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Harry Potter
Harry Potter


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hey i saw this movie yesterday too..daniel looked soo hot..and did the guy cedric..he was soo cute....... Smile ..but i cried a lot too..it's kinda sad in the end.. Cry
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good to hear that u all enjoy'd Tongue
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can u pleaseee tell the summary pleaseeeeeee Confused
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ya sure anamika

u can go to http://www.themoviespoiler.com/Spoilers/harry4.html
heres da complete summary:

The film begins again with ominous music as we move towards the movie title and we see a sliding-slithering type-thing behind the title. Closer up, we see that it's a bassilus (snake, like the one in the Chamber of Secrets) and it is slithering towards this statue of Death (with hood and sickle) and moving past it to this wooden cottage-house. A old groundskeeper is in another house putting a pot of kettle to boil for his nightly drink when he notices that the house opposite him (the one the snake was heading to) was a bright light shining in one of its upstairs windows. Cursing under his breath "damn kids", he takes a bunch of keys and proceeds to enter the house to find out the mystery of the light. As he stands on the 2nd landing looking into the room with the light, he sees Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew the Weasel from Prisoner of Azkaban) taking to someone sitted in a highback chair. We do not see who this someone is, but Wormtail calls him you-know-who/Lord V. Another scruffy evil-looking man appears and he kneels down to Lord V and takes instructions. The snake moves past the groundskeeper (who is somehow transfixed at witnessing the sight before him) and goes up to Lord V, where the snake begins to speak Prsletongue (snake language we heard from Chamber of Secrets). Lord V tells Wormtail that the snake, Nagini, tells him that the groundskeeper is standing by the doorway listening to their conversation, and he tells Wormtail to invite him in so that Lord V can properly greet his visitor. The groundskeeper walks in and even still, we don't see Lord V but he issues forth a lightning bolt that flashes towards the screen......

...and Harry wakes up from his nightmare. Hermione is there (the Weasley's residence) and she is trying to get the boys to wake up. She goes over to wake Ron and he wakes up but embarassingly shields himself with his blanket like he was naked (even though he's wearing singlet and pants, presumably). Hermione tells them to hurry and get dressed, but Ron goes back to snooze. Next we see the kids (including the twins Fred and George and Ginny) go off with Mr. Weasley for some trip. On the way, Mr. Weasley meets his friend Mr. Diggory, who has also brought his lankish son, Cedric Diggory. Altogether, the gang heads for the the top of the hill and gather round an old boot. Harry asks why are they gathering around the boot and Mr. Diggory explains that the boot is a port key. They all touch the boot and it begins to spin them to their destination.

The gang arrives at a huge huge ground like a carnival/fair. There are a lot of people about cheering and hooting. We are told that this is the Quidditch World Cup. The kids are terribly excited (as was I) as they look around seeing people from different countries, schools, and all. They arrive at their tent (small camping tent) but the funniest thing is the tent from the outside looks really small. Harry watches in amazement (he is the last to enter) as one by one they all enter the tent (9 of them in total). When he goes in, we see that inside, it is actually a very luxurious suite. Harry thinks its so cool and says "I love magic". It's time for the Quidditch World Cup and the kids go to their booth dressed up with large top hats (like those from Cirque Du Soleil). They are really really excited. On their way up to the booth (The stadium is really magnificient, and there are many many tiers like a bee honeycomb), they bump into the Malfoys who as usual, pass insults. The compere introduces the crowd and starts off the opening ceremony whereby the two teams (one is Bulgaria and the other is Ireland) are introduced. Their introductory performance is really fantastic (using fireworks - LOTR like Gandalf's- which turn into an Irish gnome). We are also introduced to the best snitch-catcher in the world, Viktor Krum. He is Ron's idol.

The kids are back in the tent, still celebrating when there is commotion outside. The kids think its celebration, but the fathers start to grab their coats and tell them to get going fast and meet at the port key (boot). In the midst of panic outside, Harry gets separated and he sees this band of hooded men (dressed up quite like the KuKluxKlan but only in black) marching through, causing destruction by throwing fireballs. He tries to run off but gets trampled by the crowd and goes unconscious (this might remind you of the LOTR scene where Frodo gets trampled, lol). He soon wakes up and hides when he sees the scruffy evil-looking man cast a firework which morphs into a skeleton of Lord V with his snake. Harry's scar starts to hurt. Suddenly, he hears Hermione and Ron calling for him and they find him all tense. Harry tells the adults what he saw, though he didn't see any faces clearly.

