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Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

New Rules & Regulations:CHK PG 1 For New Rule

jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 20 February 2010 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Friends just in case you all are confused about what to post and what not to post..just for your convenience Bidaai Dev Team(Eva,Jyoti and Kiran) has come out with these new set of rules which we hope will be followed in this forum from now on..Trust us, if you all members can co-operate with us and follow these rules..then we all can make this Bidaai forum atmosphere into a peaceful one..but for this, Dev team needs your we hope you all will be going through these rules and will start following it for the betterment of this forumEmbarrassed
Comparison Topics/Instigating posts:Sinse last few months we have noticed that there are lots of comparison posts being made..Sinse the Biddai storyline is about two sisters and their ups and downs in life,so we fully understand that such comparison posts can sometimes result in good healthy debates but going with the current atmosphere in the forum we are putting some conditions on these comparison posts..
  • Posts such as "Sadhna verses Ragini in Natraj Dance Mahotsav:Your take"  is allowed sinse its a part of the storyline in the serial but Posts such as "Who is beautiful more..Sadhna or Ragini" is not allowed simply because here we are judging the beauty of the actor playing that character and as per IF's COC comparison between two actors or discussing about their physical features are not allowed.
  • There are certain comparison posts whose main motive is to instigate the opposite fan group..for eg "Sadhna Makes Ragini's life hell" or "Ragini is selfish than Sadhna"..these type of posts will instigate more fights and personal attacks in the forum..even such posts can be discussed in a sporting manner but unfortunately such type of posts have always created an unhealthy atmosphere in this its better not to open such type of Instigating posts anymore.
  • Open a comparison topic only if the storyline is going in that direction..for eg:If the storyline is about Sadhna and Ragini competiting against each other in a Natraj Mahotsav based on the Natraj Mahotsav theme..comparison can be done provided there are no personal attacks or sarcastic remarks in that topic.Try to respect the other person's POV and if you find anything offensive against any character simply report it or pm any one of our Dev team members rather than quoting the member back and we promise a quick action will be taken against that member.
  • Lastly remember NO Comparison between two Actors will be allowed..for eg:"Who is a better dancer Parul or Sara" will not be allowed..but a post like "Who performed well in Natraj Mahotsav:Ragini or Sadhna" will be allowed provided both the fan base do constructive criticism and not bashing.Again I repeat no personal attacks or name calling will be tolerated in these posts.
Personal Attacks/Name Calling/Sarcastic Comments:It has come to the notice of Dev team that almost in every post personal attacks have become a common issue and this is what instigate fights.If a member does not agree with another member's POV,try to ignore the post or simply state you own POV saying "I disagree with you for so and so reason" instead of saying "Just stop your nonsense";India-Forums gives us the freedon of expression and so everyone has the right to speak out what they feel is correct but that does not mean you will have to agree with it.So these are the condition we are putting on this issue hoping that the members will follow it.
  • If any member finds anything offensive in a particular comment or post of another member,instead of quoting the member back,just report the comment/post immediately by pressing the report button or pm either Me,Eva or Kiran and then step out of that thread immediately .Then Wait at least 24 hours for us to take action because we Mods are also humans so its not possible for us to be online 24/7.But we assure you that action will be taken within 24 hours.
  • Sarcastic comments will not be tolerated anymore because even they come under personal attacks..for eg :"Oh she is Miss Mahaan's fan"..this is a sarcastic comment where another member is directly getting targetted..If we find anybody involved in such type of sarcastic comment,we will be editing that member's post immediately and will be deleting the comment and even if he/she continues with it, further action will be taken.
