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Posted: 07 February 2010 at 8:40pm | IP Logged
Update for Wednesday, Feb 10, 2010: - By Eljay Pappa

Viswam, his parents are all fretting - mom wants to know why Megala hasn't yet returned from Anbu's house.  She wants Viswam to go and find out, he thinks this will create a problem.  Right then, Anbu and Megala's parents come there and ask for Megala.  Viswam says that she had gone to Anbu's house, Anbu says they are trying to put on an act after doing the drama with Subha.  Viswam says that if Anbu knew that Subha was fake, why didn't he say so?  Kalai asks them politely to tell them where Megala is, and Anbu goes on the offensive, saying that the whole family is acting.  Viswam gets angry and grabs Anbu, who keeps insisting that they have hidden Megala, V's dad finally convinces them to go back, and Kalai leaves after asking them to let them know if they find Megala.  Lachu is worried, and Viswam is convinced that Anbu is behind this.

Tilaga, Sakthi and Paati - all are worried about Megala's absence.  Anbu is still insisting that Megala must be in Viswam's custody.  Sakthi suggests calling Anita, Paati keeps fretting, Anbu says that she will definitely return - how does he know?

Viswam goes to the police station to report that Megala is missing, the inspector asks if Megala is his wife, sister or girlfriend.  He thinks they are secretly married and her parents have kept her at home, when he denies, the inspector says that normally the girl's parents will complain, when V says that she has been missing for the past couple of hours, the Inspector thinks it is just a lovers' quarrel and tells V that she will return once her anger is cooled down.  He tells V to leave, and V is frustrated (and so am I).

Keertana finds Shankar's son sleeping on the floor, she picks him up and places him on the bed, he wakes up, sees the fan above him and starts crying.  She tries to comfort him, but he keeps on crying.  She doesn't know what to do, calls for her MIL, and finally Shankar, Meena and Karuna come in.  Meena explains that he always sleeps on the floor, Karuna explains that his mother committed suicide by hanging herself from the fan while he was asleep, and that was how he found her, and that is the reason for his fear when he saw the fan.  Keerthana is moved and she says that she will take care of him, overriding MIL's offer to take him to her bed.  K slowly comforts and pats the little boy.

Sakthi is talking to someone to see if Megala is there.  Paati is busy wringing her hands.  Anita calls Anbu and says that it has been a week since she met Megala.  Anbu suggests that they file a police complaint and accuse Viswam and his family of hiding her.  Kalai says that he will go with Anbu, but Tilaga says she will go with him.  They go to the same police station where Viswam had gone earlier.  Anbu tells Tilaga to file the complaint and says that when they file the complaint, they should name Viswam and his parents so that they are all arrested by the police and put in jail.  Tilaga agrees, they tell the Inspector that a girl is missing, and her name is Megala.  The Inspector says that someone else also came to say that she was missing, and Anbu asks who it was.  While the Inspector tries to recall the name, Tilaga asks if it was Viswam, and he agrees.

Thodarum ...

It looks like tomorrow they are going to show what happened in Anbu's house, and it definitely looks like he has her locked up.  I do hope that is the case, and we see an end to this story soon.  IT IS GETTING ON MY NERVES.

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Posted: 07 February 2010 at 8:40pm | IP Logged
Thursday 11/2/10- Update By Priya Kutti

