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Chhoti Bahu.. Sindoor Bin Suhaagan
Chhoti Bahu.. Sindoor Bin Suhaagan

*Dream Girl* AVINA FF* Completete* Thank you* (Page 5)

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At PB vrindavan house everybody was getting ready to go to Daksh house. Mrinalini was ready in purple color saree with a golden short sleeved blouse..was looking beautiful..


Vivek: Mrinalini you are looking beautiful in that purple..


Mrinalini: really tell me a time that I was not  looking beautiful for you ..


Vivek: you look beautiful all the time but that purple color just add to your beauty well.


Mrinalini: thanks..


Dadi:  kaha hei sab log?sab log vaha endazar kar rehe honge..yaha tho sab ethna samay lag raha hei thayyar hone mein.......vaisali...Dev...she called out..


Everybody assembled on the main hall..Dev was coming down the steps..looking handsome in off white colored shervani..


Mrinalini: Dadi muzhe tho lag raha hei aaj, dulha badal jayega...


Dadi: ye thu kya kah rehei bahu?


Mrinalini: no...look at Dev ,he looks like a perfect dulha..


Vaisali: ha ha meri beta tho ethna handsome hei ke ,har din vo dulha jaisa hi dikhtha hai..

Dadi: Bahu usse patha hei ki vaha Deepika ke friends bhi honge..usse tho shine karne dena...


Mrinalini: agar sab uske tharaf hei tho mein bhi bhag lethi hum...


Dev: Bas karo na bhabhi....hum log funtion mein ja rehe heina,tho mujhe kuch acha tho pahane dena..


Vivek: theek hai theek hai ..ab chalen..


On the way in car


Dadi: Vaise Dev, kithne saal hogye ke thum Deepika se milkar?


Dev: bachpan mein dekha tha deedi ko..bahuth achi thi..ab kaise dikhtha hei vo?


Dadi: bahuth sundar hai...thume dekhkar bahuth khush honge....


Dev: I will try to give  her a surprise....she don't know that I am here right?


Mrinalini: Dev ...again careful OK..there are many people around there and if you fail ,it will be a shame for us think again..


Dev: bhabi...Subah....vo us ladki..kya naam tha...ha... Radhika ke vachah se aise huwa look,what I am going to do there ok......


That comment made him to think of morning tightly she held my arms..but her eyes were looking so beautiful and her hand felt so soft  even though it was so tight, I totally forgot what I was doing..and by the time everyone came down and found me.... 


They reached Daksh house..and as expected there were many guest walking , talking,laughing around...


Daksh came out to welcome them..Dev took his blessings and they all went inside.


Dadi saw DM running around meeting with guest.


Dadi:tho apki peir theek hogayi kya?


DM: arre..aap log..ha ha..vo tho kal se theek hogayi hei...maine kaha na uski hathom mei jadoo hei......


Dadi: ye tho acha huva....aur dekho kaun aya hai hamare sath..


DM: Dev beta....kaise ho?hum sab ko yad hei kya?


Dev: took the blessings and ye kaise sawal hai..kya main kabhi aap lokom ko phool saktha hei?...


Mrinalini: where is Deepika?


DM: she is getting ready in her can go upstairs.. 2 nd room..


Dev: Bhabhi...kya mein javoom..aap bad mein ajayi yena..let me see whether she recognize me or not?


Mrinalini: oh oh..surprise..ok go ahead..Dev don't forget it is the 2 nd room upstairs..


Dev: Bhabhi aap bhi na..and he left


Dev was walking slowly so that nobody can hear him coming. He saw the 2nd room's door was open partially and he saw her standing ,but she was facing the other way, so couldn't see her face...the lady wearing a yellow sarara and had her hair braided nicely with jasmine flowers hanging from the neck part and was totally concentrated into doing something....


