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Trespassers. Proluge Page 1

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Basically guys, this is a tad diffrent from my other stories, and  when i say tad, i mean a lot.
OF course there's a love story, a confused utterly absurd love story Broken Heart.. but it's still there, with a whole lot of action, butt-kickingOuch, legends, dragons, vampires, lots of vampiresEvil Smile, and don't even get me started on the drama LOL comedy.. i'm not really a comedy king, i have a mild sense of humor, sarcastic, so it is there.
the most important thing is that, Don't ever trust strangers, Thumbs Downyou don't who, or more likely WHAT they might turn out to be. Nuke
so firstly let's go back in time, let's say 1700s, see that? Captain Jack SparrowROFL set out at sea going for the fountain of youth? Yeah there, now go a little north.. yeah rigth there. Stop, see that? that little village surronded by a cover trees and grass? yeah that, now let's switch from sun to moon.. and let's go to that night that would change everything! Wink



And then they showed her their teeth.

Twin white cat like canines coming out in pointed ends, touching a red lower lip on each pale face, each of them a beauitufl weapon, the most beautiful she had ever seen, they were delicate instruments of death, and defiantly the most lethal.

"You see," the one standing in front spoke through his cannes easily. "Our journey was uncomfortably long, and most displeasing, I hope you do not mind helping a few weary travelers." his canines retracted and he pulled his blood-red lips into a smile.

Actually a sneer.

No one in the tavern dared to say anything for a few eerily silent moments, they all were still in shock caused by the cat like canines of these very strange trespassers.

The one to break the silence was the petrified tavern owner who yelled from behind the counter. "Ge.. Get out you monsters!" with that he threw an iron rod towards the trespassers in hopes of hurting one of them.

With no such luck.

The iron rod proved to be as useless as a child fighting a lion, the second easily caught it midair bhy his bear hands. "I am becoming irritated." he said in a clipped brusque tone and after that threatening statement he bent the rod easily as if ti was nothing but wet clay.

"Do not boast," another voice cut in, a feminine voice, the third one. "It's rude"

The second one lobbed the bent rode on the ground aggressively shattering it with a clatter into two equal pieces, the shocked eyes shifted for a second to the ground examiningat the rode, the thick iron rode which once was believed to be invincible to mere hands.

"Do not provoke me, woman," he shouted clearly he was not of those who accepted any help.

"And do not bellow when you speak to me, you chauvinist pig." the girl's golden voice said with such unnerving ease as if she expected him to follow

A small part of Dusk's mind was amused, and wondered if they always behaved such, another part concluded that these two reminded her of her childhood, a third and perhaps smarter then both was ordering her to run the way that drunkard man had screamin along.

Curiosity won out, and she concentrated on the second one's reaction.

"You two, quiet," the first one snapped his fingers profoundly irritated by his two companions, the two however unnervingly and resultantly glared at him for half a second and then turned their faces into opposite directions , she concluded that they always behaved as such and the first one is undoubtedly tiresome of it.
He cleared his throat. "So," he said in the immoral husky voice he had used earlier, obviously at his best attempts to ignore the last incident as if it never occurred, but that was not why she was astonished, these monsters, abominations, freaks of nature could change voices if they desired. Most defiantly intriguing. "What have you decided, tribe leader, do we stay or go?"

She would never forgive herself for the decision she made.

 if she would have ever known they would do something like that, her lips would have without any order, instruction, or demand herself would do a mere movement forming a "No" with a voice behind to confirm it.

But that did not happen, she did not foresee the future, she only saw the disturbed features on the men in the tavern, the wrinkled forehead, the wide eyes, the open mouth of some drunkard man, of course a pig and waste of space but the drunkard man was still human, she couldn't hear the tomorrow, she only heard the menace in the first one's voice, the immorality, and above all the threat.
She glanced at the ground once at the iron rode, she wondered if they could do that to human bones, the imaginary image forming inside her mind was vivid, the delicate teeth slowly entering inside human flesh, tearing a thick slab of fresh flesh away, grabbing bones between their powerful hands and as if it was the most natural thing with a click breaking the fragile bone into to equal pieces, laughing, she could perfectly imagine the petrified faces of one of her people as the freak neared them with eternal grace, they will do something as such, there would be very dire, and very grave consequences if she did not bend to their wishes, the threatening menace in his request confirmed all of her fears, it ran endlessly in her head, echoing inside her mind, imagining the consequences she squinted her eyes. And then shifted her eyes to face them.