recap from yesterday...
Maniac puts name into inspector's mouth... tilaga immdieatly says viswama ? pscyo gives psyco look... Tilaga says that V is culprit behind this... Inspector puthisalli says have you searched her in all relatives/friends house... Psyco says that V is behind all these.. not only that... Both mom & dad of V is behind this.... Tilaga gives the complaint.... Inspector says don't worry about megs... we will catch V & co and put them behind the bars....
NEXT scene!!
Megs lying in the bed with her hands tied behind.... Ore background music too much....
slowly megs opens her eyes...Looks like Psyco's house!!
megs tries hard to get up.....but no luck....Megs remembers what Viswam told about psyco... about all the Q Megs supposed to ask psyco... Now megs just keeps her eyes wide open... more & more wider.... Nothing is proved yet that megs is in Psyco's house...
flashback... Megs rings psyco's house... psyco opens the door...Psyco shocked to see megs... and invites megs to come in...
Psycho gets ice water for megs... megs with a big frowning face... and also angry...
megs says no to ICE WATER , Coffee.. and says tell true answer to the questions megs asking...
megs says that she went talked to viswam and reiterates whatever she talked to viswam from last week and questions why psyco accepted to subha & co's act... Psyco says that he will answer late... but megs says that she needs to know the truth right away.... Megs finally uses her brain and asks tell the truth! Megs q about samy and psyco says samy has gone out.... megs kept asking for truth....psyco says you didn't believe me right!
psyco with perumoochu... calls megs to go with psyco ... megs asks where are you calling? ellathukkum aatharum vendum illai.. and asks megs to go with psyco...
megs & psyco goes in the car some where....another big house....psyco stops the car and makes megs go with him....megs as usual sir... enna sir inge kootitu vanthu irrukkeenga?
psyco shows the new house that he has built... Megs oru muttal prove pannara...
she just keeps going behind him!!
psyco takes her in... the house is pretty big!!! megs kaiya pisanjunde.. sir.. sir.. sir.. ennai en sir inge koopittu vanthieenga?
psyco says its time to tell truth.... megs says tell !! pscyo says that there is lot of truth! will you listen to that peacefully....
ayo rama... psyco says the whole story about his love... about when he saw his lover's photo... etc.. guys ti is too much.. I am not going to type...
megs says I know all this.. thought that it was subha.. but that is not true.. So who is your lover!! antha kedu ketta azhumoonji music background... psyco turns towards megs... gives a look and walk towards megs.. and goes pretty close to megs.. and says its you.. You only Megala.... Megs all kinds of reaction.. shock... crying... anger... psyo puts his head down...
megs is like cha............ Dead
psyco says that he was breathing 24 hours only about megs... psyco says that he was thinking and talked aall about his lover is only about megs... psyco azharan... kadvule.. ormba kevalama irrukku.. psyco says that he built the house with lots of love and affection... psyco's vazhkai, piravi ellam is for megs only...psyco says till he dies he will have lots of love for only megs....
megs gets irritated ... and says SIR!!! psyco says please call me as anbu... megs appadiye oru puzhu poochi mela vizhandha mathiri oru look kodukkara...
psyco cries saysing that megs came in his life like a god to him... psyco says that he got belief in his life only after seeing megs...
One more NEWS reveled... psyco says that he lost his parents and everyone when he was small child was because of Kalai... megs says that what do you mean ....psyco says that lorry driven by kalai was the only eman for his mom & dad.... psyco says that kalai without any sympathy left psyco, and his parents behind and went.... psyco's parents died in front of psyco's eyes.. only...
Freeze with megs crying for psyco's parents story....

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Posted: 07 February 2010 at 8:41pm | IP Logged
Friday 12/2/10 Episode No 680

Intha kodumai thaangalai - so , brief update than.

Maniac tells Megs that Kalai is the reason for all his agonies. Tells
her that he kept Kalai in a private prison and tortured him but the
moment he came to know that Kalai is Meg's dad "odane released
him, why??? all because of my love for you" The ever understanding
Megs does a kathakali dance just using her hands. Tells maniac
that she can understand his feelings " but Viswa and me go a long
way. If Viswa is not in the scene, I may have accepted your offer ...
but...... Ok, here is the deal I shall get you a wife....some one much
smarter than me, say what??" ( hmmmm olagathile ellarume unnai vida
smart thaan !!! oru kirukkan unnai stalk panraan, athu kooda unakku
Maniac is not pleased with the deal, drags Megs ..begging
that,she should not desert him......takes her to a room...Megs construes
that he has an ulterior motive ( habbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbba) but maniac would much rather sedate her with a spray ( hmmm grocery list le poison mattum illai, anesthetic spray um included) Megs goes to  La La Land. So, how do u know this story ??? Megs plays it as soon she is back to planet
earth - for our benefit. Tries to free her hands, keeps shouting "kaapathunga kaappathunga.." finally goes back to the cot do the family pastime.... cries.

Balu is hungry but does not want to cow down. The rest of the family is enjoying - laughing and eating. Meena asks Karuna to pacify daddy. He goes and tries... in vain.....returns to the laughing table ....Balu watches this and has  "stomach burning"

Viswa goes to the police station - "pray what is the latest update on Megs the frog?" The inspector amukkufies him saying that he can smell a criminal from miles away ...orders a constable to bring Lachu and dhadi -
" abacus school le family nadakkattum" Viswa wants his family to be left alone...but ...maniac intha inspector ai nalla "gavanichi"ttano??


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Posted: 14 February 2010 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Monday Episode No 681 15/2/10

Kodumai continues - Tilaga prooves that she is the mother
of Megs the frog. Keeps kneading her hands and wants to
inform the whole world about the missing frog ( athukku
ore pond thaan, maniac veedu)
Paatti drills some sense and
says "Vadivu kku therinja gaali, kap chup gabardar" Athai
arrives, as usual demeans Tilaga and asks for Kalai's passport.
In the meanwhile, narrates "the death of maniacal ..oops
maniac's parents".Paatti  for her part doles out a curse"antha
paavi driver nallave irukka maattan " ( yeah sure, actually ippo
thaan antha paavi driver has come to his senses !!)
Passport is
missing - Tilaga promises to find and send through Sezhi. Athai
pch pch s on Tilaga's safe keeping skills and leaves.

