Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam


Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam
Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

12thFeb Written Update:Abeer Showered With Praises

jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 12 February 2010 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
Please press the Like button to appreciate my hard work..Comments are most welcomeSmile
Episode begins with Majumdaar telling Dadi and Shuklaain that he will not b able to arrange so much money for this "Manya" Rasam on which Shuklaain creates a huge scene and tells Majumdaar that now they won't b able to show their face to the Manya people and mayb these Manya people will never accept Rashmi as this family's bahuOuch(Manya families are those families where Shukla familiy's daughters r married and as per this ritual,Majumdaars will hv to give at least Rs5000 to each Manya if Shuklaains hv 11 Manya families the amount will b Rs5000 * 11Ouch);
Madhav finally opens his mouth todayLOL and tells his mother that already so much is done in the other three rituals and so this is not necessary on which Shuklaain very rudely asks Madhav not to interefere in these sensitive ritualsOuch;Poor Madhav's mouth is again sealedLOL..
Brij Mathur then comes towards Majumdaar..takes him to a side and tells him that they will somehow manage to do this ritual as wellBig smile(I like this Mathur's optimistic attitudeThumbs Up);Majumdaar is completely clueless about how to do this ritual sinse they don't hv enough cash with them on which Mathur insists that he should ask all his relatives to gather all the cash that they hv with them at present while he will ask his wife and brother Kul to go home and bring all the cash that is there in the house right nowShocked;Hearing this Majumdaar is a bit hesitent to take the cash from Mathur but Mathur tells him that Rashmi is like his daughter and so he is doing this for his daughterEmbarrassed;Kul on the other hand is not very satisfied with his brother gandhigiri againLOLLOL;But as usual he had no choice but to listen to his brother once againWinkLOL(I get a bad feeling that during Leher's marriage when Brij will require cash in a similar situation,his brother Kul might turn his backOuch)
Brij's wife and Kul are on their way back home to get the cash,when Kul sarcastically asks her that why his brother is so much interested in wasting all their money this wayOuchon which Brij's wife tells Kul that her husband is doing the right thing and mayb even she would hv done the same thing if she was in her husband's place on humatarian groundsClap..Kul is of course not satisfied with the answer and looks extremely frustatedLOL.
Meanwhile at TN's house, Majumdaars and his relatives r counting all the cash that they hv with them when Dadi comes there for further tauntingAngry;She tells Majumdaar that its fine if they don't hv enough cash to give to their Manya people,at least they can give the money to the pandit and leave him so that we can at least feed our guests who r already feeling humiliated after not getting their moneyOuch(Dadi is a real bhikari hereAngryOuch);Just then Kul and Brij's wife arrive with the moneyBig smile;Majumdaar is now happy sinse they r no more falling short of cash and so he proudly tells Dadi that they hv got the cash to give to each Manya peopleBig smile;Dadi and Shuklaain's expressions suggest that ""Zor ka jhatka zor se laga"WinkLOLLOL;Their one more idea bites the dust because Majumdaars r ready with the money-envelops to distribute to each of their Manya people much to Shuklaain and Dadi's disappointmentBig smile..
Abeer and Leher r standing in one corner and watching all this tamashaLOL;Leher tells Abeer that finally all the rituals r over on which Abeer in frustation tells Leher that these rituals look more like punishments and he would definitely like to meet that grt person who actually made those ritualsLOLLOL;Abeer wonders whether these rituals r made to bring two families closer to each other or drift them apartOuch;Both Abeer and Leher sees that the entire atmosphere is very tensed and all r performing all the rituals with a very sad and depressed face when they should hv been happy while doing all these marriage ritualsOuch;Leher feels that both the families could never find a proper sur and taal among themselvesLOLon which Abeer tells her that he has got a plan to bring the smile back in everyone's face againTongue;Hearing this, Leher tells Abeer that whenever he thinks of any plan she gets scared and so he should just chuck out this planLOLon which Abeer tells Leher that his plan is already on board and so she should b ready for itCoolLOL(So once again Abeer got a chance to show his herogiriLOLTongue)
Abeer then goes near a photographer..takes his camera and asks Shuklaain and everyone to pose for a family photoWink;But Shuklaain is already in a irritating frame of mind and in no mood to click photos and so she makes an excuse of workOuch;But our clever Abeer tells Shuklaain that these photos will always remain like memories forever in their family album and so she should click some photos at least ,so that in the future they can always refresh these pleasant memories of Madhav's marriageEmbarrassed;Hearing this Shuklaain and also Mr.Shukla agrees for a joint photo with the MajumdaarsBig smile;Abeer makes both the families stand close to each other and asks them to smileEmbarrassed;Abeer then quicly takes their snap which portrays a happy family pictureClap;Abeer then also asks Mathur family to join along with his own familyWink;So then he takes a group photo of all the families thereEmbarrassed;Abeer then notices that Leher is standing all alone and so without her permission he even takes a quick snap of Leher aloneWinkEmbarrassed;After taking the snap,Abeer keeps on looking in his camera with a bushing faceEmbarrassed and there Leher too keeps on blushingEmbarrassed(I m sure after the photos get washed,Abeer will keep that Leher's photo with him onlyWinkEmbarrassed);In the end Abeer even manages to get Dadi for a photo sessionShockedLOLLOL;This way Abeer brings back the smile in everyone's face with this beautiful photo sessionClap
After all the rituals r over,Majumdaars and Mathurs head back to their home when Abeer from the terrace sees Leher heading back to her homeEmbarrassed;So he waves his hand indicating "bubye"Tongue;Seeing this Leher initially doesn't respond to Abeer's hand waving but while entering her house,she just gives a blushing smile to Abeer in return to his hand waving and then goes inside the houseShockedEmbarrassed;Seeing her smile, Abeer in excitement starts hilling-julling-jumping on his terrace onlyLOL and starts looking here and there as if he was just about to jump off from the terrace if given a chanceWinkLOL(Gaurav and Yami were superb in this entire sceneClapClap..they hv got a terrific chemistryThumbs Up)
After reaching home,Mathurs and Majumdaars r hving a huge sigh of reliefLOL;Kul is so exhausted that he asks for a cup of tea asapLOL;Bittan goes to the kitchen to prepare the tea;Mathur tells everyone that all the rituals went peacefully and now only marriage is remaining on which Majumdaar tells Mathur that we cannot sit relaxed because we could never guess when and what Shuklas will demand again before marriageLOLOuch;Hearing this Mathur tells Majumdaar that during marriage such tensed situations arrive sometimes and so they should keep their cool always;Then Just to make the atmosphere light Brij Mathur starts joking about Kul's marriage and how he was extremely upset during his own marriage because his in-laws forcibly gave him to chew katthha wala pan and so he was even ready to sit on his horse and come back home without marryingLOLLOLLOL;Hearing this everyone have a good laugh but Kul is not too happy seeing his brother always making his fun in front of othersConfused(Kul should b a bit sporting nowAngry);Kul then interrupts Brij by telling him that whatever happened during his marriage was a small joke but what happened today in that house was no jokeOuch;Hearing this Brij again with a cool head tells Kul that "Ant bhala toh sab bhala"Big smile;Hearing this Kul's wife Rama tells everyone that god knows whether the end in this case will b a happy one considering the fact that Dadi will b always present to poke her nose in everythingLOLOuch;So then Brij's wife tells Rama that if that house hv someone like Dadi then the same house also hv someone like Abeer who is such a nice boy and was a grt help during these ritualsEmbarrassed;Hearing this even Brij agreees to his wife that Abeer is really a wonderful and magical boyLOL(chalo Abeer won half the battle...both his future in-laws r fida over their future damaadWinkLOLTongue);Majumdaar too agrees that if Abeer had not become Rashmi's brother on time,then it would hv been difficult for them to complete all the ritualsEmbarrassed;In short Mathurs and Majumdaars shower compliments on our hero AbeerTongue;Leher hears all this and her expressions suggest that she is beginning to think about Abeer seriously nowWinkEmbarrassed
Precap:Dadi is taunting Sudha about Abeer's behaviour by telling her that if she can't control his son now then in few days he will start speaking Majumdaar's language onlyOuch;Just then Abeer comes downstairs when Dadi taunts him by saying "Come Saalesaheb come"LOL(She addresses Abeer as Saala because he became Rashmi's brother during the Tilak CeremanyWink)
My Comments:Episode was superb today especially because of our Hero Abeer MiyanCool;The way he lightens up the entire atmosphere with his photography skills and later his style of waving his hand with that cute smile were the real highlights of today's episodeClap;Now it looks like both his future saas-sasur r more than happy and satisied with AbeerEmbarrassed;So in the future when Leher selects him as her life-partner I don't think too much of opposition will come from Leher's familyEmbarrassed;Also Leher is slowly getting drawn towards Abeer's charmsEmbarrassed..but I will still want that nok-jhok between AbHer to cotinue fo some more time before love actually happensEmbarrassed..Both Gaurav and Yami were superb as usualEmbarrassed

