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Taming The Wild 3-AR story new thread link pg 157 (Page 7)

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                             Taming The Wild

                           And We Meet Again


Recap :- Ridhhima gets a new job of tying the knot of Armaan's tie... Some sweet moments in the pool . Ridhhima finds some old pictures of Armaan and his mom which troubles him and Niki and Abhi return...

She sat on her seat... Happy ,sad anxious, everything was mixed, she couldn't concentrate on one thing... sitting next to her ,Abhimanyu was busy with his laptop... she was looking outside when he called

" Niki.. Niki seat belt..." She came out of her thoughts and realised that plane was about to take off... " Are you okay ? " he asked, she nodded smiling, he returned it and went back to his work.. She kept looking at him for a moment then shifted her gaze outside. Surprisingly she did not feel scared any more... dreaded anything... looking outside her mind went back...

Niki's Flashback

" to phir tumhe apni nayi zindagi ki shuruat apne dost ke bina hi karni padegi "

" Arm..." but all she could hear was the beep of disconnected line, tears rolled down her eyes, suddenly she felt all alone ,helpless and miserable. She didn't knew what to do, she not only had lost her love but also her best friend... She cried heartily that day... The days went by in a blurr ,she recalled meeting with Abhimanyu once...

" kyun Abhi ? Why are you doing this ? Yeh jaante hue bhi ki i loved someone else aur shayad main iss shaadi ko puure dil se naa nibha paaun phir bhi tum mujhse shaadi karna chahte ho ? " she was surprised as she thought that after that meeting with Armaan he would deny marrying her but to her surprise he decided to prepond the marriage ...

" haan phir bhi... Dekho Niki bhale hi yeh shaadi hamare parents ne fix ki ho magar main jaanta hun ki tum ek achhi ladki ho, aur pyaar karna koi gunah nahi hai... Aur jaisa tumne kaha pyaar karti 'thi' 'ho' nahi... To kyun tum hamare is naye rishte ko ek mauka deti.. Main waada karta hun Niki tumhare dil se saari purani yaadein mita dunga ,tumhe kabhi kisi ki kami mehsoos nahi hogi "

That day she found her pillar to lean on but it wasn't much later that she realised that how strong he was and how much she had begun to rely on him... Coming back to present she looked at him, still busy with laptop, she smiled at him and went back to looking outside...

Abhimanyu was not unaware of her gaze... Infact he was all so aware whenever she was around, he wondered what kind of magnetic pull she had which always drew him close to her no matter what... He instinctively felt the urge to protect her, save her from any harm any sadness... she had become an indispensible part of life which he could not let go... He wondered when did that happen... he planned to do something else and it turned out to be something totally different....

Abhimanyu's flashback

she stood by the window deep in her thoughts , he softly closed the door after being teased much by family and friends... she stood by the window in the moonlight, he held his breath at the sight,she looked... beautiful... stunning... delicate... fragile... he felt a surge of pride . " huh! Mr. Armaan Malik, main jeet gaya tumhari aankhon ke saamne se tumhare pyaar ko cheen gaya aur tum kuch nahi kar sake... aur Niki tum ?...hmm,, tumhara kya karna hai wo bhi sochna padega... may be later " an evil smile came to his lips... feeling elated at the biggest victory yet over Armaan and the handsome trophy he'd won ,he took confident steps towards her

" Niki " he stood close by,keeping a hand on her shoulder he made her turn ,he could feel her tremble a little at his touch... but his heart was determined to tell her something fair and square today what he felt for her- nothing . He will declare that it was all a fraud, she cheated him, he knew the man she loved -Armaan Malik- his enemy and he does not think that this relationship is going to work so she should not have any expectations from him as she was planted here not as his wife but as Armaan Malik's informer... the earlier she knows about it the better. he canceled the idea of postponing it... she would cry and all... beg.. but he wont listen and soon he would divorce her and be a free man again.... his revenge complete.. " you are too good Abhi ' he mentally applauded himself

" abhi.. Abhii " she shook his hand lightly, he came out of his thoughts " kahan kho gaye the ? mumma aur papa ko bol diya tha na ki wo jaldi aa jaayein... mumma pata nahi apna dhyan rakhengi ki nahi aur papa to sabse pehle fridge par attack karenge.. hamein sath aana chahiye the " she worried

he smiled at her concern for his parents, no wonder they ave started loving her more than him " haan baba bol diya tha aur hum bas Delhi tak ja rahe hain Niki don't panic. wo koi bachhe to hain nahi .they can manage without you for few days " she frowned at him

" Abhi tum bas rehne do, tumhe unki kch fikar nahi hai " he just laughed a her

" achha baba dubara keh dunga... waise tumne kabhi apne mom dad ko itna miss kiya hai kabhi ? "  he went back to his work shaking his head,smiling. but today he mind was wandering off...

Flashback cont.

Niki turned and looked directly into his eyes, her eyes he felt the piercing through him but he could not take them away from her " my ! she 'is' beautiful !! " he forgot what he wasa bout to say and kept staring at her, mind and heart racing in opposite direction...

