Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam


Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam
Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

Written Update ~16th February ~ Sangeet ~

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 16th February
~Sangeet ~

Episode begins with boodha standing by the tulsi plant when Shuklain comes to her worried and whispers in her ear saying there's gonna be a party in the house and daadi yells at the mention of any celebration and asks "party ?  kahan?"
 (Sudha who is also doing pooja nearby hears them moan )
Shuklain replies that Abeer's hosting it so its most probably here at the Vajpayee house
Boodha says  "matlab muhalle ke saare ladke yaha aake udham machaenge" to which Shuklain says (sadly) yes since its a shadi ki party everyone will be invited ,the Mathurs and the Majumdars as well then Boodha adds that they will come and celebrate their victory over us and also says that she wouldn't want to attend such a party and goes " sach kehte hai Shuklain hamari control me ab kuch nahin raha "  LOL na yeh ghar aur na yeh lalla  ( indirectly taunting  Sudha who hears all helplessly ) kal ko hame koi dosh na de agar lalla khuta( wonder what that means) chudake bhaag jaye ! " Sudha ignores Boodha's mundane curses and stays mum as always ...


Next scene is at the Mandir where Leher walks  in with a thaali and comes  to stand next to Abeer who is already pretending to be lost in his pooja ... ( loved his balance in concentration on Leher and the people around )
Abeer smiles to see her next to him and goes " aane ke liye thanks! "
she flushes a little and says " thanks to hamey bhi aapka karna tha "
and he quickly asks  " kis baat ke liye ? "
she replies " aapne jo kiya uske liye " 
he grins wide ( here his jubiliant smile is worth a million bucks ! ) and goes " humne jis tarah se aapko bulaya aapko bura to nahin laga naa? "
she cleverly retorts saying  " wo to us baat pe depend karta hai ke aapne bulaya kis liye hai? " (smart girl)!
and now hahaha Abeer cheekily rubs his long aching cheek thinking of the slap that she had rendered on his cute face a while ago and says " sach kahoo to hame aapse abhi bhi dar lagta hai ... pata nahin kaha ...... "
she smiles coyly and cuts in to say   "aur hum sach kahe to hamara aap par confidence pehle se zada badh gaya  hai " ( wonderfully appreciated Leher Clap)
"huh?"  Abeer jumps with excitement within ,his face has that naughty glow and he starts clapping his hands faster(I just can't help noticing every little thing when it comes to Abeer )
and she continues to say " hame nahin lagta ke aap humse koi aisi baat karenge jiska hame bura lagega " (wah Abeer miya aapki to nikal padi Wink)

Abeer grins wider and says " waise Leher humne Madhav bhaiya aur Rashmi bhabi ke liye ghar par ek sangeet ceremony rakkhi hai .....( she frowns)
"ghabraiye nahin humne gharwalo se manzoori  le li hai ...ab hum ye chahte hai ki aap apne gharwalo ko bata de aur hamari taraf se unhe invite kar dijiye "
she replies  " aapki invitation par to sab ayenge ....waise bhi aajto sab aap hi ki baat kar rahe hai " to which he modestly says " to ye to achi baat hai ..waise humne tension ko pehle bi resolve kiya tha aur baki bachi hui tension ko bhi hum aise hi choo mantar kar denge ..dekhiyega ( wah kya yakeen hai lalla ko apne aap par ,maan gaye Abeer )....waise ceremony me humne ek aur cheez plan ki hai bas aapki madad chahiye thi "
she asks " kya ?" then they go mute to the audience with the funny music playing for us and them two discussing the entire plan
Leher then says " hum tumhara plan samajh to gaye hain ,aur tumhari madad bi karenge ...lekin are u sure yeh possible ho payega Abeer? " ( how sweetly she says his name ,haiye Day Dreaming )
He smiles confidently and goes "haan haan hum bilkul kar lenge "
she goes  " ek baar phir soch lijiye ,hame to mushkil lag raha hai"
to which he smartly replies  "sahi kaha aapne , hum koi asaan kaam karte kaha hain ? "
( loved him here... AGAIN!)
she goes  " phir overconfidence ?"
he retorts " nahin....hum kar lenge ,bas aap madad kar dijiye "
Leher says " thik hai to phir bata dena kya karna hoga "
chance pe dance thinks Abeer and goes " thik hai hum sab batadenge ,kuch der baad aap aap hame terrace par miliye hum sab samjhadenge detail me " ( loved the way he said dettaaiil  Embarrassed)

then they do the mandir ki ghanti bajaoing act but together ( oye hoye Wink)
he quickly pulls his hand back and goes " aap pehle " Smile (such a a gentleman mera lalla! )

then Abeer leaves from there leaving Leher to  muse over him for a few moments
 ( kuch kuch hota hai na Leher? I know tum samajh jaogi  LOL).
She completes her pooja and leaves as well...