Dev realized there is nobody else in the room..he slowly opened the room and walked softly  and as he reached near her just grabbed her from the back with his strong arms and started circling her ...aaiiiiiiiiiiiiii......the lady in his arm was trying to stop him and in wonderment she got scared so much..but there was a payal stuck in her mouth ,that she couldn't open her mouth for shouting.


After 3, 4 rounds he slowly lowered her down..holding her back from her waist level, he placed her in front of the mirror to see her face....As he saw the reflection on the mirror..


Dev: thum!!!!!!!!!!!....what are you doing here...


 Radhika had a surprised look on her face ,still holding the payal between her teeth, she was trying to catch her breath....


Radhika: thu..................


all of a sudden the washroom's door open and Deepika came out ...


Deepika: ye kya ho rahe hei yaha...


Dev and Radhika..looked at each other and realized that he is still holding her by her waist..he released his arms and walked towards Deepika....


Dev: ye..u remember me?!..that is a pleasant surprise....and they hugged each other...but then..


Deepika: but Dev what you were doing here that also with my best friend Radhika...


Dev:  vo ..kya huva ki..meine socha tha thum ho aur thume surprise dene keliye kuch kiya..aur bad mein patha chala ki vo bhi flop hogaya....


Deepika: vo bhi flop ho gaya..kya kah rahi hei thu..


Dev: kuch nahi..aap bhabhi ko math bathana ...theek hei...are you coming down..


Deepika: ya sure..give me 5 minutes....let me do some final touch up..


Dev: ok ok....dulahan tho thum ho..tho thume thayyar hona chahiye...lekin ye yaha kya kar rahi hai?


Deepika: chodo ab..thum neeche chalo mein aa rahi hum..theek hei..


Dev: ok boss ..will see you downstairs...


He walked away...Radhika was standing still in dilemma and she couldn't believe what had happened..and was just gazing at Dev as he was walking out....Dev noticed it..


He passed the door ,but Radhika was still looking at the door standing like a statue...Deepika turned around to do make up..all of a sudden Dev  peacked back from the door and winked his eyes to Radhika and disappeared.

Radhika totally gone in shock..


Deepika: Radhika thum ye payal se kya kar rahi thi?


Radhika was in trance that she didn't hear deepika..


Deepika: shook Radhika by her shoulder and Radhika..thum theek ho?


Radhika: came back to


Deepika...Kya huva Radhika..did Dev scare you...


Radhika: what no can he scare me..he better escape from me......and while talking she   wore          her   payal  on her       ankles....


Deepika: you look so beautiful in this yellow dress...


Radhika: ye...don't tease me ok..I am already mad at your friend..


Deepika: who Dev..he is very nice will come to  know...Ok I am getting late..let me go down..Arjun may be already there...


Radhika: ha ha he be waiting for long..go go....I will come little later..ok..

 Deepika left..



Dadi: Deepika beta..thum bahuth sundar lag rahi ho..


Deepika: thank you dadima..


DM: Deepika....Radhika kaha hei?


Deepika: she is coming down too..will be here in a minute..


Dadi and DM were talking on marriage and Vaisali was busy with other guest...


all of a sudden dadi noticed a beautiful girl in yellow sarara walking towards them...dadi was just looking at her amazingly..


DM: kya huva..kho gayi na uski khubsurathi mein...meine kaha na.....


Dadi: Radhika approached them and took both of their blessings....khush raho beta..


they blessed her..


Radhika: dadima..aap ko kuch chahiye abhi?


DM: Kuch nahi beta...thum bas kuch der aram se hamare pass baitto...

Radhika: agar kuch nahi hei tho..main anadar jakar dekhthee hum..theek hei.


DM: Theek hei beta..mein janthi hum...thum thodi der keliye bhi aram se nahi baith sakthi..javo javo....


 Rdhika left..


DM: kaise lag rahi hei meri Rdhika?


Dadi: bahuth sundar......


DM: uski sundaratha uski andar mein hei ...thumko vo pahchanna hei...bahar se hei  vo sunder but her inner beauty is priceless...


 Radhika was walking around with juice trays for the guest...She saw Birju standing   nearby...


