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SAJAN FF-TUM BIN JIYA JAAYE NA-chp11 updt pg 83,84 (Page 4)

Soulmate_Sana IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2010 at 6:27am | IP Logged

-nautankidollz- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2010 at 7:00am | IP Logged
awww its awsome awsome awsome
Dilbole_ShiOmRu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 February 2010 at 10:08am | IP Logged
Loved it continue soon
Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2010 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
wowow tht was nicee intro of dia and benji
sweetsonal156 Goldie

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Posted: 12 February 2010 at 1:50pm | IP Logged

awesome starting

continue soon
thanx for the pm
Shre28 Senior Member

Joined: 11 February 2010
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Posted: 12 February 2010 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
stupendo intro by benjamin thomas.....keep up the fantastic work...cont soon...thanks for the pm and the buddy list
                 love...attitude baby
MoNaYaRoX Senior Member

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Posted: 13 February 2010 at 6:24am | IP Logged
that was an AWESOME update!!!
aw Samrat's so nice
he helps out his friends
and I LOVE ur style i like LONG updates lol =P
ppllllzzzz continue soon!!!!
THX alot for the PM
meens1981 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2010 at 4:51am | IP Logged
Dear friends,
Thank you so much for all ur lovely feels so gud to know that u lovely ppl appreciate what I am writing....thanks once again n sorry for not posting it earlier as i didnt get time to write it at a stretch....I am posting two parts to Chapter 1...the second part will follow shortly......pls do leme know ur frank comments...will appreciate the same whole heartedly

Love u all,

Chapter 1 (part a)

Someone standing outside Princi' s room is trying to overhear a conversation inside the room

 Dodo (turns back):  Oh hi guys, don't mind I am waiting for Sam to come out thaki hum canteen khana khane ja sake, bechar mera pet, kitna bhooka hai phata hai pichle aadhe gante se kuch nahi khaya….yeh princi ko bhi sam ko abhi bula na that jab mere pet me chuhe football  ka FIFA match khel rahe hon …neways dekhen toh princi itni der se kya baat kar rahen hai

Princi: Samrat tum toh jaante tumahra interstate championship 5 hafte baad shuru ho raha hai aur har saal ki tarah is saal bhi tumhe woh trophy excel college ke liye jeetni hai (samrat smirking thinking tell me something new dude). Magar usse pehle tumhe mera ek kaam  karna padega. Prof Tripathi mere dost chahte kit um unke coll ki basket ball team to 3 hafton ke liye train karo. Tumhari practice bhi ho jaayegi aur unke team ki training bhi

Samrat (now totally bored and having lost interest in d conversation started looking here n there. He had no interest in going anywhere let alone coach any team)  " Sorry sir actually mujhe excel team ko train karna hai isliye mai jaa nahi paaonga"

Princi: " Samrat mai tumse pooch nahi raha hun tumhe inform kar raha hun taaki tum apni travel arrangementments kal ke liye kar lo. Aur haan (when samrat is about to interrupt) agar mana karne ki koshish kit oh apna interstate champisonship bhi bhool jaana aur kal se tumhari saari OD cancelled aur pura attendance kal se start hoga tumhara. Soch lo marzi tumhari hai

Samrat : (fuming at having been cornered): Kahan jaana hoga mujhe

Princi (with a victorious smile beaming on his face) Morena

Samrat: Kahan …

Princi : Samrat zyaada banne ki koshish mat karo…tumne teek suna tumhe morena jana hai n haan, before u ask yeh kaha hai, mai bolunga tum apne dost mayank se pooch lene …aakhir tumhara poora gang uski shaadi ke liye agle Monday udhar hi to jaanewala hai na

Samrat (realisition hitting him hard that Princi was right, it was Nupur's town but which boys team would req training in such a small town)"Ok kaun sa college sir"

Princi (smiling): "Yeh Jawab tumhe zaroor pasand aayega, St. Mary's girls college"

Samrat(shocked): Kya Girls college…aur main unki training…sir aap kya keh rahe hain aapko pata bhi hai

Princi (pushing his spects to the forehead) "Samrat yeh mat bhoolo tum apne Principal se baat kar rahe ho, aur no more arguments, jao apna saman baandho, benji, dodo bhi tumhare saath jaayenge aur Nupur ki shaadi hai toh mayank aur diya ko bhi mai extra chutti de raha hun. Now u can leave

Samrat totally pissed with d situation,pushing past dodo outside d room n  heads off angrily towards collge Canteen

