Written Update 12 Feb 10 : Bank Locker Ka Rahasya

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Hello, Namaste and Salaam Everyone!Big smile Hope you guys are enjoying valentine's dayEmbarrassed 
I had this beautiful dream in which CID team and I were solving the case. ACP tells Daya and me to find out something about the case. And we ride together on a yamaha bikeDay Dreaming Abhijit was with ACP and I couldnt meet himCryCry I told Daya that I love his slaps and door breaking style and he gave a shy smile which still I can see itEmbarrassed Haila! Kya dream hai na?Day DreamingLOL
 Okay, enough and sorry for my bukbukEmbarrassedLOLLets get to the update Geek
Mud Island Fort
Camera focuses on white car.The car stops at fort. Everyone get off from the car ( unfortunately, ACP Pradyuman is not hereUnhappy). All rush to see the dead body whose face is totally looks like smashedDead. Abhijit says that muderer spoiled the dead body's face so that no one can recognize him. Daya says muderer even digged to put the dead body inside the ground but didnt find timeShocked Abhijit says there are some fingerprints on the neck. Daya says first he was enstrangled and later, someone completely smashed the face. Abhijit goes up to the witnesses and ask them who called and if all of them were together and why they are here. One of the witnesses come up and say that he called CID and they are all friends who came for a picnic. When they were playing cricket and the ball fell next to the body and that's how they saw the body and called CID. Daya asks if he has seen anyone running away from there. The guy says noSleepy Freddie wonders how will they come to know about the dead body's identity. Abhijit says Salunke will try to reconstruct the face if not Dr. Tarika will do itWink Everyone look at himLOL Just then Daya receives a call and later hangs up. He informs Abhijit that robbery took place in bank.
Abhijit and Daya meet the manager who's all tensed. Manager tells that he was the one who called CID because all the cash has been stolen from here.Abhijit asks him if there's anyone on whom he has a doubt. Manager says no. Daya asks who keeps the locker keys. Manager says that he's the only one to holds keys and  says the security told him that the alarm didnt turn on when the robbery was made. Abhijit walks upto employees and says it was a employee who stole the money. He  tells Tasha and Vivek to take everyone fingerprints. One of the employee is angry with AbhijitAngry Abhijit tells Freddie to check the camera footage.Daya and Abhijit check the locker room. But both of them dont find any fingerprints. Freddie is watching  the secret camera footage. Daya informs Abhijit that locker is not broken. Abhijit looks at the secret camera which is on the locker's room. Freddie is taking employee's fingerprints. Abhijit and Daya ask Freddie if he's done with taking the fingerprints. Freddie agrees and Abhijit asks if all the employees have given the fingerprints. One of the employee says that mahesh is missing as he didnt come to work today.Daya asks her if he came on saturday. She agrees. Abhijit asks for mahesh's address. He tells Freddie to take mahesh's address, photo and secret camera's footage CD. Abhijit receives a call from Dr. Tarika. He's all blushingBlushingROFL Abhijit answers the phone but it turns out to be Salunke ( ouch!OuchAngryLOL) and later hangs up the phone. Abhijit tells all the employees not to leave the city until the case is solved.
Forensic Lab
Salunke is scanning the dead body. ACP is here, finally!Big smile Abhijit is holding agarbati and Salunke is lighting it with matcheesROFL He takes the agarbati from Abhijit and keeps it asideConfusedShockedLOL Abhijit asks whats all thisROFL Salunke shows the computer and says that he's reconstructing the guy's face. Abhijit says no, what about the other one. Salunke says that its going to take time to complete the guy's face and instead of crying in front of the body, he' ll do aarti for the dead bodyROFL ACP is uff!D'ohACP asks Salunke to find out something else. Dr. Tarika says she found something. Abhijit is all happy!Big smileEmbarrassed She tells ACP that the mud found on one side of guy's shirt is different from other places. ACP, Abhijit and Daya rethink the case. Just then alarm kind of starts beeping Confused and Salunke thanks computer for keeping Salunke's self-respect.Shocked Daya's finds that the dead body is mahesh.  ACP says that means employee himself stole the money.Salunke shows a ring which has a secret camera ( tiny one). It was found on his body on his hand. ACP tells Salunke that he wants to watch the footage. Dr, Tarika plays the video. Abhijit while watching the video notices that mahesh wore shoes which we clean at first but later, shoes became dirty as they had mud on it. ACP tells Dr. Tarika to play the video footage of the locker.  Daya  notices that the camera was frozen for 4hours so that mahesh can steal the money during that time. Dr. Tarika says that the camera was frozen for 4hrs continously for about 2 months. ACP tells Abhijit and Daya to find out mahesh's schedule during these four hours.
All CID officers expect ACP reach the bank. Abhijit finds a big hole in the locker which is obviously is painted amazingly so that nobody notices itShocked Anyways, the big hole leads to casino. Abhijit and Vivek start interrogating but manager and others say that they dont know anything. Manager blames on the employee but he too disagreesSleepyAbhijit finds out that mahesh used to visit casino. 
Mahesh's House
