urban legends do u believe ?

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hey friends this is AISHWARYA GAYEN and i am new to this side of IF
i am always interested in this type of paranomal things so i thought of share some of URBAN LEGENDS which i got to know from net surfing .

these are the legends which are experienced by many people worldwide

Bloody Mary Legend

Who can forget the scary story of Bloody Mary, the evil spirit who will scratch your eyes out when summoned? Most people heard the Bloody Mary legend when they were children, listening to spooky ghost stories around the campfire. The tale is still told at slumber parties, campouts, and late-night bonfire parties.

The legend claims that the evil woman can be summoned by chanting "Bloody Mary" into a mirror anywhere from three to one-hundred times in a darkened room lit only by a candle. (Thirteen seems to be the most popular number of chants, appropriately so.) The bathroom is the most popular setting to test out the legend, but other dark rooms seem applicable.

After the given amount of chants, the spirit will then appear in a mirror and claw your eyes out and death will follow. Other variations have her driving you insane or pulling you into the mirror, never to be seen again.

Who Bloody Mary really is remains a mystery. While there are many versions of this story, most accounts point to a woman named Mary Worth, who was horribly disfigured in a car crash. Some people still tell of a witch who was burned at the stake and has returned for revenge, or it may be the devil himself who comes for your soul.

The Bloody Mary Legend saw some rising popularity with a variation of the story in the 1992 movie "Candyman" that used the idea for it's plot. When the characters chanted "Candyman" in the mirror 5 times, he would appear and murder them with his hook hand. I found this movie terrifying! Although I can say that as an adult I generally don't have any nightmares from horror movies, this one I remember vividly -- waking up in a cold sweat, and trying not to fall back asleep.

The movie "Urban Legend" was released to theatres in 1998 and borrowed the Bloody Mary myth once again, for one of it's stories. As if that wasn't enough, 2005 brought us "Urban Legends: Bloody Mary," which was released directly to DVD. There's no doubt, the horrific tale will appear again, perhaps in yet another version with a different twist.

While you may think you're safe from mean, old Bloody Mary, think again... Legend has it that if you are near a mirror in total darkness, she can still come for you, regardless of whether or not you're trying to call for her.


Ashley writes:

Bloody Mary was Mary Tudor, Queen of England, and daughter of King Henry the 8th and Catherine of Aragon. All her life, she was a mean brat to her little sister, Elizabeth and her brother Edward VI. She did not like them at all and was very jealous. When Edward VI died, she became Queen Mary of England. She was hated all over for changing the religion in England from Protestant to Roman Catholic. She mass-murdered over 100 Protestant leaders, earning her name as "Bloody Mary".

And yes, I have seen Bloody Mary. My friends and I decided to try it out. This is what we did:

1) We went into the bathroom.

2) Turned out the lights.

3) Ran the water.

4) Spun around 3 times saying "Bloody Mary."

5) Closed our eyes and held hands until we heard anything. (not saying this way is right or wrong, we just did it like that.)

There was a low 'thump' and we opened our eyes. There was a bloody dark-haired girl covered in blood. But it was very very dark, so very hard to tell. All she did was look at us, like an image painted on the mirror. Then we got scared and turned on the light, and whatever it was, was gone.

This is the true story of Bloody Mary.

Nikki writes:

The legend of it here in Jackson, Michigan goes like this: A long time ago there was a little girl named Mary. She must have gotten in an accident because she went into a coma. At this time doctors didn't know what a coma was, so they thought she was dead. They buried her alive! Every night Mary's mother thought that she heard a scream coming from Mary's grave, but no one believed her.

Finally one day Mary's mother convinced them to dig up her grave. When they did, they found scratches on the top of the coffin and Mary's fingernails were all bloody. There are many different things that I have heard that will happen when you say "Bloody Mary" in the mirror. The most popular one here is that you will see Mary in the mirror walking down a case of stairs. She may be holding a knife. If she is, you must turn on the lights or she'll kill you. Also she could be holding a rose or teddy bear, and then she won't kill you.

Mary's "so called" grave is also here in Jackson. I have been to it. It's out in the woods and you have to walk through a lot of trails to get there. When you finally do, you have to walk up a big hill and there is a big tombstone on top that just says Mary. There are also other tombstones, too. Mary's grave was removed recently because the coffins were beginning to stick out of the ground.

