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Eternal Love - Part 8, Page 5 - Help

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Hi everyone, Smile
This is the first time that I'm posting a fan-fiction here on the forum, so I am a bit nervous about all the reviews that I'll get.
The backdrop for my fan-fic is in college and it will be going through an average college student's life. You'll be basically witnessing everything that a student has to go through. Studies to social status, gossips to peer pressuring, and of course going through that special feeling we call love, for the very first time. There will be romance, comedy, action, adventure, reality, hatred, betrayal, pain, hearts broken, hearts mended and of course lots and lots of drama!! SmileWink
To help you understand how their relationship is towards each other and how the storyline will go, I've made a small video. Smile I hope it helps you all, and please do leave your comments here so that I know if I should I start writing this fan-fiction or not. Embarrassed 
Video link to my first fan-fiction on all three jodi's:
I hope you all like it! SmileEmbarrassed
- Edit -
Hi everyone,
I just want to say thanks to all the people who have read and liked my fan-fic so far.
Earlier I had decided that it will be on three couples but now it's been changed to fifteen. Embarrassed
So that you will understand who the couples are or where the story will be heading into, I have a made video.
Throughout the ff, I will be making some more videos so that you all can understand how all the different love stories will progress.
I hope it makes sense to you all and please do atleast press the like button if you read my updates.
Even that small gesture means a lot to me. Smile
Here's the link to the video:

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Video for Fan-Fic: Page 1
Promo for Fan-fic: Page 1
Part One - First Day: Page 1
Part Two - Fire Meets Ice: Page 1
Part Three - Beautiful: Page 1
Part Four - Morning Classes: Page 2
Part Five - Changes: Page 3
 Part Six - Boyfriend: Page 4
Part Seven - Truth or Lie: Page 5
Part Eight - Help: Page 5

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Pm List





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Damini Gujral
Prithvi Saxena
Avni Gujral
Sameer Saxena
Roshni Gujral
Varun Saxena
Armaan Malik
Riddhima Gupta
Prem Juneja
Heer Maan
Kripa Sharma
Angad Khanna
Arohi Sharma
Arjun Punj
Neev Shergill
Prachi Mishra
Panchi Bora
Milind Mishra
Gunjan Bushan
Nupur Bushan
Mayank Sharma 
Siddhant Modi
Jennifer Winget
Abhimanyu Modi
Nikita Malhotra
Atul Joshi
Anjali Gupta
Rahul Grewal
Muskaan Chadda
Ms. Rai
Mr. Robinson
More Characters Coming Soon...

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It's early in the morning, where the sun has just made its appearance once again to the inhabitants of Mumbai, beckoning them to come out of their slumber to another day full of adventures. Its beautiful shades of orange, yellow, red, and a little dash of pink and purple are spreading in every corner. It's sending its rays through the window to those lazy people who are just sleeping away through another chance full of opportunities and experience. The streets of Mumbai, which are never silent and empty, gets to its busiest point of day. This is the time, where everyone is trying to get to their work as fast as possible so that they don't get fired. There are honks being heard everywhere from angry drivers who are fed up waiting in huge traffic jams like this. Kids and adults of different ages, run up to the nearest vehicles with dented up bowls, wearing tattered clothes, for another day of begging and hoping that today, God will be merciful on them and shower on them just a few rupees to get them a decent meal.

