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05/23- Garv,Angad,Karan,kkavya talk!

RonitPallaviNR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 12:55pm | IP Logged

Characters of the ff.

The Kapoors

Kkusum Kapoor: Manasi Joshi Roy

Abhay Kapoor: Rohit Roy

Karan Kapoor: Hiten Tejwani (older son of Kkusum and Abhay)

Kumud Kapoor: Aashka Goradia (youngest child -daughter of Kkusum and Abhay)

Sohan Kapoor: Eijaz Khan (middle child- son of Kkusum and Abhay)

The Bajajs

Rishabh Bajaj: Ronit Roy

Prerna Bajaj: Shweta Tiwari

Garv Bajaj: Chetan Hansraj (middle child son of Bajaj and Prerna)

Nandini Bajaj: Gauri Tejwani (oldest child -daughter of Bajaj and Prerna)

Anjali Bajaj: Natassha (youngest child -daughter of Bajaj and Prerna)

Other important characters

Kshitij Oberoi: Amit Sarin ( Karan's best friend)

Kali Oberoi: Rucha Gujurathi (Kumud's best friend and sister of kshitij oberoi)

Prithvi: Amit Tandon

Angad: Iqbal Khan

Lavanya: Shilpa Saklani

Kripa: neha bamb

More characters will follow. But for now these are your main characters.

I will post the fan fiction soon.

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*Piku* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
great character intro!
sounds like your fan fiction will be interesting!
RonitPallaviNR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
thanks yea, i am planning to make it interesting
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
wow!! sounds cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to read it!
RonitPallaviNR IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 April 2005
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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
The Kapoors and the Bajajs are business competitors but at the same time are good family friends. Abhay Kapoor and Rishabh Bajaj have been best friends since the school years and practically started their business together. Karan is the oldest son with two siblings Sohan and Kumud from the Kapoor family. Nandini is the oldest daughter with two siblings Garv and Anjali from the Bajaj family

Prerna -51
Karan- 28
Nandini- 26
Garv- 25

                    &nbs p; The Bajaj House – 7:30am

Rishabh and Nandini are at the dining table reading the newspaper while Prerna is serving them breakfast. Nandini is the business woman of today, she is no nonsense girl. She assists her father Rishabh in the Bajaj industries and is about to take his place once Rishabh retires. Rishabh and Nandini are the perfect father and daughter duo who are alike personality wise. Garv is in America, and wants to be like his father who is his ideal role model. He is doing his MBA in the US. He is handsome, and a very outgoing, down to earth, funny young man who is nothing like his dad besides his good looks. Nandini is beautiful, but not outgoing and funny like Garv. She is all into business and doesn't care much about love and all. Anjali on the other hand is a mixture of Garv and Nandini. She is gorgeous, down to earth, funny and is in love with Sohan Kapoor. Anjali is in the final year of college and wants to go to London to join Sohan in his university. Anjali is lazy just like Garv but at the same time both Garv and anjali are aware of their responsibilities. Rishabh has a misconception that Garv and Anjali are loafers compared to his daughter Nandini, but he still loves em a lot. Prerna loves all her kids and thinks that all of them are equally capable. Anjali is still sleeping and is going to be late to college as usual.

Nandini: Ma, Is Anjali still sleeping? She's gonna be late again. And I am not driving her to college. Papa aap usse chodd dena, I have an important meeting to attend to.
Rishabh: Ok, Beta. I will drop her you can go attend the meeting. Anjali kya late sogayi thi?
Prerna: Haan, aaj uske exams hai, raat bhar padh rahi thi. She is very studious. Tum hamesha usse aur Garv ko underestimate karte ho. They too are capable. And no need to drive her to college, she can drive.
Rishabh: Why are you getting upset?
P: I am not upset, its just ... anyways, Nandini beta, come home soon we have to go to( Nandini just cuts her and doesn't let her finish)
N: Mom, not again. Papa please explain to ma. I am not into this marriage business.
P: Marriage is a business haan? Nandini, atleast once keep ur corporate mind out of this.
N: Mom, u won't listen will u? (she kisses her dad on his cheek and hugs her mom and leaves for the office) Oh shit!
P: Kya hua?
N: Aaj mera bhai aa raha hai, Garv is coming back. Mom u didn't remind me
P: Smiles. That's the reason I was asking you to come home early.
R: My son is coming back and I didn't know, how is this possible
P: It is possible, because of your work schedule. Now you both leave, I will meet you guys at the airport.
R: Bye jaan.
P: she kisses him good bye.
N smiles at her parent's romantic moment.

