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Posted: 17 February 2010 at 3:05pm | IP Logged
Hope this helps all Sanraj fans and Gopikas. Enjoy!!!

Note: I don't visit the site daily to read posts so if you have any requests/comments, do PM me.  I will visit daily (or as often as Sanraj scenes) to update this post!! Big smile

1. Jan 20 - Santu breaks DMs rule and enters the temple before him!

2. Jan 26 - DM overhears Jaggu threatening Santu about him having stolen Nanaji's money

3. Feb 5 - The Wedding

4. Feb 12 - Santu brought home after the wedding

4a. Feb 16 - DM emotional. Convinces Baa Santo means nothing to him, it's still Subhi

5. Feb 23 - DM angry with Santo thinking she spilled the beans to the kids about their marriage

5a. Feb 19 - Santo pours water for DM to wash hands

6. Feb 24 - After Hiten leaves home, Santu tries to talk to DM, gives him Subhi marriage album!

7. Feb 24 - Saumilbhai the cupid visits

8. Feb 25 - DM hurts Santu's arm (angry at seeing her in Subhi's clothes)

9. Feb 26 - Santu's ear bleed in the car on the way to the award event

10. Mar 2 - DM-Santu interview of how they met and married!

11. Mar 2 - DM-Santu at the village over a hubby abusing his wife, DM apologizes quietly

12. Mar 3 - Lost earing justice

13. Mar 5 - DM beaten up badly...bleeding

14. Mar 9 - Santu reveals the attacker to DM and tries to stop him from going out

15. Mar 10 - Buttoned up Kurta scene

16. Mar 11 - Holi pheras and colors

16a. Mar 12 ' Chirpy Mongi plays holi with her banevilal (DM)

17. Mar 12 - Pallu wipe (well, almost!) scene at holi

18. Mar 17 -Diya for Mawri needs ghee...DM steps in

18a. Mar 23 ' Hiten dismisses DM from his final rights over him

18b. Mar 23 ' DM breaks down after he sentences Hiten for Mowri killing

18c. Mar 24, 25 ' DM beats Maulik for fake trust rcpt and later blesses him on his b'day