I know that everyone out there is groaning.. Not another vampire story LOL
But c'mon! it's obviously not like Twilight.
Comment? even if it's full of Criticism , Like? IF you like it. Wink

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devilshangel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 February 2010 at 6:28pm | IP Logged
It seems quite interesting nd something different.
Do continue soon
nd thx 4 the pm
iwantitall IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2010 at 2:01am | IP Logged
cont soooon ndd pm mee plzzz
samratrocks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2010 at 3:20am | IP Logged
seems different...very very different-thnks for sharing!!
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Posted: 13 February 2010 at 7:33am | IP Logged
Part 1:

Dusk stood outside staring at the vast nothingness of the sky recalling last night.

She remembered how she was sitting on the chair watching the village people laugh and dance around the bonfire, happy with the winter's approach, her village a happy, small area for anyone who enjoyed a good laugh,  with little people who were just thankful to have food every night, a joyful little village with it's own properties and problems.

Problems a rarity for Rosewood, little Rosewood village, a village for those who acts as an angel of mercy for those who are ill and tiresome of life, Rosewood was a place where you would have a new and optimistic view on reality, the Rosewood people were joyous, and would teach you the basics of life..

And she had just let loose a curse upon them.

She laughed bitterly at herself as she turned to pace away towards the river.

Being a leader was more the confusing… it was bewildering. What type of person in the right mind would place an adolescent as a tribe leader. according to the code it was her legacy, and she was bound (with oaths in the place of chains) to lead her tribe.

And she had just led them into the mouth of freaks

She laughed again. Ironic was it not? each cat like canines, lone, white, delicate instrument of death, defiantly into the mouth of a freak.

She wondered what their reactions would be when they see what their honorable guests are.

Well they might not know exactly what they are, not many of them knew the legends of the tribe, at the very least she did, for she was destined to be a tribe leader one day and so both of her Grandmothers have filled her head with old legends and myths.

One of them spoke of the cat creatures, yet that was an impossibility, the cat creatures were suppose to be creatures with much more cat features then only canines, and these freaks seemed more human then cats, with an exception to their beauty and grace of course.

She recalled  how her night had started.

It began simply with the festival held for the approach of winter, she remembered the happy faces, the tribe people dancing around the fire merrily singing along, it was a happy evening to start with, and she watched them sitting on the chief's chair.

It was a festival where all were present.. All but the village devils of course.

That was the name they were known as. a group of five adolescent boys with nothing better to do then to irritate her and the tribe people. those boys who were at that especial night out in some tavern at the far east outside the village drinking and undoubtedly wrestling with some big oaf twice their size. these were the boys who did not pay any heed to their parents.

As result she was sent out to fetch them. For she was the only one they would answer to and that would be because she had the authority to kick them out of the village. Which basically would be the best for everyone for they were not only her trouble.  

And then she found herself out in a cool, breezy, night searching for four troublemaking boys in some random tavern.  

But it was not nearly as difficult as it seemed, they were rather simple to trace. Around a mile away from the village a line of taverns stood,  and undoubtedly they were in one of them.

The answer had upset her, it was a rather immoral tavern much more like a brothel really. but then she was to blame to have any expectations of morality from these boys, not only they were boy, they were devils in disguise.

And at that night she found herself gazing above at a dark shack-like tavern that did not allow women except courtesans, and to cut a long story short; it was the ideal location for men.

then she found herself trying to look through a dark glass, she was at her best attempts to look inside searching for those devils, and there they were.

Alexander, a gangly boy with sandy hair and green eyes fully intoxicated lying on the ground, with a bottle of rum in hand, she slapped her forehead, she could not help but feel sorry for him, he was only fourteen of age, a little boy who had been cursed by the gang's leader.  Next to him was Casius, a tall, lean boy with black hair, and blue eyes was sitting next to Alexander half-intoxicated was downing a bottle of rum.

'You're parents would be most disgraced if they see you in such a state' she thought disapprovingly, but it would appear as if they did not pay any heed towards what their parents would feel, these adolescents were here and were in such a state because they did not care of their parents, how revolting.

Jonathan, tall, clear-minded Jonathan, who's parents practically sent him with this gang in order to spy on them was standing brown-haired, and dark-eyed over a table clearly disapproving of Dmitri.

She flinched, Dmitri. The ring leader. He was sitting, intoxicated but in his senses facing a man twice his size, his torso's sleeve folded to his elbow, he was holding the other man's hand smiling.

The picture was just as she had predicted it.

'How predictable Dmitri,' she thought, knowing that he could hear her. 'I'm quite disappointed, you are known for being the unpredictable, intolerable, bold ..'

The loud cheer inside the tavern had pulled her back from her thoughts.

The crowd standing around Dmitri had cheered him for winning to that baboon of a man, Dmitri held up his glass and announced that everyone in the tavern could have a free bottle of rum because he is happy.