Matty writes:

This is a very touchy subject for me. The whole Bloody Mary thing is true, for I truthfully know it is. This took place in a small town called Newport, MI, just north of Monroe. On June 22, 1999, in the Monroe Evening Newspaper, there's an article about my best friend, Mike. We were only thirteen at the time, you know the age of curiosity and the first time hearing the legend of Bloody Mary. It was around ten or eleven at night, when the moon is covered by trees, so there's very little light. We both wanted to try it out, but to this day, I am glad I never went in with him. He went into the bathroom by himself because we thought it wouldn't work if we both tried it at the same time.

The legend we heard was that you had to light six candles, write 666 on the mirror with anything red (we used lipstick,) and say "Bloody Mary" six times. My friend did these things because we wrote the stuff and lit the candles before we shut the door. I heard him say "Bloody Mary." Nothing happened for ten minutes, he didn't make any noise and I could still see the lights from the candles under the bathroom door. I didn't think much of it and went downstairs to get something to drink. When I came back, I was a little worried because I could see no candlelight and the bathroom door was locked. I pounded on the door until his dad asked what I was doing.

His dad believed that we accidentally locked the door, so he got his lock-pick set. When he got the lock undone, the door was stuck when we pushed on it. After about fifteen minutes of pushing, there was a thump and when the door opened, my friend was kneeling on the ground and his head was in the sink. My friend died doing this stupid legend. Please, don't any of you make the same mistake.

Lindsey writes:

Almost everyone has heard of this "bloody" woman. Some people fear mirrors because the urban legend of her appearing. The legend is if you say "Bloody Mary" 3-100 times, she appears in the mirror, usually covered with blood. I know most urban legends are fiction, but could this legend be true? I did some research on Mary. I heard she was a light inside the mirror and her bloody image would appear. I read that she would attempt to kill you, she would try to pull you into the mirror world, and she would appear in the dark, then disappear when the lights were turned on.

There were different things you could say for her to appear in different ways. If you say 'Bloody Mary, Bloody baby," she and a baby would appear, covered in blood. If Bloody Mary is real, could Candyman be real? Both can kill people. Some tell this story to scare people. Is there an actually mirror world? You have probably heard about the "mirror world" in cartoons. In the dark you can make yourself believe anything you want, like the monster in the closet. One time my cousin dared me to say "Bloody Mary" three times in the mirror, well I did it and I remember seeing a woman with blonde hair, covered in blood.

Father Christmas writes:

I have actually done "Bloody Mary" and I would just like to say that the only reason it was scary is that the tales are terrifying. My three friends and I were really scared, so we all went into a bathroom together and turned off the lights. We didn't really do it right and light a candle, but when we stared into the mirror, I swear I saw a light in front of me in the mirror. No one else saw it but me. We all screamed and ran out. I heard of Bloody Mary as a different person. I've heard her to be either one of King Henry the 8th's wives who didn't bear a son, so Henry beheaded her, or mother Mary gone bad. I have really done "Bloody Mary" and am alive to tell the story.

Ryan writes:

I'm from Grand Rapids, MI and I've heard about "Bloody Mary", but a different version from the Jackson, Mi story. When I first started playing, it I wasn't clear who this woman was. But later down the road, I had talked to my Mom. She told me it was Mary, Queen of Scotts who was married to King Henry the 8th. She was beheaded because she was believed to be a witch. Actually she was a witch, but he couldn't prove it. It just so happens that I am a descendent from her, my mother also being a witch.

The times I've played the game I haven't seen a light or a woman. The first time I played it, my friend and I saw a tornado coming at us through the mirror. The second time we saw lighting. But when it comes down to getting killed by Mary, I don't know if it can actually happen.... and if it can... I'm not too worried. After all, we are family.

Lauren writes:

My friend and I were in an experimental mood, so we decided to try the "Bloody Mary" version that I heard most often. We stopped at a gas station that had an outdoor restroom and asked if we could use it. We went into it, turned off the lights, splashed water onto the mirror, and spinned around, we said "Bloody Mary" 3 times. Then my friend turned and flushed the toilet, while I stared into the mirror. From what I could see of my reflection in the dark, it started turning into a bright red blob. In amazement, I kept staring. Then my friend started screaming, and we ran out the door in fright. When I could see her face, it was all bloody, like how I saw myself in the mirror. When we cleaned her off, she had small fingernail-type scratches all over her face.

Kelsie writes:

My friend had a slumber party one time and they dared her to do Bloody Mary, you know go into the bathroom turn off the lights, light a candle, chat "Bloody Mary" thirteen times and she will appear. For about 15 minutes, nothing happened. Then we heard her scream and she tried to get out of the bathroom. The door was stuck but it didn't have a lock. When we got her out she was crying and whimpering like a madman. We asked her what happened. She showed us her arms and there were scars there that had never been there before. Tons of them, like 20 scars!!! A few days later they disappeared! She won't tell us what happened or what she saw when we asked her about it. She just looks at us in a hateful way. One time she said she wished it would have been Jenna that did it, because it was Jenna's dare.