The kids on back on the Hogwarts Express to school and the candy lady with her cart stops by their booth. Ron goes out to get some candy and Harry offers to pay for him. This is when he meets Cho Chang, whom he takes a fancy towards on sight. Of course, he is shy and doesn't say anything. Hermione is puzzled as to why the incident could happen at a very prominent event like the Quidditch World Cup. The kids arrive at school and it is the banquet hall. Dumbledore makes his opening address by telling them they this year, Hogwarts has been chosen to play host to a legendary event. He is interrupted by that grim-creepy groundskeeper, Mr. Filch, who is all jittery (the visitors have arrived and are waiting outside). Dumbledore continues and he tells the Hogwarts students that they are hosting the TriWizards championship. Basically, 3 Triwizard champions from 3 different schools will be chosen to represent their school in the championship. He introduces the first school, Beaubaxtons, a French ladies's magic school, who enter with their very very tall headmistress. Their entrance is a very feminine sort of dance, which is quite a spectacle and the boys are quite enchanted by the french girls in their cornflower and sea-blue uniforms sashaying their tushies. Next, Dumbledore introduces the Bulgarian school with their headmaster, Igor Karkaroff. They are like a regiment, doing some kind of tribal stick show complete with martial art and firework displays. Viktor Krum is definitely there.

Dumbledore continues his address. He turns to this ornament that's decorated and looks like Notre Dame Cathedral which slowly unfolds to reveal the Goblet of Fire. He says that whoever thinks they are eligible would have to come forth and place their names in the goblet, who will decide who participates. However, he warns that the tests are not for the faint-hearted, and that a participant who is chosen by the goblet is bound to compete and is essentially alone in his task. In the meantime, we see a limping-stranger walking towards Hogwarts in the rain. We are back in the banquet hall and Dumbledore turns to Barty Crouch Sr. who says that this year, they have decided that only students of 17 yrs and above can take part - for safety reasons. This raises quite a large disturbance among the younger Hogwarts students. Dumbledore silences them but tells them that they have until thursday midnight to put their names in the cup. The stranger we saw earlier in the rain comes in and we see that he is Mad-Eye Moody. Obviously, Dumbledore knows him fondly, but the kids know him through stories and tales that he catches the bad people. Mad-Eye Moody drinks from this whisky canteen and it gives him a jiggle.

The Goblet of Fire is placed in one of the rooms. It is nighttime and we see Igor (headmaster of the Bulgarian school) suspiciously close the door to the Goblet, like he is up to some mischief. Next day, obviously the news of Hogwarts hosting the event plus the entry of the foreign visitors has caused much excitement. Many students are gathered round the Goblet of Fire, even the younger students, who want to see who puts their names in and to root for their idols. Ron and Harry look at it and Ron says they should try one day and Harry says rather it be Ron than him. Fleur Delacour from the French girls school enters and puts her name in. So does Viktor Krum (sees Hermione who thinks he's a egoistic showoff but is also quite interested in him) and Cedric Diggory. Fred and George thought that they have a way to hoodwink the Goblet's set age limit using a potion that changes your true age, and just when they think they succeed, they are thrown off by the age-line spell set by Dumbledore.

It is time for the Goblet to reveal its chosen participants and everyone gathers round to hear Dumbledore announce the results. The fire from the goblet changes from blue to red and spews forth a piece of paper with a name on it. Fleur Delacour is called and her whole school cheers. Next, Viktor Krum has been picked. Cedric Diggory is next. Dumbledore congratulates the winners and tells them to get ready for their challenges. Just as everyone is about to disband, there is a rumble sound from the cup, the flames turn red and another piece of paper spews out. Dumbledore catches it and mutters "Harry Potter". Harry hears but dares not stand up, and Hermione pushes him forward as Dumbledore starts to bellow quite angrily. Harry goes forward quite unsure of what is going on but stands alongside the other winners. We see that the 'misnomer' of a 4th contestant has caused a lot of upset - one among the headmasters of the schools and one among the students, who think Harry cheated and put his name in. Dumbledore asks Harry if he put his name in and he says he didn't. Barty Crouch Sr. says rules are rules and the Goblet issues a binding contract on whomever it has chosen. Dumbledore is more worried for Harry because he is too young (only 14) to compete in the obviously-very-tough competition. Professor Minerva McGonnogall tries to persuade him to ignore the rules and take Harry out but Dumbledore has no choice. He takes his wand and pulls out his memory of seeing Harry's name on the piece of paper and puts the memory in this basin where it swims around with other memories. (like a memory recepticle) Dumbledore tells Mad-Eye to keep an eye out for Harry but not too obviously.

