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pRiDa FF- AN UNTOLD STORY updtd pg21(part7) (Page 21)

a little faith Goldie
a little faith
a little faith

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Posted: 20 April 2010 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
Dear Ankita,

Once again I am astonished by the details. Some writers are articulating dialouges, some emoting feelings through thoughts and other by way of prose...

You have managed to excel in all aspects.  Loved it.!

kaise dhakkan ki tarah dikh raha hain!LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

Love Sabah

Ankita_88 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2010 at 11:42am | IP Logged

@samratrocks : I m glad that u liked this FF.

@pooja : nice to know that u went thru the whole FF feels good.

@aparajhita : glad that u luved the dhakkan thing.ur comments mean a lot to me.

@jyothi_cool : yeah I m continuing ASAP.

@swetha10 : dear saket will know the truth definitely.but soon or not I don't know.

@desigirl_18 : saket-aditi interaction will be worth reading.thats ehat I can say.

@gauchalover : hey soni…u commented that's gud.we all are busy so sumtime this late thing happens.nothing to worry about it.

@maz. : thanks.

@sam. : saket-aditi interaction will be worth reading.

@1shaan : thanks.

@sid : I m glad bro that u liked this FF…it feels gud reading ur comments.

@bfolnmdj : thank you.

@sabah : thanks for ur valueable means a lot to me.

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a little faithsam..Aparajhita.

Ankita_88 IF-Rockerz

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Today is the big day.the day of kripa and aryan's engagement.all are in hustle and bustle  in singhania mansion.the people are running from here to there.karan singhania is standing near the door and has taken the responsibility of welcoming guests.The four boys are looking extremely awesome in their sherwanis.

Aryan is wearing a red colored sherwani while ayush and shiv are wearing white sherwanis.saket is wearing a decent cremish sherwani which is complimenting him.his broad chest and biceps are well-visible and this is driving all the girls crazy.The girls' present in that party were simply bold over by him.Every girl's eyes were stuck to him when he starts proceeding through the stairs.

Saket(to aryan) : hey man.

They shake their hands with each other.

Aryan : killer dude.

Saket gives a smile.

Saket : u too looking perfect.kripa bhabhi will be totally smitten by you.

Though saket knows that kripa is Aditi's best friend,he never showed any disrespect towards her.he respects her as saket's girl friend and he knows that she is very caring towards those whom she loves the most.he always respect that fact.he and aditi played the cupid's role in Aryan-kripa love story.but then after the incident on 10th January their relationship has been he and kripa are not even on friendly terms too.but he is really happy for his best friend Aryan.

Aryan : oh just shutup dude,I doubt she will be more smitten by are looking just fabulous.look at the other girls.u cannot igonre their constant gaze on you.

Saket was always well aware of the fact that girls' drool over him but he never pays attention to this fact.for him, only one's feelings matter and that is ADITI.But still he ignores this fact.

Like some hours before,when he was preparing himself for engagement,he chose this cremish sherwani.the reason of wearing this sherwani was the fact that aditi liked this colored sherwani.he wanted to look good in front of aditi.he knows that whatever he does,is just to show aditi.he is engaging himself to simran just to make aditi deep down he knows the fact that he cannot live without aditi.he breathes aditi,he feels aditi.all his mind is occupied by her but he has decided to ignore the fact.let's see how many days he ignores the fact.

In the mean time,ayush and shiv joins them.

Saket did not like shiv at all as aditi is very much fond of shiv.he actually felt jealous of the fact that aditi gives importance to shiv than him.

Shiv : hey guys whats up?

Saket : nothing as such.just random chatting.

Ayush : seems like sum1 is waiting for sum1 impatiently.

(he pointed towards Aryan who was looking very listless.)

Aryan : jab dekh hi raha hain toh pooch kyun raha hain.

Shiv : no no.nothing like that.we know but we were just confirming the n kripa always busy on phone but then again you are so impatient for her.its just too much Aryan.

Aryan rolled his eyes while saket stands besides him.

Saket : arre you guys will never understand.this happens when sumone enters into your life.

He said these words remembering the days with aditi.

But his thought interrupted when Aryan said : Hmmmm,we can you also felt the same for simran..... right.???

Saket's mood was simply turned off hearing the name of simran and this act was not gone unnoticed by ayush.he hardly misses any emotion of this can he?he loves his sister aditi way too much and its very essential to know what saket has in his mind.

Saket : errr....mmmm....

Ayush interrupted in between.he said : ok enough of your chit-chat guys,look at the door.kripa bhabhi and her family has come.

Saket felt relieved to get escaped from this question.

 Now it's a grand entry of bride's family.finally kripa and her mom-dad is entering into the singhania mansion.kripa is wearing a lehenga and all eyes are stuck at her.she is not looking less than an angel in her outfit.aryan's face was simply lit up by seeing kripa.he was totally mesmerized by her beauty.