  • Name Calling of the characters have become a very big issue in this forum which can hurt the sentiments of that particular actor's fan group ,So we have decided no such name calling will be tolerated from now onwards.For eg:Addressing Sadhna as Miss Mahaan or KMH(Kabab mein haddi) will not be allowed but if someone makes a statement like " Why creatives are making Sadhna act like a Mahaan lady these days " or "Why creatives are making XYZ a kabab mein haddi for ABC" it will be allowed but here we are hoping that both Sadhna and Ragini fans will take it in a sporting manner and will try to defend it with a good healthy debate rather than jumping into the boxing ring..Similarly name calling for Ragini too will not be tolerated but if someone wishes to constructively criticize Ragini or Sadhna's particular act it will be allowed provided its restricted to a good healthy debate and not any personal attacks or fights among two fan groups.Dev team will keep a close check on such posts but we also expect equal co-operation from all the members to keep the discussion in such posts limited to constructive criticism and not bashing or sarcastic passes against any character..Most importantly try and respect each other's POV irrespective of whether you agree to it or not.
Constructive Criticism Verses Bashing:Many times members have put forward these queires like which words come under constructive criticism and what comes under bashing..let me give you an example...Sometimes even if a particular sentence is not really bashing but the words in that sentence are written in such a manner that it can easily hurt the sentiments of the opposite fan group..for eg:When we write "Sadhna made Ragini's life hell" or Ragini made Sadhna's life hell"..the impact of the sentence is so strong that if someone don't take it sportingly ,then it will end up hurting their sentiments and sinse in the beginning we mentioned that the forum lacks sporting spirit so we will just request the members to tone down their language a bit making sure that even if we are ciriticizing some act of a character,its not presented in a hurtful manner for eg..the same sentence can be written as "Because of Sadhna,our Ragini might suffer later" or "Because of Ragini,our Sadhna might suffer later"..and then the respective fan groups can defend this sentense with their reasoning without any accusations or personal attacks.So again Dev team is putting certain conditions here regarding this matter.
  • Personal attacks/Name calling, using  foul language and making derogatory comments against any particular member or character or actor comes under Bashing but disagreeing with someone's POV and stating your own POV with a proper justification and language comes under constructive criticism.
  • Usage of extreme foul or filthy languages(like the B or F word) will not be tolerated and whoever breaks this rule will face a severe action.But usage of words like "hell","Mahaan" Kabab mein haddi","Selfish" can be allowed depending on the context in which we are using these if we are saying "Alekh made Sadhna's life hell"..the statement might upset Alekh fans but if we say "Destiny have made Alekh and Sadhna's life hell", it will look more appropriate in the same words can be used for constructive criticism provided we know how to use it without hurting the sentiments of any fan group..Even a word like "Kabab mein haddi" can be used in a fun way without hurting anyone's sentiment ..for eg :"Why Vasu always becomes Kabab mein haddi whenever Salekh or RagVir r romancing"LOL..So in this contest the same word doesn't come under bashing ..but if we say "Sadha is the real Kabab mein haddi or Ragini is the real Kabab mein haddi" comes under character bashing.There is a thin line between constructive criticism of a character and direct character bashing..try to maintain that thin line in your discussions.
  • If a member is bashing a particular character ,don't follow the member and do the same.Instead report the post immediately and try not to comment in that post anymore because the more members comment on such post ,more instigating the topic becomes and this is how fights and rivalries between two fan groups keep extending.So the best way to maintain peace is to ignore any sort of instigating posts.
Making MIDs to bash the Actors,Creatives and Characters:This has increased in the last few weeks.There are many members who are creating Multiple IDs just to bash the actors,creatives and the characters.Dev Team can very well find out the members who are having more than one ID and if someone is found guilty then that member might immediately face a straight ban.So its a request that if any member is having doubts on any particular Member ID kindly report it or pm any one of the Dev team member.
Spamming/Chatting:There are some posts which goes till 20-25 pages of discussion but when one goes through the posts ,half of the pages are filled with either sarcastic comments or personal attacks or Chit-chatting among the members.From now on we will consider all this as spamming and whoever is seen guilty of instigating such chit-chats and sarcastic comments will have to face a severe action.If the discussion is really interesting then we won't mind it going for even 50 pages,but if we find that same points are repeated again and again in every post and the post is going nowhere after a certain point we will close it with a note.