In amidst, this daily routine of Mumbai, is a girl in her mid-twenties, who just got off her ride for college. She's waving her mom, good-bye who had decided to drop her off before she went to work, since the college comes on the way. The girl runs off into the college so that she can check where her classes are. She doesn't want to be the last one to arrive in class and embarrass herself as she used to do in her other schools. She opens the front door and walks in a little further and moves over to the side and puts her bag down, so that she can take out her schedule and have a look at where her first period class. On the pink crisp peice of paper it says: Period 1 - English - Room 202, Period 2 - Music - Room 168, Period 3 - Gym - Gymansium C, Period 4 - Science - Room 225. She puts the strap of her bag around her shoulder and starts walking to her first period class, while trying to make a route so that she'll remember for the rest of the semester. With her being one of the only human beings inside the school at this time, you can hear the *click* *click* *click* sound that her heels make against the shiny, worn out, white tile trying to familiarize itself to the sound that it had not heard since the past two months. She opens a door to a series of stairs leading upstairs. She goes up and opens another door that reveals an equally empty and long hallway as the one below. She starts walking down this one and has a look at each and every door trying to find her destination. Luckily, she didn't have to walk far as she reached her goal at her third look of the door. She stood infront and smiled. She took out a pen from her brown leather jacket and ticked off Period 1 - English - Room 202 on her paper and made a little note to herself saying that her class is upstairs. Next, she headed to her Period 2 class, Music. She went downstairs as she realized that all the classes that have room number 2-- will be upstairs and the room numbers starting with 1-- would be downstairs. She went through the same door that she discovered the stairs with and headed down the hallway as she saw the room numbers start with 101 and go above. She walked till there was another hallway being joined with this one. She went into this one and saw a set of bathrooms, one for boys and one for girls, with water fountains in between. She continues on and stops as she reads Gymnasium C written bold on top of a doorway. She ticked off Period 3 - Gym - Gymnasium C, on her paper and wrote another note saying the gymnasium is beside the bathroom. She hits her hand on her head as it dawned on her that she could have checked out her science class as well, when she was upstairs. She shakes her head and starts walking down the hallway once again. The girl notices the set of lockers that are adjoined on each side of the wall. She had noticed this on every wall, from all the hallways that she's visited so far. She stops infront of her Period 2 class and ticks that one off, not making any notes this time. She finishes her journey down the hallway and starts wondering as to should she go left or right as she hasn't gone down any of these hallways as of yet. She closes her eyes and does Eeny Meeny Miny Mo and lands on right. She goes down the right side and sees another pair of stairs. Happy about her decision, she runs upstairs and enters through the door. She looks up and sees a piece of paper saying Rooms 220 - 230. She opens the door and witnesses something she wasn't expecting. Instead of another long hallway, there's a dull beigeish looking peice of material infront of her. She looks at either sides and sees a miny hallway. Then it dawns upon her that these classrooms are in cubicles. She goes towards the left this time, and sees another door leading to another hallway. She opens this one and starts walking. It was there, when she let out a sigh of relief as she didn't have to spend her precious one hour and fourty-five minutes in a tight, windowless room, as she saw her Period 4 class right infront of her. She ticked off the last class and went downstairs. She was about to start going around to see more of the college, when she saw other students starting to arrive. Not knowing how fast the time went by, she took out her cell phone to check. She switched it on, and on the screen, it said 8:30. She put the phone away and started looking for the cafeteria. Her search had barely begun, when she found it as one of the other students opened a door, and her eyes fell upon the bold letters of -ria. She followed the student and came into the cafeteria and helped herself to a seat in one of the chairs. She was expecting a very old friend of hers to join her. It was about five years later, that they are going to be meeting. As every minute passed by, her anxiety grew as to whether or not her friend will accept her. She hadn't changed at all the past five years. She was still the same shy, smart, funny and reliable girl that she was before. All her friends had changed immensly and at times she wondered as to why she didn't. Secretly, she wanted to change. She wanted to know what it would feel like to be popular, not to feel scared to express what you wanted to say. To --- Her thoughts were interrupted as her friend sat down in the seat opposite her. They smiled uncontrollably as they couldn't explain how they were to see each other again.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Come on!!" her friend exclaimed.

They both got up and gave each other a very long, and tight hug. People passing by, didn't really care, as this was the first day and a lot of friends that were departed were being united once again. To them, this was another case of separation and union. They finally let each other go and had a good look at each other.
"Wow! You're looking nice, Kali." said the friend.
"You too, Mehak." said Kali.

They both sat down and became silent again as they didn't know what to talk about. Kali, who was still a bit nervous not about the studies, but of the type of people in college, decided to ask Mehak, about how they all are.

