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pRiDa FF- AN UNTOLD STORY updtd pg21(part7) (Page 10)

Ankita_88 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 12:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by topsyturvy23

That was a really good update!
Thanks for the pm!
Plz update soon!

thank yaar.,….i m happy tht u liked it…

Ankita_88 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 December 2006
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Posted: 10 March 2010 at 12:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by beauty_niki

hey jhinki...that was FABThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up!!! story is very good  and its going gr888ClapClapClap.....continue soon plzz...thanks for the PM though and will be waiting for moreSmile.

thank yaar and will update ASAP.

Ankita_88 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2010 at 12:23pm | IP Logged

The boy is about to enter the SM and he is carrying luggage in his hands. And besides him , aditi is entering with d large flower bucket in her hands. the boy is not able 2 see her becos of his huge luggage and so aditi because of bucket . as a result , they both dump into each other . aditi is about to fall and d boy hold her by waist. Aditi closes her eyes and hold tht boy's shirt due to fear and the flower bucket goes to up from her hand and the flowers from the bucket starts falling on both of them seems like god is showering bliss on them in the form of flowers. Aditi opens her eyes and gets the ultimate shock.

She whispers : saket.!!!!!!!!

And on the otherhand


saket whispers : aditi..!!!!!!

aditi lost herself in hazel brown eyes of saket and saket is watching his own face in the black eyeballs in aditi's eyes(guys imagine gaucha in such a scene.d image of gaurav in chandana's black eyeball.aaaaahhhhhhhhh.i m gonna faint).they shared an eyelock with each other.but soon their eyelock session got interrupted when Aryan came down and asked saket & aditi,"are you guys alrite?"

both said,"ya." And looked at each other.

Aryan greets Saket : "whats up dude?finally u have come down.i m glad to see u here."

Aditi excuses herself saying , "I will be back haan." She rushes from that place.

Saket : I should ask dis question na?marraige is yours not mine."he winks.

Aryan : dude,why have u cum on the day of engagement?can't u cum before?i mean its my engagement and u r my best friend.u should come at first.isn't it?

Saket : Aryan , I m sry yaar.actually flight got delayes so reached late.

Aryan : chal , this time I m forgiving you but next time, I won't.

Saket : ok boss as u say.

Namrata and suman both comes out.saket hugs both and touches their feet.

Namrata says : are you guys having plan to talk here?don't u go inside?

Saket : yes aunty , after all I have cum for this purpose only.

Tears trickled down from suman's eyes as she is watching her son after 3 years.

Saket wiped her tears out and says : oh come on mom , I have come down na?so why r u crying?i can't see u hurts me. U know na?

Suman : u don't feel tht bad as u show always.if u really felt as such, you wont go to USA leaving me know wht saket, u always show wht u r not.

Saket sighs as he knows in his deepest heart tht his mom is telling truth.

Namrata : arre ab bas bhi karo,suman.ur son has come rite now and u have started scolding him !!1 its so silly. Just let him go , take his nap.then start ur emotional attyachar.she winks at saket and saket gives a smile to this.

Saket :c mom ,aunty is much more sensible than u aunty. U r just to sweet.

Saket hugs both of them and leaves for his room.

On the other side-

Aditi rushes towards her room and closes the door.she sits on the floor and starts crying hysterically.seeing saket in front of her, she cannot forget her past.she cannot forget tht day.the day which changed her most.the day which killed aditi to the core.the day which shattered her totally and left a dead aditi.the day when her luv, her life left her without any reason.the day when he did not trust her.

Aditi opens her diary.she opens a page and start caressing with her hands.tears trickle down from her eyes.

10th January,2006 : everything is love , my saket has left me without any reason. He slapped me in front of whole college. It started bleeding from my lips.he blamed me tht I have cheated him by getting physically close with vivek.i was dumb-struck at his can he say tht?he told tht he has seen my cheap photos when we were doing such inauspicious act at imperial hotel.i was at a loss of words but when vivek wanted to stay sumthing,he stroke vivek with the clenched fist.i was shocked at his started bleeding from vivek's mouth.i was not getting anything. Why is he behaving like tht?and how can he say tht I have done this kind of work?is this trust which he has for me?he know me only this much?

I wanted to clarify,"I have never done any such can I do? I luv u.saket trust me ,plzzzz.i can't even think of cheating you . vivek is just a frnd to me and nothing else. And he too has her (own girlfrnd)....(I couldn't complete)

He again slaps me.