Aryan compliments her through the eyes and she does not miss his can she?he is her love.she loves him more than anything in the world.ayush,shiv goes to welcome her while saket decides to stay with aryan.kripa gives hug to ayush and shiv and asks where is aditi?how can she be missing when I am entering.

To anwer to this question,they go blank.they absolutely have no idea where aditi is.

Suddenly ayush says : yeah its been a long time we haven't seen her.where is she?

Kripa : u two are gone.i gave u guys the responsibility to keep aditi save from tht moron(after that incident kripa never mentions saket's name...she always calls him moron,idiot,stupid etc.) and you two even don't know where she is?how can you be so irresponsible.ayush and shiv you two say that u guys are her brother and best friend.u guys simply tell lie.if you are really......

She keeps on blabbering when shiv says : stop u crazy girl.

Kripa : what?i m crazy?

Ayush : yes you are. Becoz we made sure so that saket can't meet aditi.we r with just don't worry.peechhle 5 hours se saket aditi se nahin mile.we made sure of that fact.

Shiv : ok? So just calm down.

Kripa understands her fault and says by holding her ears : I am sorry.

Shiv & ayush together: ok fine, no problem.we know how possessive you are for aditi.but now the question is where is she?

On other side-

Aryan : arre kripa is not even looking at me.she is so much engrossed in chit-chatting with them?

Saket : hota hain hota hain.aisa hi hota hain.

Aryan : tujhe bada experience hain !!!

Saket : yeah I know her na?she is very much caring about her family and you should respect this fact that she loves your family more than her ownself.

Aryan : yeah you are to hain.

Kripa is coming towards Aryan.

Aryan murmurs under breadth : woh aa rahi hain.

Saket inwardly smiles looking at his best friends condition.he goes into stupor by seeing kripa in front of him.

Kripa : Aryan?

Aryan :haaaaan????????????

Kripa : Where is aditi?

Aryan : haaaaaaaaaaaaan?????

Kripa : where is aditi?

Aryan : haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan???????

He was totally smitten by her and all the other three guys are smiling looking at aryan's condition.And now kripa crooses the boundary line of her patience.

she shouts : ARYAN?WHERE IS ADITI?

Aryan : haaaan?oh ok.what ?aditi? how can I know where is she?

In this short span of breaking aryan's stupor,she looks at saket but she decides to ignore him.

Kripa : you mean you don't know where is your sister?

Aryan : I mean...errr...mmm....not like that.she might be preparing herself for engagement.

Kripa : might be?what do you mean by this phrase?

Aryan : u don't know where is she?and it doesn't matter to look for her and you claims that she is your sister?

Aryan : kripa.......i......i.......i just....

Aryan also adored the fact that kripa loves aditi and rest of his family members more than him and he is grateful for that. But sometimes,he feels that she crosses the limit when it comes to aditi.he also loves aditi and he is also too much protective about her but he really does not like the fact how kripa treats her like a child.he feels that she is way too much protective about her during previous some days.he does not know what has stuck to her wifey and he is really curious to know that.because he guesses that it is sumhow related to aditi's changed behavior or he decided to stay quiet.

Here kripa kept blabbering : why are you stammering?haan?how can you be so irresponsible?she is your sister for god' sake and you......

Other hand,saket was totally dumb struck at kripa's behavior.he was totally shocked to see that kripa is scholding Aryan for such a small reason.after all aditi is matured.she will not get lost in her own house.why is she behaving like that?is aditi a child?pehle toh aisa nahin tha.kya sach mein aditi got devastated after 10th jan?that is the reason of protecting her from me like anything?what hapenned to aditi?is everything alright?my heart is saying something else.i don't know.oh god,I m getting mad.plzzz save me.

Shiv and ayush stole glances with each other and they were trying hard to suppress their laugh.

Ayush : nanima phir se suru hogayi.bechara Aryan.poor guy.

Shiv : haan dekh na kaise engagement k din bhi apne honewali biwi use daant rahi hain.

Ayush : I m feeling pity for Aryan.

Shiv : yeah nanima is way too much protective about aditi.arre kya woh bachhi hain?nahin na?she is very strong.

Ayush and shiv call kripa Nanina for her over-protectiveness for aditi.

Ayush : I know that and I adore the fact.but the question remains the same.... where is aditi?how can she be missing from aryan's engagement.

Suddenly shiv's eyes goes towards the direction where the whole hall is looking.

Shiv : ok guys enough of your quarrel,kripa just stop it right now.aditi is coming... look at her and stop scholding this poor guy.

Shiv said indicating towards Aryan n kripa.

Saket who was listening to kripa's blabbering for a long time and battling with his emotions in his mind has now became aware of the fact that aditi has come and his pair of eyes automatically moves to the stairs through which aditi is coming.