The winners are being photographed by tabloid columnist Rita Skeeter (who writes with a magic quill). She is obviously quite a journalist whore-about-Fleet-Street, writing most of the stories in her head her own way and hardly listening to the interviewee, like purposefully misquoting and putting Harry's age as 12 when he tells her repeatedly that he's 14. Harry is obviously quite tense, and it does not help matters that Ron is now very upset with him as he thinks that Harry went behind his back to put his name in, somehow. Harry tries to explain that he does not seek eternal glory but Ron is childish and isn't listening. They start a cold war where Ron refuses to speak to Harry. Harry writes to Sirius to tell him about all that has happened and about his recurring nightmare (the one seeing Wormtail and the evil-looking man talking to Lord V and the snake). Sirius meets him (in the form of a face in the embers of the charcoal fireplace) and tells him that what has happened is no coincidence.

At class, it is their first lesson with Mad-Eye Moody who uses rather extreme methods to teach. He prefers to use practical methods and this class is about the "Unforgivable" spells, spells which once used, condemns the person forever. He proceeds to demonstrate the effects of the spell on a spider to show the class why they are 'unforgivable'. The first is an Imperius spell, which allows the caster to take control of the victim. At first, it seems rather funny as the spider is made to crawl and freak out the students, until MadEye moody hangs the spider over water and tells the class whether he should make the spider drown itself. You can see the spider struggling but it is forced beyond its control. Once his point is made, the class falls silent. Mad -Eye Moody proceeds to the next spell where he gets Neville Longbottom to tell him what he is. It is some kind of torture spell and it traumatizes Neville and the class to see the spider tortured and thrashing about in pain, until Hermione shouts to Mad-Eye to stop it. Mad-Eye asks Hermione what the last "Unforgivable" spell is and she refuses to answer. He takes the spider and zaps it to death. Mad-Eye explains that that is the killling curse and only one person is known to have survived it. He looks at Harry who starts to fidget uncomfortably. He takes a swig from his whisky canteen.

Neville is shaken but Mad-Eye takes him off for some counselling. They go for their next class which Professor Minerva McGonnogall is conducting. She tells them that as part of the Triwizards championship, there is the Yule Ball which is basically a prom night held on Christmas Eve. She says that it is a time for them to indulge in some well-conducted frivolity. This means they have to learn how to dance so as not to embarrass the school as baffling bumbling band of baboobs (Fred and George try to say this tongue twister..LOL). Ron makes a snide remark and is overheard by Professor Mcgonogall who gets him to demonstrate with her on the dance. Outside, Hermione has to play message-passer between Ron and Harry who won't speak to each other. Basically, Hagrid wants to see him.

It is nightfall, and Hagrid tells Harry to bring his father's invisible cloak and go with him. They enter the forest where it starts to get creepy with sounds. Harry puts on the cloak and walks beside Hagrid who meets up with the headmistress of the French girls school. They mutter sweet-nothings which makes Harry gag. They go deeper into the forest and Harry finds out that the first mission is dragons!!! Real fire-breathing and very dangerous dragons. Harry is obviously frightened out of his wits. Hagrid asks him whether Ron told him about the dragons and Harry says no, why would Ron, and Hagrid tells him that it is the Weasley's who helped bring in the dragons. Harry is upset by Ron's defection.

Harry is facing a lot of bullying from the students for the fact he was chosen to compete. He tells Cedric out of good faith that the first task is dragons. Cedric is quite a nice bloke and doesn't stand up for the hard time the other students are giving Harry, but Harry says it doesn't matter. Draco also makes fun of him which results in him being turned into a ferret by Mad-Eye. Mad-Eye takes Harry into his chamber. There is a large chest (impt.) with something inside that shakes like there's Boggart shape-shifter inside. Mad-Eye asks Harry how he intends to fight the dragon. Harry doesn't know and Mad-Eye tries to get him to think of a strategy (which is what the other competitors are bound to do). Harry says he flies okay but there's no broom. Mad-Eye reminds him that he gets to use a wand. It is the day of the first challenge and the competitors are round up in the tent. Harry is nervous and Hermione comes to support him. As she hugs him, Rita Skeeter and her cameraman snaps a picture of "first love", which infuriates the kids. Dumbledore comes in with Barty Crouch Sr.to wish good luck to the competitors. Each of them have to pick 'something' from this bag Crouch is holding. The something are miniatures of the actual dragons they will battle later. Harry gets the worst with the Hungarian Horntail - really nasty mean-looking dragon. Their task is to retrieve the golden egg that their dragon guards as the egg contains the clue to the next challenge.

