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05/23- Garv,Angad,Karan,kkavya talk! (Page 2)

~aashka~rocks~ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 5:40pm | IP Logged
omg!! its really great!
when r u gonna cont ur other garv and kumud one sammu(ritika here)

RonitPallaviNR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 5:47pm | IP Logged
Nandini and Rishabh reach the airport. Nandini is still mad at Rishabh, Prerna and Anjali are there waiting for Nandini and Rishabh. Garv's flight has landed but it will take him a while to get out through all the customs and all that stuff.

Prerna: You guys took so long to come here.
Rishi: Traffic, jaan.
Anjali: Papa, whats wrong with di, why is she soo upset, I mean she is always like this but today it's a lil too much.
Nandini: shut up ok? I am in no mood to talk to anybody besides my brother, Garv.
Prerna: Kya hua beta?
(she tries to cheer her up)
Rishi: She is upset because of our business partnership with Kapoors.
Nandini: dad I am not upset coz of that.
Rishi: then what is it?
Nandini: I just didn't appreciate your lack of consideration to even tell me about this partnership. I had to hear it from those clients. I mean Karan and I work hard for our respective industries and none of u, told us.
Rishi: I am sorry beta, this was going to be a surprise.
Nandini: Surprise, what a lame surprise Papa. Anyways, forget it.
Rishi: Did u forgive me?
Nandini: Yea, Papa. Its okay, I guess it's a good decision after all you and Abhay uncle made it.

Rishi and Nandini hug. Anjali and Prerna watch em, smiling.

Nandini loves her brother and her sister a lot. They mean the world to her, but just doesn't show Anjali. Garv comes out and Prerna's eyes fill with tears. Anjali goes running to Garv, Nandini follows. Rishi and Prerna are so happy that they are tear eyed.

Anjali hugs her brother and nandini does too. Garv hugs them both and is very happy to see them, after a gap of seven years.
Garv goes and hugs his parents and takes their blessings.

Prerna: Garv beta, u look so handsome and tall.
Rishi: After all he is my son.
Prerna: yea, ok whatever.
Rishi: How have u been my son?
Garv: Gr8 papa. I missed you all so much.
Prerna: you look so thin.
Garv: Are u kidding me ma, I have maintained my physique, besides I didn't have your delicious handmade food. I was yearning for it mom.
Prerna: I know son, I have been yearning to feed you. They hug.
Anjali: Di, I think Bhaiya has forgotten about you and me. All the attention is going to ma and dad.
Garv: Anju, I am sorry jaan. How have u been? U look gorgeous. Didi u look beautiful too, I missed my jaans so much. Now that I have come back, didi u and I can do the business together, pa u can just relax.
Nandini: right brother (they hug)
Anjali: what about me? I am doing business too
Nandini: I know, anju but now u will have to go to London for ur MBA too na?
Garv: yea, Anju its gr8 stuff, its hard but u will get used to it.
Anju: stop talking about studies. I am sick of it. I just had my exams.
Garv: how were they? Sure did gr8.
Anju: yea, they went just fine.

Prerna: Come on lets go home and talk. We have a party held tonight.
Garv: Party? Why mom? I just wanted to spend time with yall
Prerna: Its only for us and the Kapoors and Oberois
Garv: Well they are like family so its sounds like fun. Can't wait to see Abhay uncle and Kkusum aunty.

They go home.

Next scene is at the party.


RonitPallaviNR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 5:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ~aashka~rocks~

omg!! its really great!
when r u gonna cont ur other garv and kumud one sammu(ritika here)

i don't think i will continue. i don't know ritika, i am really confused whether is hould or not. lol. how are u?
NandaniAddict Goldie

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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 5:54pm | IP Logged
Thank Yaar
RonitPallaviNR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 6:25pm | IP Logged
Part 5.

Abhay, Kkusum, Karan, Kumud, Kali and kshitij along with Aryaman and Saakshi come to the Bajaj house.

Rishabh and Prerna are in the living room while Nandini and anjali are in the garden with their brother. Its like 7 pm.

Abhay: Hey Rishi, where is my son Garv?
Rishi: He is outside with his sisters. Getting pampered by them.

