Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam


Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam
Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

Abeer : 'Monkey'ing Around!! hahaha!!

Eksie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 February 2010 at 3:59pm | IP Logged
  • Sorry guys .. I always start my posts with ROFLing ROFL Kya karoon .. control nahin hota! Gosh .. Abeer's antics are getting hilarious by the episode .. I can't help laughing just thinking about what all he says & does!!!! ROFL    


  • Abeer is angry (awww .. looks so cute!) .. and tries calling Madhav on his mobile .. but realises that Madhav left his phone in the room itself. Am glad it was shown that Abeer tries calling Madhav .. or else it would come across as a blooper. This makes it look more realistic .. that Abeer tried, but in vain.     Looooved how Abeer looks at Leher from his window/door .. and then comes and wraps the shawl around her! Awwww ... that was chooo chweet!! Embarrassed 


  • But Leher madam is in no mood of his generosity .. gives him an angry look .. and returns the shawl Confused Arre yaar Leher .. itna gussa is not good for the sehat! LOL Good thing that you have Abeer around you .. nahin toh BP kitna bad jaata .. nahin?! LOL Anyways .. sooooo sweetly, Abeer insists she take the shawl .. "yeh pashmina shawl hai .. koi Abeer Vajpayee nahin" LOL Soon Lalla soon .. Leher won't need the pashmina .. as she will have your arms wrapped around her! Awwwww Day Dreaming Day Dreaming      


  • Awwwww ... the smile on his face when he sees her accept the shawl! And then kya .. Abeer does chance pe dance Wink .. has a pillow in hand and crosses over Leher's side of the terrace Embarrassed  .. takes a chhaadar from amongst the ones hanging on the rope .. and lays it on the ground. Leher wonders what he is doing .. and he politely replies saying not to worry .. as he is not complicating her life any further Embarrassed She says she has no intention of spending the night on the terrace .. He says "really? neither do I have any such intentions .. but we can make our life simpler by making the situation better Embarrassed Ohhh .. I love this guy!! Blushing     


  • Btw .. by now they are sitting almost 10 feet away from one another! Confused LOL     


  • Leher is in no mood to listen .. and instead tells him to think of ways to get out of the situation rather than make it better .. but herself can't think of anything! lol! Andd .. our smartie Abeer tells her he knows why she can't think of anything .. Why, you ask?? "Kyunki aap wahan baithi hain na .. isiliye. Jagah badaliye .. vichaar badlenge .. aisa humne suna hai" ROFL ROFL Waahhh .. kya theory hai!! ROFL       


  • Abeer insists she sits on the "singhasan" he has bichchhaoed for her ... and madam obliges! Embarrassed And the funnnn starts!!! Big smile Leher is comfortably settled .. and Abeer sir comes up with another whopper!! ROFL He removes a 'monkey cap" .. you guys read it right .. a 'monkey cap' from his back pocket and puts it on! LOL LOL Leher is amused (she smillllled at him Big smile) and wonders why he has it on! And what answer does he give?! Loll! He says he wanted to put it on for the longest time .. but never got a chance. Now the weather in Lucknow permits him to wear it .. so he has it on!! Leher asks him, what is it called? And he .. ohhh soooo cutely .. replies "monkey cap" Leher laughs (she should laugh more often!) and tells him "tumhe suit karta hai!" LOL LOL     


  • And Abeer ... looooooooooooved the way he says to her .. that if by making fun of him she feels better, then so be it! Embarrassed And they share smiles!! Embarrassed Embarrassed Did I say .. I loooove this guy!!! Blushing Soooo sweetly he cheered her up ... awwwww!!


  •   Now comes the conversation part! Yayy! Big smile      Abeer asks Leher where she lived before moving to Lucknow .. and she answers "MughalSarai". Abeer wonders if she ever came across his humshakal while in MughalSarai .. someone whom she would look at and get damnn irritated LOL And she tells him she has no problem with the looks dept .. she just gets annoyed at some harkatein Embarrassed Chalo .. looks mein toh pass ho gaya! LOL       
  • And then comes the part we were waiting for (atleast Anvi & I were Embarrassed) ... Madam Leher admits that Abeer was not completely at fault .. and she apologises! Yesss ... she says the golden words "Sorry" Dancing  And Abeer is ... super excited!! Big smile Dancing And jumps to sit next to Leher! (chance pe dance baby!! Wink LOL) Loooooved the way he thanks God ... and says "yaani MughalSarai ki Mughal-E-Azam ne kubool kiya ki poori galati hamari nahin thi?!"  Awwww ... his excitement is contagious!!! Am sitting here .. 2am .. all jumping in excitement typing this post! LOL LOL     
  •    I looooove the way they fight & argue ... they behave like kids!! Cho chweet! Embarrassed 