Diya (touching her lipstick n eyeing herself in mirror): Kya baat hai samrat bahut gusse me lag rahe ho

Samrat (alrdy irritated vents it out on diya): Oh candy tumhe kyun fikar  hor rahi hai tum apna lipstick dekho…zyaada baat karne se kahi jaldi mit na jaaye….(now smirling) Waise candy agar tum itna concentration padhai me lagati toh shaayd mayank ko beat kar deti….magar tumhe apni beauty se aur who tumhare stupid Ms Bombay contest se phursatmile toh tab samjogi na….waise mere kayal se benji ko makeup artist ya dress designer ban jaana chahiye aakhir makeup ya dress designing ke paise toh bach jaayenge (with a humorless laugh)

Diya: (hurt by the sharp word of Samrat but still does not allow him to get to her coz this is only his fake persona speaking, she knew what he had done for her dreams which he was belittling now) "Oh Samrat kya karun mai tumhari tarah smart hoti toh shayad yeh sab kar paati magar mai bas beautiful hun aur isi ko mai apna profession aur dream banana chahti hun…isme kya galat hai…waise bhi tum ladki nahi ho toh tum samjoge nahi. Neways I gues Princi ne tumhe bata diya hoga….hum sab kal early morning drive kar ke jaanewale…socha tumhe pick up karne ka offer de dun

Samrat(a lil miffed when Diya didn't retaliate realized for d nth time that his friends had stopped reacting n ignoring his aceric comments long time back n tones down himself): "Ofcourse candy, ek beautiful girl lift de aur mai mana kar doon kabhi nahi(with his flirtatious smile)

Diya (smiling) : Great we will pick u tomm at 6 am

Next day sam,benji,diya n dodo start early and reach morena by late afternoon. Diya heads for Nupur's house n Dodo to d guest house where MAyank was staying but Samrat and Benji head staright to St. Mary's as they had to meet Prof Tripathi, much to Sammy's dislike

On the campus grounds just outside Prof Tripathi's cabin , Samrat is playing by throwing his pen n trying to catch d same n without luking where he's walking n dashes head along into another person….d person loses d hold she has on d buks  in d collision n bends down to pick up d same while samrat is stupefied by d girl. He is not able to understand is it d impact of collision or is it d girl but then pushes d thot away, all d while benji helps her n she gets up looking up with a sweet smile on her face , her eyes behind her spects reflecting her easy going warm sunny infectious nature n her lips about to say "its ok" when benji is about to apologise, but Samrat interrupts rudely before either of them can say anything "Kya chashmish chashma pehenti ho aur phir bhi nahi dekh rahi kahan jaa rahi ho, lagta tumhare eye appointment ka time aa gaya kyunki mujhe lagta hai tumhare chashme ka number bad gaya hai."

Benji is embarrassed by Samrat's rude attitude to d girl but at d same he notices that samrat is doing it with a mischevious smile than his usual sarcasm n was stunned. Samrat hardly expressed such behavior, only when he was beyond happiness like when he wins a tournament or like when he got sloshed at benji's bday party or generally when his real adorable nature gets d better of his fake sarcastic attitude which was rare n easy to count

D girl in spects is stunned by such a rude attitude n that too from a stranger. She is about to give him a piece of his mind when d rude guy again interrupts " Rehne do chashmish , sorry kahne ki zaroorat nahi hain, hum jaante yeh tumhare nahi tumhare chashme ki galti, its ok but haan jaldi change karalo warna kal college ke khambe se takra jaaogi with a lopsided smile"

D girl in spects cannot decide wats more irritating – his rude overbearing attitude or his on ur face mocking smileLOL but before she cud frame a relpy they breeze off " Ok chashmish time to go….chashma badal zaroon lene"

Samrat (not knowing why he was happy to see d riled up face of d girl in d spects laughs without his knowledge n luks back one final time at her n on her seeing her staring at him, before he cud stop himself winks at her Winkwith a lopsided smile which he didn't wanna do n gets d reaction he waited for n rushes inside before d flames of anger which were chasing him from d girl's eyes cud burn himAngry

Gunjan: Cud not believ that d Shockedguy had d audacity to wink at her after all d horrible attitude…she wanted to slap his beautiful face or throw water to wipe the smile off his face….god she never knew a stranger in d first meeting cud turn her into a violent person…wait  a min did say "beautiful face"….yeh kahan se aaya….gunjan tub hi na paagal ho gayi hai ( angry inner voice)…woh ladka tera mazak uda rah tha aur tujhe laga uska chehra sundar hai….god mujhe eye doctor ki nahi dimaag ke doc ki zaroorat n with a angry "uff" leaves d place

After 10 min she's summoned by d Prof Tripathi asking her to show d guests in the adjacent waiting room, around d basket ball court n their sports room n also inform d basket ball team to line up in d evening 4.30 in the court. He fails to inform her that the guys r the new coach n as she's in a rush doesnt bother to ask.