He shouts on me,"just shut up,aditi.wht do u want to say after such things?u r using the word "TRUST" !!!!!do u even know the meaing of trust?do u have any shame tht u r clarifying ur shameful act?i can't understand how do I luv the girl like you?

I was totally dumb-struck.he is repenting for loving me?wht the hell I have done?i have done nothing. Why is he accusing me of such an act which I have never committed?he is not asking me anything.he is just saying !!!!!!!

He then again started ,"is this your occupation?"

I couldn't get wht he is saying?

I asked,"what?"

He said ," I mean I m asking u tht is this ur occupation to act loving a boy and to get physical with another boy and throwing him after using tht boy?firstly u got physical with vivek , now ur target was to get physical with me and then to throw me and then another rich boy !!!!!rite?u know wht there is no difference between you and a prostitute.u r just a bloody bitch"


"Sakettttttttt!!!!!!"kripa shouted at him,"wht the hell are you saying?have u forgot everything?this is the girl whom u proposed before the whole class....(she couldn't complete)

Saket : I curse myself for tht work.

Kripa : what r u saying?


Arjun,neha,rahul,muskaan all of them cum and asks saket "wht the hell r u saying?"

Saket : I have seen aditi's pics with vivek.

Kripa,arjun,neha,rahul,muskaan : wht kind of pics?show us.

Saket : I don't want to show those photos before the whole college because those will affect on aditi's reputation which I don't want.

Kripa : so I see u still care for aditi !!!!!

Saket : its not tht I care for her. Its just tht if I humiliate aditi by showing those pics in front of whole cllg , there will be no difference between me and aditi.i can't be as cheap as her.thanks to simran tht she showed me the actual character of aditi on time.

Kripa : simran showed those cheap pics ??

Saket : yes simran and listen Ms. Aditi Singhania, this is the last day of our so-called "love" relationship.i m ending it here.i dont wanna see ur face again. I want to close the chapter named ADITI from my life.

Kripa : but saket,at first , listen....

Saket leaves from tht place.arjun,neha,rahul,miskaan wants to stop him but he never stops.

me(holdinh kripa's hands): leave it kripa,he will never understand.he is very this moment he will nvr pay attention to any1's words.

Kripa,vivek : how can u say tht?u luv him ,right?

me : as far as I know, luv does not need any proof,right?

Arjun,neha : yeah but saket has questioned about ur character and ur frndship with vivek!!!will u not give him answer?

Me : I know tht. And trust me , one day he will know everything but I will not say anything.when the day will come, he will repent so much. Then only he will understand wht is actually love?


Rahul,muskaan : I think simran has done sumthing wrong.she is full of attitude and we have noticed anger on her face when saket is close to aditi.i m sure there is definitely sumthing fishy.


Kripa,arjun,neha,vivek : even I think the same.ok guys we have 2 leave becoz I think we need to take him to her house.

Vivek and kripa bids good bye to arjun and neha.and we start walking towards parking was almost empty place.almost no people present there.we the three walking towards parking lot.

Simran and ishika comes there and says : saket was talking about these photos only.she gives a proud and i-have-won-over-you look to me.

Me,kripa and vivek watches out the photos and we all are shocked to see those cheap photos.we all are at a loss of words.those photos are showing-vivek is kissing deeply on my neck,I m in two piece and many more nasty photos.(guys i dont want to describe those things over here...becoz i will be having adult content but where its of no use, i dont wanna use tht languages here.i hope u all can understand wht type of photos can those be ??after all u guys are very good to imagine....Wink)

 I can't write diary ,I really can' fingers are shivering,my heart is aching and I m sweating....                        


I was shocked to see those photos as I had no such moments with vivek.

Vivek : so u have created these pics right?

Simran : absolutely , who else can dare to create such things?

Vivek : yeah I know definitely. I know very well tht u r really a gud player.

Kripa : u bloody bitch...

Simran(shouts at kripa):yes I m. I luv saket and I can do everything to get saket's luv.i luv saket and he luved aditi.i had to do sumthing to remove aditi from my track.i m so sorry aditi.she and ishika gives an evil smile and about to leave.

