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SAJAN FF-TUM BIN JIYA JAAYE NA-chp11 updt pg 83,84 (Page 5)

meens1981 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2010 at 7:24am | IP Logged

<p align="center">Chapter 1 (part b)</p>

Gunjan shows them around d basket ball court n d sports room
n execuses herself n leaves the place

Samrat n benji break
for lunch ina roadside dhaba, samrat all the while thinking about that
chashmish, how she had avoided his eyes n everything abt him as if he didn't exist,
all this was new for him, girls ven when he was at his sarcastic best tried to
only please him n never turned themselves away. He shakes his head n tries to
shrug off this feeling…..he does'nt want to think or feel…it was an accidental
meeting n that's all n it was not as if
he was going to meet her again, he was here for a purpose n mayank's wedding n
he better focus on it

Its almost 4 so both of them decide that rather than going
to d guest house they will meet the basket ball team n get d ice breaking
session over n then head back to guest house

Samrat n Benji enter the basket ball court n already see
that d girls r wearing navy blue track suit n short sleeved white t-shirt n r
standing in a circle talking n Professor triptahi is entering d court smiling at them n
clears his voice "Girls I would like you to meet your new coach for d next 3
weeks who's here on a spcl request to train u girls". Some girls shyly n others
openly weigh both Sammy n benji n some r still standing at d back n one person
for sure is not luking up as she is shocked to receive this piece of info n not
ready to digest d same n just then much to her dislike Prof tripathi calls for
her "Samrat, Benjamin, I would like to introduce our girls teams captain" n luks
around trying to spot her while d girl tries her level best to hide behind "Ms
Gunjan Bhushan…Gunjan come forward" (something strikes a chord in benji's head)

Having no choice she goes forward, notices that samrat n
benji had just noticed her gauging from their surprised expression as they dint
expect her to be here just like she didn't expect them to here n also she was
sans her spects wearing her contact lenses which she was otherwise not
comfortable using.

Samrat tries to hide his quick grin n wonders whats with this
girl, third time in a way she was arousing funny feelings inside him, he better
luk out or he was gonna be eaten alive by her luking at d anger she was trying
to control…..uff she was like a lady dragon ready to spit out flames n burn d
world….correction burn him coz luking at d sweet shy smile she was giving benji it
luked like only he deserved the honor

Prof continues "Gujan is our star player n she plays point
gaurd position n also scores wonderful baskets….She is not only a star player
cum captain, she is an all rounder, topper in studies, a very lovely singer, n
above all a gifted wonderful human being who is loved by one n all

Some woozy feeling erupts inside samrat's heart on hearing
about chashmish, he is still recovering from d shock of intensity of her naked eyes which
pierced sumthing in him when she had luked at him briefly n now those same eyes
were evading evry1s eyes as she was getting uncomfortable at all d praise…wats
it about this girl that keeps getting onto him at d best of d times….god he was
going to have to be extra harsh n careful around this beautiful witch…beautiful
witch…did he just say that…..god he
needed to drown himself extra hard in his fake persona now more than ever

Samrat: "Thanks sir, if u don't mind ab toh main decide
karunga ki kaun star player hai aur kaun banega….if u don't mind me saying so"

Prof a lil shockedConfused nods n says before leaving," all d best n
feel free to contact me if u need anything"

Now all d girls look at samrat who in turn is sizing them up
from their expressions

Samrat: Ok Chash n stops ...ok Captain can u pls introduce ur

Gunjan: (for no reason a lil shyly introduces all d players
with their positions)

Samrat: Right girls … a pleasure to meet you all , am from
excel college n hope that we have some good training sessions in d next 3 weeks
n I will do my job most diligently

Gunjan wondering (how can he switch his charm n sarcasm on n
off like button, not sure if he was as good a coach as a talker but she was
sure he had passed with flying colors from d school of charm looking at d
drooling expressions in her team members eyes….god girls can be so duh at times…..melting
at one word or smile…god save them for d next 3 weeksOuch

Benji: Ok girls …am benji, samrat's assistant n I will be
assisting samrat…cmon lets do a quick 10 & 10 (Run around the court ten
times one direction and then ten times in the other direction) n all girls
start running when gunjan is about to join them, samrat stops her "Chashmish ek min,
can I have a word with u"

Gunjan (nods her head)

Samrat unable to control himself "Waise chashme ke bina
tumhe basket dikh jaata yah pole se takrana tumhara roz ka kissa hai"

Gunjan "Agar tumhari bakwas bandh ho gayi toh practice shuru
Karen n just so ur stupid brain understands mai game khelte waqt contact
pehenti hoon" n starts leaving