18d. Mar 25 - DM signs on b'day card next to Santo's name

19. Mar 25 - Holding hands (Saumilbhai's doing!) at Maulik's b'day dance

20. Mar 27 - Santu takes DM ashirwad before verdict day

21. Mar 27 - Santu instills new nyay for dharampur

22. Mar 30 - DM thanks Santu (at the well) for passing good verdict on Maulik

23. Mar 31 - Santu asks DM why he allowed Hiten to take punishment and when can she be Malkin!!

24. Apr 1 - Suraj lost and Meghna arrival

25. Apr 2 - Suraj enjoyed hide n seek and wants to play again, Santu keeps Anusthan

26. Apr 3 - Santu's first night in DMs roon (thanks to Megs)

27. Apr 3 - Next morning, Santu fixes pillow under DMs head!

28. Apr 3 - Megs gifts Santu a necklace and asks DM to put it on her

29. Apr 7 - Santu removes Subhi stuff from DM closet to make room for hers!

30. Apr 7 - Santu asked to sit beside DM at dinner, DM Santu feed each other Anusthan prasad

31. Apr 8 - Santu (with Megs) calling DM at factory to inform him of Antakshri

32. Apr 8 -Santu sings Subhi song and her cracking up at DMs besura singing!

33. Apr 9 - DM thinks Santu is taking over Subhi's spot, throws her out of the room at night

34. Apr 10 - Santu lies to Megs as to why she slept in Mandir, DM confronts her

35. Apr 13 - Santu puts apples in his room and saves his namak fiasco in daal dhokli

36. Apr 15 - DM asks Santo to call home and tell Hiten to hide as Megs is going there

37. Apr 23 - Santu trips into DMs arms in the dark!!!

37a. Apr 24 ' DM beats Maulik when he finds him hiding in the store room

38. Apr 28 - Cricket - Santo batting, DM hurt by Santo's ball

39. Apr 28 - Santu applies eyedrops to DM

40. Apr 29 - Santu's Mangalsutra caught in DMs Kurta

41. Apr 30 - Megs gone, Santo back to old clothes and leaving DMs room

42. May 5 - DM appreciates Santu's rangoli, she is happy and does fundadi with Champu

43. May 5 - Too much sugar in tea incidence

44. May 6 - Suraj imitates DM per Santu's instruction...SanRaj moment at the end!

45. May 8 - Santu burned her fingers, DM applies malam

45a. May 8 ' DM teaches Birwa math and Birwa helps DM with English chit-pit

45b. May 8 ' DM n Viraat face off over tasking care of villagers

46. May 13 - Santu convincing DM to go to the village to carve the other diamond

47. May 13 - Diamond carving, bindi straigtening and Thenkoo - all in one!

48. May 14 - Paghdi tying

49. May 15 - Santo wins dance and gets Kangan

50. May 18 - DM takes Santu to a guest room where she will sleep from now on

51. May 19 - DM gives Santu a gift -- Payal or Mirror!!

52. May 21 - DM brings Hiten a gift and takes Santu back home for Baroda trip

53. May 22 - Car breaks down and DM gets Santu to drive while he pushes

54. May 22 - They stopped at the well for water and then for tea

55. May 25 - Santu gets hurt. DM nurses and gets doctor for injection

56. May 25 - Santu sings at Megs' party after DM urges her

57. May 26 - DM tells Megs its striyon ka dept and gives phone to Santu, says he will personally invite Nanaji

58. May 28 - DM puts mehndi S on his hand for Subhi OR Santu?

59. Jun 11 - DM tells Santo she handled Kaduu situation well and apologizes to her

60. Jun 12 - DM enjoys tea prepared by Santo

61. Jun 16 - Santo tells DM Shanky is ready to marry Kaduu

62. Jun 16 - DM wipes sindoor off Santo's face and requests bhajias since its raining!

63. Jun 17 - DM savors the bhajias

64. Jun 17 - Santo removes Subhi portrait from DMs room for barsi

65. Jun 19 - Santo tries to hang Subhi portrait back all by herself!

65a. Jun 19 ' Maulik drunk. DM and Baa slap him for his attitude

66. Jun 22 - Not SanRaj but a clip for keeps -- the precious Bidaii scene

66a. Jun 23 ' Santo tells DM Maulik was drunk at Kaduu's wedding

67. Jun 24 - Not SanRaj but hilarious DM -- Table Manners scene

68. Jul 6 - DM back from Antwerp and comes to know about Shambhu to be his Saadu

69. Jul 8 - Santu brings tea for DM and asks for her gift

70. Jul 8 - Santu flirts!! Purposely mis-aligns bindi for DM to fix n offers to bring tea

70a. Jul 9 - DM slips up and refers to Santo as Malkin in front of Baa and Bapuji

71. Jul 10 - DM upset he referred to Santu as Malkin, watches her drying her wet hair

71a. Jul 10 ' DM shows Baa his pic in newspaper but Baa upset with him

72. Jul 10 - DM talking to Khemi as Santo watches, Santu thanks him n he calls her popat

73. Jul 13 - DM gifts Santo Payals he brought for Subhi at Khemi's engagement

73a. Jul 16 ' DM and Hiten face-off over Hiten and Khemi when DM learns of Toral

73b. Jul 31 - DM back from Jamkhambadiya trip and his eyes desperately search for Santo

74. Aug 3 - DM visits Santo not knowing Moti had Santo sign divorce papers

75. Aug 4 - DM watches Santo make earthen pots then goes in to enjoy her tea

76. Aug 5 - DM goes to pick up Santo for Saumilbhai's surprise party

77.Aug 6 - Santo enjoys the cake, DM wipes cake off her nose!!

