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Posted: 06 March 2010 at 4:25pm | IP Logged
Update for Tuesday, Mar 9, 2010 - episode 697

Sara goes to the police station, says he was driving his brother's car when he met with the accident, and since he was drunk, he ran away from the scene.  The police file a FIR.

Viswam is being taken somewhere in a police jeep.  At the same time, Anbu and Megala are returning from their visit to the sub-Registrar and the passport office.  The jeep hits someone, that person gets angry, one cop gets down to exert his authority over him, one cop gets a call on his cell phone, and the third guy is looking around.  Viswam takes the chance, and gets out of the jeep and runs.  The police give chase, but what can I say?  Their thoppais get in the way of their running fast, so they decide to chase him in the jeep.  He runs, they follow, he turns, they turn, he sees a vacant lot with lots of mullu chedis, he jumps in there, the police see the same lot and decide to look for him there.  But the police being their usual inefficient selves, they do not see him, and they leave.  Viswam comes out and continues to run.

Sakthi is looking at her baby's clothes and crying.  Paati comes in and delivers her usual sermon of how someone must compromise, or else they will both end up losing each other, keerthana comes in and says that everything will be ok soon.  Sakthi says that she went to Diwa's house, prepared to go back, but they insulted her and nobody is listening to her here.  Paati says that Tilaga was calling for Sakthi, so Sakthi goes, then Paati asks Keerthana why she is still here and won't her FIL be displeased?  Keerthana says that he wont' say anything and she will call and tell them what is happening here.

The doctor is checking out Bhupathy and giving the nurse instructions.  He comes outside, and Dhanda and Kanmani ask how Bhupathy is doing.  He says that after 24 hours, they will know what reactions are happening (sorry, I didn't understand this and I am not inclined to go back and listen to it again, so if anyone heard it right, please fill in) and tells them they can see him from outside.  Both of them look in and then Kanmani cries, then she says that she will go to the temple and ask God for His help.

Viswam is still running,and somehow, miraculously, finds himself in front of Anbu's old house.  He looks around, then jumps over the wall, and he sees the newspapers and paal packets lying there for the last three days.  He is thinking ....

Thodarum ....

Credits: tech

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Posted: 06 March 2010 at 4:26pm | IP Logged
Wednesday 10/3/10 Episode No 698

Viswa is scaling a wall - maniac's old house??? ( kirukka,  un frog is
in the vasantha maligai well da !!)
comes inside the compound and finds a few milk packets and newspapers ( ouch... 3 naal old milk !!! paneer kooda panna mudiyaathu!!) Kirukku Viswa apdiye thirumbi poga koodathO??? hmmm anyways.... he does some acrobatics and tries to open the back door - actually he did open the gate but maniac being maniac nalla oru Dindugal lock on the door and so no go !!! Viswa thalai yaa le thanni kudichu manages to find a crowbar from the terrace and opens a door ( oru ee kuruvi yetti pakkalai - akkam pakkam enna mounam - BG by Roja ) apram abracadabra thaan -Viswa opens doors, forgets (??!!) to close them ( hmmm,  thiruttu thanama nuzhainja as is where is condition le vidanum nnu theriyaathaa???? Rojaaaa, vendaammmmmm apdi smart nna ithu yen Megs the frog ai love panna porathu??) calls out for Megs...... no show......waits with the crowbar in hand (maniac varattum, ore pOdu avan amma appa kitte poganum - Viswa's mind reader is Roja) waitttttsssssssssss

In the meanwhile Megs the frog is sitting on the bed with her hands tied at the back ( kaiyaale kathakali aadara goram maniac kku kooda pidikkaliyaa??? He worships the floor she walks on !!!) Maniac love dialogue udaraar - "nee raani mathiri irukka vendiyava....only I can give u that life. Yaar antha Viswam? pOttu thallidaren...." Megs does the family pastime activity - cries - maniac offers food but Megs would much rather have some poison (Rojaaaaa, un ammunition cupboard kku eppO stock check???? ) Maniac says that he is generous enough to let Kalai live " yr dad is alive only because of you. You will find it difficult to accept me in the beginning but poga poga sariya varum (pOga pOga theriyum , intha maniac love unakku puriyum - BG by Roja) . Any one who dares to separate us.....Kabaristhaan thaan " Megs looks at him with utter distaste - not that maniac cares, anyways !!!