They laugh.

Prerna goes and calls Garv, Nandini and Anjali inside.

Garv is excited he is so happy to his Abhay papa and Kkusum mom. Who are like his own parents.

Garv goes and hugs Kkusum and Abhay and takes their blessings.
Kk: Bahut bada hogaya hain mera beta.
G: kkusum mom, kaisi ho aap? Abhay papa, aap?
Ab: hum dono thik hain beta. How have u been?
G: Gr8 papa thanks. I have got something for all of u.

Karan and Garv hug like brothers. Kshitij and Garv also happen to be good friends and hug. Lotsa hugging going on. Lol. Kumud and Kali are standing there like they don't know anybody there.

Anjali and Nandini see them and go say hi them.

Anju: Hi kumud, kya yaar tum bhi naa, yahan kyun khaddi ho. Come on, we will go to my room. Tum nandini di se milee?
Nandini: hi Kumud, nice to meet u. yeh tumhari friend hain?
Kumud: Hi nandini di..
Nandini: its okay u can call me nandini, after all u like my sister naa.
They laugh, anjali is kinda confused, she feels like nandini has changed since she is all talkative and stuff.
Kumud: haan di, this is my best friend kali oberoi.
Nandini: Oh really? This is Kali? I mean saakshi aunty's daughter. Wow kshitij's sister haan, omg how come I didn't know this.
Anjali: well duh, u freak didn't have time besides ur business naa
Nandini: Neways, Kali, nice to meet u. both ur brothers are my colleagues and now partners. I will have to see them everyday now. Ufff.

They all laugh. Kumud, anjali, nandini and kali go to Anjali's room. She has sohan's pictures on her night stand. Kumud sees them and is smiling.
Anjali is like what is she smiling at?

Anjali: whats so funny kumud? Did I miss something?
Kumud: Anjali bhaabbbbbhi.
Anjali gets the joke and is blushing.
Nandini and Kali get it too. They are having a girl talk but now is the time for the guys.

Karan, kshitij and Garv are sitting outside while kkusum, abhay n rishabh prerna are in the living room discussing the wedding of karan and nandini. Saakshi and aryaman are also present

Karan: So garv, how was life back in US.
Garv: karan its all been great, I mean America is totally different world, everything at its best.
Kshitij: So any girlfriends?
Garv: no yaar, I have been so busy in this MBA thing that never got a chance, but yea, now that I have come back, mom will definitely find me someone if I don't. But kshitij its about time u should tie the knot naa? Come on yaar, tell me whose the girl.
Karan goes to get himself a drink while kshitij and garv are talking.
Garv: come on yaar, tell me.
Kshitij: don't tell this to anyone but its kumud.
Garv: oh really. Wow! Kumud, I haven't see her for like 7 years now.
Kshitij: she is beautiful. She is the perfect girl I was looking for yaar.
Garv: Well, then whats the problem go ahead and tell Karan afterall he is ur best friend yaar.
Kshitij: No Garv. I want to first talk to kumud about this. I am sure Karan won't have a problem.
Garv: true. Well then I will be here to help you out, don't worry, Kumud will definitely like u yaar.
Karan comes back.
Karan: so what was the talk that was going on.
Garv: nothing at all, we were just discussing some trivial stuff. So Karan hows business going?
Karan: did nobody break the news to u?
Garv: what news – good or bad?
Karan: ummm from my perspective its good, don't know about u
Garv: whats the news yaar?
Karan: Papa and rishi uncle have collaborated the business. I mean Bajaj and Kapoor industries are now one company.
Garv: that's amazing. Good decision guys!
Karan: well yea.

Rishi and Abhay call the boys inside. And the prerna calls the girls down.

Next scene the wedding announcement.
Princess M Senior Member
Princess M
Princess M

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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 6:50pm | IP Logged
Nice fan Fic.... BUT I hope KUMUD anD GARV are for each other... kshitij should fine someone... I know u r kumud and garv's fan as well. but plz let them be together... if not in ekta's world atlease let it be in your's... can't wiat till next part...
RonitPallaviNR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 7:38pm | IP Logged
Part 6.