" niki main.." collecting himself he started again

" abhi main tumhe kuch batana chahti hun " he stopped and listened " main apni naye shuruat kisi jhooth ya tumse kuch chuppa kar karun ,aur isliye main tumhe sab sach bata dena chahti hun... aur agar sab jaanne ke baad tum iss rishte se alag hona chahoge to main tumhe is baat ke liye zimmedar
nahi manungi " he was stunned to hear it ,here he was planning what not and she blurted it all away without a single tear. He admired her honesty and courage... his plan of taking control right from the beginning wasn't going as planned and this was something unexpected... she continued

" abhi tum yeh to jaante hi ho ki main kisi se pyaar karti thi " he kept listening " to main batana chahti hun ki wo kaun tha... uska naam Armaan hai ,Armaan Malik - tumhara sabse bada rival " it was not the name that surprised him so much as hearing the fact that she knew that he was his biggest rival,but ofcourse that day when he they both almost had a fight outside the hotel,the way they reacted must have given her the idea...

" magar ek sach aur bhi hai, jis saath ko main pyaar samajti thi wo to kabhi tha hi nahi,Armaan ne mijhe kabhi ek dost se jyada kuch samjha hi nahi aur main bhi paagal uski dosti ko pyaar samajh kar kya kya sochti rahi "

he was speechless now " you mean... Armaan aur tum... you didn't love each other ??!! "

" no, he definitely didn't. uska pyaar to hamesha se ridhhima thi  "

the words hit him hard, all this while he thought he was winning.he took away his most precious person of his life and now... the joke was on him... Armaan Malik won again... he married a heart broken one sided lover !! damn !!

all his happiness vanished away with her confession, he was utterly disappointed and that gave way to anger ' stupid girl !! couldn't she have blurted this earlier ! it would have saved him so much of trouble !! so much of drama !! ' he ran his finger through his hair in frustration, niki who saw this thought he was disappointed hearing the name " but.. trust me abhi, armaan was my past ab uska zikr bhi nahi hoga " she paused
" ab to hum dost bhi nahi rahe " his eyes shot up to her face " he broke away all ties with me jab use pata laga ki i'm marrying you " she didn't cried just sighed in resignation " sirf ek request hai abhi.. main hamara rishta puri imandari aur zimmedari se nibhana chahti hun kisi tute hue dil ke sath rote hue nahi just.. just give me some time,kuch waqt maang rahi hun khuud ko sambhalne ke liye.. main waada karti hun tumhe kabhi koi shikayat ka mauka nahi dungi "

" sweets sir " a smiling air hostess offered him a tray ,thanking her he picked up two " hey " he gave both to her.. though he knew that she didn't show but she felt uneasy during the plane takeoffs'.. she looked at the bright wrapping paper and smiling took both " thanks abhi "

he smiled " niki are you okay ? mera matlab tum khush to ho naa ? "

she was bit surprised at his question " of course abhi ,itne dino baad mom dad se milungi.. i'm sure mom to tumhe dekh kar khushi se uchhal padengi " it was opposite with both the families if niki was darling of his parents he was darling of her's

" haha ab wo to hai.. main hun hi aisa . ab jab mom mujhse jyada tumhari side leti hain tab to main kuch nahi kehta mujhe to lag raha ahi jaise someone is jealous mujhe to jalne ki smell bhi aa rahi hai " he sniffed air around her...

she hit him on his shoulder " achha i'm not jealous..."

" haan haan wo to dikh hi raha hai " he paused becoming serious " niki.. what about armaan "

the name jolted her .it was the first time since that night that his name was said aloud.. after that confession armaan malik's chapter was closed forever ,she never imagined to meet him again she knew he never forgave easily... both looked at each other

ridhhima was busy with some file in her cabin her back facing the door when someone suddenly covered her eyes from behind

" kaun ?? kaun hai ?? " she touched the fingers trying to recognise who it was...

" wah waah itni jaldi bhuul gayi ? "

a big surprised smile came on her face " sapnaa, you are back !!! "  both the girls squealed in delight hugging each other like teenagers " gosh i missed you kab aayi ? kaisi hai ? kaisa raha honey moon ? aur kya kya kiya huhh ?? " ridhhima elbowed her naughtily ,teasing

" batati hun batati hun ..thoda ruk to sahi " both crashed on the sofa nearby gigling broadly " honeymoon achha raha... bahut achha raha " and a big blush came up on her cheeks

" oye hoye sapna you are blushing.. aisa bhi kya kiya huh !! "

" ohho ridhhi tu to aise puuch rahi hai jaise tujhe nahi pata ki honeymoon par kya hota hai ? " though sapna said it jokingly but it was moment later

when she saw ridhhima's face taht she realised what she'd said " ridhhi i... i'm sorry wo mere matl;ab wo nahi tha " she said apologetically


" it's oaky sapna i know tera matlab mera dil dukhanae ka nahi tha but it's okay.. i'm not hurt or anything " ridhhima smiled assuring sapna who felt better after seeing her smiling again ,they both looked at each other understandingly

" vivek ka kuch pata chala ? "

ridhhima shook her head " nahi.. abhi nahi lekin armaan ne kaha hai ki wo use dhuund kar rahega, aur main armaan ko jaanti hun wo apni taraf se puuri koshish kar raha hai.. wo apna waada jarur nibhayega "

sapna was surprised " magar ridhhi tu us par kuch jyada hi bharosa nahi kar rahi.. i mean he always wanted to win you aur ab wo achanak itna badal gaya ki khud tujhe vivek ke paas le jaane ki baat kar raha hai, yeh jaante hue bhi ki tum dono shaadi shuda ho aur dono parivaar iss baat ke liye kabhi tayaar nahi honge "

