Chhoti Bahu.. Sindoor Bin Suhaagan


Chhoti Bahu.. Sindoor Bin Suhaagan
Chhoti Bahu.. Sindoor Bin Suhaagan

Romantic scene between Radhika and Dev

misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 8:32am | IP Logged
A suhaag raat scene between Radhika and Dev

Radhika is standing in the lake with water up to her waist, her hands folded and eyes closed. Dev is standing next to her and is staring at the vision in front of him. Radhikas body draped in a wet yellow sari that is clinging to her curves and moulding them in such a way that it was getting difficult for him to differentiate where her skin ends and where the sari starts. Hers eyes were closed and her face was framed by few wet locks of her waist long hair that was tumbling down her back to her waist. Dev who has been thirsty for this scene was drinking in this vision with his eyes. He wanted to reach out his hands and gently trail his finger down her wet arms but did not want to disturb her. Suddenly feeling Devs eyes on her, Radhika slowly opened her eyes and looked at Dev and saw him gazing at her. Both could not remove their eyes from each other and kept on looking......suddenly  Radhika felt the cool breeze on her body and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

What's the matter Radhika? Are you feeling cold? said Dev with a hint of smile in his eyes and on his face. Radhika realised what Dev was talking about and started blushing. Dev slowly raised his hands and trailed his middle finger down her face, over her lips, down her chin and throat and stopped at the collar bone. While he was doing this he kept on watching her face to see the change in her expression. Radhika did not know what had hit her. She was standing as if she had been struck by lightning and her arms were covered with gooseflesh. Dev continued trailing his finger across her shoulder and down her arms. Slowly Dev pulls Radhika towards him and she willingly goes into his arms. Dev could feel her soft pliant body under his arms and could feel her heart throbbing. He could also feel his own heart beating in tandem and he wraps his arms around Radhika and brings her as close as possible to his body. His hands were rubbing her back in a circular motion. For both of them it felt as if time has come to a standstill, under the star covered sky. Radhika slowly raises her arms and wraps them around Devs back and both stood twined around each other in the lake. They looked like two figures completely meshed with each other and it was difficult to separate where Radhika ends and where Dev starts.

Dev suddenly realises that both are standing in the lake and he blows air gently into Radhikas ear. Without telling her anything and still looking her eyes he slightly bends his knees and picks her up in his arms and carries her out of the lake to a secluded spot. Radhika slowly comes down to earth and looks around her. Dev smiles at her and gives her a towel......."Radhika you better dry yourself, otherwise you will catch a cold"......saying that he also picks up a towel and goes away to dry himself ........Radhika continues looking around her and then calls him " But where are my clothes?"........Dev with a twinkle in his eyes......"If you look under that tree there is bag with your clothes in can wear whatever is there inside the bag" and he stands there waiting to see Radhikas expression. Radhika walks up to the spot pointed out by Dev and opens the bag and stares at its content. She does not know what to say and looks at Dev whose face breaks out into a mischevious grin.........."Radhika........Is anything the matter?" Radhika slowly brings out the stuff in the is a beautiful white coloured nighty made of the softest silk. There were two very thin straps to hold it up at the shoulder and the entire body was covered with tiny pearls. Radhika looked at the nighty and then again back at Dev " I cannot wear this and go back to Delhi!!!! What will everybody say?" Hearing this Dev burts into laughter and says "Radhika........who says we are going back to Delhi now?"........he puts one finger on Radhikas lips "Shhhhhh........listen to me first. I have told Dadima and she is happy with my decision regarding returning home tomorrow. For tonight we are going to spend here".........Radhika gives a shocked look "Dadima knows about all this? How can I ever look into her eyes?".......Dev continues laughing and says........."Dadima will not tell you anything.......well she might tease you, but that's it" Radhika glares at Dev and turns around to change. Dev continues laughing to himself and also goes away to change out of his wet clothes.

After 10 minutes Dev wearing his white kurta pajama comes out and starts looking around for Radhika and calls her name. Radhika is hiding behind a tree and she cannot decide whether to continue hiding there or to come out and stand in front of Dev........." I don't know why he has brought this thing for me to wear.......I have never worn anything like this in my life"....... saying that she keeps on pulling the nighty down to cover her legs, but as soon a she does that then the upper part of the nighty starts slipping off from her shoulder. ....." What strange piece of clothing is this? It neither covers my legs nor my shoulders. How am I going to wear this and got out in front of him?" Listening to Devs impatient voice, she manages to muster courage and steps out from her hiding place in front of Dev. The spot that Radhika was standing in was getting light from the moons beam and when it fell on her body.........Dev was left complete speechless. The soft silk of the nighty was clinging to her body and her dark luscious hair was spilling down her back........For Dev all his dreams have become a reality now. Radhika was still trying her best to pull her nighty down to cover her knees, with one hand trying to keep the nighty in place at her shoulder. Dev was just standing there drinking in the scene with a smile on his face and looking at his Radhika. Slowly he walks up to her and removes her hand from the nighty and stares with an intense look staring from her feet, up her legs, waist, chest, face and finally gets lost in her eyes. He holds her hand and says "Come Radhika........lets go"........Radhika gives a start "Where are you taking me."..........Dev just smiles and says "that's a surprise"........slowly he leads her out of the clearing to a place by the side of the lake.

