Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam


Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam
Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

YPNHK ~~~Written Update~~~08th FEB 10 (MONDAY)

preearies7 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 February 2010 at 12:10pm | IP Logged

YPNHK ~~~Written Update~~~08th FEB 10 (MONDAY)


Hiiii Friends....





Brij Bhusan Mathur :- BB

Brij Bhusan's Wife :- Rama Mathur or Dhulan

Brij Bhusan's Elder daughter : - LEHER  or Gudaan or L 

Brij Bhusan's Younger Daughter : -          or Bittan



Kul Bhushan Mathur :- KB

Kul Bhushan's Wife :- Chachi

Kul Bhushan's Son : - Ankoor




Mr Trijogi Narayan Vajpayee :- TN

Mrs Vajpayee :- Thakurain

TN's Son :-Abheer  or Laala or A 

TN's Daughter :- Chuttki

Abheer's Dadi :- Dadi



Mr Shukla

Mrs Shukla

Mr Shukla's Son : - Madhav or Madhav Bhaiya or MB


Madhav's Fianc :- Rashmi

Rashmi's Dad

Rashmi's Mom







Episode starts with DISCLAIMER...

Then the Beautiful Song "PAL PAL DIL KE PAAS TUM RETE HO..."




Then RECAP...


Rashmi's Mom :- How will we manage 3 rituals in a day...


Abheer's mom to Madhav :- It was your desision to get married so now let your parents do the needful for your need not worry.


Rashmi's Dad to Mrs Shukla on phone:- Everything is done so should we come tomorrow at 9.00 am morning for the rituals...




Mrs Shukla is completed shocked and is very tensed after having a chat with Rashmi's Dad...


Dadi:- Shukalayin...


Mrs Shukla :- They we talking as if... they got an Alladin's lamp and have done all the preparations for yesterday did they manage it so fast..I don't understand...


Dadi :- Let it be...and in case its true then we will look after it tomorrow...Lets see what preparation they have done...


Mrs Shukla:- But if they really get married ...then what...(What kind of mom she is...why she wants to break her only son's marriage...)


Dadi :- Ok then do as you want to ...why should I get into your matters...


Mrs Shukla :- No... No... Please don't say are the only support for me...


Dadi:-Ok let it be...So what if you lose once... If you lose once then it doesn't matters...(Ek haar Ensaan ki jeet mein chaar chand laga deti hai...)


Mrs Shukla :- We didn't do any preparations for what...


Dadi :- Shuklaji sleeps four times in a day...Baake...Baake...Go and wake up Shuklaji...Ghode beech kar soh rahe hai... Kal Ghoda tayar karna hai...shaadi ke le ye...He have to prepare for all 3 rituals...that too for tomorrow...


Baake :- What...??? all 3 rituals that too tomorrow...???


Dadi to Mrs Shukla :- Look for tomorrow you need to do best for everything...i mean...give all expensive things to Rashmi...They should also realise the difference...that how much you can afford and how much they...(Smiles)


Mrs Shukla :-Why should I spend on her...huuuh...


Dadi :- Areee whatever you are going to spend on her is going to with you only...But this is the last chance for us to insult them...and to prove that they are low...Now don't look back...


Mrs Shukla :- No I don't want to look back now...


Dadi :- Spend lavishly if they are giving 2 tola gold you give 4 tola gold...(KOI COMPETITION HAI KYA...hehehhe) Do this so that they can look into your eyes for entire life...



BB on phone :- Yes Yes all 3 rituals in one day...(GOD knows with whom he is chatting )


Bittan serves Chai to her dad,Rashmi's DAD

KB entering the house Bittan offers him Chai...

He says to Bittan that Inform your papa that money has been arranged

and then Bittan moves to Rashmi's Mom and Chachiji who were busy buying some sari's...


Chachiji tells the saari wala to give all the saaris in reasonable rates because its all for marriage...


Bittan goes to the kitchen to keep the tray...There she finds Guddan Didi in tension..


BITTAN :- What happen why are you so tense...???


GUDDAN :- I should have not asked help from Abheer...and so should not have given him such huge responsibility...He didn't arranged for the fruits and sweets yet...


BITTAN :- Areee Dont take tension...he will do all the work...


GUDDAN :- Whenever he is over confidence he creates a problem...he does something wrong...

He didn't showed up yet...


Abheer's Voice ...Over here...over here...Bro... give us some space...(yaha yaha...Bhaiya jagah dena)


GUDDAN :- Yeh..toh..


BITTAN :- Abheer Bhaiya...Its Abheer's voice.


Leher happy to hear his voice hope that he must have bought everthing...

Both of them comes in the hall from kitchen...


Abheer comes inside...he asks the servants to keep all the carry bags...He starts counting...and says(to Rasmhi's Dad)


Abheer :- Uncle suit peices and other clothes are ready...everything is done...We don't need to buy anything else...I have placed an order for sweets and fruits I will get tomorrow morning...fresh fruits from market...