Trent writes:

Where I used to live I was about eight or nine years old, Michael, Rudy, and I decided to summon Bloody Mary in an old, abandoned shed. We went in and sat in the center of the floor. We sat in a circle, closed our eyes, and held hands while we summoned Bloody Mary. After a minute or two we could hear things. We stopped and we could see the walls to start spinning and the sounds got louder. We got up, ran away and never returned there. We passed on our story and that's that. About a year later, Rudy moved. After another year passed, I moved, so we were all split up. I think everyone still tells the story about the day we summoned Bloody Mary.

Gwendolyn writes:

Once, a girl named Mary lived in a castle with her step-sister and her step-sister's boy-friend. Mary and her sister hated each other. One day, Mary stole her step-sister's wedding ring and ran away. Her sister sent out guards to find Mary. When they found her, they brought her to the castle of the prince (the step-sister's boyfriend / fiance). That night when the guards came back with Mary, the step-sister and the prince were sitting in front of the lit fireplace. The step-sister grabbed the ring and threw Mary into the fire. When the fire was out, all that was left of Mary was a part of her throat, the esophagus.

To this day, Mary is still looking for her sister to kill her. Of course, her sister is already dead but her spirit still exists. Go into the bathroom, in front of the mirror. Take a candle with you and light it. Turn off all of the lights except the candle and say her FULL name thirteen times (bloody...) and open your eyes, you might see her. But be careful, because every eight years is FRIDAY the 13th of February and if you ever mention her name in your life, on the 13th she will give you a fright night because that is the night she got killed. The last time that it was a FRIDAY the 13th, was this year, 2004. If you want to talk about Mary, say her name like this: "B-Mary."

Sarah writes:

When I was at a slumber party we would tell stories about "Bloody Mary." Here's one of the memorable ones... There was once a girl named Cassie and a girl named Susan. A friend, Sharon called them and asked "do you want to do Bloody Mary? They said "fine" and went to her house. They began to chant "Bloody Mary." When nothing happened, they decided to go home. On the way, they agreed that Bloody Mary was just a superstition. Later, when Sharon was going to take a bath she went out of the room and when she came back the water was blood. Then, when Cassie woke up at night she saw someone walking down the stairway with a bloody knife. The next morning, their mom came in and found them dead and with scars covering their entire face and a bloody knife in their stomach.

Shaun writes:

About two weeks ago, I heard about "Bloody Mary." At first, I wasn't scared because I am a big horror-fan. I love to try these things. Martijn and Joey spent the night at my place, Martijn being the one who is frightened by horror stories. I dared him to do Bloody Mary in the bathroom and after he gathered some of his guts, he finally did it. When he was finished, we asked if something was happening. We couldn't hear anything, no answer. The door was locked and we couldn't get into the bathroom. Joey and I did everything we could to open that door. After we finally got it open, we didn't see anything, so we turned on the light. When we looked at the shower, we noticed the shower curtains were covered in blood. We opened the curtains and saw him just lying on the floor, full of deep fingernail scratches all over his body, on his face and neck...

Sarah writes:

When I first heard about Bloody Mary, I was not scared. Then, my friend came to school and had very deep scars all over her body. I also heard that if you do Bloody Mary, and she does not come out of the mirror, she will haunt you. She might try to kill you at night. Maybe nothing will happen. Or when you are taking a bath, she will make the water turn to blood.

Iris writes:

I don't know how the story of 'Bloody Mary' turned into a murder/sance act, but I do know a bit. Some other people mentioned 'Henry the Eighth', but got some got it wrong. Henry VIII did indeed have six wives, but 'Mary' was his eldest child and only daughter by his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, and not, as some have said, his wife. When Henry died, he left the throne of England to his only son, Edward, who was only nine. The boy was very sickly and was soon out of the way. Thus, Mary was left the crown. She eventually married Prince Philip of Spain.

The biggest problem was with Mary's rule was religion. Her father had
divorced her mother, something that wasn't common in those days, and he had done so by declaring himself Head of the Church of England. Mary was a devout Catholic, and so opposed the act, and all subsequent reform. By the time she got into power, many people were used to Henry's church, and didn't want to change back. Mary wouldn't stand for this, so she started killing off the opposition. She waged war against non-Catholics, killing so many people that she eventually earned the title 'Bloody Mary.'