  • Leher tells him he has a permanent problem .. that if anyone just praises him a bit .. he gets over-excited! LOL She asks him why he is sitting next to her .. and he replies saying he is not sitting there for her to pat his back .. but to rest his back against the wall .. aaraam se! Wink Yeah baby .. tujhe Leher ke paas hi aaraam milta hai .. LOL Lage raho Lalla .. lage raho! Wink LOL 


  • Abeer is soooo enjoying the situation .. the fun written large on his face!! Embarrassed       
  •  Leher wonders when Madhav will come .. and Abeer replies "itni jaldi nahin aayenge" LOL Leher wonders what he means by that .. and his reason - "romantic couples ke liye lambi lambi raatein bhi .. choti ho jaati hain" Waaaah .. he knows quite a bit about romance-shomance Wink LOL       


  • Leher can't take his nonsense (I'm loving the nonsense!) anymore .. and gets up with fear of someone seeing them .. Abeer reminds her that if she walks around thumping the floor so hard .. naturally someone will wake up and see them together! LOL And Leher quickly sits down! ROFL And they share an awkward moment .. Day Dreaming Day Dreaming      


  •  Leher is worried .. "kya karein?" she asks. Abeer tells her that he tried calling Madhav but he left his phone behind and he can't get through Rashmi's phone (did he even try? Wink) Leher is more worried and asks again .. "kya karein?" And he says .. right now they can do only one thing .. "Kya?" .. and he says "Intezaaaaaar" ROFL ROFL Leher is D'oh D'oh! ROFL ROFL      


  • Abeer opens a pack of nuts (yup .. he came well prepared! LOL) and offers some to Leher .. but she is in no mood to eat! LOL  Leher is still worried .. and wonders what M-R must be doing in the room! Abeer turns serious .. and tells her he could never have imagined that she would ask him something like that .. he is ashamed!! Leher is confused and wonders what did she ask so wrong Confused Btw .. he calls her "Guddan" there Big smile Embarrassed Okay back .. Abeer wonders how could she ask him what M-R must be doing .. and her reaction Shocked Shocked realising where he is heading .. and pushes him! Besharam Abeer Blushing ROFL And she makes it clear that they are getting married .. and she was only hoping they were not fighting!! LOL  Abeer can't stop laughing (just like me! Blushing) and asks her one very important question! "Ek baat bataiye .. aapko meri baatein bekaar lagti hain .. ki hum baatein hi bekaar karte hain?" LOL LOL Leher gives him a gusse wala stare .. and he switches to another topic .. er, asks another important question! "Aapka koi boyfriend hai?" Embarrassed She says "No" .. and then asks him what does he mean by asking her such silly questions! Abeer .. very smartly tells her .. that she already answered him and then asks why he asks such questions?! LOL


  •  Abeer goes on to tell her that he think she cannot have a boyfriend .. coz she can't handle one! Shocked LOL Leher says she will leave .. but he says he was just asking "as friends" Embarrassed She tells him who gave him the impression that they are friends .. and he tells her "dushman bhi toh nahin hain! Haan .. yeh baat alag hai ki jab aap humse baat karti hain, toh bilkul dushmanon ki tarah pesh aati hain!" Ouch LOL Both are angry .. and decide not to talk to one another for the rest of the night .. and sit with their backs to one another!! ROFL ROFL    


  •  Loooooooove their nok-jhonk!! Embarrassed Embarrassed Its sweet n spicy!! Big smile        Next morning .. Leher wakes up .. sees the pigeons in front of her and smiles sweetly! But then .. realisation dawns .. its morning .. and worst .. she was sleeping with her head on Abeer's shoulder!! Shocked (And the AbHer lover in me is HAPPY!!!! Big smile I had thought something like this would happen .. and it did ... yayy!)    