Samrat (snatches her arms to stop her n both r instantly
seized by an electric charge beyond their understanding but he quickly recovers his hand n
says "Who mujhe saare team members ka details,weaknes, strength aur positon ek paper me kal likhe de sakti taakhi mai apni
training strategies plan kar sakun"

Gunjan nods "Aur kuch"

Samrat "No thanks, kal theek 8 baje milte hain"

Gunjan (awkwardly n shyly ) " am really sorry 8 baje
possible nahi hai, yah toh subah 7 baje yah phir dopahar 1 aje mai aur meri
team practice karte hain"

Samrat "kyun subah 8 baje kisi ke saath date hai kya (luking
at her surprised expression recovers quickly)…..really sorry chashmish mai
tumse pooch nahi raha hun tumhe bata rah hun, agle 3 hafte ke liye basket ball
training kab hoga, kaise hoga yeh mai decide karunga…samjhi

Gunjan : Ji nahi….tum is baat ko samaj lo koi b city ka romeo jo apne ko star
player samajtha hai yeh decide nahi karega ki mai kab kya karungi….aur haan tume is baat se
problem hai toh theek hai, mujhe koi training nahi chahiye, u r free to train
other girls, mai kal se nahi aaoongi aur mai tripathi sir ko inform kar dungi,
Bye,n yeah I wudnt say even in my dreams
it was nice meeting u" n rushes out of d court

Samrat is stunned n shocked not sure either by her departure or by her refusal to
comply with his demand n is still reeling in it when benji joins him n asks "kya
hua….gunjan kahan gayi" n samrat quickly informs him abt her kidish n arrogant
attitude. Benji not surpised informs him "yaar kya kiya tune….tune poocha
bhi who kyun subah nahi aa sakti….woh har subah 8 se lek 12 baje tak idhar ek
NGO school me gareeb bachon ko free me padathi hai… members ne bataya abhi....isliye who evening coll
attend karti hai aur poore staff ne bhi kabhi iskeliye object nahi kiya kyunki who
itna acha kaam free me kar rahi hai without ne expectation

Another woozing feeling swirls in samrat's heart….he's thinkg…god
im in a total mess ….for d first time in his 21 years he regrets why cant he be
normal like others,,,,why cant he be nice to others….y does he always have to
fight life daily…d tiredness n d stress of d constant battles of his mind wear
him n more than anything an unknown pain for an unknown girl is staggeringly
taking 3/4th of his brain's space….he is totally annoyed worrying is
tis a start of something thats gonna shake his world….no he cant allow this….he doesn't
have ne space for these woozy feelings in his brain or his heart be it for
chashmish or anybody…now y did have to think of chashmish at every instance….it
was getting like an addiction n he hated addiction or aadat kyunki use pata tha
ki aadat insaan ko majbbor bana deti hai aur majboori use aur kamzor banati hai
aur phir who vulnerable ho jaata hai kise b shikari ke liye….no he cant' allow this….he
hates this….he hates girls….he hates chashmish…..yes that's right he hates
chashmish…..all he has to do is just keep reminding himself of d same

Benji is stunned beyong belief when h'e watching d various
emotions running across Samrat's face from disappointment to hurt to helplessness
to yearning to anger n finally to hatred…He shakes samrat wondering wat had
caused all those emotions 4 d 1st time to take form in plain sight for ne1 to see in d whole
time he had known samrat…..

Samrat comes out of his delusion, happy at his decision n
understanding n decided to stick to it n tells benji "cmon lets go n find out
our brainy dulhe raja kya kar rahe hain"

At nupur's house, zoro shoron se taiyyari chal rahi hai…aaj
mehendi thi aur mayank aur saare dost thodi hi der pehele hi pahuche the.... thabhi diya
aur gunjan ready hoke neeche aate hain

Nupur is wearing a sky blue lehenga with beautiful small
flowers in silver embroidery adorning d same n a contrasting peach colored
blouse with short sleeves n a dupatta with heavy silver embroidery work in sk
blue color.n Dia is wearing a bright red lehenga with gold zardosi work n strapless red blouse in same pattern

Gunjan is looking absolutely pretty in a baby pink lehenga n
choli with thick zardosi work n heavy work on d borders layered with mirrors n miniscule
silver balls. Much after nupur's insistence she shuns her glasses in favor of
contact lens n with her hair styled with simple clips n beads n a lat falling on her face
on either side, she was luking gorgeous

