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MAYUR FF-love makes life simple or? pt10-pg11

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Posted: 28 February 2010 at 5:43am | IP Logged
Hi guys, this is deepika here, i am starting a new ff on mayur
do let me know how you all find it!!
Do let me know if you would like to receive pm for continuation...
Actually i have written about 5 chapters already... Will post soon in a day or two
till then...comment on this much

link to my OS gallery:


NOTE: this story is on temporary hibernation. will be continued after april 24, 2011.

p.s.- if anyone wants PM for future updates plz add me in buddy list. it makes life easyLOL 

thank you

<<<<<<CHAPTER 1>>>>>>
"Di, but what will i do at your school alumini's get-together?" i
asked sneha, my elder cousin
"Nupur chill! you have just landed in mumbai... You still have the
whole day to rest down... Party is at night so be ready for it..."
sneha said convincingly,"...Look! You're new here... So i want you to
yourself comfortable in this new place... And wat is better than going
to a party and enjoy?"
i kept quiet as i knew my stubborn sister. It was futile to argue with
her. She is dominating by nature and independent too, after all she is
working in a MNC as a software engineer and earning 2 lacs per month.
Its an achievement itself that she owns one of the most beautiful
house in mumbai.. That too without any parental support. People say
Sneha is rude, but i know the truth... She is just like a coconut,
hard from outside but fragile from inside. I remember once she said
'if you'll be soft with everyone then one day this world will crush
you under its feet like a waste paper'
She cares as lot about me, thats why she told my bauji to send me
here as there are many opportunities for me to develop myself as
"come.. I'll show you your room" she said picking up my luggage.
I gathered my other belongings and followed di. She escorted me into
huge room, with huge windows in north, letting sunlight to shine on
everything, making it look more beautiful. White coloured walls added
up in the beauty. I walked up to balcony, all that i could see was
high-rised buildings and over populated roads.
Oh! I miss my morena... Its greenery, calmness.. Most of all Bauji!
As the name struck my head, my eyes went wet...
"wat happened sweetie? Didn't you liked the room?" sneha's question
brought me back from my thoughts.. My deep thoughts.
"No di, its not like that. I loved it. Its beautiful!" i said, the
room genuinely was a beauty. Being from morena i had never seen such a
beautiful room ever.. ?Even my hostel's room at Indian institute of journalism, bhopal was pathetic!
"So, just be comfortable as home... Just tell me if you need
anything.." sneha said with supporting eyes "...and yes! get some
rest... Coz you need to be all fresh before the party tonight" she
added with a wink and left.
I was amazed at her gesture. She is cool. But suddenly i went blue
with the thought of party.. Oh no! Party.. Party means lots of
people... I am pathetic at conversation with strangers.....
Noooooo! What if i made a fool of myself
over there? That too in alumini meet of di!!! She'll be so embarrassed
of me!! I can't do this to her! NO! NO! NO!
"Oh god! Please be with me!" i said looking up at sky. I wish
everything goes well.

************************************************** **
************************************************** **
"C'mon sneha.... for heaven's sake.... 7 years have passed! Isn't it
enough to forget the past?" mayank said with pleading eyes.
"No. It isn't.... Some wounds take a life to heel" i said firmly.
"It isn't his fault that you loved him.... But never told!!" He said
almost shoutingly.
"Neither i said that its his fault!... But i don't wanna see his
face.. I can't bear his voice anymore" i shouted back.
"Its just about one night... Ankit is not just my friend but my cousin
too... We live together from childhood... He will be there at the
party too... And it would be so rude if you won't even talk to him...
Can't you just do it for me?.. We are best -friends since 5th class!!
you can't let me down.. Please!" mayank almost begged. He knows i
can't say 'no' when he speaks like this.
"OK!!! But still i am not going to chatter with him. I can just help
you by keeping silent.. Or Just a 'hello' and i am done with him" i
calmed down. Even i didn't wanted to spoil mayank's mood because of
"Ok.. That'll be better.. Atleast ankit will be saved from your
unreasonable rudeness" ?he remarked.
"Whatever!!" with that i hung up.
Till now all my excitement of meeting my oldies was vanished. "SH*T!!
I'll have to see him again..." i groaned as i remembered 'ANKIT'...
Oh! There was a time when this name used to make my heart jump out of
my ribs. Why? Why the hell we meet people and fall in love with them?
If fallen then why are we not able to say our heart out?
I had fallen for his smile.. His voice that made my heart beat
faster.. His eyes were no less than magic wand, the spell they did
cast on me is still on..
"That is why i don't wanna meet him!" i shouted at myself this time.
His presence makes my senses mad...
I took a deep breath to calm down "SNEHA chill! You'll have mayank and
nupur too with you in party... Just keep yourself busy with them!"
Its 3 pm right now and party is at 7. I should go to nupur now.. Our
sisterly gossip is still due!!
"thank goodness! Now i don't have to live alone..."

"Dude! Where were you? Its 6 already. I thought you forgot about
get-together party" ankit asked as i entered our room.
"Oh! I was busy with the last minute touch-ups in the article... That
is to be published tomorrow" i said putting down my laptop on side
"Go freshen up.. And get ready soon.. We need to reach there by 7"
"Yupp! Just give me 10 mins..." i said
"yaar, i am so excited to meet old friends after such a long time...
This is gonna be a memorable night" he said with a huge smile on his
face. I hope this night turns to be good for him or atleast doesn't
turns to be horrible.. I wish sneha doesn't mess up.
"Hey what about sneha? Do we have to pick her up too?... It had been a
long time since i met her" ankit asked.?
"No, she'll come on her own. She said her cousin will also be coming
with her... What's her name.. Ya.. Nupur" i said and headed towards
the washroom to freshen up.