" haan kabhi kabhi sochti hun to daar lagta hai ki kya hoga magar pata nahi jab tak armaan hai saath mujhe pareshaan hone kli zarurat hi mehsoos nahi hoti... bas yahi lagta hai wo hai naa sab dekhne ke liye.. i trust him sapna usne mujhse waada kiya hai ki wo vivek ko dhuund kar layega... he knows
ki i love vivek... aur hum pehle bhi to dost the maana ki beech main hamare rishte main thodi kadwahat aa gayi thi magar ab sab theek hai.. aur mera dil kehta hai ki aage bhi sab theek hi hoga "she smiled now " aur armaan ke hote hue mujhe kisi baat ki fikar karne ki zarurat hi nahi wo bahut badal gaya hai "

" lekin ridhhima agar wo ek baar badal sakta hai to dubara bhi to badal sakta hai " both looked at each other

" nahi sapna mera dil kehta ahi armaan mujhe klabhi dhoka nahi dega "

sapna kept a hand over hers " i hope so , achha aur suna kaisa chal raha hai ? ab armaan tujhe pareshaan to nahi karta ? "

" pareshaan ?? pareshaan nahi 'bahut' pareshaan karta hai" sapna raised her euebrows but ridhhima laughed out " relax !! aisa nahi jiasa tu soch rahi hai uski harkatein to bas puchho mat... pata hai use tie bandhni nahi aati 10 baar bata chuki hun har baar bhuul jaata hai ab t maine bolna hi chhod diya
hai khud hi bandh kar de deti hun " both gigled " raat ko sote hue pillow chahiye nahi to neend nahi aati " she skipped his nightmare part and continued " aur ab ek naya naam rakh diya hai mera Ridimba.. jab bhi pareshan karna ho to yahi bulata hai " sapna laughed out loud hearing it and they continued their chit chat    

There was a knock at the door

" come in " he said without looking up from his file, Sameer, his business adviser cum his informant of all that's going on in the business world, entered . The man must be in his mid thirties and there was nothing extraordinary about his appearance... A belly that had started to make it's appearance, a cleanshaven oval face with hazel eyes.. His common features
were no match to the uncanny sense of business he had... Predicting opponents moves, making strategies were his speciality and Armaan handpicked him when no one laid an eye on him.. Owing to his average B-school result and blunt tongue... Another thing he admired in him was his die hard loyalty towards him and the company... Armaan's gift of judging people, their talent and his humane touch at dealing with them had made Sameer Purohit his die hard fan and loyal.. It was only Armaan who had forseen Axion falling in their lap ,snatched away right from under the nose of many other companies who had so called powerful political support,
another reason for him to worship Armaan...

He was the only one who surpassed Sameer Purohit in thinking in most unusual way... Sameer declined his position in London and returned to Armaan to India who was more than glad to have him back... With the same position offered in London office... Sameer was a man of few words ,but then, they often understood each other without elaborate talks...

" have a seat Sameer ,so.." he shut the file " what's the news you wanted to tell me ? "

" well, itni khas nahi hai aur hai bhi " both men looked at each other " Abhimanyu Modi is back "

If the words had any impact he didn't show. He didn't react for a moment... It was not Abhimanyu that came to his mind first, it was Niki he thought of. He did not let his face betray his emotions.. getting up from his chair he moved towards the window..

" what's unusual, he keeps coming,Modi's ka head office bhi yahin hai, they have projects running "

" it doesn't look like the regular trip, Modi's are back here . It seems the decision was made by Modi senior... Waise bhi is baat ko aur taal bhi nahi sakte the... Bangalore se business maintain karna it's not that easy for them "

Armaan was quiet, thinking about something " so are we back in the same position ? "

" more or less, yes... They are competition but not that big a trouble... Just annoyance "

Armaan could not agree with him more, Modi was indeed an annoyance... " any chances of direct contact ? "

" none yet, magar aage nahi honge, yeh sochna bevkoofi hogi... Abhimanyu Modi is more, much more.. Ambitious, than his father aur ab to Malhotra backing bhi hai uske paas... He won't leave any chance to challenge us... Like he had done in the past "

He turned to look at him " let him try it... Like always i'll show him where he stands " anger, dislike clear in his tone

" we must be careful though... He must be thinking on the same lines " he said, Armaan looked out of the window again... His face hardend now

" i don't care... Neither i have, neither i will..." he said, more to himself than anyone else

he came back home rather late.. ridhhima was waiting for him

" armaan aaj bahut daer kar di aane main "

he just sighed taking off his coat " haan aaj kaam kuch jyada tha " she was bit surprised as he was not his usual chirpy self, she thought may be he was tired... he came out aftera while and taking a file sat by her side on the bed

" kya hua armaan kuch baat hui hai kya ? " he looked up at her " nahi .. nahi to bas aise hi office... kaam " he didnt look at her

" achha armaan yeh file kya bahut important hai.. kya kal iski koi presentation wagereh hai " he didnt knew why she was asking it

" nahi lekin ek baar padhni hai " she took his file away from his hand " ridhhma yeh kya kar rahi ho ? "