Gunjan: (entering the room n shocked) Tum

Samrat: Chashmish tum… phir se takrane ka irada hai kya(with a wink in her direction)….pata hai Mumbai ki ladkiyon pe mera charm thoda time leta hai par tumpe lagta hai instant effect ho gayaLOL….tum mera peecha hi nahi chod rahi (with a naughty grin n benji is surpised for d second time to see this sunny flirtatious side of his friend which he was trying not cover up with sarcasm, n wonders was it d girl or city or mayank's wedding mood that was having this effect on samrat)

Gunjan: Hello RomeoAngry…..tum apne aapko samajthe kya ho….kabhi shakal dekhi hai aaine me

Samrat: (grinning) Nahi tum jo nahi dikthi usmeROFL

Gunjan Angry: Deklo ….faida tumhara hi hai…tumhari asliyat aankhon ke saamne aa jayegi….tum kya apne aap of god's gift samajt ho kaye….pls wake up……nightmare khatam ho chukka hai….

Samrat is not sure if there was slight prickle in his heart or was he imagining things, he is put off by her rude voice mayb hurt a lilltle n then imme banishes dthot no way no one can hurt him, but somehow he never assumed she would have such a strong voice, don't know why but he imagined she wud be timid n shy from her persona, but she sounded more like theeki mirchi n smiles imme)

Gunjan (realsiing thatit was sumunknown devil Wackoinside her speaking which was so unlike her luks at d other guy n embarrassed comes into herself n ignoring d rude guyn smiling brightly Big smileat d other guy extends her hand)

"Hi, my hun gunjan, is coll me final year B Sc comp sc padh rahi hun, Prof tripathi ne aapko sports room aur basket ball court dikhane ke liye kaha tha….shall we go now"

Benji shakes n introduces "Hi …nice to meet u, I am benji short for Benjamin (with a twinkle in his eyes)Smile n tis is samrat, my friend

Gunjan: SamratShocked …samrat of what bad mannersLOL, samrat of Mumbai Romeos Wink

Samrat (smilingly softly at her witty response) : Samrat of girls heartsEmbarrassed (with a wink)Wink…..but Gunjan…naw….chashmish zyaada suit karta hai tumhe

Gunjan irriated: Tum bachpan se aise the ….yah kisi haalaat ne tumhe aisa bana diya

Unknowingly Gunjan had touched a raw nerve with those two words bachpan n haalaat n as if a shutter comes down in his eyes n he freezes off his emotions n realizes that how had he let it slip in d first place n turns towards Gunjan "now now chashmish…….control urself dont show ur anxiousness so openly to know more abt me…..atleast pehle chek toh karlo if iam as interested in u as u r (benji notices he's back in form n feels sad for Gunjan, if earlier she was irritated by his his flirting comments now she was hurt Cryn it was plainly visible in her eyes where there was a fine sheen lurking behind

Gunjan is unbelievably hurt n wonders what did she do for such a rude comment, earlier she assumed he was being arrogant but now he sounded bitter n why towards her left her confused n is unable to understand y his words were triggering a pinch in her heart which was turning liqudish in her eyes but she cannot afford to be so foolish n stupid when Samrat interrupts "Now chashmish don't start crying like behenji types….maine yeh toh nahi kaha ki mai interested nahi hun…there's still hope for u (announces with arrogant demeanor )

Gunjan having had enough of this guy luks towards benji n asks "Chale Kya" n benji awkwardly nods n moves luking at samrat, who follows them silently n happy that he's back in his form but y did he have a feeling of guilt for d first time so openly as if he had hurt d girl n he didn't like this….noooo...he didn't do feelings. Full stop….His friends knew that n at times when he was alone he cried tears of regret for having been harsh to any of them but he cannot allow that feeling to crop up in open n that too for a stranger girl….who was not even his type but he had to agree she was both beautiful n irrirtating with a sassy mouthSmile which wud give him a run for his money anytime…he had to be careful coz he realized that first time in his life without his knowledge somebody had worn down his sheild,  barrier….not even his friends had achieved that...n he didnt like it one he better keep himslef in check or else no one can save him ....


Pls continue reading d part b n let me know ur comments Smile

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