Harry waits as the others finish their tasks. It is now his turn and he goes out with trepidation. In the battle arena (mountainous rocks) he sees the egg and is about to go for it when the dragon appears. It is really mean, blowing fire and thrashing its tail to smash Harry. Harry dodges and hides, and the crowd starts to worry for him as the dragon seems to have quite the upper-hand. Harry uses his wand to cast a spell for a broom but he is unable to get on it as the dragon is blocking his way. He makes a roll on the ground, dodges the flames and gets on the broom and flies way. The dragon, very angry, breaks out of his bonds and chases after Harry in an air-chase. The broom is not the super-broom Sirius gave Harry in the previous show. But as Harry escapes, the dragon baits him and takes a good swing at him. Harry crashes off the broom onto the tower and hangs quite periliously as the dragon also somehow clings to the tower (like KingKong on the empire state building) and proceeds to finish off Harry. Harry struggles and manages to get the broom before he falls off and flies off again. He manuevres into a bridge where the dragon takes a smash and falls unconscious, but so does Harry. Back at the battle arena, the crowd waits expectantly and in nerves until Harry appears on the budget-air broom (a little smashed up now but still air-worthy) and retrieves the egg, much to the joy and relief of the crowd.

Back at the Griffindor common room, Harry is being cheered on and asked to open to egg. He does and it issues a very ear-piercing screech. He shuts it back. Ron comes in and they make peace. Harry and Ron find it hard to get a date for the Yule Ball as the girls seem to always be in packs and they are very shy. Hermione is fuming inside as to why Ron has not asked her and Ron makes the mistake of asking her as a last resort. She lets loose that she has been asked and she accepted. Fred and George tell Ron and Harry to get a date quick or the good ones would all be asked. They demonstrate a hilarious way of getting a date for their prom. Harry bumps into Cho at a watch tower and plucks up courage to ask her to be his date for the ball. But she declines as she has accepted another person's request. We do not know who that is. Ron receives a package from his mother which turns out to be a rather old-English dress coat with lace and ruffles. Ron is appalled at having to wear it but no choice. Harry gets the nightmare again, each time seeing more clues.

It is the night of the ball. Ron is badly dressed and it turns out their dates are the Indian twins. Ron goes in and misses the gorgeous Hermione coming down the stairs. Her date is Viktor Krum. He sees Cho and realises her date is Cedric Diggory. Professor Mcgonogall tells Harry whether he's got his date as as winners of the Triwizard Tournament, they have to start off the dance. The 4 winners and their dates walk into the ballroom and begin the dance. Harry gets by on nerves. Hermione has a great time with Viktor until Ron, who is very bitter and he and Harry are just sitting down, a complete failure at their dates, says sarcastically that she is fraternizing with the enemy. He just gives out mean comments until Hermione breaks down and tells him that next time to ask her to the ball and not treat her as some last resort replacement (she obviously wanted him to askher but got really pissed off by Ron's stupidity).

It is soon to the next challenge and Hermione asks Harry whether he has solved the clue from the golden egg. Harry admits no, until Cedric finds him and gives him a vital clue - to bring the egg to the Prefects shower room. Harry does so and in the shower room having a bubble bath, he has no idea what to do. He opens the egg and again, the same shriek issues forth. He is puzzled until Moaning Mertle (the girl ghost who was killed by the stare of the Bassilus in the Chamber of Secrets) comes and tells him to open the egg under water. He does so and a siren song sings out. Harry asks Mertle whether there are mermaids in the Black Lake. Mertle is impressed as she said the previous guy (must be Cedric) took really long to figure that out. She then tries to seduce Harry, who feels quite embarrassed as he is half-naked in the bath.

