Written Update Tue 9th Feb - Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya!

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Hi to all you beautiful people... be prepared to be blown away by the handsome Bundela brothers(i'll be calling them the V2 boys in this update... no offence or pun intended) who are just as blown away by Icha!Embarrassed

-         Veer is shocked to see Tapasya in his room but she informs him she is there just for the Puja
-         Jogi comes to know through Rohini that Tapu has gone to Bundelas, he is not happy
-          Gunwanti calls Jogi requesting him to send Icha over for the Puja
-          Tapu calls Icha and asks her to come for the Puja and when Icha refuses, talks to Ammo to convince her
-          The Bundela oldies are happy to see Tapu in their house and a reformed Vansh
-          When Icha comes, Daddaji ignores her, but the V2 boys (who both look amazingDay Dreaming) are clearly smitten
-          Veer asks Vansh who teacherji is and Vansh refers to her dress colour but Veer mistakes someone else to be teacherjiAngry
-           As the Puja progresses the V2 boys keep checking Icha out
-          Chanda who has noticed all this staring business, finally gets whats going on
-          Tapu prays for Veer, Gunnu prays for Tapu-Veer, Icha prays for Tapu (so in short Tapu-Veer relation is going to work as everyone seems to be praying for them!DeadLOL)
-          Tapu asks Icha to give aarti to everyone, but as she approaches the V2 boys, she takes the thali and sends Icha to the kitchen
-          The V2 boys follow in the same direction, Veer first then VanshShocked
-          Veer professes his love to a nervous Icha who turns him down, but someone has heard their exchange
Detailed Update:-

Starts with Tapu organizing her(oops I mean Veer'sClown) room when Veer walks in. He is shocked to see her there. Tapu behaves normally and offers coffee/tea to him. Veer refuses and then she asks whether he has brought Vansh home. He nods and is just watching her.  She happily and obliviously remarks that Vansh must be very happy to be back. Veer simply mumbles a yes. She continues saying Gunnu was very happy today and is about to say something when she finally notices Veer's stunned demeanor and enquires why is he so shocked to see her. She explains Gunnu had called her for the Puja and she couldn't refuse. But he shouldn't worry as she will leave as soon as the Puja gets over and till then she will use the guest room. (Simply love the new classical based suspense track that they have started using for Tapu n when she plays her games)On pretext of calling someone she picks up her mobile and leaves her room, casting secretive glances at Veer (a saying just popped in my head... Buri nazar waale tera muh kala!!!ROFL)

Night time, Thakur mansion...

Divya, Rohini, Rohini's husband (sorry memory blank @his name.. P something),Pushkar (thanks Shivani109 for refreshing my memoryClapThakur and Jogi are sitting at the dining table. Jogi enquires where everyone is as he serves his own meal. Rohini in her usual over the top manner informs him that today no one came down. Her MIL (the Evil Smile nani) had knee troubles so she is pacing her own room only. Her hubby shuts her up. Rohini makes him shut up and carries on that probably Icha is hurting in the goli-wali jagah LOL so she must have slept early. Jogi asks Divya about Tapu's whereabouts and yells out her name. Divya is worried but Rohini again jumps in happily informing him that Tapu decked up and went to her in-laws place. (Rohini...such a cute n talkative character!!LOL)Her husband pokes the fork in her hand to finally shut her up and gives her a look. Jogi asks Divya, who tells him about Gunnu's call and how could she refuse? Its just a matter of couple of days. Jogi calmly tells her that Veer and Tapu took a decision together and they shouldn't interfere with it. (Rohini couldn't be bothered with this exchange...she is happily stuffing her face with food... God what a cracker!!ROFL) Divya sulkily informs him that she couldn't refuse. Jogi again tries to explain that Divya is not understanding that Gunnu is trying to mend this broken relationship. Puja is just an excuse. Just then he gets a call on his mobile from Gunnu. She requests him to send Icha over to her place for the Puja. Jogi is shocked now. He says he will talk to her Ammo about it but she should be able to make it for the Puja. They hang up. Divya is still sulking and asks who had called. Jogi relates the call details. Divya is giving him a look.

