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~*~Happy Birthday Mimi~*~ (Page 20)

-Aastha_Mohit- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 March 2008
Posts: 7070

Posted: 10 February 2010 at 3:59am | IP Logged
happy birthday dear...

yulZ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 June 2007
Posts: 17703

Posted: 10 February 2010 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mohitkideewani

Thank you very much Tarzan! I wanted to be a squirrel or something else and she nicknames me cattle! Ermm  ROFL wat ? so UR name was cattle ? ROFLThat tadpole! I am going to fix her! If she doesn't change it I am sending her emotional blackmail PMs/MSN messages/Scraps! Watch me! ROFLyup n let me know abt ur new nickname Big smile .. well thats wat i am suppose to say as ur muahaha but now *back to PB* dont u dare blackmail my PS Angry LOL LOL.. now this is wat i call a double roleee ROFL

poor PS.. she havent finished replying to main main msgs n now we r adding more to it ROFLbut well HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROFL
yulZ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 June 2007
Posts: 17703

Posted: 10 February 2010 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mimi0295

& now ladies and gentlemen... is the moment we've all been waiting for ROFLyup mannn barsoo kiii waitinggggg finally finishedROFL

OMG !! PS !!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!

I'd make this all colourful, but I'm just too darn excited to reply to this!
awww its ok.. waisee bhi its takes a long timee LOL
and OYE Shocked I cant reply in red now cuz you used it Cry so I have to use Purple. hmph.
awww chorry Cry actualli i wanted to use purple n red but then i didnt know WHICH one was purple among thoseee font colour .mann it was confusinggggROFL
HOLII REEEEEEEEE Partyaftaa along time nah ? ROFL
HAWWWW Shocked I'm 1.5 decades PB Cry and ur still calling me a bachii? Stern SmileROFL
yup u r well for ur PB Embarrassed as u r my lil sis.. choti sis will always be like a baby to their brother nah Embarrassed
OMG PB *gets emotional* SHUSH! It's because of people like you that makes me wanna thank God ji 290483943769856479 times every day for being in this world. You make me feel SO special PB, and I really dont deserve it!..
u dont deserve it ?? dont u daree say that thing again Angry ofcourseee my special PS deserves all the happiness n loveeee Embarrassed Embarrassed Becoming ur Bro was also the BESTESTT n LUCKIEST thing evaa happen to me in my wholeeee lifee Embarrassed Embarrassed 
When we met for the 1st time in TSPLS we already became close ^^ ... OMG I KNOW! haha now when i think abt it i wonder how could we have made that forum active coz there were hardl any member n the serial was boring too LOL those time were soo fun =D I agreee! *sighs* Spamming moments LOLi know omg it was soo fun.. but did u remember in our each post onli 1 line would be abt the serial n the other would be just spamming liness LOLLOL 
LMAO PB ROFL You're bringing back SO many memories. Gosh, I remember reading one post of yours... you were droolin' over Vrinda ROFL haha i knoww ROFLand then I had to comment, and then you commented on my post, and we kept replying back and forth and spammed our way 'till the 10th page ROFLROFLso true.. the best Spamming topic evaaa ROFL Back then, it was just you and me and macaroni at the forum na? ROFLyup.. even RV was not that activee ROFL and then I sent you a PM Shocked asking to be partners in crime! and I never imagined that you'd reply back .... and OMG after that, there was no looking back. We came up with our nicknames..PB and PS..the PBS combo! *hugs* awwww m glad i replieddd u back ^^ lucky day nah that i met a Sister like u who is simply the ROCKSTAR  Embarrassed Embarrassed n we even had kala chashma to match with our black clothes ROFL
PB..... *grabs some tissues* Do you know that you've been the most amazing online friend that I've ever had? Do you know that I look up to you and Macaroni more than anyone in this planet? Do you know that because of your friendship, I learned how to let loose and be myself. aww thats soo sweet of u PS !! even in my life excluding my family the 1st priority goes to u n then DS n then nigs,RV,cuttie,megs,sal di,muahaha, PG, n all my frensss Embarrassed its like before when i used to come in IF it was onli for cuttie n my P2Saksham CC but now i have more reason to be here ^^ Before I used to be this annoying silent member on I-F 'till I met you. did u ? Shocked Because of your PMs and your encouragment for EVERYTHING that I've done, I've become the person I am today. awwwww same here Embarrassed so i guess the day PSB was born the special bond we shared gave us more courage Embarrassed