Radhika: Birju bhayya..aap juice lenge?


Birju gave a flat   face and said..nahi chahiye...


Radhika: theek hei..tho mein jathee hum..


Suddenly a voice came : par mujhe tho chahiye...


Radhika turned around to see the person and it was Dev..


she just looked at him and met his gaze ..froze..


 Birju noticed this and he made a sound from his throat..


They came back to reality..and Dev extended his hand for the juice glass....

While grabbing the juice he just raised his eyebrows at her   and   she felt so different...after he took the glass ,she tried to walk away....


Dev: glass leke jana...  very seriously


Radhika: jee..


Dev: kya glass leke jana..


Radhika: lekin esmein juice hai


Dev: that's what I am saying wait for a minute..I will give you the empty glass back...


Radhika: just nodded her head ..


Dev: Thum kya hamesha aise hei kya?


Radhika: jee...


Dev: I saw your same face at my house in the morning and then laughing loud with that little boy ... i ahave a name...don't call me little boy...

They looked at the voice...


Nandu: my name is Nandu.....


Dev: oh that is a nice name..nice to meet you..


Nandu: are you troubling my deedi..


Dev: troubling your of course not..actually she is troubling me...


Radhika: nandu ajana....


Nandu: no go, I will get the glass from Devbabu..


Radhika: thanks nandu..


Dev: ye ...that's not fair..I will give the glass to her..


Nandu: no difference you can give that to me..deedi thume DW bula rahi hei.


Radhika: theek hei..nandu and she flew off from there.


her heart was beating like anything and was looking for a place to hide...

Dev noticed her walking away..and to Nandu


Dev: Nadu your deedi looks beautiful..


Nandu: I know my deedi is beautiful and she is the most beautiful one in entire vrindavan.....and you will never see a person as good as her...


Dev: oh really.....let me see..


Nandu took the glass and went away..



Birju: so what was that talk about...I tell you bhayya..she is very naughty and looks like very careful...


Dev: ye Birju chodna let's go and meet Arjun..i never seen him.....


And they went to meet Arjun and his family...


Part 6

Take care and like button please...


 Devika.Big smile.



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its going fantastic devika good jobClapClap please update soon

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I loved it!Clap

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i love it!!!!!!!1 it is superb!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thumbs Up very interesting waiting for the next one

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XxTiaraCullenxX Goldie

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Posted: 12 February 2010 at 6:19am | IP Logged
Loved it.....especially devs part...the story is getting intresting as i can't wait to see what happens between Radev...thank you for writing such a great FF...please update soon....Thanx

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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  Dev and Birju was walking towards Arjun /Deepika.. Birju was talking to Dev to  keep away from Radhika and keep on telling on blah blah..........Dev was not at all listening ..he was in another world .....looking down ...walking...then all of a sudden he saw something shining on the ground..he looked at it was a PAYAL.......he looked around ..and then realized Radhika running back the same way...he took the payal quickly and put that in his pocket....


Birju: What was that?


Dev: what?...


birju: no...I saw you picking up something from the ground...


Dev: oh..that...nothing..just a stick.....


Birju:...Bhayya ..aap bhi na...


They reached near Arjun/Deepika...


Deepika: Dev ajavo......Arjun..Ye he Dev..kahne mei, mei eska deedi hum...lekin hum friends zyada hai.....


Arjun: Hi how are you?


Dev: fine..thank you..and you?

Arjun: good good...


Tho kaisa laga surprise?...They all looked at the voice..and it was Mrinalini..


Deepika: surprise?....


Mrinalini: vo meri devar tho thume surprise dene keliye aya tha na upar...kaisa laga....


Dev looked at Deepika and showed her not to tell anything....


Mrinalini saw this...kyum..devar..vo bhi flop ho gaya kya...


Dev: Flop....Dev ki kundali mei flop ka word kabhi likha nahi hai...

Mrinalini: tho bhir aaj subah kya huva tha...