He was totally mesmerized by the scene in front of him.aditi was looking radiant in her pink saree.she can make any man to go weak .he was looking at the epitome of beauty in front of him.its she,his aditi.she is the same-beautiful,nave,delicate feature,tall,creamy white skin,luscious lips,green eyes,cheeks with a little blush on her angelic face.she has used light make-up to her face which is complementing her beauty even more.she is wearing his favourite color-pink.every male eye in the party was admiring her beauty and gracefulness.namrata and karan became very much proud of heir daughter who is the perfect combination of beauty with brain.aditi took the role of a perfect host.she started mingling with guests,making small talk and ensuring that they are comfortable in their house.even aryan was also feeling proud for her sister.

aryan to kripa : kya dikh rahi hain yaar.

kripa : yeah i know.she is very beautiful and today she has bold out everyone.

The same goes for shiv.he was also smitten by her.he just couldn't be able to stop gazing at her.this thing did not go unnoticed by kripa and ayush.they thought of teasing him.

Ayush : shiv.

Kripa : shiv?

Shiv is in such stupor that he was unable to listen them.

Kripa & ayush together : SHIV?????

Their shout not only shiv but also make saket aware of the presence of others.

Shiv : haaan?

Kripa & ayush : hogaya ?niharna?

Shiv : haan ?nahin toh? i...i mean...yeah...i mean...Nothing like that.

He was looking here and there to hide his embarrassment.

Kripa and ayush was pulling legs of shiv.and Aryan is doing chit-chat with saket.but saket's eyes were following aditi who was coming to them.he just could not stop looking at her delicate figure which was driving him crazy.

He murmured under breath : "perfect."

Aryan asked : hey did u say something?

Saket : ohhh no, nothing.

Aditi joined them.

Aditi : hey Aryan.

Aryan : aditi,meri maa,plzz save me.your best friend was making my life hell.

listening this kripa gave him a glare.

Aditi : why?what happened?

Aryan : what happened?aditi meri maa, jab bhi aap kahin jayenge tab aap plzz ek copy mein arriving and departure time entry karke jana taaki hum log inke (pointing toward kripa) torture se bach sake.

He said dramatically. Hearing his words,all start laughing.

Aditi : but I was preparing myself.

Aryan(poining towards kripa) : see I was telling.

Kripa : haan toh.u should know that na?after all she is your sister.

Aditi took the role of savior of Aryan as she knows very well how much her friend is protective about her.

She said : its ok kripa(giving her a hug).how can Aryan always keep toll of my everything?he should have some time na?tumse baat karke waqt mile toh hisaab rakhega na?

This make Aryan and kripa blush a lot.and aditi shared hi fived with ayush and shiv.they start teasing the couple when all of a sudden a girl hugged saket from back.

"hey saket,how are you?i was missing you badly."

"hey simran?"

Saket was not at all happy at simran's presence as she was enjoying their silly banter.he missed those things very much.after 10th jan 2006 everything changed.

"see I told u that I will come on time.and here I am."

"yeah I can see that.oh honey I was missing you even more badly."saket hugged her and gave a look to aditi to watch out whether aditi is feeling jealous or not.but he was unable to read her emotions."

Simran gave a dirty look to aditi and kripa.kripa was about to reply but aditi sumhow managed to control her.

 "ladies and gentleman."they could suddenly hear the voice of karan singhania on the microphone."today my eldest son Aryan singhania is getting engaged to the sweetest girl of this whole world kripa sharma.i would like to call you guys to come up on stage to exchange the rings as your engagement ceremony is about to begin."

Soon Aryan and kripa exchanged the rings and they took aashirvad from their parents.karan and namrata was very happy.aditi was silently praying to god for their happy married life which in turn did not go unnoticed by saket.aryan and kripa was looking like a couple made in heaven.

Ayush suddenly announced that all have to dance.they almost dragged Aryan-kripa,saket-simran and shiv-aditi,karan-namrata to the dance floor.

Soon a romantic number started playing.

Baby, come stand by my side
Come and be my guiding light
Oooo' I'll be what you want me to be
I'll give all my love in whole of my life

Soniyo, o soniyo(She looked uncomfortable as shiv was touching his hand on her bare wait. saket could feel her hesitation at the moment)

Tumhe dekhta hu to sochta hu bas yahi
Tum jo mera saath do, saare gham bhulake
(simran looked at saket trying to look if he feels the way she feels for him)
Jee lu muskuraake zindagi (Saket looked at simran  and Simran immediately looked down)


BEEP(everyone changed the parteners)


Tu dede mera saath thaam le haath(Aditi looked where Saket was and they had an eye lock session..........they didn't know what was happening around them'..they were just lost in others eyes)
Chahe jo bhi ho baat, tu bas de de mera saath(Saket suddenly felt guity of his behavior so he just moved his eyes from her)
Tu dede mera saath thaam le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat, tu bas de  de mera saath
(Aditi's heart sank looking at his act-she thought she is still now angry)