Breanna writes:

One day in October, we were staying in a hotel when my friend, Kendra was telling us that if you want to do Bloody Mary in a group, that you need to link arms, hold hands and chant "Bloody Mary" fifty times in a pitch-black room. A mirror was needed and our hotel room had a large one. When we did this, it took us several tries because everyone was freaking out. We all knew when we finally got it. We were trapped in a green fog and soon fell silent.

All of the sudden, my friends were with me, covered in blood. Then, they dropped dead. That sent me running down a long corridor that never seemed to end. After seeing huge pictures of the murder victims on the wall, I looked over my shoulder and saw a young girl in a long, black cloak. Her head was floating six inches from the cloak and she had long, white hair, dripping with blood. Her face was white with red, bloodshot eyes. She was chanting "Bloody Mary." I was trying to scream but I couldn't because the green fog was choking me. I saw that she had a long, rusty knife, dripping with blood. She was about to stab me!

I tried again to scream. When I looked forward, I noticed a large door at the end of the corridor, so I went faster. This made the figure angry and she multiplied, and all of them came at me with knives. Then, everything went completely dark... All of the sudden, the lights came on and I was being shaken by my friends. They said that I had turned purple, then white, causing them to panic. When they touched me, I fell over. They thought I was dead! I was completely exhausted and fell asleep. The next morning, I asked my friends if they had seen what I did. They said that they had phased out when they was the scary murder pictures. It was only a couple days ago and I still have a pale face...

Nicole writes:

This is a very true story about B-Mary (do not say her name) that happened to me. One night when my parents were away, my older brother dared me to do the B-Mary ritual and summon her spirit. I didn't believe that it was true so I did it, thinking it would be a good laugh afterwards. I went into the bathroom, turned off all the lights, turned around seven times while saying B-Mary on each turn. I then stopped turning and faced the mirror. I waited in silence for something to happen.

I was about to leave when I heard a woman singing. I turned slowly back to the mirror and I saw her. She had long, dark brown hair that was soaked in blood. Her neck looked like someone had just slit her throat. I screamed. When my brother started banging on the door and turning the lock, she became angry. She was smiling but then she frowned and reached out through the mirror with one bloody arm and slapped/scratched me on the right side of my face. I felt her nails strike so hard that I was knocked to the floor. My head slammed against the side of the bathtub and I was knocked unconscious.

When I woke, I was in the hospital with bandages across the right side of my face. My brother was whispering apologies to me that I could barely understand. My parents were also there. As soon as I opened my eyes they rushed to my side. I discovered that my brother had told them that one of my many cats had scratched me and I had fallen. (I've been scratched by my cats before.) They believed us.

On that same night, we got a call from my aunt. My uncle had died in the same hour that I was attacked! I know it could have been a horrible coincidence but I believe that B-Mary killed my uncle that I loved. Every story I have ever read has said that she will attack only you and not your loved ones. I don't care what the stories say. I think she killed my uncle!

The attack was a year ago and to this day, I still cannot see out of my right eye and that side of my face is stuck in a permanent scream. No one should EVER try to summon that witch that has ruined my life! Please read this and take it seriously. DO NOT summon that evil witch! I don't care what you believe! Believe that I am not telling a lie!

Ezzie writes:

It all happened on Friday the 13th, 2007. Me and my friends all tried to
summon the B-Mary spirit. You may hear that people do it a different way than us. Most people write on the mirror or light candles or say B-Mary while turning around 7 times. That's not the way we did it!

We sat in a circle with our knees touching (you can't break the circle or you will be cursed.) We then said "B-mary b-mary b-mary please may we speak to b-mary." We then flipped a coin (heads=yes tails=no) and asked questions when it landed on heads. We started asking YES or NO questions and when we asked "please may you show us a sign that you're here," she said "no." We asked 2 more times and then she said "yes."

We were playing a CD at the time and it went all jumpy (the CD had no marks on because it was brand new!) We then started feeling dizzy and faint and our vision went funny. Before you break you must say "please may we close the circle" until it says "yes." We kept getting a "no" answer.

We were getting scared at this point. We felt long fingernails brushing rough on our back and faces. The taps turned on by their self then we couldn't get up because we couldn't break the circle. My mom and dad were out shopping and we were the only people in the house. The blinds then started shaking and the window wasn't open. We got so scared that I broke the circle, turned off the taps, shut the curtains and hid. From that day onwards, I have always felt someone behind me. I have a feeling I'm not alone.

Amber from Alabama writes:

So I wandered to the site and was reading through the stories, but the one I grew up with was much, much different.