"So, Mehak... umm... how are.. the people here?" asked Kali nervously.
"They're all very nice. From the principal to the janitor, everyone is just simply amazing! Except for the drama queens, the nerds, the captain of the football, basketball, soccer, hockey, badminton, tennis, swimming and just about every other sports team and their girlfriends. Umm... and oh yeah! The Hexs. You just better stay away from them. You so don't want to mess with them." informed Mehak.
"The Hexs? What's that? Like some sort of gang or something?" inquired Kali.

Mehak started laughing at Kali's foolish comment. She tried to stop her laughing to explain to Kali as to who the Hexs are.
"I-I'm sorry." she said in between laughs. "The Hexs are not a gang! They can never be together. They're like the north pole and south pole. They might be attracted to each other but can never be together."
"What do you mean?" asked Kali who was now sincerely getting interested in knowing what or who the Hexs are.
"Fine, I'll tell you." started off Mehak. "The Hexs are...."

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"The Hexs are...." paused Mehak for dramatic effect. "The Hexs is really just a name that we gave to these six certain people in our college. Every single year, we get thousands of applications to this college, but not for a better job or scholarship or anything."

"Then?" inquired Kali. "Why do they come?"

"Drama! These six people... OMG!! I don't even know where to begin from. These six people, every single day! Since the day they've been coming to college has been nothing but drama." exclaimed Mehak.
"Wait.. Can you start over again? Cuz' you're making no sense whatsoever right now." said Kali.
"Fine. Let me start again. The Hexs is a name..." began Mehak.
"That you gave to six people. Yeah, you said that already." finished off Kali who was received with a stern stare. "Sorry."
"Anyways," continues Mehak. "There are six people, three guys, three girls. Basically, we all think they'll end up with one or the other. We're not exactly sure as to who. So let me start with the eldest. Prithvi Saxena and Damini Gujral."
A very slick, black convertible BMW makes its way down the busy traffic as if it had no concerns with the outer world. It went at high speeds of 150 km/h. There were three females in the car, one who was the driver who was increasing the speed of the car even more than it already was, the other sitting in the passenger's seat glaring at the driver hoping it will let in some sense into her and the last female in the back seat, clutching onto the seatbelt for her dear life hoping that she gets through another very dangerous, but yet at the same time safe ride.