" kuch nahi yeh itni jaruru nahi hai to ise chhodo aur so jao ,shakal dekhi hai apni 12 baj rahe hain..." he tried to argue but she just glared at him keeping a finger on her lips asking him to be quiet " koi argument nahi armaan chup chaap leto aur aankh band karke so jao "

he mumbled 'hitler' but then obeying her order quietly pulled up the covers and clutching the pillow went off to sleep... it hardly took him 5 minutes to go blank she could see that he was tired but something said that there is more... she shrugged it off may be she's just imagining. and she was right he was back to normal the next day...

she was tying the knot and he stood there smiling to himself " armaan.. main tumhe kuch batana bhuul gayi " he looked at her " wo main mumma ke paas jaa rahi hun kuch dino ke liye

" whatt ?! kyun  ? kab ?? kisliye ?? " he showered her with questions

" arre itna pareshaan kyun ho rahe ho ,ek hafte ki to baat hai ,aur maine papa se pucha tha to unhone kaha ki chale jao.. itne mahine ho gaye mumma se mile hue "

" itne mahine ? liar ! abhi to hum gaye the dinner par aur usse pehle aur tum to roz papa se milti ho na hospital main phir "

she looked at him surprised " armaaan, hospital main hum as doctors milte hain aur kabhi kabhi to milna ho bhi nahi paata aur main roz papa se nahi milti " she straightened his collar and stepped back to check it, little she was aware that what great bomb she had launched on him... he didnt wanted her to go at all...

" magar ... magar main kaise rahunga ? " she looked at him puzzled " i mean meri tie kaun bandhega aur.. aur leo ko kaun dekhega.. aur muski  ki help kaun karega wo angira ke saath kaam kaise dekhengi " he tried to put all the reasons he could find...

" armaan kya ho gaya hai tumhe ? it's just a matter of a week ,aur aaj mujhe lene mat aana main papa ke sath seedhe hospital se ghar jaungi " she saw his frowning face which clearly showed his disapproval

" huuh.." he sighed resigned and saw that he had no choice " to tum sach main jaa rahi ho ?" she raised her eyebrows then pointed to a small bag " theek hai chalo ab drop to kar sakta hun naa ya papa hi aa rahe hain pick karne ke liye " she exaled he was so confusing at times ,that day he jumed with happiness when padma called them for dinner and now he's all cranky behaving like husbands reluctant to send their wives to her parents, she chuckled at the thought but stopped when she saw his scowling face....

he was quiet throughout the journey ,kept steeling glances when she wasn't aware.." ridhhima main kaise rahunga tumhare bina... mujhe to tumhari aadat hoti jaa rahi hai..." he stopped before the gates and she got down

" bye Armaan main tumhe call kar dungi ghar pahunch kar okay take care " she turned to go

" ridhhima " she stopped " tum thodi daer ruko, let me go first " she was surprised at this strange request ,he drove off but kept looking at her through the mirror " ab tumhe kya bataun ridhhimai main shayad tumhe kabhi jaate hue nahi dekh paaunga "

he kept turning and twisting on the bed.. staring at the clock which showed 1 o'clock... leo sat by his side.. nothing worked tonight.. he had finished all his work he brought from office watched TV without knowing what he's looking at... tried reading but even there he found ridhhima.. finally he gave up and scratched leo's ear who looked equally sad...

" yaar leo ek din main yeh haal hai to ek hafta kaise guzrega... huuh damn !! why she had to go kya padma mom yahan nahi aa sakti thi ? " leo made cooing noise as if agreeing to what he said.. somehow he slept forcing his eyes to close

Ridhhima streached herself smiling... she had slept late talking to padma to her heart fill but still felt like they had talked nothing.... her eyes fell on the clock

" hey bhagwaan !! 8 baj gaye !! " instinctively her head moved to her side " Armaan utho.. " it was then she realised that the side was empty and she was not at home but at her home... her brain reminded her that it was her day off and armaan was not there... she hit herself and laughed at her silliness ,she got off the bed planning how to spend her day.. coming out after getting all fresh and ready she was about to go down for breakfast when her eyes fell on her cell phone she saw that it was just 8:40

" armaan uth gaya hoga.. aur cheenkein (sneezes) bhi maar chuka hoga " she laughed imagining him yelling at Martin for one thing or another it was a good thing that she had made all arrangements for him before coming... martin must be blessing her, she laughed again " call karu abhi... nahi to ghar par ek bhi cheez uski jagah par nahi milegi aur martin ganja ho chuka
hoga aur agar janab ka mood subah kharab ho gaya to sabki shamat aa jayegi "  she dialled the number and heard the bell ring..

she turned smiling when her eyes fell on a picture, it was the picture of the intern gang... her smile vanished when she saw him standing there, looking at her

" hey ridhhima,remember me ? i'm your love Vivek... bhuul to nahi gayi mujhe ? "

slowly she pulled the phone away, and walked towards the picture " nahi vivek main tumhe nahi bhuli.. main tumhe dhund kar rahungi...aur ab to armaan bhi hai mere saath " she raised her hand to touch the picture

" ridhhimaaaa ,jaldi aao beta breakfast tayar hai " she stopped hearing padma's voice

" aayi mumma " and with a glance at the picture she ran downstairs . wishing and hugging both her parents she sat down for breakfast " mumma itna kuch koi aur bhi aa raha hai breakfast par ? "