Hospital - Loosu is threatening Lord Ganesha - Danda comes and asks her to come inside "vanthu konjam saapidumma" - Loosu is in a mood to vambukku izhuthufy Ganesh " yen purusan thirunthi vaazha ninaikkum pOthu intha Swamy past mistakes kku punishment kudukkumaa???? athaiyum pathudaren. Either yen purusan gets well and comes back to me or I go wherever he goes, say what??? Until then not even a drop of water will go inside my tummy"
( Pillayarpatti hero neethan ppa Ganesa, moron ai kaappathi kuduppa - BG by Roja) Danda tries to reason out but Loosu is adamant. Angu comes with some wheels on her face ( Toyota car factory le neriya wheels thirudu pochaam, yovv, Angu kitte ellam irukkungOv - oru red wheel on the forehead, 2 gold wheels on the ears and one Vishnu chakra wheel on the nose - puncture aana enna seyvinga Angu???)
tries to cajole Loosu who stands her ground. Nandhu comes and imparts the news of Sara surrendering. Danda is upset that the innocent Sara is carrying the cross for moron but Angu justifies that " namba thaane valarthOm, athaan gratitude, avan panninathu sarithaan " (amma di, pirathiyaar pillainna veppilai yaa???
Sen sorttu kadan theerkka aagathe edam thedi police kitte ponayada Saraaaa , vanjagan moron daaa Saaraaaa,  Vanjagan moron da - BG by Roja)
All adjourn for food - Loosu is alone - challenging Ganesha....


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eljay IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 March 2010 at 4:29am | IP Logged
Thursday 11/3/10 Episode No 699

Maniac comes with his (??!!) advocate in to his house. Viswa is sitting right royally on the sofa, ( aama, antha newspapers, milk packets ellam kaanum??? cleaning lady vanthaangalaa??) sees the entry of the duo and hides (ayyo romba kodumai , frame le we can see the trio but the smart /sharp maniac Viswa vai pakkaliyaam!!!! Poo Poo va sutharaanga viewers kathile ...kaathai kaattatheenga nnu sonna yaaranum kekkaringalaa??? grrr) Advocate says that Viswa is helping maniac by escaping  -"naa inimel onnum panna vendam, police avanai pidichaa (???!!, aama police thoppai yai vaichindi ....pidichittalummmm ) nera kambi counting thaan " . Maniac is sure about Viswa's destination "avan nere inge thaan varuvaan, appO irukku diwali". Finally, the lawyer is paid handsomely for his services to Viswa ( apdi pOdu). Viswa sees the whole drama and maniac misses him (so you think Roja, so u think.....wait and watch. Viswaa is the BF of Megs the frog , smart aa ellam irukka mudiyaathuEmbarrassed) Maniac leaves, Viswa stays.

Intha segment pathi Roja oru line thaan ezhuthuvaa. COD oda pappa romba azharathu , joram pole Durga talks about some kai and kaal vaithiyam uh huh - finally they go to the doctor habbaaaaaaaaaa.

RKO family -  doing their job - only this time they ape navagrahas -
Kalai leads the oppari - the whole lot refuses to face each other !!!!
reason??? Megs the frog is missing and the police are not able to find her. Paatti comes and shows her usual wisdom "aalukku oru moolai yai paarthundu ukkantha frog thirumbi vanthudumaa???"
UBS is deputed by paatti "ask yr dad to eat some thing" Athai comes hearing this and does not miss the opportunity to dig at the womenfolk of Kalai household. Kalai laments about ill treating Megs, cries, tells Tilaga that she must be missing Megs more.......finally faints - "call the doctor, doctor odane vaanga, appa fainted" happens
(hmm intha family kku oru family doctor vera yaa??? kizhinjithu Krishnagiri!!! Glycerin bottle eduthundu Odi varuvaarO?) Sezhi is at
the mechanic shop , sights the duo who cheated Kalai and decides to chase them - does the usual "nillu da nillu da" !!!!
( Yovvvvv director, Roja kku aluthu pOchu yya, venum ne Odaravanai nillu nillu nnu sollindu thorathara kanraavi yai eppO thaan viduvinga??)
Sezhi runs behind the speeding bike ..maniac's car comes there on cue....Sezhi damage....maniac is asked to chase.

Big time chasing happens and the cheaters are smarter than Sezhi and maniac - they escape. Maniac has some clothes and food in the back seat - Sezhi sees them, asks for explanation, maniac manages
as usual -  lies with a sly look - Sezhi proves that he belongs to the frog family - accepts all the explanation .

