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Good job Koolsadhu !!!

dharthi Newbie

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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 9:47am | IP Logged

Hi koolsadhu

Immensely liked your posts Degrading Woman by PR & The Sindoor scene

I could have written this post in the reply of your post, but writing this separate post to let all the others know who have not read your posts yet .

Immensely thought provoking and the second one is absolutely hillarious!
You know, its just a week that I joined this forum..I used to read the forum posts everyday and always felt strange about 2 things

1) I donno why and how Sulochana becomes wrong and was said so by many forum members..Yes probably she is over possessive of her all sacrificing daughter, and did the very big mistake of not giving the phone to Archu, when Manav called her up from the jail

I think her ways as a Mother have been right....She is no way a dictator or a Hitler in my opinion...Was it soo wrong that she dragged Archu from Manav's house as she hates Archu being with a characterless husband??Definitely not, Ulta....she is sending a message to all the women in our society to never succumb to wrong and unethical pressures in life

2) I donno why some say that Archu should have trusted manav and its her mistake to have walked out on manav...Arey yaar is a date+15 days' of marriage enough for Archu to understand, realise and begin believing that come what may, Manv can never be characterless...

For the kind of proofs Ajit showed against manav, in a real life situation also, there is no way any girl will NOT believe the proofs ....Then why blame Archu yaar

So Koolsadhu, you seconded my opinion on these 2 things.your posts are sort of like lashing out at issues you strongly felt

I have had my own share of Lashing out at a Certain Miss Kapoor today.. I feel truly satisfied after writing that post.... It did take a long time for me to compile that , but bhadaas nikalni toh thi hi...ha ha

From your post

But she stood transfixed like a wet chicken and it was Manav who closed his eyes as trumpets blew

Kaka........stunned with his mouth open . [ The poor decent bachelor was clearly confused .]

Girish .......well , he frankly looked as if he had eaten far too many meduvadas and did not know exactly which expression to register .

Either way we will get two women fasting for Raja Ram . funny can you get ... We have to include your name in Zee Rishte awards to give you for the best post awardWink

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 11:13am | IP Logged

My dear , many many thanks for appreciating my posts so much .

It is really an honour that someone felt this strongly about my posts to make a seperate post instead of replying to me so that others cud be aware of these posts too . I am indeed touched . I wouldn't be human if I wasn't .

I feel very strongly about abuse against women and all the crimes that Archana has been accused of are rubbish . She has committed no crime and is answerable to none is the blunt truth . She is the real victim in this serial , all the others playing victims r actually the guilty ones . Savita , Manav , Shravani and yes even a very much pregnant Manju who will now play victim by flaunting her pregnancy .

Sulochana never was a villain . I am ready to stand alone in this forum about my opinion about Sulochana upto this point . No one will agree with me about Sulochna although they agree on other points , but I feel very strongly about her too . She is a girl's mother ........and has every right to be concerned about the safety of her daughter . She also has every right to ask questions and being concerned does not mean interfering in a daughters life .

What Rasika does is interfering , Sulochna had NOT INTERFERED in the 15 day marraige of Manav and Archu , she had just let them be .

I feel Sulochna is as much a victim as Archu as ultimately it boils down to her bearing the pain of seeing her daughter constantly abused and humiliated .

Girish who questions and hauls Manav and Savita over the coals is hailed by both of them while Sulochna who stands mutely saying BUT ....BUt ...while savita lashes out at her is accused of being a villain . Can't swallow this or even stomach this .

This show broke ground by showing a mother did not turn away her daughter when her husband was publicly accused of being characterless but took her to her home and gave her support by deciding to educate her and rectify her earlier mistake . I applauded Pr for this refreshing mom instead of mothers who stoneheartedly told their daughters ab tumhari arthi sasuraal se hi jayegi beti .

Then this show regressed by showing the hero putting sindoor in another womans maang to ' protect ' her from society inspite of being undivorced , in front of his own wife . I felt like throwing tomatoes at the TV screen but since i cudnt i wrote about what i felt .

Even about Sulochna not giving the phone thing ........she really never did it deliberately . Manav was not clear enough ......he merely said he was in difficulty , not that he was in jail. Inspite of the divorce going on , the lady who had not been rude to Sachin Vandu when they came to invite Archna for the engagement , that same lady was not so callous as to not give Archu the phone had sheknown that it was from jail that Manav had spoken .

In expecting Archu to pay for daring to distrust her husband of 15 days by seeing him lost to another woman and showing it to cater to the so called Indian mentality , serial makers disrespect women .

In constantly showing that Sulochna is a bad mom for 'interfering ' in her daughter's marital life , again a woman is highly disrespected . Why shudnt a girl's mother have a right to be concerned about how her daughter will survive in an abusive household ? The boy's mom interferes in every damned thing right from the physical consummation of the couple to the amount of rotis the bahu shud eat or prepare , and the Girl's mom is a villain for insisting that if ever you are abused there , come straight and live with me ?

Girish says MUjhe haq hai about asking regarding Shravni ........and all stand chupchaap . But all abuse Sulochna for going there to see how her daughter is doing , even Manav taunts her indirectly .