BB and Rashmi's Dad tensed.They look at each other...


Rashmi's Dad :- When will you bring tomorrow...that too early morning 9:00am which shop will be open...


Abheer :- Uncle I have done all the need not worry...


Rashmi's Dad :- Did you order KAJU KATARI ???


Abheer :- Yes I have done that...That shopkeeper is my friend...he will manage everything...even if its less and in case we need more...


Leher to Bittan :- Look at his over confidence...Will the shop open early morning


Rashmi's Dad :- Everything will be ready till morning???


BB :- Yes it will be if he is saying so...dont worry..


LOUD MUSIC from outside...

All wondering who is playing the songs loud...


Abheer I will find out and come...


Ankoor the bookworm in his room with his books...and his dad sitting beside.


Ankoor to KB:-How do I study now???


KB :- What is all happening...Where is this voice coming from...


Kb :- Look... you use these cotton... put them in your ears and now study...


Ankoor :- I have already feeded lots of cotton in my ears...


He opens the window to find out...


KB :- What kind of fish market and dhobi ghat is this...Where do a man go if he decides to die...ohhh god these boys...they will keep dancing and making noise all night long...I don't understand why one gives birth to such children... and even if they do...why don't they keep them locked in their home...hehehehheheLOLLOLLOL


Abheer asks his friends...what is going on...They answers as their is a shaadi in our mahulla so we are playing some songs...

Abheer's friend's asks Abheer to get an amplifier


Abheer :- None of your work works completely without me...just wait(Hamare bina koi kaam nahi  hota hai...)


Abheer goes to Mathur's place and tell them that just because their's a marriage going on they are playing some songs...


Rashmi's Dad and BB gives a smile...


Abheer goes upstairs(AND NO ONE ASKS HIM WHY ARE YOU GOING UPSTAIRS...The way to go out is through the door...ITS NOT YOUR HOME YET MR. Abheer....hehehehe...THANK GOD KB was not there in the hall ...orelse he would have surely asked him ..where are you going upstairs...Neways...I guess he deliberately went upstairs knowing that our heroine will follow her...heheheheLOL)


Leher follows the terrace...(As all their dialogues and conversation is on terrace itself...I guess further...they will marry also on terrace itself...LOLhehehehee)

Abheer stops...and turns...they both have reached the terrace...


Leher :- Abheer!!!

Abheer :- Leherji aap...Smile 

Leher :- I asked you to do all these things today itself...


Abheer :- I have done everything...I have given a order for the sweets...Everything understand FRESH...Smile


Leher :-  Order...Who told you to place an order...You should have bought it today itself...Everyone's in tension now...just because of you...Can't you manage to get all those things right now???


Abheer :- Ofcourse... I can go but no shops will be open at this time...Now Market would be closed...


Leher :- What if... even tomorrow morning its closed...


Abheer :- What do you think I don't have brains... (Hum dimag se peeainde hai....hehehehe LOLLOLLOL)

Why don't you speak with me sweetly...orelse you don't know how to speak sweetly...You should talk with me sweetly...


(Pyaar se koi baat nahi karti ...ya aapko pyaar se bolna hi nahi aata...(SOOO SWEET Smile))


Abheer's friend calling him...


Areee Abheer Bahiya...


Abheer (shouts from the terrace) :- I am coming...


Abheer looks down from the terrace.His friend standing downstairs..


His Friend :- Our neck started paining now...Have some pity on us...and come fast

Abheer :- OK


Leher is standing at the same place and watching Abheer wondering what he is doing...


Abheer goes to his terrace then into his room...collects the extension cord and then throws it down from the terrace...His friend catches it...and now all are happy...


His Friends to Abheer :- Don't you wish to come down ??? Your second name is ROONAK SINGH...come fast...Smile


Abheer smiles and turns back where Leher is standing...

 Abheer :- Atleast few people give me importance...Whenever my name is called you become angry and your face becomes angrier...This is because you don't trust me...All you tension and problem will be solved tomorrow...Smile(Chaliye kahi toh kadar hai hamari...Hamaara naam jabhi aata hai...aap ke chehre pe gussa aa jata hai...Yeh esliye kyonki aap humpe bharoosa nahi karti...Aap ka problem kal subah theek ho jayega...)


Abheer leaves...he goes down stairs...(THIS TIME FROM HIS TERRACE...not from where he came...heheheheheLOL)

Leher standing on the terrace itself...


KB to Ankoor :- Beta mein..


Music starts again..

KB :-They will play it all night long...Big smile

Ankoor:- I will have my medicine and go of to sleep...I can not study in this noise...


(Aaye ji Ooji Loji suno ji...1 2 ka from ramlakhan movie)LOLLOLLOL


Bakee is doing his funny dance with Abheer's friends...Abheer makes fun of his dance and pushes his away...and then they all starts dancing...LOLLOLLOL


TN's House


TN :- This is our house or a market...??? who is playing this songs loudly that to this stupid song...