78. Aug 7 - DM misses Santo before he learns of divorce. Hilarious chat with Baa!

79. Aug 7 - DM tears divorce papers

80. Aug 10 - Santo pleads DM to give her a divorce so Hiten-Khemi can pair up

81. Aug 10 - DM surprised to see Santo home after the divorce plea. Grants her wish

82. Aug 12 - Santo tells DM Khemi is found. DM thinks of divorce!

83. Aug 13 - Lost jewels found on Suraj. Santo plays Yashoda

84. Sept 1 - DM back from trip (vacation!) and learns of Birwa issue

85. Sept 2 - Kurta-Saree color matching confusion

86. Sept 2 - DM ishara to Santo to go dance at Megs' party

87. Sept 2 - Santo gives DM advice about Birwa schooling and talks about divorce

87a. Sep 2 - Santo tells DM that Hiten is fixed with Toral. DM mad as he had promised Hiten he would get Hiten-Khemi married

87b. Sep 2 - DM stubbornly refuses to dance but goes to convince Hiten he should dance n smile

88. Sept 3 - Antakshri at Megs' party where Santo sings Ajeeb dastaan

89. Sept 3 - DM and Santo share a room at Megs' and Santo's memory floods!

90. Sept 4 - DM announces HitMi marriage, Baa upset

91. Sept 4 - DM shows Santo Khemi's jewelry and talks about divorce

92. Sept 7 - Santo and DM wish for each other at Khodiyaar Maa well

93. Sept 7 - Emotional DM tells Santo not to make his tea or fuss over things for him

94. Sept 8 - DM catches Santo grinding empty mirchi pot, Santo want to visit first Mandir

95. Sept 9 - Emotional divorce paper signing and thumb printing

96. Sept 9 - DM realizes Suraj needs Santo and her loris

97. Sept 10 - DM asks Santo to be happy at HitMi engagement

98. Sept 14 - DM goes to get Santo for Baa, Nanaji says no, DM stomps out, Santo still goes

99. Sept 15 - Baa is released from hospital. DM requests Santo to stay home n help

100. Sept 16 - DM catches Moti being rude to Santo. DM puts Moti in her spot

101. Sept 16 - Santo falls when removing Subhi pic. DM helps her (but not with bindi!!)

102. Sept 16 17 - Santo returns mangalsutra to DM. DM sad!

103. Sept 18 - Santo brings Garbha home. DM performs all rituals (washes her feet!)

104. Sept 21 - DM and Santo fast and do arti together over the garbha

105. Sept 21 - DM applies malam to Santos burn from touching hot Garbha

106.Sept 23 - Santo helps Moti by foiling Maulik's plan to tell DM

107. Sept 23 24 - DM recalls Subhi's pot dance as he observes Santo

108. Sept 25 - Santo about to feed DM and Hiten interrupts about divorce delay

109. Sept 28 - DM asks Santo to sit in the havan with him and returns the mangalsutra

110. Sept 28 - DM and Santo do havan together

111. Sept 29 - Santo returns the clothes after the havan but not the mangalsutra!

112. Sept 30 - Final garbha rituals and return of the garbha

113. Sept 30 - Santo and DM break their fast together

114. Oct 1 - Dashera and DM explains to Kaduu why he decided to let Santo go (her own good!)

115. Oct 2 - Santo stitches button on DMs Kurta

116. Oct 5, 6 - DM stops Santo from leaving

117. Oct 6 - Santo shares her happiness of staying with Champu, DM watches her

118. Oct 6 - Santo thanks DM for stopping her from leaving

119. Oct 7 - Santo tells DM Hiten/Toral are ready for marriage

120. Oct 7 - DM n Santo take Hiten rishta to Saumilbhai and stop for sugar cane juice

121. Oct 8 - Santo falls in kichad and dresses in DMs clothes looking like bhootni

122. Oct 9 - Baa and Meghna trick DM n Santo into a diamond necklace for Santo

123. Oct 12 - Santo serves DM tea in high heels and trips!

124. Oct 12 - Santo decked out as groom's mother and DM gifts her diamond necklace

125. Oct 13 - DM feels guilty at HiRal engagement for having fixed up Santo for marriage

126. Oct 14 - Santo learns of DMs plan for her marriage and asks for nyaay

127. Oct 15 - Santo gets her nyaay and hugs DM

128. Oct 15 - DM announces to family that he will marry Santo

128a. Oct 15 - Santo talks to DM about honeymoon (amtwerp then pawagarh)

