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Its Monday

Scene 1

Thilaga dan hubby travel in car and  talks abt MM.While MM and Padma are  waiting outside Thilaga's house and show cent face. Thilaga didnt bother them. Only Mr Thilaga seems pity on MM and Padma.MrThilaga asked thilaga to meet them as she already tortured MM more than 3 days.  

Thilaga makes story that she was out town yesterday and guard inform her about his arrest. Whnen she calls police station , they inform her that MM has gone.Padma asked about dearest mappilai. Say thulasi life will spoil as everyone knows Vel is Thulasi future hubby..nallungu also has taken place. Thilaga asked them to get married with Thulasi's BF.MM sings puranam Thulasi is good girl no bF. Padma info Thilaga that Deepa is culprit' she has done everything behind them. Thulasi has no BF. Thilaga dig back Nallangu day, say Thulasi asked patti to do nallungu first and rejected Thilaga. Thilaga sing her own puranam..say  her raasi are good . Thulasi face all this problem because patti done nallangu first.

Thilaga asked back every penny she given to them..Say the marriage wont take place. Once Vel back she want them to settle everything' loans and also they the gift they gave before marriage. Shameless  MM say thilaga house is like temple.. they depend on her' if the marriage wont take place'..they will consume poison.Thilaga and her hubby shocked to hear that. Mr Thilaga asked them to wait as thilaga wont do bad to them.MM happy and asked  Thilaga to give word .thilaga with angry say she don't bother about them. Mr Thilaga try to convince her say it done by some one else. MM swear  that he has nothing to do with Vel's arrest. At last thilaga say they will discuss once Vel back.  MM  back with happy. Mr.& Mrs. MM discuss at naadu theru about wedding.. thilaga say wedding will happen s Vel likes Thulasi very much. (daisy thought MM and Padma will ride bike like kamal in  Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu-paartha mudhal naalay
unnai paartha mudhal naalay 'kaatchi pizhai polay '.unarnthayn kaatchi pizhai polay ' thank god bike was repair')
So MM just pushed  the bike

Scene 2

Patti discuss important matter with brainless Thulasi.Say she meet Lav..And Lav bring her brother. Patti say TA is good guy and he willing to mary her. But Thulasi say she want study.. Patti try to explain that this marriage is best thing for her. But Thulasi say she wont do anything with her against dearest papa. Patti say TA wont asked dowry. Thulasi start to think.....

TUESDAY 23rd  Feb. 2010

Scene 1

Patti singing TA puranam to Tulasi....very difficult to find such a good boy in these days...willing to marry Tulasi & take her home with kattina pudavai [ and get archanai from mummy darling]...Tulasi should grab this God sent golden chance& fly out of the house. . Our Gautama Buddhi [fem. Of Buddha] thitting patti for initiating marriage talks with unknown parties & recites her famous dialogue of going thru proper channel [ informing parents...pogadha oorukku vazhi]. Patti  once again realizes , no point talking to this stupid school topper [ thirundhada case]& decides to place her petition before her sole listener Lord Muruga. Patti shows Lord TA's photo & prays that He should see to it that Tulasi is united with him...saying so keeps the photo inside Tulasi's physics book[ hmmm more trouble for Tulasi]

Scene 2

Padma busy  segregating spinach....a lady & a girl enter thru the ever open door...girl, Tulasi's friend Chandra introduces her mom to Padma who just nods & goes inside [visitors  welcome pannara nagarigam  theriyadhu pola]. Thulasi comes out hearing Chandra's voice. After initial  formal enquiries  Chandra asks about the counselling letter for Engg. Admission. Thulasi says , since she had not applied for the course  due to family's financial position, she may not receive any  counselling call. A stunned Chandra informs her about the sanction of  free education to her & 3 more students of their school , thanks to their ex HM Manimekalai who had forwarded their case to Chennai mayor & got the sanction. Chandra further states she got the letter & has registered with the corporation long ago.How come Tulasi didn't receive the letter.  Eves dropper  Padma mugathil no fly dancing. Tulasi runs to the kitchen  & asks chitti about receiving any important letter from corporation. Rakshasi  chitti blatantly denies receiving any such letter...Thulasi frantically starts searching in the drawers & cupboards...Chandra's mom gives a  good suggestion...instead of wasting time in worthless search , it is better Thulasi go to school & meet the HM.

