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Posted: 02 February 2010 at 8:55pm | IP Logged
Hello everyone,

This is erum here and am gonna continue my ff which i left incomplete last year. I already have thechapter one ready LOL so will post that here Big smile..and update the second asap....


ek pal ki zindagi dedi
 ek din ki duniya
mohabbat mein hai sirf barbadiya
 is aag ne jalaye kayi
 paagal diwane banaye kayi
 phir bhi yeh pyar ke silsile na ruke
 mar gaye mit gaye pal kabhi na jhuke
kaise kahen hume kitani mohabbat hai..

closed eyes with tears...of a girl.. (Arohi)

another pari of closed eyes of a guy (Arjun)


Back to present:

a third pair of closed eyes disturbed (Karan)

Karan Singh please come on stage to recieve your award, karan singh ..Mr. Karan Singh..

Karan (closed eyes looked disturbed)
He gets up and goes on stage, he is been presented the award of the best music for the year of 2009. His album named Kitani Mohabbat hai was a huge hit for the year of 2009. He gets teary when he holds the award in his hand, he closes his eyes  for few seconds and imagines a girl in white dress smiling at him .he opens his eyes..tears rolling down from his eyes...the audience reuest him to sing few lines from his album he is recieving the award for..he hesitates..but smiles..takes the mic.. and sings

Tumko chu ke bhi chune ko karta hai dil
Paake bhi paane ko karta hai dil
Awargi chane lagi
Sasoon mein khusboo samane lagi
Kaise Kahen Hume Kitani Mohabbat Hai..

The audience applauds and he leaves the stage..with the girl's words ringing in his ears..Mujhe kamyab bana hain, mujhe is duniya ka best singer bana hai...the voice fades away..

Later that night ..

Karan is sitting on his chair thinking hard...sighs..

his phone rings...he answers it and its from his manager..informing him that he has to attend the MTV music Party tomorrow..

Karan: Haan Mr. Mehra ..

Mr. Mehra: Karan mujhe tumhe batana tha ki tumhe kal MTV ki party attend karni hain

Karan: Mr. Mehra aapko pata hain na mujhe koi party attend nahi karni..

Mr. Mehra: Mein jaanta hoon lekin aapko yeh party attend karni hogi..bahot important hai...yeh party Mr. Punj ne organize ki hain aur chate hain ki tum zaroor attend karo..agar app nahi gaye toh..

Karan: Haan Mr. Mehra jaanta hoon..mera nahin jaana kafi problem create kar sakta hai..thik hain mein kal ki party zaroor attend karonga..

hangs up

Karan leans on the chair and looks at the ceiling.. and thinks..yeh kya tumne Arohi..kyun mujme tum isqadar ho ki mere har saas mein tumhara ehsaas hai..Karan Singh pehle toh aisa nahin tha..use kisi ka kauf nahi tha toh phir aaj kyun zindagi mein uses kauf mehsoos ho raha hai..dard mehsoos ho raha hai..tears roll down from his eyes...

In the Morning:

NDTV Imagine 's office:

Boss:  What is all this nonsense..huh Ms. Nisha I expected a lot from you..

Nisha: Sorry Sir

Boss: Sorry..why do u say sorry..

Nisha: One chance sir one chance i will prove you that I am capable..

Boss: How many one chances did we have..

Nisha: I understand can i gave a poor girl a chance to live, a chance to save her family her old father..but I understand have to do your job so what if I am not able to save my father and gather money for his what if my sister has to give up I wont be able to pay her what..(cries)

Boss (is disturbed): Dekho...thik last chance..agar mujhe Karan Singh pe report nahi mili toh tumhari naukri gayi..

Nisha: Thankyou sir Thankyou so much..aap nahin jaanta aap ne mujhe jine ka ek mauka diya hain..thankyou so much..karan singh kya sir..mein aap ko ...(realizes)..Ka..ka..karan singh!..woh music director..she looks at her boss who seems to read a file..sighs and leaves the office..