PB, you make my life SO much more colourful just by being in it! I never have to worry about anything when you're there. Whenever I have a problem, you just know it... and I don't know how you do that, but you just do! I dont ever have to tell you what's going on because you guess it. You never force me to say anything and i really love you for that! I never imagined that I-F would give me such an amazing bhaiyuuu. One who I love more than a real brother. PB, you're one amazing person and thank you so much for being in my life! awwwww Cry Cry Cry PS now stop making me emotionall.. varna RV will come frm nowhere to pop her dialogue in hmph LOLLOL but gawd m soo touched now.. all i can say at this moment is Love u PS Hug
AWEHH PB!!! I didn't think you'd love the post that much! I'm so glad you thought it was good... we wanted you to feel SO special that day, and that was just a lil something we did to make you smile Embarrassed
lil something ?? r u joking me ? Its was/is/will always be the BEST post evaaaa in my lifeeee Embarrassed Embarrassed not coz it was my bday post but becoz U guys made it for me Embarrassed n along wid it every1 msgs were in it which i value the most =D
plus, the msn convo was epic ROFL suits and ties LOL
oo ya how can i fgt abt that ROFLu guys crossed more than 10 or 20 pgs rgt ? ROFL
No PB, thank you for being not only an amazing friend who is one of the VERY FEW (like 3-4) people who is the closest to me , but also being the older brother that I never had. You dunno how much that means to me, and I dont think I've ever told you how much I appreciate you being there for me PB! *hugs*
awwww I love u PSHugHug ur PB is not in a state of saying anything coz he is too emotional rgt nowwww Cry 
AWEH PB!!! STOP IT! You're getting me all emotional *sobs*
I would never want my PB's heart to break...ever! As long as you promise to do the same, I'll always be smiling PB!
PS, if u will be happy then PB will sure be happy too nah ^^
OHMYGOSH!Cry You're the SWEETEST PB IN THE WHOLE WIDE DUNIYA! ROFL (had to throw in some Hinglish.. LOL) Im not kidding or exxagerating. ILY PB!
awwww my DIL is soo soo saddy saddy nowww Cry LOL for the 1st time m lucky to be born as a human being ROFL
*coughs out loud* ROFLROFL
PB, nobody knows about this "investigation" Asma,Macaroni and I were doing. ROFL SSHHHHHH!!!!! ROFLoo ok so i guess u ppl want to hide ur profession to every1  ROFLbut do you KNOW how worried we were?Angryi know sorry *sobs*
I PMed you EVERY SINGLE DAY 'till ur inbox was full. Asma and I stayed up SO late stalking all your college people ROFL we messaged like 903848976904780 of them and only 3 replied back. :|
omggg do u mean 3 ppl actualli replied ? Shocked omgg ROFLROFLi wonder who were the other 2 ROFL
Plus, they were no help. One girl was being rude to Asma, one guy said he'd help but never replied back and then one guy started hitting on Aslam bhai Stern Smile
Can you believe it? ROFL
i knew abt tht guy but another one was hitting on nigs ? ROFLROFL nigs didnt tell me anything abt it ROFLmann u guys need to tell me his name .. i will put him in his right place Angry LOL n that girl.. jus ignore her whoever she was LOL
So then we decided to stalk ur job, but the only prob was... we didn't know which MD you worked at ROFL so Asma googled how many MD's there were in your area and at first she said there were 5, so we got the phone numbers, but the she found out there were like 13. *macaroni look* ROFLomgggROFL ROFLinvestigation exceeded to that limit  ROFL..awwwww u guys realli stalked me harddd Cry LOL and then I saw ur post on bro's bday post Angry and then I threatened you via PM 'till you replied ROFLCoolhaha it was a surprisee as u know.. to give u surprise i didnt even update my shop ROFLi knew u would found out frm that bday post ROFL
but PB, it was worth it cuz we LOVE YOU!
aww me LOVE YOU ALL TOOOO *huggy*
LMAO ROFL I'm still waiting for that Teji bhai vm you promised to make me a year ago ErmmROFL
ahem ahem ROFLcan i change it into a SaJam VM now ? plizz ROFL
Stern Smile
Stern SmileStern Smile
Stern SmileStern SmileStern Smile