  •  Leher pushes Abeer to wake up .. and this guy, even after realising that they spent the entire night out on the terrace .. is yawning and taking angdaai's .. stretching himself all over the place! LOL Until he sees Dadi coming up the stairs .. thats when his eyes are fully awake Shocked Shocked LOL Both duck .. so as Dadi does not see them .. and Leher fears if Dadi sees them she will tell everyone in the mohalla .. to which Abeer says "daraiye mat hume" ROFL      


  • All the above was ONLY AbHer .. now to the rest! LOL        In between AbHer's nok-jhonk .. we have snatches of M-R .. where Rashmi shares her fears with Madhav and tells him she is afraid their marriage will break up. Madhav assures her that all will be fine .. and their marriage will not break at any cost. Just when Madhav is about to leave.. Rashmi insists he stays with her and he says he will leave after she falls asleep. Rashmi rests her head on Madhav's lap .. and falls asleep.


  •   In the morning .. as per yesterday's precap .. Chacha-ji wants to use the bathroom in Guddan's room .. but Rashmi says Guddan is in. Chachaji proceeds towards the terrace .. and Rashmi tells Bittan to stop him. Bittan doesn't understand why .. and Rashmi cannot explain further as Guddan's mom comes there and Rashmi realises she has to get Madhav out of there .. so she rushes back in .. leaving a confused Bittan standing outside the room.   


  •  Dadi is looking all over the terrace for Lalla .. and is annoyed at not seeing him anywhere. Finally she leaves .. and AbHer heave a sigh of relief! Not for long though .. coz no sooner did Dadi leave .. do they hear footsteps coming towards the terrace door! Both are Shocked Shocked       


  • Precap: Chachaji comes straight upto Leher .. and in an angry tone tells her that he knew something was fishy and one should never consider the other person stupid Confused Though in the precap .. they show a shot of Abeer .. he obviously won't be there! He must have hid at the nick of time .. and Chachaji sees Leher alone.    
    Overall .. a fabbbb episode! Thanks to the creatives for giving us back to back AbHer episodes!!! Their fights are just too tooo tooooooo cuuuute for words! Loooove to see the fun-loving Abeer at all times ..


  • Sorry guys ... this turned out to be loooonger than I thought Confused Sorry for the rambling .. and boring you guys! Confused Ouch                     

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Eksie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 February 2010 at 4:14pm | IP Logged
Sorry guys .. especially Jyots Confused  I wanted to just post my thoughts/analysis of the episode .. but it turned up like an update Confused I just got carried away Ouch Chorry ...
Nupur9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 February 2010 at 4:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ektaj

Sorry guys .. especially Jyots Confused  I wanted to just post my thoughts/analysis of the episode .. but it turned up like an update Confused I just got carried away Ouch Chorry ...

No was fun reading....enjoyed every bit of your "getting carried away!!"

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md410 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2010 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
this is just perfect. I can't watch episode at work. So your analysis is oxygen for me.  just too good.
Looks like another good episode.
I just love the line
"Ek baat bataiye .. aapko meri baatein bekaar lagti hain .. ki hum baatein hi bekaar karte hain? ROFL
oops kitana confuse karta hai, that too such a innocently ki one can not angry at him

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Posted: 01 February 2010 at 5:49pm | IP Logged
Hey loved ur post Eks!!! I am gonna watch the epi when it airs here in like an hour almost, then will edit my response!!

K am back!!! Watched the epi and totally loved it!!! Awww Gk looked so cute/funny with the monkey cap, no wonder Leher laughed at him!! Just loved the part when he jumped up and sat right next to her, and him bringing the shawl Embarrassed, he is the cutest!!! Just loved how he told her that she can't handle a boyfriend, abhi to Abeer ko apna friend bhi nahi manti and she is already having problems w/ people seeing them two together, imagine what will happen when he becomes her boyfriend Wink!!!And i loved those two trying to hide from the bhudiya, just like little kids!! Oh God you don't know how happy i was to see a laughing and smiling Abeer/GK after watching all that rhona dhona in Love Ne!! And Abeer's smile is definitely contagious, i had my goofy smile on right from the title song itself!! Embarrassed I barely comment on this forum, but i couldn't resist this post of yours, loved it and the epi!! Even i am pretty sure that the chachaji will only see Leher there and Abeer has probably already jumped over and is hiding!!

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Anvi2009 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2010 at 6:36pm | IP Logged
Ekta, never ever say sorry for ranting about AbHer. Tongue You can write a book of your analysis on today's episode or AbHer and I will be the first one to buy it. In fact, I just wish that your ranting uff analysis on AbHer never ends. Its so much fun reading.

Wow, another episode dedicated to AbHer, thanks creatives thanks. I know this run of AbHer episodes ended today and tomorrow it will be back to normal, which I dont mind, but these past 3 episodes were perfectly executed. No COMPLAINS.