In the lane beside them, came up three very muscular dudes riding their own respective bikes, that matched with their attire for the day. Their faces were hidden by their safety helmets, but the three females in the car very well knew who it was. The first bike stayed with same speed as the driver, the second bike went onto the other side and drove along the passenger's side, leaving the third bike to drive behind the car.
"So, who are they? And why are they so special?" asked Kali.
"Well, ever since they both set eyes on each other... no. Before they even set their eyes on each other, they've been fighting. It's not fighting as in like cussing or beating someone up. Oh no. This is different. Way different. They fight like cats and dogs. Prey and predator. Good vs. evil. Angels vs. demons. But in this case, there are no angels. Only demons. My God. If you meet them... you'll be shocked to see the things they did. They'll switch grades of students on the computer and blame it on the other. They'll cuss off each other so much that your ears will start bleeding. On the last day of college before summer holidays, they almost broke down the whole building."
"I mean to say, they broke almost every furniture the school had. And also a few bones. If you ever see them together, my advice to you is to run." warned Mehak.
"But... doesn't the principal do anything about this? Like suspension or expulsion or something?"
"He can't. You see this college has a rule that has never been broken before. Once you're in, you can never leave till you graduate."
"Are you serious?"
"Yup. Besides, they always repay back the loss by either paying for it or doing some extra activities. Although they're enemies and seem bad, they're not. They're actually very nice to others."
"As long as they're not near each other."
"You're catching on."
A pair of deep, brown eyes fell against the rear view mirror and saw the female that was seated at the back was no longer clutching on the seatbelt, but was infact now, staring lovingly through the back window at the young man driving the bike at the back of the BMW. Her eyebrows knit together as she got mad at her actions. She stepped on the pedal and drove even faster than she already was, giving the girl a jerk. Her twisted body jerked forward but was saved by the seatbelt. The girl in the passenger's seat, knitted her eyebrows together as well, as she was getting really angry at the driver's behaviour.
"So... how exactly did they meet?" inquired Kali, who was now really getting interested in the Hexs.
"Well, that's a very interesting story. It all happened like this. It was the first day of college and...
Although she was alone, she walked with confidence as she wasn't going to let any of the older students take advantage of her being new to college. As she walked, several eyes fell upon her and stayed there. Some started talking rubbish about her like, 'She's so extra. Just look at her. Who even wears those kind of clothes? I bet she's a slut.' 'Look at her. Eeewww! She's just looking for trouble, you know. Just watch.' 'Oh! Look! One of the seniors are coming right at her. Now watch the fun. Hehehe.' And right they were. One of the seniors was coming right at her with his gang of boys and their girlfriends followed behind him. Damini stopped in her tracks just for a fraction of a second and looked at them, then proceeded on. But that fraction of a second was all that he was looking for, to embarrass her. He deliberately came infront of her where as there was plenty room for him to walk if he wasn't such a bad boy. Damini stopped, took in a deep breath and crossed her arms over her chest. She lifted her right eyebrow at him and glared at him. He walked around her checking her out from top to bottom while Damini just rolled her eyes at him.
"Well, well, well. What do we have here. If I knew we were gonna have a bomb here, I would have evacuated everyone long time ago." he said with his hands on his knees looking at her from a side.
"Is that your poor attempt of flirting? Cuz if it is, then you should really go get some tips." retorted Damini.
Everyone who was watching them laughed at the guy since he just got burned. He now stood up and came close to Damini towering over her. She looked up into his eyes with not even a speck of fear in them. She rolled her eyes at him once more and brushed past him, but was brought back to her original position as he pulled her back. He hadn't let go of Damini's arm and she stared at his hand then at his face.

"Let. Go." she commanded.
"And if I don't." He answered in a low voice, thinking that it'll scare her.
Without moving her face an inch, with her eyes, Damini looked at everyone who was now staring at them, waiting for her next move. Damini lowered her eyes and stared at the floor wondering if she should do what's on her mind right now or not. She made her decision as she heard a 'hmph' coming from her behelder. She looked into his eyes to find out what was so funny.
"You girls are all words and no talk. I don't even know why you're let out of the house. You're only good for one thing and that is s--"

He was silenced by Damini's surprisingly, very hard and strong punch. As he turned his face around, blood was seen being trickled down his nose, and his left cheek now had a purplish-blackish colored bruise. With his sleeve, he wiped off the blood, but more just replaced it.
"Why you b--" he was silenced yet again, with a slap. And this made him really furious.
He started darting after her, but Damini who had anticipated his next move, darted before him. She ran down the hallway and up the stairs followed by him. She pushed everyone in her way telling them to move out of her way. She opened the door and went down the hall and into the nearest classrom that was available. She quickly closed the door behind her and started catching her breath. The students and teacher that were inside early, just stared at her, wondering 'What the heck's with her?'.
She opens the door just a crack and peeks out. When she sees the coast is clear, she leaves from there, and goes back to the stair case. She looks behind her before descending down the stairs just to make sure he wasn't behind her. Unfortunately, there he was with his gang who spotted her going down. She started running down the stairs, but then tackled into a very muscular chest, which took the hit from her extreme speed and sent them both tumbling down as if an earthquake had just hit. As they reached ground, the gang was already on top of the stairs watching them down below along with the other spectators. Damini held her head which was throbbing with pain excrutiatingly. She opened her eyes, and felt herself being a bit higher than usual. She noticed that the floor wasn't cold as it was supposed to be. She put her hand on top of her landing, and felt something weirdly shaped. She looked down to what she was touching and saw a belt. She looked up and saw a man looking at her as if she was mentally insane. She looked back at her hand then at him and removed her hand from the belt, since it wasn't exactly touching the belt, but it was a bit lower. She looked back at the man she was on top of and saw he was staring at her as well. She stared with deep brown eyes into his deep brown eyes that were trying to say something to him. But what was it?
His eyebrows knitted together and he abruptly got up, pushing her off of him which made her hit her head against the railing. All of a sudden the pain returned and gave her a reality-check. She got up and looked at the back of the man who just pushed her off, who was now wiping himself off of dirt.
"Hey!" she turned him around. "How dare you! Tumari himat kaisi hui mujhe dakha dene ki." she confronted.
"Toh aur kya karta. Aise leta rehta. Hello, not everyone here are like you okay."
"Like me? What do you mean they're not like me?" she inquired.
"Oh please. Don't pretend like you don't know. Besides, I had some respect for women, which because of you is going away by every second. Now, please let me leave." he said trying to get past her.
"No." Damini pushed him back. "Not till you tell me what you meant."