Radhika just stands mesmerized by the scene in front of her. The entire area has been covered with flower petals and the shore line was lined by rows of candles and diya....... the fickering flames of the diya was being reflected in the water and  it looked as if fireflies were floating on the surface of water. Radhika was completely speechless and she looked at Dev "You want to know how I managed to arrange for all this?" Dev said with a smile on his face........."It's simple..........I asked Birju to do all this".........He came and decorated the shore for us........Radhika continues to just look "But why did you do all this?"......Dev gives her a look and says "Radhika, do you remember that night in Vrindavan, when I had decorated the ghat and you finally said yes to finally gave me  something that I have been waiting for a long time. Since that night was the beginning of our promise to each other, this night will be to us for fulfilling that promise and also the beginning of our life together, I wanted to do something similar".......saying this Dev slowly turns Radhika around and tells her " I am going to tell you a secret".......Radhika looks at him with a confused expression...."To our family members we got married in the hospital, but to me that was a wedding that we did for the society, we actually got married before and the first ceremony is the actual marriage to me "......hearing this Radhika is completely shocked and she removes her hand from Devs grasp........"Radhika.......why are you so worried.........I meant the marriage that happened on the top of the temple.......both of us went around the fire with only God as a witness and we pledged our life to each other........since we got married in front of nature as a witness, that's why I also thought that we should also start our married life with only nature with us.......and no one else".......Radhika slowly brings her eyes down and talks to herself "How do I tell you that our first marriage was also in front on do I tell you that you were snatched from me? That I was helpless in stopping my own sister going with you? That the number of deaths I have died inside each and every day when I had to see her with you taking what is rightly mine? How do I tell you that I lived in your house only because I wanted to look after you as your wife? That every time I used to push you towards her my heart used to be torn in shreds.......That I was so tired of hiding and putting on this mask and lying to people, that sometimes I felt to just stop caring about anything. I was quite close to that in the ashram but again you came there and pulled me back......I am so tired......of these lies.....but if I open my mouth, mother told me that your family will forsake me.......I don't know what to do......and now I am also hiding the fact that I went to help Vishaka and did not tell you about it.......I just want you to hold me so that I can cry"........slowly a drop of tear fell from Radhikas eyes......Dev caught hold of the tear on his finger tip and looked at Radhika " Whats this Radhika, you are again crying".......Radhika looks at Dev and says "Before we start our journey together, I will like to tell you something"........Dev looks at her serious expression and smiles at her and says "What about Vishaka?"......Radhika is completely surprised and she looks at Dev "Radhika I knew that you went to the hotel to help Vishaka......the hotel manager called me up and wanted to ask me about the deposit. I told him to call at some other time and talk to you........I kept quiet because I wanted you to come and tell me about it.".......Radhika is still looking at Dev "But Birju Bhaiya".......Dev continues smiling "Radhika, Birju does not know anything about you he also thinks that I do not know. I did not tell him because I know that Birju will always protect you and I wanted you to have a friend in the house......because I cannot be with you all the time, so when I am out of the house on some work, you will have Birju to help you"......listening to all this Radhika just falls to the floor and starts crying as if she cannot keep the tears inside her anymore.......the dam that she had carefully erected had finally burst.

Dev pulls Radhika to himself and sits on the ground with her on his lap and he just holds her while she cries her heart out......slowly Radhikas tears stop flowing and she clings on to Dev for her dear life and does not want to let him go......Dev pushes the hair from her face and kisses her forehead, her eyes and kisses away her tears........Radhika opens her eyes and for the first time Dev sees a hint of smile in her eyes........"Radhika.......always be like this.........I mean have a smile in your eyes"......Radhika does not know what to say and keeps on looking at this man who is finally hers and vows to herself that whatever happens she is never going to let him go. Slowly Dev brings her face forward and drops feather light kisses on her lips........before kissing her deeply with his hand by the side of her cheek ...........he then trails his mouth down her throat until he reaches the collar bone and then continues the kisses down the of her straps fall of the shoulder ............and they slowly enter their dream world.        

Sorry it became a bit too long.........hope you all had the patience to reach the end.


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Banibond Goldie

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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Wow misti...that's all I can say...I'm speechless. I hope creatives read this and plan Radev's SR something like this. I think its nice Radev will finally get a brake from everything in Malaysia but I always wanted their SR to be special when it was just two them without any pressure and expectations. Its kind of awkward when the whole family sits and talks about it and knows what will be going on in Malaysia. its a bit weird. So I hope when the SR happens it'll be so unexpected and natural. I'm not top worried about it right now but when it does happen I hope its as beautiful as u described it.

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Tazzi Goldie

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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Thanks.  You're wonderful writer.  Only good writers can bring scenes alive.  Creators should listen to you and read this post. Maybe they can get more ideas for Radev moments.

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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 9:07am | IP Logged
that was awesome!!!

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XxTiaraCullenxX Goldie

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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 9:17am | IP Logged
Thanx...that was great

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Beautiful writing.  You leave M&B behind.  I also hope that it happens somewhere secluded (close to some nature resort).  I am ok if it doesn't happen in Malaysia, but would like it to be special and uninterrupted.  Maybe, they can show Radhika and Dev travelling somewhere and again the car breaks down or something.  they have time to talk about their misunderstandings and finally they have a beautiful night together. 
At least today they showed Dev fulfilling two of his fantasies - putting bangles and payal on Radhika.  So, Vishaka should not be a part of their SR.  In any case, SR in PB is a bit of downer with everyone expecting them to do it.  I was hoping it would be Malaysia, but it seems that it will be in India somewhere.  

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KSheila Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 9:23am | IP Logged
misti73, OMG what a scene between our favorite RaDev, it is hot, romantic, tender and meaningful, hope the creatives use your script then we all can enjoy watching Radh in a tiny white silk lingerie......
thanks, enjoyed every little detail.

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sun_singh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Wow, misti u r truly something else. This was awesome, my god if we have a scene like this with radev i dont know what will happen to me. Smile Thanks for this brilliant scene.

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