Sezhi and tries to reason out.  Sezhi says that if Kavi really cared for him, she should have walked out along with him. Kavi says that she would have " had you been honest and not cheated my dad " Sezhi has the knack of passing the blame and says that the fault is entirely Kavi's. He leaves and Kavi says that she might as well stay off this cad.

Balu household - Kirtana is operating the mixie and mooning over. Meena says "Karuna made a mistake...alright ..but your shunning him away like this may make him lean more towards his dad ... he may go back to his old ways !!" Kirtana says that she can not be a door mat
" he needs to know that I have feelings too" Meena is not convinced. Karuna is getting ready for work, Kirtana gives him a shirt but he picks another. She serves him idlys with chutney but he would much rather eat a banana and an apple. ( antha chutney plate le pOttathum nera ocean kku pOi sangamam aagidum, avvalavu watery !!! Can't blame Karuna for rejecting that Embarrassed) Balu adds fuel to the fire "un kovam sappattu mele yaa?? wife mele yaa??" Karuna says that he tried explaining but Kirtana is still in a "face lifted" mode!! Balu says that Karuna needs to put his wife in her place "kozhainji pesina ipdi thaan, mathikka maatta" Calls Kirtana and says " no face lifting, ok?? ozhunga play the door mat wife" Kirtana is quiet. Both Meena and Kirtana adjourn to the kitchen - Meena says " I am worried that Karuna will be daddy's boy again" Kirtana says that she knows how to bring hubby darling around...and is thoughtful...

The father and son duo who cheated Kalai are discussing about Sezhi spotting them - "kambi counting thaan...kali thaan..." Father has a plan " oorai vittu Odi pOidalaam.... romba naal kazhichi thirumbi vanthu we will sell the property and settle down elsewhere"....

Well well, we get to see Anitha after a long time....UBS has come to her. What is the plan of action??? UBS wants Anitha to find her a job - so that she can be independent and sue COD for the custody of her son. Anitha peps her up and promises to help( unakku ethukku vera velai?? un tongue le oru kodukku irukke, athai vaichu ellaraiyum cut pannina pozhuthu Odidathu???)


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Posted: 21 March 2010 at 6:09am | IP Logged
Wednesday 24/3/10 Episode No 708

Moron wakes up - the whole Danda clan is standing around - ennamO Tiruvizha pakkara mathiri. The doctor says that all is
well with moron and moron thanks him. But of course, the
doctor says that it was Loosu who operated on moron,
challenged Lord Ganesha...blah blah.... The doctor specifically
says that moron should not get excited about any thing but
Loosu is dying to ask " Yen ipdi seythinga???" Moron says
that he acted as if he hated Loosu so that she can remarry after he goes to La La Land. Loosu says that her happiness is moron " ungalukku yethanum aagi irunthaa..... I would have followed suit "
( unnai vida maatten oh oh moron unnai vida maatten - BG by
Now the conversation turns to Loosu's sakkalathi and
moron describes his encounter with Viji. Danda says that Pechi
has gone hunting for the cheat gumbal " kidaicha odane ...... nera police thaan, kambi counting thaan for that whole clan" Loosu
looks at moron with looovvvveeee  ( uruguthe maruguthe Ore
paarvai yaale - BG by Roja)
Moron tries to reciprocate that look
but fails miserably - he has that Abirami smirk eternally on his
face !!!!

Pechi is hunting around for Viji and Co. he goes to their old
house and learns that they have shifted out - no forwarding
address is available (of course Embarrassed) Then he goes to another
shop and asks. The shop owner wants to know if Pechi is
related to Santhanam - Pechi gives some "aachanukku peechaan madanikki udan piranthaan" relationship - "romba close nga" . Santhanam owes 2000 Rs to that shop guy - shop guy kaattile mazhai - Pechi shells out the money as he is "closely" related to Santhanam. The shop guy is in a benevolent mood - gives a
mobile No. Pechi uses the shop phone and calls -"subscriber
not available" message thaan kidaikkarathu. Pech asks the
shop guy " ennanga No. not in use aam?" Shop owner once
again nails pechi " Yovv , phone le avanai reach panna mudinja
naan yen un kitte panam karakkaren??" Now, Pechi has to
account for that 2000 Rs to Danda - he is jittery.

Anitha meets Sada - nadu theru le thaan - they have to discuss
the life of UBS - COD  !! Anitha says that UBS is a changed person now and wants to get back to COD. Sada says that COD has also changed "the mere mention of UBS.... he goes berserk !!!" Anitha says that UBS has lied to the family that she is getting back to COD "but she is with me..wants a job!!" Sada says that the decision of UBS is good "why perturb the parents??" ( yen, avanga yaarum phone panni kekkave maattangalaa??? UBS kku ava amma Tilaga mele apdi oru Nambikkai yaa??) Finally Sada says that he will do all he can to convince COD.