Tapu calls Icha on the mobile and informs her about the Puja. Icha refuses to come but Tapu tells her that she shouldn't worry as she herself has called and taken Jogi's permission. (Angry Liar liar pants on fire... oh she doesn't wear pants in this serial...ok make it sari on fire!!LOL) Icha tells her not to put pressure on her as she doesn't like it. Ammu is in the background when she hears Icha's side of exchange, she comes over with a questioning look. Tapu says its useless talking to you, hand over the phone to Ammo. Ammo doesn't want to talk to Tapu (LOL i understand that...me wouldn't either especially when Tapu has made up her mind!!ROFL), but Icha forces her to talk to Tapu. Tapu tries her brainwashing tactics and says that Ammo should explain to Icha that she shouldn't refuse to come to the Puja as she has just escaped such a big misfortune. Just then she sees Vansh walking by and hangs up. Ammo says she will talk to Ichki. Vansh walks by, doesn't even notice Tapu ROFL who quickly puts pallu on her head. Tapu thinks to herself, "jethji, jethaniji is coming.Sankatharni only knows whether she will become the elder or younger bahu". Evil Smile She blows out a kiss and goes away. Meanwhile Ammo tells Icha how can you refuse going to Puja, Icha tries to protest but has anyone ever listened to her?Ermm

Next day in the Bundela house, preparations are going on for the Puja. Daddaji, Gunnu and Ummed are happy seeing Tapu is back and is involved in the preparations. An apprehensive Icha walks in. Tapu and Icha share a hug and of course no one else is happy to see her. Tapu takes her to the Bundela trio and Icha does Namaste to all. Gunnu gives her blessings, though not happily, Ummed promptly returns the Namaste action and Daddaji is simply annoyed and ignores her. Gunnu signals Tapu to take Icha away which she does on pretext of work. Chanda is watching the exchange. Veer walks in...(OMG..the blue kurta suits him..he is looking awesome!Day DreamingBlushing) He is happy to see Icha and is smittenly walking towards her. Of course, Tapu and Gunnu see this and don't like it. Gunnu intercepts him and tells him to get the purohit from upstairs as all the preparations are done for the Puja. Veer is still staring at Icha and is very happy. Then he thanks Gunnu for calling Icha over for him and accepting her (u r being set up for a BIG letdown mister! My heart is breaking for you!Broken Heart) Tapu is listening to this exchange and Gunnu doesn't rectify him and asks him to go up. (random but just noticed despo Tapu is walking up and down around these 2 just to listen to the exchange! Its so funnyLOL)

Veer and Gunnu notice Vansh's arrival and appreciate him being dressed in crimson Kurta. (both the brothers are bent on breaking hearts in this episode!!Blushing) Veer walks up to Vansh and they both compliment each other. (quite cute!Embarrassed) Veer leaves to call Purohitji. Gunnu takes Vansh to meet Daddaji who gets emotional seeing Vansh's improvement and says he can now happily die. Vansh says may he live for 100 years and takes his blessings. Next he hugs his dad who is just as emotional.  Finally Vansh notices Icha. Gunnu gets worried as Veer is coming down with Purohitji. Vansh stands next to Veer who asks about the identity of teacherji. Vansh says the one in pink suit.. but as is typical, there is another lady in pink suit beside Icha and Veer tries to look to whom Vansh is referring. Vansh tells him not to look like that, in a cute way. Veer is staring at Icha for a while and then as predicted mistakes the other lady to be Vansh's teacherji. He smiles. Vansh asks whether he likes her and Veer says how can your choice be bad (LOL probably being oblique!!) Chanda notices them looking at the girls and gives a curious but confused look.

