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SS: Ishq Hain Yeh Dosti - Benia - pt5-pg12 - may27 (Page 7)

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Originally posted by _Monu_

hi vinu dear hiiiiiiii monu dear !!!
thanx a lot 4 repling me back!! no..thanks to u for personally replying me and ur welcome btwWink
really enjoyed the 3rd part!! thanku so much
awesome and very very cute!! afterall, they are characters from mjht
wow all gang with shilpa anty doing i love shilpa aunty. i adore her
and the best  thing "teasing each other" SmileSmile
and other thing...cant add u in pm list
bcauz im not an active member too!! LOLLOLLOLLOL dono ek hi naav pe hai
dont worry...i can manage it!! again thanku loved this part a lot
cant wait 4 all reaction me too waiting for their reactionsWink
continue soon when u can
sseeee uuuu
love yaaa love u 2 3 4

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Originally posted by sups2222

wowwo srry for late comment.....that was cute part cant help dreaming abt benia the suspense i mean benia confession next part mein w......cant wait for that..btw lovedd mayu n mom n nups covo n also gunjan's jiju sir n then adhaani convo...........plzzz continue n thnx for the pmmmmmmmm

ur welcome dear & thanks for replying. better late than never. & update will come soon. shayad aaj hi ho jaayeWink
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Originally posted by MjhtFan_Mahima

its ok......

i'll wait for your update.....

best of luck for your exams

thanku dear !!
& u will get the update soonWink
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Originally posted by Lipsa_mjht

aWW!! TERRIFIC Update hun!! Loved all the teasing and that line..Mere sar pe kyu beth rahe ho ROFL

ab uday hai hi aisa to kya karrein. par i love him too. he is so innocent and sweet and sabse best thing he never ever hurts anyone.
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Originally posted by cute_monaya_fan

vinu dear
don worry
may be readers r nt getin time to reply
me sure all r lovin this exceptionl ff
at least me 4 sure
 aur ha agar ab jaldi se ud nhi di
fir yeh mat kahena sare hue ande aur tamatar kyun feka???????????Wink

haan meri dadima. updt jaldi hi chaone waala hai
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Hiiiiiiiiiii my jaanus !!! I m back again with another update. This time as i promised i updated on the weekend. Actually after watching recent benia cute scenes mujhe mere benia ss ki yaad aa gayi thiDay Dreaming. Agar yeh kambakht exams na hote to parso hi kar diya hota update. But alas the time was khalas !!

Now....zyada kuch nahi likhungi. U just go ahead and read the update. Finally the secret has been revealed. & i m really nervouse how u all will react to this update. Plzzzzz leave ur comments and silent readers pllzzzz press the Like button eve if u r not replying. And if any one wants PM plzz add me to ur buddy list


HugHugHugHugloads of loveHugHugHugHug


Part 4 - Secret Revealed - Yippiee!!!!Clap

B: Guys ! Aunty ! Humein aap sabko kuch batana hai.


Everyone 1st thought that may be koi choti moti ya aisi waisi baat hogi. But when they saw his & Dia's expressions, they too became serious. Only Shilpa Aunty got a hint from his tone what could be the matter.


M: Kya hua Benji??? Itna serious to tumhe pehle kabhi nahi dekha. Sab theek to hai na??


S: Haan dude !! Sab ok na?? Aur Candy??? Tumhe kya hua?? Tum bhi itni tension mein kyun ho??


SA : (in her mind) "yeh log itne duffer kab se ban gaye??? Saaf saaf to pata chal raha hai ki yeh dono inse kya kahna chahte hain".


D: Guys !! woh ........ humm.......actually......yeh kahna chahte hai ki........... woh..... 'hum'.......


She so much wanted to say it but her nervousness was blocking her words. She was so much prepared few minutes back to confess her feelings but when time came she again got nervous and got quite and started looking down.


N: 'hum' kya Dia???


D: hum..................


And for the 1st time we can see that she was actually playing with the hem of her duppatta like how gunur does. Benji noticed this and now being such a caring person and lover he can't see Dia in such a condition. So without any hesitation he holds her hand and wraps the other hand  round her, pulling her a bit close and giving her a side hug.Embarrassed She was shocked, initially shocked by his act and looked at him. He quickly blinked his eyes with a smiling face and she got the signal.