129. Oct 19 - Kids play act on DM/Santo/Motiben. DM good sport but Moti...???

130. Oct 19 - DM tells Santo to be careful. He may not support her against Moti even if Moti is wrong

131. Oct 20 - DM and Santo go to pet hospital to give donation

132. Oct 20 - Santo sees DM-Subhi old album and likes young DM!

133. Oct 20 - DM approves of Santo mehndi color and Anamika calls about Santo's payal

133a. Oct 20 - DM gets Pithi in prep for 2nd wedding

134. Oct 21 - DM-Santo 2nd wedding

135. Oct 21 - DM-Santo grah pravesh

136. Oct 21 - DM-Santo play kodi rasam and Santo wins

137. Oct 22 - Santo sits on DMs decorated bed and dreams of DM

138. Oct 22 - DM removes extra necklaces on duffod Santo and proceed to reception

139. Oct 26 - Santo plays Subhi's song to jog Anamika's memory

140. Oct 26 - DM calls Santo Dharamraj ki dharampatni and hugs her

141. Oct 27 - DM tells Santo how Subhi dies in his arms while Anamika hurts her hand

142. Oct 27 - Subhi was leftie, DM asks Anamika to sign papers so he can catch her out

143. Oct 27 - DM insists to Santo Ana is not Subhi, wipes her tears and hugs her

144. Oct 28 - DM explains to Santo why Subhi portrait does not match her pics

145. Oct 28 - DM assures Santo Ana is not Subhi just coz she sang the same lori

146. Oct 30 - Santo packs for honeymoon

147. Oct 30 - Santo unpacks, DM stops her and explains the delay

148. Nov 2 - DM helps Santo decorate Tulsi kund and Santo spills color on his kurta

149. Nov 2 - Santo wears tedhi saree hoping DM will fix. He said he will on honeymoon!

150. Nov 2 - Santo comes for Tulsi vivah, DM jokes about how well she wore the saree

151. Nov 4 - DM tells Santo that Subhi answered the last ques and proved she is Subhi

152. Nov 4 - DM reminds Santo that she still has a place in the house and kisses forehead

153. Nov 4 - Santo takes Subhi prepared tea to DM n DM asks her if she will ever grow up

154. Nov 9 - Santo runs out as DM does not support her when accused of garlanding the portrait, DM manaofies her on the terrace

155. Nov 9 - Kaduu fusses over Subhi's fav food, DM insists Santo eat with them and serves her

156. Nov 10 - DM preoccupied about Ana/Pinu and Santo interrupts with seera and thinking of returning to Nanaji

157. Nov 11 - DM asks Santo to go Nanaji's the next day and tells her she is not so duffod

158. Nov 12 - DM asks Santo to shell out a dand for him for taking Ana to SanRaj room!

159. Nov 13 - Santo doles out the sazaa for him to never let her go

160. Nov 13 - SanRaj stop at a new eatery in Dharampur and enjoy "Tu Maro Kaun Lage"

161. Nov 13 - The first night together loaded with Machhars and a Suraj!!!

162. Nov 13 - Baa teases DM about not being able to sleep tonite (suhagaraat hai)

163. Nov 16 - Family convinces DM it's time to take Santo on honeymoon

164. Nov 16 - DM finds Subhi's diary again. Santo takes it away to Moti quickly.

165. Nov 16 - Family picnic and DM helpd Santo up a shakey ladder

166. Nov 17 - Kho Kho at picnic and DM lets Santo win

167. Nov 17 - DM bet he can get fruit Off a tree for Santo...but didn't climb!

168. Nov 17 - DM helps with men can cook better than women contest at picnic

169. Nov 17 - DM promises to fullfil Santos wishes on top of a hay chalet

170. Nov 17 - Suhagraat in a tent and DM talks of new start and no secrets

171. Nov 18 - Santo tells DM Motiben is married

171. Nov 18 - DM learns entire truth about Moti-Kanji-Maulik (part 1) (Part 2)

172. Nov 19 - DM gives Subhi portrait a piece of his mind

173. Nov 20 - Moti comes to talk to DM although DM had refused

174. Nov 23 - DM punishes Santo with paas rahegi magar saath nahin

175. Nov 23 - DM visits Kanji (his Banevilal) and tells all

176. Nov 24 - DM and Santo share the room but DM ignores her

176a. Nov 24 - DM and Santo run into each other and DM notices she is not wearing Payals