Everyone sits down for the Puja. V2 boys exchange glances.Star(Haila..not those kind of glances ROFL... there is something called brotherly love u know!!!LOL) Vansh stares at Icha and Gunnu and Tapu notice. Chanda is picking up the vibes. Now Veer stares at Icha, Tapu and Gunnu again notice and Tapu touches Gunnu's hands. The pandit says the pray wholeheartedly against the troubles being caused in this house and after today nothing bad will happen here (Shocked So he is a jyotishi too??Ouch) Vansh sees Icha praying. Tapu silently prays to Devi ma that I am not that bad however you know everything, I truly love Veer and don't want to lose him. Gunnu prays that as a mother i pray for you to please remove all obstacles from her bahu and lalla's life. Icha prays for Tapu getting her love back. Everyone is praying except the V2 boys. Veer asks Vansh if he doesn't want to ask God for anything? Vansh smiles, looks at Icha who is praying and folds his hands. Veer too looks at Icha and folds his hands. Chanda notices all this and smiles to herself.Ouch

Tapu asks Icha to give aarti to everyone while she take care of bhog. Icha goes to Daddaji, Ummed and Gunnu who take the aarti. Veer and Vansh are continuously staring at Icha. Tapu turns back and notices them staring. Just as Icha is about to approach the Bundela boys, she sends her to the kitchen to get sherbet. (Hmm..Confused so Icha being reduced to a servant again..yeh karo nahi nahi..woh karoDisapprove) while she(Tapu) takes the aarti thali to Vansh and Veer. Vansh takes the aarti. Veer is lost, staring after Icha, quickly takes the aarti and immediately follows Icha. Vansh also follows.

Icha goes to the kitchen and is setting the tray when she feels a hand on her shoulders. She literally jumps up and turns around to see its Veer who still hasn't removed his handsBlushing. Veer is mesmerized but Icha walks away. Veer grabs her arm and they share an eyelock. Icha struggles to free her hand and asks what is he trying to do. Veer puts both his hands on her shoulders and tells her calmly, "trying to talk to my future wife".Embarrassed.  Icha is shocked and Veer smiles a bit more broadly. Icha says she doesn't have any relationship with him nor can it ever happen. Veer says don't talk like that. I really love you. They again have an eyelock. Someone has heard them on the other side of the curtains and as soon as they turn to see who it is, the person dashes away. (My prediction..Chanda rani!! Jasoos kahi ki!!DeadAngry though Tasshamsi feels its Tapu...lets c who it was in tomorrow's epiSmile) Ends on Icha's worried face.


Chanda holding a sherbet ka glass and saying to Tapu, " Now if someone drinks sherbet from one glass, you can get another glass. But if in relations.." and pours the drink on the floor in between them saying "the glass is empty". Tapu says "till I am keeping an eye on it, I dare anyone to touch " and throws her full glass on the floor. The glass breaks and shocks Chanda. Tapu continues "Now did you understand?" She taunts, " How will you understand husband wife relationship?"

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Brilliant again  Prof...N....Cleo.. ...Smile....I love ur expressions...V2 boys is posh for those handsome bundela boys with
bad/poor memories...Angry...and Rohini ofcourse goes unnoticed sometimes in these evil games..Rohini is
brilliant in her performances as an innocent wife..to Pushkar...the name u were looking for..no worries if u
dont write his name anywayz..LOL..

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Thanks for the brill update..
I wish Vansh would just tell Veer now.. This is getting annoying..

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this is limit they r in same house n dnt encounter...
thnx fr the updateSmile

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Thanks for the update.. V2 boys..LOL

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great update !!
let's see how far this V2 bros knowing about iccha gets draggggggged  by creatives !!!

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Originally posted by shivani109

Brilliant again prof nutty. ...Smile....I love ur expressions...V2 boys is posh for those handsome bundela boys with
bad memories...Angry...and Rohini ofcourse goes unnoticed sometimes in these evil games..Rohini is
brilliant in her performances as an innocent wife..to Pushkar...the name u were looking for..no worries if u
dont write his name anywayz..LOL..
Thanks Shivani...
lol@ pushkar.... i seriously cudnt get it rite! i went on debating whether it was Prakash, Prashant or something similar! knew it cudnt be Paras...LOL and then thought why waste time on such a stupid character!!LOL. will update it now

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Thanks for this great update PoojaHug

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