When he was doing all this everyone was very keenly observing his actions and were totally speechless. Benji, who was one of the shy guys to talk sweetly with any beautiful girl was now doing this that too with Dia !! Unbelievable !! But sometimes some unbelievable things turn out to be a very beautiful and believable truth. Isn't it??Smile


Adhiraj who was till now lying comfortably by stretching his legs out sat up straight at once, Gunjan who was standing with an ice cream tray in her hands, took her seat next to Nupur in a very slow motion, Samrat and Mayank looked at each other and got confused, and Suhani who unknowingly turned her face towards aunty got shocked to see her smiling at Benia.


B:  (very softly in a very gentle way) Shall we???


D: she just nodded her head with a tiny winy smile.


B: Hum tabse tum sabse yeh kahna chahte the ki, "Dia aur main ek doosre se bahut pyaar karte hain".


After 5 secs of his confession, Samrat laughed by clapping his hands and adhiraj and mayank also took it jokingly. These boys na??? kabhi kabhi to mann karta hain ki...........AngryAngryAngryAngry..........khair chodo.


S: dude !! tum mazaak kar rahe ho. right???


Even though Sam was Benji's  best friend and more than like a brother, but today he was not happy with his question. After all for the 1st time ever in his life he was soo much serious about a girl, who is now someone a really special person in his life and with her he can also feel himself to be special and very lucky like these guys sitting in front of him and they are asking such a question on his face?? Benji's expressions were showing some kinda seriousness but Dia controlled him by nodding her head "not to say anything"

Samrat and others then believed that he was actually serious about his confession. Did I say 'confession'?? yes !! He finally revealed their secret !! Yippie !!! They got a clear idea about his statement when they saw Dia blushing a bit.BlushingBlushingBlushing


Dia finally looked up at benji and her beautiful eyes expressed so much happiness. Her huge smile gave such a gr8 relief to Benji that he clutched her hand even more tightly and winked also. After few secs she spoke very softly.....


D: thanku !!!


Her thanku expressed so much of happiness, relief and love that she wanted to hug him but didn't. and our pyaara sa benji was overwhelmed. He was on cloud 9 for finally telling their friends about them. This secret was troubling them a lot. They always had to meet secretly, talk secretly, never were free to roam freely as a couple in the college o even outside the college when they were amongst the gang. But now they were free birds and revealing in front of their friends and family was a huge step in itself which got over finally. Now they were waiting for their response. Both turned to face their friends and the sight was worth watching.


Uday was thinking that what he guessed was very much true and unknowingly sat on mayank's lapLOLLOLLOL and surprisingly mayank didn't mind.LOLLOL Suhani was nodding her head up and down and right and left as if she heard it all wrong and was continuously opening and shutting her mouth. Samrat rubbed his ears to make sure that he was not deaf or something and also he pinched himself to make sure that it was all in real. Gunjan was supposed to keep the tray on the side table but mistakenly kept on nupur's lap. Nupur was continuously blinking her eyes with a wide open mouth and Adhiraj who was in much better sense than anyone else started noticing everyone else's expressions. Suddenly his eyes fell on uday and mayank......."yeh uday pitega aaj.............and why aunty is smiling like this???? Kya unhe pehle se hi pata tha kya???"


No one was smiling, no one was showing any sign of happiness except for Shilpa Aunty. Afterall she is a maaWink and maa already caught their secret the moment they entered the house. She was so happy for both of them, she was also impressed by them. She so much wanted to run and hug them and give all her blessings but like benji-dia she was also waiting for everyone's responses. I would rather say, waiting for volcano of questions. Aakhir is group mein duniya ke sabse zyada aur sabse tez dimag chalne waale 2 log shamil hai.......Samrat and Nupur.......Once they get back to their senses, which they would for sure, they will not stop their investigation session. kab?? kyun?? kahan?? kaise???

Finally the silence was broken but not by these statues but by Dia. Her smile was a few minutes guest and was now replaced by a frown.

D: Guys?? Plzzz kuch to bolo. Aise chup mat raho. Tum sabko aise dekhke humein bahut darr lag raha hain.

Shilpa aunty who till now was patiently waiting for other's reactions cudn't control her emotions anymore and straightaway went to Benji-Dia, who smiled a bit by seeing aunty's smiling face.

SA: arre beta !! tum in sabko abhi rahne do. pata nahi kab se itne bewakoof ban gaye hai !!Smile I m soooo happy for both of u beta !!! And she gives them a tight motherly hug. HugEveryone was confused by aunty's reactions. aur tumhe darne ki kya zaroorat hain? haa??? she keeps her hands on Benia's cheeks. main toh pehle hi tumhari harkaton se samajh gayi thi bas khud tum logo ke mooh se sunna chahti thi. woh zyada fair hota na???