Anjali comes all dressed up and is about to leave with out breakfast.
A: bye mom, dad, nan di. I am getting late.
P: Beta, atleast have your breakfast.
N: Change your habits Anju, before it becomes a ...
A: stop lecturing me di. (she hugs her sis, pa and mom and says catch yall at the airport. Garv Bhaiya is coming, my best friend.
R: bye beta, and drive safely.
P: don't worry, she'll be fine. Now u both leave, see Anjali is faster than the both of you.
R and N:ok we are leaving.

They leave, Prerna calls her best friend, kkusum and lets her know about Garv's arrival.

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RonitPallaviNR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 4:28pm | IP Logged
                      Kapoor House

Abhay and Karan are ready to go to the office. Karan is the mirror image of his father in the sense they are alike both in terms of good looks, personality and principles in life. Sohan the middle son is in London, is studying business at the Oxford Universiy, and is in love with Anjali since the time they were kids. Sohan is more like Anjali- they are very compatible and Karan and Nandini on the other hand are alike because they don't believe in love and are business oriented. It feels like the Kapoors and Bajajs' kids are alike besides Garv and Kumud. Garv and Kumud are not friends with each other and don't talk to each other either. Kumud likes Garv but isn't sure whether Garv feels the same. Abhay, Kkusum, and Rishabh, Prerna are planning to get Karan and Nandini married. Kumud is in the second last year of college. She is best friends with Kali, who is the sister of Karan's best friend, Kshitij oberoi. Kshitij comes to the Kapoor house to drop Kali, so that she can go to college with Kumud and Kshitij can go to the office with Karan, since they have an important meeting to attend, the meeting in which Nandini is also going to be at.

Abhay: Karan beta you both are ready for the meeting. I mean we have to get this contract.
Karan: I know Papa, I am confident that we will win it, but papa, Bajaj uncle is also applying for the same contract.
Abhay: I know beta, u don't worry about it. Rishabh and I have taken care of it. you just go and give it your best.
Karan: Kshitij, is Nandini going to be there too?
Ksh: Umm, yea. She is representing Bajaj uncle.
K: hmm... ok. Lets go.

Kkusum: Karan and Abhay come home early today.
Karan: Why ma?
Kk: We have to go to the Bajaj's house today, coz Garv is coming back from America. I haven't seen him for years.
Abhay: Really, my son is coming back. I mean he is like my son, I missed him so much. Kkusum do you remember how Sohan and Garv used to always fight and make up and Sohan used to go Rishi and Garv used to come to me. We will definitely go Kkusum. I can't wait.
Karan: Yea, we will come home early ma, I wanna meet Garv too.
Kk: Ok, beta. Abhay, I am going shopping with Prerna. Call me on my cell if you need me.
Abhay: Yea ok. (They hug and leave for the office)

Karan, Kshitij and abhay go, kkusum starts talking to Kumud and Kali.