" koi aur ?? nahi beta yeh to sab maine aapke liye banaya hai "  shashank laughed at ridhhimas surprised face " beta actually aapki mumma ko lag raha tha ki shayad apko wahan theek se khana nahi milta isliye itna sab bana diya . hai naa padma ? " both ridhhima and shashank laughed at her teaming up to tease padma

" shashank aap rehne dijiye aap maa nahi hai naa aap nahi samjhenge " she poured ridhhima coffee and filled her plate with food

" moom aap 4 din ka khana kya ek hi baar main khila doge " she exclaimed looking at her already filled plate and padma ready with more shashank laughed again and leaving mother and daughter to sort it out together went off to work

" mumma " she sipped her coffee " Armaan aaya tha kya ? "

" armaan ?? nahi to "

" to phir yeh coffee ?? yeh to waisi hi lag rahi hai kaisi armaan banata hai m.." she stopped realising what she was about to say

" ohh lagta hai armaan ne bataya nahi  " she still looked puzzled " tumhari baat nahi hui usse  " she shook her head on no " subah uska phone aaya tha jab tum nahane gayi hui thi, 3 baar coffee banwayi usne mujhse.. pata nahi use kaise pata chala ki wo coffee tumhe pasand nahi aayegi "

ridhhima gave a big smile hearing it she knew he could be quiet persistant " wo aisa hi hai mom, actually subah wo hi mere liye coffee banata hai naa isliye..."

" ohhhh i see " padma teased " mummaaa " she rolled her eyes " hahaha it's okay muhje yeh dekh kar bahut khushi hui ki wo tumhara itna khayal rakhta hai... main bahut khush hun aapke liye, armaan aapse bahut pyaar karta hai " she kissed her head forehead lovingly " achha ab use phone to kar lo bechara kabse wait kar raha hoga " saying so she left her alone


armaan looked at his cell phone and found something that made him both happy and disappointed

" ridhhima ki missed call !! damn main kahan tha ? " he looked at the time and remembered that he was struggling with his tie, remembering her ,her soft touch..." armaan bevkoof tu sapno mainkhoya raha aur wo idhar phone karti rahi " he repreminded himself, he was straing at the phone when it
suddenly started ringing .he jumped almost dropping the phone.. " h..hello " he quickly picked it up

" armaan "

He came out of his dreamy mode " haan ,main sun sun raha hun.. God morning "

She smiled " good morning and thanks for the coffee "

" thanks ? Wo to tumhe padma mom ka karna chahiye coffee to unhone banayi hai naa "

" magar instrictuons to tumhare the naa "

He lied down on the bed fully dressed legs dangling, her picture in his hand " to pasand aayi ? "

She looked around to see if padma was around ,she wasn't " umm kuch kuch tumhare jaisi thi magar i still prefer that one. Are you sure tum usme kuch milate nahi ho coz i'm getting quiet addicted to it "

" haan milata hun naa ,magar wo meri secret recipe hai bata nahi sakta " he grinned

" achha tum tayar ho gaye tie mil gayi thi naa main rakh kar aayi thi puri 6 "

" kya ?? Tum 6 din baad aaogi ? Ab bhi ! "

" ab bhi matlab ? Armaan maine bataya tha na main ek hafte ke liye jaa rahi hun " he scowled thinking why did his father allowed her to go " aur tumhe office nahi jaana 9 baj gaye hain "

" h..han bas jaa raha hun " he said in a low voice ,she was about to say goodbye and hang up when he spoke again " hey Ridimba " she rolled her eyes thinking here he goes again " jaldi aa jao naa.. We miss you " she smiled hearing it " aur leo's smell isn't actually a perfume you see "

She laughed hearing it " oh armaan tum nahi sudhroge,leo ko meri taraf se bahut saara pyaar dena aur kehna ki main bas 5-6 din main aa jaungi ab jao nahi to late ho jaoge aur haan breakfast karke jaana nahi to bhabhi gussa hongi . He readily agrred to whatever she said but was still unhappy with the fact that she will be away for 6 more days...

" leo " he looked up wagging his tail " lagta hai 6 din wait karna hi padega " leo made a sad noise and again rested his head over his paws. Armaan was unsure whether he was sad because she was away or he had to sleep with him coz since the day he'd come leo was always by ridhhima's side except
during nights when he was taken to his room, the dog was her shadow

" oye leo ke bachhe ,she's my wife samjha " leo looked at him with mocking wary eyes as if saying " yeah yeah your wife, but she hugs me more than she hugs you Mr.Husband "

The day passed by somehow... She looked at the watch for the 10th time ,he's never so late... She started pacing up and down eyes kept on darting to the door. She stopped when she finally heard the car stopping at the porch...

Abhi entered talking to someone on the phone as soon as he saw her he gave a big smile... Seeing him back Niki felt immense relief ,ending the call he turned to her " hey Niki "

But Niki's relief soon gave way to anger, she was worried sick about him..." abhi time dekh hai 12 baj rahe hain , kahan the itni daer ? Upar se mera phone bhi nahi uthaya ,pata hai main kitna pareshan ho rahi thi "

He placed his hands on her shoulders " nikkiii relax...i'm sorry main tumhara phone nahi utha paaya main ek important call main thoda busy tha , tum kyun itni si baat par ghabra rahi ho ? " he explained trying to calm her... " aur maine tumhe bataya to tha ki aaj kuch kaam hai isliye thoda late ho jaunga tum bhuul gayi ? " this calmed her down a little " achha chalo ab jaldi se khana laga do mere paet main to chuhe kuud rahe hain "

" tum jaa kar fresh ho kar aao main tab tak khana laga deti hun "

They sat down for dinner talking laughing sharing the details of the day...