Unfortunately, they dont show Daya breaing the doorBroken Heart because the door is already openedShocked AngryAbhijit finds a ticket which says Florida art gallery. Other officers find nothing in the house. ACP thinks that mahesh might be interested in paintings. Daya disagrees and says that it cant be right because they dont see any paintings here. ACP says that mahesh didnt go the art gallery because it isnt between 1 and 5 pm. Daya wonders why the ticket is here. Abhijit thinks it could his friend who wanted to visit the gallery.
Florida Art Gallery
Camera focuses on Florida Art Gallery.Abhijit asks for the list of buyers who brought the ticket. Manager looks at the ticket and says everybody has the same kind of ticket and its hard to tell who brought itSleepy Abhijit asks for the list of buyers. One of employee says that 11 people bought the paintings and mahesh's name is also included. Abhijit asks the type of painting that mahesh bought. Manager says that it was about 6 lakhs and he gave it the money through check.Abhijit tells Vivek to get all the information about mahesh's bank accounts.
Vivek gives the list of the information to Abhijit. Daya and Abhijit wonder about the amount of the money mahesh has in his account. Daya says that its confirmed that mahesh along with someone, stole the bank's money. Vivek agrees and says that mahesh didnt deposit the money but it was someone else who put the money on his accountShocked Abhijit says that they have to find out who's buying paintings for mahesh. Freddie wonders how they will find the guy. Abhijit says that they will find it out from the people who sell the paintings. Everyone leave the bureau.
Creative  Art gallery
Freddie dressed as a doorman and security guard who is checking everyone. Abhijit dressed as a manager ( but he looks like Jawaharlal NehruLOL) Daya and Tasha enter the art gallery but are stopped by Freddie. Daya's phone is taken away because it has a camera. Tasha in red saree and has a wig ( looks pretty fakeDead) and Daya looks dashing in black color shirt/coat or whatever.  Black googles too Day DreamingHeart  Both Tasha and Daya look at the paintings and Tasha finalizes which one she wants. Daya tells her to look for more but she's not in a moodLOL ( Haila! Tasha is so lucky to act like Daya's wifeEmbarrassed Kaash mein hoti uski jagaDay Dreaming) Abhijit says that this paintings is from Italy and its worth 8 lakhsShocked Tasha asks if they accept checks.Abhijit says that they only accept checks. He directs Daya and Tasha to the manager where they can pay for the painting. Daya tells Manager to let them know if anyone gives him a check with mahesh's name on it. Just then someone enters. Daya and Tasha are sitting. Vivek dressed as a waiter is also with them ( His moustache is funny!LOL). Just then camera shifts to the manager where its too crowdy. Someone gives the manager the check and the manager yells out. Everyone is alert. The guy gets away from the Freddie's hands. Daya fires and the bullet hits the guy's leg.Finally, Vivek, Daya, and Abhijit catch him outside the gallery but before the guy says anything, he diesShockedOuch Someone from the red car shoots him. Abhijit calls the control room and gives all the info about the red car.
Mud Island Fort
Bank Manager and his wife are travelling in a white car. Suddenly his wife realizes that its the same car that CID was talking about it. She gives a call to CID. Red car stops and the manager also stops his car and gets off . Someone from behind hit his head and falls on ground. His wife( Mansi) is shocked. CID team reaches the place and finds Mansi unconscious. Tasha sprinkles some water on Mansi. She wakes up and pleads CID team to find her husband ( Rajesh). Abhijit tells Tasha to stay with her and tell Freddie to bring ambulance. Abhijit, Daya and Vivek enter the fort with their guns.Freddie enters a dark place where bats are growlingShocked He gets scared and runs backLOL Daya finds a place which leads to underground. Bats are growling as they enterShocked They find a painting which was on Creative Art Gallery and other paintings. Abhijit spots a bag which was money in it. Its the same money which was stolen from the bank. They finally see the employee of the casino walking here and there and talking to Rajesh who is tied with robes. The employee asks Rajesh if he thinks CID is going to give him reward for doing all this and says ACP in CID is very cheapstakeShockedAngry Abhijit, Daya, and Vivek divide up. The employee just then fires the bullet but Daya comes from behind and handles him. Abhijit comes from behind. Freddie and Vivek untie rajesh. Abhijit asks the guy if he stole the money. The employee agrees and asks what will he doAngry He says that himself and mahesh stole the money from the bank. Abhijit asks him why he killed mahesh. The guy says that he became proudish and allSleepy Daya says that he did it so that he could get all the money and slaps the guyEmbarrassed Abhijit tells Freddie to get all the money. Rajesh turns to Freddie and pleads to save his wife. Freddie says that she totally fine. Everyone leave the haunted placeErmm The employee  slips from Vivek's hands and starts running away . All officers start firing their guns and keep changing their places. Finally, Daya fires the bullet and it hits the guy's cheekLOL He dies. Abhijit tells Daya to inform ACP that the murderer was killed during cross fire. Daya takes his cell phone and leaves from there. Rajesh comes and thanks Abhijit for saving his and his wife's lives. Abhijit says that its okay and it was their duty. Everyone leave from there. And the guy's soul ( aatma) wakes upStern Smile
                  **** THE END****
And sorry for any mistakesEmbarrassed