177. Nov 24 - Taru's (Motinben's) Bidaii

178. Nov 25 - DM misses Taru, Santo upset, DM refuses tea from Santo, asks Champu for it

179. Nov 26 - Santo talks to DM about handling Maulik

180. Nov 26, 27 - DM refuses to attend Santos cake cutting

181. Nov 27 - Santo give a bhashan to DM about all that she has endured and more

182. Nov 30 - Finally a suhagraat

183. Dec 1 - Santo massages DMs back

184. Dec 2 - Bird poops on DMs shoulder (7 children!!) Santo wants Singhoda

185. Dec 2 - Santo convinces DM to watch catwalk DVD and take part

186. Dec 3 - DM pulls Santo's leg as he watches the fashion show DVD

187. Dec 3 - Final practice for catwalk and DM ki naak kati

188. Dec 3 - DM fixes Santo's saree and Suraj notices!!!

189. Dec 4 - DM n Santo walk the ramp

190. Dec 7 - Santo asks DM to taste the food and DM scares them with his comment!

191. Dec 8 - DM hangs Santo portrait by Subhi's and teases her on where she will sleep

191a. Dec 9 ' Santo seeks DM approval on her saree and DM asks for a peck on cheek

192. Dec 10 - DM helps Santo with paloo and she scream prematurely

193. Dec 10 - Santo asks DM to do garba with her and he reminds her of his age!

194. Dec 23 - DM applies nail varnish for Santo

195. Dec 23 - Santo helps DM make kulhad, DM talks about POA and consoles Santo

196. Dec 23 - DM furious over torn shagun saree given to Santo (by Moti)

197. Dec 24 - DM confronts Moti for the torn shagun saree she gave to Santo

198. Dec 24 - DM n Santo photo at Hiten's wedding. Santo asks for Moti/Kanji to sit as parents

199. Dec 25 - Santo back from Raandel Maa, DM misses her. Santo does not tell

200. Dec 25 - Santo raves of all the happy jodis, DM upset she does not mention Sanraj!!

201. Dec 28 - DM learns about Moti's Raandel Maa plot and "punishes" Santo with pride

202. Dec 28 - DM catches Santo imitating him and plants a kiss and asks her to imitate !!

203. Dec 30 - DM feels he wronged Santo by marrying her. Santo convinces him otherwise.

203a. Dec 31 ' Toral comes to get DMs permission to have a New Year party

204. Dec 31 - Santo asks DM for permission to go to Nanajis but appears to be hiding some

204a. Jan 1 ' DM asks Santo for New Year resolution to never keep secrets

205. Jan 4 - DM yells at Santo for lying to him and bans her from stepping out the house

206. Jan 4, 5 - Dr. calls DM about Santo, he rushes to the hospital'Dr was nice to stop operation

207. Jan 5 - DM visits Santo at hospital, she takes vachan no kids until the 6 r cared for

208. Jan 5 - Banter about Pati/Patni mein aise jhaghde hote rehte front of Moti

209. Jan 5 - DM takes down Subhi portrait and puts up Santo's

210. Jan 5 - Sanraj countdown for first Anniv and family comes in to wish them

210a. Jan 6 - DM gives Santo a new name -- Bandini

210b. Jan 6 - A bhavai to celebrate their Anniv...DM gives a cute nudge to Santo (shortest clip)

210c. Jan 7 - DM n Santo cut Anniv cake, feed each other. DM feeds Suraj and he spills

210d. Jan 7 - Santo washes her cake smudged face and sindoor runs as DM gets hurt