" niki... Kal ek party hai hamare kaafi purane associate hain Mr.Sharma unke yahan... Tum chalogi mere saath ? " he looked at her expectantly

" party ? kal ?! " he nodded,thinking that she might refuse making an excuse " of course abhi jarur chalungi " she surprised him ,he smiled broadly and they both resumed their chit chat...

She lay there on the bed pondering over her life in the past few months... Abhimanyu was really gem of a person more she came to lnow him more she started respecting him... Though in the beginning she found his behaviour rather cold and aloof but she thoight they didnt exactly had a very nice start and he too need some time after all how many marry the best friend of their arch enemy...

no matter how distant abhimanyu was earlier he was never rude to her, rather he was always and is still thoughtful about her, he saw to it that she never felt lonely or sad even though they shared the bed he never ever crossed his limits moreover she found another doting mother and father in his parents... She remembered how that particular incident chaged a lot
between them...

Abhi woke her up in the middle of the night and asked her to get ready as they have to leave immediately .she wondered what was it and asked him but he didnt said much except that it was important work and he wont go without her, she felt strange and wanted to ask more but he was already out to inform his parents. she was surprised when they boarded the flight to Delhi ,in all this confusion she was happy that she would meet her parents.

It was not until they landed and stopped before a hospital that he informed her that her father had had a stroke and was not well. That was a terrible time ,she felt angry on him shouted on him for not telling her earlier to which he simply replied that he didnt wanted to trouble her, she could have done nothing by worrying herself.. He never even got angry on her for yelling at him like that...

She was rather surprised when he hugged her and consoled her that everything will be fine, her father will be okay... His embrace had something... She broke down and cried in his arms and he kept holding her till she was steady enough to go and meet her mother who needed consolation as well

Her father had some blockage in his arteries and needed operation ,Abhimanyu was the pillar of strength in that tough time his parents were already there to support her mother... He not only arranged for the best doctors but also gave his blood. Whem doctor announced that the operation was successful she rushed to the room where he was resting and hugged him, she was swept away with relief and all the credit went to him.. it was moments or minutes later that she realised that he was hugging her his lips brushed her ear making her shiver, his hold on his waist was bit too tight for
a casual hug.. He was holding on to her with his face buried in her hair...

It was the first time she truly felt something for him... From him....those few moments of closeness in that lonely room were most unforgettable, she felt the change within her... in him... Everytime she thought of that moment it felt as if an electric wave passed through her body raising goosebumps all

She turned and saw him sleeping by her side peacefully, smiling she extended her fingers to caress his hair ,touch his face but then hesitating drew them back... She kept admiring him everytime she saw him she felt butterflies in her stomach... She felt jealous when other women looked at him flirtingly and she blushed for no reason at all but merely at his gaze...

She wondered where did these feelings came from... They felt all new, she had never felt like this before... Everyday she admired him little more respected him little more and loved... Loved ??... Yes she got her answer what it was all about.. she loved him little more... Everyday...

It was not until they were coming back to Delhi that she remembered Armaan she had almost forgotton him... True she thought she loved him but then she 'thought' she loved him it wasn't intil abhi came into her life she realised what the feeling of being in love truly is...Her smile faded a little.. she wasn't sure if he felt the same way, he was kind of still distant, and she couldn't muster up enough courage to tell him what she felt... Probably she should give him some more time and she was ready to wait as long as it takes for him to realise it.. She smiled at her thoughts and carressing his face with her eyes fell asleep...

Abhimanyu woke up to the most beautiful sight... His beautiful wife sleeping next to him . He rested himself on his elbow and admired his sleeping beauty. He fought his desire to kiss those rosy cheeks and beautiful lips, he frowned when he thought how he thought of taking advantage of her.. To use her as a weapon against Armaan and had been aloof to her... The
thought made him sad . He first felt that there was somethimg more to this relationship when he shared that beautiful hug in that hospital room... He felt a current running down his body when he embraced her and he never wanted to let her go... He had seen how she had won over her parents and treated them like her own and now they had almost forgotton that they had
a son not a daughter... He chuckled softly remembering how they took her side everytime there was an argument... And their honeymoon.. It was the most beautiful time ,without sharing the physical intimacy they developed a beautiful understanding relationship and truly became each others best friends... Only he wondered when she would understand what
he actually felt for her ,sometime it was really a test of his self control... But he knew that she needed time to overcome from her past... Forgetting their first love and someone like Armaan was not so easy...

On the other hand Armaan stretched himself smiling, eyes still close, thinking as soon as he would open his eyes he would see the most beautiful sight... His princess by his side... He opened his eyes only to find a wet nose very close to his face and a big mouth with a sloppy tongue which soon licked his face wet...

" aaaggghhhh !! LEOO !! Kutte ke bachhe " he got up wiping his face with his t-shirt " out.. OUT of my bed ! " leo barked, angry at being yelled at ,he turned wagging his tail which hit armaan straight on his face, but he was no less he took his revenge by peeing on his slippers !!