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"Nupur, what happened? why is your face growing pale... Is everything fine sweetheart?" sneha asked as we reached the party entrance... what am i doing here? For heaven's sake its 'HER' alumini meet.... not mine!!! "di, anything wrong? Just today i reached your place and now i am in this party... where i don't even know anyone!! Obviously i am nervous... even my 'chudidaar' is looking odd one in this glamour filled mumbai party!" I spoke my heart out to her and then i realised we have already reached the party hall. "hahahaha... Oh my sweet, little, adorabale darling.... Is this bothering you? Then just take my words.... You are looking like an angel in this white chudidaar... And remember i am with you... Always" she said with her sweetest smile. I just smiled and we walked further. I noticed her eyes were searching for someone and then they stopped. I followed the direction of her eyes and saw 2 guys standing at a distance. They started walking towards us with a huge smile on their faces. I became alert, it has never been easy for me to stay calm when i had to face opposite sex. Sneha replied them with a smile. The two guys were... No doubt.. good looking. One of them wearing black shirt with black trousers and... Really Cute dimples!.. Other one wearing t-shirt of some light shade of blue with denim pants. "hellooo nupur!!! Come back from your dreamland.." sneha said waving her hand in front of my eyes. "what?... Umm.. Nothing di.. I was just..." her voice brought me back to senses and i saw the same two guys standing in front of me.. Yeah! Wearing the same smiles.. Did i just messed up? Oh no! "Hi! I am mayank" the guy in black said with his hand stretched towards me. "umm.. Hi, i am nupur" i took his hand hesitatingly. "yeah! I know you.. Sneha told me that you're coming here" he answered with a smirk. I grew cautious. "Hey nupur! I am ankit.. Sneha's old classmate.. Right Sneha?" the guy in blue said with his eyes on sneha. "yupp!" sneha answered. Was it polite? I wondered as i saw her smile fading away. "Lets go and sit!" the guy in black.. Mayank suggested. We walked to a sitting area and settled down on a round table... I was terrified more than the day i had my final examination. "Hey! Its so boring like this.. Lets play 'truth or dare' it'll be fun... What say?" ankit cracked the prevailing silence. Did he noticed me playing with hem of my dupatta? Or wat? "umm... I need to meet my old friends.. I'll be back soon.." sneha started to get up. She looked bit scared or that was what i felt. Ankit held her arm and i could see the surprise in her eyes. "we are meeting after 7 years.. Plz don't spoil the mood.. You can meet them later too" ankit said with pleading eyes. "But... Ok.. Start the game" sneha said getting back to seat. "mayank! You spin the bottle" ankit said. Mayank spin the bottle and it stopped on sneha. "truth or dare?" ankit asked her with a grin. "I believe in actions... So dare" "ok... Go bring me a glass of water" "WHAT!!!!" we all were shocked as ankit said that "yeah! You heard right... Bring-me-a-glass-of-water... C'mon do it fast.. I am thirsty" "ok!!!! His-royal-highness... Sneha at your service" Di brought a glass of water and banged it on table in front of ankit. I was trying hard to stop my laughter. "These waitresses are becoming so arrogant!!!" ankit teased her again. Sneha spin the bottle again... This time 'sheep-to-slaughter' was ankit. "ok! So mr. Ankit.. Truth or dare?" mayank asked "sach... Sirf sach" "ok! So... Its like rapid fire.. As soon as i say a word you'll say the first thing that comes to your mind.. There will be 5 questions.. Ready?" "yupp!" "umm.. Friend?" "you" "boring?" "college" "school?" "masti!!!" "priya?" "Cute" "love?" "sneha" Everyone on the table was like 'what!'. Di's eyes were like glued on ankit and her eyes wide open.

I could see the blush and awkwardness on ankit's face. How couldn't i ever see he loved sneha? We lived together but always avoided talking about her. Even sneha's face had lost its colour. Her eyes told the story of her confusion and surprise. "NO!!... I mean yes... Sneha, we need to talk" ankit said almost lost. "yeah.... Sure!..." Sneha's situation was much visible now. They both left from there and walked towards garden. I am so happy that this happened.

Di and ankit left from table leaving me behind with this 'man in black'. What should i do? Shall i make an excuse and hide in washroom? "Nupur, shall i bring something for you to eat?" he finally broke the silence... "Ahh.. No, i don't want to" "They look so good together... What do you think?" "oh!... Maybe..." "So.. You came just today.. Right?.." "yeah.." "what are your plans in mumbai?" "I have graduation in journalism.. Will try to join any newspaper or periodicals" "Oh! Great... What are you interested in? Writing about crime, sports, page3 people..?" "Nothing specific.. I am comfortable with everything" Everything but not in talking to a stranger.. Who is not actually stranger. "umm.. Friends?" he asked with his hand held out to me. Did i took too much time to reply?? "My friends say i am a good friend" he smirked "umm.. Yeah sure.. Friends!!" "so my new friend.. Lets go and eat something till they return.. I am really hungry" "ok..." We headed towards food counter. **************************************************************************************************

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loved it yaar..u r an awesome continue soon...

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its really awsome plz do write more and add me to pm list

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Plz continue soon.....add me to ur pm list...........

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hey nice fff
con soon
pm me when u update

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pm me plz...i wont b able to comment a lot but i will read thats for sure!!

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nice ff
do contiii......

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