He took his right foot off the first step and towered over Damini with her still clutching onto a good handful of his shirt. He looked at it and then at her whose movements were synchronized with Damini's.
"You mean you don't know?"
"If I knew, do you think I would ask you?" she retorted.
"Ever since you've stepped foot into this college, everyone's been saying only one thing."
"Just think about it. What are you doing right now?"
"I'm asking you a question."
"What else are you doing."
She pondered over this and looked at him questioningly.
"Okay. What was first thing you did when you fell down?"
"I opened my eyes."
He let out a sigh. "Second thing that you did."
"I held my head."
He rolled his eyes. "Third thing."
"I touched your ...." Damini stopped in mid-sentence as she finally realized what he's been trying to say. She instantly released her hold on his shirt. She opened her mouth to make an 'o' in shock. "You.. you.. how.. HOW DARE YOU!! How dare you say that about me!! I'm.. I'm a... OMG!!"
He just looked at her in shock. He had never thought that she would turn this whole thing back on him when he clearly told her everyone's been talking about it from before.
"Hey. Hello. I didn't say anything okay. It's you."
"WHAT!!! ME!! Why would I say that about myself?!!! You're sick!! All you guys are sick. You only want a girl for one thing! Well, guess what. Now that I'm here, all of your opinions on a woman is going to change."
"I'm sick?! You're sick! First you punch some dude that you don't even know and go touch another's... I'm not sick. You ARE!! You dirty little girl."
Damini who no longer could take him insulting her, slapped him. Everyone gasped and looked at him, wondering what he'll do next. He slammed his books onto the stairs and put his hands on his hips.
"I'm not gonna hurt you. I don't raise my hands on a woman." he informed her and everyone else and he turned around.
"Impotent." someone whispered.
The man, thinking it was Damini who said it, turned around and gave her a tight slap. Damini put her hand on her red cheek and felt heat rising up to it. She was shocked as was everyone else as he had just said that he wasn't going to hurt her as he doesn't raises his hand on a woman. Damini who was now boiling with anger, lowered her hand from her cheek and glared at him.

"You. Slapped me. How dare you!"
"Oh, Shut up!"
"No, you shut up! You said that you don't raise your hands on a woman, you liar!"
"Well, if I'm a liar, then why did you believe in that. Huh?" he asked raising his eyebrows.
Damini kicked him in the knee, hard with the tip of her heel, which made him bend down with pain. Damini who just thinking about what she did, was recieved with a strong punch to the stomach. Now, it was her turn to bend down in pain. She turned around and grabbed his hair and starting pulling at it. Since he was still bent, he couldn't see her properly, he reached for her head, and when he also got a handful of hair in his grasp, her started tugging on it hard. They both lost balance and fell down and start punching and kicking each other, while everyone just watched them, laughing and intrigued knowing that they'll be enemies for a very long time. They were all interrupted as the teachers came in and broke them apart. Damini was in the hands of one teacher and the man in the other, both of them looking really messed up. They both pointed their index finger at each other, glaring angrily, making a promise to themselves to get even for their humiliation.