Benia gave their broad broad smile to aunty. Bless u beta !!

Benia: Thanku aunty.

SA: Main abhi tum dono ka mooh meetha karati hoon. Main bas yun gayi aur yun aayi. Smile

Getting sweet was just an excuse to leave these bunch of friends alone to sort out the things more openly. Afterall it was their own benji and dia and no one must have dreamt even in their wildest dreams tht these 2 could get together. They always knew that benji dia are always comfortable with each other but never expected this. It will take sometime to accept the fact. Actually itna bhi time nahi lagega. Yeh log bhi na, dumbo ke dumbo hi saabit kar rahe hain apne aapkoConfusedConfusedConfusedAngryAngry

Benji removed his hand and moved a bit forward


B: Guys we know ki yeh sab tum logo ko bahut shocking lag raha hoga aur shayad confusing bhi. But yahi sach hain aur hum aur thode dino tak chupate to dia mujhe kacha chaba jaati. LOLLOL

D: Benjii !!!!Angry

B: Sorry sorry !! Thode din aur chupate to humein bahut bura lagta.

D: Exactly guys !! Tum log hamare liye bahut bahut bahut hi special ho. You r like our family. Isilie humein bura lag raha tha ki humne tum logo se itne din chupake rakha. Agar ab bhi nahi batate to it would have been unfair to u guys.

Finally one of them opened his mouth.

S: Itne din?? Ab bhi??? Matlab kabse yeh sab............???

N: By God !!! Kitne dino se chupa rahe ho humse??? Aur kab se chal raha hai yeh sab???

" From THE END of Ranvijay chapter !!! "

Guess who said this???? Chalo chalo guess karo.......ab tum log to thoda sa apna dimag lagao. ok????  

benji???? nooooo

Dia???? definitely nooooooooWinkWink

Uday???? hehe again nooooo....LOLLOLLOLthennnnn kaun???? It wasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.................................

CJ !!! Yippie !!! Unexpected na????Wink


Ok ok !!! Dont worry i will tell u all from where she landed suddenly. Read the story.

Everyone in chorus:  kyaaa????

Benia: CJ tum?????

CJ: yes guys its me. & yes maine abhi abhi jo kahan woh bilkul sach hai. Hain na guys???WinkWink

B: abbbbmmm...............haan !!! with a lowered face.

S: benji???? kya kah rahe ho dude??? yeh se.,........... aur humein bataya bhi nahi??? Candy????

D: i m sooooo sorry sammy !! Actually hum darr gaye the ki tum logo kaise react karoge humein is tarah dekhke. Isilie.............and she too lowered her head.

CJ: hey hey !! chill guys !! atleast ab to bata diya na. mujhe to laga tha ki kabhi batayenge hi nahi. & how come none of u guessed this???? i m sure is group mein bahut saare intelligent log hain.

M: Lekin CJ tumhe kaise pata chala??? aurrrrr..................tum yahan???

CJ: ohhh wohh sorry dude !! Bina bole hi andar aa gayi. Actually i was on my way to my home. Mahabaleshwar gayi thi mom-dad ke saath. aate waqt socha ki tumhari yeh book lauta du. Bahut dino se mere paas padi thi. U know, saath le gayi thi, but kuch faayda nahi hua. LOL Aur tumse pichle kuch din ke notes bhi lene the. Lekin yaha aayi to ye dekha.

D: CJ??? tumhe....ammmm......pata kaise chala???

CJ: good question babes !!! Well i m CJ!!  Main bhale hi tum logo ke saath nahi ghoomti but tumhari saari baatein mere kaan tak pahuch jaati hai. Shak to mujhe RV ke jaane se ho gaya tha but confirm to us din hua tha jab Sam ko drunk and drive case mein se innocent prove kar diya tha. Matlab party ke agle din. yup !!!

N: By God !! mujhe to yakeen hi nahi ho raha. Mayank aur meri baat bhi tumlogo se zyada jaldi pata chal gayi thi. 

U: Deedz !! tumne apne dodo ko bhi nahi bataya??? Mujhe to pehle hi shakk ho gaya tha bas shayad theek se shakk nahi kiya thaLOLLOL

G: Hum samajh sakte hai Diya ki tumhe humein batane mein darr laga hoga lekin phir bhi itne din kyu chupaya??? Kya tumhe hamare upar vishwaas nahi tha kya??? Agar hum di aur mayank ko saath mein dekhke itne khush ho sakte hain to phir tum dono ke liye bhi to khush honge na???