Dev: Bhabhi thum bhi na....


Deepika: mein kuch samjhi nahi...


Mrinalini: Deepika..vo kya huva ki................


Dev: Bhabhi  aap bhi na....Mein jatha hum...Arjun baad mein milenge....


.aur vo chala.....while walking back he looked back at the scene and saw Mrinalini talking ..laughing and Deepika and Arjun also joined her......I am glad that Deepika didn't see me circling Radhika..nahi tho vo bhi suru hothi...then it is better to go back to America in next plane.....but..did Deepika saw me holding her.....I think so..OMG! she going to tell her that........This stupid Radhika.....she 'll spoil all my days here....where is she? He was looking around and saw her running with trays ....let me see her..and he was about to go to her...





DEV.....a voice called him..he looked at that was Raj..


Raj: ye..Dev..kabhi hum se tho mile.....


Dev: hi are you? and he walked towards him...


Raj: ye long we were waiting for you.....


Dev: waiting for me....for what?


Raj: vo thum us ledki se kya bath kar rehe the?


Dev: us ledki se?kis ledki se?


Raj:..usse..Radhika se..


Dev: Radhika se...kyom?

 Raj:kyom..arre vo tho humse bhagthe hei..aur ....hum tho ethni door se usse hi dekh rah thi...vo thume juice bhi diya......usse kahona ki humko bhi ek glass juice dene ke liye...


Raj's friend: juice..lekin thum juice nahi peethi hena?


Raj: mein juice nahi peethi...lekin agar Radhika ke hath se mila tho mein vish bhi peene keliye thayyar hum....


Dev: ye aap lok kya kah rah hi..mein kuch samjha nahi?


Raj: arre..vo tho vrindavan ki ledki hei..lekin vrindavan ki sab ladkom se door bhagtha hei..Mein tho  kayi bar milne ka koshish ki..lekin ye vrindavan ke baki log heina..vo tho mujhe maroge.agar mein uski pass bhi gaya hotha...esliye...thumara saath bhi...meine dekha ..Nandu akar glass leliya na.....vo uska bodyguard hei....lekin ek din vo zaroor mere hath mein ajayegi..thab dekhna...


Dev: ye aap log kaise bathem kar rehe ho?


Raj: I am sorry yar...thoda sa jalan ho raha tha..when I saw her talking to you....chod dena......ab thum was your American life? when are you going back...


Dev started talking about all those but he noticed Raj's eyes were on Radhika who was walking around and talking ........


Dev: Raj.....let me go and get something to eat ..feeling hungry..

Raj: ha ha...thum ja vona....


Dev: excused himself..but while going he just looked back at Raj and friends..whose eyes were on Radhika


Birju: Dev bhayya..I am feeling hungry ..let's eat something...


D: ha Birju...but then his eyes were also looking for Radhika........but he couldn't see her anywhere?



Dadi: DM this function is going on very well...


DM: ha ha...Is in't that nice...Then amma was approaching them with Vishaka(short and stout....sorry..)


DM: ye sathriji ke mam hei...


Dadi: I know ...I know..


Amma; arre aap...milkar khusi hui..I heard that you all came..but didn't get a chance to meet you all.


Daadi: not a  problem..that is why all these functions are meant for..we all can meet,...


Amma: youu are right...Arre beti Vishaka ..pair chuvona..


Vishaka: took the blessing from the ladies and went to meet Deepika.

Amma: so all your family came too


Dadi: yes..they all around here.


Dev: dadi...aap ne khana khaya kya?


Dadi: nahi beta..thum khavo mein baad mei khavoongi..


DM: tho ye kya..thu sirf apne dadi se hi poochoge?hum ko nahi?

Dev: vo mei....


DM: sarmana math..thu ja...hum baad mein kaloonga..theek hei...Dev went.


Amma: vo Dev hei...look so handsome..


DM: ha....he just came back from America..aur ye tho uskeliye vadhu thooth rahi hi...with a smile  she put her hands on Daadi....and continued..she is looking for beautiful girls for her lovable grandson..