Creating repetitive topics: It has come to attention to the DT that people are creating topics, that have already been discussed. For example, if you see that someone has already opened a post on today's SBS or SBB segment, there is absolutely no need to create a separate topic for them. Also, disucssing the same points OVER and OVER again is absolutely baseless. Topics like "WHO IS RIGHT OR WRONG?!" or "Its Sadhna's / Ragini's fault" have been discussed NUMEROUS times and they do not need to be brought up.So Dev team will be closing such repitative topics from now on.

Use the help desk:
Recently, many members have been posting a separate topic for asking where they can find the latest KinRul pics or Salekh song. These questions have been asked NUMEROUS times. Please check the help desk and refer to it when you need help. If you cannot find an answer, please ask your question in the help desk and I assure you that another member will help you out. DO NOT CREATE TOPICS, THAT ASK QUESTIONS LIKE "HOW OLD IS PARUL?" OR "WHERES THE DIL JAANIYA SONG?"

Posting articles from other sites: India-Forums does not allow articles from sites like or other competitive websites ,so please DO NOT POST articles from these sites. Posting articles from supported sites like or from our very own, TellyBuzz are permitted. In case you have any doubt regarding whether this article from a particular website can be posted or not,you can just pm any Dev team and ask your query before posting the article.

Typing in caps: Typing in capital letters is NOT permitted on India-Forums as its considered shouting.
Bashing Other shows in TRP Related posts:This is another problem which have recently come to our notice..whenever the trps of the serials are posted,we have noticed that if Bidaai is not there in top 10 shows,out of anger and frustation,members start bashing other shows without thinking that it might hurt the sentiments of that particular show's fans;How will you feel if your show is getting bashed in some other forum??;I know sometimes if our favourite show is not doing good we do feel frustated wondering how XYZ show is getting more trps but that doesn't mean we will start bashing that XYZ show.So here are few conditions we are putting which I hope will be followed in trp related posts from now on.
  • Try and stick to only Bidaai related discussions in such trp posts.You can discuss about why bidaai is out of top 10 or why Bidaai has gone down in the list or why Bidaai has gone up in the list making sure that the discussion is done in a constructive manner without using any slang language or bashing the creatives of the show which will not be tolerated.If any member is found bashing the creatives of the show or any actor/character of the show in these trp posts,then he/she will be given a warning note on her post;If the member still continues to do the same thing,then further strict action will be taken.
  • Remember that its Bidaai forum,so we have no right to bash other serials in the trp post.Yes discussion like "oh abc serial has taken over Bidaai this week mayb because it had an interesting climax" or "Bidaai has beaten xyz show today" can be allowed provided we are not bashing that xyz or abc show neither are we criticising that xyz or abc show just because its Bidaai forum,so we need to just avoid detailed discussions regarding other shows and concentrate only on our show so that we don't end up hurting the sentiments of other show fans.
Bashing Rajan Shahi on his blog / Spamming his blog: It has come to our attention that a few members are personally attacking Mr. Shahi on his blog, with hurtful remarks. We dont think that Mr. Shahi would find it heartwarming here, if he saw some of these comments. If anyone personally attacks Mr. Shahi, he / she will get an instant warning. Another point to add...DO NOT spam the blog with comments like "WE WANT RAGINI AS THE LEAD" or "STOP SHOWING SADHNA SO MAHAAN." There have been PAGES AND PAGES of comments like these and it is just overflowing the blog. Please DO NOT spam the blog with these kind of comments.
Discussion about an Actor's personal life:You all are very much aware that Actors visit IF and so its not really write to discuss about their private life affairs in public without any valid source and lets not forget that this is Bidaai Serial forum where we are suppose to discuss about the show and its different characters and NOT about the actors or their private lives..So from here on if anyone is found discussing about an Actor's private life without any valid source or article then his/her post will b edited with a note and if the member continues to do so then we will be forced to take further necessary action..
Comparison Topics on AnGini-RagVir Jodi:Let me make certain things clear here..a forum is a place where not just praises even criticisms r allowed...we cannot expect each and every member to like or dislike a particular jodi just because we long as someone is not bashing a jodi but only criticisng them ..its fine and within the rules...we cannot go on closing every topic here or else it will look like dictatorship naLOLEmbarrassed..Some like AnGini and some like RagVir...we cann't force anyone to change their likings overnight...Yes I got reports saying two Jodis AnGini and Ragvir r being compared in this post...well u all need to understand that if the story in the show itself is moving towards comparison..same discussion can b allowed in the forum too...Many scenes of AnGini does remind u of if two relationships r being compared because Ragini is the common factor here,then nothing is wrong as long as we r not talking or discussing in bashing tone...yes if someone is comparing the actors in their post saying how Kinshuk is better than Apurva or vice-versa then it goes against the rules and such topics will b closed straightaway..but comparison between Anmol and Ranvir or AnGini-RagVir can b allowed just because as per the story Ranvir himself asked Anmol to live his comparisons r bound to happen in such type of discussions as long as its not crossing certain limits..My request to both fan-groups..plss respect each other's POV..and try not to bash any actor or character..stick only to constructive criticism,...Even Bidaai rules say the same thingEmbarrassed..

Please go through all these rules and if anyone has any doubts or suggestions regarding these rules then please put it up in this thread itself..Dev team will solve all your queriesEmbarrassed

For Bidaai Forum General Guidelines and Warnings please refer to this following post
Bidaai Dev Team
*Eva*, jyoti06 , Kiran

Edited by jyoti06 - 04 August 2010 at 4:03am

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*Eva* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 February 2010 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
Thank you SO much for posting them, Jyoti! Hug

We'd really appreciate if you guys kept these rules in mind, before posting. All hail to a new beginning. Embarrassed

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Omshanti1111 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 February 2010 at 12:15am | IP Logged
very nice post Jyoti...
I can say that it helped a lot as many a time I was not aware of all the rules and regulations...thanks a ton

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salha876 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 February 2010 at 12:42am | IP Logged
thanks jyoti for the information Smile

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
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Posted: 21 February 2010 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Friends the credit goes to Eva and Kiran as well for deciding all the rules of this forumClap..without their inputs it would not hv been possibleEmbarrassed
We are hoping to see a good friendly atmosphere in this forum nowBig smile

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pankhi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 February 2010 at 2:24am | IP Logged
Thanx for thisSmile.
I will try to follow all the rules & regulations Big smile.
And also i will try to make it peaceful & enjoyable forum.Smile

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arjun_rocks Goldie

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Posted: 21 February 2010 at 2:43am | IP Logged
@ jyoti really appreciable................ClapClap

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KinSanj IF-Stunnerz

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 21 February 2010 at 4:27am | IP Logged
this is a fantastic post guys...
Like seriously it's great that you guys have cleared everything once and for all...we never got the chance to post our rules LOL but yes...
Great post, you three. [;D]
Hope this helps many members....
@ jyoti: jyoti yaar there are spelling errors in there, but i'll ignore them LOL Love your post Big smile

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