Parth (Nisha's colleague): Hey Nisha..kya hua..aaj phir boss ne sunaya kya..

Nisha is in her thoughts..

Parth: Nisha..nisha..

Nisha: huh..

Parth: kya hua yaar (concerned)

Nisha: mujhe karan singh ka interview chahiye..mujhe uspe report karna hain..

Parth: Acha Karan Singh...what ek min..KARAN SINGH..woh music can never get hold of him..there was a time whn he used to look for reporters...but these days..he doesnt wanna see any one..not a soul can get hold of him..

Nisha (disappointed): ab mein kya karoon..agar mujhe apni job bachani hain toh mujhe uska interview zaroor lena hoga..aur aaj raat ki MTV party mein bhi toh jaana hain pe bhi toh report karna hai..hold on..MTV party..matlab Karan Singh zaroor hoga..God please..hey parth..can u confirm ki Karan Singh is attending tonight's MTV party or no..

Parth:  Are you by chance way they wont..(looks at Nisha who has a pleading face).okay..he checks the list of the guests attending the party..Yes..he is ..

Nisha: Good then..I have to prepare myself now..what in the world am i going to ask him..omg..omg..i have to research all about him..any latest news/rumours about him..everything..God please help..

At the Party:

Nisha and Parth arrive with the rest of the crew of NDTV Imagine..the main reporters are at the entrance waiting for the celebs whereas Nisha and Parth are inside..

Parth: Are you sure that he will talk..

Nisha: Whether he likes it or not..I have to make him talk..

Parth: What have you decided to ask him..well we'll see how it goes..if we dont get a chance to get hold of him alone ..thn just ask the main questions..

Nisha: I know..but please God have him come to the party..please.

Karan enters the party..

Nisha jumps with excitement and feels nervous at the same time..

Karan is busy greeting other celebs, he then goes to the bar and sits..nisha grabs this oppurtunity ..and introduces herself to Karan..

Nisha: Hello..

Karan: looks at her blank

Nisha: I am nisha from NDTV Imagine..I was wondering if I could have a chat with you...

Karan: So you want my interview..

Nisha: Nahin..i mean haan..agar aap..i mean ki if you have i mean..

Karan: hands his card to her  and tells her to meet him tomorrow morning..and leaves..

Nisha: looks speechless and takes his card from him..

Parth: Bravo girl..u did you can have an official interview..with the one and only Karan Singh..

Nisha smiles though looks confused..

The next morning

Nisha made an appointment with Karan Singh's manager  to meet him at his house..she rushes to his house and reaches half an hour early..she sits in the car for 20 mins ..mustering courage and going through the questions that she has to ask him and rehears how will she act..she looks in the mirror and smiles and thinks no this wont do..thn smiles again and nods and goes inside..

Mr. Mehra is already there and asks her to have a seat while Karan Singh will be there..

Karan enters the room, Nisha stands up and greets him

Karan: Welcome..

Nisha: Thankyou so much for your time sir, I highly appreciate it.

Karan: My pleasure

Nisha: It wont take long sir, just a few questions..she begins

1. How do you feel of the success you have achieved so far, what do you think led you to it?

Karan: I am highly grateful to the audience who have appreaciated my work and helped me in achieving  to what I have today, the most important thing needed is people's love and support, without which one can never succeed in this industry..

Nisha continues to ask him several other questions..and he answers them all..but one..

Have you ever believed in love or do you have someone who has a special place in your heart..

Karan: I dont believe in love, never did or will do ....

Nisha thanks him for the time and leaves...

Karan:  (to himself)..even if i want to i cannot deny the feeling of  love. ..becoz..of what happened two years ago.. two years ago i witnessed love and experienced it..
he further says that pyar the word reminds him of two names in this world Arjun and Arohi...he never believed in love until he met Arohi and never agreed to true love until he met Arjun..he looks on the other side..and sees that Nisha was standing there.. he becomes cautious..