Dadi:..thu bhi na..kuch bhi kah dethi hei...


DM: ok baba ..I will shut my mouth..


Amma's eyes rolled..ok ......and eyes grown wild as she think of Vishaka....

Amma noticed Radhika in a corner wearing a yellow dress and dressed up nicely with jasmine flowers on her hair...


Amma chori tho churidar pahanke aya tha na...phir kab?


DM: kaun..oh Radhika...arre yaha funtion chal rahi hai..only she was wearing a old churidar and running I gave her one old dress of doesn't suit her that well..right..


while saying this she just hold Dadi's hand.. ha ..mein abhi ayi..and she went


Dadi: why did you say so?


DM:vo kya heina....she doesn't like  Radhika..naturally because she is beautiful and very good...She is wearing a new dress only..if I tell her it is new..then poor Radhika has to I was just protecting but I know it suit her very well...and she deserve it..


Dadi: I don't get it..

DM: you will understand slowly.......ab thum mere saath chal...




Amma: chori..edhar aaja...and moved to a corner


Radhika: looked at her and just walked near to her...


Amma; what you are wearing?


Radhika: vo...dadi ne...


Amma: theek hei theek hi..why r u wearing flowers on your it your marriage?


Radhika: no amma ..vo tho..


Amma: thu ek bath math kar..nikal sab....


Radhika: vo mei


Amma: kya vo vo kah rahi hei...she snached the flowers from Radh's hair and thrown it back without looking...and she made her to take her ornaments too....





Dev and Birju were eating at the corner near to the bush...suddenly  something fell on his shoulder and stuck there...he looked at it and saw the jasmine flowers..


Birju was busy eating and he went to get some water.


Dev looked back to see from where the flower came and saw Radhika and amma...Amma was talking seriously to her and her head were down and was taking her earring  and he saw her handing over that to amma...he couldn't hear them,.but he understood from the look of Radh that she is afraid of something/someone.....?


he saw the lady left and  Radhika was following her obediently.....


Dev thought to call her back.but then something in his mind stopped him..and he just looked at the jasmine garland fell on his shoulder and sensed the smell of it.....the same smell that he felt when he circled her was kind of addicting for him ..but why?he didn't get it...he doesn't wanted to throw away the flower....he just smiled at the flowers as he was holding it........



Vishaka: ye milavona thumari friends se...?


Depika: ha just a minute...


Reshma: what yar?


Deepika: ye..she is friend..let her join with you guys..I will join later...


Reshma: no problem...c'mon vish...


Raj: ye..did you guys see who is coming...better escape....

RF: who?


Raj: ya c'mon..let's go that corner..and he saw Dev standing there...


Raj: Dev .....bachavona yaar...kuch tho bol mujhse...


Dev: what?


Raj: bachavona?


Dev: kisse?...then vishaka already approached them


Raj: tho Dev thum kah rahi thi na..America mein ab thanthi hei....


Dev: ha ha...vo..


Vishaka: haiiiiiiiiiiiii r u? looking for me?

Raj: hi r u?meet my cousin Dev..


Vishaka: hi Dev..


Dev: hi

Reshma: ab chalem vishaka...


Vishaka: ok guys , I will see you later ok....


 Dev: what was that?


Raj: what to do dev...she is Radhika's sis...I thought if I get her friendship .I can reach Radhika...but I fell down in the well........


Dev: what?


Raj: I not only get a chance to go near Radhika...but now finding very difficult to get rid of this vishaka........she is like a scorpion just bite so hard and chodtha nahi hei..yaar...I better escape from here....see you later...and he went away.....


Dev:...what is going on here..they are far as I know Radhika is very no..she has something else in her that I get lost myself...but I know she is very naughty.........whom every bachelor of this village want to meet...but on the other hand her sister..she behaved well..but everybody is escaping from her...let's see aage aage kya hotha hai.....


 Part 7

love and Take care




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