Dadi and Mrs Shukla comes...


Dadi :- Ek toh Karela Upar se neem sa kadwa...Why they are making so much noise...


Mrs Shukla :- Are they doing to tease us...


Dadi :- Kal ko yeh wicket nahi gira na toh ...yeh Bhajan zindagi bhar sunnana padega...hehehehehLOL


Baake swinging and coming inside...Big smile


TN :- Just tell the neighbourhood people to calm down..and lower the music..


Baake :- Why them...Big smile??? LALA Bhaiya is dancing with his friends he has played the music....



TN :- So this is ABHEER...He never studies and now...Dadi interrupts him..

Dadi :- You don't start all this now...He will do all this... at this age or when he will be of our age...let him enjoy with his friends...Areee I love his dance...He dances very well...Please someone go... aur uski nazar utaro...hehehehehheheLOLLOLLOL

Leher moving to the edge of the terrace just to find out what's happening down with the music...She sees Abheer dancing...(Lage raho abheer...shayad dance hi pasand aa jaye LEHER ko tumhara...then you will be ready to give her dance classes also....just because you cant say no to LEHER for anything...hehehehe...ROFL)

Leher says :- He just left everything aside and having fun now...After putting others into tension he's chilling out...(Saare kaam dhaam chod kar maazee kar raha hai...Doosro ko tension mein chod kar...khud masti maar raha hai...)

Rashmi's Mom :- (After listening to the loud music...) Who is this???

Dhulan goes near the window to find Abheer dancing downstairs...

Dhulan to Rashmi's Mom  :- Its Abheer...This boy is very humble...he also helped us a lot for the marriage preparation...

Leher continues :- I have never seem such careless person...Everyone is tensed over here and he is busy showing his dancing skills out there...He can make nothing out of his life...(Aisa Gair zimmedar ensaan nai dekna...sab pareshaan hai yaha...aur yeh MATAK raha hai...ROFLROFLROFLhehehehehhe...eska kuch nahi ho sakta...)

(WHY IS LEHER more tensed that MR and Mrs Majumdar...heheheh...Instead if 1 2 ka 4 Abheer should have played...JUST CHILL CHILL!!! JUST CHILL...Soniya dil se milale dil JUST CHILL CHILL just CHILL....Leher would have felt better...hehehehehehehROFL)





Everyone at TN's house...all looking wonderful...Rashmi looking beautiful...and LEHER also...Mrs Shukla treats Rashmi badly when she puts Tilak on her forehead...Everyone realizes...and sees Mrs Shuklas bad behaviour towards Rashmi...Leher seems shocked...and so is everyone....


DADI :- Good bharne ki rasam puri hui aap aapni beti ko lejaye...  


And yes if you like it then LIKE it...




DO REPLY ...Smile


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sam. IF-Rockerz

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Thanks for the detailed update.Loved the AbHer scene todayEmbarrassedAnd the song u chose for Leher "just chill"is perfectLOL

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QueenAnnie18 Goldie

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Thanks for the update Smile
Do you think Abeer will be able to fulfill the responsibility given to him be leher ?I mean to purchase fruits and sweets?

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md410 IF-Sizzlerz

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THank you for detail update.
Kya karne vaala hai abeer??
hope if he does not get kaju katri, then atleast stands up at the rituals and tells them.

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..Anusha.. IF-Sizzlerz

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wow!  such a detailed update!
thank you ji! Tongue
ok so now what's with our Leher (L) ?
she should also learn to chill.  else this relationship is not gonna work.
she has already decided that our Abeer (A) is a nalayak?  why ask for his help then ? Confused
now i'm starting to wish that A doesn't deliver the sweets and L gets what she predicted.
ya ya lots of terrace scenes coming up. Wink

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tvfrnds001 Senior Member

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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preearies7 Senior Member

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Originally posted by rexy34

Thanks for the detailed update.Loved the AbHer scene todayEmbarrassedAnd the song u chose for Leher "just chill"is perfectLOL
Yes LOL he should have looked up at LEHER and must have done the steps of JUST CHill !!!...LOL

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preearies7 Senior Member

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Originally posted by QueenAnnie18

Thanks for the update Smile
Do you think Abeer will be able to fulfill the responsibility given to him be leher ?I mean to purchase fruits and sweets?
I think he will do it... but he will manage to get only one thing out of it either fruits or sweets...Atleast then Dadi will have to say something...just to create unnecessary chaos...
Their have to be some shocking senes LOL
I think he should manage to get sweets as the mithaiwala is Abheer's friend...and dun know abt the fruits...
I toh want that he should bring both the things so that he will become a responsible person in front of everyone including LEHER and her father also...
Orelse if he doesn't make it then anyways he is responsible for that...ROFL

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