I don't recall how I ever heard about it but I was told that if you go into your bathroom at midnight and lock the door, you could see her. You had to spin around three times and say her name three times. When you do, you look into the mirror, and Mary would supposedly appear. She'd then ask you three questions. If you got one wrong, she'd scratch you -- long marks that'd go across your back. If you got all three wrong, you'd die. If you got them right, well, I don't know what would happen. I never did it at midnight.

what do u think folks ?????

lets make it a thread for urban legends if u have others u know u can post it here

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Urban Legends, Folklore and Myths

Urban legends thrive on people's deepest fears -- that our safe world can crack at any moment and a madman will change our lives forever. That alone is enough to give anyone some second thoughts about our everyday routine.

Legends and folklore tales range from the maniacal serial killer to the completely unexplained. Everyone loves scary ghost stories around the campfire or in the Fall, when the days get shorter, the nights get longer -- and imaginations run wild.

Chances are you'll find many versions of these stories as they get passed on from person to person. Children have a tendency to twist the plots and make them fit their particular circumstances. The Halloween season seems to bring out the best of local urban legends, both old and new.

Many of these spooky stories are old classics from years past. They may not be the version you've heard, but that's what makes it fun. With the help of our readers, we've got many variations, some relating to ghosts, the supernatural, and hoaxes. These legends are not suitable for young children or the faint of heart. If you've got nerves of steel, proceed with caution...

Get comfortable, dim the lights and read through some classic as well as modern urban legends, myths and folklore. Did it really happen, or was it just a figment of someone's imagination?

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My Story
by Dave Juliano

It started when I was three years old. One night I awoke to find a small child-like figure in my bed with me. He was about 2 feet tall and had the features of a small child, but its head was swollen well beyond a normal size. It was wearing a blue gown with the hands not visible at the end of the sleeves. It was moving its mouth and talking in gibberish. The figure was as real as I was, and it was surrounded by a kind of glowing haze. I ran to my parents' bedroom and woke up my dad, but, of course, he told me to go back to sleep. So I returned to my room and now the figure was standing on my bed. I grabbed a pillow and covered my face and jumped on the bed. It was gone. That started something that would last the next 26 years.

I'll condense the years up until 1990. Those appearances, while still frightening, never really made me feel threatened. During this period, which included teenage years, I saw the figure with the same frequency. My bedroom is located at the end of a hallway with 2 other bedrooms before mine. At the other end of the hallway is a landing that blocks the view to the steps. From my bed I could look out my door and down the hall to the landing and the top of the steps. I always knew right before the figure would appear, because the hair on the back of my neck would stand up and I would get uncontrollable chills. The figure would then appear either on top of the landing or come around the base of the landing and start down the hall toward my room. It never seemed to pay any attention to the other rooms at all. I would normally panic and either shut my door or run into my parents' room and sleep on the floor. Imagine finding your 18 year old son curled up on your bedroom floor when you wake up in the morning. My parents and sister didn't really fully believe that I was seeing this apparition. I also would stay up late, being the night person that I am, and watch TV. In my living room, we have the stairs that lead up to the 2nd floor. It has a wooden railing on it that goes the length of the last 4 steps. I would often see the figure on the steps watching me from the 3rd or 4th step and then disappear. The only real changes during this time period were that the figure was losing its color and becoming more transparent.

Now things will change drastically. A neighbor, with some knowledge of this sort of activity, told me to confront the figure and tell it to leave and never come back. I was to tell it that I was its power source and I was shutting off the power. I did this and enjoyed about a year of no sightings. Around this time, I told the story to my girlfriend of the time. She thought that its description sounded like a baby with water on the brain and still wearing its gown from the hospital. She thought that it was a lost soul trying to contact me to help it with some task, so that it could finally rest in peace. I started to look into the house's history and my family's. The house sits on land that was farmland and a dirt road only 150 years ago. The land was owned by one man and he had his farm and homestead around the area of my house (the main house of his estate is one block from my house and is still standing) My house is 40 years old and we are the 2nd family to live in it. The couple before us had no children that we know about. I have a sister 3 years younger than me and no other siblings. I have asked my parents if they had a child that died that I was unaware of, but they didn't. So after all my checking, I found nothing that could explain the apparition.

After a week of thinking about the interpretation my girlfriend had given, guilt of banishing the figure overcame me. I asked it to come back one night and told it I would help it. The very next night the sightings started again , but with much greater intensity. I can say now, NEVER do what I did, once it's gone, let it stay gone. The sightings would happen more frequently and sometimes they would terrify me. The figure looked the same but something was very different. I was sure what it was, but now there was another force in addition to the familiar figure. I began to see small black colored creatures which I can only describe as imps. They were solid black, 1-2 feet tall and ran around on all fours. They appeared mostly in the living room and coming from the hall closet.