211. Jan 18 - Suraj tells DM everyone went to Mandir wearing white. DM goes and learns Arjan is dead

212. Jan 19 - M-family tries to convince DM that Santo killed Arjan. DM does not buy it

213. Jan 19 - DM visits Santo in Jail but she still does not reveal the truth

214. Jan 27 - DM tyaags family, business etc coz of vachan Khemi took from him to not see Santo

215. Jan 29 - Khemi and Krishna at temple for Arjan Puja and DM comes there as Santo watches

216. Jan 29 - DM comes home after puja but snubs each of the family members as he goes upstairs

217. Jan 29 - DM n Santo missing each other as the kids come to give DM fruits

218. Feb 1 - DM hears Santo's voice outside his room and he rushes out to check

218a. Feb 2 ' DM does not get to see Santo and Viraat comes with Birwa rishta

219. Feb 3 - DM gets hiccups and Santo worries outside the closed door. Both count backwards

220. Feb 3 - DM finds "lakshmi" with house key and Khemi catches Bansuri. Santo reveals gunghat

221. Feb 4 - Santo asked to leave the house. She turns to DM but he is no help...dead!

222. Feb 12 - Santo & ashram women come to M-mansion asking DM for Nyay against Maulik n Sandeep

223. Feb 12 - DM sees Santo's image in mirror...tells her he will remain quiet just like she did

224. Feb 12 - Despite popular belief, DM comes to give nyay per Santo's challenge

225. Feb 15 - DM ready to give nyay but Santo's witnesses chicken out so no nyay!! :(

226. Feb 16 ' Santo pulls the POA trump to stay at M-Mansion

227. Feb 17 - Santo in DMs room, her paloo goes flying. DM helps her and wraps his shawl on her

227a. Feb 18 - Santo helps Suraj with his Dhoti

228. Feb 18 - DM tells Santo he is alive again, she can be malkin but not his heart's Bandini

229. Feb 18 - DM comes to the mandir and ends POA tamasha and attends Hiten's puja

230. Feb 19 - DM n Hiten pour milk over the shiv-ling, Santo gets purified with milk too

231. Feb 19 - DM talks to Baa about his doubts...Santo killing Arjan. Baa happy DM is "back"

232. Feb 22- DM asks Santo for the tijori keys, Santo asks how much money he wants! lol, no keys

233. Feb 23 - DM talks to Baa about Santo's behavior. Baa pleased that she brought DM the father out of his shell

234. Feb 23 - DM tells Santo he will protect his family against her

235. Feb 25 - Despite popular belief, DM shows up to holi and asks Maulik for 35 Lac heesab

236. Feb 26 - DM and Santo do holi parikrama together

237. Feb 26 - DM refuses gulal from Santo yet the shagun falls at his feet

238. Mar 2 - DM notices Santo lost the tijori keys for a bit hence taunts her and returns 35 lacs from Sandy

239. Mar 4 - Santo blames DMs sanyas avatar for the family problems including Torals

240. Mar 4 - DM tells Hiten he will take care of Toral (at Santo's challenge)

241. Mar 5 - DM takes full responsibility of Toral, Gets keys from Santo for money from safe

242. Mar 5- Santo stop DM from eating sweets as he has diabetes!

243. Mar 8 - Champu tells DM bad meds are being fed to Toral by a family member

244. Mar 8 - DM goes to question Champu's hubby and finds a token to link family member

245. Mar 9 - Santo accuses DM of letting all the apradhs happen while he sat in the room for 10yrs

246. Mar 9 - Not Sanraj but sweet Suraj emotional scene with Toral

247. Mar 11 - DM asks for Tijori keys to get 1 lakh for daan. Santo still confused on the fetus killer

248. Mar 11 - Santo accuses DM of many mistakes he made while in hiding and almost spills the beans on her lil secret

249. Mar 12 - DM and Santo individually talk to Subhi portrait about the state of the family

249a. Mar 12 - Toral doles out a sweetest sazaa to DM...aawwwwwww!!!