Everybody is downstairs. Kumud thinks that Garv looks so handsome and is like totally fida over him.
Garv: Hey everybody, like I said I got something for all of u, so I will just show yall what I got.
Everbody is pleased with the fact that Garv thought about them before he came here.

Garv gives each of them a special gift for instance Rishabh and Abhay the latest palm tops. Karan Nandini and kshitij get the latest laptops. Anjali the best digital camera and kumud gets the same too. However he forgets about kali. He is upset and so he offers her his own latest ipod with the video player in it. For kkusum and Prerna he says that he couldn't find anything which was something of their use. So he says

Garv: moms I am sorry I couldn't get yall anything, but for u both I am going to get a daughter in law.

Kumud blushes and so does Kali. Kali gets this attraction towards garv for his caring and nice personality. Kumud wanted to exchange the ipod with the camera. Lol. But didn't say anything. Both girls get a soft corner for garv.

Abhay: Beta we are touched. Thanks.
G: come on papa. U have always gotten me everything that I wanted this is nothing.

Kumud just adores Garv for the love and respect he has for her parents.

Rishabh: Listen kids, I mean no matter how old you all get for us u are gonna remain kids.
Abhay: Yes definitely. And as parents we have made the decision of getting our kids married.
R: That's right. My daughter Nandini is going to get married to Karan Kapoor.

Nandini and Karan are like what the hell!

All are excited besides Karan and Nandini.

K: Papa, uncle yet another decision made without our consent, I mean business decisions are fine, but this is the question of our lives, I don't even know whether Nandini is happy with this decision.
N: that's right, by the way its our lives papa. Its true that we get along at work and stuff but that doesn't mean we can spend the rest of lives together. I don't know about this uncle. Dad I need some time to think. I need to know Karan better.

As you all can see, Karan and Nandini are very bold, they don't care about what people think and stuff they just speak their mind. Now this is what we call compatibility. LOl.

Karan: she is right, we need to get to know each other better.

Abhay: beta, who is saying that the marriage is gonna take place tomorrow, u guys have a month or so to think about it.
Rishi: Right! We can't force u both into marriage.
Prerna: Our duty was to arrange and find someone who u may be able spend the rest of your lives with.
Kkusum: And now its up to u to fall in love. Love can't be arranged.
Nandini and Karan look at each other and
Nandini: Karan what do u say?
Karan: I think we need some time. I don't have any problem with this at all. I like Nandini.
Nandini blushes.

Abhay: Well then the engagement is going to be in 3 weeks when Sohan returns. Anjali is so happy coz her Sohan is gonna return, and Kumud teases her.

Garv goes to Kshitij and is like

Garv: They are set, now lets do something about you and Kumud.
Kshitij: he blushes.
Garv and Kshitij go to Karan and Nandini

Karan and Nandini are talking to each other while Garv interrupts them.

Garv: sorry guys, but I wanted to congratulate u both.
Karan and Nandini blush.
Garv: By the way, I think u make a very good couple.
Nandini feels shy and leaves.
Garv: Karan, I always thought of you as my big brother, and let me tell you, I am very protective about my sister. I love her to death, and trust me if she gets hurt I get hurt even more. I think you are the perfect man for her. I know u very well. I am sure u will keep my di very happy. Hain naa?
Karan is tear eyed. He doesn't have any words to say. He just hugs garv like his younger brother.

Kumud sees this and gets even more attracted to Garv.

Garv: Karan don't worry I won't call u jiju until the wedding day.
Karan: I won't call u saale ji unless I am supposed to. Coz saale sounds something different naa?
Garv: yea good idea.

They laugh. Karan goes to talk to Nandini while Garv and kshitij are outside talking.

Next part is interesting
RonitPallaviNR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
G: Listen, Kshitij, I think this is a wonderful opportunity for you to go and let kumud know how u feel, I mean atleast say something. U know.
Kshitij: I think u r right. I will go ahead and give it a shot. She makes me nervous each time I see her yaar, but this time I will be strong.
G: that's the spirit dude. Go ahead. I am waiting.