Harry shares with Ron and Hermione on the clue, and the night before, they try to find out ways to hold one's breath under water for at least an hour, but no avail. Mad-Eye comes in and tells the kids to go to bed. Neville is instructed to help Harry clear his books. Harry tells him that he needs to find a way to hold his breath under water until Neville lets loose that there's a herb that can do that. It is the day of the 2nd event, and Hermione and Ron are nowhere to be seen. Neville hands Harry the herb (looks like wheatgrass). The contestants and crowd are taken to grandstands in the middle of the lake. Dumbledore tells them that each contestant has had something precious taken from them and they are to find it in the lake. They have one hour to do so. Harry eats the herb and it causes him extreme discomfort that he falls into the lake. We find that the herb causes harry morph into some kind of merman with gills and flippers, allowing him to breathe and swim underwater. He searches until he sees mermaids and soon finds the 'precious something' that was taken from each contestant - it is Ron, Hermione, Cho and a little girl held unconscious underwater by a spell. Harry is torn who to save and proceeds to take both Ron and Hermione, when the mermaids appear and venomously tell him that he can only choose one. In the meantime, Fleur, using an air bubble, has a panic attack and gives up. Back to Harry, who looks between Hermione and Ron, when Cedric comes past and grabs Cho. Harry turns round and sees a shark-man, who grabs Hermione. So he takes Ron, but sees the little girl, which must be Fleur's. Because she doesn't appear, Harry knows he must save the girl, so he grabs the both of them and swims to the surface. The one-hour time limit is also up and Cedric rises with Cho, and the shark, which is Viktor Krum rises with Hermione. Fleur is quite worried as she sees what the 'precious somethings' are and since she has forfeited, she doesn't know what will happen to hers. As Harry swims towards the surface with Ron and the girl, the mermaids chase after him and the effects of the herb wear off and Harry starts to not be able to breathe underwater. In a heroic effort, he pushes the two up to the surface while the mermaids surround and capture him, and he is slowly drowning. He sends a blast that stuns the mermaids but he starts to drown further. Ron and the girl surface. Harry in a last ditch effort calls out an "Ascendio" spell and it propels him to the surface where he lands on the platform. We find out the little girl is actually Fleur's little sister. She is overwhelmed with gratitude and kisses Harry and Ron (who blushes). For his heroic courage, Harry is awarded 2nd place in this challenge.

Harry is walking past when he witnesses Snape and Igor having a heated exchange. Apparently, both Igor and Snape are the only Death-Eaters that have been pardoned for their efforts to cooperate. Their loyalties are made to be still suspect in the movie. Snape grudgingly congratulates Harry on his achievement in the underwater challenge, but tells Harry to stop stealing things from his potion storeroom. Harry tells him that neither him nor his friends have done so, but Snape refuses to listen and even threatens to use truth serum on Harry. Harry goes to see Dumbledore about his nightmare and sees the memory pool. He enters one of Dumbledore's memory of where Igor was captured and he is giving off names of Lord V's followers/Death Eaters in exchange for pardon. He mentions many names, including Snape, where Dumbledore speaks up in Snape's favor. The last name that Igor gives is that of Crouch's son. He is also there and is caught trying to escape. Crouch, his father, is heartbroken but has him taken to Azkaban prison. Harry does not recognize yet that Crouch's son is the evil-looking man who was given instructions by Lord V. Dumbledore explains to Harry the purpose of the memory pool but is perplexed at his inability to reason out why things are happening like this. The kids are with Hagrid walking through the forest when they hear an ominous sound and they find Crouch dead. The school is informed, but the Minister of Magic says that the contest must continue.

It is the day of the final-challenge. Dumbledore addresses that the TriWizard Cup/trophy has been hidden inside the maze by Mad-Eye Moody. Whoever touches the Cup first wins. The kids enter the maze and it is super huge and very very threatening and claustrophobic. The nerves still to get on the competitors, as we see them running through the maze all wide-eyed and panicky. They start to converge and encounter each other. Fleur's anxiety gets to her and she is swathed-mummy-like by the maze tree roots. Cedric stares in horror, unable to help her. Viktor Krum appears to be under a spell with glazed-over eyes and takes to attacking Cedric and Harry, who blast him stunned. Harry sees Fleur being mummified and shoots a red flare to call for help. But instead, a huge gust of tornado wind comes and whips the trees. Cedric and Harry run and they see the Cup in front of them. The roots of the maze trees start to grow to grab them but they keep running towards to the Cup, until Cedric trips and gets overtaken by the roots. Harry is torn between going for the Cup and saving Cedric. But he makes the choice and blasts the roots, rescuing Cedric. Cedric is grateful. Another gust of wind comes and they run towards the Cup. Cedric says that Harry saved him, so Harry should touch the Cup first. The gust of wind draws closer and Harry tells Cedric that they touch it together on the count of 3. They touch the Cup and it spins them into a dark gloomy place.