Nisha: Arjun and Arohi mean the singer Arohi sharma who disappeared..your singer..omg..

Karan:  Enough..Forget everything you heard and leave (angry)

Nisha: I will include it in my report ..if

Karan: unbelievable.. if what

Nisha: If you tell me what them..I wont tell a word to anyone..

Karan: Give me one reason to tell you about them...and  wait a min why am i even bothering..

Nisha: I am her fan..I love her singing and would love to know what happened in her life.

Karan:  nods his head ( what if she really writes something about Arohi, it will def get to the ears of her family and also Arjun's and what if Arjun comes to know about it..). (thinks Its better to tell her a lie thn create a commotion through media )

He agrees to tell her about Arjun and Arohi...she sits down and he begins..[/NOCOPY]



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Posted: 03 February 2010 at 1:02am | IP Logged

Karan: It was three years ago that I went  (looks at Nisha) I went to  Shimla to celebrate New Year. It was a day before New Year's eve  when I went to purchase gifts for my close ones,  that I encountered Arohi  for the first time. It was brief, we exchanged greetings and I left. Then I was not aware that an ordinary girl like her would play such an important role in my life. The second time you can say it was coincidence that we both had only one space left in the parking lot and Arohi  threw a fit on me without knowing it was me. I got out of the car to find out it was her, there was  a brief bickering and she won. For sure I was amazed at girl throwing a fit at me but I had to be somewhere that night, so I guess I did not pay  much attention to it .

Knock on door''.

Nisha : startled

Karan: Come in..

Mr. Mehra: Sir its time for your next appointment of the day, the Music Director is here  should I ask him to wait..

Karan: I see I will be there with him momentarily.

Karan looks at Nisha
Karan:  you may leave for now, we shall continue some other day..

Nisha: Sir just '

Karan: Ask Mr. Mehra to fix an appointment for you for later.

Nisha : I guess I will take my leave. Thankyou for your time

She leaves and Karan joins the music director

Music Director  (Shankar ) : Mr. Singh how was your day so far

Karan: Its been okay I believe ..shall we?

They go on to Karan's music studio, to discuss about opening a new album/songs.

Nisha outside hand on heart : OhOohOH! What was I thinking publish the story of singer Arohi! Totally out of mind ..unblieveable!!!..
She quickly starts her car and races off to the work place..

At work place

Parth notices that Nisha is back he smiles at her but Nisha just ignores him and goes to her work station.

Parth : Hey, kya hua why are you so upset? Did you get the interview?  Well good news for you! Boss is off for two to abroad for Award Function Ceremony, you have plenty off'.

Nisha:  I got it! Karan Singh'I  got hold of him

Parth astounded:  That's I mean that is just great!!!!! Your job is saved O God I don't I mean Karan Singh the KARAN SINGH..

Nisha : Yeah! I need to go home. Let me shoot an email to Boss about Karan Singh, then I can work on it at home..

Parth:  Yes go ahead I will see you in the evening then, you coming to the pub right?

Nisha: yaar aaj nahi, I still have to work on preparing the article '
She leaves the office early, Parth realizes this and thinks that since she got one of the big shots, she can rest assure for the rest of her life !

Nisha thinks how in the world is she going to tell Parth, should she tell him now but she promised Karan Singh that she wont say a word to anyone and its not that he was willing to share information it was just..I don't know :S
She is on her way home stuff in traffic, when the Arohi's song plays :

Tumko chu ke bhi chune ko karta hai dil
Paake bhi pane ko karta hai dil
Awargi chane lagi sason mein khusboo samane lagi'..

Nisha thinks who would have thought that there would some kind of mystery behind singers!.. We make news  with ink and paper and no one thinks what is beyond that ink.
She reaches home and starts working on making a rough draft of the interview at least. She listens to the interview tape again and is lost in thoughts of Arjun-Arohi 'Karan.