Lachu and dhadi are taken by force - abacus training starts.

COD has water beaten - nose brimming drunk ( mookku mutta
- Kudichu ttu pesame irukka mudiyumaa??? UBS kku
phone panni semai blabbering. Avanga yaaru? athai kku thappa
me porantha niece illiyaa??? Smart aa COD olaralai phone le
record pannidara - athu theriyame intha kirukku unnai kathiyaale
kuthiduven nnu olarrathu. UBS asks paatti to take care of her pappa
and rushes out - vera enga??? Durga kitte pOi un pillai lakshanam
epdi paarthiya nnu kekka - Roja's surmise. Durga and Sada are upset to see the drunk sonny boy. Durga wants to fall at UBS' feet and request
her to come back to COD's life (paazha pOchu, neenga rendu perum
loosa yya??)
- not knowing that tsunami is headed towards  their


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Posted: 14 February 2010 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Tuesday Episode No 682 16/2/10

Well, UBS does not go to Sada and Co - goes straight to her lawyer.
Plays the recorded "lovey dovey " talk. Asks the lawyer " now tell me,
based on this can I get a divorce?" Lawyer says "for sure" . UBS wants
him to serve the notice. The lawyer says that the case has to be done
under dowry kodumai ( pray why???? hubby and wife are fighting...ithile
why bring in the parents??)
"your in-laws will also go for kambi counting,
OK with you? and have you talked to your parents??" UBS is happy to
know that Durga will get to eat jail Kali. Asks the lawyer to go ahead -
"this is my life and I take the decisions. My parents are not part of my life"
Lawyer agrees to serve the notice.

Sezhi and athai - big time planning for the foreign visit. Athai tells Sezhi
to approach his FIL for "hand spend" money. Sezhi broaches the subject to BCS specialist. Just then some business associate calls BCS and Odaichifies Sezhi's  cheating his FIL in business. BCS calls Pounu and Kavi - shouts at Sezhi for being a cad. Athai tries to vakkalathu vaagufy but FIL is more angry with her " ungalai intha veetukkulle vittathu thaan periya thappu. Both of you quit... now..." Athai talks about Kavi's life paazha pOing but Kavi would much rather see Sezhi's exit " Geetha vai yemathine  ....ippo my dad..yematharathu is in your genes. Get lost" Athai has the last word " Sezhi will be a great cheater..oops business man one day appo EE EE nnu ilichu kittu varuvinga" Athai and nephew make an exit.

Maniac and Megs - maniac begs, Megs says that she likes him but that is not love. Maniac says that he can convert that "like " in to "Love" . Tells her that he has made arrangements for them to marry and settle abroad. Habba...crying Megs, maniacal maniac.....some more Odi pidichi vilaiyaadal inside the room..Megs is tired, time for some more anesthetic spray..
Megs goes to La La land again. Maniac apologizes to an unconscious
Megs and says that he will make some other arrangements....


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Posted: 15 February 2010 at 3:04am | IP Logged
Update for Feb 17, 2010 - episode no. 683: Update By Eljay pappa

Nothing much happening, and I feel like Anbu will hold Megala captive for another two months, like he kept her dad, and until then, we will be subjected to the same stuff.

Megala is murmuring Viswam, Viswam ... and Anbu gets angry, tells her not to say his name and to call out Anbu instead.  He gets a call from the Passport office, the man says that Megala must come and sign in person to get her passport.  Anbu says he is willing to pay any amount, but the man refuses and says that she must come in person.  Anbu warns her not to try to escape, she begs him to let her go, he says that she is his wife and soon she will forget all this.  He leaves and she looks around drowsily. 

Kalai and Tilaga's house, they are planning to go and find out about Megala.  Sada and Durga come there, they tell K and T about Diwa's condition and ask K and T to talk to Sakthi about it.  They say that they are ready to stay out of their son's life because they want him to be happy and not the way he is now, drunk and unhappy.  For his sake, they have come down (Aha!  Finally Durga admits it!) and are ready to do anything.  They ask K and T to explain to Sakthi and make her understand that this is her life too. 

Balu is walking along the street and someone calls out "Sambandhi!  Sambandhi!"  It must be Shankar's FIL.  He wants to know what Balu is having in his hand - some food from a hotel, and wants to know if he is doing thani kudithanam in his house.  He praises Keertana for being a good DIL and advises Balu to be happy that his son and DIL are happy.  He says that Keertana should not come to the same end as his daughter, and advises Balu to be happy and to talk to everyone freely.  Balu tells him that he did not teach his daughter about life, that was why she committed suicide,  and tells him to get the hell out of there.  He thinks it is all because of Keertana and decides to teach her a lesson.