SU: Gunjan theek kah rahi hain Diya. Aur benji, diya ne nahi bataya theek hai but tum to bata sakte the na????

M: guys !! unhe bolne ka mauka to do????

B: Tum sab bilkul theek kah rahe ho, but jab bhi hum batana chahte the ya ready hote the kuch na kuch ho jata tha. Kabhi mayank-nupur ka jhagda, phir yeh pata chalna ki Sam gunjan se pyar kar betha, phir suhani ka aana, aur adhiraj ka aana , bui- gunur ke bauji ka aana, mayank-nupur ki shaadi and so on. To humein kabhi correct time nahi mila.

D: Aur aaj itna acha mauka mila to hum ise gavana nahi chahte the. Humein nahipata tha ki tum logo ko itna bura lagega. We are really sorry guys !!! mujhe bahut bura laggg rr..........and she was now almost in state of crying. Her eyes were all teary. One more moment, and she will cry. She lowers her head due to embarassment. CryCry

Bechari Dia !!! Kabhi nahi socha tha ki uske itne azeez dosto ko bura lagega ki usne unse itne dino tak chupake rakha. She was guilty for that but she never expected that she will almost cry in front of them. Benji who was standing just beside her holds her shoulder to comfort her. He was too feeling guilty. But he was happy also that they finally told them everything. He lowers his head to see Dia's face and he couldn't believe tht she was really on verge of crying. He can't believe that Dia - the Ultimate Diva - jise hamesha khud pe itna naaz hota hai woh aaj apne itne saare doston ke saamne sar jhukake khadi hai. He knew 1 thing tht after falling in love Dia became more mature and more caring person. He understood that she loved her friends to bits and could do anything for them and their happiness. He realised tht how much she is feeling guilty right now, in front of them. He felt so proud for a fraction of seconds that she has changed this much. He also realised that she is feeling guilty for embarassing him also. Seeing her like this he wanted to hug her and tell her that everythings fine.she is not wrong but he didn't. He, along with her, were still waiting for their friends' approval which they all will definitly give. He just simply asked her..............

B: u ok???

& shee too simply nodded her head and controlled her tears. Everyone saw that how guilty she was feeling now. They knew that she didnt purposely played this hide and seek game, neither did Benji. But they didn't knew one thing that how can they all be such an idiot to not observe these 2 love birds?? How come they never realised that Benji and Dia were always together in good and bad times?? How come they could be such a big dumbo??? & How come they can still make her feel like thet?? It was time for some happy moments. Uday was the 1st person to come forward. How can we forget that, even though he is such a big joker & irritating at some times but we cant forget how much he is concerned about his deedz, always . Yaad hai na RV ke saath jo bhi hua tha uske baad uday ne kaise apni deedz ka khayal rakha. He knows one thig for sure, tht his deedz is the strongest. She is so brave & has so much command over people. She is The Best. And whatever is her decision he will always stand by her side. Will never leave her. He saw her embarassed like this earlier also but not this time. He can never see his deedz so low. He comes forward and holds her shoulders and makes her look at him.  

U: Deedz??? Tumne kaise soch liya ki humein bura lagega??? tumne kaise soch liya ki hum tum dono ki baat par vishwas nahi karenge??? Tumne kaise soch liya ki main tumhe is tarah embarass feel karne dunge? Aur sabse badi baat, tumne yeh kyun nahi socha ki tum dono ke liye hum sab sach mein bahut khush hain??? hmm???

&&& now she started crying like a small baby. Though not that much but tears were flowing down from her eyes. Tears of utterly butterly immense happiness !!!  & she was smiling tooClap through her eyesSmileSmile. Everyone was sooooooooooo happy to finally see her happy. Uday simply nodded his head to show her that how much happy he is for her. & both of them hugged each other. Hug

N & G: Uday bhaiya !! aapko nahi lagta ki is hug mein hamari kami hai????

U: No problem my favourite sisters. Mere haath bahut lambe hai. Tum dono bhi fit ho jaogi. & we get a Bhushan HugHug

They broke the hug. Dia apologised to Uday and thanked also.

