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Pavitra Rishta
Pavitra Rishta

Written Update 24th Februaury

aftvjunkie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 February 2010 at 10:03am | IP Logged
1 day to go guys !!!

Once again ... a sweet but fustrating epi !!!

Short update

  • vaishu tells archu that she got what she wanted but if she wants manav then she will have to get him back
  • aai is counting churails jewellery and cant wait till she can rolll in the money when churail transfers the 7 lakhs to aais name
  • karanjkars are busy preparing when manav arrives ... he helps out and then aai tells him to rest ... aai tells baba to get manav a gift since they want him to sit in the function tonight
  • vandu tells churail that she will go to the doctors with her but churail tells vandu that she will go tomorrow with manav
  • churail confesses to vandu that she s falling in love with manav
  • vershu tells manav that he will always be an elder brother to her ...
  • archu asks if she can wear sindoor tonight
  • manav puts on an angry face and says yes and he wont say anything ... aai is looking from the window

Long Update
(food stall) vaishu comes upto archu and asks whats wrong ... archu is crying and looking at manav and Churail hand in hand and both are smiling ... vaishu asks archu why she is crying ....instead she should be happy because she wanted manav and churail to be together ...vaishu tells her to forget it .. archu says she has tried so hard but she cant foget manav ...vaishu says if she cant forget him then she should get him back which is not impossible for her ... vaishu tells her to go from here ... all three sisters leave ...
(manavs house) aai is sat on the bed admiring all of the jewellry ... vandu walks in and asks what she is doing ... aai says you silly girl ... you made me lose count ... vandu asks why she is counting everything ... aai says she wants to know what there is and how much there is ... aai tells vandu to sit down ... vandu says she doesnt like it that they are counting the jewellery when the churail is absent ... aai tells vandu  that churail is her bahu and i am her saas and a saas is like a mother so we have a mother-daughter relationship ... aai tells vandu to put the boxes in the orde that she tells her to ... vandu is putting the boxes in order when she sees bappa golden murthi that archu gifted churail ... vandu says atleast dont put a price on bappa ... aai says dont teach me ... there is nothing infront of bappa... when i saw that archu giving it to churail then i was angry but then i saw bappa so i wasnt angry but if she would have given her something else then i would have gotten really mad ... aai tells vandu to put it at the top of the pile ... vandu asks aai what ahappened to  the 7 lakh cheque ... aai told her that churail put it in her bank ...when she gets the money then she will tranfer it to me .... then we will be rolling in money
(vershus house) aai baba are checking everything properly and punni walks in the room and asks aai baba if this dress will loook nice on her ... aai baba are very happy ... manju gets a phone call ..its RA .. she tells her that her and ajit are coming ot the engagement ... manju is asking her why is she brining ajit when they prevented him from coming ,,, RA says she is coming for the boys side ...manju is happy and tells RA to come early .... everyone is perparing and aai and vaishu bump into eachtother ... aai tells her to calm down ... vaishu says i am the only one working in this house so thats why i am rushing ... aai laughs and gives her a tiny slap on the arm as vaishu walks to the door ... vaishu sees manav and says jiju ... everyone turns to see manav at the door and archu runs out of the kitchen  saying manav ... vershu/vaishu greet manav and call him inside ... manav seeks blessings from aaibaba ... manav says he thought he should be here since it is vershus engagement ... babasays he did the right thing ,,, baba seats manav down and aai says archus name ... archu says i will bring chai/food for manav... viahsu says to manav that she will be back in a minute .. vershu says the same ....baba says sorry because everyone is doing their own work ... baba gets a call and take it in the other room ... archu comes in the room to givr manav food and they are both smilling ... manjus evil eye is over them ... baba comes in and tells him to eat the food ... manav says yes ... archu is about to say something but vaishu calls her to help her make something ... aai calls baba to help her .... manav sees vinod and helps him out ... vinod tells him to leave it.. manav says he will help so that the work will finish faster ... everyone is happy to see this and baba calls aai in the room ...
(bedroom) baba says he never thought manav would come here but never the less... he is the eldest son in law and we give him the highest respect so i think we should sit him down in the function ..aai says yes but htere is a problem .. there is nothing good to give manav ... why dont you go and get manav a nice shirt/pant ... we will gift it to him ... baba says  he will be right back ...
(living room ) archu gives vinod and manav tea .. archu goes in the kitchen and punni runs to manav kakka ... manav puts her on his lap ...punni says today is vershus engagement and manju bopught me a nice dress with jewellery too .. manav says wow, then she will look very beautiful tonight .. and you have come to the engagement too ... manav says we will both have a lot of tonight ... aai walks in and tells manav he must be tired since he cam back from the garage so he can go and rest ... manav says its ok .. aai says to rest so that he will be fresh tonight ....manav walks into a bedroom
(manavs house) kakka is asking where manav is ... aai tells him that manav told her that he has goe to the garage because there is a lot of work to be done ... and that he will be late tonight ... kakka says but churail has a doctors appointment tonight ... baba says vandu will take her because she has a holiday today ... she can revise later ... aai gives some milk to vandu to give to churail ... vandu goes into churails room and tells her that she will go with her to the doctors ... churail says dont disturb your work because manav will take me ... vandu says manav has ogne to the garage and he will be late coming back ... churail remembers where manav has gone ... churail says manav wont be coming home because he has gone to vershus engagement ... vandu is suprised and asked how she knows ...churail says manav told me yday ... she said she shouldnt have told anyone but she trusts vandu ... churail says manav asked me for permission to go to archus house ... and if i say no then he wont go .... i didnt want him to go but i couldnt say no to him ... i cant stop him from seeing archu  and i cant stop him from getting close to archu ... i hurts me to see him with archu .... i dont know what is happening to me ... i think i have fallen in love with manav ... vandu is shocked ...churail tells vandu to cancel the appointment because she will go manav tomorrow ...
(vershus house) manav is in vershus bedroom and vershu is clearing the bed so manav can rest ... manav helps her to clear the bed and he straigthens up the bed ... vershu says thanks for forgetting everything and coming to my engagement ... to be honest this is the greatest gift for me ... i dont know what Armans future is but for me, you will always be my elder brother ...vershu leaves and manavs wipes his tears .... maan sits on the bed and archu comes in and asks him if he has told sav aai he was coming ... manav says he didnt tell her ...archu asks if anyone knows ... manav says i told shrauvni yday .. we went out last night .. archu says she knows , she saw them last night... manav is suprised and archu tells him she went to buy a sari .... churail was looking happy ... archu says ot manav that today alot of guests will come and there are some people who dont know abou the divorce ao today could i put sindoor in my maang today ... i dont want anything to go wrong tonight if i have your permission then can i .... manav puts on an angry face and tells her that the pooja was a farce so today she can put on a show and he wont say anything ... archu is hurt and is crying ... aai is looking on from outside the bedroom