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wida IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 February 2010 at 3:33pm | IP Logged
looks liek amazing epi
cant wait to watch it
thnx for the wonderful update

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hinz Viewbie

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Posted: 12 February 2010 at 4:47pm | IP Logged

thanx for the update Jyoti
very well written !


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mahmansma Senior Member

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Posted: 12 February 2010 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
Great update! I missed the episode but the update is so detailed it is almost like watching it :)

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sam. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2010 at 9:56pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update Jyoti.SmileLoved the scene were leher says bye to abeer,as u said it looked like abeer was going to jump down from the terrace in his happinessLOLAnd the kul scene was just hilarious ROFLIt seems his khadoos nature is not a recent development ,he was like that from his young age only.
Precap-I dont mind if budha scolds abeer,But i hope sudha and TN dont say anything to himOuch

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md410 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2010 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
Thank you jyoti. wonderful detailed updateHug
what I do not understand how come TN become lawyer??? that too such a famous one.
all this humiliation and show off bhikari drama, he just set there as viewer?? court main kya kaise defend karta hoga, us se good to abeer hai.
I would and should say ki Abeer has more guts than him.  Now I do not want abber to keep quite if TN says anything to him, TN ke saamne abeer ki bhi bolti band ho jaati hai. hope this is not the case this time.
Then it is shuklain's son wedding and budda behaving as if it's abeer's mean her grandson's wedding.
mujumdaar shud have asked her aap shuklain hai kya?? the way they ask brij aap majumdaar hai kya??ROFL

I have concern if wedding will happen or not. if article is rite then wedding will not happen.

but GK indeed doing good job. haila uski killer smile

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musatfadking Senior Member

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Posted: 13 February 2010 at 2:10am | IP Logged
Superb update jyoti.This episode was superb.From the precap i think Abeer is going to get firing from Budha as well as TN.And TN even budha is wrong will take her side and Abeer will be the one to suffer.
I hope Abeer smartly deals with Dadi & TN when she calls him Salesahab

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surakshita IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2010 at 1:43am | IP Logged
Praise hi praise.
Gaurav-Yami were fantastic
fantastic episode with many a special moments

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