Karan's Place:

Karan too is lost in thoughts as to why he shared the story with a reporter, he must be out of his minds'and then recollects all that he said and thinks that he never said that the first time they both had their eyes on the same watch when  a third person made the purchase and they exchanged greeting and smiled. Second time, she drove in quickly  almost hitting Karan's car.  

Karan: Oye!! What the'(gets out of  his car) knocks on Arohi's car
window..she pulls down her window ..You?

Arohi: (whispers) You..and then says Did you need anything?

Karan: I 'you parked here

Arohi: I sure did, why is this reserved in your name and I parked

Karan: No but..

Karan's cell phone rings

Karan (on phone): Yes Mr. Mehra..yes m on my way what is it?

Arohi gets out of the car meanwhile ..and leaves

Karan tries to stop her but in vain'

Back to present:

Karan thinking:  Only if I had known that I would end up alone feeling miserable I wouldn't have let you enter in my heart. Since first meet, you seemed to stand out in crowd and when I heard you sing, you stirred my heart with your voice Arohi why did we end up this way? (disturbed and then looks firm). The story which was hidden somewhere in his heart for three years now is pouring out and making him feel sad .

 He decides that he cannot take this anymore and he is not going to say anything to anyone. Whatever he has said so far he will ask Mr. Mehra to deal with it. There is no way he could be threatened by a reporter to bring him down through media.
Nisha is almost done with her rough draft, stretches herself  and thinks that even though Karan Singh shared with her, there is no such guarantee that he would tell her everything and might even not see her again.

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Karan asks Mr. Mehra to take of Nisha as he does not want to see her again and make sure that the girl does not reveal anything but the interview I gave her.

At the office, Nisha and Parth are given another assignment to Delhi. Nisha is upset that she wont be able to meet Karan Singh till the assignment is over as she cannot tell anyone about it.

She tries to call Mr. Mehra to reschecule her appointment but Mr. Mehra makes it clear to her that Karan Singh wont be meeting with
her in future.He further threatens her to keep quiet about anything Karan Singh said apart from the interview, if it comes to my notice that you brought it up anywhere you will be very sorry for it, he hangs up.

Nisha is disheartened Ouch.


Evening in a Pub

Nisha  chooses to drink and Parth goes along with her. Nisha is drinking more than usual and Parth asks her to stop it.

Nisha: One more please

Parth: What no more serving the lady please...

Nisha: huh? What do you know? ha..for a moment I thought life is different but no..phrrrrrr

Parth: Come on lets go have had enough..remember we have to work!

Nisha: Work yeah!..if it had not been for the work..I would have *dishum* dishum..

Parth grabs her and takes her to the hotel in a taxi. On their
way back to the hotel Nisha faints on Parth's shoulder. Parth puts his arm behind her and pulls her hair back and thinks

Parth: What has happened to you? Why are you being such..never mind you owe me an explanation about today for bringing you back ...*stern smile*

Parth lays Nisha on the bed, takes off her shoes and adjust her pilow when Nisha grabs his arm and he sits beside her, looks at her and says

Parth: Cute lag rahi hai..itni kabhi zindagi mein nahi pi hogi madam ne..

Nisha: hmm..

Parth  stirs up and tries to let go his hand off from hers but couldnt, he realizes the warmth he was feeling in his hand and sleeps off the bed..

The next morning:

Parth wakes up, Nisha is still sleeping. He recalls how he felt last night, gets confused and leaves her room. After a while Nisha wakes up

Nisha: Ouch head hurts..why does? Oh..I guess I had too many
drinks last night..Parth brought me here..O God..I have to thank him for sure. What was I thinking?

Nisha gets dressed up and waits for Parth in the cafeteria.

Parth in getting dressed up in his room  and thinking about feeling weird in facing Nisha..

Parth: Why in the world should I feel weird? She was the one who was drunk not me..Yes and I am only feeling weird becoz I never saw her drink so much before..May be she aint that simple.. brrrr

He goes to the reception desk to hand his room keys where the lady informs him that Nisha is waiting for him in the cafeteria. Parth goes to the cafeteria and finds Nisha.