Then I speak up-

One sec,simran(she turns).u know wht babes , I feel pity on you(she gives a confused look).u know wht u nvr luved saket,if u really luved her , u will definitely nvr create misunderstandings between me and him.because whom we luv , we always want their happiness. And saket's happiness is with me not you.he mite has left me but I m sure oone day he will definitely cum back to me. And one day he will definitely get to know the actual color of ur face.saket will never luv u becoz he only luvs me.

Simran is about to slap me and I caught her hand and slap her tightly.

She leaves the place furiously.kripa and vivek laughs at them.

       Now kripa and vivek is concerned about me and they say tht they will drop me at house. But I insist vivek to go to his girl frnd and to tell her the whole story as it will create misunderstanding between them and I want kripa too to be by vivek's tht case,it will be easy to convince smriti.but kripa is keen on going with me to my house as I have faced a lot today and nobody is there in my,dad,ayush has gone to a relative's wedding and they will be cuming by the day after tomorrow evening.and aryan is in bangalore persueing his M.Tech.but I plead her tht I want to stay alone.she unwillingly agrees and I request her not to tell anything to Aryan.

I drove down to my house and enters to my house.ramukaka sees me and asks "wht happened in my lips?"

I tell him tht I got I will use ointment and it will be absolutely alrite.

He seems not so convinced but I ignore him and go to my house and shut the door behind.

U knw wht diary, I m crying. Yes diary, I m crying. I want to be weak before any1 but I feel tht only this cry can help me to get out of this sorrow.i m remembering his words and crying hysterically.

"why have u done this to me , saket?u couldn't keep trust on me?u forgot everything ,our golden moments , our mock fights everything?u have compared me to prostitute?how can u even say tht??u nvr heard to ur heart once , u heard to ur brain !!! u forgot tht luv cannot be felt by brain , it is just felt by heart. It's a sacred feelings.but why I m saying these things?u will never understand or I can  say u don't want to understand.i will try 2 forget youu forever. Now nothing can change me. If u r stubborn then I m also equally stubborn."

Hey diary,my cell is sec....

Hey it was vivek's call and u know wht he added smriti and kripa into conference. I m glad to know tht smriti knows everything and tht did not affect their relationship.smriti told me tht she respects me a lot and she believes tht me and vivek can't do such things.kripa admired her and she insisted me to cum singhania mansion to stay with me and I said "yes". Becoz I know otherwise kripa cannot be able to sleep whole night.i m going to take bath. I hope this can help me to forget whtever happened to me and I mite feel better.bye for today.

------aditi closes her diary and wiped out tears and says to herself," I will be strong.i m not going to be weak by my knees."she decides to face the situation and leaves the room.

[guys thats all for today.nikki i know u were waiting for this update. and u see i have updated thought i m hell busy. ok now plzzzzzzz comment.i need comments of all of you and silent readers at least u can press "like" plzzzz comment...and i know u guys will be very angry for watching our gaurav in such a rotten tomatoes, eggs,stones whtever u want to throw are welcum.and now i m leaving.Wink]

if u like this FF,plzzz press the "LIKE" button.


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..Naina.. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 20 March 2010 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
aww that was so sad. poor aditi. grr im hating this simran already Angry
but anyways. awesome update! loving this ff [ Smile
and could you please pm me when you update next??
Ankita_88 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2010 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by naina.patel

aww that was so sad. poor aditi. grr im hating this simran already Angry
but anyways. awesome update! loving this ff [ Smile
and could you please pm me when you update next??

ok i will.i m adding u in my pm list.
.Aparajhita. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2010 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
my god.....pri cnt do he cnt.....
he slaped damz...dis cnt happen.....
fab part dear....made me cry.........pls continue soon.....
Rach. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2010 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
OMG .... Prihviiii .... You CANNOT do thiss !!
FAB update Jhinks .. Loved reading each and every part of it !!
-- Rachy
Lifez_Beautiful IF-Rockerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 20 March 2010 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
awsm part jhinksy dear ! luvly ! Thumbs Up

wuffffffff ! me nvr gng 2 pardon saket 4 dng dat 2 aditi ! hmmmmmm..

plzzzzz make hm grovel very badly on her feet b4 she 4gvs hm.. i dun want it 2 go prida way wer damzie dalng 4gvs wty pie pri easily .. atleast he dint insult her.. bt here hw dare he say such thngs abt her ?! hmm .. make hm grovel on his knees ! hmmph !

cnt asap dear !

luv Niki !

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