Kali: Kumud, hurry up we have to go to college.
Kumud: I know, but I am worried about the statistics test yaar.
Kali: Don't worry yaar, u will do fine, u always worry like this but ur grades are so good.
Kumud: Well, anyways, its too late now to complain. Lets go.
Kk: Beta Kali, did u have breakfast?
Kali: Haan Aunty, we are getting late. Kumud takes forever.
Kumud: Shut up Kali! College doesn't start for another hour.
Kk: well anyways, Kumud beta, tonight there is a party at Prerna's house so we have to go.
Kumud: whats the occasion?
Kk: Garv is coming back and karan's wedding is also going to be fixed with Nandini.
Kumud (gets happy when she hears Garv's name. she is even double happy about nandini and karan wedding) Oh wow ma! I am so happy. Kali u are also coming. I want you meet someone.
Kali: How can I come yaar. I don't know them.
Kk: Ofcourse u can come. I mean Sakshi, Prerna and I have been best friends. U all are invited too.
Kali: Is this Garv, Anjali's brother?
Kumud: Yea, she is a year senior to us.
Kali: she is so cool. I mean always ahead in terms of sports, drama and studies.
Kumud: yea, she is great. Bhaiya is in love with her. I like her. I wonder how Garv looks. I haven't seen him for like 7 years now, he went to America he was 18 and I was 16.
Kkusum: I bet my Garv looks very handsome. Alright girls, best of luck. Today is the last day of ur exams right?
Kumud: thanks ma. Yea today's the last day.
Kali: Thanks aunty.

They both hug kkusum and leave.
RonitPallaviNR IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 April 2005
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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 5:04pm | IP Logged
At the meeting.

From the Kapoor industries
Abhay Kapoor
Karan Kapoor
Kshitij Oberoi

From the Bajaj industries
Rishabh and Nandini Bajaj

Two clients who will decide who will win the contract.

Abhay: Good morning Rishi.
Rishabh: Good Morning Abhay, How are you?
Abhay: I am fine, I don't even care who this contract goes to, its one and the same thing.
Rishabh: Haan Yaar, it's the same thing.
Nandini: Then why are we here. I mean why did I work so hard papa, if this is what u think about this contract. It doesn't make any difference to u?
Rishi: its not that beta. U don't understand.
Nandini: I do understand papa. I know u and Abhay uncle are best friends but u guys never compromised when it comes to business then why now?
Abhay: Because its something special Nandini beta
Karan: Whats so special papa, Nandini is right! We both worked hard and now the board members are going to decide who the contract is going to.

Board members are mr. Mehra and mr. Shah.

Mr. Mehra: Since both Bajaj and Kapoor industries are going to collaborate I think we are going to give the contract to both of you as a team.
Karan and Nandini are shocked coz they didn't know about this. They wanted their companies to be independent.

Karan: what is this papa? U didn't even consult with me before taking this step.
Abhay: Beta, I think this is the best decision.
Nandini: Karan is right Papa. How could u do this? I mean I am ur partner and u didn't even bother to ask me or forget asking but didn't even tell me.
Rishi: don't get upset beta. Its all ok.
Abhay: Rishi and I want to tell u something.

Nandini: sorry uncle, but I am in no mood to hear anything right now, Papa u disappointed me and I don't want to spoil my mood anymore coz I have an important thing to look forward to. Garv is coming and I want to keep calm until he arrives so leave me alone Papa.
Good bye uncle, bye papa.
Nandini leaves the room.

Karan is mad too, and leaves the room. Kshitij follows him.

Abhay and Rishi are left in the room with the board members.

Abhay and Rishabh thank Mr. Mehra and Mr. Shah, the board members leave and Abhay and Rishi are in the board room talking.

Abhay: Our kids are so hot headed.
Rishi: after all they are our kids. Abhay you and I were the same. But anyways we will tell me tonight about their wedding.
Abhay: yea, I hope everything works out. I mean do they even like each other.
Rishi: I am sure even if they don't they will eventually. I mean look at them, they are so compatible. Both are business freaks, both are good at heart and both make such a beautiful couple.
Abhay: haan yaar. U are right. I am so happy, my son Garv is coming back too.
Rishi: yea, ur son. He is just like u. And karan is just like me. When is my sohan beta coming back. Anjali and his wedding needs to be taken care of too.
Abhay: Sohan is coming during his winter break which is around 3 weeks from now. Then we can get Anju and Sohan married too and send them back to London.

They both laugh.

Next scene is at the airport.
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Posted: 21 November 2005 at 5:37pm | IP Logged
Great Job!!! I was wondering--are Kshitij and Kumud going to be together or Garv and Kumud?

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