Dusk rolling her eyes pushed herself away from the window, or more likely away from the scene. In an odd way, it did matter to her what happened to Dmitri, but then it should matter to her, no matter how idiotic, how disgusting, how pig-like he was, he still was one of her people, and according to her father a leader's first priority was his or her people.  

She shuddered, but not from the cold. From the fact that a few years ago if anyone predicted that she will one day stand here, caring for her people, leading a tribe. she would have cleft his head.. After howls of laughter of course.

Not wanting to pressure that memory, she looked again hoping that by some miracle everything had changed, and at the moment, they would be sitting closed eyes, meditating.

Nothing had changed, with the exception of Dmitri dancing around with some lowlife courtesan.

She shook her head disapprovingly.

That should have been the moment she stomps inside the tavern, publicly humiliates the boys, and lugs them away with her.

But what stopped her were the four figures in the flowing cloaks.

Just by the corner of her eye she caught the sight of door creaking open, and afterwards four, black flowing cloaks walking silently inside the tavern. Every eye was on the four figures, silence took over the tavern entirely. And then the most horrible thing imaginable, a wide, immoral sneer stretched across face of drunkard men. She knew what they saw.. They saw four figures stepping inside the tavern for the very first time, they saw four figures that were trespassing.

Her eye briefly towards Dmitri, a smirk was plastered across his face, his eyes were frighteningly aplomb and a smirk danced on his lips. This was the expression he would wear when he was musing something, something not very pleasant.

She briefly noticed by corner of her eye that he brushed off the courtesan's hands of him, she was glad he did.  

The owner of the tavern was the first one to make any contact with the trespasser. He was a round, short man with a mustache that completed his immoral appearance. He had gradually walked through the costumer and stood above the trespassers.

The one who looked up at his was the one who had asked her for shelter ???and last night, had introduced himself as Eros??? as soon as the owner had demanded money from the trespasser. A smile touched Eros's lips, and he rose on his feet, looking down on the owner who was about a foot shorter then him, gradually he bent his head and whispered something that made the owner's face become pale.

The owner stared at Eros with wide, shock-struck eyes, and then without a backward glance walked away hurriedly. Eros sat down between his companions silently. For the first few moments each and every single face in the tavern seemed to be pondering, curiosity was scribbled over their faces, with the exceptions of the ones lying on the ground unconscious. The first face to come out of shock was Dmitri's.

it was not long before the others faces returned, they exchanged expressions as if to say 'They certainly will make good opponents'. the tavern customers made their way towards them, and began browbeating the trespassers. Surrounding them by every angle, inviting them for rum and to join arm-wrestling with bets. When their answer came, it came frustrated, and loud enough to hush them, the second one???the one introduced as Reaper??? had arisen from the rusted chair and broken a wooden table to the ground.

That was when the tavern became unnervingly silent, it was not like the silence before it, that silence possessed the aura of curiosity, this silence only seemed to be petrified…very, very petrified.

And then things became quite unfathomable.

She recalled Dmitri, being the idiot he was, make some snide comment;

"Looks like we got our us a couple of rouges." he said smirking.

The other three did not pay any heed towards the comment, however Reaper ????she should have guessed that he had this deep faith in violence???? stepped up, making his way towards the intoxicated Dmitri.

He was an inch shorter then Dmitri, hence he looked up meeting Dmitri's eyes, and gripped onto a portion of Dmitri's cloak. "You are an imp, and for that I will leave you in one piece," and then he jerked him backwards, Dmitri fell onto the ground, and looked up at him with sheer annoyance. "But never insult me again, boy."

Dmitri, being the impudent knave he was, arose and looked at Reaper with raging eyes. "Really? And what if I insult you again, rouge? What could you do to me?" Reaper returned Dmitri's gaze but with rather amused eyes.

The rouge smiled faintly. "It is not very smart to insult whom is stronger then you are, boy.'

Dmitri's eyes flashed with renewed anger, and he bared his teeth. "So you believe that you are stronger then me, Old man?"

"I do not believe that," Reaper said simply. "I know that."

Finally Dmitri realized what the rouge was implying he smiled devilishly, Dmitri gestured towards the wooden table he had arm-wrestled on earlier. "Perhaps we could settle that,"

"With a bet." the rouge finished for him.

Dmitri nodded. "What are you willing to offer, rouge?"

"Whatever you imply, boy."

"Fifty pieces of gold." Dmitri said, the crowd behind him hailed at long last coming out of their shock.

Perhaps not exactly, they came out of shock as soon as Dmitri had made his comment. A small part of Dusk's mind noted that these men not only respected Dmitri, but they worshipped him, he was their champion, their king.. Their god.