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"O. M. G." was all Kali could say as Mehak leaned back in her seat with a smug on her face, happy to get that reaction from Kali.

They hadn't noticed it, but some of the other students were seated, or standing close by to their table so that they can hear the story as well. They all had the same expression as Kali. After a moment, Kali burst out laughing, who was joined by some other students.
"You've got to be kidding me. By one guy, who now longer comes here, this whole thing started?"
"Yup. It's weird na. Imagine if Damini hadn't met that guy, then she would never have met Prithvi, and if she had never met him, then there wouldn't be any fights, and if there weren't any fights, then there would be no point in coming to college, if there was no pointing in coming to college, then students would start dropping out, and if students start dropping off, then the college would get a bad name, and if the college got a bad name, then..." Mehak paused for a breath, while Kali was looking at her wide eyed.
"Calm down." said Kali. "And forget about that, tell me more about The Hexs. You already told me about Prithvi and Damini. What about Sameer and Avni? How did their story start." inquired Kali.
With a smile, Mehak began narrating the story of how Sameer and Avni got to meet.

Avni who had came early to college on her first day, unlike her older sister Damini, and very unlike her younger sister Roshni, was walking in the fields, outside of college, trying to get comfortable with the atmosphere as she's going to spend the next four years of her life here. She goes near some bushes that were freshly bloomed from their pale green buds, into beautiful petals in all shades of colors. Avni bent down and took in the fragrance of one of her favorite flowers, white roses, and smiles, as she's familiar with the fragrance.
"Atleast there's something, I can relate to." she thinks.
She continues on walking across the fields, but is interrupted as she hears roars of engines coming from the parking lot. She looks towards it, and is irritated by what she sees. There's a group of boys with their bikes, some of them showing off their newest buy, some just circling around, and while some just sit on them talking to their girlfriends while they just leave their bikes on, polluting the air that is doing so much damage to the world. Avni, who is very protective about everything, couldn't tolerate to see a bunch of careless, youngsters kill their beautiful planet minute by minute. She takes a step toward them to go and teach them a lesson, but then brings it back as she's new to the college, and there's no one else to support her against them. Who knows what they could do to her and get away with it. She turns to leave but bends down to adjust her payal on her right foot as it had come off.
As she's fixing her payal, a very handsome, young man rides into college, wearing a red jacket, and jeans, with a pair of black shades on. He parks in his bike, before another guy could, making him furious. As he takes out his key from the ignition, he hears a couple of whistles coming at his way, some for his glossy, sexy black bike, and some for the hot hunk himself. He smiles knowing this happens on his first impression on everybody. He looks back to his left and sees the guy who was furious just a minute ago, staring at his bike, forgetting about his parking spot. The other guys turn off their bike as well, and go up to him.
"Hey." a guy punches him lightly on the shoulder. "Nice bike."
"Thanks." he replies.
"Vijay." the guy extends his hand out.
"Sameer." he puts his hand in his and shakes it.
"These are my boys. Our last year here." Vijay says, tilting his head back to motion towards the group of boys that had accumulated behind him all at once.
"I'm all alone and it's my first year." Sameer says.
"Na. You're not alone. You got us. Anything you need we'll get it. If anyone harasses ya, come to us. K."
"Plus, we'll teach everything you need to know how to run this place. I can tell, after us, it's gonna be you to own it."
"Really." Sameer takes off his shades. "Well, let's hear it."
Avni got up, from fixing her payal. She stopped for a while to hear the loud roars from the bikes as she did a few moments ago, but there was nothing. She turns around and sees the guys talking to another guy, who is just about her age. Avni was unable to see his face since he was facing the other way, but smiled as she's glad that because of his mere appearance, they all stopped hurting their home. She leaves from there to look around some more.
"Nice. You make it seem so simple. But is it?" asks Sameer.
"For us, it is. Let's see if it is for you."
"A test. We'll take a short but simple test from you. If you pass, you join. You fail, you leave."
They seal the deal off with a handshake.
"So what do I have to do?" Sameer asks with his hand still in Vijay's.
"It's really simple. Win a girl."
"That's it. Win a girl. That Sameer does everyday, without even trying. Try something else."
Vijay laughs.
"I bet you do. But this isn't some ordinary girl."
Sameer looks at him curious. He brings his hand out of Vijay's and puts it into his jean pocket.
"You see that girl walking down, along the bushes." Vijay points out to Sameer.