U: Deedz !! tumhare liye kuch bhi. Lekin mera pyara sa benji kaha hai??? ohhh woh raha. deddz main abhi aaya haa...................he goes near Benji who was now standing with Samrat. abbe saale tune .......mujhe .........pehle........ bataya ..........kyun nahi??? haaa???? & dheere dheere apne kadam benji ki taraf badane laga

B: Dekh Uday, tu mera sabse acha dost hai na??? (taking one step back) Best  Friend !!  To kya best friend ko aise darate hain....(one more step back) nahi kyu meri jaan ke piche pada hai??? Ab to sab kuch theek ho gaya na????? (and starts running here and there and we can see the gr8 tom and jerry show. WinkLOL & finally he reaches near Dia and stood behind her. His rakhwala at presentLOLLOL

Dia dekho na tumhare bhai ko. kaise haath dhoke piche pad gaya hain???

D: Dodo plzzz !!! Rahne do na???? & she makes a cute puppy face.

U: theek hai theek hain !!! ja tujhe maaf kiya !!

B: thanku mere bhai !! & folded his hands.

S: Bhai nahi dude !! Saala. Right Candy??? 

She blushes and then smiles. Samrat and Dia hugged. Meanwhile Adhiraj and also Mayank hugged Benji. Then Suhani and CJ also hugged dia. And finally Benia hugged each other. They were on cloud 9. They waited for this thing for such a long time and  were sooooooooo much happy tht their friends and family were sooo much happy for them. They didn't bother that they were standing in mid of everyone. Aaj unhe kisi ka bhi darr nahi. They were finally free to express there love and happiness to each other openly. But yahan kuch log ab embarass hone lage the, dheere dheere.........

SA: Ahem ahem !!!
They broke the hug but not the holding hands. Wink

SA: finally in budhuo ko sab pata chal gaya????

M: Maa.......ab bas bhi karo,

SA: Kya Maa???? Kaise tumne in dono ko saath mein dekhke pehchana nahi??? Bhondo kahi ke !! Benji Dia yeh lo, mooh meetha karo. (imagine ur favourite sweet dish - i m not specifying any nameWink) She feeds them and others also. Congrats !!!

Benia: Thanku aunty !!

CJ: ok aunty main chalti hun.

SA: Arre CJ, Abhi to aayi ho thodi der rukke jao.

CJ: Nahi aunty. Woh mom-dad ko bola tha ki jaldi hi aa jaungi. & waise main bahut thak gayi hun. Kal college bhi hai na. Isilie. Nxt time definitly zyada der tak bethungi.

SA: ok beta. tumhari marzi. Waise tum abhi bahut acha session miss karne waale ho.

CJ: what session aunty???

Everyone in chorus: Teasing Session !!!

CJ: No problem guys !! Meri taraf se bhi tum log hi kar lena. Aur waise bhi kal college to aa hi rahe hai na??? & se winked at Benia. & Benia- --- Blushing Ok guys byee

Everyone: Byeeee

Ok guys ab main bhi byeeeee. Teasing session nxt time. Hope u have enjoyed it. Plzzzz leave ur comments/criticisms. They really mean alot.

loads of love HugHugHugHugHug


PS: A special Thanks to CJ for her cameo role. She never rejects my offerLOL Kyun CJ??? WinkWink

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Hey Vinu, Hug 
Mujhe pata hai k tum soch rahi hogi me aaj yaha kaise aa pochi...I'm so sorry hun for not commenting on your previous updates Ouch...thoda bg thi is liye comment nahi kar payi...par iska matlab yeh nahi hai ki maine tunhara ff nahi pada Smile...i read all the parts i missed and I'm back with my comments..have fun reading them Tongue

Part 2:

Fantastic update'.love the dress you chose for's so cute and I bet Dia will look awesome in it!! I am so loving Benji and Dia as a couple Embarrassed

Part 3:

I love how you thought about mentioning other characters in your story too'and I really like how Nupur and Shilpa aunty get along so well esp. when it comes to irritate Mayank'.love all those MJHT gang moments you put in there and how SA notices about Benia at first sight. Excited to read the next part now'

Part 4:

I must be the best part so it so much!!! It has those feeling of nervousness and emotional parts and then Dodo consoling his's so touchy...can't wait for the teasing session lol!!! Do update soon..
Lots of love,

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OMG the confession was the best...........vinu literraly i was like on cloud nine.......LOlz the cameo of CJ was the HIGHLIGHT of the update........yup CJ kabhi nahi miss karti confession[lol]...........Loved SA pehale si hi pata tha looks n then all of confused looks n then question ke Badhimar.........uday n benji ka tom n jerry shoe lovely...then hugsss.......THSI WAS THE BEST UPDATE OF THE FF.........just too superb loved it............want BENIA like that.....Day Dreaming.........thnx for the such a lovely cute adorable confession scene .....cant wait for the TEASING SESSION........

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