Samrat is smirking in a corner listening to dia explaining to the
girls from village about how she n benji met and fell in love n what it was
like to be in love n how love makes life n a person beautiful inside n out….She
was jus explaining when a girl asks "didi how do u know when u luk at a guy haan
yeh hi mera jeevan saathi hai"

Nupur n dia share an smile of sweet understanding n both say
in unison "jab who tumhari life me aayega toh jab bhi tum use miloge tumhare kaan
me music bajega, aisa lagega ki uski aankhon me zindagi bhar ke liye kho
jaaon, raat dal jaaye magar uski baaten
khatam na ho, zindagi me koi toofan tabahi macha jaye magar uski pyari hanseen idhar se udhar
na ho, duniya poori doob jaaye magar uske aakhon me kabhi nami na ho, dil ka
har sapna tot jaaye magar uske arman kabhi adhure na rahe, poori duniya root
jaye magar uske berukhi ka kabhi shikar na banun, aur sabse khaas baat subah ki
roshni dikhen na dikhen magar in nigahon ko har roz us pyar bahre chehre ka
deedar zaroor ho "

Dodo "Bas girls aur kitna pakaoge" Mayank n benji both share
an impish smile adoring d look of open love on their loved ones faces Embarrassed n samrat
with his usual smirk was getting tired of their talk n moving away n when he
catches a glipse of a girl in pink lehenga, he's just able to see her side face
n trying to see who she is n is mesmerized by her beautiful smile even from d
side angle seing that it was a genuine smile from her heart n just then a she
turns her head n signaling a hi to someone she has still not noticed him while
he is shocked to see who it is…..

Chashmish...phir se ...yahan pe....kaise...oh god...yeh kay ho raha hai….d same simple chashmish….luking
gorgeous n her eyes reflecting d beauty of her smile n d openness of her heart
at n for whomever she was smiling n is
prieced by a stab of jeaslousy that its
not him….he thinks Shit whats wrong with me …mujhe yeh kya ho raha…..mai
chashmish ko hate karta hun….i hate her….then y do I want her to smile at me….i
dislike her then y do I keep unknowingly luking for her in d back of my
mind everytime she goes away….god I met her just this morning….kya karun mai….yeh
kaisa daura pad rah hai muje… I cant let this happen….i hate her….i hate
her……I hate her n he luks up once again into her still smiling eyes n
beautifully smiling lips twitching every now n then n another piercing pain n
to top it all his ears r buzzing with d song being played in d background

"Tere naina …..hans diye….. bas gaye ….mere dil me…. tere

Yeh Pyaar Ki Hain Baatein….Kuchh Ankahi Mulakaatein ……Aise
Hi Milte Hain….Mil Ke Machalte Hain Do Dil Jawaan"

He is irritated at d control that seems to be slipping from
him n uanble to do anything about d same n shuts his ears with both hands
forcefully for a minute to bring some control into his mind n slow down his
heartbeat n d moment passes n he removes his hand n d music loudly buzzing
starts again to continue

"Mere Paas Tu Jo Aaye …To Khuda Mujhe Mil Jaaye….Hothon Ko
Hothon Se Milne De Silne De ..Door Na Ja"

Samrat "That's it ,am getting out of here n now" n heads
towards d exit


My poor samrat …..such a confused soul...caught up in such a beutiful love hte tangled relationship...….its as if gunjan has
stolen n conquered both his mind n heart against his wish n his ability to think has taken leave
so much so that he didn't even realise he was standing just in front of a speaker hence d added vibrating buzzing
loud music effect… Hope all ur dear ppl like this chapter n Pls let me know ur
comments n i will PM u when am done with the next chapter



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-Jyotika- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2010 at 7:41am | IP Logged
awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ud....
it ws mindblowingggggggggggggg...
simplyyy amazinggg...
luved reading it...
actually i'm reading it again n again..
dis part ws grr8888888..
pllzzzzzz cont soon..
cant wait to read further..
n thnxx for d pm..


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Soulmate_Sana IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2010 at 8:06am | IP Logged
awesome mindblowing update dear

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Dilbole_ShiOmRu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 February 2010 at 8:09am | IP Logged
very beautiful cont. soon

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aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 February 2010 at 9:33am | IP Logged
hey meena superb update yar loved it please do continue soon and thanks dear for pm

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kweetrockstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 February 2010 at 10:56am | IP Logged
wow Meenakshi
i want more
these were awesome updates
thanks for itplz update soon

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sweetsonal156 Goldie

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Posted: 17 February 2010 at 11:49am | IP Logged
i loved it
ples cont soon
n thnx 4 the pm

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2010 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
wowow i really love it  your part 1 a and b  plzz contuied soon

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