He turns around to see where he was pointing at, and sees a girl in a blue salwar suit, walking along the rose bush. She looked like an angel with the sun's rays acting as a halo around her figure. He squinted his eyes trying to see her face, but was unable to because of the brightness from the sun.
"Beautiful." was all that he could describe her as.
"What makes her special?" he asks still looking at Avni.
"Never lets a guy near her."
"How do you know?"
"One of my boys tried flirting with her and he was answered by a tight slap."
Sameer's lips curved into a smile, amused.
"Nothing new."
"Wanna give it a shot."
"I'll win her, in no time."
"If you don't."
"Trust me. I will."
He puts on his shades and starts walking towards Avni. He gets near the rose bush and without looking, plucks out a white rose and stands behind her. Avni who was totally oblivious to him standing behind her, stops as she thinks as to what to do next. She rubs her arms and takes in a deep breath. She rousles her hair from the back, and turns around while shaking her head. Before she could take a step, she halts, as she's surprised by the bouquet of her favorite white roses, being held infront of her by a boy's face which is being hidden by them, as he's holding them towards her with his arms extended and his head bowed down. Avni tilts her head slightly to her left and looks at him mesmerized. She smiles as she extends her hand to take the bouquet. Sameer lifts his head to look at Avni as he feels the roses slipping softly out of his hands. He stares at her smiling, as she looks down at the flowers, blushing.
"Beautiful. " he whispers.
Avni looks up at him and they both look into each other's eyes then avert them while blushing. Their smiles remain on their faces for a little while until they hear Vijay and his gang, coming towards them hooting and whistling. Avni looks at them confused, with a faint smile on her face, while Sameer looks at them upset as he doesn't want her to know that this was all for just a stupid test so that he can join some stupid gang, so that he doesn't have to be stupid loser. Vijay claps his hands as he nears them.
"Wow. I have to admit Sameer. You truly are a master. You only said one word, and you had her blushing. I mean, you truly are THE master at this. You gotta teach me, dude." says Vijay.
Avni looks at Vijay to the boy infront of her, whose name is Sameer. Vijay sees her confused and takes the pleasure to inform her as to what's going on.
"Sorry. You see this was all just a test.. to see if.. Sameer," Vijay puts his arm around Sameer, "is truly worthy of not only joining our group, but also running this college next year."
"And?" asks Avni.
"He is! He had you in just one second!" Vijay laughs.
Avni looks at Sameer who was looking down not able to meet her eyes. Avni sets her jaw into a tight line and looks at the flowers. She starts toying around with them as she thinks. She then sighs and smiles.
"You're right. He is worthy of joining your group. Kyunki, sirf ek batameez hi, ek stupid se group ko join karne mein iss had tak ghir sakta hai. You really chose the right person. But you're wrong about the reason. He didn't win me over and he never will." Avni turns around to leave, but turns back around to say something else. "Oh yeah, and one more thing. As for running this college next year. Best of luck." She pushes the roses back into Sameer's hand and leaves, leaving him astonished.
"Whoa. What attitude." says Vijay.
Sameer forgets about ever feeling bad about hurting her.
"She won't get away with that. Watch. I'll hurt her so bad... so much that she will regret the day that she saw me." Sameer looks at her walking off, with determined eyes full of false revenge.
Secretly, he's happy that she didn't break all ties with him. She'll still be near and around him. Even better, she'll have to be competing with him in everything, in everyday of her life. With the roses still in his hand, he walks in the opposite direction of Avni followed by Vijay's gang. Sameer and Avni both turn around and look at each other, then look back to where they're going and go on their own separate paths.

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hi am sheetal, can u plz add me to your pm list plz

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