BEEP(everyone swaped the parterners again)             


I get this feeling now, I cannot wait no longer 
I know your love will keep me happy
Will keep me stronger
 I get this feeling now, I cannot live without you
I know your love's the only one so true
(aditi felt the lyrics being said by saket and looked down blushingly- she didn't know why she felt like thatafter so much hapenned)

Raho me, tanha hu saath le chal yu
Sang tere safar poora karu
(saket felt that the same words he would have said to aditi if she was his,if she did not do such act- a angry expression apperared on his face with made Aditi sad)
Raho me, tanha hu saath le chal yu
Sang tere safar poora karu
( Saket looked at aditi and saw her sadly looking at him'.)


BEEP (everyone changed parterners again and this time Saket and Aditi were just one parterner away)

Kya kahu ae zindagi
Tu hai meri saans, rehna tu paas har ghadi
(Saket tried to avoid her gaze )

Tu dede mera saath thaam le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat,
Tu bas de de mera saath,
Tu bas de de mera saath 
(they just kept getting side glances of each other)

credit to ksglover1-one sided love 

BEEP(everyone changed parterenrs again and this time saket and Aditi are parterners)


Tujh ko jo, paaya toh hai yeh lagta kyu
Baho me bas teri mehfooz hoon
Tujkh ko jo, paaya to hai ye lagta kyu
Baho me bas teri mehfooz hoon
(Aditi felt that the lyrics was perfect for the situation)

Tum bano, saaya mera, zindagi mein aao(they began loosing themselves again in each other)
Zindagi bitaao bas yahi( Saket pulled aditi closer to himself while Aditi flinched feeling his hot breathe on her face)

Tu dede mera saath thaam le haath(putting the locks behind her ear)

Chahe jo bhi ho baat(Aditi put her head on his chest feeling protective in his embrace)
Tu bas de de mera saath
Tu bas de de mera saath

Baby, come stand by my side(they moved with the song with Saket's arm around her soft delicate waist and Aditi's both arms around his neck- lost in the world of LOVE)
Come and be my guiding light
Oooo' I'll be what you want me to be
I'll give all my love in whole of my life
Baby'. Come and be my guiding light.


Everyone clapped which made them come into senses. Aditi immediately unwrapped her arms around his neck and Saket removed his hands around her waist. Aditi ran towards the exit while Saket looked at her retreating figure.he was feeling helpless.he was a turmoil of emotions at that time.and this thing did not go unnoticed by ayush and simran.simran was burning with jealousy while ayush was smiling inwardly.


[phew...ok guys here goes part7...plzzzzzzzz dont killl me for late update...i had grand viva , prject viva and so many xams....that is why i became so late.....and this is th toughest part i wrote....i had to think a lot before writing so became late....and plzzz do comment.previous time the no of comments were less.this time those who will not comment i will not send them pm next time.]

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anamkhan993a little faithLazyKid-Sid-Ishaan.jakhushi...Juhi._sam.Lifez_Beautifulswetha10jyothi_cool.Aparajhita.Sonikins-GoogleWithMe-

swetha10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2010 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
Wow lovely update.. enjoyed Kripa scolding Aryan n the dance was nice.. hope the misunderstanding between Saket n Aditi clears off soon.. do continue asap..
jakhushi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2010 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
Hey Jhinki,
First & foremost - loved the length.
This was an awesome update - really really liked it. You have captured their emotions very well. And the descriptions were aptly detailed.
Enjoying this FF a lot. Its different & I love our PriDa in this.
Now that Project & exams are over, please update fastSmile.
Looking forward to the next update.......Hopefully that Simran will be out soonTongue
- Khushi.
Sonikins IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 May 2010 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
jhinki yeh saket kuch zada hi attitude nahin dikha raha LOL
like Cs entry
Love the way he stared her remember me old daysDay Dreaming

Edited by gauchalover - 16 May 2010 at 1:54pm
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jhinki loved ur update it was awesome keep up the good work looking forward for ur next update
beauty_niki Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2010 at 10:54pm | IP Logged

hey jhinki...that was a FAB updateClapClapClap...common now saket should try and come out of the past...poor aditiDisapproveDisapproveDisapprove...she has changed soo much...feel bad for herUnhappyUnhappyUnhappy...and ewww...simran...why the hell she is thereAngryAngryAngry?....loved how kripa was scolding aryanLOLLOLLOL...she n everyone else is soo protective about aditiClapClapClap..except for this saketErmmErmmErmm...sooo much attitude...phewwPinchPinchPinch....ohh...SONIYO SONG...that was wonderfulWinkWinkWink...specially the end part when aditi and saket are closer...gr888 goingThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up.....continue soon plzzz...will be waiting for next updateSmile.

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