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I am always Yours!- AR ff- NOTE-pg 25 (04/21)

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Posted: 22 February 2010 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
Hey guys,
Your love and support had encouraged me to start another ff. Since I have written the first part, I am gonna just jump into the story with no promo/character sketch etc. This story is a bit different from my other ffs. The other day, I was just thinking about what would I do if I ever met my ex again and this story just appeared in my headLOLLOLLOL. That is to say, the story really has no relation to my life except for the fact that its a meeting between ex bf/ gf. I hope you'll enjoy this as much as you have my other stories.  So here goes.
part 1-pg1
part 2-pg 7
part 3- pg 14
Part 1
It couldn't be her!
Armaan told his breath to calm down while he stared in disbelief at the figure standing some 100 feet away from him. She was staring off into the ocean while the waves tickled her legs. The darkness of the night must be playing tricks on him. But he knew that height, those curves and those luxrious waves of long tresses could belong to only one person. A person who had haunted his dreams for the past 2 years. He glanced around at the people, his friends, who were sitting around the bonfire, all ready for a night full of fun and masti at the beach. There were no one else except his friends at the beach. The hotel they were staying at had just opened and didn't have any guests except for their group. At least that's what he'd been led to believe. If that was the case, then what was SHE doing here?
"Hey, who's that?" he asked the gang trying to unravel the mystery. 
The gang consisted of him, Atul, Rahul, Anjali and Muskaan and Simran. They had all gotten to know each other about a year ago at a French language training workshop. They were a mix of odd personalities, but complemented each other very well. Nikita, who was Muskaan's cousin from Canada, in India for a month's vacation, had tagged along for the trip to Goa. He had only just been introduced to her as he had just arrived with Simran. At his question, everyone looked at the direction that he was pointing at. The surprise that he'd experienced wasn't showing on their faces, which meant that they knew her. Armaan's heart skipped a beat waiting for answer. Could it be HER?
Nikita answered. "Oh, that's my friend from Canada, Riddhima. We're both in India for vacation. I guess you didn't meet her since you just came."
Armaan could feel his heart drop to his stomach. IT WAS HER! God, how long! how long had he been wanting to see her again! Ever since she'd left him, all he'd wanted to do was run after her and ask her why she'd left him like that. Ask her how could she tell him that she didn't love him. But she'd never given him the chance. Riddhima had simply disappeared from his life, never to be heard of again. That is, until now. All the old feelings, feelings that he had closested deep in his heart swam to the surface again. The disbelief, the anger, the hurt and the pain, but most of all, the LOVE were engulfing him and
choking him.
"Then what is she doing there instead of here?" Simran asked, feeling slight pangs of dislike for the woman. She had not liked the way that Armaan had stared at the faraway figure in white. She moved closer to him and put her hand on his arm. Armaan and Simran weren't a couple, but she knew it was only for sometime before it happened. He knew she liked him and he hadn't discouraged her from getting closer to him in a more than friendly way.
"Oh, she just wanted to play in the water. Riddhima is like that. She likes nature more than people." Nikki babbled on enthusiastically.
Armaan could feel a moment of nostalgia. Yes, Riddhima was like that. She noticed clouds in the sky or the flowers in the garden more than the people around her. It had been a quality Armaan, being the hardcore businessman, had admired. He forced himself back to the present. He could see that his interest in her had aroused the curiosity in his friends. And he didn't want for them to suspect anything. They all knew that he had been hurt in the past. But they had no idea about who the girl was or what had really happened. Armaan changed the subject and everything returned to normal. They sat around the fire and talked and laughed about their lives, the politics, the weather and just about everything under the sun. They were always like that. That's why Armaan liked this particular group of friends. They were mature enough but also knew how to have fun. They could laugh at themselves and make jokes and nobody would take offense. And he knew that Simran was interested in him as more than a friend. She was a nice enough girl and he had no particular dislike of her. Which was why he hadn't brushed her attempts off at getting closer to him as he had done with countless other girls after Riddhima had left him. Maybe he had given up on finding Riddhima again. But look at the hand of destiny. Just when he was thinking about moving on, destiny brings her into his life again. Armaan waited until the group was suitably distracted before he made his move. Riddhima still hadn't returned from her tryst with the waves and Armaan itched to run to her. But at the same time, he didn't want her disappearing again. He needed to make his way slowly.
The gang had started anatakshari and Armaan excused himself under the pretext of going to the washroom. He went towards the hotel and took a detour to where Riddhima stood. With every step he took, his heartbeat increased uncontrollably. He could feel his breathing becoming eratic and he prayed for strength to be strong when he faced her. Riddhima stood, her hands out as if bathing in the moonlight, her face serene with a slight smile playing on her lips.
"Riddhima," he whispered slowly standing on her side, almost afraid to break the trance that she was in. Armaan could see the smile freeze on her face at the sound of his voice.
ARMAAN??? It couldn't be!!! Riddhima felt her breathing stop. She couldn't believe that he could be HERE, of all the places. But she couldn't mistake the deep timber of that husky voice. God please, make this a dream! she prayed while she willed herself to face him again. Riddhima, be strong. You can do it, her mind told her. But her heart told another story. All it wanted to do was run and hide from his deep green eyes, which she knew will gaze at her intensely, melting all her resistance. It had always been like that. He would look at her and she would melt, which was why she'd never told him goodbye. She had simply disappeared from his life, leaving only a letter.