The only way Manav can be ever exonerated for the sindoor gaffe is if he ever shows manliness enough to personally put SAvita in prison . Which he wont of course . As he himself will go in for committing bigamy .

Anyways these r my views and they stand . Thanks for your appreciation .

PS :That day Vishwap made a post appreciating some excellent writing you posted this . Whatever the serial may be , this forum rocks ! There is almost no bickering here , great appreciation from readers , and arguments r done in a very healthy way . I and nikita argued so much about Manav but we both enjoyed it immensely . I say that PR forum Rocks !

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-ALI- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 October 2009
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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Kool, i too like ur potsts. I too agree that Sulochana is not a bad woman. She i good woman definitely, she thinks of her family and tries to do gud things, but becoz of her possessive nature, she ends up doing some wrong things. I said she is selfish, but in sense, she s selfish for her family, not her. She thinks that she is always right and manohar gets overshadowed by her.
Sulo is definitely a good woman, but unknowingly becoz of her possessive nature, he ends up doing some wrong things.
vishwap Senior Member

Joined: 27 October 2009
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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 11:39am | IP Logged
The big difference between Sulochana and Savita ( apart from Savita's foul-mouthed behaviour) is more fundamental.
Sulochana acts in the way she does  to protect her daughter; not to harm someone.She does not draw any sadistic pleasure if her actions hurt someone else.
Savita , on the other hand acts purely with an intention of hurting and hurting badly to gain something for herself. She gets immense pleasure and satisfaction if her actions make other people (people she dislikes) miserable.
This is the big difference !!!

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carpe-diem IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 October 2009
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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 11:46am | IP Logged
^^^all, thanks for this post. i totally agree with you
sulochana is definitely not the bag guy. i am happy to see a mother taking care of her daughter. in society we see that women perpetuate the suffering of other women but here the mother is standing up for the girl and sending her to school and try to make her strong. as far as interfering goes hell i wish all moms esp. in India were this interfering so that women can be stronger and are no subjected to such treatment.   women having the support of other women is so vital for growth and betterment of society

and as a mother of archu i hope she rips manju apart starting from now, this is the only think i don't like about her she lets manju run wild

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-ALI- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 October 2009
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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 11:48am | IP Logged
Agrre vishwap. I have never ever compared SAvita to Sulochana.
Kool, if u read my posts completely, i was angry with sulo only becoz she keeps quiet in front of manju.
Like when she come to know manav destroyed archus life, she was fierce, but after knowing it was Ajit, she kept quiet.
Sulo is no doubt a nice woman, its just she ends up on wrong side sometimes.
koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 July 2007
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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
I totally agree with vishwap .

Ali .......Sulochana is not selfish . That adjective does not apply to her . She has not taught her daughter to ask alimony and take half of Manav's earnings . She has not taught or pushed Vinod to just lift Punni and bring her home and leave Manju behind at Rasika's house as a punishment [ a well deserved one for Manju] inspite of her personal love for her only grandchild . She had not grabbed Satish's proposal the moment it was offered to her when divorce was going on but had said that Archu is NOT READY FOR MARRAIGE YET .

What you call possesiveness is merely concern about the weakest child..........Archu . Among all her 4 children Archu is the weakest who is not educated , is not earning and independent and is meek and submissive by nature . A mother is always most concerned about her weakest child and that goes for Sulochna too .

Manohar is the quiet type ..........but Sulochna does NOT disrespect him , infact their relationship is one of quiet understanding and respect . Savita on the other hand overshadows Damodar and disrespects him to the extent that even Manav overrides him each time .

I genuinely feel that the character of Sulochna is grossly misunderstood by viewers simply coz they want ARMAN together .

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 July 2007
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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Ok about Sulochna favouring Manju over Manav .

Sulochna does not love Manju ........she loves Punni . Unfortunately in that marraige a child is involved so decisions cannot be taken just like that as a childs life can be destroyed .
Damodar saved Manju's butt from going to jail for precisely same reason . Punni and the unborn child . He was from opposite side who badly wants to see Manju in jail yet he saved her for childs sake .

The moment a child came in picture the Deshmukhs made it their priority and urged Manav to kick Archu out and marry Shravni ASAP . And Manav too kicked his love life and made the child his priority .

So u see , Sulochna was only protecting Punni from having to face a broken marraige by turning her face the other way and ignoring hundreds of Manjus faults as no child deserves a broken home .

Today her worst fears have been realised . Manju has taken Punni and left the house and Punni is indeed facing a broken marraige child crisis .

Her insistence on Archu breaking the marraige ASAP with Manav to avoid abuse from Savita is coz child has not yet come into picture . If Archu gets pregnant breaking marraige wont be that easy . So as a mother she wishes and hopes that her daughter gets out of that abusive marraige before a pregnancy takes place as things get complicated after pregnancy . Is that so wrong ? I think not .

Her 'love ' for Manju is not "love ' as such at all , neither is it favouring Manju over Manav is sheer helplessness bas . So guys quit comparing Manju Manav scenario .

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