"How shallow," Reaper complained. "I thought that at the very least you would ask for something rather interesting, not just the dust of my hands," he said ruefully. "However, if you win I will double your prize."

The crowd gasped, and Dmitri nodded satisfied. "I'm impressed, a hundred, clearly you seem not of those people who will need any fortune," Dmitri mused of what to give them, and then he smiled. "What of power?"

"What kind of power?" The rouge said interested.

"The only type I can offer, authority, the upper hand, let's say two of prosper villages?"

"What two villages?"

"You ask many questions," Dmitri observed irritated. "I am speaking, of Denella and Oak tree."

'Why that absurd idiot!' was her only thought before she broke open the door, and ran to Dmitri's side.

She slapped Dmitri rigidly on his forehead, and he threw his head back and groaned. "What was that for?" he demanded in a fierce tone.

"For being that idiot you are!" she cried frustrated.

Dmitri rolled his eyes, and then frowned. "Were you following me?"

She smiled at him.. But it wasn't a nice smile. "Dmitri," she began in a sickeningly sweet voice. "If it was my choice then I would have hunted you," her eyes roamed to the boys, Alexander had yet not come out of intoxiation, and Jonathan smiled weakly at her. His brown eyes soft, Casius was watching her through narrowed, irritated eyes, and the heaviest glare came from Dmitri, who was giving her one of his infamous glares that would force you to stop, drop, and die. She met that glare with an unfathomable expression. "To extinction. However it would sadden your families, hence I let you go."

Some groans came from Casius and Alexander's direction, she did not bother turning.

"I have no family" Dmitri's voice was toneless, but hard at the same time.

She faced as squarely as he faced her. "Are you implying to me to get you kicked out of the village?"

Dmitri's eyes twinkled with amusement and he tilted his chin. "I'm implying that you do whatever you wish, O fearless leader" he smiled, it wasn't a nice smile, or an evil grin, it was an expressionless smile, a smile that did not reach his eyes.

She felt her thump louder then before.

And for moments they stood there, facing each other squarely as ever, the smile faded of his face, and his eyes became unfathomable, he had always been one to control his emotions. He never let them escape by his eyes or his expression.

And the moment ended when someone cleared his throat.

They both tilted their faces towards the source of that voice, irritated, the voice came from one of the trespassers, Eros. She could not make anything out of his eyes, his hood was draped over his head covering his eyes, and his mouth was in a hard line.

He appeared to be irritated, but she knew that he was amused. "Well," he begun expecting her to answer.

"Well?" it was a question, and it was not hers.

Dmitri had his eyebrow's rose at Eros.

And that was when they showed her their teeth..
And even now as she stood facing the river she was unsettle of the outcome

She had stopped one problem the by unleashing another. Joy

She sat down. the consequences she had imagined earlier seemed to have faded away, and now the only thing that bothered her was what would happen if the tribe people found that their honorable guests are freaks? What would they say? What would grandma Rosa say?

She slightly shuddered as she kicked off one of her boots.
For one thing Grandma Rosa would not be very happy, the old woman had a strict code when she saw any of evil creature it. was one of her greatest virtues to immediately cast out evil and sin wherever and whenever she sees it, one of her greatest trait's that Dusk adored about her. Grandmother Rosa had this natural and instant repel to any creature evil.

How would she react when she comes back from her journey?

Ignoring that thought she jumped into the cold water, and shuddered. It was cold, very cold, which will not be considered odd what with winter approaching.

She shuddered again… Winter.

It was absurd, and insane really, impossible, a coincidence, but the unforgiving season had never brought her joy. Whether it was the simple economic problems for the village or the grave personal loses. Her father for one.

She grimaced keeping that thought away. And yes she did agree that she has completely and utterly lost her mind for even considering to believe that.

Keeping her head carefully above water she shook out her long black hair. Naturally beautiful, naturally shining, and naturally black, and undoubtedly the center of envy for many girls. It was irritating she ha never desired for something so flamboyant. she has never been one to fawn over ???Like an idiot??? things such as hair and appearance, yet some girls thought that her lack of interest in self-appearance was caused by the natural beauty she was gifted.

Which did not make any sense, for when she was young, in her childhood, she was only a shy little girl, it was back then when she did not have the fire to defend herself. She had black hair waved to the middle of her back, large, obsidian black eyes, and rather unfeminine interests. Her black head had always differed from the other blonde or brunette heads. Which had always made her the center of criticism by the older and much more irksome girls.

That was before she met someone who gave her a much needed change.

She laughed as she dove into the water.