(k that's my crappy design ROFL)
i actualli love it ROFL
That's for me? Shockedofcourseee is ther any other PS? TongueLOL You know, I still have the one you made me lat year. *gets emotional again* you know.. the one with all the men Blushing where u couldnt fit 'em all in? ROFLROFLROFLoo ya i remember making itROFL mann this time was hard too.. coz ur no. of hubbies increased this year ROFL that was the cutest thing ever! aww u too make me a siggy ^^ i still got that siggy.. it was the BEST siggy evaa// with my 2 angelss in it *blushes* EmbarrassedLOL
but OMG PB! This is like another extremeShocked Not only have you included my men, but also my fave jodisShocked OMG *cries* RoKa,MN and SG...OMG PB!!!! but still i missed some LOL when i was making that guests siggies i remembered them LOL i was like oo damm LOL
It's BEAUTIFUL! You know how much I love ur sigs..ur the best sig maker in the planet... r u joking me ?Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked impossible Shocked and anyone who gets a sig from you feels like they're on cloud 9, but I ALWAYS feel like that ...aww thats a HUGE compliment PS Cry cuz well, you think of me like a lil sis and your best friend, and I think of you as the BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME!
Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! U too are an angel of my life PS Hug
You always make my day PB, but this sig is gonna make me drool for another whole year. ROFL
lolzzzz during ur shaddi u realli r gonna put ur PB in trouble ROFL..
how do you remember these things?Stern Smile
guess ROFL
PS ur PB is also a gud stalker ROFL
 THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH PB! *hugs tightly and never lets go* awwwww *hugs back* You are the BEST! THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!
and OMG I DID Shockedme too Shocked LOL
It's the best combo EVER!
i know YAYY !! Embarrassed
Thank you SO much PB! You're AMAZING!
U too PS.. love u alotttttttt Hug

..-Jia-.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 May 2009
Posts: 28933

Posted: 10 February 2010 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Tarzan can I say that I love you and you are AWESOME??! Hug
yulZ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 June 2007
Posts: 17703

Posted: 11 February 2010 at 2:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mohitkideewani

Tarzan can I say that I love you and you are AWESOME??! Hug
i said its muahaha for u hmph LOL that a unique name for both of us so better use that *threatens*LOL
aww Love u tooHug
ok now no more spamming in my PS birthday post LOL
mimi0295 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 September 2007
Posts: 26827

Posted: 14 February 2010 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Ravjot-


Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! OMG thanks Shocked but it's not my birthday ROFL

Usually I use a different colour but you like red so I'm gonna use this oneCool OMG *gets emotional* You remembered. LOL but it's not like I'd let you forget. *flash backs to script writing days where I begged to have a red font colour* ROFL

So uh...I'm kinda lateLOL As usual I didn't plan properly and and left things to the last minLOL But that's not the pointBig smile I also dunno what to say right now cuz most likely I'll go off topicROFL But that's okBig smile If you didn't get off topic, I'd be concerned. You know that right? ROFL

I remember when we first met. TSPLS forumBig smile And then you became my CookieCool And you became my macaroni and ravjotan CoolROFLAnd then later ditched me and never came to the TSPLS forum ever againROFL OMG YOU HAVE GOT TO STOP BRINGING THAT UPStern Smile I didn't ditch you, I just ditched the forum because the show was too boring for meROFL but man oh man can you hold a grudge *macaroni look*I'm sorry but I just had to mention thatROFL Remember Teji's thread?ROFL The contests we had and what not?ROFL Man that was funLOL We spammed way too muchLOLLOL OF COURSE I REMEMBER ROFL I learned how to spam there ROFL