Balu houshold - Balu enters a room, and retrieves the stolen (???
sontha veet le kannam vaikkira alavukku nee psycho vaa??? oru maniac, oru psycho, oru RKO kudumbam....hmmmmm enga head writing ai enge pOi solli azha???)
money from the pelmet ( India le ippO pelmet le locker facility irukka???? romba munnerittOmO??)
Shankar's kid can not stand paatti's cooking and so dodges the food - comes up the staircase, enters Balu's clandestine operation arena...
and the money falls down. Balu smacks the child ( Roja ithu kke case pOduvaa - enna oru arakka thanam, chinna kozhandaiyai smacking??/ grr) Karuna comes and chides dad for being such a moron (original moron is out of action and so intha psycho is stepping in ??) Meena comes running with a bowl ( unnai vida maatten , Kanna, unnai vida maatten - BG by Roja) The kid and Karuna go down. Meena forgets the bowl ( the child must be heaving a sigh of relief Embarrassed) and so comes back for it - sees Balu with the money ( psycho kirukku, thiruttu thanam panrache ozhunga room ai close panna maattiya??? athuvum  jora mirror munnadi notes ai visiri kaattare???) Meena now knows hubby darling's tiruvilaiyaadal
(aadal kaanirO? Tiruvilaiyadal KaanirO? Balu vin room il money mazhai pozhiyum.... vilaiyaadal kaanirO? - BG by Roja)


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eljay IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 March 2010 at 4:30am | IP Logged
Update for Friday, Mar 12, 2010 - episode 700 (innum evvalavu pogumo?  Aandavaa, en azhugai un kaadhil vizhalaiyaa?)


An auto comes to the hospital.  Tilaga gets out of the auto (where's Kalai?) and goes in, where she sees Danda.  She asks him about Bhupathy, he says that Bhu is still critical, she asks about Kanmani, he says that Kanmani has not eaten or had a drop of water since morning and has been standing in front of the Ganesa idol in the hospital and praying.  He does a lot of sobbing about how good she is and how awful he and Bhu were to her and her family, and Tilaga wants to go and see her (so that they can cry together?), but he takes her inside.

I liked this scene.  Meena is looking for her grandson, Karuna also looks, he is nowhere to be found, probably dodging the awful food!  Karuna wants breakfast, does some griping about his absent wife, and goes to get ready.  Balu goes for his shower, Meena watches him go to the bathroom, waits to hear him turn on the shower, then quickly goes outside and turns off the water to the bathroom upstairs.  Balu gets himself nice and wet, then applies soap to his body, then to his face, looking happy as he does so, and then he goes to turn the water on, and - no water!  In the meantime, Meena opens his cupboard, looks through till she finds the cash, takes it downstairs, and quickly drops it into a conveniently placed tall container with a lid near the front door.  Balu yells to her for water, she runs out and turns on the water, and returns to the kitchen.

Diwa, Sada and Durga with the baby at the doctor's office.  The doctor scolds them for leaving things till it has become advanced, asks them what medicines they gave the baby, Durga says Naatu marundhu, he tells Diwa that he had told Sakthi not to give any other medicines to the baby, then asks where Sakthi is.  Diwa menni muzhungufies, then Sada looks away, and Durga wears her swallowed-a-bitter-medicine look, and finally Diwa admits that he sent away his wife and brought the baby away from her.  The doctor scolds him some more for endangering the baby's life because of their quarrels, and tells him to get some medicines and admit the baby immediately to the hospital.  Serves them all right, but I feel sorry for that poor baby!  Besides, can somebody buy the baby some decent clothes?  He is wearing clothes that are two sizes too big!

Karuna comes and sits down for breakfast, barks at mom for not having it on the table for him, she hurriedly gets it from the kitchen and starts serving him - kid is still missing.  Balu gets out of the bathroom, dries himself thoroughly, goes merrily to his room to dress, goes to the cupboard, takes out a blue striped shirt, puts it on, puts on the buttons, turns around to close the door, and - what's this?  Some clothes are out of place, so he looks through, looks some more, then some more, and realizes the money is ... GONE!  He screams for Meenakshi, goes downstairs screaming, while she is serving Karuna, asks her if she opened his cupboard and she says No (smart woman!  I was afraid she would admit to it), then he insists that she must have opened it because his clothes are messed up, she says No again, Karuna asks what the matter is, and then asks if something is missing.  Balu is about to say it, but then he realizes he cannot talk about it, so he says Nothing, then Karuna says If nothing is missing, what's the problem?  You must have messed it yourself.  (Keep it up, Balu!  I really love this, the idiotic expression on your face when you cannot admit that the money is gone!)  Balu goes back upstairs, looks some more while Karuna gets ready to leave.  Quickly, Meena takes out the cash from its hiding place, asks Karuna to take her to the temple, asks Balu if she can go to the temple, and Balu tells her to Poi tholaidi!  and she happily leaves. 