Though I wished that the night would end on a happy note, but no probs, it ended on a very cute nok-jhok. No one was angry out here, they were just behaving 2 small kids. The last scene in the night ended with AbHer facing opposite sides, and the first thing in the moring they showed both of them sleeping taking each other's support (Ekta you wanted to see this scene na, loh tumhari icha puri ho gai Smile ), I liked this contrast. To add a little, I just wished that instead of showing this contrast right away, they rather showed Lehar trying to control from falling asleep but eventually falls asleep on Abheer's shoulders and Abheer staring at her sleeping, as if hoping that the night would never end, tempted to take her in his arms but stopping himself for her sake (and reminiscing with dreamy eyes and a faint smile, the moment when she held his arm tightly out of fear and how close they were). And he himself trying his level best to stay awake for Lehar but falling asleep on her head. This would have been according to me a perfect last scene for the night, but chalo, let me not complain, this is just a minor thing. I got a lot more than I had expected or asked for.

Even though they have shown so far as Lehar being all mature and Abheer immature, today I just loved the role reversal. I loved it today when Lehar was acting all innocent (not immature) and Abheer acting maturely. You could clearly see Lehar's innocence in her fake gussa, asking Abheer what M-R must be doing right now, realizing upon Abheer's insistence, that she must sit in her "singhasan" and not walk around on the terrace, asking Abheer what to do next, or even replying No about the BF question. She had innocence written all over her face today.

One could see Abheer's maturity in his actions and expressions in the following scenes: calling Madhav, looking at Lehar from his room, telling Lehar that they should make the situation atleast better, requesting her to sit in her singhasan created by Raja Abheer, trying to make her smile by wearing the monkey cap, being happy in her happiness, giving that mature look when Lehar sat down next to him closely. He had a mature look even while asking her whether she has a BF (he seemed quite serious) and the mature smile he gave when she asked him why is he asking such stupid questions, I totally loved it. After asking her the BF question, there was a short pause in between when Lehar just looked at him but did not reply, you could see how eagerly he was waiting for her to answer and when she said no, he seemed quite relief. Aww Abheer, he is such a cutie-pie, he is totally fida on her. Even Lehar, when she got up in the morning, she was not disturbed about sleeping on Abheer's shoulder or that she slept so close to him, but in stead she was more disturbed that how did she fall asleep or if any one saw them.

I guess, from now onwards, Lehar will be quite comfortable around Abheer. Yes she wont talk to him in public, but while on terrace, if he is around, she will not mind talking to him. And tomorrow when she will realize that Abheer hid himself, thus saving her from a big problem, she will respect Abheer even more. Today also, she continuously kept on asking him what to do next, showing that she trust him by depending on him for help.

The best part of today's episode for me was definitely the scene when she apologized. I know in the beginning she was rude to Abheer and showed attitude as she did not know his character, which is justifiable. But by now she very knows that he is great guy who has great respect for her and would never put her in trouble. Therefore, now I want her to treat Abheer with respect and not just blame him for everything or be rude to him ALL THE TIME. He deserves her kindness too. So I was extremely happy when she apologized, and so was Abheer. Wink

Hats off to who ever is writing Abheer's lines. They are simply superb and witty. Great sense of humor. Keep up with the good work.

I fast forwarded M-R part today as I just wanted to concentrate on AbHer. Lets see how Madhav escapes tomorrow and what will Lehar tell chachaji.

By the way, Abheer calling Lehar "Guddan" was so sweet, as if he was her very own, koi apna. Only Lehar's family calls her by this name, all her close-relations, and now it seems like Abheer unknowingly is a part of it too.

Ekta, Abheer's excitment is definitely contagious and therefore, instead of working right now, I am here on IF writing about AbHer and absolutely do not feel like working. Feel like watching AbHer scenes again and again and again. LOL. Smile

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Posted: 01 February 2010 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
Loved the post EksHug.Managed to watch the repeat of YPNHK and absolutely loved the episode .AbHer scenes were just fantastic and abeer with his one liners was just hilariousROFL     Hopefully the chacha will enter the terrace to find only leher there and not AbHer together.
PS-Also watched LNMDJ"BT alert"DeadDeadThankgod for YPNHK.

Edited by rexy34 - 01 February 2010 at 11:25pm

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Posted: 01 February 2010 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Eks, LOVEd your analysis. I would have loved to respond line by line but too rushed for time to write a long post. But enjoyed the epi and your post.

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