Kumud is with Kali and Anjali.
Kshitij: Anjali and Kali?
Anjali: Haan kshitij..Whats up!
Kshitij: Woh Garv is calling u both.
Kali: calling us both? Bhaiya are u sure?
Kshitij: yes I am sure, he is calling u and Anjali.

Kumud is thinking why not me. Lol

Kumud is about to join them when kshtij asks her to stop.

Kshitij: Kumud I want to talk to u.
Kumud: Talk to me? Ok.
Ksh: ummm. Everybody looks so happy naa?
K:Yea, I mean Garv is back and plus all Karan bhaiya is also gonna get married soon, so I am very happy too.
Ksh: So Kumud do u have any boy friend..?
K: No, but why are u asking me this Kshitij?
Ksh: I mean do u like anyone?

Kumud gets the impression that kshitij is garv's friend so might have send him to inquire whether kumud likes garv or not. So she takes the chance and says

Kumud: yea, I do like someone.
Kshitij: (upset) who is it.
Ku: Garv, I have always liked him KShitij.
Kshitij is heart broken he doesn't know what to say. Kkusum calls Kumud from inside and she goes.

Garv comes there.

Garv: Kshitij whats the matter? Why do u look upset?
Ksh: (he is about to cry and is unable to say anything...) she likes someone else.
Garv: Who?
Ksh: Kumud likes u, Garv. She has always liked u.(he walks away from there and leave from the Bajaj house.

Garv is upset too.

Anjali: where did kshitij go?
Garv: he left
Kali: why did bhaiya leave
G: Ummm.. he had an important work at home so he went to take care of it.

Everbody is having fun besides Garv.

Anjali arranges a dance floor for and Karan and Nandini dance. Kkusum and Abhay dance. Rishabh and Prerna dance. Anjali asks Garv to dance with Kumud. Garv is reluctant at first but later on accepts. Kali is upset coz she wants to dance but is happy that atleast her friend got too.

Karan: Nandini are u happy with this proposal?
Nandini: Hmm, I am happy.
Karan: Sure?
Nandini: Dekho Karan, I haven't fallen in love with anyone in my life. I really like u Karan and I feel this bond with u that I haven't felt with anyone. We are so alike. Don't u think?
Karan: ur right, U r perfect for me. U know what tomorrow is Sunday right?
Nandini: Ye, tomorrow is Sunday.
Karan: Well then we will go on date, just u and me on a real date What say?
Nandini: Sounds good to me.

They smile and continue dancing.

Garv and Kumud are dancing, they talk about usual stuff and Garv decides to get kshitij and kumud together. But in the time that they are dancing Garv and Kumud feel this attraction towards each other. Garv feels that despite the fact that he like kumud too, its important and the right thing for him to get kshitij his love. Garv tells kumud the truth.

G: Kumud?
K: haan Garv!
G: I know u are a great girl, the one who will be your man, will be a very lucky guy.
K: (blushes)
G: U know who the man is?
K: (she keeps quiet and hope to get garv as an answer)
G: Its kshitij.
K: Is shocked and leaves Garv.
G: That's right Kumud! Kshitij really loves u, he always has. The attraction u feel for me, is nothing but infatuation Kumud. Kshitij is a very nice guy, he will definitely keep you happy.

Kumud runs outside and Garv follows her.

G: Why don't u give him a chance?
K: (is very mad at him)
How the hell do u get to decide who is the right man for me. How do u know that the feelings that I have for u is just mere infatuation? Kshitij is a nice man, Garv. No doubt about it but I don't love him. I don't like him the way I like u. Why don't u understand?

G: I do understand Kumud, but I don't even know u?I don't deserve u.
K: fine, u don't want to be with me, its okay! But u can't force me into a relationship with someone else.
G: I do want to be with u, but its not right for me, Kumud.
K: Whats right? Me going out with a guy I don't like when I can go out with someone I do like. Kshitij is a wonderful guy Garv he can find any nice girl.
G: No Kumud, he loves u. LOVES You.

kumud is crying and Garv is waiting for an answer in the affirmative.

Kali comes out there and says that she has to leave, she didn't hear the conversation but sees some tension going on their faces.

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