After that we started talking more on MSN so we stopped sending PMsLOL Though you still get random PMs from me telling you to come onlineLOL I try to be creative with thoseCool LOL I expect those atleast twice a week ROFL sometimes I purposely don't come online ROFL I loved those PMs. Subject: COOOKIE!!! message: You know the drill. ROFLAnyway, we've had a lot of funBig smile LOADS!We've had so many meetings about God knows whatROFL I think I even posted a convo on fb onceROFL We should go read itShocked OMG ROFL our most epic meeting has to be PB's bday planning ROFL and Shocked which convo? Lemme go stalk ur fB!!!
After I found it:
OMG ROFL it's the new member in the family one! The first time I met maasi ROFLROFLROFL we spent a good half of that convo talking about how you should ditch Yug for Saksham ROFL

One thing I had to mention was: You're such a stalkerStern Smile Psshht... ROFL I'm too angelic for that ROFLPoor Sidoo wanted to surprise you and you ruined it. Shame on you. I'M SORRY! But it's very hard not to get angry and excited at the same time when you realize that the person you've been stalking for 3-4 months is RIGHT THERE! You go to PM your friends who helped you stalk and find out that they KNEW ALL ALONGAngryROFLAnd I'm gonna shut up now cuz you'll probably change things around and make me feel bad for not telling you when he came backLOL Hmph. YOU SHOULD HAVE *sticks out tongue*

But but but! Now we can have cool convos againBig smile With me, you, Pappu Pager and Aslam BhaiBig smile And we can talk to the random people Asma talks to and scare themBig smile Remember last time?ROFL Poor guy I feel so bad for him. We all ganged up on himROFL I don't even remember who it wasROFL OMG ROFL his name was Shakir or something ROFL We talk sometimes ROFL but I remember how we scared him ROFLROFL too bad we couldnt scare Ali chacha away ROFLOuch

Speaking of stalking, you're also hard to stalkStern Smile ... you were...stalking me?Stern Smile I had the hardest time finding your Kasturians and ended up in random threadsStern Smile SO I just PMed em allROFL OMG SHUT UP ShockedROFLROFLAnd I got Shivani to helpCool And Jia helped find whoever we couldn't findROFL LMAO AGHH! NO WAYS ROFLROFL wow. ROFL you went through all that trouble *gets emotional*

So by now you're probably still crying and saying that you can't believe we all did this (only cuz you've already said it about 5 timesLOL) so here comes my fav line: Stop being emotional. OMG ROFLROFL You're so insensitive! hmph. You can't stop me from my tears of khushiness ROFL


K so here's a gift from both Shifali and IBig smile Hope you like it:

Ok so that's not your only giftBig smile Here's the one I was talking about:

Hope you like itBig smile

Anyway, hope you have an awesome dayBig smile

Happy Birthday!!!

OMG I already told you on msn how much I LOVED it to the core. It touched my heart....*cries* EVERYTHING WAS WOW!
And you know what? I can't believe you caught the essence of my RoKa when you haven't even really watched them in the show. I dont know how you make vms on people you don't know..because I can never do that! But the fact that you made me a RoKa vm on FREAKING VEGAS FOR THE FIRST TIME is like WOW macaroni!
It's BRILLIANT ! You are SOOOOOO talented in every single way! I loveeeee you and I dont say this enough but I'm so glad I have a friend like you in my life. You always listen to me, you always wait for me to talk to you and I can't imagine my life without a macaroni. When we first met, I didn't think we'd be the cookie and macaroni duo. I mean, we added each other on msn for I-F purposes but look now! We know about each other out of I-F and i can't do that with a lot of my friends here. ILY and this is BEAUTIFUL! Everything about it.. the song.. the couple.. the scenes (Robbiee.... *blushes* ROFL)
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

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