Next scene has the gang meeting on the terrace and Abeer explains the plan.....
Leher ( has her hair pinned from the sides ,looking great !) and bittan on their side and
Abeer ( who's now wearing the jumper instead of having his hung around his neck) chutki, Shadab,Gaurav and Banke( yes him as well ) on theirs
The plan is again discussed secrectly ( from us ) keeping it silent ,they show all the excited faces of the entire team and just as all is done and planned Abeer shakes everyone's hand and not surprisingly sticks his arm out to Leher for a hand shake  to seal the deal  .....
chutki ,bittan and the others smile at his gesture and Leher is kinda shy/embarassed in front of all but then raises her hand to join his,( he inches ahead in the end to make it easy for her )
AbHer shake hands and its all smiles everywhere  !
(awesome scene and AbHer's expressions were fantabulous here!)


The next scene has Abeer and co. planning the stage and preparing for the sangeet
Abeer instructs Shadab to move the speakers coz they'd need more space on stage and makes sure all's done well ,meanwhile Boodha watches the arrangements  and wonders how big the party is going to be ( I thought she said she wont attend it Angry but of course she couldn't resist )

Finally the Vajpayee's walk down the stairs dressed in party clothes and Shuklas welcome them and they all get seated on the left side of the hall ,leaving the right for the bride's side obviously...
Then Rashmi with Leher holding her like a Dulhan walks in with the brides side of people,Leher has her long plait and gajra wrapped around like shown in the promo ...They are partly welcomed by the good people on the grooms side eg: Sudha  and soon the Majumdars take up the front row followed by the Mathurs and others ....

Leher settles Rashmi next to her parents and disappears behind the stage and the lights go off...everyone goes " kya hua? " and Daadi and Shuklain give their characteristic  glares to the bride and her side and soon the show begins.....

The spotlight is on the stage where Leher walks through from behind the curtains
"Ladies and Gentlemen ! "  Mr and Mrs Mathur recognise their daughters voice and get happy  "aaj ki sham Madhav bhaiya aur Rashmi bhabi ke naam "
( Madhav bhaiya to theek hai Leher par Rashmi bhabi ? abhi se Abeer ke rang me rang gayi hai madam LOL)  then the spotlight shifts to Madhav and Rashmi ( Rashmi apart from her green saree and nice jewellery is still wearing her miserable look, sometimes I think she needs to give it a rest, even Madhav looked worried but good in a red sherwani )

Leher requests them to take this special seat together since they are the the guests of honor .So a big throne like double seater thing is brought in ...Bittan ( looks nice in a black suit)takes Rashmi to the seat and Gaurav takes Madhav and they sit together in the middle of their families on that seat ....

Then Leher starts  her introduction on how the couple came about ,
She says " aaj jo hum sab ikattha hue hai uski wajeh hai inka Pyar ,jo America ki galiyon se shuru hua aur Lucknow tak aa gaya " the Majumdars smile and the Shuklas are miffed
" sab jaante hai ki ye ek love marriage hai " says Leher when TN sighs ( wonder what it meant)
Leher continues "kuch log is shadi se khush hai aur kuch na khush ( u know who the obvious parties are,so the camera travels between them)
"to pesh hai inke Pyaar ki Dastaan ( yayyy my game lol) ek choti si kahani ke zariye "
everyone applauds and Leher walks back stage   ...Boodha is sipping on to a glass of water...

All eyes are on the stage
" kahani tab shuru hoti hai jab ek ladka Madhav, Lucknow se uth kar US padhne ke liye gaya " Shadab who's enacting Madhav role makes his entry
 " aur waha uski mulaqat hui  ek ladki Rashmi se " everyone wonders who it could be and they show sexy lady GK from top to bottom ( blue leggings,black mini skirt  ,magenta top and a purple shrug ,hell GK knows he's a betterlooking manLOL ) as Rashmi...
the hall is filled with roars of laughter ...even Shuklain cudn't resist a chuckle on watching this dhinchak lass ...TN is not happy but Sudha cant help laugh....
Boodha initially gives a 'not bothered look' but when she discovers the lady to be her own lalla she chucks the water from her mouth and goes " ye to lalla hai "
Abeer timidly looks shy and  and fixes his hair while everyone enjoys his lady avatar ... boodha goes " chi chi chi  " and wipes her face...
Leher continues " Rashmi thi to hindustani par Lucknow ki nahi ,Kolkotta ki "
Rashmi blushes and Madhav smiles at her...and she looks nice when she smiles ...
they show fake Madhav and Rashmi sitting in thier respective rooms and the 
narration goes " Madhav ke bas do hi kaam the ek padhai aur doosri likhai " (didnt get why the Shuklas were angry at that ) aur idhar Rashmi ke bhi do kaam the ek padhai aur doosra apne maa baba ko yaad karke rona( Majumdars agree) ...phir ek din Rashmi ko kuch ladke ched rahe the ( they show some goons chedoing Rashmi aka Abeer) aur Madhav se raha nahi gaya aur usne unki pitai kar di "...Madhav fights the goons  and rescues Rashmi(the goons are gone and the crowd is loving the skit) phir Rashmi ne kaha
 "thanks "(says Abeer in the best girly voice he could do)
aur Madhav ne kaha "u're welcome " aur uske baad dono alag alag directions me palat kar chale gaye ! (Shuklas still cross and giving each other  dirty looks )
"par ek doosre ko wo bhool nahi paye  ,idhar Madhav ne kiya use yaad aur udhar Rashmi ne kiya ratjaga(insomnia I presume) "
 Leher is on stage now narrating the story " aur dono apne kamro me intezaar karte rahe,ke subah ho aur phir ek mulaqat ho....(real Madhav looked good here and Rashmi too )
"phir sube hui baatein hui ,mulaqate hui(Abeer and Shadab sit on a bench and come closer) aur us din Madhav ko jo kehna tha usne phool ke zariye kehelwadiya" Madhav gives Rashmi  the flowers and the real M and R smile and shy away
 " phir ek din Madhav sidha pohoch gaya Rashmi ke hostel ur khud apni zubaan se apne pyaar ka izhaar kar diya  " Shadab proposes to Abeer and bends on his kneesto say
 " Rashmi mai tumse bohot pyaar karta hoo " Abeer smiles and accepts his love and they hug ( this scene was hilarious with Abeer's leg in the air and them two hugging ,its too funny) The shuklas are obviously not happy with it but the rest of the crowd applaudes Clap