Scene 3

Thulasi meets HM & updates her position. HM feels sorry for Thulasi who has lost precious time & golden opportunity...her inability to help Thulasi... hits up on an idea...calls the ex HM in her cell & ask thulasi to speak to her.Fortunately MMekalai who was in town on a personal visit was readying herself to leave for the station...receives Thulasi's call... happily enquiries about registration, Counselling call & other formalities. Agitated Thulasi requests her permission to meet her personally. Thulasi updates her position...mekalai was stunned to hear Thulasi's sorry state of affairs... tells thulasi that she personally delivered the letter to her parents ,while she posted the rest & hence no question of her letter getting lost...further states on that particular date when she visited their house her parents told that Thulasi had gone out of town on a marriage visit...states she even left her cell number with her parents & was eagerly expecting Thulasi's call. Livid Mekalai abuses Thulasi's dad's irresponsible attitude. Thulasi is literally in tears ,asks HM to suggest alternate solution for the problem. HM advices her to approach the concerned person in the corporation office.

Thulasi  standing before  corporation officer , pleading to  consider her case...officer rebukes her for her irresponsible & reckless attitude...says out of 3000 application for free education received only 280 were selected & sent letter...all except her ,have clearly shows her arrogance & disregard for the letter. Thulasi pleads that she neither received the letter nor was she aware of such a sanction until that day when her friend informed her about it...hence she came running. Had she known about it earlier she would have definitely registered long ago as getting engg. degree was her life's ambition...begs him to consider her request....FREEZE

Thulasi vazhkayil thendral veesums puyal adikkuma?


Wednesday 24th Feb. 2010

Since shreenithi is unable to do the update due to personal reasons , am giving a brief summary to keep the show moving.

Thulasi's persuasion to convince the corporation staff to consider her case yields little result.Her loss is somebody's gain.... yes, due to her delay in registering with in stipulated time resulted in the seating being allotted to the waiting list candidate. Helpless Tulasi returns home ...cries her heart out to patti...confronts Padma....demands an explanation for her dirty trick.  Merciless  Padma informs that she  decided to hide the letter , rather tore & threw it in dustbin  due to Tulasi's engagement with Vel Which according to her , was better option than her studies....starts WWF between patti & Padma both hurling abuses at each other...Thulasi intervenes & asks chitti to mind her language while speaking to elders. Padma's anger now turns towards tulasi....raises hand at items form her weapon. In comes MM & gives a palarrrrr.... to whom ???? darling wife Padma for beating his darling daughter [ hmmm ellam vesham]....stages his nallavan drama ....lectures how much he loves Thulasi who doesn't  seem to appreciate it , instead believes her friend Deepa who spoiled  her  valamana vaazhkai .


Thursday Gudgal Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

muthu asks patti and thools, u are accusing me of spoiling her education, but that deepa spoiled her life, why are u not angry at her? Duo OuchOuch dad says thools whether u beleive or not I will always do good for you, understand that and leaves from there. patti says say ur father is acting as if he beat his wife and telling all kinds of weird logic. he is my baby but he thinks I am a baby to believe all this.LOLLOL

here pad is sitting all angry, muthu comes and sweet talks. tells her I know ur very angry that I beat you but you have to understand that now thools knows the truth, the opportunity that came home we did not give her. Now if I support you, as you always say she is capable of doing anything, take any decision. to prevent her from taking some rash decision I did this. what if she runs away in the night? pad is all OuchOuch

Here thools is all ConfusedConfused in her room. patti gets something to drink and tells at least take this, you havent eat anything from morning. thools refuses. patti says u came first, if ur father was good he would have done something and made u study, when you had an opportunity knocking on your door, he didnt allow you to take it. how mean and selfish they have to be to tear that letter. thools listens to all this. patti continues they have destroyed your life. ur father and chithi are plain selfish. you believed them and lived and see what happened? if you continue to be like this even god cannot help you. just because you want to be patient doesnt mean you should be fooled.ClapClap I got a good groom for you and you said u will not do anything w/o asking ur father, its not yet late, tell me and I will talk to that guy. thools looks all determined and she says tomm is shashti and I will come with you to meet deepa. patti is TongueTongue

morning patti prays for thools to be victorious in her tasks and also make my son recognize his mistakes. patti and thools get ready to leave, she shows a book which has her marksheets. thools prays to god and they leave.   as soon as they come out muthu comes back home, he sees them leaving and asks where are u going? patti says its shashti and we are going to temple. muthu says okay and he sees the book on thools hand and asks whats this? thools is all nervous, patti handles the situation and says she sits in the temple and write shree ram jayam ClapClap muthus says show I want to see it. he flips through the pages and thools gets very tensed. she looks ShockedShocked at patti, patti says dai now what u will read the whole book? LOLLOL its only shree ram jayam, give it back to herLOLLOL muthu gives it back and goes in. thools heaves a sigh of relief.