The water was cold but satisfying. It was the temperature in which she would forget all of her worries and problems. She drenched herself completely in the water, and her worries troubles vanished completely. She pushed herself deeper into the water, the water washing over her face was an experience she will not forget, well for one thing it was feeling of complete relaxation and secondly she did this everyday.

Realizing that she was out of breath she stretched out her hands and pushed herself gently above the water, withdrawing her head out of the water and opening her eyes she saw the faint light of the beautiful dawn around her. For the first time she did not only look at the water but saw it too, without any thoughts distracting her mind she found the water to be crystal clear, reflecting the faint light. Little waves formed around her wais. And she realized she was smiling down on the water, and she knew she should return to the village soon.

But right after watching the sun.

Watching the sun dawn upon this forest near Rosewood was something you would not be very happy to miss, the sun came up with such ease naturally fitting to the world around it, she ran her hands through her hair, leaving her vision clear and just waiting for the dawn.

And then the sun broke through the dark sky everlasting beauty, golden rays stretched across the forest gracefully, filling out everything dark, and leaving traces of life behind it. The dawn in this forest was amazing. The sunrise was even more beautiful then they said it was.

And then she found herself being surrounded by life from every angle, the harmony of the mellifluous voices of the birds sung to her ears, and she found their chirping another omen of life, her eyelids dropped over her eyes and she felt the wind blow past her swiftly, she breathed in the new sign of life, she breathed in the new day

And then she saw the flash.

The flash that had completely ruined the moment. Her responsibility came rushing back to her mind, and the flash it had completely destroyed the moment, she looked at the expressionlessly, now it just seemed like an ordinary day, the chirping, the life around her faded into a gentle hum in the background that she would not acknowledge.. The flash was a set of a twin canines.

With a hushed groan she slowly paced out of the water and cursed under her breath, she could never have a perfect moment, a moment without any interference from reality unless she kicked those trespassers out from the village.

Which was impossible unless the honorable guests decided to leave.. Somehow she had this odd feeling that they were not going to decide anytime soon.

With a frown, and a grim mood she dressed into some clothes she had gathered earlier. Unlike the dresses the other girls wore, this tomboy had a completely different wardrobe. and they were anything but feminine. Black breeches hugging her skin and completely covering her from her waist to her knees. On her torso she wore a tight-fitting black vest under a black, full-sleeved smock that fell loosely to her thighs, and as for shoes she wore long, black boots that reached her knee.. In other words she was clad in black from neck to toe.

She might as well put on a cloak, and a turban with a mask.

That was the grim, not-very-humorous joke that someone had made up, and still she hears it in the conversation of some girls when she passes them, although practically everyone in the village.. Or rather in the empire has heard it, they never become tiresome of it, they repeat that joke continuously in their little chattering groups and laugh again, and again.

And thank God that she was never a member of such ludicrous conversations.

Then again she never had enjoyed the company of women, the gossip, the chatter, it was all to much for her, her lack of interest in such things had always frustrated Grandmother Laurel from her maternal side, and Grandmother Rosa had always called it one of her greatest virtues.

She imagined grandmother Laurel, with her petite, small body, white hair tied up in a bun, a dress that fell limply around her, and the most sensible shoes you have ever seen, then she saw her other Grandmother or Granma as she liked being called. Grandma Rosa a little on the chubby side, her eyes an odd mixture of wisdom and excitement.

And then she compared her grandmothers.

Which was utterly useless, for everyone, every single person on earth knew the difference, between the elegant, feminine, tea-sipping Grandmother Laurel, and the chubby, little Grandma Rosa with her eyes like flashing stars.

She laughed to herself as she paced away towards the village.

But there was a rough gesture, a change of wind, and she found herself of pushed backed to a tree with a a black cloak in front of her.

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Posted: 13 February 2010 at 7:36am | IP Logged
That's it for part one, see it's not really that scary, and don't worry, I guess this part is kind of boring compared to the second one, but i guess it's satisfying! So read? Comment? Like?

And sorry guys i won't be able to replay i'm going to my Gramps house for three or four days, and they have internet by Dial connection, it's so slow, so sorry, Bye! Hope to read your comments as soon as i return.
samratrocks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2010 at 10:57am | IP Logged

hey...finally got time to reply to ur ssuccch an awesome write-up!!! it was awesooommee----ffantabulous-----gr888888888888----superb dear!! do update me wid as soon as u continue....

meggs Senior Member

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Posted: 23 February 2010 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
wow!!!!so cool
really like ur writing style and the story so far is fab..i luv concept with "twin canines" in itWink
sorry i wasnt able to comment earlier... no net facility where i study...
but pls do continue soon and keep pm me please...
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