As they revive, Harry realises something is wrong, that he's at the graveyard place in his dream, where the statue of Death is and we can see the rickety wooden cottage in a distance. He deduces that someone put a spell on the Cup, that it became a port key. At this point, Wormtail comes out of a hut carrying a monkey-like creature. The creature (Lord V) tells Wormtail to kill Cedric, which he does. Harry is extremely distressed. The statue of Death animates and emprisons Harry. Wormtail proceeds to tell Harry that tonight, Lord V. will rise again. He throws the monkey-creature Lord V into a cauldron boiling with some fluid. Wormtail proceeds to add the "flesh of a servant" by cutting off his hand into the cauldron. He then goes to Harry to get the last item - "Blood of the enemy". He cuts Harry and drips his blood into the cauldron. With that, the cauldron magnificently changes to a newly-birth Lord V (extremely well-portayed by Ralph Fiennes). Lord V. is back and he proceeds to call his minions (the black clothed Ku Klux Klan). He admonishes them as to why they never bothered to 'look for him or help me'. One of them unveiled is Lucius Malfoy. He rewards Wormtail by growing his hand back. Lord V wants to take over the world again. Harry protests, which alerts Lord V that he has his greatest enemy captured. He tells Harry why Lord V. was defeated. We know this before - it was Lily Potter's love for her child that saved him - old magic, as Lord V put it and he admits he forgot about could bring about his downfall. But he knows now that since the Potter parents are dead, he can hurt Harry and he proceeds to do so by pressing Harry's scar, causing him extreme pain. He challenges Harry to a death-duel. At first, Harry hides, but he takes up the challenge and their wands issue lightening bolks (a bit like HighLander). The ball of lightening moves from Lord V to Harry, depending on who is winning the duel. At one point, their wands connect, and spirits float around. 2 of the spirits stand beside Harry, and they are his parents. They tell Harry to break the connection, so that in the midst of confusion, they can distract Lord V. and Harry can escape. Cedric' spirit stands beside Harry and tells him to take his body back to his father. James' and Lily Potter tell Harry to let go and when he does, he grabs the Cup and Cedric's body and disappears/ports back to the maze start point. Lord V is furious that Harry escaped.

Back at the start point, Harry is crying over Cedric' body. The crowd doesn't know it's a tragedy and claps in congratulations for the joint-winners. Hagrid is first sounded to alarm hearing Harry cry. Dumbledore rushes forward where Harry tells him the Lord V is back. The body is removed and Harry is comforted by Mad-Eye, who brings Harry back to his chamber. He locks the chamber, to Harry's suspicions. Mad-Eye is about to take another swig from his canteen when he realises it is empty. He panics, and all his other reserves are empty. He asks Harry what happened at the graveyard. It dawns on Harry something is wrong because he never mentioned anything about a graveyard. "Mad Eye" starts to reveal that he is the one that influenced Dumbledore to have dragons and that he is the one who put Harry's name in the Goblet and enchanted the TriWizard Cup to port Harry to the graveyard for the showdown with Lord V. He is about to kill Harry when Dumbledore bursts in with Snape and pins Mad-Eye to the chair. Turns out Mad Eye is actually the Moustache man's son, the death eater, in disguise. The canteen was holding the transfiguration juice (the one Hermione made in Chamber of Secrets) and that's why Snape's potion storeroom kept getting things stolen inside - Crouch's son was drinking it often to maintain his disguise. He had escaped from Azkaban. The real Mad-Eye was prisoned in that chest.

The school year has ended and the foreigners are ready to leave. Many fond farewells, keep-in-touches are exchanged as friendships have been formed. Hermione remarks that things will never be the same again as the foreigners leave in their respective transport - the french girls in their unicorn-pulled carriage and the bulgarian guys in their pirate-ship

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lol no it wasnt mine, i got it frum da site dats mentioned wit da summary Tongue
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i watched it yesterday too Smile
it was awsome Big smile
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i loved it too jyoti! n for da first time since the time i have been in US has a theatre been completely sold out for five or six shows! i couldnt go at midnight on friday so, i went later during the day but omg, two theatres completely sold out!! but, i wasnt gonna give up LOL! i finally found one...had to sit in the third row Ouch ...but whatever, i got to see da movie!!! yay!!!! Tongue


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