Viswam in Anbu's bathroom, trying to break down the door, looking for a way out, sitting on the edge of the tub, thinking.  It sounds like someone is coming into the room, so he picks up the crowbar and is ready for the attack ...

Incidentally, I have only seen bathrooms that can be locked from the inside.  What is the point of locking a bathroom from the outside?  To make sure that the person having a shower cannot get out?  Isn't it dangerous?  Which idiot does this in a house?  Oh, I forget, this is a maniac's house.  Oh well, what can I say? 

Thodarum ...

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Thursday update:

Psyco kai allu Lawyer... coming with psyco...
Lawyer keeps jalra adiching for psyco... lawyer says that viswam escaped from cops and helped only psyco...Lawyer says where will viswam escape and go.. psyco says he will come to psyco's house only... now all this time viswam is hiding here and there.... psyco says that he knows how to handle viswam.. the loyal lawyer gets bribe money from pscyo.. around 30K.....psyco says he will drop loyal lawyer and goes out.. viswam comes out with a little relief.. but pscyo comes up saying he will get his key.. and goes back... viswam tries to do some more hide and seek... and finally chooses to hide in psyco's bathroom.. psyco takes his key and then promptly closes all the doors and go..... lookis like he is aware that viswam is around......
COD baby crying......durga comes and keeps milk bottle... COD says may be he is having fever...what kind of lady is this durga.. Angry sada as usual does a peace lover... COD shouts that he wants to go to hospital... finally all decide and go to hospital...
whole kalai fmly is in tears... Kirtana doesn't know what to do but puts her hand in head and sitting... Dead
patti comes and verifies why everyone is like this.... patti tells that megs will return.. patti does jing chak for kalai...
kalai is crying...sakthi says pls eat first.. megs will return..
tilaga does some megs ashtotharam...
athai is all upset and asks why kalai is upset like this....and asks how come kalai didn't eat.. all these ladies ate fully...
kalai now realizes his mistake of not treating megs from the beginning... kalai keeps blabbering about that megs should come...each one in tilaga's house is asking kalai eat..
athai points out correctly that eppadi verum vaiyle sappidu sappidu sonna pothuma... go and bring the food...
kirtana tries to go to get food.. but kalai faints... dr is being called...
Sezhi in the streets..........and see some old man talking to another guy.. the old guy identifies sezhi and says that is he kalai's son??both old guy and other guy escape ...sezhi does some jackie chan velai... and jumps obove a car and it is psyco's car...sezhi gets in the car and makes psyco drive the car like another psyco.... those 2 guys were the ones who actually cheated kalai....
the bike vala's escape... they come to a 4 corner junction.......psyco does some magical way to make sure he looses those guys.. (appa thane ivaru help pannatha katti antha aatu mandhai kootathula nalla peru vanga mudiyum...)
sezhi is all upset.......... psyco asks ssezhi to drink water... psyco then sees that he has kept some saree boxes...and tensed... sezhi sees the saree boxes and then questions psyco.. enna sir saree ellam irruke? psyco answers saying that he dropped some of his office staff.. and probably they left it...
sezhi proves that he is from aatu manthai kootha sernthavan
balu's house..
balu goes to his room and takes the money that he has hidden in his elder son's room...he keeps 2 money kattu' the table.. the kid comes running and keeps his doll and the money slips from the table...
balu to avoid his mistake just hits that kid couple of times...
karuna comes and karuna's mom comes running and rescue the kid.. karuna's mom comes back while balu was looking at the money and she sees it and gets scared and goes down..........
Freeze on karuna's mom going down...