Frog comes to Viswa's house. Calls "athai..athai.." Athai lachu comes, apologizes to frog and does not forget to pOttu kuduthufy
Vadivu athai's visit. Frog says that if Viswa trusts her she does not care about any of these pOttu kuduthals. Viswa comes . He is not
overjoyed to see Frog "police station pOi irunthiyaa??" Frog says
"yes.... and I want to you to withdraw your complaint about Anbu
Sir" Viswa is angry - rightfully - and wants to know " who do u really care for??? Unless you let go of that maniac..our wedding is a big
? mark" Frog "reasons" out - "he is a reformed man now, yen kaalile vizhunthu mannippu kettar...We should not punish one who is
repenting" Viswa is not ready to accept this "reasoning" . Lachu tries to pacify Viswa but he asks her to keep off. Finally tells Megs the frog that he will stand his ground and goes in with out looking back.
Frog cries...."pOittu varen athai.." - leaves - Lachu does not know what to do....


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Posted: 21 March 2010 at 9:03am | IP Logged
thursday update -- Priya

Loosu & Sara's mom in the hospital. Nurse comes and asks them to go get some medicine... the specks guy (their relative who always collects the vatti) comes and updates about his findings and exploration for viji...Loosu takes the phone number and uses her CBCID brain and says that if they give the number to police they can easily trace out viji....
Karuna is coming in car and his bro shankar is walking... Karuna stops the car and starts yelling at his bro...Shankar keeps saying that he didn't take the money from home... Karuna just doesn't believe shankar that he didn't take the money... Shankar gives a good conduct certificate for Kirtana...Karuna finally accepts that shankar didn't take the money... Karuna keeps asking his bro to come home but he refuse saying he will find a job on his own and then come... Karuna then q who would have taken the 1 lakh rupees... shankar says that he doesn't know about it... Finally shankar tells karuna to adjust with kirtana and lead a happy life...Karuna goes from there....
Sada & Durga sitting and waiting for COD... I am going to keep it brief...
Sada updates on seeing Anitha.... and now tries to talk it out to COD...Sada asks COD behavior in hospital.. and questions about COD's love for UBS was real or just fake... finally COD agrees to go and talk to UBS and sada says he will also come with COD but COD refuses saying that he will take care of this problem as he is the one who started the whole thing...
Scene shifts to Police station...
Samy is BACK!!
Samy comes with lawyer to see Psyco/Anbu sir............
Maniac feels very bad.. and regrets for his mistake....Psyco keeps saying the way he behaved very badly to megs... and keeps crying saying that megs should punish me instead she is not doing that....Psyco says that megs mannichutta but viswamku nan padutha padu ormba moosam... how can they forgive me...
samy gives more conduct certificate for megs saying megs only arranged this lawyer....
Maniac realizes all the psyco stuff he did and keeps crying... Lawyer kodutha kasukku pesarar.. saying don't worry about anything... Lawyer says that he will take maniac out of jail and gives more boosting words to maniac....
both samy and maniac goes...
Tilaga home.. Sezhi sitting and thinking seriously... Megs verifies what sezhi is thinking.. Sezhi says he is thinking about only Megs... Same story guys.. sezhi q why megs wants to forgive psyco... megs says that other than blindly loving her what other mistake did he do... then sezhi says that he saw those 2 guys who cheated kalai... athai comes and talks in favor for maniac. by adding a pinch of salt for viswam... Megs gives a look (don't understand what kind of look) and then continues her talk about finding those who cheated kalai..
kalai hears everything and gives a smile...

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Friday 26/3/10 Episode No 710

Well, we are saved from a lot of stupid drama - court, lawyer, arguments etc., etc., - maniac is out . Looks like Maniac has decided to leave the town. Samy is back to maniac's house. Maniac says that he is happy that Megs the frog has forgiven him - " but I know Viswa will never forgive me. I have done so much damage to him. Before I leave this city, I want Viswa to know that I am reformed...." Samy says that he can convince Viswa - " I have participated in the " rescue the frog by planting Subha" operation. I am sure that I can talk to Viswa but do you really have to leave??' Maniac says that his relocation is confirmed -" Samy, you must convince Viswa, sell this house and give the proceedings to Megs" . Samy promises to do just that.

Police station - Loosu narrates the "Viji torturing her moron" and gives the telephone no. Educates the police inspector as to how he
should lock Viji - " intha telephone le irunthu entha No kku neriya call
pOi irukku nnu kandu pidicha, we can nab Viji" . The inspector deputes a constable to find the details after promptly applauding Loosu for her acumen. While the constable is doing the dirty job of
sneaking, Sara is brought out of his cell.  The inspector chides him
for his "holy" act - " pray, why would you take the blame ??? Neither
you nor your bro has done all this tamasha !!!! : Sara says that after a long time moron and Loosu are together " I want my annan and anni to be happy" The inspector says that Sara's false surrender has only helped the real culprit to escape. The constable has the "frequently
called No" and the inspector calls - on the other side, Viji's lover boy,
Bombay Settu picks up the telephone. The inspector learns that Viji
is sponging on that guy now. Settu says that it is "Shanthini" - "en
wife mathiri. Ava criminal nnu enakku theriyaathu sir" The inspector asks Mr.Shanthini to keep quiet " dont tell her any thing, as soon as she comes, call me. The Dharavi police will do the rest, ok?" ( Roja kku hopes romba raise aagiduthu - mudinjidum pole irukke!!!! Sammmyyy , konjam dayavu pannu ppa) Danda wants to take Sara home but the inspector says that a lot of formalities are pending.