deepa is waiting for them at the temple, she says the duo and is happy. she says I didnt believe that you would come, good u changed ur mind. patti says no she changed her mind coz of her parents. deepa is ShockedShocked  how come they changed mind and sent her? patti is like  avangaloadu annapurdauduLOLLOL now thools knows their true colors. deepa asks hows? patti narrates the whole story. deepa is very angry, she says how can they allot seat to someone else? come we will talk, thools says no its my fate let it be. deepa is very angry she says no its not ur fate, it coz of ur dad and mom and god will never forgive them. patti agrees. deepa says why should thools stay there? patti says first lets get her education, then we can see what to do. thools and deepa agree to go to loan mela. deepa tells patti dont worry I will take her carefully. patti says I have no worry you have saved her life. she says u guys go and I will pray for your good. They reach the loan mela. they go to one counter and the lady says we dont give education loan, we give only car loan, housing loan, finance loan. deepa says if we study then only we can take these loans.LOLLOL lady asks them to try some other banks. they go to next counter and the man says very rudely no education loan her. till then a guy looks at them asking for loan. I am not sure but I think that guy is TA's boss. episode ends there..................................

Friday, 26th February 2010

Quick Update

    Deepa and Thulasi try numerous bank sections and they come understand it is not easy to get the loan as explained by Deepa's dad. This is being observed by a man. The man explains the difficulty and praise them for wanting to study. He tells them about his daughter and how someone helped her with the loan. He tells them that he will talk to that someone and will get back to them. They thank him.
  • Deepa and Thulasi inform paati about the good news .

Full Update

Deepa asks one of the bank section for student loan. Bank manager informs that they don't give out student loans. Deepa and Thulasi are disappointed but decides to try another bank section.

Deepa introduces Thulasi and informs the manager that Thulasi is school first and achieved high marks. Manager takes a look at Thulasi's marks and says that they are both eligible for the loan. He questions Deepa and Thulasi about their parents and asks for documents. Deepa tells him that they are from a middle class family and they do not have the required documents. Bank manger is unable to proceed. Deepa further adds that minister even said to give middle class students the loan without asking for documents. Bank manager does not agree and says that boys will easily repay the loan and on other hand girls will fall in love or get married. Deepa asks him to trust them and they will pay back the loan. Manager goes on about young girls and Deepa gets annoyed. She asks him whether he is going to give them the loan or not and not to talk about girls. He gets angry and tells them they have no chance of getting the loan.

Thulasi asks Deepa not to shout. Deepa tells her that men like the manager and her dad still want women to be under their control and they enjoy Namitha clothes kuraikka kuraikka and avangaloda pondaati saree konjam vilahinaa koodi ennannu dress panuraannu kettu sanda poduvaanga. Thulasi tells Deepa she doesn't have any hope and they decide to leave. The man (he was observing them as they went to each bank section) stops them and tells them about another man helped his daughter get the loan and now his daughter is working in his company. Deepa and Thulasi are happy. He adds now he is away and he will give them the address after talking to him. He tells them not to tell their family until it is confirmed.

Thulasi and Deepa get back to the temple and share the good news with paati. All are happy.


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now today as paati keeps tamil photo inside one of the books of thulasi when in one sequence padma or mm search or found out tat picture inside her book there will be lot of confusions and trouble for tamil and thulasi started by vel and his sister thilaga
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This stupid thulasi will never change.

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Thanks Daisy. They should have made Deepa heroine. Ayo, why these serials portray women as spineless, brainless parasites or evil brainless obnoxious bythches?

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thanks for updates... Everyone trying to help brainless Thulasi...but his girl never try to help herself for once. such  a stupid girl. At the end she will agreed to MM only... waste 1 engg seat...

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I would hope that at least after finding out that Padma and her dearest Dad hid the scholarship info from her, Thulasi will come to her senses...but she probably still won't. She'll probably find a way to excuse her parent's actions Dead

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Thanks Daisy and Srima for the update. I really hope that the corporation officer will show some pity on Thulasi's case.

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Thanks for the wonderful updates Daisy and Sri maaClap
I think it will take a good time for Tulasi to realize her so called parents plans, she badly to get into her dads good book so she may be willing to sacrifice anything..I donno why she keeps on talking about how education is important for her when she is not willing to take any risk to reach that goals of herConfused..nothing comes in our life by just summa talking and saying its imp nu..should also take any step to get it by acts and no empty wordsAngry. Only people who are close to her are suffering cause of her..I think they should not interfere as this dumb lady wont open her eyesAngry 
I pity TA and Deepa...poor ppl who is gonna suffer hard time cause of this so called heroineCry

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