Now to explain the rest of the house set up that pertains to the story. The man that lived here before us started to dig out a basement, but he never completed it. All that remains is a 3-4 foot crawl space accessible from outside the house. The hall closet was to be the stairs down to the basement. He had started making the stairs going down but he boarded it all up when he stopped digging the basement. The stairs going up to the 2nd floor are directly over the would-be basement step and the hall closet. So there are 2 ways from inside the house to access the crawl space, if you really wanted to, rip up the 3rd or 4th step of the stairs or knock out the back of the closet. I began to make the connection between where the figures appeared and where the access ways were.

The sightings got more intense and sometimes they even drove me from my house. Normally, my dog would sense the small figure and act funny when it was around, but now when the imps appeared my dog would be in a very deep sleep and I could never wake him up. I would either leave the house and stay over at a friends. Sometimes I would be knocking on her door at 2 a.m. terrified. Other times, if I was able to get between them and the steps, I would make a run for it to my room or my parents' room, because, even these creatures would not venture in the bedrooms. My mother was noticing my moods and I had told her about the new happenings so she told me to get her the next time I saw the figure or imps. The next time I saw the figure upstairs coming down the hall, I ran into her room and woke her up. I led her out into the hall where the figure still was. I pointed to it and it began to back away and go down the steps. I chased it down to the 3rd step where it vanished. While she could not see it, she could tell by my eye movements that I was watching something moving across the hall and steps. I think that's when my family started to believe a little.

I became used to these new additions because they never did any harm but they did make me feel very uneasy. The figure was becoming even more transparent. Certain lamps in the house would go on and off by themselves often with other witnesses around. I would hear the TV go on in the middle of the night when I knew no one was downstairs. I had theorized that the figure needed help to appear because it was slowly fading away. I assumed the imps were helping him, but the figure was still fading. I was waiting for a new addition to the cast, so the figure could still appear, since I still hadn't figured out what it wanted me to do.

The sightings stopped again for a few months. I spoke with a parapsychologist , but then decided to leave well enough alone. I didn't want things getting worse. I decided to go into the crawl space and check out the area under the stairs. I took my dog down there with me and I crawled to the area. There had not been anyone under there for years before this. I found an Old Maid playing card with not a bit of dust on it right under the 3rd step. We have wall to wall carpeting so this did not fall through the joints. I hadn't seen that deck of cards for over 20 years, but here was one. It had one corner that looked like it had been dipped in acid, but the rest was in good shape. I took it and put in a pocket bible and put it in my car.

The sightings started again, only very small. I would call my girlfriend on the cordless phone and tell her it's happening again and then walk upstairs while still on the phone with her. The next time was the worst of all. The figure appeared very bright, like it did years ago, but it didn't look very happy. The imps appeared again but they were more bold this time. Then a 7 foot tall man- shaped black figure appeared. It looked like it was either made of smoke or some liquid. It looked semi-solid and you couldn't see through it. At the same time, the room was filled with imps and a bearded old mans face took shape on the wall and started mumbling. The face was about 6 foot high and 4 foot wide. The familiar figure looked like it was sorry for doing this to me. I left the house and sat in my car until dawn.

I knew I had to confront this new entity and try to drive it away. I also figured that if it wanted me, it was going to get me either way, so I had nothing to lose. My sanity, life and maybe my soul were on the line and I honestly believed this was the only way to stop it before it branched out. I was the original power source, so I was going to shut off the power. The next night I prayed for protection and the strength to drive this evil away. I had a bible handy as I sat up as usual listening to my CD's. About 2 a.m., I noticed my dog was in one of those deep, deep sleeps and I began to look around. The figure and the Tall black figure appeared along with the rest of the apparitions. I informed them in the calmest voice I could get at this time, that I was taking away their power and they had no hold on me or power over me. I told them I, my family and house was protected by God and they could not harm us. I walked right past the tall figure and the imps moved out of my way. I walked right up the steps and never looked back.

That was about 2 years ago and I have not seen them since. We placed a bible on the stairs and a cross in the closet to block off their entrances. I still feel there is a presence there that tries to get me to let in it. I still hear bumping and walking around, but the apparitions are gone, banished to the crawl space I assume. They will not get another portal in here so they will remain there. We did have the house blessed years ago, every where except the crawl space. I think that might be the answer to end it all for good.