" LLLEEEOOO !! RRIIDDHHIIMAA !! " on the other hand ridhhima woke up with a start as if someone had shook her up... She looked around and finding noone she sgain went back to sleep covering her face...

The time seem to either walk very slowly or there was something wrong with the watch last time he saw it showed 1;10 and now it showed 1:13...

He looked at the phone on his table, though he was dying to talk to her everytime he picked up the phone his heart pounded loudly and he felt hot around his collar, he felt like a teenagaer who was calling his girlfriend for the first time ...

He sighed " do din main yeh hall hai Armaan... Agar wo mujhse duur chali gayi to... Nahi nahi " he sat up straight " main aisa kabhi nahi hone dunga wo kabhi mujhse duur nahi jaa sakti... Cmmon Armaan tu aisa soch bhi kaise sakta hai, ridhhima teri thi, teri hai aur teri hi rahegi.. Yes of course she's mine " he looked at the invitation on his table and smiling to himself
picked up the phone...

He smiled all the way to the party mentally praising himself... He had got an invitation for a party by their business associate Mr.Sharma and he found an excellent excuse to take ridhhima along... He just couldn't take off his eyes from his gorgeous wife... And if she suspected something she didn't say anything ,she just laughed when he told everything what happened in the morning and that he was seriously thinking to give away Leo... To which she threatened him not to even think of...

Finally they reached the party and were heartily welcomed by the host.. Ridhhima found some of her friends and excused herself from the men...

ridhhima was chatting to some ofher friends someone collided with her

" oh i'm sorry maine aapko dekha... nahi " the lady stopped in mid sentence

" niki !! tum ?? " ridhhima was surprised

" ridhhima ?!" a smile came up on the faces and they hugged each other

" kahan chali gayi thi tum niki? we missed you so much "

'we' niki thought but then breaking her line of thoughts she smiled at her " long story ridhhima "

riddhima took her little away " i'm all ears " boh looked at each other ,they had some catching up to do

on the other hand Mr.Sharma took armaan to a group " mr.mailk aap inhe to jaante hi honge abhi abhi laute hain bangalore se.. mr abhimanyu modi.." armaan's smile vanished away hearing the name ,he wasnt expecting him here...

" of course mr.sharma i know him " armaan narrowed his eyes,neither of the two extended hands to each other... mr.sharma,it seemed was aware of the famous malik modi rivalry but didn't believed it until now.. his smile vanished away seeing the hostile situation and cursed himself to call the
rival in the same party but then he couldn't leave either of them.... he worried that there might be a sceane at his party... but breathed in when he saw Sameer, armaan's advisor stepping in... he excused himself as he was needed somewhere...

" so abhimanyu modi is back in town ,kyun himmat aa gayi wapas aane ki ? " armaan snickered .a flash of anger passed through abhimanyu

" himmat ki to baat mat karo armaan,you have no idae ki main kya kar sakta hun, main tumhe kabhi bhi hara sakta hun "

on the other hand ridhhima and niki continued their chat " niki don't go by his behaviour... wo gusse main kuch bol gaya hoga, he still remembers you misses you..."

" thanks riddhima..." she smiled " i can see why he choose you, you understand him so well... you are perfect for him..." She didnt answer that... But decided that she should bring two friends together again... on the other and the temprature grew both the sides

" Tum jeete hi kab mujhse.." armaan growled

" Nahi Armaan yeh tumhari galatfehmi hai main jeeta hun tumse... Maine Niki ko paaya hai Armaan aur tum use mujhse kabhi waapas nahi jeet sakte..." there was fierceness in his voice, a challenging pride... Both men looked at each other eye to eye ready to kill... it was sometime when both of them started looking for their husbands and found them in a  battling mode

" Abhi... Armaan ?? Kya hua ? " Niki quickly came there she could see what the situation could lead to... She held Abhimanyu's arm trying to calm him ,pull him away... This rather infuriated Armaan even more... ' the traitor '

Sameer came quickly and tried to calm Armaan " sir, please... We are at the party ,media ke log bhi hai... Bekaar hi scene khada denge sir... We can take this elsewhere..."

" Armaan kya kar rahe ho.. Stop it " Ridhhima held his arm, he composed himself ,but was still burning with anger..

" i'll see you Modi.. Tum bahut pachtaoge us din ko yaad karke jab tumne Armaan Malik ko challenge kiya "

" anytime Malik... I'll be ready " he kept a hand on Niki's shoulder, a muscle twitched in his jaw, a mad desire to punch him right on his face spread over him... Abhimanyu turned and went away with a scared and confused Niki...

He didn't spoke a word throughout the way back, she could see he was very angry ,sometimes looked sad but then again anger returned . She knew it was because what happened today at the party, seeing Niki - his best friend, though he won't admit right now but she knew, with his biggest rival must have infuriated him. Some ties are not so easily broken, though he
said that they are not friends any more yet his concern for her was proof enough that he could not just let her go, his inability to 'save' his friend from his enemy made him frustrated and extremely angry...