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Monday 15/3/10 Episode No 701 ( habbbaaaaaa)

Maniac comes to Tihar prison - where the frog is croaking
( croaking?? uh huh  nalla korattai vittu thoongarathu !!! Thappi
kka vazhi irukkatha nnu yosikkathO? hmm)
Anyways, the usual "saapidu Megala, yen mele kovamaa?? Ippo apdithaan irukkum,
after we go abroad and marry ellam apdiye 360 adichudum" happens. The frog is not excited about the foreign trip (hmmm ,
 inge irukkira kinathile le ye thaakku pidikka mudiyalai... foreign
well aa?? enge - frog's dialog by Roja) 
Maniac says that he wont
tie the hands any more. "Nee saapidu, I have made arrangements to sell my old house ( appo intha Vasantha Maligai??) and repatriate the money... " Shows some dresses and says that she can wear them all when she is alone with him. Megs is disgusted but keeps quiet. Maniac leaves the room, frog engages in the family pastime ( awwww, amma and thangachis, this place is excellent for a RKO....vaanga ppa - Roja for MegsEmbarrassed) Maniac peeps through the door to see if Megs is eating and his mobile rings. He leaves the key on the door, lies to the other side that he is in an important meeting, comes back for the key....... just pulls it out ...without locking ( aha ha, yaanaikkum adi sarukkum.. but what is the use?? Frog will be busy crying and miss the chance for sure) Maniac leaves...frog cries...

Hospital - the whole Danda clan is waiting with bated breath. Loosu is still challenging Lord Ganesha Embarrassed The doctor comes out and says
"moron is out of danger " ( saraaaaaa , thappiche appa from this Loosu) The wheeled Angu rushes to Loosu ( hmm with so many wheels on her, intha running is jujubi for her Embarrassed) Tells her that all is well with moron and the doctor wants to see her. Loosu is overjoyed and after a cursory kumbidu to Ganesh ( hmmm moron ai kaappathi enna use Ganesha??? ) rushes in. The doctor says that moron survived because of Loosu's tussle with Ganesh and praises her to the skies. Danda for his part says that moron has done some punniyam in some jenmam "athaan nee avanukku wife aa vanthu irukke" UBS comes, learns that Loosu has not touched "green water

by her teeth"
  and takes her out for some food. On the way UBS says that Loosu is a museum object - "ipdi oru moron ai epdi love panre
Loosu says " namba santhosham namba kaile" UBS jumps immediately "appo yen mele thaan thappa??" Loosu says that this Q
needs to be asked without any anger -"appo unakku puriyum. But the love u have for COD will make sure to unite you both"  UBS is not convinced
( hmm yen gunam enakku thaane theriyumEmbarrassed) Loosu is all smiles - Yen purusan thennnnn enakku mattum thennnn - BG by Roja
It is another thing that no one would touch moron with a barge poleEmbarrassed

Meena comes to see her DIL Kirtana - paatti looks dull , Meenu kusalam visarichufies - Paatti lists the agonies "Megs is missing, UBS fights with hubby, Sezhi is unhappy too, yen maappillai fainted"
- after making sure that Meena gets a complete update says that the Kalai clan is happy about Kirtana - " ivalavathu happy aa irukkale"
Paatti goes to make coffee, Meenu Oram kattufies her DIL and informs her about Balu's thiruttu thanam " you bring the money and come home - as if your clan gave you. Karuna will be happy and will keep u also happy" Kirtana is scared but Meena has a valid point -
"ellathukkum bayanthu nadungara naane thuninjutten, unakku enna??? Your FIL can not say any thing - he will be a "scorpion bitten thief" , OK??? Kirtana is confused and scared but has no option...


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Tuesday 16/3/10 Episode No 702

Loosu is all smiles - moron is out of danger aam - athu ennavO Roja
kku loosu smile kooda azhugai mathiri thaan theriyarathu. Embarrassed UBS
wishes her all the best and is on her way out. She sees COD buying
some medicines. Romba akkaraiya asks him " why are u here?? who
is sick??" COD is categorical "did I ask you as to why you are here?
Pray, who gives you the right to question me?" UBS is curious. Follows him and finds out that the baby is admitted. Finds the room, goes and takes the baby in hand - all worried asks "enna aachu maama?" Athai has a look of disapproval but does not say a word. COD comes, sees UBS and shoo shoo s her " get out... un sangaathame en baby kku venam.." As usual , the pigeon of peace Sada pacifies COD and takes him out. UBS is with the baby...Durga is morose....