250. Mar 17 - Baa gives Santo ashirwad for saving Toral's child, DM eavesdrops

251. Mar 19 - Santo sits in DMs chair at dining table to drive her point in his lack of interest past 10yrs

252. Mar 19 - Santo questions DMs family's values as each is neglected by him, each has Arjan hidden in them

253. Mar 22 - while waiting at Nandini's parents day at school

254. Mar 22 - Nandini takes DMs car to treat her friends so DM is left to ride with Santo

253. Mar 22 - DM fights dacoits when Santo refuses to take off her MS. DM gets hurt, Santo treats him

254. Mar  23 - Walking thru the jungle, Santo falls and hurts her foot. DM carries her

255. Mar 23 - Santo and DM spend the night in a hut in a jungle

256. Mar 30 - Motiben fills DMs ear about Santo crap when she is bent on exposing Maulik

257. Mar 30 - DM a proud father watches Birwa work on diamonds

258. Mar 31 - Kaduu tells everyone about Maulik/Sandy business and Moti beats him mad

259. Mar 31 - DM admits to Baa Santo has been right all along

260. Apr 1 - Angry DM visits Maulik/Sandy in jail and tells them to be prepared for his punishment

261. Apr 1 - DM and Kaduu emotional scene after Sandy is thrown in jail

262. Apr 1 - DM has a sweet moment with Shanky at the well when he asks him to come home more often

263. Apr 2 - Santo washes DMs feet and fulfills her dharam

264. Apr 2 - DM supports Santo's wish to keep Bansuri in M-mansion when Moti opposes it

265. Apr 5 - DM to wear Red Kurta or white? Santo ruins the white one on purpose

266. Apr 5 - Meanie DM tells Santo to watch her behavior at Baa-Bapuji event

267. Apr 5 - DM singing as Baa did when waiting for Bapuji -- Aadhi raat dhal chuki

268. Apr 5 - DM removes the dividing line at Baa's request (really Santo's instigation)

269. Apr 6 - A carom challenge and DM enjoys Santo's tea...lovely scene

270. Apr 6 - Baa and DM hug after lakeer removal and later DM apologizes to Baa-Bapuji

271. Apr 7 - Santo and Baa plot for Shanky return. DM and Kaduu fall for it!

272. Apr 8 - Santo reminds DM he is Mongi's banevilal and he has to take decision for her marriage

273. Apr 8 - DM takes Santo to nanaji to discuss Mongi marriage ... DM calls Santo Duffod!

274. Apr 8 - Santo asks DM for a coin for Khodiyaar maa well

275. Apr 9 - Baa calls DM Maalik as he in unjust to Santo...forgives everyone but not her

276. Apr 9 - DM tells Santo they will do all Mongi wedding vidhi together

277. Apr 15 - Santo is happy that DM is manaofying Mongi

278. Apr 15 - DM praises Santo that she converted Sarang's dadi's beliefs

279. Apr 16 - DM totally dumbstruck looking at pretty Santo strutting around him

280. Apr 16 - DM / Kaduu emotional scene again -- importance of a father in a girl's life

281. Apr 19 - Santo asked to imitate DM as he watches from upstairs...DM not impressed..hehe

282. Apr 20 - Birwa tries to kill Sarang and DM interrupts causing DM to get hurt

283. Apr 20 - Santo being akkad as she nurses DM. DM sees Santo with Rudr

284. Apr 22 - Toral asks Santo to dress up and DM gaga over her beauty

285. Apr 23 - Santo drops earring that DM points out. Santo rubs oil on DMs arm

286. Apr 26 - DM saves Santo from Rudra's ugly clutches

287. Apr 27 - DM doubts Santo's innocence. Santo hurt and claims she is a dead being now

288. Apr 27 - "dead" Santo gloomy and sweet DM eyelock (very short but sweet)

289. Apr 29 - DM beats Rudra for harassing Santo

290. Apr 29 - DM consoles Santo after Rudra incident

291. Apr 29 - Cute scene...Baa interpreting clothes selection for Sanraj to each other

292. Apr 29 - Sanraj complimenting each other on their outfits and looks

293. Apr 30 - DM discovers fake hubby sent for Mongi

294. May 4 - Nice pati-patni scene with Sanraj. Santo consoling DM about Birwa wrong doing

295. May 5 - DM convinces Mongi to stay at M-mansion as his "daughter"

296. May 6 - DM manaofies Mongi to eat breakfast. Santo watches

297. May 7 - DM nurses Santo's hot water burned foot

298. May 10 - DM hides his concern for hurt Santo but Mongi gives him away!

299. May 11 - DM mentions the wall between Sanraj due to Santo's 10yr secrecy