"Pyar hua ,ikraar hua par is pyaar se dil darne laga , Rashmi ne Madhav ko bataya ki unka milna sambhav nahi hai,kyuki unki jaat alag hai biradri alag hai " ( the Shuklas are shown melting a bit ) aur Madhav ne jawab diya " Rashmi agar hamara pyar sacha hai to ye milan hoga hi " Boodha glares at them again...

then Abeer goes " Madhav ye nahi ho sakta,hamare parivar rehna sehna sab kuch alag hai ,hame nahin lagta ke tumhara maa baap is shadi ke liye haan kahenge " ( Shuklas are shown pondering ) then M/S goes " Rashmi agar hamara pyar sach ahai to hum maa baap ko razzi kar ke rahenge "( Shulkas again raising their eyebrows) Abeer goes " sachi? " Shadab nods yes then Leher takes over narration and says " par rashmi ka dil nahin maana  ,kyuki Madhav ke parivaar me sab padhe likha,officer log hain and Rashmi ka parivar to rangmanch ki duniya se taaluk rakhta hai ,is duniya me gaana bajana hi unka rozgaar hai ...halake Madhav ka parivar is rangmanch ki duniya se koso door tha  par madhav ne kaha " acha hai rashmi ,mere parivar me sab besure hai to shadi ke baad tumhare parivar se kuch sur taal hi seech lenge  " they hug again and Shadab tucks Abeer's hair behind his/her ear lol and Leher goes  " to isi vishawas ke sath dono ne shaadi karne ka faisla kar liya taaki wo khud ke sath sath dono parivaro ka bhi sur se sur mila sake ..." just then Shuklain goes " are ! ( Abeer and shadab pull out of the hug ) " ye baat nikli kaha se ke hum besure hai ?..... kaun ye baat uda raha hai ke hum gaa nahi sakte ? ( hinting to the majumdars this evil woman Confused),hum besure nahin hai " she concludes and Deb babu ( Rashmi's dad says " Mrs Shukla aisi koi baat nahin hai " then Shukalain says " rehne dijiye Majumdar sahab  ...aur Mathur sahab aapne apni beti se ye nahi kaha ke ye sab baatein kehne se pehle hume sun to le? " ( achi zabardasti hai bhai ,script likha Abeer ne aur gaali mili Leher ko,ye kaha ka insaaf hai ? LOL)
Leher panics and Abeer quickly takes over and says"Shukla aunty ye natak tha ,hum to mazaak kar rahe the "
then Mr Shukla gets up to say that he's sung many songs to woo his wife ,Shuklain mumbles that all this talk issn't necessary now but Shukla says that he doesnt want the opposition to think that they are any less

So then Abeer again utilises the oppotunity and says to decide with a game of Antakshiri and asks if they are up for it " ho jaye? " and Shukla ji agress " ha ho jaye "

Precap : the Antakshiri finally
Abeer looking breathtakingly awesome in the maroonish pink sherwani singing

kitne bhi tu karle sitam
has has ke sahenge hum
ye pyaar na hoga kam
sanam teri kasam

and of course we've already seen Leher blushing and shying at his antics ,just have to see the real epi now ,can't wait !


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thank you!

this is all that happened in the whole epi?

and thank you for posting so early!

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Originally posted by kgh212121

thank you!

this is all that happened in the whole epi?

and thank you for posting so early!

hey thats not all of it,I'm updating as I watch ,so ther's lots more to catch
keep refreshing every so often :)

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Hina .. Thats a fabbb update!! Love how you've put in every detail!! Doesn't seem like its your first time .. Keep it up!! Thumbs Up

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Originally posted by Ektaj

Hina .. Thats a fabbb update!! Love how you've put in every detail!! Doesn't seem like its your first time .. Keep it up!! Thumbs Up

thanks so much Eksie Hug
glad u liked it  and thanks for the appreciation ,means a ton !

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Awesome update!!! thank u!!

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Thank you hina for writing such a wonderful update!! I am waiting for GK to sing tomorrow! Loved the temple an dterace seen today Smile

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thanks a lot for update.

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