At last, the frog is free - she looks at her hands and can not believe that they are free ( aha kaiyaal kathakali aada ithu allavO neram !!) Goes to the door, bangs...opens the cupboard....tries to open the windows ( summa solla koodathu maniac has made pakka sealing arrangements) finally goes back to the door, accidentally holds the handle, cries and leans anda ka kasam Abu ka kukkum.....door opens. Frog leaps to the ground floor, tries to open some door...shouts for help... finally goes to some back door , finds a crowbar, breaks the lock ...and freeeeeee ...... habbbaaaa

Maniac walks in to his house with a man - he is supposed to pack all the things and send them to the Vasantha maligai. Viswa is hiding in  the bath room. The packing guy comes up and requests maniac " sir....loo.." Maniac gives the green ....the unsuspecting guy enters the bath room ..only to be hit on the head by Viswa. The man screams and falls down ..maniac comes rushing to find out the damage.... and Viswa is at the back...hits maniac a few times..maniac knows what /who hit him ...begs to be left alone but Viswa has had enough. Viswa helps the other man to get up and orders him to stay. Frog is on the road.... decides against going to the police and does a very
"wise" thing - calls maniac to inform him about her scooting the Tihar prison. Viswa picks the phone ..thank God attends it...learns that it is Megs..asks her to come to maniac's old house. Megs finally has some one to plan her actions ( she borrows one Re from some one to make a call but reaches maniac's house in a jiffy - auto kaaran Oosi ride kuduthanaaa???? Vendam vendaam Rojaaa Eljay intha Q s ellam keppanga, wait pannu) By then Viswa has called the police - tells the inspector that he has the culprit - inspector is smart ..asks Viswa to surrender. Viswa says "sure, come to maniac's house and get me" (Mohammed Mohammed Ali..catch me if u can - BG by Roja) The inspector agrees ..leaves the station with a constable. Viswa disseminates the info of maniac and dharma adi to Megs. "enakku vantha aathirathukku avanai konnu iruppen" ( ohhh appo maniac is alive??? Roja would love to see his kambi counting two three la la lump lump) Megs sees maniac lying like a log ( unga veettu adi enga veettu adiyaa??) All wait for the arrival of the police...... Eljay please take the baton


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Roja, I have taken the baton and watched today's episode and am writing the update with mixed feelings.  One thing is sure - Megs is an idiot, the greatest idiot of them all!  I have very little sympathy for her.

Update for Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - episode no.  703 :

Viswam greets Megs at the door.  She sees him and there is relief in her eyes, then she goes in.  She tells him that she was kidnapped by Anbu, and asks him how he got there, and tsks about his injury, and he tells her how he escaped, blah blah.  Then comes the letdown - she asks him where Anbu is, and he tells her that he is lying upstairs, beaten up, and she is all sympathy, baffling Viswam and me.  She explains how he has loved her so much that he cannot think of anything else, and he is sick, not a criminal, and V shouldn't have called the police.  She goes to Anbu's inert form and tries to wake him up, sickening both V and me.  He tells her that because of this guy, his parents had to go to the police station, he was imprisoned, and she is still telling him that he must try to understand him?  V turns his face in disgust, I wanted to shake her and get some sense into her head. 

The police come, Megala tells them that she was kidnapped by Anbu and held in his new house, the mover says that he came to move Anbu's stuff, V says that Anbu was planning to leave the country, the police go up to get Anbu and take him to the station.

Durga and Sakthi in the hospital - Diwa comes in with some medicines, the nurse says only one person can remain in the room, Diwa plans to leave and then sees Sakthi and orders her out.  This scene was so irritating, I wanted to smack Diwa, and really, Durga should have said something had she been a normal person.  He pushes Sakthi out, saying she is never to come near the baby again, and she tries to reason with him, but he will not listen and finally she tells him that she will die, which is okay with him, until she says that she will name him and his family as the cause for her death, and see that they all go to jail, which he rightly deserves at this point.  Durga tries very briefly to tell him to let Sakthi remain, but she makes no impression on him.  Oh, what I would have done to have something handy then, to shake this idiot of a Diwa.

Tilaga and Vadivu bring Kalai home, Vadivu screams at everyone to let her beloved brother rest and not worry, and Tilaga goes to fix some food.  Keerthana tells her mother that her MIL had been there, Tilaga asks again if there is a problem, and Vadivu smells trouble and comes into the kitchen and warns Keerthana against creating problems for her darling bro.  Keerthana tells Vadivu off, then tells mom that MIL had come to see her, assures her that there are no problems for her in her FIL's house, and leaves.

Viswam brings Megala to her house, everyone is overjoyed, she explains that she was kidnapped by Anbu, everyone is shocked, Vadivu looks guilty.  Kalai asks Megala if this is true after hearing it from Viswam, this is proof for him that they still do not believe him.  He tells them that Anbu is now in police custody and takes leave of them.  Megala is quiet, and he goes outside and waits.  She comes outside and starts to explain, but he tells her that she needs to think about what she is saying and leaves. 

Thodarum ...


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