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Wah Priya, mazaa aa gaya. Lucky girl kya dream thi, riding bike with Daya Sir, can it get any better.
Abhi Sir is master of disguises and beleive me when I saw him I also said he looks like Nehru. He was looking so cute. AND Daya Sir was looking so handsome. Just love him in black. I am glad Freddie is not a joker anymore. I would like it to stay that way, I don't want comedy at his cost.
I really enjoyed this one. Acutally I really enjoy cases where CID team is in disguse. The Kidney Episode, this one, CID undercover, etc.
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Amazing dream huh....... i recently dreamt u know.... about abhi sir nd daya sir gettin acused of something nd noONE iz supportin dem...! noONE az in d whole country nd all..!! ACP is like blackmailed that if he doesnt go against daya nd abhijeet he WILL explode d country...!! Cry Cry ..!! Daya nd abhijeet are all alone.... when dey say koi toh hoga who still believes in us...!!! nd dat time i come up nd say obviously u have...... nd i take dem 2 d net... show dem Dis IF forum...... nd dey realize how many pEOple are wiTH dem...! [INCLUDIN ME OBVISOUSLY] Wink ..!! They thank me.... den say no thank you no sorry... now u r our friend....!!! ND IN OUR TEAM Clap Clap... WE SECRETLY make out a plan 2 meet d acp.... nd den i go nd tell him abt it.. acp tells me dat hes wid dem.. but he cant disclose this fact ..i jus sad dont worry nd i ll act as a messenger and tell your ABhi Daya about dis.... . IT WAS SHO GOOD..!!!! nd u knw i saw nakul as d terrorist..... Angry Angry god knows when he ll acctually die...!!! Tongue Tongue

nd priya di...... amazing update.... was w8in for dis one....!!! :D   nd look i told you..... aahat nd CID wont b mixed.... LOL LOL
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Yeah it was nice to see Freddie's comedy toned down. The part where he goes into a cave and gets scared by bats was unnecessary IMO. The disguises were the best part of the episode.

BTW Priya, the man (Rajesh) who gets caught by the culprit was not the bank manager. He was the owner of the casino.

I went to the Aahat forum and looked at the videos for the latest episodes out of curiosity; couldn't sit through the episodes. That show is BAD! I fast-forwarded through the videos and got a few details relevant to our CID episode:

  • The culprit's name was Tiger.
  • Apparently a drunk Tiger had revealed his plans to Rajesh and some others. I think Rajesh and his wife took advantage of this information and informed CID of Tiger's whereabouts. Or something like that. Like I said, I fast-forwarded through the episodes so maybe I didn't get all the details. I don't think I want to. LOL

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thanks for such a nice update LOL.good work keep it up .
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thnks alot 4 d gr8 and detailed update.Good episode.Daya looked really coll in that gallary when acting.
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nice update and daya locking soooooooooooooooooo dashing Embarrassed
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Originally posted by prabhanarayan

Wah Priya, mazaa aa gaya. Lucky girl kya dream thi, riding bike with Daya Sir, can it get any better.
Abhi Sir is master of disguises and beleive me when I saw him I also said he looks like Nehru. He was looking so cute. AND Daya Sir was looking so handsome. Just love him in black. I am glad Freddie is not a joker anymore. I would like it to stay that way, I don't want comedy at his cost.
I really enjoyed this one. Acutally I really enjoy cases where CID team is in disguse. The Kidney Episode, this one, CID undercover, etc.
I know right ,PrabhaEmbarrassed Lets just hope for another dream in which I Abhijit flirts with meLOL I liked this episode tooBig smile Thanks for the comment and liking my post.

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