Precap ... archu and vaishu are getting vershu ready and vershu says we have loads of fun on weddings and egagements . ... archu looks hesitant but vershu says to vaishu how much fun they had on archus wedding ... she stops talking because she sees manav at the window...

Once again ....a sweet but fustrating epi .... the whole epi is great and we have an Arman scene to but once that churail uttered thoses words then i was really angry AngryAngryAngry... and then manav at the end ? please manav are nearly there ...just tell archu that you love her !!! for this epi i would rate it 8/10 because i loved the epi ... apart from two scenes ... the churail confessing her love and the end scene ...

what would you rate the epi???

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Akashii Goldie

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Posted: 24 February 2010 at 10:09am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update
mitts IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 February 2010 at 10:09am | IP Logged
Thank for wonderful update aarty

OK i m not going to say nething about shravani here as I have spammed almost all topic on this matterAngry

but epi was good.. I like who karanjkar n Manav bonding thing.. It was cute... epi was nice but then manav spoilt it at the end...

I would rate 6/10....
sensodyne IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 February 2010 at 10:11am | IP Logged
Thanks for update Aarti!
I neither liked this epi nor hated but what i liked was Manav care towards Archu family and even they respect towards hope all were nice to Manav even before...
I liked even Arman scenes today expect for last part when Manav told that it is all natak Angry
Even Varsha and Manav scene was really cute hope this relationship is not spoiled.
I don't wanna talk about Churail AngryAngry she is just disgusting Angry
hope i kill her before she confess her love towards Manav and blackmail him Angry

I would 7/10 for Arman scenes and for Manav and Varsha scene

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layna Goldie

Joined: 25 August 2009
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Posted: 24 February 2010 at 10:18am | IP Logged
like you said it was a sweet and frustrating epi.Churail remained true to her form and Manav, what to say about him, i don't have words, he is tiring me more and more..
thank you for the wonderful updateSmile

Edited by layna - 24 February 2010 at 10:18am

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Piyatrix IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 February 2010 at 10:19am | IP Logged

Aarti....once again fab' job Thumbs Up

Churail finally love wid Manav....not even 2 months hve passed since Sachin died she's already madly in love nd that too with her BF's pathetic knowing fully well the guy is still in love wid his wife.....arre baba atleast wait fr the D naa. Hate her like anything Angry Angry

Varsha's scene wid Manav ws gd....the ending ws sad ....okey-dokey ep.
stunninstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 February 2010 at 10:36am | IP Logged

i loved the last scenes today.. so will go for a 9/10 ...but hated shravni's love fr manav... aaaaaargg.. i just want her outta the show..some how.. and didnt like aai's jewellery scene too..i dnt find those scenes funny a -3 ..that goes a6/10 from me..

thanks fr the wonderful update dear..

minikidy Groupbie

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Posted: 24 February 2010 at 10:38am | IP Logged
Thanks for update:-) lets c tomorrow guys.. Hope it wud b better on tomo.. Today its 6/10

Edited by minikidy - 24 February 2010 at 10:43am

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