Footnotes 1998:
I have learned alot since I first put my story to paper. I now realize that many of my reactions to the majority of the encounters were, while natural, not necessary. The house was haunted by an earthbound spirit and when I had asked it to leave, it stopped contacting me, but was still there. It never harmed me and was only trying to get my attention. Because I didn't understand what was happening, I reacted the way everyone else would, with fear. I did tell it it could come back and the way I did it caught the attention of other earthbound spirits in the area and one non human one. The majority of the experiences after I opened the door back up were with human spirits, some not as friendly as the original one who also came back. While there was one encounter with something I believe was a non human entity, the majority of the other spirits were earthbound human spirits. In regards to the black imps, let me just say that these may have been either type of spirit, I'm still not sure at this point. I have researched them further but I am unable to say with out a doubt that they were evil. I believe the tall black figure was evil though.

aishwaryagayen IF-Rockerz

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Updated Happenings in the Dave Juliano's House: Jan. 1997

Alot of people ask me what's been happening recently so here is a brief account.

I moved out of my parents house last January, not because of the hauntings, but I moved in with my fianc. This is the last "event" that occurred about 2 weeks before I left.

I had been doing my normal work on the web pages and decided to go to bed about 2 am. I walked up the stairs and down the hall. As I passed my parents bedroom door I dropped a paper that I was carrying and I bent over to pick it up. As I was getting back up, the door knob of my parents room starting turning and the door opened up about 4 inches. A female called my name and I said "what?". I was startled at first because it had surprised me, then I said "what?" again and opened the door myself. Both my parents were sounds asleep and my mother who was laying closes to the door, was facing away from the door. This was not the first time I had heard a woman's voice talking to me, but this time it was very close, like she was talking right next to me. I got a little spooked by this simply because the hauntings had been relatively quiet for almost a year, with the exception of the "knocking" I had heard in the attic on and off. I went back downstairs to get my dog and bring him upstairs with me. He noticed nothing and we went to bed. As I lay there I started to notice some collectibles I had hanging from the ceiling on fishing line began to move. The windows were closed and no air movement in the room enough to move these items at all. As I watched, and my dog noticed this too, the items began to swing wildly around the room. I was still shaken up a bit by what happened earlier with the voice. I began to go through my ritual of banning the spirits from being there and sending them away. After about 10 minutes of this, it all stopped. I got the impression that the spirits knew I was leaving shortly and wanted to give me one last parting shot. I hadn't been through an episode this active and confrontational in a while , so me and the dog paid a late night visit to my fiance and spent the rest of the night there to insure uninterrupted sleep.

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Uncle Mike

Interview by Dave Juliano

I interviewed the owner of this haunted house located in southern New Jersey about 12 years ago. This is the story she told of some incidents in her house and others with her family. This house is on a quiet street in a small town.

It started in the early sixties , when Joan's brother Mike started dating a wild girl whom the family called Reds. One night out, Mike and Reds were joy riding around Philadelphia. Both of them were intoxicated. Reds kept telling Mike to drive faster and faster. His speed still did not satisfy she reached her foot over and stepped on the gas pedal, Mike lost control and slammed into a utility pole. Reds was killed in the crash and Mike was seriously injured. He was even unable to attend the funeral. He was ordered to remain at home in bed. When the family returned from the funeral they went up to Mike's room. As soon as they walked in the door Mike began to describe exactly what Reds was wearing in the coffin, down the rings and other jewelry. The family asked him how he knew all this since he wasn't there. He told them that Reds had just been there to visit him.

Years later Joan's son, Bobby, was supposed to ship out to Vietnam on the following morning. His Uncle Mike told him he would stop by in the morning to give him a lucky coin that would bring him good luck and protect him. His Uncle was very persistent about Bobby getting this coin. The next day, The whole family was there to see bobby off at the airport except for his Uncle Mike.. As they waited for him to arrive Bobby bought his 2 young sisters Raggy Ann dolls. His Uncle never showed up and Bobby had to leave without the lucky coin. When Joan arrived home her neighbors told her to put on the TV and watch the news. She turned on the TV and the scene was of her brother Mike laying dead in the street. He had been killed while attempting to rob a bank, he was trying to steal a coin collection.

One night while Bobby was on guard duty near the front lines, He saw a figure approaching him in the distance. He called out for the person to identify themselves. Bobby had never fired his gun at a person before and He was hesitating. The figure was even closer in an instant and he recognized it, it was his dead Uncle Mike. His Uncle told him to turn around and he spun around to be face to face with a North Vietnam soldier with his bayonet raised. He fired instantly killing the enemy soldier. He quickly turned around but his uncle was gone. Joan received many letters form men in Bobby platoon who told of mines not going off, shells veering off in opposite directions, etc. All of these occurred when Bobby's life was in danger. His uncle had failed to give him the lucky coin, so he was protecting him from beyond.