Athai and frog - on the terrace - frog needs big time lessons on
using her hand while acting.
Roja got really fed up of seeing that
fake Kathakali and so the update is brief. Frog says that she knows
about "athai's tiruvilaiyaadal" - "you are out to see the end of me. This is the last chance for you to mend your ways, if you don't ..then I will hit you once again..which will be more painful.." Athai is livid -
challenges back "once yen thambi Kalai comes back to his senses,
I will make sure to send you to the conference venue ( nadu theru)
wait and watch.." Frog says that her marriage with Viswa will
happen nalla padiya " And I will live happily ever after..." Athai is seething in anger...


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Monday   29/3/10    Episode No 711

COD comes to meet UBS - Anitha is happy "habba, intha UBS namba veettai vittu ttu pOidum, seekiram" - but her happiness is short lived. UBS looks at COD - an expectant look but her ego stands in the way of greeting hubby darling.  Anitha goads her but COD says that he will spell out his mind - "enna di, suicide pannippennu sonniyame???? " draws out a roll of thick rope and a bottle of poison
from his bag " here, take these, thought that I would do you a favor. But you have the right to choose - ethu nalla nichiyamaa yuir pOgumO athai choose pannikkO. But, stop coming and claiming the child. Unnai mathiri bajari kitte valarntha avan life gaali."
UBS says that she did consider getting back to COD but "not any more. I just want my kid, period.." COD asks her to go and fly a kite "baby is not for you. Do what you want. You can add all our names in the suicide note, I do not care. You know why??" Well, COD has copied UBS - has recorded the conversation where she thiru vai malarnthufied about how she will send the whole COD family to kambi counting. For once UBS is speechless ( habba, un vai kooda adaikkumaa???? 8th wonder of the world !!!) COD finally says that she can get the custody of the child through the court and leaves. Both Anitha and UBS look thunder stricken.

Viji and Santhanam are back from their shopping spree. Santhanam claims that Bombay is hotter than Madras. Just then Settu payyan's friend comes and confronts Viji - " nee Madras kku ethukku pone??? To see your parents??? really??" Viji says that she did tell Settu
" but now that my parents are more Madras trips.."
Friend says " no more lies... you went to kill moron, didn't you?? Settu escaped by God's grace..he should be in abacus school by now !!!" Viji holds his collar and says that it is none of his business "ask Settu to settle my accounts..illatta I will kill him too" The friend is well prepared - points the gun at the duo and locks them in a room -
calls the police.

Sezhi's FIL - on the phone - and in the nadu theru. As usual chewing, biting and spitting his dialog. Balu is coming along..calls "Sundaram..." and both start ubaya kusalOpari. Balu says that Sundaram has a heart of Gold - "though you keep your SIL Sezhi at
your house as ghar jamai, you help their family.... as if it is your own...!!" Now Sundaram throws light on the "Real Sezhi" - about how Sezhi cheated him in business. Balu learns that Sezhi does not play ghar jamai any more - " so Kirtana kku 1 Lakh panam Sezhi kuduthaane?? epdi??" Sundaram gives an ex-party judgement
" yen cheque book ai thirudi athile irunthu thaan panam kuduthu iruppan..." Sundaram leaves and Balu is thoughtful..." marumagale ....... varren varren.."

Anitha is visiting RKO household. Tells about UBS landing at her door step. Educates them on COD's visit. Since Tilaga knows that she did not do squat about upbringing blames UBS for her acrid tongue "COD mappillai nallavar.... iva thaan eppo paarthalum sandai pOduvaa.." Megs the frog croaks " COD and UBS sernthu vazhanum amma.." Tilaga and paatti are skeptical ( ennathai sernthu...ennathai vazhnthu.... ) Megs promises to visit UBS the next day. Anitha requests " neeya vara mathiri coming ..... spilling the beans...... UBS need not know" Anitha leaves. Tilaga wants
the frog to marry ASAP but frog croaks " my marriage will happen only when this house is totally happy, ok??? " Tilaga and Paatti have "that " expression again "ennathai santhoshamaa ennathai problems solve aagi..."


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Megala Discussions Apr - June 2010

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Author: rojapoooo   Replies: 128   Views: 10379

rojapoooo 128 10379 26 April 2010 at 9:26am by jagdu
Megala - Discussions Jan to March 2010

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Author: rojapoooo   Replies: 243   Views: 10325

rojapoooo 243 10325 27 March 2010 at 9:21pm by Sue Nair
Megala Archives Feb 2010

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Author: eljay   Replies: 23   Views: 4575

eljay 23 4575 26 February 2010 at 9:21pm by priyakraman
Megala - Archives Jan 2010

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Author: rojapoooo   Replies: 17   Views: 3574

rojapoooo 17 3574 23 January 2010 at 11:26am by eljay

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