300. May 12 - DM gives Santo her payals back

301. May 12 - DM angry when Santo questions his relation to Mongi when he asks her to manage business
302. May 18 Dharamraj-DMnBaaCantLiveWithOrWithoutSanto-May18
303a. May 19 Sanraj-DMtriesToExtractTruthNGiveUltimatum-May19
303b. May 19 Sanraj-DMmentionsDivorceAsSantoStillHidesTruth-May19
304a. May 20 Sanraj-DMwithNandiniAndSantoComesWithSheera-May20
304b. May 20 Sanraj-DMavoidingSantoBeforeLeavingForAtrip-May20
305a May 25 Sanraj-DMemotionalAtSeeingFrailNandu-May25
305b. May 25 Sanraj-SantoAsksToStayUntilNanduBetter-May25
306a. May 26 Sanraj-NanduWellSantoPacksToLeave-May26
306b. May 26 Sanraj-TowelMisplacedNSantoFuturePlan-May26
307a. May 27 Sanraj-BdayWishNPloyToKeepDMAwayFromHome-May27
307b. May27 Sanraj-AtTrainStationConfirmingSantoTicket-May27
307c. May 27 Sanraj-DMreturnsSubhiJewelryToSanto-May27
307d. May 27 Sanraj-DMtellsFamilySantoIsLeaving-May27
308a. May 28 Sanraj-SantoLeavingBirwaStopsHerDMInterrupts-May28
308b. May 28 Sanraj-DMadmitsQuesWasWrongAsksSantoWhy-May28
309a. May 31 Dharamraj-BirwaPleadsToDMToStopSanto-May31
309b May 31 Sanraj-DMstopsSantoAndClaimsSheIsHisBandini-May31
310. Jun 1 Sanraj-MorningAfterSantoThinksDMHoldingPallu-June1
311. Jun 2 Sanraj-SantoFindsCellPhoneConnectionToDM-June2
312a. Jun 3 Sanraj-DMmadAtSantoThenRegretsIt-June3
312b. Jun 3 Sanraj-DMtriesToGetSantoOutOfBaasBed-June3
312c. Jun 3 Sanraj-SantoGoesToBedMadDMTriesArmOver-Jun3
313d. Jun 3 Sanraj-PartyInvitationsAndBusinessTrip-Jun3
314. Jun 3 Dharamraj-DMnHitenAdviceOnWifeHandling-Jun3
315. Sanraj-DMtakesSantoOnHoneymoonToAmdavad-Jun4
316. Jun 4 Dharamraj-MeghaNVishalOnSanrajTrain-Jun4
317a. Jun 8 Sanraj-DM10yrsYoungerWithChavanprash-June8
317b. Jun 8 Sanraj-DMnotHappySantoMinglingWithMegha-June8
318a. Jun 9 Sanraj-OfPatniSmilesAndPatiAtyachaars-June9
318b. Jun 9  - Coins and gifts and Megha
 319. Jun 16 - Santo helps Suraj understand DMs gussa is for his own good
320. Jun 16 - DM not happy Vishal to stay in M-Mansion
321. Jun 16 - DM makes salty tea for Santo. Love is blind but tasteless too!!
322. June 17 -  DM wants to secure Santo's child's future
323. June 17 - DM puts up his baby pictures for Santo so baby will be like him!
324. June 17 - DM applies chandan to Santo's hair per tradition
325. June 18 - Santo is sad about baby defect and DM is happily preparing cradle
326. June 18 - Sanraj-HungryDMfindsSantoCryingToGod

327. June 21 - DM tells Santo that her hubby loves her very much

328. June 21 - DM learns about issues with Santo's baby and assures her all will be well

329. June 21 - DM tells the doc off for telling Santo and shuts Megha up when she interferes

330. June 28 - DM tells Santo he will save the village children as well as their child

331. June 29 - DM angry when Kaduu accuses him of not caring for Nandu anymore. Santo consoles him

332. June 30 - Santo brings feet soak for DM and he says his mental health needs help not physical health

333. July 1 - Santo insists DM try to convince Megha to eat something for her own good

334. July 1 - Megha tells DM Vishal is their child...DM and hers!

335. July 1 - DM is concerned about Santo when he learns of Vishal. How will she react

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hope this helps? forget hope and helps
i am goign to have a long night!!!!!!!


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OMG just realised its 226 videosShocked... when do I I finish this Confused




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Thank you sooo much Mombasa.. Its really helpful.. Hug.. 226!!! Oh gosh.. Soo many to watch.. Thanks once again, your doing a fab job..




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LOL...u r guys r too kind.  Thanks.

Btw, it's more than 226.  You see, as I filled in the missing ones, they got squeezed in with a, b, c etc..hehe

I am sure I am missing many more still. If anyone finds I am missing any, please PM me with the episode date. Thanks and Enjoy!

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love all your videos....

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