" Armaan " he didn't say anything " Armaan yeh tum kahan jaa rahe ho ? " he looked at her

" ghar ,aur kahan ? " confused and irritated

" Armaan tumne mujhe mom ke paas drop karna tha, bhul gaye ? " she said calmly

" oh haan.. Wo.. Main " he looked around to see that they were right outside their home " sorry mere dimag se hi nikal gaya "

She saw that he was really troubled. 'it won't be good to leave him like that ' she thought

" it's okay Armaan, chalo ghar hi chalte hain main mom ko phone kar dungi abhi bahut raat bhi ho gayi hai " he nodded agreeing, As soon as they reached home he rushed back to the room ,she followed

He took off his coat and tie and threw them rather angrily " Armaan tum.." but he raised his hand stopping her from saying anything further

" plz. Ridhhima main abhi koi baat nahi karna chahta... That bloody Modi.. Tum maa ko phone kar do ki tum yahan ho aur so jao.." before she could say anything he went to the other room and shut the door, she knew it would be another troublesome night but she was prepared for it, she took the phone to call Padma that she won't be coming back tonight...

the next day She saw him busy with someone on phone, quietly she kept the glass of milk down and waited for him to finish " yeah I want each and every detail about them.. Every project.. Every deal... Their future deals everything I want them on my table by today " he disconnected the call " i'll
wipe you out Modi..."

' Wipe out Modi ! ' She whispered , if she thought that everything will be normal by morning then she'd just been prooved wrong... He looked like a lion who was rubbed on the wrong side... Whole night she didn't slept a wink waiting for his screams but that didn't happen... coz even he didn't slept a wink...

" Armaan yeh kya kar rahe ho ? Jaane do naa, kyun baat ko itna badha rahe ho ? " she tried to calm him

" baat main nahi badha raha Ridhhima baat usne badhayi hai, aur ab jab baat badh hi chuki hai to i'll teach him a lesson.. how dare he challenge me ! Ab main batata hun usko ki Armaan Malik kaun hai ? Bahut pachtayega wo..."

" Armaan tum bhul rahe ho Niki bhi ab Abhimanyu se judi hai Abhimanyu ko dukh de kar agar tim soch rahe ho ki wo khush rahegi to tum galat ho "

He went quiet for a while " mujhe kuch farak nahi padta, she'd already made a decision. Wo meri Niki nahi rahi ,usne mujhe meri dosti ko dhoka diya... She's a traitor... A Modi " he picked up his coat

" Armaan magar..." but he was already out, she sighed, this were going from bad to worse... She expected some trouble seeing Niki with Abhimanyu Modi but she didn't realise that it would be to such an extent...

 Clearly Armaan was not of the types who could forgive easily... But what now ? He would not only crush Abhimanyu but also Niki in his anger... And she felt that he will be the saddest of all after it's all finished...

" ab main kya karun ? Kaise samjhaun Armaan ko ? " she pondered on her options... " haan, yahi theek rahega... Agar yeh dono apas main apni galatfehmi duur kar lein to sab theek ho jayega " she saw a ray of hope and quickly dialled up a number

" Martin, yes.. can you get me the number of Abhimanyu Modi's residence please.."


pheeww i hope this makes you all happy...Big smile

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maanu Goldie

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for reply.................................

u playing res game so i m also.........

yaar aisa matt karo


heyya mansi.........

i was in no hurry to update my post coz i had it reserved..........

actually its fun to res place and edit at ur leisure........................ i think i shud do this many more times........... what say.........

ok coming to part before u start cursing me..........

the update was surely long and a good one.......... though not the best till date........................ coz i like the parts with lil suspense.... lil fun and loads to different emotions.........

this one was quiet as expected....... except ridzi talking so much abt armaan and hmmmmmmmm missing morning coffeess...........

good to know that abhi and niki are coming to terms with each other....

my fav moment of the update was ridzi getting up in the morning and literaly missing armaan though not confessing........ and the incident betweeen armaan and leo..........

poor armaan missing ridzi like hell........... i dont know what u have in store for next parts........

i dread to know what will happen when vivek comes face to face to armaan and ridzi........

loving the flow of the story......

i know this part was required for the story to move....

but waiting for the lil lil suspenses u create ......... they r simply outstanding......

do continue soon......... and thats an order......... ok..........

thanks for the pm


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oh god guys........tum teeno ne mere edit karne se pehle hi like button daba diya......
mansu........thanks for the lovely part ......
at last........
i m quite satisfied with the lenght but u comprises of at least two parts.........
awwwww.........i totally love ar missing each other scenes......
n leo is smart........indeed very smart.........*hugs*Wink........
ohhhhhhh........u made amy angry.......bad ......very bad......
now i believe vivek might work with abhi........
n moreover abhi will create prob in ar life as if ur wife ........came to my office .........blah blah blah.......
meri behen meri compain kar rhi hai comp par bahut der se bhathi hun.......
bye tc
continue soon........its worthless to say.......but still.......

luv u.................Tongue

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continue soon.. just read all the parts in a go.. wow.. feeling really good.. right now, a lil busy.. will give a detailed comment asap....

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congo! im VERY angry with u!

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Originally posted by KIZ ~ KS ~ KAYA

congo! im VERY angry with u!

hey what happened ?? why r u angry with me ??

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hey u updating now??will wait if u doing so !!

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Originally posted by aarora

hey u updating now??will wait if u doing so !!

yes dear i'll update today but it'll take about an hour or two more...

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