During the war the sisters had started sleeping in Bobby's room. This was the same room that Red's had visited years before. One night they both awoke to find the Raggy Ann dolls sitting up in bed laughing at them.

After the war Bobby went to work as a bus driver. On one late night run he got the feeling of his Uncle's presence just like in Viet Nam. He heard his Uncle say "turn around", he did and there was a man with a knife ready to stab him. He overpowered the man and called the police. Bobby still has times when his Uncle Mike appears to aid him.

The day before I conducted this interview Joan's grandchildren were over and were playing in the room that was once Mike and Bobby's room. They ran downstairs to Joan and her friend and claimed someone was watching them as they played. The women went upstairs to look. The room was very cold, but they found no intruder. The girls said they were being watched form the closet. Joan showed the girls there was nothing in the closet, she even stood inside to point this out. As she stood in the closet, she looked up and noticed a small hole in the ceiling above the closet door. She inspected the hole and found a box full of old clothes and things. Among them were the Raggy Ann dolls that had come alive years before.

For the skeptics among you, I met Joan through my Mother at our Church. She became a good friend of the family and later became our town's mayor. I also know Bobby, he was my football coach. Real people, real story.

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ths was pretty intersitng well anyways thanx 4 the pm
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very nice
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The Dark Lady in Green Bay


When I was about nine or ten, my mother, my sister and I, lived in an older two story brick house. We rented the bottom half and an older lady lived upstairs. The older lady moved out after awhile, to live with her daughter, so my mother rented the top half of the house too, so that my sister and I could each have our own rooms. My sister got what was the "living room" area of the upstairs apartment (it had once been a bedroom, and I got the actual bedroom. It was really pretty with floral wallpaper and everything, very feminine. Across the room from the door, there was another door which lead into a very smallish room, with slanted ceilings (it was in the "gable" of the house) and a very small window. Off of this little room, was a very little door that entered into a part of the attic.

I was pretty excited about the prospect of having my own room once again (we'd lived in many many houses, and most of the time, I had my own room, I was pretty used to it). I even moved my desk in the little room, which for some reason I named "the nursery" even though I was older than that doll age and there was little physical evidence of the room ever being used as such. It was always extremely cold in there and after a month, I moved my desk back. I was also extremely uneasy about having that door open, and I would even prop things up against it, because sometimes, even though it had a pretty good latch, it would open by itself in the middle of the night.

Then, I specifically remember one night, I woke up and thought my mother was in the room. My bed was situated so the door to the nursery was at the foot of my bed. Standing in front of the door, at my feet, was an adult shape, but it was all shadows. I think that I covered my head and tried to go back to sleep. Another time, when I was sick, I woke up and the shape was back. I got the distinct impression that I had called out to my mom in my head, and the figure was answering the call. I sat up a little bit, to see if it was shadows from the window or something, but the figure remained. Then I let out a bloody scream for my mom and the figure rushed across the room to the door leading into the hall. It passed directly through the light coming off of the street, and it was definately a solid black or shrouded figure. I got the impression that it was a sad lady. I never told my mom because I didn't think that she would believe me. Then, after a few more months, my mom moved us back downstairs because she could no longer afford the rent for the upstairs. We moved again after another year.

There were some other strange things about this house. There were definate hollow spots in the walls and strange noises came from them sometimes. Also, the basement had several different rooms, including a coal room and this strange meat locker type room. I got the distinct impression of evil that came from that room. Also, once I thought I saw a big grinning face in the dark where that door was.

The strange thing about this, which makes me think that it wasn't just a nine-year-old's active imagination (ok, well, the face may have been), is that about two years ago, I was talking with my mom about ghosts and faces that you see out of the corner of your eye. I kept saying "Haven't you ever done that? Thought you saw someone?" and she kept saying "No, never." After I let the subject drop, she brought it up again. She said "Actually, remember the brick house on Shawano? Remember when you girls were sleeping in that upstairs part? I went up there one day when you were in school to pick up dirty towels and I was standing by your closet, looking out the window when I just got this funny feeling. Then I thought I saw a woman standing there looking at me, but when I turned my head she was gone. It was over by that little cold room in the front of the house. Remember that room?"

I had never told her about the incident and, while I was growing up, we had lived in about fifteen different houses, so there was no reason for her to just pick that house at random.

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