Parth: Hey..toh tum yahan ho

Nisha: Parth..thanx for last night

Parth: No you tell me! What happened is everything alright? Yaar I have never seen you react this way since I have known you!?!

Nisha: Nahi toh, bas yunhi

Parth: Yunhi tumhe man kiya aur tum ki gatagat. Kahi aisa toh nahi ki tum mujhse kuch chupa rahi ho?

Nisha: No Yaar, it nothing! come one lets go we are getting late for our report.

She starts leaving..Parth behind her

Parth: Seriously tell me..Did
you get dumped or something..*smirk*

Nisha: NO..too bad its nothing like that and no more of last night..a new day a new begining

Parth: You are right. I should think the same as well New Day New Begining.

Their assignment is to get report on the latest happenings in the Super Model Asrina's life.Whether her affair rumor is just a rumor or no.

Parth: Uff..these celebs do keep us on our toes, if they have an affair or something, we have to keep an eye on them. Normally this would be considered as a love triangle hena?

Nisha( stern smile): Parth stop joking and think how are we gonna get the news from her, have you talked to her agent and has he agreed to give us an appointment with her.

Parth: I did. He said he will call today far as you can see -No calls.

Nisha: Now what are we going to do?

Parth: What? We can not just barge in her house for an interview can we? ha. Lets see Dehli around for a bit till we get a call, other than that what can we do?

Nisha: Why do we have to come here all of a sudden when we did not even get a proper appointment day.

Parth: Well what can i say, these were orders, you heard it yourself. Whats wrong in having a look at Dehli, it will be refreshing for you as well.

Nisha: Thanx for reminding how I behaved yesterday. Alright lets go.


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Nisha and Parth are enjoying themselves in delhi, shopping treating themselves and Parth cannot help noticing Nisha beside him, he blushes. It had been two hours them roaming in delhi.

Nisha (smiling): Its been two hours and I totally am having a good time

Parth's cell rings, its the agent

Parth: Hello, yes this is Parth from NDTV imagine, yes wait what

Agent: Yes Sir, your appointment has been fixed with Asrina, its tom morning 9 am. She will meet you at her house.

Parth: At her house, tom right? 9 am did you say

Agent: Yes sir

Parth: Ok. Thank You

Nisha: So is it Tom morning then?

Parth: Yeah, you just got lucky that you have a handsome guy showing you delhi around.

Nisha: Wait, What so you are saying that I should consider myself lucky that I have got you which totally does not match the description of handsome guy

Parth: Xcuse me! Is it true? You dont consider me handsome (a bit disappointed)

Nisha: Ok Baba now dont get all senti senti. You are a handsome guy! Alright now lets decide what we are going to do for the rest of the day

Parth: I have an idea only if you agree it could be a day we had never before in  our lives.

Nisha: What is it? Really never before, wait you are not going to have something stupid than I dont wanna do it!

Parth: I will show you around, lets consider this a date.

Nisha: WHAT! a date! Ha. Why are you so eager to take me on a date

Parth: Its not like that, ok I was just trying to make sure you go on a date, who knows whether you have been taken or not will be or not in future.You are my friend so I thought I can do this bit for you.

Nisha: Haww! that was the meanest thing ever said to me.On a second thought I will go on a date with you since you do not like the idea itself, its gonna turn a torture for you. haha

Parth(smiles to himself): I dont why I will like the torture today

Nisha: Did you say something?

Parth: umm..No I didnot!

Nisha: Now shall we start you are taking me on a date so I will pretend to be your girlfriend for today, lets see how you treat your rest of girlfriends

Parth: Are you saying that I do not know how to treat girls. I will show you today how good a boy friend I can be..huh

Nisha: hehe..lets go

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How come there are no comments, there are so many views. If you are reading this fanfic please do comments and post suggestions.
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