Viswam's dad is being asked to sign something.  The inspector wants to know if Viswam has confessed, V insists that he does not know anything, Lachu pleads, V tells them to ask Anbu.  Kalai and Tilaga arrive, Lachu asks them why they are taking revenge like this, Viswam pleads his case again, Tilaga wants to know if her daughter is alive, Kalai wants to know where she is, he tells them that they haven't been able to eat, in short, everyone repeats the same stuff again and again, with the Inspector issuing his threats in between.   Viswam insists that she must be in Anbu's house, and on and on and on .....  Nobody has the brains to look elsewhere!

Thodarum .

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Posted: 15 February 2010 at 3:04am | IP Logged
Sakthi comes and her baby is crying.. she comes inside and screams at her patti....Patti rightly questions her asking where sakthi went... but sakthi yarru... she never replies..... Sakthi comes to a point asking what are you talking about....Folks.. I am giving very crisp update here...
sakthi keeps standing in her own way saying that hse will stay all by herself with her baby... patti is trying to put some sense into her brain.. but its all in vain....Patti points out that sakthi couldn't tolerate whatever patti tells and says rightly that sakthi is upset with patti herself... but how sakthi would have reacted to her in laws.... Sakthi proves UBS.... Patti is trying to put some sense.... but no use...
patti is saying pack ur clothes and go back to COD;s house... UBS is talking to herself... and says that she realizes that she just now talked to lawyer... and thinks to herself that she should call the lawyer and stop filing the case... Dir yaru... avalvu seekirama serial mudipara.... lawyer phone kidaikalai...
boo is sitting in his room and loosu comes with coffee.. boo with irritation raises his hand and the coffee is slipped now... and its all slipped in boo's pants... boo shouts at loosu... thamarai comes and asks boo why he is shouting and tries to support loosu... uppu chappu illatha matter... boo ormba smart ninaippu... finally loosu convinces everyone that she will take care.... loosu comes back to boo and asks what's the point.. why is boo acting like this.... loosu ormba smart ninaippu... oru crooked smile oda asks boo this act doesn't suit u.. so tell me the truth... but boo shouts at her saying podi muthala...loosu says this is true anger...and she picks the cup and goes out saying after sometime once your anger is gone I will come and u tell the truth..
Lawyer goes to COD's house....sada opens the door... and says that he is UBS lawyer... lawyer sits and asks for COD and sada calls COD...
Lawyer asks about the thanni matter and asks what COD did and lawyer plays back.. all faces shown in close up... lawyer plays the stored recorder...I am not repeating goes upto that COD saying that he will take knife and sathakku sathakku kuthiduven...
Lawyer says that UBS wants to file the case... Lawyer tries to advice COD and says that u try to talk to sakthi and apologize.. so that case won't be filed... COD now says that how dare she does this....sada as usual tries to be a white pigeon...(samadhana pura)...
COD now says that he will go and blast UBS .... sada says UBS is going to put varadakshana kodumai....COD is not ready to listen... so he storms out of the house... Sada and Durga stunned/shocked...
no megs/psyco today.... innum konja naal izhuthu adipanga pola irrukku.........

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Posted: 15 February 2010 at 3:05am | IP Logged
Friday 19/2/10 -

Very brief update folks, Roja is VERRYYY busyEmbarrassed

Balu household - Karuna has arranged for a job for Shankar. Deposit of 10,000 also organized by Karuna. Balu kindal adichufies that Shankar will go only to Tasmark and Karuna has become hen-pecked. Karuna gives 1 Lakh rs to Kirtana
"safe keep, please" Balu is thoughtful "steal that and blame Kirtana??"

UBS goes to Diwa's house - both Durga and UBs talk talk talk.....UBS goes back saying that she is all set for divorce.
Sada has no clue as to what hit him.

Diwa meets Tilaga and appendix Kalai - where else??? the chosen nadu theru where all important issues get discussed. Tilaga and Kalai get to know that UBS has devious plans
of "dowry demanding" case and send the whole Sada clan to kambi counting. Diwa says that he does not want to have anything to do with UBS and clan. Tilaga and Kalai go home where paatti happily informs that UBS listened to her advice -
"has gone back to in-law's place." Tilaga says that UBS has
acted behind their backs - informs about meeting Diwa. UBS
comes back and  Tilaga confronts her about the dowry
demanding case - " ippo Megs ai kaanum nnu naanga thavichindu irukkOm......" Athai and Sezhi walk in...hearing this...


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