"Riddhima," he whispered again, patiently waiting for her to turn to him. She was even more beautiful than he could remember. The past two years had been good to her, moonlight emphasizing her feminine curves and giving a sparkle to her eyes. This was a moment that he had waited for since the moment she had left him. If he could, he would freeze time and capture the moment in his heart. Armaan could see her slowly closing her eyes and opening them again. Good! that meant she was affected by this as much as he was. She slowly turned to face him and Armaan's breathing intensified again.
"Armaan," she uttered expressionlessly. Her eyes belying the devoid of emotion in her voice. Oh yes. She was affected at this chance meeting as much as he was. But the lack of emotion in her voice angered him. How dare she say his name as if he had never meant anything to her!
"How are you? Where have you been?" Armaan asked nonchalantly as if he wasn't really angry at her. As if he was talking to a stranger when all he wanted to do was put her over his shoulder and carry her away with him forever. Or shake her and kiss her senseless until she begged for mercy.
Riddhima knew the wealth of emotion hiding in his words. She had always been able to guess exactly what he was thinking. And she had been the person that he had shared all his thoughts and dreams with. Riddhima had been his lover as well as his best friend. She knew that he was hanging on to his control only by a thread. But she also knew that if she gave in now, all that she had worked for in the past two years would be in vain. She had left him for his own good. For his future. And if she give into those breathtaking eyes now, she'd only ruin his life. Riddhima decided at that moment to act indifferent to him. He would grab the opportunity if she appeared weak even for a moment.
"Oh, just here and there you know," she answered acting for all purposes and intents as if he'd asked how the weather was. Armaan started angrily at her
response. He directed his gaze at her. Armaan's eyes poured into her soul, locking her in an embrace that she couldn't struggle out of.
"Hey Armaan, there you are. I thought you went to the washroom." a chirpy female voice shook them out of their reverie. Riddhima broke away from his eyes to take in a girl of about her age angling close to Armaan. She put her hand on his arm as if SHE had a claim on him and Riddhima had a violent desire to scratch the girl's eyes out.
"Oh, hi Simran. Yea I did go to the washroom but I saw Riddhima when I was coming back. Just wanted to say hi and welcome to the group." Armaan said looking at Simran with a smile. Riddhima looked up at Armaan in surprise. Which group was he talking about? And why did he act like as if she was a stranger?
"Oh that's nice of you. I was just thinking that too since we were all sitting there and Riddhima was out here alone." Simran said with a nod at the gang
sitting faraway around the fire.
It couldn't be. Please God, please tell me that Armaan and Simran weren't part of the group that she would be spending the week with!!!!Riddhima prayed. It simply wasn't possible. How could God be so cruel with her? She had just known it was a mistake to come to India with Nikita. But when Nikita had invited her, she simply couldn't have said no. Nikita was getting married to Abhimanyu Modi in a month or so. An arranged marriage. She had wanted a last chance at freedom and Riddhima hadn't the heart to refuse her. Nikita had been her salvation during her dark times and Riddhima considered Nikki her best friend. But never again would she let Nikki's puppy dog eyes lead her astray.
"Hi Riddhima. We saw you before and I wanted to wait until you came back to the bonfire to say hi. But I guess you really couldn't tear youself away from the salt water," Simran said jokingly but Riddhima could feel undercurrents of sarcasm behind her words as if belittling her for playing with the waves. So, Simran didn't like her. But what had she done to her? Riddhima didn't even know Simran had existed before this moment. But she didn't want to make a huge deal out of it. Therefore, she decided to act nonchalant.
"Hi Simran. It's very nice to meet you. But I guess we should go back now. Nikki must be waiting for me," Riddhima made her escape before either of them had a chance to complain. Riddhima really did not want to be in their company, especially when Simran was all over Armaan. Why wasn't he even taking her hand off him!!!!!!??? she thought angrily as she stalked away from there.
Armaan stared after Riddhima as she walked away. He didn't try to pursue her. He had a week to find out exactly what had happened two years ago and plan his strategy to get her back. Because he knew. There was no chance in hell that he'd lose her again!
I hope you liked it guys.Embarrassed I can just see that I am going to have so much fun writing this ff.  And I will update forbidden love ASAP too.

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Lovely part 1, it just keeps the reader wanting more....
you have described the emotions so well
do continue soon

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hira   il ove this concept nd specially wanna know the exact reason .Why she left a guy like him ??No one would wanna separate from him unless ample reason behind it.

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thanks for pm.

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woah Dear its really rocking one superb yaar so excited plz continue it soon & thanks for the pm

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"Sending you a JUMBO-SIZED
Congratulations on ur New FF!
Best of Luck" vspace5

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I'm so proud of you, much more then I can acclaim
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heyya hiranya!!!!!
okay the story is actually quite a simple and common concept but you've written it down so beautifully that one can't help but get hooked!
i feel like i am slowly getting addicted to your writing!!!!!
i loved the way armaan and ridsi interacted there is just so much tension and passion simmering between the two of them!!!!!
i am sure your gonna have fun writing this and i'm gonna have a blast reading your work!!!

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superb superb!! gosh was that the bestest thing i've read today or what! look forward to the next part!~

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hey dear great part
nice concept
continue soon

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